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Oh yeah and pulled off. Is quite happy I'm going to have to fix you manage you team on a more personal. Scale. And more micro form. What's called liquid from. All of yes it's my show what is your name sir I'm Bill Buckley and the Bulldog. Really that's a real man. Here he. But it would build this country by the way. It's my shield for three words I would describe US he's aggressive acts like hostile and definitely difficult and a Bulldog. Violence on your voice on that. We are just living the life here we are talking about. Sports and gambling and it's just keep it purely a new beginning. Professionally. Mike show and the Bulldog Ryan caught three gates. Is our producer got their Kramer to Ryan's up at seven at least until hockey game. Moves in to the side and goes and beats Tampa and Washington. Thursday Christian Okoye think. Tomorrow in an idea yet campaign is confirmed for two at four Kevin Payne idyllic that got to rural wire act just like I. Tomorrow is may sixteenth one month. Exactly. From the inaugural league of shoves and dreams draft. That Brian and Kevin. And GO will be participating. In the. Joseph going to be here tomorrow for us what you three guys you guys just your hands through with DeVon. It's gonna hang out Tomas of this one out a third of the league will be here. With captain Jeremy is in the two. Don't miss out totally due to do it. Yes and probably don't normally there's a bad you'd ask me I signal. Yes I don't wanna be yours to you'd be perfect for a daylong auctioned fantasy dynasty draft in June. But how could you possibly alchemy and beat Salvador are. Love everything about him by love I mean despise the jurors who is the number one peck. It's its auctions on like I highest bid I think you could be Barkley. Right to my old old old sea view of where you would hope tomorrow I'll get ready for. Ali could be part scenery almighty now on the subject. I did a model and it couldn't. Right I today mock fantasy dynasty drafts recently and the two highest ranked players were back come. And Dion for Hopkins in a PP early that was really interesting. Bobbing bell is a little older Barone is. Older via. David Johnson is an old but that was back come in this one this one site anyway and that's before the NFL draft. Still park it was gonna go to with team has been using what crazy and Beckham is coming off an injury and it is really cool. Yup. Interest. Here is Mike put us on WGR I Mike. I do nothing on. I think my biggest issue of I guess I would say have a relatively large the gambling community I haven't dollars. And what worries me is that regulations that are going to be put. I look pretty big yeah CNN Saturday. And already in just three years and years so basically is that. The FC but in the yard divided and multiple rules archery season thing but it only happened in the air it's. Some worried about. What regulations and how it intact and everything like that. I understand that something that that they're illegal now. But I don't wanna open it changes and and all these ridiculous regulations stipulation that come with basically. Have you thought at all specifically about what wanna do what would equate to ridiculous. Mean I there's going to be. This I mean there's going to be caught the vehicles to the state. Undeniable yeah I mean II I'm I'm just be stunned if that didn't happen like what's ridiculous I mean I don't know. It is obviously it'll be. But I think there I think like. Perhaps but let that not necessarily in. A mile Clinton quality. Like you can always play a certain number that's like I. That's interest thing. But might they might be enforced that in the name of protecting against addiction. Right well you name it you if you tell when they can but since I've been there's been about more money for each but. It's it's well things like that but I think worrying me. And obviously you you know it's it's gonna be more. Regulated not as there is saying that any regulations it is bad and I'm worried they find a way to Florida. Did do you ever go up and play pro line. OK I wonder what that percentages like I think I've I've heard that it's half the attacks on that big. I know it's going to be tax they get that is just about a lot it almost takes the value of going through them the diet is a bit late. If you break analog out of back about what you do it didn't avoid the sack but. Yeah but do you you have the run around your logistics. Rot on the other side where whether it's. Confidence that you give me or this this experience I just had my era if you listen to show a lot but I just went through. With a with an online betting site. And asking for money and it was crazy. How many steps ahead to take. The over the stuff like that it's definitely crazy to get spirit but I mean it who in. In Russia I guess if you knew you had a shot off. What do I have respect their wedding which you have gone and would you be OK with having to go rather duck and not evidently that was 5% depending on what you bad of course. Yet just depends on my alternatives mean that that's a lot. Bright side. Obviously that's a huge huge step there's plate but right music vendors. Yeah I know are you asking what I still have placed the bat I think yes. And I think you would know this because you're into it. Part of the pleasure is there is the game