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Monday, May 21st

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Welcome into the WTR fantasy football podcast. That a wild about a month. It's free and CEO we had a pocket but after three have been. But a little bit since drafting one in the post draft. Episode in here on its website and there on the main audio WGR buy dot com which is brought to you by northwest they beat the northwest. Could get back to living I'm Jody the Aussie I am joined here currently by my brother who DB LC. Shall joined shortly by Nichols enough you. We'll also be part of podcasts going forward throughout the season. Post draft. Lot of topics that gets you a lot of bills questions if you would receive in football and you know we'll start to lay the ground work or for drafts. The people if you're really really into it dirty doing a round. Realized very much breathlessly as early in the podcast and get ready for summer and after dresses you can start principal focus was really. Care a lot about DOT these witnesses. I was a fan has any intention. Doesn't that bring you read the reporters I know what Josh hill look good in shorts and a shock like it is its deck. That is nothing concrete. And you know that's kind of the fans see a lot of hopes. We're talking or listening to what these coaches are saying and with the the. Like you and your dual. Let this week comes out that a mere duo could be cut. Coming up because this the reporter thinks it's going to be carry on Johnson in the Garret blunt getting all the carries them in Detroit. So it's it's that's season it's our equity are you believing messy believing that you this is coach is talking or is he actually telling the truth so we have to deal smoke screens even after the draft right it's it's fantasy smokescreen. So let's start things off with bright with the rookies and why not we've talked drafts since it happens and it exists it has by all accounts then. And it's been talked up as one of the best rookie running back classes. In the past decade you've gotten our we've got Darius rice are shot hanging carry on Johnson's only Michelle niche job. There's so many of them and I know we are fair X companies that we had an argument about. But where we would break these rookie running for a us. Obviously talent wise it's gonna be completely different from where they are as their fantasies what were they landed in situation. To personally. Adding I think government yes I'm mark. In terms of or just talking the rookie running backs when he is the best one he's the most talented giant pits in second overall for any reason. Vote like if we have even expanded that though to overall rankings. Where do you where were review Lou seat. Where he sees on Barkley falling because we're in a two player keeper league together a little bit differently he's definitely going one over all that's gonna change things he's a rookie. And it's kind of the third round in the situation that in every draft week. First round second round the early third what are we talking here for supply Barkley right now average draft position he's going twelfth overall as the ninth. Yeah I was gonna say Barkley still first round pick from even in just a basic fan usually it's not keepers. Because. You know when you place a run a value of fur running back a second overall that that's the guy you're you're going west and it's a different situation you know give Jonathan Stewart behind him. It's not gonna be like last year in Carolina or Stewart was still a guy with McCaffery behind them. Yeah apartments and a lot of things McCaffrey did in the receiving game but. He's also going to be a workhorse runner and you know in and out you know we're going to have it's a PP our league now you know most fantasy leagues or at least half point BP RP BR that's the normal standard now basically and Barkley soak it in an area that he's gonna command eight top you know you said what is ADB's at twelve. Well right now he's going as the ninth running back you know August Kwon Berkeley here he's going knife right behind Melvin Gordon. And Leonard for Nat and I write Alley or heaven and Gordon right before delving cook and about a free and I think he's an excellent excellent honestly the only guy would rather you mean out of the names you listed player rather have over par please probably don't. They're close ASCII also hear nick DI thoughts on some arm Berkeley I think his strength is as a receiving that he's not. It is there's stat that I hearken back to you from last year I think I don't like his last eight Big Ten games in Iran for more than a hundred yards and once. So he's a playmaker which serves well Iowa. Target run on I'm a Big Ten is too great defense is in the growth of big twelve years records is still big time. In the return points to sell out the giants used as a returner he did that to a plans either rookie. Every now. They would back a minority backed him as a rookie played as a returner Dez Bryant returned punts a rookie despite being the first Olympics yeah probably could end and that's the president they must you really have figured out unless you have to leave though that's gonna have award yards you probably mean you'd be lucky to touch. That's a year kept us over the course. Of I mean you look at the core two and Eli Manning is. Yards per attempt it just seems like you know stay as a formidable he gets lower and lower his. His boldness is a quarterback you know that's one out of action let's be honest has extended the guy's career and I don't know I really think it's a hallmark was gonna make him even more conservative this year and I know there's a lot of weapons on offense it's shepherd Ingraham and back them tuba. You know sycamore bark was going to be my best friend and with how would you lies plays deteriorated. I like Barkley is they're too because an annualized. What is shorter and shorter over the years and I think Barkley he's gonna have that option in the back field I think he's in music especially. With a bad offensive lines have to get the ball like a lot of time. So it it would certainly established Barkley is that. Wanna wait favorite as the number one rookie running back for this upcoming season he's got that back feel we should add that backfield locked down in New York. And it by all accounts he's the most talented. Of these running backs then. Very starts to be some debate for number two I have a guy as my second ranked rookie running back that I don't think a lot of other people do. On I personally think it's Ronald Jones a USC and most of that to me is landing spot and he he lands in Tampa Bay where he is because we year. Caught number one running because right now they've guy's hand and it's Charles Simms. In quiz Rodgers with Roger is kind of a journeyman at this point to with rocker on this area Charles Simms is just a third down. You know pass catching backs and maybe you'll see a little bit of receptions away. I think Ronald Jones is the number two. Although I can see arguments for Darius rice shot penny carry on Johnson and Alou you might throw another name in the next I'd would not put in that argument for number two. But I think Ronald Jones is the second best rookie running back third. I see Jones compared to overcome bark about it when he gets into open space. Tomorrow later to theory excited. I don't think. Jones is more or running back that can this please take a full load to city and Houston isn't first and second down back in and bring in one of those two other guys for third down. Yes that's I think and if so he'll be it to be a workhorse