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Wednesday, May 16th

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My shield. And the Bulldog. Oh yeah guess what day it is guess what day it is. Everybody. It's Mike shield them. Mike Mike Mike Mike what does it Mike. And a Bulldog. And guess what day it is. How come I know you can hear me it's my shield and a Bulldog and guess what today is. Tungsten. Non WG ER pulp and restore its ring you'll find. Just you know an average day trying to. Figure out of that on the NBA that's what we're trying to do right now it's still not that easy. Way to do it. I'm mindful. There were if oil or other sailor thinking of them will get away from it I think the rockets thing is still series I think it's going to be a series. And so I'm trying to and decide what I wanted to do with Houston plus 415 c'mon. Which looked a little bit they have to get the right like they get Felix you awkward missed. Watched that I don't watch the games I just. Gonna get beat watch game hindsight you bomb at the. So boy there's no there's no number there that I wanna I wanna. But you wouldn't bet fifty box. On Golden State to win ten. No no way that's what you would you know 51 dollar and I don't wanna make that bet with you because Houston did have a very good season and so I think it'd be like that's easy Tuesday when you don't have to put it box. Not interest and wanna put ten up to win forty. That's a waste of time. If you have to go one way there which way do you go. Are definitely the time for ten underway in 41 but here's what I don't you don't have to go either way that's right the senate. That's it's that's it I'm going to sort of wears out and do with a live it's mostly what I do. Most recently bought a way to live. It's the Eagles some day there's. Out severely hit by a boss or so you have time to think about your about to die. Ago. You know that want one thing I could have done differently. Is that a met rockets was going to be that bill that's one probably that's one change that mayor might want to have to sit that I white flight. This morning I saw I'm I saw on the old old Towne crier there's on the old FaceBook. That she was interested in Modest Mouse is playing QB in October. I took orders he's not a smiles a couple of springs ago downtown net. If at all. And I knew about the show. One of our stations is promoting. And so many station I I thought I'd like. To give we saw them years ago in the united auto. I saw she. Was interested to battle it. Will be here I'm I'm sitting this I don't want it and setting bombs I talked about it I I should not. Harry you finally you found out on baseball adapt to your wife like how are higher. You vote on FaceBook that your wife that lights a concert announcement that you would it interest you put interest OK and then so you went to her via while I didn't go to her she was across through Mexico L or you like discounts are you saying you wanna go to US woman like that yes and Jesus Mary and a and you said and I did this are ready it's going to be this much money you and I'm not sitting there now. You're sitting and out of ship the ship sat out she said. On how to get her chance we wish him. It didn't say it was twisted not even to you right off utilization was that a lot of given because yeah. I don't think it's kind of like them so if you don't like my adopted as far as I know you and your wife are great but like here here's the thing we're like. Sheet you're one to independently. Light something on FaceBook and then your right there with no you don't. This is even brought you. So what day no well I just told listeners following around your opponent. Wherever he split sobbing like mom and that's how I know you don't. Like just like all I was like I don't think we should do this them. But you know she's so to what she wants to go see models miles Wimbledon shall. I'll call my wife round like this and apparently her actual like our friends kid's pictures on FaceBook going to be like what are you saying. You don't like our kids wanted to know whether their kids what do you mean I just curious because I. There are I don't know how many records and that. Dollars and records may be I think she would pick out 900 in 99 record proportion pulls. This is not earth only BG she we listened to it in the car I can tell she's waiting for it and this is not her finger at all so there was also that like I don't perceive it to be something that she really Alex. Guys that was what was. Maybe just wanted to get your attention to be educated the amount to an agreement doubled giving your attention couldn't be going for my attention on FaceBook which is to soaps at. Isn't she could she's about to go right do you write she knew what she figured out a movement worked right click late in the olden days she could've just said a little over supper tonight. Hate crime. Did you see that the Modest Mouse is coming up. And I considered old are your thoughts I did see that but Modest Mouse is coming whereas the other and if you beat them we should think about the have some more. Details that's a that's aroma I don't think any tell you this papers. That's a room where I think it's very importantly what kind of music you're gonna. I thought of that I decided to concerts there all the and one was really great and one was tall means because of the venue. Tony Bennett was perfect for that Rome I love Tony Bennett in that room. My eighth minute first bought wallet and I've been to numerous shows there and same thing. This is perfect