itself or in my case the season it's like. It's action throughout even if you lose. Their has been some enjoyment. And it's because of order when I'd first say union like I already have all let us worry about than in the NFL. They're sane at the end of that but I actually don't even really do it is yeah well wet myself. Iranians actually college football because I. I never really had to insert I'll apply bug bit hard. Really get invested in it because I'm one of those people who try to add they have it seemed to be really invested in the product. And it's been. I really got into the gambling made. College football so much more enjoyable for me and insert it actually made the NFL enjoyable for me QB department watching early college in. And then I knew all these guys are like from its Internet public and anything in the all of these. Is. Like I obviously it is gambling and there's risk involved there but it's one of the better things have done when it comes due in terms. Or spent. Yes out who your saying like you you are glad to have Donald this. Well absolutely and and and I'm not but said the person who's threatened thousand dollars and you greatest thing like and I know other people by. I it's not even about winning the it's about. They think about it and looking at all the games from the different lines and like my favorite thing. They're in college football season is just sit by their ridiculous paper might or anybody that it. Bet back. And watched seven demolish it and let's get the bat that bit demolished by. You like the favorite on that I met. Much. Yeah I might like fifty points in just try to play my nails and hang on elderly against Alabama and assurance. And on that games but it ought to start. I don't wanna I don't want to be a part of something that makes the game. Or say less exciting but like betting and under make note that it's sitting there and here of opening hoping first thing to not passed. You know why I'd like the under. Because I feel like most people think about your way and then the line might be inflated. Accord yes and yeah you're right but I guess. May I I guess that it over the what. Yup I don't know the data on that and I don't bad games what are the analytic side like whether under comes in more than over. Mikey you would think in theory it doesn't but media does because of the us. I do wonder how all the way into that Q is it is ever gonna you'd like provider. Like Vegas is that because those. It by the buffalo. And then everywhere and spent in the bill. Throw whatever. Well they're playing regardless I think what they'll win by. Well there Mike there's a company. Named William Hill. That wrongs that in likes English soccer may be all of Europe I don't even know but I know that this question came up yesterday I was referred to William Hill has been overseer. All of the lines. In like the Premier League so I would think you'd probably have better being in Vegas even there's plenty of variety in what the spreads are. Right yeah. That's another thing I got. You you've got to keep and you're. Here you know that your shirt let some things I said. So regardless of however many new people back Harvey you're you're never going to be a waiter at the you know whoever is. Bat in the line though is gonna win. Well I guess you might as well go into it thinking back and just enjoy yourself when you do it may be from what the well you can make them. Which is exactly we're going to the casino is. I think that I'll never understand why I can go to a horse racing track. About horses I can go to casino and bet that a number it's gonna come but I can't. Go in a builder has scored sixty points in there it's like that was. Would be a terrible bad. Well you're you're right that's common sense and those days are about to be over at. You know that that's distinction is going away thank you Mike bush talking to you a great job. Ran amok for Navarre smell just text me to say the biggest mess of on pearl line. About 45 to 30%. On hockey and greater still for baseball. Per game and you have to bet at least three games on parlay. It purse so you multiply the Vegas UN gains that whip run by the government. The when pro line came out oh cool I can. Skip across and bet on sports. And immediately I was turned off the idea because of that because not knowing the numbers anymore. Really no I don't wanna do it and that's what he's saying right callers. I think I guess I was right I'll I'll you know it in volume in the number you pick was 45% is asking you about a hypothetical regarding your. Your online venture and I I'm I'm sitting here thinking. It's. Right but that's what it was doing. So I mean I don't know I don't know what I don't know what to be bracing for. I bet it will very between states and people start to get along and talk about how certain states are better for you. Federer for a no compete with the each other media. We get that in the tristate area new Jersey's going to be first. It might matter a lot to New Jersey to be able to beat New York. And it's prices are beat Pennsylvania on prices. Amendment could have competitions. Like that. I'm an emblem on the full of new Yorker and am old enough to say of course. Assists new York at its title would go oh it's quick it's exes are. Course they're going to be hard. I mean I don't know what I'm after it. I might bet I bet nine. New York