he's always been he's been in high school he's been in college. And he should there's no reason he shouldn't bring that went into the pros unless their ability concerns become an issue which. We're talking region after league it was dynasty media I wouldn't have the same opinion everything jones' second. But late we're talking re draft the league I think in the short term. Which he has the clearest path to need to be running low and running back dozens. Gonna have the most he's gonna have the most touches like that's it's not just about talent and fancy you want that's like a league worst Freeman and my opinions going to be someone that's viable and tennis even though Denver. Yeah when it comes to talent he's you know top ten but he's not. Compared to a galaxy or marketers guys but there's you know it's all it's about opportunity to and that's why you'll get down or shot pennies like you said. A player's gonna get much all the touches in Seattle so I like the Jones to pick too because he has the value you know he's got the workload. And he's a tale of player I can aside being a French first round pick my number two those ice. Based on its talent he has an entire backfield you know Thompson's gonna get some touches in the passing game but. I I lights Darius rice Washington he was the seventh running back taken in this draft and honestly I thought he was the second most pelted the fact that he felt a second round. Mind boggles me and I think it's going to be good value to get him maybe second or third round I think Washington and use of a lot especially. What do they got in the receiving game you know they they added Paul Richardson in the off season yet. I got right back though it's going to be catching late fifty balls a year I think guys has really receiving ability he showed LSU I. Ice is viable and all all of fantasy leagues or Chris Thompson ciller. Still there and should still be productive hurt last year yet but never before he got hurt he wasn't running back one less yes he was a top ten running back before her bees also with the players you can split out wide a lot of pictures on his fancy points came from receding so mean. You can be predictable beyond feel the same time. Death that's sure and that that can help ice to cause it's not a guy that's gonna come as it yet because I think guys I mean you know. Footballs we're right Renault and you can have a screen. Past Alford Thompson on the outside and then Alex Smith decides to check it to run lately you know I mean just having ample there's just to benefit. Adding Jones is just as talented. There's really anyone else in the straps that from bark to a Glavine merchandise he's my third ranked repeat. Armitage jumped the conversation with my sixth ranked rookie because I know Meehan Lou have a different opinion this image succeed where nick falls on this. And it Sony Michelle. And personally. I thought he was I think he's the second best running back talent lies in the strength tiger I watched him last year Georgia not a ton bottle a little bit. And like that idea screens dynamic talent. But I was even used his full extent right as a child in the that you do but that's my thing I'm not sure I don't think he's going to be used to useful success I will never. Trust the New England Patriots with their running backs in terms of fancy football Packers zero precedent. Fareed running back going into that offence in being the feature back it. Doesn't happen it doesn't happen because of the tail they had back there they haven't really prioritize position early on in the draft and haven't spent big money on its yet. You're gonna rotate guys like James White and Rex Burkhead and Jim Lewis because the details separation between those guys is huge. But with Sony Michelle they placed a first round pick on and they haven't done that since Laurence Maroney 2005. And to me yet you have you can do running back by committee. Until you finally prospect like with Dallas Cowboys ahead. Behind as as you can only get health remorse and Darren McFadden to former starters but the minute he comes into search turned up the league. The other guys don't really see the field I don't and to me that's gonna this affecting doing well with Michelle is because he is so dynamic as a runner and as a passer George didn't really use him as a passer line he has that log on bowel factor in the passing game. It's not quite the same though because the cowboys picked Elliott third place shirt New England this sherbet that very late first round. But the last and at the top guy. In a mid round to Shane Vereen and the other thing for five years ago the other reason I don't like doing with Atlantic's by not just because of their running backs. If you could be a first round pick in New England. If you're not. If you're not keeping up on the playbook if Bill Belichick hasn't heard Josh McDaniels doesn't like the way your pass protecting but they are going to pull. They think Charlie tells our best pass protectors I don't know if he's what I'm saying is if he had if he is coming along slowly. That is the team that is not afraid to say we are not playing interest and the dog house. Sure at a dog house yet he's their people can very easily in that dark house and it's not like patriots had done that very well drafting. Offensive weapons and it did Morse a receiver and running back they decides you're just outright wide receiver that they be drafted second round receivers a few times in the past couple years in the league. Stunk on all of them. They tried with. Gil is league last after last season to. To invest in the running back position and he he yeah I'm all right very quickly as. Britain is such a tale though between sowing the show except I don't like I don't use it haven't tried it featured act which I mean it was with a lot of money and Hydro ethics they've they've kind of rotated the same. Fringe you know kicking the tires on players and you'll see that was a huge invest. You know after one game they pretty much. Didn't really use I think Sony Michelle's not going to be the same where they have a lot stockings on him should also if he struggles. In week three they're not you're not gonna just not see him until we each time I just I think it's different now based on the value they place on him. I just think he's going to be a star in the league in a Joseph talked about. The dog house effect and you know that's what you look at him Louis last year he was really only an impact for player in the second year. Still though mostly east he finishes of seventeenth ranked running back. Despite having 35% of the touches all year in the backfield. Seventeen so he was topped when he back close to the top fifteen. To mean something Michelle is better than the analysts are using more. That's me draws for media fringe top ten back median fanciful bullets here I'm a bigger thing he's my theory of rain on the slowest. So there so one predictable in the back to thirty. Our crowd of guys that also put value on that they're not super talented the those guys that the organization values in New England will pick guys. There guys quote the patriot way guys trailer but per annum per head and what you have almost no impact in the running but they'll use a pleaser but that's all that's a lot of asking if we know why Michelle and it's optional Jack he's going to need. To have those receiving numbers especially the PPR or half point keep your legally to be a top ten running back. You have to be a big factor in the past it's going to be hard to do that when they have to others he's better solid better at that Oden the other