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I don't know what I want they don't have this specific names you know there are no there's certainly people that wanna talk to have died likens the same thing I was stuck but Mike's old but I hate to always go back this progress when I come from what I know and my children went on retirement we'll experience I don't think he's going to be here I wanted to interview process it's amazing how many good coaches relative but they'll have to different styles and until you get into an interview process and service. Understand what my excel and I was terrific and I just he's been withdrawn her own zone and throws think and then when I got I realize he's taken the best of Jon Favreau and and he's also taken a lot from his other coaches they've been around us and until you get into interview process with that you don't know from afar I have questions going into every interview that I want answers on but it's not like we're looking at a sheet and -- off and a recurrence is just a dialogue there's a wider range sensors Boehner abusers just wanna get a feel for some people to see how it works on how people coming in to face to face them whether it's in my office just on some things work went out for dinner and stuff just more casual settings just make sure that there's a couple of. Jason borrowers savers GM. Happy to have purely brought with us on the AT&T hotline here you tweeted about the Saber coaching search in the rural lot of names there. The heck is it which is a considerate early in this process or not. Yeah I mean I think it's it's under way but I think there's in the bottom line is that it is tomorrow probably want someone in place by the NFL draft at Chicago so that that should newspapers and the time line. Com and some of those names look in the and there are also guys you know that I probably don't know but I mean I think that. Jason moral gonna cast a wide net here and the names that I put other doesn't mean that he's gonna have formally views evolved but I know that. Their names that have been connected to Yemen to the sabres and somewhere I'll meet you just played a great clips. It kind of gives you an idea worry where he's coming from right thumb drive I via phone call the guys might be more formal but. I think those are all names to retain I mean obviously for talk and talk portray her obvious. Connections to the penguins won the penguins see demand side. Goes beyond that I think and and you know the name that is intriguing to me although me probably a long shot as rob Krueger. Because he's just so well regarded in the hockey world that in terms of his coaching acumen but. Mean I honestly can't tell you this and that and I don't know Jason borrow and buy it. You know is proper direction available that he he's the chairman of the sub and the football club an eagle at. When I hear that title I think teaching coaching start with the things. You know we options on the rock of hockey in September here trawl boat his future and occupies and he said that one day he'd like to come back but he did know when that was. He wanted to see things through our member of the quote that he that he gave you. In terms assault them and so all I can tell is that I believe there has been communication between Krueger a moral. Over the past ten days. But what exactly that means and means we know that might be rockers say yeah I'd I don't think it's time. But maybe not that I honestly can't play I there's lots of lots of good names two there I think all of a shot. Our morning show had a soccer writer on his name's Stacey but he spoke to Kruger me it was like early last week. And he said at that point he would turn down to other coaching opportunities this spring when during the until playoffs this year he turned down opportunities. And still left the door open. I don't know what you're alluding to here but is it sounded like in in in the course of the conversation. There's a big deal big sponsorship deal he's working on what you just isn't. It's a delicate time so. That that might be the seeing things through part of that so on he is super intriguing exciting idea but I'm just wondering if the timing is just not gonna. Work out and have made it very much be the case but either way good on borrowers are like and understand or at least try yeah that's exactly the kind of thing that you want. I think you're GM the re doing at this point is is to pick up by the bar. You're LeBron from TSA and were thus Mike show and the Bulldog and WGR. And that not only is it early in the offseason for three teams it is and eve in the offseason yet but. How far away are the sabres for you how how much work needs to be done here for. Fans to think this team should be at least close to the playoffs next year. Well I'd interruption. I don't wanna get favors ran too excited or not but. Understand this about today's NHL. Last year's thirtieth police team. Nearly beat the Washington Capitals in the first round this year but last year's 29 place team. Was within one win of the Western Conference final talk about trawler ornament and now I know the special cases than. And they got especially young players but sort of the sabres and you know the sixteenth seeded in the Stanley Cup final. Potentially that's all seat and probably a team that actually no one