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Might show last night at 12:30 in the morning I can't emotions. This is nonsense brought it. For the post button to repeat since. Which will be my next year's been good football team their futures. There's been no bull dog. Should be ashamed to admit this publicly but yeah. I am a junkie I can't be trusted them WGR. Are Sports Radio 550. It stems by the way second place in this league. Pretty good and very good year and fancy last year. Very. We'll see this I don't Agassi name. People I go back to it yet. No good year for pieces downsize its legacy and I never go back to the names. It's next the next year it's all different names aren't here every yours are here every year's a differing here in new names new culture new everything. There's a theme usually. I'm some of these some of these drafts I did Beckham Mulder to a go teams are like their little codes. You can tell I think that people those owners are just in. Who knows how many dozens of leagues or something like. BBC 77. Slot six they look like a play yeah MM. They're just. Basically the team names are numbered almost like that. Last year reasons dimes that conversation. All my teams were named for mushrooms. And this year I decided you know I law Watergate. That history and trivia about Watergate. All my teams will be named for Watergate figures like apple bug you heard on that you're hurting all your fantasy football teams for Watergate figures. Is an original idea I I did once before Watergate happened. This is what do you knew who Gordon Liddy is guy got a team name called. Right now yeah no I am. I came up a stream conversation immediate change the name of councils. Blood. Right on time I do. I'd like. Jagged nonsense. If nonsense jagged nonsense is pretty pretty good. I'd I'd tumbles to asbestos feel like I do all of that back out there is some real. It is seven years go by you can't claim that bad either partner he took if 717 years go by that's the rule of random drug squad on and on. All right so as we mentioned that we would. You might think this way you might know someone who is or who says this mean for someone say it may be on the show. Guys you know this year could. A little bit rocky but. Next year you can go after it that's your process right there 2019 more cap room. All it dead money from Daria some courting Glenn and even Tyrod Taylor. That goes away in next year you can free wheel. Now. To appoint. We talked about this earlier and I used the NFL's current cap number as vote number 177. Million dollars. Celta pot you'll recently wrote about this and used 190. Which was just sort of a extrapolation of recent increases in the cap for next year. So okay 190. And as of now. For winning nineteen. The bills have a 147. Million color for so lets you cells number any time use the bigger memory of a little bit more working room there. And in that case you would have 63. Million dollars. To span between Powell and next year. That includes all your rookies this year there won't be that much money per guy at least like Josh Elmo domain where this probably already set up to commit only box. Yeah I mean I've got. A seventh overall pick is more than map they agreed it would be massive. It's based on his position right isn't it some isn't that I notice it's just when Barkley was picked who we talked about how Barkley. Would be a Barkley is going to be one of the five highest paid running backs in the league. It is is that right it's a it's on the drafts the draft position more than I think the position player place. But so what are you going to address the slotting system I at least that's my understanding I don't know the position impacts that at all well all I wanted to say here is that Allen's. Number won't be enough prohibitive don't be stupid. And and so we'll have some some rookies to signing on next year's guys well there are a lot of money spent. Whether they can spend it on what we want them to spend it on whether they can attract. Players that are. Perceived as spending good money bar bargains even. The minute they will spend some power and other teams find their way to spending that money mailed an element you burn through it stupidly. I'm here to tell you they will definitely spend all 64. Million dollars. Just because they can't bills at an apartment. It is you're gonna happen to your team somehow when you've got the money to spend. So. And they have been able I mean look whole thing is recently they have positions the bill label of a credible wide receiver really as of now other than Benjamin whose contract is up. After this year. And little bit maybe go through Sunday with him. In season you'd think they may do something with him even before the season starts I do. But either way really they got. Empty sack at receiver beyond him and I'm not even related to debate on him. Jones is the one you need to be useful but Joseph well that's a Benjamin isn't but George the second round pick of course they traded up to. This team. So he's second round pick he is someone that you're you're. You'd like your career right there oh yeah are you are hoping for your planning on a career. From a guy picked where he was that is probably a lot to ask that you develop into being your number one wide receiver. Or something. But you're definitely expecting review the guys do