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Tuesday, May 15th

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I just tonight. No effect Greta wherever we've Bryan gates was this guy principal. Will bands. No way get real. Iowa commanded to it the nightcap. Right gates you know with you here solo. Tonight snow here it's just me. Mean in my computers from more in my monitors. Now two years at WGR. Just until it's not long Dorian just you know I'm myself for a very long period of time though there's nothing wrong with that. Our morning some alone time every once in while. There's introverted people is introverted peoples and Cuba does need some more time alone the others. And right now I am not complaining about the time it's fine. Got Sean McDermott coming up in a little bit and of course the very important results of day to. All of the rate buffalo sports team racket yesterday. There there were a couple of sides but of the eight and nine seeds so wasn't anything that was too absurd. Yesterday. In the bracket Richie kind vetoed fancy over indeed rough carbo Kodiak blow overs and cannot duck we crew. Over. Well he wants and booby Dixon. Would just an absolute beat down. Former buffalo buys and Milton Bradley the match ups today. And they're just going to be finishing up here and a few minutes. Did not finished yet so if you have not got your votes and you want to make sure. That you or. Voices heard. That you feel heard that your your your message is getting out there when it comes to beat. Rape buffalo sports names a few minutes left in each of the matchups tonight. Kind of beer tough and pat weighing the five and while C looks like there's going to be upset there peerless price and gates Orlando. 0512. Matchups. John blue and Vladimir simple cut off. And in the final match of Roland hawks vs Darcy. 1 o'clock had to at WGR 550 on Twitter. And you could find those matchups there between about to get those those final votes and for the grey buffalo sports named bracket it's going to be continuing throughout the week right here. On the nightcap. Joseph will be back tomorrow will the Scots more in depth some of the names that have advancing and their chances related to move on. In the tournament gotta say you gotta like your chances of a guy like groovy Dixon. We Dixon is definitely guy I know that movie is in his technical first names first names technically Anthony. But he we'd be a little bit of confusion there because in some website he's listed as booby Dixon. And some other web sites he's listed as Anthony Dixon so we decide to let him go with a pass. He's good don't need booby Dixon in the grey buffalo sports internment there's no question about it at winning another one that he could be a strong strong contender. In this tournament check it out at WGR 550 on Twitter the great buffalo sports team bracket to check of the entire bracket. And the web at WGR 550. Dot com. The bills finishing up rookie mini camp over the weekend and now things are going to start. Integrating between the rookies. And the veterans. So they are starting to view those workouts together still no coaches in the ability. Nothing that they can do it's really just straight to conditioning. So Sean McDermott enjoyed one bill's wife earlier to talk about. Some of the things that he saw a rookie camps on the things look forward to. As the offseason team activities the ones that the coaches are allowed to be apart of start up and science I mean it's that time of the year obviously the big news in the sports world if you've been paying attention to really any sports show. And he yes PR and even you know not too much was talked about with DHL. Intermission or pregame shows last night if you're watching that. Lights it's the the big story that is going on in sports is the gambling. Aspect. Of the sports world and how that's going to change and things that could happen. And in this would just be be wild look but the Supreme Court decision really dead. Was just may get so that. Right now if you look at the world of marijuana. Federally marijuana is outlaw it is not legal. But there are some states that. Have decided to legalize it their voters decide to legalize it hands now all of those states have. Legal marijuana but federally it's technically still a against the law. And what the Supreme Court decision did for the gambling. The sports gambling sports books is that need. The minute fact. That's. These states really can control so. There could still be something that happens on the federal level. That goes through and well as the federal government to say you know what no sports gambling is going to be outlawed and that's something that may be could happen. But that's essentially what it did was say you know what the aid to states have the rights to be able to. Decide. As of right now what the laws will be when it comes to sports gambling but things could change there. There's going to be something that. I think everyone will be keeping their eye on I don't expect. Or really think that the federal government will come out especially. We talked about it yesterday with primus roster news on the show in the Bulldog how slow things can be. Going through state government also things can be going through federal government right now with the gridlock. Is in. Congress and Simon you know it's at the whole difference. Beast so to get those guys to all work together and put things together for this for this bill it's. Not something that I would expect to happen all right let's get to Sean McDermott his comments today on one bills alive after bills kneecap. The rookie minicamp he talks about Joshua Allen he talks about some expectations some changes to the offense coming forward here is Sean McDermott on one bill's life. Can gradually still with season ended up last year thanks for coming back in with a I know you're busy thanks for. Carbon and a couple minutes Alia I love being on the seventh again as do way to connect to their fans and and good take a break as well from what's