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Sunday, April 9th

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Well this season has come to an end for the Buffalo Sabres game 82 ends at a loss buffalo swept in the Florida trip here and this regular season in the weekend losses to the Panthers and lightning. It ends up they Ford to final tonight we welcome you inside Raymer studios and appall Williams belts. Sabres post game show I've rankles deal. Hey lackluster effort again here tonight for buffalo although they did make it interesting late Evander Kane scored to tie things in the third to two but. Point and Hedman seal the deal would goals in the final two minutes for Tampa. And buffalo season is over they finished 33 wins 37 losses twelve more losses in the overtime of the shoot outs. 78 points three less than last year and buffalo. Will likely finish last in the Atlantic Detroit can pass buffalo with a win. And they're up 41 with two minutes ago so it likely will be a last place finish for the Buffalo Sabres a season that probably. Many would agree is gonna go down as disappointing as the sabres will not be participating in the Stanley Cup Playoffs which start on Wednesday. Will be getting live locker reaction coming appear in just a few moments Paul Hamilton is. On his way to the sabres dressing or civil good player reaction to this final game as the sabres. Lose that lightning by afford to score while also get the and vials was. Live post game comments when he meets at the media including Paul we of course will have that animal to Paul's final take. On its 82 game of the season. As the sabres tonight fall by four to two score. For those that were paying attention yes came out a nice feed from Gionta at 1117 to tie things up but then. In the final minutes it was point getting his second goal a game from future Roth at 1836. With just 124 to go on the clock. It was Tampa taken a 32 lead and then had been seals it into the empty net with just 12. Left in the game and that one gave Tampa the final score results. Of four to two well what's next it's now after this post game it's the off season and locker clean out tomorrow. At keybank Saturn of course will keep you covered on that. Paul Hamilton will be there all day long and players will be cleaning out their lockers and heading out for the offseason and then I would expect in the days after that we will have a press conference with sabres general manager Tim Moore Tim Mary well that include Dan vile stuff that of course will be to find out. William Carey scored Buffalo's first goal he's up first in the room live with Paul. Will. Better in the third period that disappointing effort the other two. There talk school then it would be. And if you those of us here bestow some thought to schools and off him so the folks departure roll honking about. An underrated player go off to Gordon two on one. Which. When you think of Alex it seemed like he got better every game played at four. There very near audience and him put together before and so. Because we knew each other fuels worries that indicated that. We'll take a look at the whole season both for yourself and for the team what are your thoughts on. My first year papers and news well. Kind of frustrated with that patriot junior but I think it was a decent but. There's last season. Are you happy with the way this. Which. Are known in the rapidly losing games. This week there is no holes or break him. But no different. You look at these last two games was enough passion do you think in the last two. I don't I was and in the last game but what can you know if kind of just how the bush and entered you know it's gonna play sixty minutes and we got a good group of guys because it could still play its course so that appear politically it's that would be if they can. We'll period imposed in and we are balanced new moderator. There is involved which are very sort. They're going. Alex take a look at your four games it seemed like you got better as each team went along would you agree with that. Yeah I mean I think. All the games are pretty so are off. Yes sir Ronald volatilities. Getting better and better and I'm more confident out there and it feels good to talk about the play that you led to it to get the break out to security up there are what did you see futures markets are at his own. And his son deer there for those. Diamond now Estrada to make a move and then Pacificare is open for of the 211. We talked about adjusting the speed at this level learning how to play right now even through four games is seen today which we agree that. Now Lou you just that this BBU understood the flow of the game what you wanted to do with the puck out there and you don't hassle have to go as fast as maybe I think at times. If feels better and better every game man. First thing we do if the W which is more important today about for myself I feel good then I'm just trying to Clemens didn't stint and make place for reasons. Group of any show games into the summer into the offseason to be ready try to make this team on account. It's great to get some it's our experience going into next year reviewed so offseason hour and are just are possible on authorized to be repaired fractured. Was there anything that surprised you know four games here in the NHL the speed of the gamer anything at all surprised. All right Karen my Brothers went through my husband or and a lot of attention the men. It was really have a good off season and I was prepared for it's I think that it was sort of what I thought it was going to be. It's announced New York Post and Brian. Either as Alex Neil Lander