two AZ. They really get passed back to like author tonight is suitable place right and Clinton has closer with Sony Michelle is in more talented. Receiver than bull supporters. I think he is and I think he's going to be or course especially also weapons this year and Los Brandon Cox. You know they the other thing you can't you have to account for is even if Michelle does go through the season he is their number one running back you're gonna have a couple games where he does nothing. And your guess our enemy you're sit there and I don't have won out because what that there'll be those moments that Norah Jones great copiers though he plays one game. And he gets forty fantasy points and it's all these gears and talk cells but there will be those games because you have those bodies you'll sleep for now is still there in that backfield Jeremy hill is there. You still have Burke at you still have jeans white readable special team guy who they have giving Kerry's two. Like they have six other running back SEC including for our parents if you had a nightly we mentioned Jonas right. I don't know the calendar is basically says I'm going jobless rate is it nobody and they featured him. For like forty carries his I don't suppose they don't care what else they don't position my policy to not care where you came from and where you were drafting error and you shall now that they can thereby taking of running back in the first round. Everything you're saying lose true. Aside and I would agree that it. Except for the fact that it's happening in New England had to speak in turn makes me on shareware like. I wouldn't draft him as high as maybe he should go just out of fears that does everything they can you could be very you could be right you could be ready Michelle could be their future running back this year. But I don't trust that I don't trust I don't trust the teachers to do it whereas I'm looking at a guy like Ronald Jones and the reason he's my two over highly Michelle. Is I pretty much know he's going to get a lot of looks this season they just don't have other bodies. The patriots have proven that they'll give carries other guys in and if they don't be self a bunch of other mouths to feed there. That will get looks like eaten even if he's the feature back he's not going to be workhorse I just I'd be very surprised James what do forty carries last year an expert at 64 I company knows don't trust him to art she's. He is nursing game's different but. They are there is no breakfast they are easily as any Gabbert front. The modern day and a well round play is really swing pass that running back that's really the modern day I'll run and that's. And Tom Brady trust jeans white more even the Burke Edmund Burke had played kinda if you notice more towards the end of the season. It looked like they were he really missed that cattlemen spot in Burke had kind of play a lot slot receiver but like wind. It was third down in the new few yards greedy every single time gene what's next. The that's clearly a guy did it when they're on the same page they gave each other and it if Tom Brady. It's getting frustrated with the rookie he's going to be yelling at the coaches to get jeans white. I am enough I'm not telling him what to do you get change what you hear it I've Rex Burkhead on the field and not an. Dealing with this now it's kind of questionable traffic in general the treatment wives today. A position your five guys with five guys that are productive they're not in. Players but there also are more call it works under times a game. It works while other were overvalued and I think Grover railing expert and James went a little bit here and that's that's why I don't value I'd play some valuing lake yet their their spot in that system like they clearly peddling. Off the notion that because in the past they've used a running back by committee approach. That now you can only talk Iran and I prefer Schroeder and stick with that approach and I don't see it that way I think. Now it's going to be more feature back role of Michelle because yes they so both so so Rex Burkhead engines with in both catch the ball. But I think Michelle does a better he's a better talent so they don't need to take them off the field like if they had a pilot when Garret blunt. You know where it's oh he makes no impact and it's we have to have a Darren Sproles but shell covers all those needs and if he's producing. But I can disable we also been on the got a cast of also spring him. I'm on patriotism also interest in keeping Michelle healthy long term and running neck and should be in the top yeah yeah lesser. The show coming up in the injury and is on your arthritis that sums up for concern if I would say though. Where you rank him. Of these procuring X Ivan sixth I'm behind Barkley Jones. Nice shot I mean Seattle and carrion Johnson treatments. But why why are we not scared of Carrie Johnson in Detroit when there's three other running back second threatened his touches with what airports to your critics and every ball only time the reason as to the re. And is because the reports are out there that Abdul is gonna get cut. And Theo Riddick is not going to be a big part of that running game's going to be blunt and it's going to be carry on Johnson and if that's the case and I'm a big. Receptions guy now running backs like I eat it you don't catch passes I'm not really looking very hard. And if right now if it's going to be mostly blunt and carry on Johnson I have to think to carry on Johnson's going to be the guys getting these passing. Place but Theo critics not this is not a report as you Yahoo!'s business or an argument with me for Sony Michelle. Iso it's Michelle's the most the receipt he has he's a receiver he has the ability to have a note for expert and use whatever. From not theory and Tinto Lehman who is VB reporter from lines stock plan he says that the back feels going to be most the Buick Garrett one. And here and it's. With that's why I'm going back to Michelle don't patriots like. If key. It's out of anyone's question that he has that talent but if you have a player like James White or even Rex Burkhead as shown that he can catch third down passes and be equally as effective. The white preserve Michelle for first and second down. Jerk and keep him. Healthier for the season nor for seasons beyond our means is that this is can also be on their plate and patriots to win the players have injury history I don't think it's viewpoint spare is that it is slowly eased aren't married and have a real injury history in the new. Cowboys ran him into the ground and one season so would you put Michelle over here on Johnson or sharpen. Now. Would you put him over the on certain you know. It's not even yes sir that's my spot like this is doing is great because of playmakers if you and the Tampa Bay. I might be sitting here telling you my number one. But I need to close Lavar Johnson but not from Russia. It's the spot I'd rather have Mike I'd rather of the Detroit and honest I think we'll hear blunt inferiority or bigger threats for touches on Rex Burkhead and James Hoyt. That's that's mine I think I'm I'm I'm thinking I'm Michelle. Though let's talk about some of the leader rookies we pretty much know that the bill though that there's that top group and arguable degree in. Johnson in mediation if their child in nearly yet part of that type her little surprise anyone the first round but he's you know touches Seattle they wanna go back to that smash mouth football and really you. You look at outside ultimately have in the past. The only good thing scares on the buyout