Emmylou Harris George Jones green room for these people. Black crows and go talk. So it's still Americans support of what did you see Dillon their Knoll that was that DelHomme Irina when he played ball in play QB if you refuse Boca. And mix that would be really cool room I think for him easily in the older but it would be yeah yup. So. You know what I did here last hour who have been. I thought ma. Am. Sports related bulk exports research relevant. Now now I've resurgent this show a feeling of cheating now because I can kind of see yours clean. Up and it looks at a salary cap page. Well. Here so. I'm I'm interested in. How bills fans are going to. We're gonna do with this season's leading up to it. But how you're going to look at it that maybe it was two days ago were talked about this and like what's a good year for them. And we get a few calls and you know we moved on the what is a good year for them well you know and in most cases. If you read a team that broke through traditionally speaking at a team that broke through and made the playoffs. The the playoffs again be like the minimum good year that's maximum that. I think what they did maybe unwittingly what they did by a picking LA and in the trade often all trading Tyrod like all the moves they've made since last season ended. Is. To say the least temper. Expectations for creating. I think the bills I think most people will look at the bills team that probably won't go to the about DJ Anthony but probably won't go to the playoffs. In 48 team most people look at them here or anywhere but you know fans can be not objective. Yeah now I'm curious about that I I am inclined to agree. Buys it. I don't know whenever we didn't talk and with the two against what the government when we talk about it a lot of the feedback that I got on Twitter anyway it was like. They made last year they should make it again but at the minimal in the same year is is where you start. And I mean that's not my expectation is at all I think you know that. But I wonder about about that this was yesterday it was yesterday right we need the PGA that's what yesterday yet but they. It was all just about the Supreme Court ruling. OK so one thing that's been said is like in defense. Or support. Of error moves in the last few months is well when he nineteen ball. And between nineteen. If Josh Allen shows promise we told definitely be the quarterback by the right the whole time no questions about it salary cap gun and you've got temporal. So I'd won the fight dollar what does that really look like. And about trying to like move you do next year move the conversation next year like this here obviously is and post even starting yet. But how good of a point. News. But the bills in 2019 can be a force. Well this far as the cap room and all that goes. According to spot trek. There cap allocations. Ball as of right now for 2019 are 127. Million dollars the salary cap in the NFL right now for this year is a legal 177. Million. This year's number of the bill have by the way also according to spot track is 152. You have 38 million in debt money starting with Daria she courting going were both feet figures. Coming off the books Eric and Eric Wood has yet to be finalized either. So that will come off the books soon and will be a settlement. The good guiding cog you don't offer your that's dawn I guess. So you have ordered 47 million annual have whatever it Eric's numbers like eight or nine I think they'll be gone and Daniel have bottom. Fifty to sixty year fifty to seventy million dollars with which to spend you won't have to spend on Josh Allen got. Less then what is it feels really that number keeps going down. I've not looked at at any of this myself I just Knoll. When we. And we started talking about drafting a quarterback and you're selling the farm it will do all the holes you know the salary cap. People would say a 10000 then as the draft got nearer I I started hearing ninety. And I hope Mike is fifty to certainly what. It'll all go I don't know that I never look at myself until today. But it will surprise no response rights and added up guy like I have been spent more like was looked to delay on the books when they get all I think because that's eleven million dollars a year either drafted definitely ones I don't know when we for -- hundred million at the ones right certainly bite bite two weeks or news media in February people look at a there was a hundred million and then never updated. In conversation possible they haven't spent thirty million I don't think it anyway. Well Trent Murphy is eight and a half and what to allay his eleven and have some terrorist warning now. Think there. I can tell anybody about another sign up liquid. Eleanor isn't signed but he's not going to be a lot of money. Key guys for this will be Benjamin I said I think I'll say it again I think they picked like I would predict it. My prediction is based signed Benjamin. This summer. I think they wanna do that. Because. Like you'll you'll be healthy at some point this summer. And all want it really isn't just for appearances like I think that they they've traded for him they have mistaken it. And their soul thin at that position. That I would think that the they in their minds I think right now unless he is damaged physically. That they they see this growing. Beyond just this year if they they traded form mid season last year they got the playoffs he was of some use. This year they would hope to get up like a bigger year out of him what what's that if he stays healthy body wallet eighty