going on inside atomic come into work megawatt you know again you're right about the time you're in the heat of it. On the practice field so if I'm so glad congress. Liza column and it just it's always hard work and those guys. It's tough I mean we had Brendan Reilly on yesterday that he has preached yes it was pretty intense yesterday and yes you pretense yeah that's correct. Guys are working hard mean now the time of year where you you make a lot of gains Ericsson on our strength coach and his staff have done just a phenomenal job. A phenomenal job of really getting our guys to buy into the program in the offseason our attendance has been. Outstanding as well. Which is a little bit the challenge it's it's not easy to get. Here. There although I do see your. Your face. In the airport every time I go through which is off witches and ice again covered yes that's an idea that every time I got like fifty. Yet so. So true so basically yeah it's it's good guys are working hard like you said. We're putting in since you know new system on offense and and then it carry over second year now with. On the defense aside and special teams as well yeah that's how we weren't talking we were talking or watching the rookie minicamp over the weekend and in late last week. Yeah I'd like thirty guys in that you're gonna try there were trying to you know and he signed one tackles did the fullback we gotta talk and what. What he he's got a made he's got a got a contract would he do as it was it. Did you have an injury did not need to fullback an extra full black or was it wasn't sacked himself this you know kind of cut your rights or we had this guy. You know I'm a bit of both but really let's give credit where credit is due in Zach you know relief from the start. Caught our I. With the way he. Was on testament from a mental standpoint number one and then also. You know look we're not in pads to the passing game when he needs him to do that the backfield in the one on one excuse me the mayor drove we had some. You know Mir is going on with the toughest defense Maryland there's so. You know an engine is just his attention to detail the way he carried himself through throughout the week and and yes we do need a fullback is well. We have one with Patton head is phenomenal job so. The role of special teams that you know off also comes in play. And it doesn't take long in most cases really. Two. When you're out on the field to say okay accurate there and I think that was the case stuff for the most part is that. Coaching had like a dozen undrafted free agents over the weekend near your. Your draft picks and now the last two days it makes some of the veterans how much does their approach change what do you see from those rookies. Over the last two days and I know it's only conditioning work for the most part here but they look different than look. A little intimidated maybe when they're at at 35 year old man out there. What is always interest and is to watch how okay you're you know you're the big fish in the small pond coming from from college and that's true for every play at night. Transition to the NFL in your first introduction is. You know you're kind of still a big man on campus because it's just it's just rookies for the most part. And then OK we transition from Saturday Sunday. Into Monday where we integrate the rookies with our current roster and it's interesting to see who. Kind of shrinks into their shell a little bit but or who. Almost at some times really start starts to ascend from the leadership standpoint and and we're seeing a little bit of both at this point which is which is okay room one bills like to. And Sean McDermott had coached the bills coaching in value you mentioned a moment ago your installed and a brand new office but it's just checking your defense when asked about both sides of the ball for small. We're talking about tackles did the new full like. Not every team carries a fullback you guys and with the new offensive coordinator may be that came up in conversation hey we're gonna have a full back this year. Right what we have one last year with pat of course then and I would say about a quarter to a third of the teams probably care area. Kerry fullback currently in the NFL and in more one of them you know I just. When you look at what's trending around the league it's always good to try and stay out front of things in terms of trends and whatnot and you know I just know being a defensive. Gag coming up through the ranks that. Defending a multiple personnel group type system whether it's eleven personnel with which is three wide receivers. Two tight ends two wide receivers you know. Two wide receivers tight end and 22 backs mean that that presents a little bit of a multi dimensional. For a layered preparation for it for the week on the defensive side which which is what we wonder. Hope that you like what's the most effective folder view it by like pat and act. But what I mean you don't hear everything that number one you have to dislike most positions on our team John you've got to be trustworthy. Knowing your Simon you're the lead blocker most in most cases and two backs at Farrar halfback and and he's got to trust that you're going leaving him in the right area and and so and then the ability to catch the ball out of the back of the ability to pick up blitzes. Pressures and then also to contribute on special teams it's. It's that you know it's a speed game it's a space gain so the the the days of that you know 200 M. You know sixty pound fullback it was just leading up in there and that's the only thing he did that's not really what we're looking for some teams might. Might be looking for that but that's not the case. Now talk about what's happened on the other side of the ball and and now. You've got. A defense that most of the guys particularly the guys in the second or for sure or they're this this or second lap in his defense we spoke to Mike iced it while yet things are much different coming around you can start to evolve the defense. And now