that we're sure it happens you're definitely like the bar is set at Robert wants. Who was also a second pick what you're looking for someone to be a solid. Complementary piece on a rookie deal. For four years and then you know you gotta make a decision with the bills had to make our Robert Woods won his first contract was up. You're pretty good you got thrown fifty balls that you. Or do we want to pay you nine million dollars and and you walk away. At least that's what the bills chose to do with that player. That's what you want they don't be mean that that to me is that is the bar. Well. It's a long ways off but. I would think that next year. One of the top free agent wide receivers would be a target for them. And maybe even they can sign him. That could be me at the very top of that this will be old go back home. Please. There's the big pulls the bill will never employ total Beckham I'm pretty sure that. Bennett will be you have supply and digs you have golden tee. Brandon Cox who was young. He's also won your way for free agency DeVon fallen just Carolina. TJ Jones Detroit lesser known but the interest thing. So you have that was the guys are also again here. And then cap casualties that will also crumpled. You know we have no idea selected to reverend Ogilvy more than just that that group of guys there may even be better guys and any of those guys that would be Griese a sort of about what you are but there could be a good player that. Just a team is stock and it got to pay someone else and his receivers. In nine years old he's going to be cap figure in like that's it. Then. I think I think they would. It's not like I'm sure it'll do this it's just it's just a feeling. I feel like it adds up this way they are very thin at wide receiver or even bad if you wanna put it like that. The they need. Players there Benjamin this year Benjamin they traded for. And yes he's had injury problems and it's right I think. Objectively to wonder just what his career will end up being because of his knee he's been through a lot already. But I think I could see the bills looking at this like well we're gonna need players next year we've traded for him we think he's good we've already announced that we've made this move but we we think he's good. And then if you want to you go to him and you try to sign him. Now assuming he's healthy now. You know or whenever July whenever you you go to him and you try to do that so you just have one less. Thing to worry about sure they'll be cap casualties on our teams but otherwise you're just nowhere. Mean there's nowhere with this list plus you get lucky with a sixth or seventh when he's low round picks tour ends up being. You were dressed for game but he was around he was someone people like him pre season and was on the practice squad he's. But yeah I mean you're you're you're throwing darts. Which with the with either of the guys the bills drafted this year record clubs the other one from Clemson. Brett Brendan Reilly like anyone like that the year that that's just hold it how can you believe my good lock your right to vote I found a guy. So I thought I think the third. Use this word they would probably ball edit it put their desperation. To be somewhere at the position. Is to be respected. I don't wanna just blow that off. Is it they wouldn't an. In urgency. To lock up the one proven guy. That they've got. On their team and there are things to like about it is is skills he's not a great all round player but he's he's big he can make catches in traffic that are contested what is. He's somewhat from Britain to VDs. In the week. He's not my idea of what I want to build receiving corps and and the injury history is real like I I would expect them to respect. What he's been through health wise. And wait until. They get into and if that ends up making it too late. Ordered them to give him and keep premiere because the seasons are cities like well to get free agency in them I'm just one way. OK but I don't know I don't think they're going because they're desperate for the position. Sign him and just hope that is Eagles. It's that it would be irresponsible. I don't trust I don't trust. Them. But he said issues and I feel but I think they've already put their chips in on that by treating form in the first place. It's the third round pick to try to make up you make the playoffs and watch like at all I don't think. That the the the song can cost of that has to lead you to make. Bad decision or or rushed decision off on him means that they might mean I don't think erotic is nothing by. I mean. They needed some help and wanted to try to get over the edge and so they made the move for him. I don't think that leads you to. Quick what's given twelve million dollars a year for partners is that about right do you know that he's not those numbers were reason iris I was as I was getting to the finish line of my sentence. I just quickly calculated in just ended up there and I've no idea I'd try to get somewhere between what I said about Robert Woods what I know I Tribune's. Yeah I wonder what I've not thought about wanna comparable contract is for Benjamin Butler might be a good cop out there. The Randall Cobb goes free agency next year if he comes available he's older. And Benjamin Wright a cop would be if I got to between seven be in Benjamin Benjamin is the watch and