for that William Carey gave part of our blue and gold locker report brought you by fed Alice care quality health coverage it's our mission. Visit to Dallas care dot org sabres out shot of the game 37. To 28 it was AS sixteen to ten marginal in the third period in favor at the sabres they only had twelve shots through the first forty minutes. At that point index came through there in the third with a little I would say the best pressure of this trip it was of a very bad way to finish the season. For whatever that means probably almost nothing but. I thought maybe the third period tonight here against Tampa was their best pressure. Whatever that is worth probably nothing. Power plays in the game both teams over the night Tampa's 03 buffalo zero of one back to the room here's Evander Kane now live in Tampa. Mentally very difficult. Just because it costs through expert. Panel we're out of it and balance through. Ethical seo expert panel that the scared me real more did tonight but ourselves in the case but. If another here. Popular movie leaders didn't have much going forty minutes to dissents at one period left in the season. You came out there a little more purpose in the third period is up angle. Will there at least yeah Harmon I mean Renault marble. You know we're all professionals are permitted her job and or sister Sharon. You can come out and give up because it can it Metallica looks silly in and take advantage of that so. And ordered on the regular series of intimate questions under tied up and have a a balance that innocent person isn't vendor your motors always going but these last two. House. That's evident doesn't it. Somebody. But in the hockey were on the scene you know the average person to a team. I think that's chemical excellent points and terms of the sales of its tough develops that only about. You have to come into the region. Through us what you do whether it is really warm operated a warm up for the you know. Watched film where you don't want familiar at the other and it's what I've played on the case. You know they can do. All his little things off this but it's what it what you perform and I perform on the ice and you know we didn't. To have enough not throughout the season and obviously the last couple games. You know Eagles game and ultimately you and business suite and all right good decision by Paul system guessing most of our listeners don't notes who Swedish huge very wells though. We may have Leah saw mark you're coming up who about was Buffalo's best player. I hear is all marked back to Tampa with ball. It's. It was a fun game for me of course we didn't get that W we always want and sadly. Looking at it personally I thought that they'd what I needed to do out there you states to take one more shot you know it's only game this. Heartbreaking for you because the last one was enough for defensemen in this early and often do. Yeah yeah you know sometimes it happens you can use very yourself down and the sad about it this stuff happens. And he's got to look forward to the next shot. Sadly this happens very late in the third periods there wasn't anymore shots coming in it. This is this where you develop a rival entering tonight's Q rob five different times. To see what you had his number. All I had to figure isn't payback last time I've played him in Syracuse he got mine numbers a couple times a lot. Am happy that I got shut him down after all that shut down admin and analyst main focus shouldn't say that but many folks just savored park so it can do it that. This is this something I'm happy about withdrew and is playing against them before does that help you tonight when you when you made some good stays on me we know little bit of what he's about. And I really is a very skilled guy. He can do whatever he can he can dangle. He can shoot and you whenever they physical so. It's hard for me say I got this number and which act it was gonna do you because he's such as Gaudin Havel things in his toolbox I'm sure you appreciate it at least give it one game this year. Yeah amber I'm very happy. Who have been looking forward policies of Torre getting my chance that it missed a couple of times that. Now and it's said and done and justice that that we don't have anymore games. Do you feel. With your experience in the HL this year what you've been able to do it you're ready to be with Robin next year as a tandem. This up for that higher ups decide if differing time today where Theo I think a chance. A sky. I've been trying to the whole season to prove myself pounder with my Arab work ethic intimately shipped and as trying to if enjoyed you know is senator everything it can do. Thank you the united today and wannabes. This season has gone down there it's gone through yet but it literally good game today. To struggle a bit over knowing where to be sometimes in these on the office so but today I thought he. Probably his best game is a guy called am very happy for him that he got this for essential point in the last game of the season. So there's look at that future looking right bracket you've seen his growth in Rochester this year. Yeah of course it's always tough to move away from your parents and your friends and all that I know that for issue when I was young and but the stuff staff this first years soloist office have we've been trying to you will get him accustomed to living by himself and they get stuff going. That leaves a mark on the post you Brian back to you. I'd there's Linas hallmark Dan Viles the still to come here and just one moment as I was saying out before we heard from hallmark. Both teams in the game zero for the night of the power player power player report is brought to buy or western your team's seed dealers. We are professional grade all the stars have from the lightning Victor Hedman star number three on very. Us LSU star number two and bring point two goals start number one point tonight. It's our high impact player of the game brought to buy at a locked part outdoor store high impact here for hard working men. And women the attendance united Ollie arena and 191000. And 92. And Buffalo's next game well. It's the three season. It'll be since late September is when no buffalo will next play and then and meaningful regular season game won't be until. Early October. 