you also have a bunch of new guys up front or and reworked front seven and talk about. You know one side of the defense is kind of role in the second year this defense can go and you yours guess you guys are trying to catch up on me how's that coming together. It's been it's been it's been in to this point seamless. You know credit to our coaching staff they've done a great job. A and we talk a lot as a staff about being aligned being on the same page. Using the same terminology. Even a cross faces so special teams to defense that. Post Christmas teaching tackling the same way we're teaching and on defense or. Or catching the football we're teaching at the same on offenses were as we teach in on defense so that. You know what we're instructing the players to do. When they move from one class from classroom to the next it's not a whole new set at terminology. So. We don't arkush is it done a phenomenal job in buying incidents doughnuts that players. Did you mention our defense alive we believe in building and up front here only typically on defense is good measure. As your defense of lines so we're gonna go as they ago and we've got to do a better job this year stopping the run feeding their Ron. Which takes all eleven guys including our corners and then off obviously. You know affecting the quarterback pressure the quarterback with our Fordham Roche. Coach McDermott in studio with a Scotia got to ask you about Josh Allen and I have a two part question you've had a now forty's let's watch him throw the ball. As he looked throw the ball number to they don't in the classroom you know with the playbook which is probably. New to him as well all start with the class from first and that's really where it starts for us is the command of the offensive in. We're seeing young man that has taken the right approach through the weekend rookie mini camp. You see the leadership you see the intelligence. And then when we transition to the field. I thought he had great command of the offense. Great man hoddle. And then had two really good salad days. You know in terms of in terms of the way through the football most of it was. Was passing game because of the nature of the camp wouldn't run the ball much when we did it was. Few and far between but had a nice two days camp. And it's Steve I was here Saturday and he asked me how we look at exit. You're the term live arm that's for the that's this that's like after watching him just why aren't ready to go yeah I mean yeah I don't think he's gonna struggle to throw the ball. In any type a condition I don't think he's been struggling to get the ball outside the numbers which some quarterbacks twos though. He does have a lot of arm. Which is important at the same time. There are others that reporters well which already mentioned the leadership the command of the huddle. So it's it's it's a one day at a time process for him and all of us right now as we continue to stack to stack quality days on top of one another thing. For that one of the things I wanted to ask you last year. A lot I think for many people would. Would dispute from where you started saying that this time last year maybe June last year before which training camp. And then he made trades in all of the personnel moves into training camp and end with Marcel glorious and it it's a it's a roster that actually. On paper got less talented. But on the field played so much better. How does that you know. And that's all part of the deal I mean that's part of your culture and how does that we use now you got that kind of culture built and you seem to be bringing in. Outstanding football players as well I mean that's. Me kind of feel like all right we we got it going in the right direction. And let's let's let's not make. The cycle track I love talent for their support and also we're trying to do it. With less count of football players what we're trying to do his ability. And when I mean when I say that is for trying to build a team when you combine guys that. Have good character and they're gonna they're gonna is gonna be arranged in there but. We can check the box and most of the time you and Hillary. And they guys who had their action over the bar from us. From a talent standpoint that they. There's not a fatal flaw. That they can get the job done from a skill set standpoint you have a chance to have that type of team we're looking for that has the culture. That leads that chemistry. And you've heard me say that over and over again I believe in building the team that way Brandon and I. Or equally line that way terms of that philosophy so. You know its its interest in because he you looked on the field now more. Others there's a ton of new faces out there as opposed to a year ago. Are we where we need to be now absolutely not but we're moving in that direction and that's encouraging part. Nest apart you're starting to see now with again as are starting. To build a team where guys are starting to get to know one another build that trust that's so important this time year. And then feel a part of something bigger than just themselves. Because terribly for about a week away from the next phase of the offseason work ETA's organized team activity what changes that next week when you get into the OT. Well we're allowed to do per NFL rule little bit more from me. From a offense vs defense standpoint. You know we're allowed you know to do some other things the NFL rules that were not allowed to do this time of year. And that's all that's all health it's all part of which natural transition and thus it also gives our strength and conditioning coaches. And our and our coaches it a chance to really just. Spent a lot of time in the classroom with them spent a lot of time. In the weight room getting them stronger getting them in shape our sports science department. Has really done a phenomenal job as well as as our training staff and a rescue and his staff and so watching those. Group's work together. The communication that has ensued over the course of the last four or five