draft. So. Not by much oh no I thought he said. The same page and others and I have Cobb according to spot track already making eleven. Or ten rather. I don't know about him the ball down your Italian number between ten and fifteen dollars accurate and for three or more years sure. One thing that would be nice for the bills is if thinking about. That they might. Need. And plan and wide receivers spending money on wide receivers. A year from now. Is if they can establish before that that they have a promising quarterback. That they have a quarterback who is worth your time wide receivers this work this maybe will become a destination and we give Josh Allen is great well. You can you can look at the bills team works believable you can win. And you couldn't. Catch balls getting paid by this deal to your not doing this out of the will we call it hockey bridge contract would be but this is the what their. Next year for these guys that we named would be like the big contract. Those guys aren't yet those guys aren't rehab projects they're not trying to reestablish their value. Unless they have some really crappy year this year before create starts. Off either because of the injury or something else. So yes but those guys are in those guys are in the in the class her notes that it's the kind of money that you walk away from paying Sammy Watkins. Basically for all intents and purposes that's that's what you're talking about with that class of players and you know that. If that's a proven commodity and that's one thing. If it's someone with an injury history. If it's someone. Who I have to pay extra just come here because I haven't done enough of what you just said coaches establish. What I am and it looks like a cushy spot. Then but that's that's nowhere to be a thing where where you want to end up in this this might be a reason. 21. On an island place sooner rather than later because the sooner the more evidence there is that hey. But he's seen that if he if he were to play halfway through the season. Say and become somewhat of a story even if the bills don't end up having agreed here relate. Palin there's promise that you know yeah there's a mistake your mistake there that cost him and maybe cost the team. The game by. You'll like a lot of what he's doing. It's tracking a very good direction. Then maybe just maybe. You become the place that next year's Dez Bryant wants to go for a year. Or seven million dollars so that he game. Show everyone in the legally what I still have it. Where's my next big day. And that is somewhat of a bridge thing and that's probably guys again that special circumstances that's. Some injury that you trust the guy is fully recovered from or will be or someone whose name we're not thinking about now because we don't. Know that they're going to be released but like that. That guy that's cool. You want to look attractive to I'd much rather be in that line would you rather be in the guy who wants to reestablish his value so we'll take arch short term even one year. Low cost relatively speaking deal rather than or were paying someone. Who's a little scary because I'm not desirable but yet I need guys but they're going to be. That the Eagles and Jeffrey a little bit I I think maybe the giants have done support that Brandon Marshall Goldman you're right that that kind of players whom I'm thinking for this. And if if you dole a stand publish an Allen. He either doesn't play at all. Where it plays and it's this. Take awhile TJ or walk right and then. You're still half the fine players for to play with your gonna want. You're gonna wanna do what Doug Whaley did I don't suggest you do it but you don't want to get. Someone to play with your quarterback so that you can figure out whether he can player. So. You can do religion that you could really regret that you know whether that's the draft or free agency which you can really make it. This measure is five years will gone by talking about trading up for wide receivers we just drafting one high next year Dexter does your bad like it. While just feel like. Let's circle right is that if the polls do that if they if they liked the recommended if there imposition if this year goes you know third. There under the number of six and a half. So you're you're drafting in the top ten. I don't know maybe maybe you've got to look at the best receiver in the draft there wasn't one taken this year that high maybe next year's different I don't I have no idea what's out there. Q for newbies going to be highly doubt it probably Anthony Johnson's name. Maybe you got to look at getting the best receiver in the draft not paying extra for don't ever do that. I think I'm way off and even questioning whether alum make a million Boxee must make more than that to remain Edmonds signed. And his contract is four years twelve point seven total. So he's it just over three million per year that number goes up over the span of that cap number so the position you play when your pick though what our rank that in both fair for us he's going to be somewhere between foreign bro 45 year yeah he. Which is still if you're talking about quarterback which publishes themselves. It's a great idea it right you've got that for four years the figure option is price year. Bought two Eagles having Wentz on that kind of contract Seahawks having had Wilson on that coming