16 teams participate in the playoffs eight in the the Buffalo Sabres. All the teams in terms of the match ups still yet to be decided. We do know some of them. But one game. That we can be keeping an eye on is actually what's going on Toronto right now the Maple Leafs were up two nothing. And Columbus is storm back with three goals. And Toronto now trails. Three to two in the second. So the leafs need to get a point there and wise say need not to get in but to avoid playing Washington which I assume they would. Rather avoid in round one if Toronto is able to get a point. Then they will face Ottawa which again on paper seems like. The much more favorable matchup so we'll keep an eye on that leaves Blue Jackets game. Throughout the remainder of our broadcast by Dan bells and now is live in Tampa gearing up. Then now you're third periods in what the best of the weekend that's him with the guys finally. Candidates for it seemed like the first two Hussein made his last then maybe not a whole lot of passion in the game. Well I thought we've we played better in this game than than last night's game and and they certainly had a couple times they have this and then we and we had two or three turnovers in the first that. They got opportunities on a thought Venus was was very good. Made several great saves at two on one in the second period remain the blocker save I believe than that he won the one time or were immediately closely goes on the on penalty kill on the week we got leaving mansion. In the second period was a lot of oh special teams one for him and three against and dictated. A lot of the games that. This game the last few games for Jack Sam. Commander Rasmus top guys mentally looked like they'd really struggle the end here. I think Gloria. The goal is still a deal with the disappointment of you know. Coming up short and not be in not in the playoff picture and not on the spot and that's I think in difficult fun and everybody with. You know that realization and and feel like you. You don't. And our meeting expectations and and if you play these last games with that kind of heaped on initial. Senate kind of weird way to lose men and half to go anti gaming parties goes off president's kind of almost. Weird fittingly ended isn't. With. Yeah do. It feels that way. So. Feels that way then it. So much happened here injuries and everything have you been told for the season you've finished last in the division. Would that have even been conceivable. Now in this club and the expectations. I mean the divisions and calls for weeks but it ends a human atlas. No I wouldn't have I mean night night. Wouldn't have believed you know wouldn't have thought police. In. It is. You know it's. It's a big disappointment I guess when you. Where we are going the direction we're headed in a headed in and and you come up with a bomb into the stands or slipped in and you're on the bottom and that's that's not a very good feeling there. Get more out of your young guys that cheering for one game to finish how good is it for carrying the Lander and Omar could just take this game. Into the offseason remember some of the things they didn't had success this level us. Number they've been known number you're guys get an opportunity and be nearly do a simple whether it and that's. Got to be something going forward that we you know we looked to have. Tim miles when Palestinian Brian back to you. Dan miles is live post game comments from Tampa brought to you by Paul William belts York power. Of attorney fortitude Tampa wins it. Sabres finished the season getting swept by Florida. And by Tampa tonight if 42 final months sabres end up. 33 wins 49 losses 78 points and measure heard their last place in the Atlantic now officially as the red wings have. Beaten the devils so they past buffalo by a point. Fight for our final thoughts on. This game Paul Hamilton. All a little better in the third. But ultimately this weekend. Is not a very strong way to finish. No one and now more agree with event in the night will them miles my as far as the I didn't really see any passion at all in the first two period as this game center was better. But for five periods on a six on this road trip by saw very little fashion whatsoever. Leader cellmark maybe you on the bright spot of the game Paul I know that we discussed about him throughout our broadcast today but it. I guess if somebody said you know what did go well today I'd probably say him. Or help here's the number one starter the game because he was great and that saves he made on drawing were phenomenal saves wasn't just good saves he made some great saves. Out there and what was he gonna do on the goals were scored gonna be quite honest I mean you get a layup by me in the though wanted to have been right in front and get one off the defenseman Steve can't blame him for anyone of them. And I'm glad to see that he got a game because I think. You know he's made the development now especially if they signed Peterson and get