weeks. Through phase one face to announce notes he's next week has been playoff caliber. Are you guys use and even at this early stage that next gen stuff where you. But sensors on the players you know how hard they're working with that image settle in place now you said even at this early stage. Well we do it introduce some of that at this at this early stage and we'll continue to ramp that up as we move forward. As it is jury heard me mention our sports science. Department does a great job. One of the best around in and I use it wiese and ambled over there currently at work. Helping me build practice for next week in the first week votes he's making sure that we ran guys up at the right pace and and now we're monitoring them you know all the way through practice. Even after practice though its side state of the art. Works the roster stand right now what's the league roster and how many guys you have. Ninety is and xanax right now isn't full of work. Were right at night right around ninety give retain and that's that always fluctuates from week to week may have wondered you guys go in the Isa like the rookies that there was thirty of men here this week and one of them stuck around and it kind of continues to go that way. And you could look at it and say you know we always brand now is talk about that the right ninetieth doesn't have to be ninety. But it's got to be the right side in you know will be times when we. Hang at 8889. If we don't feel like. There's a guy out there that can help us right now. That deserves to be in in camp or on our roster. One of my pet peeves is I just don't I don't want. Just can't guys don't want guys to have guys I mean I probably would have been one of those guys you know back in the days out of love to have that chance right thing. We want guys that we feel like eighth in did. Our team and indeed can help us moving forward. Asked us if we could order. How much and in what way. Your approach to this offseason work change from your first year last year when you were Richard coach to this year what did you learn maybe from last year that made you Alter things look at this year. I mean I've just you know I try to learn every day and not a finished product I go back and going back through. A lot of our process from last year and to situational football news that. Just to name one area. Areas that I can get better that we can get better at as an overall team managing the game. You know there's always new things to look at how we wanna play that game how the games trending. The current state of the NFL in terms it you offensive schemes and new defense the scheme special teams. You know the same way so. I think that's private biggest area from a tactical standpoint. That we can improve on is is. In this situation a football game management. And taking advantage of the other team's weaknesses are matchups so and players being very aware that not only the coaches but also our players as well. When a fool of the last thing when asked about it right now wanna ask that your your coaching staff when they're we're on the field and the players in the building things kind of change for them. But it does offer new office that your installing having Brian Dave only comes in he's got impeccable credentials and he's won a national championship the lower look at the NCAA level he's been in the NFL for years and years. Can you give us a glimpse of what I'm as a defensive guy. What's gonna be differ about Buffalo's offense this year than we saw last year right is it gonna come down to age she's got different players playing it. Yeah I mean I just think that eight you know when you look at. Players now on the second year of just being around our building so that'll be news I think there's a comfort level with that. And sometimes comfortable as bad in this case think comfort is is good in the sense. But with respect to the new system without giving away too much. I think you're gonna see a system. That takes advantage. Situations and matchups where we can end and it in and an offense that. You know is a little bit more multi dimensional as opposed to. What we saw last year. You know will will get around to pre season where the fans get to see that through training camp and and I can't wait to see the fans of the saint John Fisher were excited to be there. Not yet there's a long time between now and then but in a lot of work to do. I think they'll be pleased with where we are. And with the issue and get to training camp. Coach sent troops out of your busy these days and combined we take a few minutes it's good to be with you guys any talent come like a semi farmer coming crashed the set. And maybe surprise guest on these days in the offseason birdies yeah yeah absolutely. The area as head coach Sean McDermott's. Of the Buffalo Bills right there at the end. I think that was on the things that if you you take things away from these coaches interviews and I think people. All of by an interest in about what the bills' offense is going to look like. Going into this season. He gave god and a new quarterback. Through fifths of the guys who played offensive line for them for the majority of last season diets now. Starter for them previously we are involved on different seats. About a wide receivers. On the Kelvin Benjamin was here perhaps season but not like guys who dine in the system. Reconnaissance system for very long time and wondering what the bills are going to be on offense this year and it's still very fade. Just saying multi dimensional but a wave that a lot of people have talked about price gable on the fact that he has come from New England. Is the idea that what is New England always do on offense as bill's fans we have seen. Some games dull run the ball thirty times for 200 yards and it's really attack the bills outweigh the bills week. And that society that part of the facts they choose what they want to attack before the game. With thirteen planning to choose what they want to attack it in the week this week to week with their opponents