catches Turkey's. Number one receiver you've probably probably had a year want to see Carolina. So yeah I think that torture probably before. I'll I'll wanna find that out of the year he was really good for that means you're where they were not good as a team but when he got hurt for the year they went to suitable. So I just think you'll like they've made the move already to acquire him you look at that up. Please do Boca and you know eight catches would have been far away their best last year the bills. But we've wide receiver almost seven and one play your point that something McCoy was in the fifties and that's incredible along. As always these real good I mean guys would take note easily take Ikeda judgment yes so I predict they signed him are going. I predict they signed him this summer for some sort of like for the future okay. I I I did not I I don't agree real. I think they're gonna win I think his injury history. Well okay. Two things I definitely don't want them to do that and you're not saying you want them to do you think that it will. I don't want him to and I don't think they will I think his injury history should be respected. Do I think you better get into the year here and and I would I would think that that I am really getting him. Four. The stretch run. And giving up of an asset for it is one thing committing a big contract to him I think is all the other things. So I'm sure they like a man and he fits into whatever mold that they're trying to fit guys into. You know terror during the process of whatever. But I'd. I'm. I'm not an already have predicted they won't commit to him because of his injury history 73 catches as a rookie 63. In 2016. Those who have seen you employ written right. He got hurt got her European pre season. So and then you know we got hurt in practice or something. Okay right I had a summer I remember getting her a pre season game one point but maybe that's not the season long injury anyway. Than seventeen totals one. Two teams combined 48. Or so seventy threes is that was as. Well if this were real but I would want odds on that because I don't know that it's likely but I could see it happening all the goalies that are. So I am if you don't. Signed him this summer for 2019. Beyond what are you at wide receiver you're going into you're able their position groups to consider obviously. Uga going into that year. With. Zeta-Jones and hundred homes and that's you know that's two million dollars or less you've other guys that you couldn't most fans couldn't even name. That are under a million dollars or seismic and rookie contracts and such ray Ramos called with the drafted this year is one such player brand Brendan Reilly. Is another Brendan Reilly. So you've got guys who've never made a difference in the league at all hardly played in the league at all but you've got Holmes Lindsay Jones a two million in just under. And then there's Benjamin and you'll see what they do. In free agency after this season. O'Dell Beckham. Please. Hate. Spewed just like a weirder. Connection in the bills and old all back on the dispute heart. He's going to bigger and stranger it just totally that the worst imaginable threat. Right would be this short time right diva great receiver and small market team that. Wants to rubber ball band doesn't have anything proven it all quarterback be about changes to this is. Deployed is going to be here. What. If that the bills think of morning nineteen as pivotal for free agents. Then don't have to show in 4018 that they've got a quarterback who can play. Or else like you're here the guys you have you have Beckham. All right these by how good I think they are they have five names Beckham Stephane digs. Brandon Cox. The rams traded for him on one with one your left and fortress. And TJ Jones a name like he's sort of a depth guy in Detroit but. Just a name so legally from office to watch. Free agents at wide receiver goals of Steven clone next year you have a little Mac. Next year guys who are in the prime of their careers. That will go to free agency of the bill's gonna have fifty. But it may go to pre unity bagel and refused many choose to commit hundreds of millions of dollars to them before they ever get there that's right some of them probably will have that. Or whenever some big deal Beckham I would guess that that does happen. Or you know any of them could happen. Times are now treated for cooks of the rams look insisted that the Republicans they trade block and then he walked I don't know but. It's a tricky way to try to build teams yes I mean there's no question about that mean you'd be better off it's why then not picking someone and you know I can I can respect them feeling the need for our the the Stanford kid. In the third round this year Harrison Phillips. But like him to not grab a receiver. That you can try to develop. Here. You don't believe it puts it up to next year and then and then. Right which which might be part of the reason why you're your thinking that they will commit to Benjamin simply because they don't have anything else. Right to really commit to that effect and that that is no way to decide who signed long term and commit a lot of money to is and what we decide whether you're straight at third round pick but it is what it is up it is a factor. I'd I can't deny that. Oka as you gotta fill your fill your peace for failure positions you know so they've really kicked it down a wrote. I mean this this this idea and just in order to be appealing. They we need to look like a team that is competent