contract in the past it's they have been it's been reported only benefited from that with there. The bears are seen building that that's gonna work with too risky now I achieves the same with more homes to Shawn Watson in Houston. But that is. I think Russell Wilson was the first one where. You and he was a third round pick to so it was even cheaper. Opera where these other guys crawl first round picks and I'm in Sunday's pre I ones. Wentz and into risky anyway. Both numbers and you get right you get the benefit. Having this Russell Wilson is playing Saturday all pro level and he's making he probably was making under a million dollars. For the force for yours is until they redid his deal he was being very. It was probably the least. Most disproportionately paid players in the league for what he was performing at in what was. And they benefited at all those guys on defense and you'll doll that's. That sort of set the template for this and you hear that more and more now where teams want to give the quarterback. And at home on this deal and then still spend all the rest of their money building building out around. Speaking of power teams are being built the sabres signed defenseman yesterday Chris Baker recently told us that this player Lawrence pilot. Would probably deserve to play like opening night. Maybe he's this years in Teepen I think you said that a timer to about him. What motors which the sabres and bring Paul on. And try to figure out what their. Blue line will lump most likely look like that's next after the update Mike show in the Bulldog WGR. Paul Hamels he didn't. And we might still there. I'm telling you GR Sports Radio 550. But like revise that there's every chance that the 6 o'clock sportscaster will be very good. It's likely that it won't be as messy as the 530 sports and sometimes messy and gotten better my wallet my rock and roll kind it will slow sloppy sort of silly yeah. Not professional sounding great jet won't when we come up with them jagged nonsense good idea that's generated nonsense. Paul Hamilton has seen his share of jagr nonsense over the years and joins us now on the TT Holler Paula event. I'm doing well have you guys been good I guess. I'm all right. So yesterday's. Saber signing Lawrence pilot how good is he supposed to be. He's one of those guys just watching some of the highlights see it looks like he likes to jump in in the offensive zone. You know give himself loose command from the point you know find that open area open ice and he would try to provide some offense that way. Now of course what we're looking at is basically all its goals I mean you can't see much much else and in you know those types highlight packages. So you know whether the player is an old and in almost types of neat things that you study fairly good at Hillary wasn't going to be voted best defensemen. In the week. In the the Swedish weekly bit that he plays in which is a good lead so. Muni hadn't had some sort of confidence in the defense and zone to be able to do that but his highest total. Of points in his career have been twelve points. And lecture at 38. Including thirty access so it's almost like he was a year marketing forum where he. You know finally. You once it got a drawer you know really excel than. You hope you know within Teepen they couldn't send them to Rochester is either keep it in buffalo or seven back to Russia. And I would hope that at least there's this cable and averaged and he just turned 22. Who would have an opportunity that if he needs to go to Rochester bowler in the pro game especially the ice surface she's going to be playing a smaller ice surface. But he used to which you know for some. Might via a little bit of adjustment and I say some because I have some people are. Probably think of doubt lead to. Game or for the world junior tournament seemed fine in the smaller surface now reminding. Everybody gators play against eighteen year old said he wasn't playing against NHL players. But dumb he would hope that if he needs that. That little bit of seasoning to get used to the North American game he's eight at least people would go to Rochester and learn. And we don't know that right it's a two year entry level contract when we don't know whether or not they have the bill loses sent him is right okay and is there. Paul Hamels and on the AT&T outline with us here his appearance brought to you by Lucy and Angie Buffalo's workers' comp attorneys working hard for hard working. Western New Yorkers that the ice surface point is one to be respected ball. Not at all for what I might have thought. You know a few years ago which would be like smaller guy he's gonna get run over. It's more if you're if you're a puck mover and a good skater. And that's your game. You know time is tight it is the I services smaller checkers are on you faster. There are going to be on where you're trying to pass the puck past releases the dispute there's less time to make plays but on the bigger race. Bigger playing in the best league in the world and now you have less time to do what you had to do and other leagues right now that you played in so it isn't usually a bit of an adjustment. For players like that that coming in the league some handle it better than others. And as I said. You know we're not gonna know you know how exactly he's going to be able to handle it that it's