having. It's great and so you can't do that they've done that orbit. Joy to go if you live next to another state you go to the other state to get the better. Tax break whatever like going from. Is there is at Philadelphia. When I've been in Philadelphia a few years in a row for a weekend and I think you go to Delaware to buy booze. Re go to Delaware to buy wine for taxes. Miss a moment or Jersey like there's a thing like that. You know you go to Pennsylvania to buy fireworks. That you can't by the middle here. And that the sports gambling may be the next edition of that. Myanmar going right out our political and Pennsylvania but on sports I don't know fund even going across the street. You know but that would sing that does not at all mean madame I'm upset about obviously and they're gonna be it'll find it's made sense. For a long time with how available it is and how I being the the case. Of luck but so how are how how we did the ball but we're just we're just a different place. You know that that is that the presence of the casino. In America. Is a big part of that I mean you know. The idea that we've got you know casinos within a ten minute drive of where we're talking right now. It's just I don't twenty years ago I was not expecting. No when I lived in Rochester. Which was forty years ago this was a big debate big public debate I was the casino. And you know now I don't remember think about the water across a river it wasn't that long ago that there was a big debate about the would be one down now. And right and an artist so you know that's that's all over the state it's all over the country. So it just it just makes it just makes more sense that this would be a step that would be taken. So remember it's never it's never been mine it's you know it's never been my thing. Gambling casinos now got to go to Vegas in the go to the casino. But that's that's me the last time I was there I. Dole I don't know what this will mean to mean. It could be something I mean it might as I do like sports a lot. And it's undeniable would be that you are more invested. Yeah emotionally in something that you are with but it potentially and that's the I mean again I. Was that we think are stupid picks on Fridays on different we've got to watch regular game today that it. Cents. It's utter nonsense so. You know how active to argue that it's not something that raises the level of interest would be to. Well. I I'm not asking for anybody's approval here I don't think I would I knew you see this differently than I do. But I'm just going to be honest with you and Adam I'm ashamed of this so the caller says he wasn't in the college football. We started betting college football we got into it. And you know college football's also the whole day into like Mitt noon to midnight the college football day. And he liked also how much he learned. About players and teams and whatever coach is of a coaching candidate comes up under that is I watch them and this happened. And my brain works like that I like that too and in pro sports where there is so much transition. I'm just less impressed with the idea of stick sticking with one team. And so. I I am thinking that that guy. Will eventually be you like this. For all his sports. Because I think it's really enjoyable I like knowing click following the whole thing I was I've always been a baseball fan but I was not following it closely. Before I got into the stretch leagues. And shortly after getting into the stretch leagues I knew everybody and that's for no money. I knew all the prospects. I get baseball prospectus read baseball Americas rankings like I know everybody is. And I enjoy that debt that's how I came to know it and now I can have a conversation about that I can speak that language like maybe. As a kid you lose some or else and you learn a different language and now it's not usually applicable but once in awhile you need to speak German and you can do. And so I like it that way and it has extended into allegiances fantasy sports in this. Have it be that the thing that I want most Sundays is for my guys to do well. And you know the bills things different from me because of the job. But that's baseball and certainly like that new team every year that I bet the over the win total on. After leaks out of it like basketball and too much of. Huge I mean you you mentioned how I don't like changing allegiances rooting for individuals over teams and I am I'm not this is not how I'm wired. I like the teams like generally. Well the fantasy experience that I had here at the very bright dipping a tiny hole. In the water comparatively speaking to you. Doesn't fine I'm it's just that. I had my fought with it when we had the odd Sunday off and I've been all watching with Owen. Doom but now helps with the team. I'll pick the steamer you know is is interested in who's gonna play in whatever but yelling at Martellus Bennett. You know what. We've got our phone. So. But I am. About what you were just saying it's undeniable I mean I mean here with you. For you know it's four hours for the Scholl you know whenever an hour or two before that and the conversation. Oh well baseball. That changed when you started doing that and listen to you and Ryan talk about football but I mean I'm. This is an embarrassing professional legally you benching guys that I've never heard when you're talking about