him down as Rochester goalie I think he's ready to make the jump. To be with Robin next year and be the goaltending tandem here. Paul Hamilton from Tampa following the season finale Paul what's up next now tomorrow will hear from the players correct. Yet tomorrow will be locker clean out day I don't know why I like I am not sure we won't hear from there to no support here from them miles per and I expose it depends on. You know what his days like him how his meetings with the players go and I've been. Hear from the general manager I don't know if a bit later in the week or next week but double here from afterwards. Paul thanks so much for all your policies and a pleasure as always and I wish you safe flight home will obviously speak very soon thanks again. O'Brien has been great as you know I hate this day I hate the last day of the season that it's gonna come sometime in. It came today. Maybe you'll do it in June onetime Paula tried out once it at a cut the fund that would be thanks Paul I'd rather. All Hamilton in Tampa Bay where the sabres fall and end their season 33. 37 in 1278 points three less than last year's total of 81 and officially in last in the Atlantic Division. As the sabres faulted in Tampa and the red wings win their finale to pass the buffalo. I for all of our local affiliates this is where we say goodbye to you we want to thank you for listening all season long. If you wanna listen to the post game for one more segment you can head over our flagship station website WGR 550 dot com or on the WGR happen anywhere around the world. The fraud on our flagship one more segment to put rafter on the post game. Game 82 a loss for the sabres fortitude to Tampa I'm rankles deal this is the Buffalo Sabres radio network. If you want to bring it to the buffalo wide idiot still with the puck down. To the quarter with a yeah. You guys Michael or a. Dan Donnelly on the call that's nick Delorean what our final senate a poker deck of the game of the season and brought to my Seneca poker and the we certainly have documents that it voter inside the Seneca Niagara casino the real deal for winners only four to Tampa wins it sabres. Drop a game for the 49 time 3337. And twelve the official record 78 points three less than last year. A very very disappointing way to finish for buffalo and the off season. Is coming up next year along on the way. How will the rest of the playoff shake out while there's still some drama going on Toronto. As we go around the NHL right now for the final time brought teal. By Jim Murphy Buick GMC Jimmer beat cars dot com serving Western New York since 1985. Beliefs need a point to avoid Washington in the first round and right now. They are trailing three YouTube just about to start the third Americana dissenter the leafs had a two to nothing lead but have given up three in a row to the Blue Jackets three to. Just about start the third in. TO if the leafs lose. Or don't get teary if police don't get a point they get Washington if they get points. They get Ottawa in round one. Other games going on right now and 21 at Madison Square Garden Rangers up two to one of the penguins nothing nothing Panthers and capitals early second period from DC. Lose an avalanche knotted at 25 minutes into the third period from Saint Louis hurricanes with a one to nothing lead on Philadelphia that one early second period finals. Islanders double up the senators by afforded to score and the red wings with their wind past the sabres in the Atlantic Division for last. They defeat the devils 41 for Detroit it was their final game. In Joe Louis Arena two games later tonight. That'll decide the Pacific title the ducks with a point. They become the division champs they host the kings at 830 the Oilers hoping for a ducks' loss and a win for them to win the Pacific they are home at nine. To face the conducts. To the masters now and high drama as Sergio Garcia ends up winning. His first ever major in a playoff over Justin Rose both Garcia and rose finished. At minus nine both three under on the day. It was pretty much a duel for the back nine as most of the other players from earlier in the day had fallen off but Garcia and rose battle it out Garcia a monster. Eagle on the fifteenth. Justin Rose birdied the sixteenth and rose bogey seventeen they both par the eighteenth both head and make able putts to win it. On the eighteenth hole that goes back to the eighteen story. One hole play for the first hole playoff and it's Garcia that makes birdie and takes home his first major. And first green jacket other notable scores third place Charl Schwartzel former masters champion he solo third. At minus six Mac switcher Thomas Peters at minus five. Rory McIlroy he finishes and a tie for seventh at minus three. Other big names Rickie Fowler. Who went into the day with a chance to win shot four over 76 finished a minus one Justin's are receiving Jordan's beat three over round. He also finished at minus one so Garcia gets his first major at the masters. In a playoff over Justin Rose other sports today. At Texas Motor Speedway NASCAR event Jimmie Johnson as your winner buys in this suite the double header Scranton there now three you know buffalo is 43 in game one. And nine to six in game two so there is you look around the NHL. Sick of the game itself I am well one player was good today for buffalo that was Linas all marks he in this game face 37 shots. And that's his seemingly 36 shots one went into the empty nets. And meet 33 saves including this one which is our Geico save of the game. Today the sabres might be behind them. All marker to play it on his backhand passes technological. All of the raiders don't mark talk about may get a date for yourself. As it gets back. Perhaps that's what he started to make that stop. Clean as cellmark are Geico save of the game brought you by your local Geico agents say 15% in just fifteen minutes feature free Geico quote from locally to Scott Altman or Tim lynch. Maybe got a thought during any gains Shari later in the offseason said it our way and the AT&T text line the number. 