it's the time and space thing that. Sure. Helps you in the offensive zone because it that you are around quicker but if you got a guy breathing down on union have to make a play quickly. He's on you want faster than you thought he was going to because number ones. It's a faster league in number two there's not as much space. I at least wanna be open to the possibility of this guy making the team Paul and Italy let's let's work from that optimistic view. He deserves that he gets here and training camp and he would draw us and he looks exactly like. Fit. Maybe a better fit and anti it was even for Phil Housley system so he's he's on your blue line opening night. What's the rest of commitments a lot we talk Brothers a few different times. Spent there. The other is I mean last time we talked about this site and did he really had McCabe in the top six and we didn't have much to do with him. As to maybe some of the other guys there that are going to be around now. If pilot turns out to be good in my in my boil down to pilot again it's usually. And who can win that battle today to get a roster spot which would put the loser of that battle likely in Rochester event. Because you've got scanned Ella and he's not going anywhere as far as Rochester exposing could be traded in the off season. He got doubt lead to play both sides of what I said the last time it takes of people misunderstood or I didn't say it well enough. I spool well no he played on the right side quite a baby hasn't played on the right side in the NHL yet and that's a whole different ballgame what I was trying to say is. You know he hasn't played on the right side of the HL will eventually be able to do yes would be able to write off about. We'll have to wait and see if you know if you're playing on the soft side in the best league in there is this something he's going to be able to do. But you would figure he's likely going to be on the left side so. If we got scanned Elena got d'alene got one more laugh than that would be incidentally it's a pilot is it McKay. Then also in this mix. By you have Casey Nelson who was re signed and you have needs and boy Euro was under contract for 2.4 million dollars. And you have the rest mistress the line and who was under contract for more than five million dollars for several more years who is most treatable here. But it is is it likelier Paul to you is you look at it or may be what you'd recommend. That they move crystal light in and see what that goes to the overall to have to have the defense looked the way they want it to. Or try to move someone less. We're now. If you're asking who's most tradable I think you hit you know you and you could probably have the most conversations about him around the league. I really don't know what kind of valuable you would have. Meaning. He was slipping in Montreal buffalo player who paid a third round pick to get him. And he didn't do anything to enhances value during the season injuries held him back but even. When he wasn't injured there was a lot of what are you doing. When watching him play he'd see a little bit like cola cough was when he was here all over the ice. And you know where he's gonna be or any he tends to get himself out of position rather easily so. Whether he would still have any value as far as trade value I mean. I don't. You know before pilots signed on I basically had people use the number nine guy. Garrett shouldn't be more than a third group that's what they spent. Yeah I mean I mean number nine of the depth chart so. If if he's still around here I suppose you could keep them here and he can play when he every injury or may be sent down to Rochester Brett. What what kind of value he has out there. Yeah I well I would guess that to be an awful lot. You could end up like that's one scenario here where if you'll pardon the phrase you could be looking to give someone a way. And that might be about what Montreal did with polio which is okay well we've got one less guy we have to pay here and don't we have more room for other players. What was disguised in the welts below the expansion draft thing you know. We we re losing in the expansion draft so if we get a pick forum what's doing type of trade. Mean that's the way it was put together when it happened it happened right before the expansion draft. That Montreal thought they might lose some power. But you know talking them even reporters then for Montreal people that watched him game inning game out. They were like he went once you see him play you're gonna see. Some things that you like him at all aside here and it it's it's gonna go backwards on them and that was basically his career Montreal. All right you go to the draft right next month. Actually. There's really no point in asking about draft picks and strategy. So much the sabres. Have the first thing we know who will be and so what we're not doing. Any any time here on the show is talking about all the guys. Which is about strollers as well we'll have to wait and see if everything. We wanna get people to the draft so he. He's trying to keep suspense into it I guess you're not buying like I am not. You are correct. Thank you Paul that they care. Paul has writing on the website about pilot about all the things sabres are up to WGR 550. Dot com I'm over there right something a sort of a couple times this week to write about