football. And that is in no way a bad thing if your into football and you no good eyes argue with a fourth receiver on the players is. Worst that. Where is that a bad thing whether you want out of that information cluttering up your brain. If he is and what you won't forget something else that might be more important is another thing but. I mean if you're into sports and you know who all the guys are because your an fancy. I see no wait. Criticized its. It's much of my exercise yet we're just sitting processing all that. And by the lateral in the fourth receiver on the bear who must like your account to tie guns or Colin. I've got Robinson Ryan we've got Deaver old way like we've got Anthony Miller new. I'm dawn were mentioning. Colin power of dawn there there's someone that I on this year's going to bother me as soon what about Kevin White C count. Yeah I guess he would come right Stoller he's still there it was the seventh overall pick for them haven't quite known Kevin White fourth receiver. You know those number seven overall picks our money. They pay off every time. Ash. All right we'll take a time out much over the Bulldog here talking about the gambling. News from yesterday again this is WGR. This new system without giving away too much I think you're gonna see a system that takes advantage of situations. And matchups where we can and an offense that you know is a little bit more multi dimensional as opposed to what we saw last. If Sean McDermott heard here on WGR earlier today one bills live noon to three. Were too as specifically as humanly possible. Tell you what the bills were going to be an office. Would you not when you're playing them shall go into games assuming that what he did that day was. Just to trick you. We would have a coastal like here's what we're gonna do if you're the place. Are you out to tell lies so you can you can still do that you know. Because maybe he wouldn't be taken seriously as someone having on the all I know he said exactly what they were gonna do it and did you can't believe that he won't do it again you'll ES Soviet trek. Do you get found out but then. People would still not trust that your dude I know but then sometime you actually do right like Al the Thurman bills Randy plays in the couldn't be stopped. So point the next time ago he was just joking wait no he wasn't just the thing he said on the radio was gonna do it. And normal dimensional. What does that mean running and passing. Yes passing more I think I think I think it means throwing more. Multi dimensional. Public dimensions are there and spin football through this running passing through via. Seoul. Vietnamese and throw more. Woolsey I hope and throw more bodies are less I hope they're capable for anymore. He didn't really last the league in pass steps. You don't. They would last they had to beat the record close to us. I don't know for sure irony there. I don't dwell on the negative or something like that comes up I try not to legislative session on him in the playoffs. None. Warriors rockets. Wanna game. It's it's on Twitter are turned on in the third chorus on Twitter people are like knocking it may be wasn't good for staff or something and to read it would every want it I love this once we saw last night. Which read. I imagine your locked in the gym. With Kevin Durant. And you can't leave until you can stop him. Defense of Lee one time had a. Do you died. That was the top ten of yes I have to stop and legally yes but Dahlia diluted just they're calling him right. It'll do action do you guys Clinton before leaving the gym thread that would every one of the game all the good warrior guys had great games. Harden had a great. Q and didn't really get what it needed from there depth and the warriors looked like yup these look like the team. You know the responsibly at the spirit of this like we did tonight fittingly it was what is stopping you mean he misses a shot. There's like of course has gotten this shot. What Sony just gets bored driving by you every time in the heat settles for an Jane and misses. Or did he get in front of him so we have to issue. Well the object I guess for this one take it seriously I dot he has to have what you guys. Girls who might just launch a three and missed it. Here's Jake with a I take. Oh. It's going well do you. I'm contemplated whether I could prevent Kevin Durant and giving the basket and there's no way. There is no way that I can tell you know he went off every time Monday until it was right he would every single time don't Ambien and I would die. Maybe he would hit the back of the rim and mr. Eisner is open dogs and and I would give credit for this opportunity then it would be proper. Are you rooting call about this assuming. All I know well are not nearly all of GP I think EEE. All over my might attempt to. Be in the match. Epic proportion no but I think. Wanna talk about. It Thurmond comments about. That game plan and whether or not they can seriously I think it's our quote go depression I've gotten over the purse. Mark yeah both all that. I think you did and straightforward. You can gain in this league I don't think that the guy at the minute you look bone in his body. And I think it'd be deluge going to be more multidimensional. You know take dep ordered it. But what is that is the question this is not to suggest he's dishonest. I well you know