or more projecting. Awkward at quarterback. And also is offense period and the quarterback is a key part of that obviously if he shows. You know to be to be bureau better than average as a kid that shows promise. And they're throwing it more as a result of that then maybe you have an easier time. Doing with the rams and Eagles did two off seasons ago. You know. Whether or not they even have a mind to want it to any of this whole mothers I don't conversation right what. Realty boy demeanor real good player I'm giving good wide receiver someday. Their names out there that'll little bit older Randall Cobb goes and of unrestricted free agency after this year. He's already making ten million you must be on his second contract or more. Golden Tate. Is good and he would be a free agent year after this Larry FitzGerald and whenever but he's on the list right. Then there is always the opportunity. What was was else on Jeffrey. Was his contract expire or did he get released by having that happen to be Dez Bryant is up there right now if you want them. So that teams will unload him now usually when teams are loading those guys is because they cost too much money. And there production slipped like that Bryant but depending on what the praises. You can plug holes into old. In one or. Draft picks develops and somebody you can count on you know again depending on price so there there's a lot of unknowns there in in what what next march will look like. Or even go after march you know when guys get released it any big so there. And guys this offseason that would have been interesting for the bills Mike Wallace's one with Mike all this. Who announcing he's great but he's done a good player and a decent player in the league. Four against three teams maybe he's been in our little bit. Eagles got him pretty cheap and I concede anybody like that wanting to play for the Eagles it. And that's a factor in this so this sometimes you end up overspending on guys or not as good they have Benjamin here they traded for him as. Part of life as jargon has been made why I think I would sign him. It should soon it should be a reason why you want to establish. How good your quarterback is because you you you don't it if you if there are mean there's all kinds of places you can end up standing in free agency but the the best place the ball to stand is the place where proven guys want to reestablish their value cheaply with. Rather than I'm lowering you win here and I mean have to pay you extra. For the privilege to have you while Mira that is that's I don't I don't wanna be in the bills year. I don't wanna be there wanna be in the other column. Where a guy that either surprisingly he at least to him gets released or is just his contract expired and he's looking around going. Buffalo there there's there's an opportunity. Because they're not the error and kid looks good and they're on they're going to go there you go there and I'm gonna. After that then I'm gonna hit it fifty million. When the bills really done anything like this at wide receiver in free agency was last time they did it is. You have all Owens going way back which was more of a novelty but they've they might have looked at it more seriously that I did. But you know you had those good receivers they had with with Tyrod but those guys were all drafted. Woods and Watkins and and Matthew was Hogan was signed from Miami priced car I just tell us in that tournament Goodwin. Does it harbor in qualifying Harvard's OK almost morning was that. That was okay it was it was the most appealing thing about it was in the morning. This is the first time not the second time on the team for the Ford is right the first time the first time was. It it's it it looked like a lot of money but it really wants what is that the second year was just easy to walk out there interest and wide receiver free agent signings like Percy Garvin who just. That was weird especially when they brought him back it's and climb bolder and who didn't even get through training camp which he just he's left. It's quit football weather than play record from an owner is that we is that the planet smell like that's the question here is that is that the plan. And if so those are some interesting names BO like. You would think that they would target one of them. By 98030551. To talk about your expectations for the bills we would. Appreciate that would would look for to have in the conversations more and boy have a lot. I'm sure. We'll talk to Kevin Payne overruled a lawyer today about the upcoming season that'll be out for Paul Hamilton and on the sabres signing yesterday and their show off. As well to. Mike show but the bulldogs lines open now this is WGR. Yes some good looks good and opportunities. Two possession game. And now six. We had a great track in the courtroom drew brown and buffalo we played great defense and fouls called on course for Eagles make two we don't score and it comes in the back to a 22 point MF today so. We still knows best. Not a swear we like the twins could have at least it was a two point two possession game won't point we've had a great defensive sequence there. You know and definitely in a file from them so Oden doesn't golf course. LeBron James not Bill Belichick. What's your them side by side some time. When the other link to something about them their voices is alike. I watched. A little bit this game that a gutsy Boston's comeback. I was watching in the first quarter when Cleveland started well and LeBron was amazing in the first quarter of. That's priceless