penny of courses are offensive line still. It so that's the words mean but those are all guys that are getting drafted and I think Royce Freeman is probably guys it's getting drafted he would be later some of her feminist leader group. I got three liter running backs that like to race Freeman out of Denver and I like the two guys in Indianapolis Heinz. And Wilkins they are both Hines is a fourth round pick. And Wilkins is fifth trumpet and those two guys are coming and it's kind of similar to late I don't really know anything. Really about the prospects but they are coming in to a spot where it's done to it as Marlon back. And that's it if somebody's gotta be that starting running back and it could be committee by. You know the way Indianapolis has pleaded the past couple years. Frank Gore evenly last year when francoeur was playing well. It didn't happen a lot but that would marlin Mack was getting play after play after play to play the kind of user running back in bunches and so it should be better mr. deeds is on his luck is back right so. I agree that if lock is back I think one of these two rookie Geist has the potential be really good. It's tough for me to guess who though because they picked and so close together high nineteen Hynes in the fourth round and then Wilkens animal may. In the fifth Hines who are sitting in his big he has a lot of return ability he was a big impact a player with that in that area at NC state. He's not everything he's very small of the keys Friday. May be five set of guys that. Putt. I'm I'm I'm not his concern you know you look back last year to help Humphrey sandy state and he was extremely undersized. Heaves into with Heinz I trust him a little bit more that you know it'll stay healthy he's bigger. You know even though we society's built bigger. I like him more out of that backfield but. From around the colts are offensive line sold idling a Clinton Nelson but. I'm just 58198. In Jordan wins 61262. So even though you're fighting almost 200 pounds that's your built pretty well for that side is your drafting them that close together I mean. I don't really see how. Or why necessarily one of them have fallen like a feature back rolled it could. It could be a situation where all three of those guys poison themselves and it's just a true true running neck by committee meeting wanna be more productive than the other two they can be. Really running back by committee like on a given drive one played each you know it's a three now the you can put two backs out same time you know you can but. Someone out there for pass catching some out there for running but that's that's the tough spot to be able to mr. Ayers and dress like Beckham be a waiver wire thing to watch but as far as like drafting those guys. That's that's gonna be tough is there's just you don't know which of the three how well how many calls for an accident contracted mistress as a two. I think Marlon access when getting drafted I think kind soon. Just based on his ability you know his skills that I would take him over and it is. What what's similar to me think about the situation at me do we sung Green Bay in the past couple years is it legible can be pass first offenses. And you got the committee's senior don't necessarily have one running back that a lot of people think. More of than the other two so to me that makes it completely up in the air which is why I would like to the public I would like to have a guy in this backfield. But Armitage the last one and right now the apology Jordan Wilkens and that's nightly right now I'd predict. Because he was the last guy drafted and is probably the third running back but you never know but last year with Green Bay Ty Montgomery comes in and he's supposed to be the guy. And this Aaron Jones comes out of absolutely nowhere and he. For awhile becomes their starting running back reading that could be a situation after records and X could be situation or maybe there's an injury made the colts just say OK it's neck and neck and Hines is not work for a I don't plays they're not giving -- us this Cali running and they just throw Wilkens and seeing what what Allan and he's a guy you should have a fan I don't. These committees where it's three not very talented players you know with. Police in New England in Detroit you can bank eventually that Johnson and Michelle have a significant role. But you decree today you look at this whole situation in the backfield. You can't really predict and who had who knew that Erin Jones going to be anything last year I mean this year now are banking on those two young guys agreement in. We're writing off Ty Montgomery but they used I'm a formula four he got hurt so. I like I don't I don't really like going after these committee teams with. You know priest even you know even when similar players based on tail. So I'm saying about staying away from almost this entire colts running back situation. Laughs I would get Wednesday Lieberman purse. Last question on the rookie running backs Tata Royce Freeman a little bit here because he also doesn't have much to compete with he's got a can be with a bounty Booker. In Denver and it's. Much after that. And right now he is going and is as nice roll down here Infiniti pro stock counts average draft position. He is going with the budget Booker is goings the 46 running back. The so. I'm still scurrilous owns him so he's not going very high have RD pass both Scarborough. He running back out. Alabama who is now with the cowboys have leverage. I don't see him on a freemen really is an undrafted are now. I think he's a guy under use of these touches you know and they brought in case you know we'll see how great that passing attack is. Eighteen touchdowns and went fourteen for Freeman seventeen year after nine and sixteen years and nose for the end zone. He's our he's our variant packed full in the receiving game you went fourteen receptions last year or so in a PP early and I actually get in the past and so that's probably going to be creditors take a chance I liked you on Blanche from Arizona State in the Miami backfield. You know at 44 receptions back in two points sixteen. So if what I'm going late now I'm looking for these and maybe these flyer rookie running backs. I wanna see you know just a big play ability grenade threaten them pursue in the receiving game and a Freeman just seems pretty limited when it comes to his tail. Freeman's actually or 39 and missed them he's going higher than Booker 39 he's going right before. Nick shoved would Garrett won and dot Foreman in Houston he's going right after I walked Chris Thompson Isaiah Crowe who's with jets now. And both the Green Bay running next time a carrier Jones Kim are you an opportunity for touches and that's what Freeman represents here in Denver. Carry let's let's move on to. A rookie running back from last season and nick is the owner of this running back in our two player keeper league. I'm a Christian chemistry and it's the Panthers made assigning a couple I think it was last week. They signed with CJ Anderson out of Denver Sunday killing your take on this for since you are a McCaffery owner CJ Anderson comes and then. I think probably the feeling is he might he products can give you would Jonathan Stewart gives you is that the way you're off thinking. Yes yes I marketing strategy to mechanically. I think. He fills slot right into that Stewart roll any McCaffery we'll have a similar role to last year may be an increase such as but the thing about Anderson and I think he's better than Stewart once last year. So with him being more productive he might go