thought would have a chance of the cup finals one win away in the Ottawa Senators. The league has never been closer. You know I as much as we talk about you know parity in the NFL I don't think there's talk that talk about the golden and football. There's I think that or carry pocket and it is actually when I talk to other GMs and teams currently. Murmured GM Tom you there today basically every year that was twice by teams separated like three wins in his mind. Yeah it. So long way of saying yes I'd like to see the Blue Line upgraded obviously the coaching hires ski. I'd like to see it culture fixed flock to different things I want the sabres are dressed. But it's not that far away if things get done right about the league we have today. Gather that the culture fix is something that you would hope would get. You know addressed by the the right coaching hire and by the way GM hire and and feel pretty confident that they believe they did a good job and my hearing about Earl. Because you know here what last year there was a disconnect owning even back in the season before last. Between. Dan Viles from and then some of the players on this team it and I mean I'm confident. Really even if they did. All nothing to this team that a different coach that the players can plug into would give you a veterans. The question about it again just to look at. Some of the eternal over from one year to another in terms of but teams that are nowhere in teams and a great years and it really doesn't say it's not like the old days where rehab this 67 years. Wait to get there in the league talk closer than not but you know we can't afford many missteps and the most important thing that happened so far authorities is is our Jason bond girl I absolutely. Love higher appetite. You know you interviewed before a ball boy Nolan. You know wanna share those with you know after he was fired traded Tex for sure of course hired him in Pittsburgh in the race that I could share this. If prospect is this is what degree sure Jason bottle roll. He touched every facet in a big way from scouting cap contracts running a farm team. He's a great people person and leader he inspires people communicate well he's an amazing person he's loyal. And going on and off I mean well he just don't get that every day. There inning of their peer how much he convention that's the only thing I didn't have. Hello I'm just telling you it it. And the you know to run a program on your station I think the same day that Teresa's the US air was announced that it had similar things to say so there is with two different GM's. Who each won a cup and one of the common links to or other than crossed him often playing for them. That's right was that Jason broader role was the right hand man and I really think the sabres apart here and just a thoughtful guy that has worked his way up and and maybe doesn't. You know maybe because it sort of quiet. In terms of his demeanor. People might take a while yet and on but I but I think it's an excellent hire. And you know I mean I think. I think the proof will be in the putting obviously but I think you'll see that here the next several weeks. Appear no doubt you're doing interviews talking a lot about the playoffs and we be Ottawa's crowds or whatever else if if I don't mind can can we instead of doing that spend her short time with you talking about the expansion draft a little bit. If I answered it if you feel like. The expansion draft I sent out a cap friendly today and try to do one and I just I mean. They're just. Thousands if not millions of permutations possibilities. That might be considered. You know possible. Hum. What I don't know what what what do you know about what Vegas wants to accomplish. Yeah I mean I think that. The thing that you should retain more than all the permutations as are all kinds of wrinkles that I I've had a number of stories in the first half of the year right took a budget season. I don't forget that the sabres waited about a dozen teams that look that. You know the possibilities. Here's the reality. Vegas is not necessarily gonna take the best player available. And that's where everything gets skewed because. If it was that simple if he truly could go through your roster and say well they're not real protective and he's pretty good so there's your guide him then the exercise your cap friendly or whatever else would be a little more fun but. The reality is George McPhee and in fact the call started to really heat up last week and accordingly sources. He's gonna do a number of side deal. Where it's gonna be like OK I won't take player acts and but it return let's do this deal here we're now I guess second round pick or about prospects from. There's going to be a lot of and so eight you have to remember that because. When their picks are announced on June 21 well the instant reaction on Twitter and I can't wait to see. It George McPhee out of his mind why didn't take act. Well it hasn't taken because hold on over the next week you'll see coming out and out. So that's the one thing you have to remember number two. Once you see the roster in June 21 remember something else. There's a real good chance of may be up to a third of those players use in malice in June 21 Ernie even with the he has come October. The going to be a lot of flipping. I know there are conversations. Already