personal mission of the hockey game came I slipped in and fury head. Fifteen points maybe stole a lot of important laughed. And he attacked crazy too around three with the shot clock he saw that yeah okay that was sold pot. And I didn't feel good right after it because I thought Jeff Van Gundy made of her that's what I've been that's what I setting up the site audits are no you can say it like. Then go to these good up and at that moment it's full brunt Jane Scholl and like all right they lost you vote they'll lost game one but all right here here we are this is. Inevitable everything is when you and I dornin has been a monster and this just like not even a play. They're pretty makes fun of who else is on Cleveland's team. And eventually the ball was just in the bronze tans and the shot clock was running out and eat earnings way I'll be it's a three pointer. And van Gundy said. You know nice but. If your Cleveland like that should worry you. I'm a little concerned and that's what it's taking him to score right. And I. I heard that I respected it and a quarter ended and they were only up four. I think maybe and got those first quarter way and it while you're LeBron had 25 points. And okay what is in the forward with a score hundred put him what do what do we got nearly. I didn't feel good about it at all I did not stay with it and went back to hockey about a time I look at the score again. Boston head pass them was maybe eleven point game and its muscles. Like. No me either it was. The moment he hits that shot. I was. Ever term hockey game. Was the first idea right behind what do I bought a hockey might have been a bit. It doesn't it's but I use it why would I ever and an increase that. And I respect him and I got back to the hockey game. On the basketball and it just never felt I needed to get. That filling the kind of point I would never hear football announcer made a couple of right like if a team and maybe that's unfair commits a team. Hit on a couple long passes early in the game that they would tell you how cool laws and how good was when they tell you. You know. Nice spot. You really haven't. Dawn anything yet. I guess about in my depend on how the game is going to the other team. Only down by a field goal and they've driven in Long Island new twice like a twelve play drives they look better on offense than you do all you don't just throw it deep to your superstar twice. Like you're that somebody. But you know avoided it you might you might be worried here you know it really donating on offense you hit those two big ones but this other team news they've walk like they've got you. Where they want York. Wasn't basketball at how many possessions. Verses football we get like one time. I'm so. Cleveland Boston is Boston Cleveland is plus 200 to win the series and no soft now cruiser going to be forced to gamble. Around you'll be doing it you Billick I need to do it. Cleveland is plus 200 when the series means you about a hundred dollars on. Cleveland to win that series from two nothing down you would win 200. Plus your additional hundred. If you want the Houston Rockets. It would be a hundred. To win for ten. Again Plosser additional under and I have done that not for a hundred but I have made a move forward Houston. Because they're favored tonight and there really good in the stats look used and and our good Golden State was for re watching game one Golden State all the best players were on. And I think like in a different kind of game goes Houston's Houston's way if all of them are not on like that so a whole lot to rapidly Obama rocket if you looked to see. He. What kind of favorite Cleveland and it is for game three I'm asking in this way it is an obvious hampered. Not mr. I is now okay. I just I would guess that the fate yet to name three or going home I mean they'll definitely be favoring entering. Rockets or minus two tonight. Hey speaking of basketball Ryan was excited today and at first seem a very random that I figured out what he was going for here. Ryan was very excited about. Buffalo braves coaches. Certain buffalo braves coaches it's true I was I think that the the Braves had to feel re rich history coaches. Of of their names. Great campaign all you have. You're on your do you look at the names project that's. Contact machine that's what is the current time machine I'm working in the team's contact machine. Doctor tonight the night show as a tournament of names. Yeah that's great school great Mansfield rod O'Brien holes you're going at it right now it's a very tightly contested match ends. You know I would say something but I wanna put words in his mouth but I think Joseph said he would quit. If Mansfield Rocco lost. So Paul let's a lot of people do it that was first few wild weird and out so we're still in dire it's his favorite bit of alternate internal here model gray and it feels right. Suffering Trojan Joseph liked if that were to happen in a job interview. In a few months and the person says allegedly last year. You think I have received that question well. Dog sure you have and that's weird enough but what he's up weirder than well you see what happened was. I promised I would if in this competition of names that I he created for an Internet poll if Mansfield grotto didn't win. His round. And the guy goes or the woman IC. Makes sense. That's this seems like a reason all right all right that is reason I'm so I need you on the team I need you working here it would seem he's a man of conviction you're gonna yeah you're really gonna help us here. To. Not