two ways it could be. He can get. More carries because he's actually being more productive or it could just turn into all right the offense is better we're gonna open it up you know they got it collapse on on the box for the for. Anderson's carries now McCaffery Scott single coverage. Or font just as single coverage and it's just opens up the entire offense and all the Carolina Panthers become better go really want a two ways. And I would probably say that. It'll end up being. Ill be about as good as youngster that was last year maybe a little bit better just more yards per carry and I think the opportunity to be the same. Last year Christian McCaffrey is really a player who is like almost exclusively a Y receive review could just put in an in your running back slot. Because that's just how prepared to use him. Georgian thirteen touches Stewart last year than it is. You know up for grabs and a CJ Anderson apologies I agree he's he's a better player and Jonathan Stewart who only averaged three and a half yards Kerry last year. I think Anderson's gonna have a role in this office for sure and you know of the Panthers added DJ Moore in the first round. Date percent annual should be back from his injury last year he suffered midway through and after a tree talent management Samuel was. Pretty impact of player that often it's not just written in the receiving game he played running neck on an Ohio State. And the Houston and reverses you know they accuse the triple options of Sanyo part of that hatred for Torrey Smith so the Kansas have tried their weapons around Cam Newton so there's room. More people take touches away from the cast rebuts. 213. You know total touches available from Jonathan Stewart. I don't think those are all going to Anderson I think McCaffrey on a bigger role in the backfield this year means a bigger player that. The there was a big shares are McCaffery coming you know into the draft last year was you know he's undersized and Earl compared to the likes of DM Lewis and Daniel would have but he's built like DeMarco Murray you know size and weight wise and LeSean McCoy so. I think he can. If he gets an extended look this year that health wise whichever should be OK so. I told a bigger workload in the running game this year with you know Stuart a 190 carries last year but in the receiving game he might not. He's gonna have a huge impact is based on his talent but they've tried to add more weapons for Cam Newton because they are pretty one dimensional last year and receiving and. Could change though because. I'm sure what you're saying. Is a real possibility where anyone have McCaffery increased from back there he struggled as a runner last year if they don't see any teacher development from him and out of the backfield next year. Anderson's plenty capable of taking almost here McCaffery right now is going is the twelfth running back. How does that gut feeling as a sound before I even worth it higher or lower in the second but it from lower. I think that's I think he's alone overvalued. At that position adding it's about twelfth OK so it's been higher lower she lets start with the guys or below and higher or lower much on the court. If you are higher or lower than device to Freeman. Higher or lower than Jerome Jackson. Higher Richard lollar. Higher or lower than dear cannery. Higher I am not liking batteries don't answer and that's it is yours and lower it. Yeah it's your own words carefully and it is known as a danger to others he on the cannons going eighteen tournaments I think we would probably have him in that. Amid she news but it did arrange that mid RB two. I just don't think they want McCaffrey to be. One dimensional back for him that's why I like it feels so I mean he just struggled reducing how often did you really get the opportunity to you know seat. Four or five carries in a row where. Stewart wasn't rotating in with him and he had a chance into a rhythm you know he was he was a rotational running that that there was Stewart and I know is cognizant and Anderson but. Mean I feel like they're gonna try to get him an extended. She could. Not never be their number one running back he could still be a great fancy running the patriots guys the past of years have proven that you can get solid fancy production even if the guys getting no Kerry's Anderson can be touchdowns dealer to yet it could be Catlin score than me but especially to a shaky early McCaffrey can come in because 200 balls. For 400 yards and still be RB. That's a hit eighty receptions. That's free and his number one receiver at five touchdowns in the receiving game and we were 700 yards that's. Those are number two receivers to. More and more running next moves from the past couple weeks Mark Ingram suspended four games for violating the league's. Policy on performance enhancing drugs Ingram a appealed in the next day it was the night. So he's not playing in those first four games so we will see what what. He looks like coming back off of that but. You know those first four games itself and Maher show. The first four games so I image stating your guys thoughts of where this puts both guys Ingram right now is going is the seventeenth running back. And never we we've dealt with this before it but beyond dolls the standard for. We figure out our followed drop in jolly was suspended last year that was a whole different story because he was suspended we had no idea when he was going to be suspended. And thirty burials we've got our case draft value was affected by that so Ingram a little bit different because he's not quite. The elite running back those guys are even though of last year's numbers were told you the years that he really the only time he's ever done that his career so. How big major hobby to drop off does this put in your mind for Mark Ingram and where. People should be picking. Pretty big but not only because of the suspension and also because he still holding out for new contract he's missing voluntary workouts he's. I don't know he still wants a new contract even though we suspect that that's that's funny art so he's gonna now easy to miss four games but he's also probably going to miss a large chunk of their offseason program which could mean he could come back week five. They could say OK Mark Ellis turn over news don't hear ego. First period game hamstring three weeks I mean that to me like that's. I would to stay away from Ingram this year personally and the analysts he felt really really low and I needed a back and skylight OK let's take fire here. Because it could turn out to be real disaster for him and contract year. At that point too you know last year Ingram he was a really good stuff I've crying and really go and then he himself had sixty receptions last year so. You know but the difference I think between last year and this year not only is the before games but. That gives Camara for games is actually Terry shopping it's it's not going to be the same as last year went. Camara was third at nine you know anger many heat last year so Ingraham. Had an early opportunity to get it going and you don't want to came off the feeling that this year if Camara shows he's definitely running back. I don't think you're gonna see the whole 60405050. Split you saw between Mark Ingram last. Because Camara took a little longer to see opportunities where if Camara blows up in the first four games. Ingram is not going to see the production here at last year the other thing. I'm Sean Payton marking marks in my office and says our contract extension might for immediately you kidding me. Think you're joking right you just got