gambling. Today that I'm gonna tell you this. So today like first thing I thought I need to do was write for the web site again it's on the up there I was off the you know last week and I was time. And I thought of a lead for an article about the gambling news. And it was about like how I'm not really a gambler. But I know a lot about this stuff but it's now like I bet deems. It all really a com. And I was writing about how post I actually went this far writing it out on our web site. Well the page that we eventually published to the website or whatever howl. I weigh 211. Pounds and 511211. And right asserted recently keeping track of my weight when I got to 216 at one point my app called me obese. And 215. Is just overweight. And that I was gonna mention drinking mountain like I was writing an article about how I don't have any of these problems and I looked at it and I went. Okay obese. Drinking and gambling in which Europe. Right about how you were all those things like how about just not right that elbow look in the mirror. And I wrote Hubble go to some exercise and rhetoric are about to become a look at how the right. I actually wrote. I look in the mirror I don't see obese what it was. I wrote that line of Mike can't write this article I believe this whole thing you want that walked outside. Tel wall off an up and look at yourself. What do you actually saying here early bets seasons bets seasons what does it mean. You. Cult counselor you beat them but what is this what is this guy talking about here what do confession. So adept I didn't write it definitely brings up on the year old. Tree. I'm working on a Thorman game four. The final hour of our show but we have Thurman game it's gonna. Committed here obviously and put something together were up against a little breeze habits could give me compliments I have a cup moments. March over the Bulldog here Ryan up at seven and hockey tonight after you again same plan is the rest of the week so far. This is WGR. Color five or 6449878. And when a pair of tickets to go see this gallery here Kid Rock Friday September 28 at Darian lake amphitheater minimum prizes eighty dollars. Price strategy reference applied nation general contest rules applies to give oneself Friday at 10 AM live nation dot com it's caller 5644. 9878. So this Friday. Tickets ourselves and you won't you're not working I'm not working this you'll have all the timing I would well I certainly well. Where why are you working. Chicago are nothing knowledge MacBook milk and not Chicago. And not the sue yet included heated bounced sold him waiting for word on when we got to go there for what wrote the camping. Is state. Tryout camp. That is going on it's your views this Friday Saturday Sunday and win was fortunate enough to be invited to. So we're gonna go wrong. Please some hockey. And drive. And probably some Beers he's gonna play some don't do that against well well not at the same time all to drive there. Have some year. He's gonna play some hockey. Oh against that's on that sounds that's what I I believe to be. Have been identified as the top players in the state so well be pretty cool to watch. Yeah for two. Practice Friday night. Two games. Saturday one game Sunday and then we come pick. And it was tight I didn't know until this week what the schedule was actually going to be. And it turns out front was no way there'd be their practices at 530. Friday in Syracuse of the there was no way. She'll. Go away at all so it's. Arctic and in that reds giants team that you didn't know was happening. The giants had the bases loaded down five to three and scored urgent that the reds second baseman made an amazing catch to end the inning complete second baseman and yes it is. If you're scooter you're not playing right no I mean your play in second to our middle infielders. The starter Phil hours ago. So scooter Jeanette I raced out toward the right field foul line in the right fielder was common in full speed and bottles go now full speed of watching her my phony meted diving catch tripped over the right fielder nobody was fine. The inning ended he got up to bat in the next inning and homer. That's pretty good Derek they're like those two plays alone pretty good few minutes. You would now I I'm not watching nearly as much baseball as I used to watch but. Chances the reds announcer or or the giants announcer said. Well how many times do you see this guy's gonna look good defensive play and it leads all the next inning as well looking here. He didn't lead off I thought about it I sort of left that out he batted second note today but yes you'll Michael Kay will say that now which like I don't always like him but sometimes they do. I will say one out of nine. Whoever made the play in the field as one out of nine chance of being the first guy yards and the next question yeah chances and 11% before project as the chances are. Titles nationals rained out tonight in that. Would have would have been like partly a double header with the and the suspended game game and a third government cool I agree this thing about watching that in here but it's not happening. So we'll have a smaller time. I'm working on the Thurman game I'm almost there I got one question is pretty good Thurman Thomas having his number retired by the bills and talk about him. After sports Mike show in the bulldogs' WGR.