and they try to exploit that weakness as much they care and when they're not exploiting that weakness there. Using confusion and other ways you after exploiting that weakness over and over again and to do something else. Two of the defense so. I think that's when he he's talking about multi dimensional. As opposed to last year is last year the bill said this offensive scheme with richt Aniston. That they were trying to Rolen and team's new. The scheme there were trying to run there was nothing to be taken by surprise as opposed to what I think they want to do ways. Have Becky I think they have a lot of faith in their game planning. And use game planning to attack the defense in attack their weaknesses. Instead of being stuck in one scheme as opposed to. You know attacking the defense and that's something I've been asking. The bill to do for a long time is it through the passing game is that for a running game it doesn't matter you'd take. This is something neat here a million times from players and coaches you take defense gives you. But if you're forcing things on the defense. Your forcing their weaknesses. You're attacking those and defense is certainly try to cover those up. I think that's what he means a multi dimensional doesn't necessarily mean. They're gonna throw the ball on more. But I think week to week they're going to try to change the game plan based on the opponent as opposed just strictly in their scheme we do half. Playoff hockey coming up tonight in just about fourteen minutes you have playoff hockey for you right year. On WGR two nights it is the capitals and the lightning. The capitals looking to take a Big Three oh lead in the Eastern Conference finals after the break we will bring you the results. Of the great buffalo sports named racquets. All upsets night all upsets today and bowl previews and matchup has lost the nightcap Bryan gates an out here on WGR. Ari back here and I kept couple more minutes before we'll send you old bird to. Washington this time in Washington Capitals in the lightning game 3 of the eastern. Conference finals coming up at 745 pregame puck drop a little after 8 o'clock right here on WGR. There's this other thing going on with the Internet right now on the Internet to a great place as well a lot of you know I'm sure but there is. A debate going on over. Whether any of Obama coral recording is seeing. More roll or you on some of the play you this recording deceit. What happens. In the world. On topics like analyze why. The world. Yeah. All right so automotive and leave this year while. He. Oh. That's not if you can just taxed 55550. Whether you hear Laura role or Yani because apparently the Internet is freaking out over this thing some people are hearing yon the while other people are hearing moral I'll be completely honest I ohm here laurel and it's not even really close to me it's the only thing I can hear. I can't even imagine how people are hearing on the it is just absolutely impossible so if you. Needed to. If you need to. Let's not mine I'll re tweet from by my count that Ryan wall now Brian WGR at quitter underscore Ryan and that's a quarter underscore Ryan. You can now we tweet that out you can listen to that robots say that word. A guy and he. Moral. Moral. Are what you hear you attacked by 5550. We do have advancements in the great buffalo sports named racquets. Advancing tonight all the twelve seeds and for people were asking about how Joseph and I seen this tournament. It was really. We need chosen much navy looked at a list of about 100 buffalo sports names and we narrowed it down to 64 and a mechanic just threw it into a bracket there was no. We've we had about the probably the top eight top. Top aides to the top sixteen probably truly seeded. And then after that we're is that whenever you know what we're gonna let these what these players sorted out in the Twitter verse in the bracket themselves advance into my twelve seats. I had a weighing peerless price Vladimir simply cut off the RC 1 o'clock. Outs you've eliminated from the great buffalo sports team racquets. Content of your top. Gates Orlando. John blue and Roland talks. I am getting on getting some responses here. Moral it's obviously laurels not even up for debate for the first twenty seconds I was into it I heard Yoni. But ever since I hear it's laurel Ryan it's moral plain as day. I'm just getting a bunch of laurels I have not had one person say honey so you're out there and you're saying yeah I mean you're listening to me right now your troll and your lie. That's all there is to it you're seeking attention and you wanna be different you hear laurel and your line. That's the only way I can. That's the only way I can think. And recordings sound. Some. Some more on moral vs Johnny for moral vs Yani thing it depends on the speaker on the phone it sounds like Yoni. I kinda wanna take the time to pull it up on my phone now unfortunately. You know what what I got to lose here. I got to lose here to both both speed news bureau logic about I won't have time to to pull up on my phone here. Before we have to go over and you know off our. If our hereby myself maybe I would I would pulled off. Moral only socio paths. Here yeah anytime Phoenix's apparently it's a phone vs thing sounds different on the phone earlier. I don't hear anything I hear the phrase traffic control. I don't know we're getting traffic control from Dallas clearly. Laurel all day so have you heard that your car media go home look at up on the phone later you can tweet at me wanna know is like there's something. IE I hear the preamble to the constitution. We the people is at that in the preamble to constitution. That is this is what public school education dusty and yes I did speak to. The graduating class. Even and conducting class of National Honor Society not knowing the preamble of the US constitution we the people. Are right. Well thankfully will be do you have coming up next is hockey. NHL hockey playoffs Eastern Conference finals caps lightning coming up next on WG arc.