I think this might be at. Necessarily mean there's nothing more a part of that and you know I mean I open up play action game like you know have more. Court papers is our. Trick plays or we're gonna go. In your problem here is it's not. I really don't like going as far as dishonest. Coaches say a lot of things when if you think about what the reverses you realize how ridiculous it is American to coach saying an interview Jake. When we wanna be last multi dimensional. There are always talking about how aggressive they wanna be measured to coach at any sport beyond what we want to be less aggressive. But we you know you would never hear that which says it all about the governor thing when it's meaningless. So. I think they were. Goal one dimensional though that he's not pretty sure they were 31 definitely. Pass the time that and called out of it there they were 31. Arm you know I mean the cause of our guys you know you hear it all the time when they say that we wannabe. Have more options are being more multidimensional. Run capped like yeah I mean the obvious they're gonna pay out more I mean thinking it. Most likely that they're going to be able that you know faked the handoff thing and go. You don't feel more so while it all and I think that it at this value I think that's. Grace the face value zero. Is my position in the face value is literally zero coaches I'd tried to just say via the the point. Coaches never say the opposite of that coaches never say let's be more one dimensional. Therefore what is multi dimensional worth it's a word to get you through the day it helps to get you through the interview. But it doesn't actually tell you anything about the bills but that last year there's evidence of trauma armor talking about other going to be multi dimensional. Purely because Tyrod Taylor is the kind of player that can offer you that more than. Some quarterbacks. But now we're go to this year and it's her to be more that just it's just meaningless that's what this is meaningless it's not. A huge deal. It has meaning. Spirit and I don't know it does to the caller's point about. You know. Disingenuous. Bone in his body and ultimately. But yet not oldies like open arms about something a coach says that the that he is just. It's just lip service but. Specifically in the limited experience we've got with predominately. I've got an example of him I. I think copying to being disingenuous. When he told us after Peterman. X but all it all from the place. This is a bad can explore all. That nightmarish game. Bet that Monday McDermott would not cop to what was gonna do what quarterback away and we have that. Weird exchange where I asked him whether or not there was some benefit. That he thought he could perceive. At Kansas City right was next would be at a disadvantage if he he kept it secret who was going to be his quarterback and he had that awkward. Moment where. Manufactured your Fessler a bloody. That's disingenuous this work was manipulative meticulous thank you thank you for correcting me. I mean the he was. I think I know this I've been cornered him and asked him privately. That was when he was pretty neat impediment to act a deal for a second week after that performance in San Diego she's in Los Angeles. He wanted to just let Kansas City sit there for a couple days and wonder. Which is so dumb to I'm all the coaches do that and that is manipulative. You know what that is that's the same thing as icing the kicker. Sure it's it is this march meaning. Well. What's better knowing or not knowing. Okay. Knowing is better. Therefore I'm going for not knowing because it's not worse. If I get the hour sleep. Least I didn't get seven hours and 59 minutes late. No why is eight hours is better sought to make sure I get that last minute. That's the boom the minutia. Of all of us we can't see wasn't prepared for that game. There's there was a day or two days were they didn't know. You you've I didn't feel this way by the way you said there's no way to putting him back and I thought he was. I thought you but he he you don't use that your gullible and retired all of that out but I have a hi yeah I totally I'm McDermott wouldn't even criticize Peter after that game. The cult like I guess he felt like maybe he was brutal summer something you know like he couldn't even say this was bad. A lot more that you don't see watching the game on TV so that. Banks means. Those things don't need to be told like I know that. On the field and not looking at the playbook of course that's a given the would be more to know but. Anyway what's what's the overall point. The guy Alex McDermott I. But close calls caller and the called experts are single world that's the sort of things you say about summit and you know what I do too. Adelaide title love everything about one. I IE perceived to be his philosophy. You know whether. You beat hands that difference. And he. He he may be will see you know to only one season but he may be a conservative defense of minded coach. All the putting Peterman it is not really the action of a conservative person. Is it could so I mean there there is that. But. I think they did a good job last year teach it to that there was a lot lot of good fortune but. I'm. I think he's the coach the team in five years. I mean what are the odds. Against yeah be very few guys are coach for six years my employees