suspended. You want a new contract we got to know we know the running back nowadays it might take him before might take carries from you anyway. So I don't think he's gonna get that new deal I do think of course he'll be with the saints this season. On I think he's gonna come back from the four games and I think bullet Bob who says my appearance at the 5050 split. And we could BC situation immediate 7030 in favor of Camara because he has the ability where he could just blow up those first four games where you're taking on. Well right now he's going seventeenth enter a for running back since we're going to our round I ask Chris Brown for. On I would ideally at the bottom down to about round six cents. And really channel my board must have really deep at running back to reality a flyer on one. You know in the mid later round speeches. He could be big guy though this year's a lot of upside because we saw he still has really good ability last year. Splitting a backfield he still ended up as top five running so could he knew he could do it last year was his only. Germs standout season that's your tip in Indianapolis super PD's what's that gonna look like coming back juice and you could just looked at Mark Ingram said PDs I'd go to the entire NF Allen just to see an Eagles falling out of the odds. About it Abbott yes this Camara right now he is going higher than he was that we deal last week he was going as the eighth running back right now he's going is it. The only guys going how to hammered girly now Eliot indeed Johnson he's going ahead. Of guys that Karine hunt Leonard for an that note boards on bark that seem fair for him. Fifth right now. Lashed remember he finishes the two. Which is crazy kids in January was in the beginning to start yet Bailey are running excerpts. I think it's I think it is fair adding minutes. Kareem on dropped off. Last year and he's he's giving you more in the pass game than those three specially hard for an Gortat and again what does that tees off just specifically between Camara to rookie running excellent at what is the tees off and look like this year can be Greek or they're really helped them homes but it Holmes is great. They've got enough weapons to word where it you know it's gonna be in you can't stack the box right in the homes looks that you're not realistic about the Sammy Watkins Tyreke and that's. It's adding to the saints and really had anybody for Drew Brees this year's so still going to be without an undated Ben Watson and eat meat yeah if you watched. But doesn't think like that it really did and added nobody in in the passing game so it's really just been lost police need although they really use of last year anyway so it's Michael Thomas and then. There's no marking her for the first month of the year. And you saw what against mark finished second last year with it and being almost nonexistent the first month of the season. This year he's got for free games without Mark Ingram. And him being the focal point of the offense. He's definitely a tough these these top four back. I would and you guys are really like kind of him right now I would probably saved her life beyond early in Johnson Alex tomorrow better and as you know Elliott at this point. Well more hot topic for were were I want a debate about those guys that conversation for number one over album for review that. Not really news that's more valuable prediction David Johnson comes out last week and heard this week good morning football. And he says he's had to slash U2 he's offer thousand rushing yards ace golfer thousand receiving yards. Do we think this is the realistic thing hours just talk. Essentially echoed his quarterback and that's. And Eddie Graham heard heavy Rosen in 2000 receiving errors I preference is shorter it's probably likely to Branford police some gains and ends up getting injured in Josh Rosen has scored a he will. It's not a matter of it it's a matter of but is that a huge drop off from Carson once was or Carson Palmer with two years ago. When Johnson had the best fancy football season in decades. Palmer last year's more. Here's Palmer wasn't you are right he wasn't quite what he was the year before as Bradford really hasn't been terrible leader he's also and Rosen the already of these young cornerbacks don't talk this out immediately and. About the agents in the house possible to say it would Sam Bradford played quarterback double talk in Bradford a much better on the same point and I don't doubt and for last year and my only leave. Cook with Bradford in the receiving game to cook was the top three back. The when he went down in Ohio that was the same breath for loves the running back swing passes and I think David job's going to be huge in that area crushing for got arrested. They didn't invest a cent from secondhand so. But outside of Larry FitzGerald. Don't have a lot to offer in the office decide. I don't know 1000 receiving yards. Realistic that he get interceptions though and in this offense he's going to be the guy and even even if Josh Rosen play like David Johnson to produce with Rosen. So it's nothing to do it he's he's out all the guys that are capable thousand receiving 1000 rushing. It's not the only and it hit me tomorrow pilots tomorrow I think early because that often was it that's causing him for who knows what that offense is gonna look like semi in 2000000 year assuming that your pay Arizona saw Francisco which I don't think it's safe to assume that it's a two years ago was these monsters he had 2100 yards from scrimmage. I'd just over 12100 yards rushing just under 900 yards. Receiving yet eighty perceptions that real so if he gets up to a ninety receptions and he keeps his yard perception around the same. Like it could be I to me it's realistic on perk. What's up percentage shots and what you think you might be just me it's I think it's realistic I don't think it's very likely I would say maybe it's 15%. I would say 10%. And I don't think it's unrealistic for Indy 2000 yards from scrimmage again anymore those come from that it really is a matter it's a 1000000 under. Or 1210800. Really aren't. This receptions are going to be enormously high Brian. I think it's around 10% but I must admit that he could pricey 2.2 hundred yards is because I think David Johnson's. He's not an 11100 or back he can get 14100 hurt this year and 800 receiving errors in your looking at a time when he you know 2203. RD. Scrimmage back if you ask you what the percent it was for him to eat two dozen years instrument to 7% yeah I think it's so those are greater odds on him being 1000 yard receivers. Last year you review but one game. Any ran the ball like crap when he was awful eleven tears for 23 yards he still ended up with a ninety yards because he had six catches for seventy yards. I guess is the player he has you mean these are running the ball while he's gonna end up getting hurt are in transition that into. This debate because he is a part of this debate I'm not sure he would be the guy on top. But. Who is the top fancy right now right now or without fancy. Our overall pack right now it's all running backs that are in the conversation for early right now is going as the number one guy. And there's a little bit of a drop off and then there's three guys to lie beyond Al Zeke you'll Elliott and David Johnson Darryl going very close to each other in a 234 spot so is clearly the number one back and should heed that should it is a close between him and those other three. I think it stated Johnson isn't a back and only it's because the type of injury last year wrist injury wrist injury that's