out of every ago out of that I was the candidate that used to work at GR a little bit mercurial but I think it. You know seems. But he could help us. But I mean you look at some of these these awful braves coaches names it starts with adult she days. Which is a great you'll love the name golf raised all j.'s great name and then you they go through some years of just you know regular named guys Johnny the cart the Jack Ramsay or what ever. Hates Locke comes next to its lock I don't know on its block another good I was struggling to speak of you knew that and again I'd I'd I'd I'd do hates you why didn't he hasn't lock. Yeah and before you say another one because I don't have an wondered if there are skip coming. There is no snow serial AE Bob McCann and maybe that's what you're. He's locked sounds like what. But there's a White House or something. And you're going over to Tate's lock for some luck clam chowder and the when there's John Bellini Bob McKinnon and before the Braves slot they had the great cotton Fitzsimmons. Cotton Fitzsimmons is a great time for Simmons is just tremendously in the you know cotton isn't his real and of course not content as his nickname. But his. Real first name still great. Global Fitzsimmons. Lol lol. Lowly ball cock and could send I didn't realize the Braves had this many coaches how long they exist for ten years in Oregon where they've been around for reporting around for ten years article business. From the C 7278. They had seven coaches. Seven coaches and eight seasons or nine seasons. Nina wind when you brought this up I immediately thought OK programs. Doesn't agree skip something doctor about skip something who's not even real and I just thought I should skip. Maybe I was thinking of peace locked I don't know. I knew the man and I do know listening to Simmons I did not have it did not I was not ready to go. No I never remember that he was I can never think of him anyway but I never remember that he was the Braves coach. Does he was coaching when I was little he was go to kings who have a songs maybe. I never I never remember that he was buffalo I would love to have been around for about just a little bit of it. I went to one game. I don't remember who they played I might have a ticket stub that would tell me but I mean I I'm not walking around with a memory goes I was all our braves place points. But I know I went to a game I I used to have an. Orange ticket stub from a bridge game. Seven these groups are just so much style. So much skinny likes. Is that right the feel like everyone in the semi real skinny legs before they came into the F pluses and craze before all the sports science stuff came out real. Badger body correctly and you did the right things worked out correctly no obvious went out there and play it. And partied on the weekends that's what you did not even on the weekends just all the time. You went and you had your game and then he went home. And you watch your game on CBS tape delay at 1130 at night because it wasn't cool enough to be on a regular time I was not it was cool to be alive. A 100% sure that I'm ready to cop to to agree to the stimulus. You're about shorts in about short shorts like maybe and maybe shortages or straight to lags looks skinny you know that's from science I think getting that you can see a lot of guys playing today I think that's a north column that I don't know that we should be if you put Bob met produce shorts and a lot of these guys that give you some speech colleagues. I I would still be there interest. That's not the dispute that athletes of course Twain and eat and everything differently but they squat now. Just a figure some guys that were probably pretty jacked and you'll playing Batman but the news shorts that didn't compliment them. They like the short shorts the counting them feel more free on the basketball court but you can't stop and the Braves mean Mac to do Randy Smith. The aid him in the nineties teams but those names to urges the coaches. Can you Q rundown most people more time for me and I know meant to do Ernie. It's all right. I'm not sure to make the top 64 bought. Pockets and should be in that bracket he's he's a big time snub. He's gonna make the IT of the great awful sports team brackets stole log thing. Dissidents. Yes. He's he's he's I know you're saying no no I know I know I mean I know I have this page in front. I have Wikipedia. I wouldn't I was in poll. I'm right I guess yes I'm also guest yes unfortunately cod Fitzsimmons has been with us for her. Approximately fourteen years. Says he passed in 2004. In Phoenix Arizona all the men was when he passed 72. We. Bulldog daily wrestling with his own mortality here is something I look forward to on this show only got to get to Phoenix now. Pretty quick. We have been Europe. Let alone Phoenix subtle things. Europe and Europe for Phoenix. Phoenix right now is like a cheap flights saw that on southwest yesterday due to Phoenix like 150. Each way direct. Camps there records Obama went on to sharpen their. A friend of mine as it has also on Matthews camp a friend of mine has a son who was involved in that he wouldn't be a goal. They're all their program. From what I know we we did the USA hockey magazine. And like Boone coyotes minor hockey situation is yours yeah. Matthews right right I mean that's right. There it is we get that magazine now that things you if you're you're you're darn. Of point you signed up your USA hockey member that you have to sign up and you have to sign up to play and wherever she's playing