5555018. He covers 99%. All America mobilizing your world. Well. Another season in the books my tenth year as your host and gonna say it's right up there with the worst spot in terms of just. The games you know there was some stretches here and there were buffalo you thought maybe they are going to be get in the race and every time there was a big game it seemed to a push themselves backward in the standings. The injury Jack cycle clearly on the night before opening night against Montreal on October. Kind of set the tone was like a punch in the gut right away as people were really looking forward this season. And the strong finish they had last season you thought maybe was gonna carry over and push buffalo and the playoffs instead. Pretty much goes the other way. As the sabres finished in the last in the Atlantic which. Could. Spell Dan Viles has days here as a sabres head coach he still has. Three years left on his five year deal. But to finish with 78 points three worse than last year. And only better than New Jersey in the entire Eastern Conference that's not gonna bode well. If Tim Murray is hesitant at all about whether or not to and Viles Moshood return. I think that's cold really the biggest story here as we head into the next couple days is will stand miles to get another shot to come back. And get his third season as sabres head coach there's not too many issues with contracts. Hanging off into the off season. And Robin Lehner to mean maybe the the biggest in terms of influential player of note that has to get done but I would expect that that will get done as I think he's. Although it in the shoot outs in more of you draw the line in the sand more positive than it was a negative this year but. The next couple days will be about the stand files a return sabres head coach and I would expect tomorrow we'll hear from the players and I don't think you'll hear too much in terms of then just saying yeah we need new coach and an eager to hear that tomorrow from players. But that I would guess at some point this upcoming week we'll hear from Tim Murray his post season press conference and Willie clued. Dan Voss and if he's there well that's obviously in and she's returning. But if it's to Emory alone pick could be a press covers that announce that they're making a head coaching chain so. We'll find out obviously in the coming days here along the sabres radio networks hope that we witnessed here over the course of the next week as we find out the lottery is at the end of the month. And the sabres will obviously at least have a decent opportunity don't forget throw Vegas in their in the mix. I'll only New Jersey has better chance to the east in the west. You've got air zona Vancouver and Colorado so what does that do that puts the sabres let's see if we put an overall the entirely. That's they finished fifth last but Vegas. Is in there too. So they're gonna have the sixth backs best chance if I'm reading that correctly. Colorado Vancouver airs on a New Jersey the four teams below buffalo that put them five but Vegas and their two. So the sixth best chance. At winning the lottery so. You wanna look ahead of that I think it's eight parole or C maybe 29 to Saturday night does that sound right if a plane is Tony at the Saturday that's the night a lottery. So that'll be here soon and the playoffs start on Wednesday. With the rest of the league so yeah the playoffs are good. I just would like to be a part of a sabres broadcast era we get them playoffs. It's been a long time since we've had that don't care and get some people think here before we say good bye. Personal the man that's running the show today DB Ken and all of our producers do such wonderful job keeping us on the air and keeping me in check throughout the days. All our crew here in terms of our. Flagship station here on WGR DB Canon Dan cave. TJ lock me in Brayton will send. John ethical he'll brother John thank you pat I'll Karl. Of course our star of the show Paul Hamilton who does such a phenomenal job of his analysis all yearlong always learning things from Paul loved working with him. Our pregame show host during the weekday show on the Bulldog grinding it's producing and our program manager here is Allen Davis or a big crew thanks to all of our. WGR flagship station crew with the sabres wanna thank Chris Bender and you're not and all the sabres public relations and media relations staff thanks for taking care of us. Up in the press box for all the home games and a of course with all the interviews along the way and our sabers broadcast crew. And Dunleavy rob ray Brian Duff Brad May of course Rick Jenrette Leah wanna thank all them for their work. And of course who want to thank you the listeners and as. Not been the easiest season it's not as elicits it but. We do. We'll keep it going and maybe we'll have some good stuff to talk about here very shortly with this team but it was rankled till I thank you for listing again as we say good night. I'm game 82 and a wrap on the 2016 when he says seventeen campaign the final from tonight's game Tampa before. Buffalo to enjoy the rest your weekends. And we'll talk again soon right here on the Buffalo Sabres radio network.