not something that's. Super detrimental to running back a little injury revered in upper body injury could just be pain issue he also said secret code of comeback last season if the team was competitive. They were a playoff race he would play so really. There's nothing like there's no reason for me think he'd be any worse than he was two years ago and he was widely considered number one overall draft pick last year so what what's what's different in girly had a great season. But he doesn't provide. Quite I mean it's close don't in their eyes were split hairs here but. My personal preference and you're this high is all going to be Soviet that's it's. That the effect as early talents who has the most risk. Unless you're either situation so to me I say we'll let you know about old. Is Juan and I it's it's to me toss between him and David Johnson because they're both has that are and a little lining up in the slot receivers a lot of time and early. He doesn't oppose as big of a different matter that he is still it really good receiver. The rams and bring coach is going to be better than seeing Hawkins was last year. Four grams and walk and scored eight touchdowns I don't union 50600. Receiving yards. And Zeke is kind of in the same boat there where. You know he's good he's good receiver but I just a little bit more upside with the Alan Johnson because of how just how early receiving tax. And to me it's and you'll have to worry about Mark Ingram coming back for David Johnson from Latvia on so just based on the other guys are situations. There are all ideally I think levied on in David Johnson had a little bit more upside it's crazy it's like any of these upside if they've reached you know how I mean they're all eat. Based on situations. I I want to have Miley running neck also being and we receivers and answer session with the early exit he might have to be number one receivers here truth. He might have to be who I don't think I mean as much as desperate struggle during. It's time to act press Alec at least try. We get thrown his way. And who knows what with what the issue was whether it was dad's running wrong routes are not getting open and separation of stacked missing throws or ms. knows what it was this where an Angel. Analogy your physique is in the situation where he really might have to beat that entire offense for the countless parents here have it on Austin taking snaps from went back and let let accurate we add that position thanks Webb back not terrified him on Austin taking it carries from Zeke very. Now say OK so maybe quit my quickly on that quick questions though the coach talk or. Is this is the us. Jason Garrett because she's scared me was the coliseum. With its shares nose comes out and says that he'd they're looking for 1620 touches the chaos in the game. Giving its complete idiots. Thank you know chance I don't think it's been estimated two different ways it can savings maybe voice without giving him more words. Books than me that we might have thought for a guy you're getting for a sixth round pick but sixteen to twenty touches is insanity for it's not certain player. Austin is. Super talented though he still he's not and he gets lucky he's strapped weights and I and that's gonna stay within forever. But he's a guy at it if you use in the right way. Can be effective he's got speed he's got. He's got the ability to make guys miss an open space like if you are lacking for playmakers counsels employers to. Michael Beasley and it's there it's humans that. Five yards and just you know CD it's fifteen. All that type of ability all this being said though I do think early is going is the top running back he's the guy would pick number one overall Johnson is too I think it was two very close together the reason I would eagerly over Johnson. Is adjusting the off the team he's on. There is a lot of opportunity for him to wind up clock is also got a contract year. Couch future and trying to paint now are always good account of the brands if there is good is they built this team to be there and he beating a lot of teams in your he's going to be getting. Tonic cares it's O while Johnson doesn't have that seem factor giving Johnson is value will be fine because. If the cardinals are catching up. He's in a lot of receptions that way but. That's I guarantee you he's the ball when Bradford prospect pass that fine line is that the rams are up two point. When he. When he will always and he comes out yet acted in brother you're not scared of John Kelly from Tennessee is common and as of the way around don't you know it's an element Camara was not. Highly thought of Tennessee running I don't know I'm a fan of John Kelly it stinks he's an LA but. Who do you think has the most risk of these guys who needs Al Johnson just because it's off last year but I don't think. Most responsive. And I think the mean none of them herb they're really old saying. Els knows that he's still going I was seven Yeltsin as a reliance speed Els again we'll just wait for people run past him and Indians are. Was is that and it's the run cheer this kind of are just because of the type of areas and why aim at Camara and this is Camara deserve to be in this series should be in the discussion in this tier right now discussed for first did you meet up again to push too hard to separate these Sunni you look at fancy football leagues around the league eaten by the way he's huge there's a big drop off between fourth and fifth. Right now Johnson is going. Johnson valuable going there averaging just over third overall income Mars five point five I don't know honestly that it's there's a big drop after. We talked a dividends of his injury but let him bella suffered. Big injuries in the nationalist hot tub early had a knee injury before. I don't think any of these players positive progress the good thing or darker really has going for him to his jeered off. Who looks to have a lot he's he's not I'm not expert Sam Bradford but he similar that way where he. When yes let's check our our title taken jerk offs not X is not extending plays and walking did you know just. Make plays you don't feel our time he stays of in the system in the system right I was Todd Gurley so. It's it's a toss up I would go with love right now but I do not gonna really be angers many of these players. Let's I'm a terrible rookie that a trip to bring up and discussions not a running back. As it was their first episode on the WG or fancy podcast since the NFL draft happened. No talk just a little bit about the bills here in the last part I think they are starving for players that anyone in fantasy might want. So but before we do that I wanna talk a little bit about Calvin Ridley who. A lot of people thought was the number one receiver. In this draft class I don't think he's number one fancy receiver because of where he ends up and it's not because the offense he's in Atlanta. And there are going to be passing the ball optimism lot of mouths to feed their. Whereas yet DG moreover in Carolina and act like any other other receivers and that team that is named Christian McCaffery. So what are we think about Calvin reveal where he ended up in now where. Does this affect any of these it land enough receivers and where you might pick them. It brings to me outside of Julio Jones like the other supporting cast players and Atlanta brings down. A little bit but not really enough to keep me away from drafting them. But read these role is I think going to be limited to its. He said this is only one ball has only there's only one ball and two running backs tuition imagine that all get a lot of