and and you get the magazine and that magazine is sitting in my kitchen counter right now junior sabres on the cover because their fifth part of their fifteen new team won the national. That early April. Its first ever national title won by that organization was that the show has such range. Kevin Payne rural wire coming up at the top of the hour much over the Bulldog WGR. Great date some of his time in his throws with a quarterback and tight is our world our. All right on point so you know we got to continue to get better each and every day of the temple and urgency behind the speed of the game particularly at this level I think it was look different this past weekend and get Whitfield at that you can see that difference so I think that was a plus for him just operations of plugged in and not allowed. Auto and working with the older guys. Wilkes on Josh Rosen. Steven Wilks. The new coach of the Arizona Cardinals and rose and of course the new quarterback there with Sam Bradford. Much over the Bulldog here we'll talk more football with Kevin Payne of rural wired about ten minutes. Question I have thing about the bills we talked some bills the top of the show. Fantasy wise and Kevin is big in fantasy. What is what do you do with like this this office. Mark Corey is like he has proven value. After that rule at all and even McCoy I've I've heard some conversation about this that. He's you know he's reached a respectable. Pick of course probably like a second round pick in most leagues McCoy. But for some sort of our conversation on different shows and places about. What else do they have though and then you know you can say back that. That's been intruded. Varying extends before. And he was still productive. One year old girl talk about that worry and the NFL Kevin Brown. Feel like Latin last year and probably your report Romo there was much difference. In where I saw him rated. The previous two seasons. And it was right around like after the top group of guys that he was he was at the top of the next year it's David Johnson and bell in probably Elliott. And there's no I am running backs yet. And then McCoy was like maybe maybe the next. Bullet that's just that's from. Yup I would say he's between. Five event and well. That's pretty big range in which we did tablet on the range tighten it up. To other NBA things ago. Lots of NB a one isn't wearing a clippers shirt today LA clippers the man. A wife went LA OK. She's like you don't La lakers right. Tyson right. And she said in Europe red. Like you read here's here's a red teacher. You don't you do that could be just yet now I have to read T shirts and that right there both between five and twelfth among my parents aren't. Ryan wearing a red teacher today as well so I've put Kirstie shirt on and downs. Than anybody else watch the lottery. I did not why we're booted Nazi lottery I watched the lottery Jami Gertz. I had not. I didn't have the first clue that Jami Gertz would be involved in the NBA draft life. I didn't either IE solved in team. These things where I doctor I got to Twitter. After the thing it already happened in the hockey game the best ball game rolling and just rolling back and I see Jami Gertz and I'm just thinking. This to some executive. Team named it hurts you did I thought I could even think for a second it was always look like bigger less than zero Jami curt it's always like. And I did it climbing up the bottom of it she's married to. She and her husband are are involved in the during the hawks' ownership groups always Grant Hill. And they also own part of the Milwaukee Brewers really yeah. Jami Gertz they Betty moved up in the lottery get that far it's just got to hawk park man walked away I can't spare square. Episode of science called his Jami Gertz right twisters is in twister I never saw. What did you say less than zero and Ursula I don't I looked fitter by dole quickly and didn't. Like I hadn't seen most of him. Have that right that's what it's a addicted to drugs and cocaine movie from the eighties with Robert Downey junior and Andrew McCarthy. And she's the she's a female orca. That's right on time. Lost boys. Lost through Q she's been married to the guy for thirty years. Tony wrestler Mayo on the Atlanta Hawks tonight and part of the Milwaukee Brewers. Just because you know that was out there Craig is a burns place. That's I really felt that I I never in Seoul. But everything even your tweet. Like Jamie Gertz that the da da BA lottery of course it's like I've been predicted wherever I want valley where it. This is really changing meager just. Rather than just some random dude I had no idea that she was famous and just assume that she was some sort of executive. Sharing the stage with the other people out there you know they always have their representatives. Up there in like well here guys. The I don't know where Oslo sabres representative at the draft lottery Ann's problem. And it's way better group than the hockey group. All boils GM's. If not all GMs that the NBA players up there. Yet to Gilbert's kid from Cleveland did little penny you mean based on he was there with Pat Williams that Williams was apparently story. He was on the like the broadcast panel I guess it was and there are. But he was in the magic seat. When a manager. Yeah I think there was little putting low price. To be addressed for. Us that were open rebellion. They were in the regular spot in the Middle East main seven the rate. Not basically Wednesday and it. Kevin Payne back to football after this much over the Bulldog WGR.