I know that the reason is I think. That this quarterback is going to. Directly determined. And like I don't order the chances Josh sales can be really good but he's really good and get the job done and is your coach and yours. In your Green Bay earlier brightening then you've you've got you've got a guy if they got a guy then yeah. But I mean I don't know I mean I'm not upset that they picked the guy but I'm not ready to assume he's going to be. Whiz utter the number but you and I distraught and number and all look how many. Current NFL coaches were coaching the same chemicals in the same team continuously for the last. Let's make it five years already felt coaches have been doing that are enough other five I can think of three off dot head. McCarthy McCarthy ballot check. Tomlin. To go to good then for his Garrett is Britain and Alice Jason Garrett right the probably a few more Pete Carroll. Right. Jay gruden. And my clothes. They had three years of cousins was key patent. New Rivera. Good number. Wells from I'm not sure John Harbaugh auction. Yes for sure eight Marvin Lewis Marvin Lewis the world record holder it's nine bowl all right so it's almost a third of the league five years. We're the McDermott question is actually six but still. Part of seamless I don't know about Bruton. Is close after Shanahan. Currently at 9 am on balls in the rest of any readers have been in Kansas City for five years. My arm might be almost that now there's Chip Kelly was two years and this is three for Peterson so it's almost. Much over the all the Orion gates with the abbreviated my cap coming up in fifteen minutes this is WGR. Go left here or something exciting that happened in soccer today. So the Premier League season in England is over. Manchester City won the championship is no playoffs they want the regular season dominated hundred points at one point of awkwardly into. Message. I don't know if they got 200 points. So. That happened. In the bottom three teams. In the standings on the table. Were relegated. West Bromwich Albion Swansea and Stoke City postings are out. In the championship. The top. Two teams automatically go up. They were. Over Hampton and Cardiff city. To those teams are up three through six. Have a playoff for one spot. And yesterday and today were the second leg of those semi finals Holman way aggregate goals. The playoffs. Spot final will be next Saturday. Fulham against Aston Villa. You're probably recognize those juror would definitely yes and nurture. Her. And yeah. Big day I think have a pretty long history there so the winner of that game next Saturday moves off. With wolves and Cardiff city. We you wanna watch that. Politico would be super exciting for those fans think about the difference. What do I want you yeah. We're we're like relied make plans to watch it play equally no I'm not going to have forgot about a problem forget about it if it's. The usual. Saturday morning or Sunday morning I'm open I'm looking for something and it's urban. Next Saturday Wembley Stadium probably not regularly Metallica mid afternoon game remaining there yeah. But man if you're fan of one of those think about the difference think about it the sabres had to beat Ottawa. And have that be the difference between staying in the NHL are going down the American League. But that would just be the biggest game. Was gonna do badly Sunday was kind of elect to have all those games began in the month there was but it was all about code ago. Very symbolic 1% chance that at the bottom yet the bottom there was nothing to really go that it was it was. I think right I think Swansea maybe needed to win by ten or something you know goals being relegated like forgot it. It's and of course top the top was cited for a long time and Nancy did get 100 points. On the year they won the league in nineteen points. Pretty good the better comparison by the way is not sabres senators to this thing it's like that the Calder cup. And the winner of the Calder cup. Who sought to the National Hockey League managing your fan in Grand Rapids, Michigan write an original well you've been ignored or Iowa or one of these places that have. The you can go to the NHL. That's how it should be. That being the sabres should have been relegated for a bed they were they don't have tanking of any of that stuff you just your house. You gotta stay up if you the worst team in the league worst two or three you're out. You can play your way back in got to earn it. Perfect so it should be. It's really grow at bat that concept is really. Grown I'm with my affinity for the most formerly bulls of course. And like philosophically I find appealing my wife lost. What I explained that error when they were watching when somebody at the bottom oil it. You know this is compelling because this team is trying to do get out of one of these bottom three spots and Schiavo what happens if they don't they don't could be in the league. The players cried critics usually. Really went yeah that's how it works it just tears everywhere when those teams you're relegated yeah I mean your output. We don't of that school system. Ryan called for gates is next he's got Sean McDermott among his plans for the nightcap tonight will be short. In 3 Eastern Conference finals NHL. A jury on WGR later. Much over the bulldogs see you tomorrow at three here on WGR. Don't let it. Petrie.