receptions it's it's going to be tough for him to be really productive. You Moore has priced its Carolina like as was talking about earlier that offense really opens up. Between Camden and just. And CJ Anderson if he's better than John answering that offense is a real chance to be really you know and they can recapture that form they had a couple of years back. I really don't like rookie receivers. In arts 124 team historic class. Normally review receivers are huge. You know impact for players in the NFL and then especially in fantasy football but. You've been burned by it and the task of yours the Quan tried wolves did not play for Minnesota. Last year John Iraq as my right John Ross John Ross nearly silent definitely either you didn't really get anything from. Who goes after John. Or Davis was nothing or you see Mike Williams with the chargers certainly came in and it's all Keenan Allen. So we outside of will Fuller argument we haven't had a lot of production from young receivers. Sends the twin fourteen classed the I'm on the and the upside of that but how much in last year's and number two for Atlanta 67 receptions 700 yards five touchdowns the fight really getting that role. All came in the end of that season two X I was aid and a wide receiver to in the back half of last year the thing though is about him is he is a slow he is. Really naturally slot receiver. So I'm not sure or read the really played Alabama on the outs on the outside so I think that could fit or they might be on the field seem time. But. I do think what it's easy snow had 57 catches yeah at a 0767. Add to that number goes down. Football's football right now if any of these other playmakers in the line offense get hurt for even a few weeks against the Calgary we expanded role then who knows he tears it up. Maybe you just. Invent touches for and if your elves yeah I have maybe have him as my wanted to see or five he can give it a good bench player but. I'm not investing a lot in him in just not any rookie receivers really in general let's play a little higher lower with the count accurately in the depth receivers numbers and Calvin reveal right now is going is the fiftieth. Wide receiver. Would you pick him higher or lower than DJ Moore look. Blow hires lorries. Rookie receiver I feel like higher or lower than DeSean Jackson. In Tampa. Lower I would go lower to mark east lead Jacksonville. Lower dollar mark easily beat the guy you know him on any quicker last year at any point productively played Michael gallop in Dallas. Hire. Hiram not to stay away from Dallas well Pryor in the New York Jets. Lower and not really mean character after a prior high priest elected to Ottawa to Paul Richardson in Washington. Our because if there's just oxygen to struggle with your Richardson's part of the ones you know the number one in Washington so don't hear Kenny gala in Detroit. Our. How about Ted Ginn with the saints. Wall possibly seen. On board that we're still go and we're plus six how about Josh docks and in Washington. Lower lower stocks both sides he has ever dreamed that number ones that are Julio Jones is going to be. The majority of the EU's disagree with fancy and mr. Uygur people you so they use. Them once they're gonna invest so Kenny stills in Miami. Weller both stills. Yeah Borchard Matthews in Tennessee. Well reality relieving draft and Lawrence are nowhere Decker this year Matthew is the number two line Davis DD Westbrook in Jacksonville. I don't know what experts really tough to compare it to because he hadn't yet nothing last year eighty super talented. I would say go now. Take it to Ohio expert heard I'll end here with his teammate comments and lower. I was going to fly. We already but he's our heels for it's like yeah Gabriel the one point outside last year. When when when they're three receiver sets and liquidate two guys out there are some you sure when I'll take Brad Leo listen you just based on upside. Don't account released here installing rookie receivers. As general. Let's let's do a little bit on the bills here before we wrap up. Buffalo Bills don't really draft much of anything in terms of offensive weapons your bravery McLeod. Who has a great name possible for all Austin Austin troll troll troll on the seventh round so. Not really anything that you're going to be looking to draft in terms with the bills got in the NFL draft. On so what are we looking at now this last is there who stressful to me there are only three guys I think it's Charles clay. Who is a low and tight and one probably going into the year LeSean McCoy who of course I think is going to be now RT one conversation and then you've got Kelvin Benjamin why don't really know what to do with right now. Is terms of why it's so McCoy McCoy is the guy he's. Who's their quarterback this is I think my carriage he kills almost everybody's because. I would rather have Josh Allen. For these other guys to be and the impact of players and that is seeding this year for the bills. The only Drexel players out there are. Typically are draft boards based on but it's going to be the number one. Hope islands that guy for him I think they would connect better than you know McCarron and Kelvin Benjamin but. It's at the top what seven around the room McCoy he's really hit him. I agree I think McCoy a I think McCoy. It doesn't really affect him who plays quarterback yeah but those other two I think Charles clay and Kelvin Benjamin I think their value probably goes up to me Josh Allen's in there I really think Josh Allen makes a lot more mistakes than a guy like AJ McCarron but important as he weapons and helps. And I think he'll give them more opportunities for big plays and having got a big countries account management would be very helpful for Allen playing in year one but. You know McCarron. Did decently with AJ green that those couple games that he started a couple years ago but. Parents take a suspect when he was in in their sustain us are so much of an unknown quarterback that I'm staying away from anything in the bill's past games here. One more guy that I just element bring up for the bills passed came easy Jones and yet an interesting off season deceive the least but he is still. Not note he still written in their as the number two wide receiver a look at probably slot he still the number two legacy isn't he was in the slot Alec has value more people plays like yeah that place where. I'm just not easy guy might take a flyer on the lead in dressed just because there is opportunity there where he's gonna be on the field. Pretty much all the time whether it's slot receiver in three men at three receiver sets or on the outside and two receiver sat. I think he's gonna be on the field which to me if I got a guy ever for wide receiver and won my last couple packs. Then he is a guy I would be work there would be worth taking a flier on in that bells. AZ guys take video of fire around you fits a lot better in the slot I thought he played better going into you know the second half of the year last year with the bills but. I'm McCoy McCoy McCoy and that's really what you got the bills offices here advances. Barrett that'll do it for us here in the WGR fantasy football podcast Judy the Osce Lou Beebe Osce Nickels announced he. Talking fancy with you here over the past hours. Right now. Time wise we will have more fans contents through out the offseason as we get closer to the NFL season here. On WG ER keep up to date in on an audio WER I it. Dot com they do the disciples of smoke for our beautiful theme song here on the curiosity is football podcast. Later buddy we'll talk to you.