about. You know we take him what more can we get for them you know a week later at the angels are up in Chicago. So remember that. Even to the point where I don't want to have to explode but thirteen. Vegas has the USA. When dole. In the days leading up that you toward first where they can talk all the free agents around the NHL only them. Like its July 1. And there are teams that are that have told me that they're thinking a reaching out to Vegas and sang. If you can go to and sign back IRB apple gave you this process. And I check of the league and they said well yeah as long as. Aid that bat player that they don't know what they dissident as an example. They find Justin Williams from the Washington Apple's lead Europe and that becomes the player they took from Washington in the expansion draft process. They have to wait till June 22 at the earliest to turn around put them together achieve their pocket it. This. Two Williams like with. Would Williams all over what William is a Vietnam and he would Humana are amusing him with the erratic gesture. And that clearly not be the case and because Washington has two million sharing options I think are terrific you know I mean. That's an old team and that happens you go in there and Philip grew our that he drafted I don't think he would do the US papal OK but but I'm using that as an example for you guys that. The way the reason Vegas would actually contemplate this is with the team or their like we don't like any of these guys available. That's the team where they might go to another team or accept an offer from another team the signing you have things with the players so. That the levels and the layers to all of us is just. Unbelievable and I will tell you this I think the period from about. June 15 to July 2 to be the busiest in the 100 year history of the night shortly let's hope so. The news and player movement not quite serious and so and it not just because the biggest that also because. You know the cap may not be going up a whole lot at all and that's gonna really hamstrung some teams so it's the ultimate double whammy relief if you think about it. Delegate double response from our producer right in there with all busiest day in the hundreds about your history when I saw it is that's your breaks your specimens as right. Start with the essence fear LeBron here on the AT&T outline. For a few more minutes so here here you lay that out about teams making deals to Citi did not have players chosen that they can't afford to protect. Gets me to Anaheim where we're in buffalo with the you know Anaheim's defense corps followed more than a year you moved back last summer. Apartment or boosted her gonna steal from Anaheim we need a guy right. And they have too many guys but. They could easily. Do something like your suggesting and like all this time I've wasted trying to figure out how to get botany and out of their camp follower out there. Could be exactly that. Wasted. I'm fairly confident telling you that I believe that timber and Bob Murray had conversations in the year two to that effect now. But doesn't mean that it was gonna leave that anything because. Bob Murray just became the most popular guy at the dance right. People know that he's got as. You know is is and that I have been here and again today. So interesting to me what's gonna happen so let's go through gap on number one. As it stands now they have to protect everybody except because of a noble cause. I think they're either has been a conversation there will be world where though potentially get in the way that. So that means they can protect another player so that's the first thing you got to think of number two. Camp Pollard one year away from you update there's no way they would protect them unless they knew that they could sign him long term. And I think the bird talks about an extension here in the year I don't know where that went. But it's certainly went shopping that they announced that he signed an extension. On July 1. And that if you see a protective come June 17 of June 21. Then you know that there's probably an extension in the works to keep that mind but the reason that's important is that the domino if Fowler becomes a guy that staying long term. Then it's obviously on the someone else in terms of the musical chairs and and who they may have to move. And you know yes well we'll need to get in on the you know but. The list of teams guys I'm sure you talked about the is that neither top four defensemen I mean. The cavity lightning or Stanley Cup contender I think I noticed the playoffs but they'll come right back to being contender. They have mated number one priority offseason to get it on the defensive market. I'm sure they'll be calling trauma may police we know lots where they need to upgrade Winnipeg jets Calgary Flames. Holy if it's the list of teams in need to get in on that and the analysts at teams that are selling. That is not an even less for them marketed filters in one direction. Carolina can afford to move defenseman and I think you're willing to because they want to upgrade their top six up front. The other team option to watch for Minnesota Wild who I think are potentially will move advancement goes of the three best. Areas to look forward for buffalo. Looking for an upgrade on offense but because of the market and bound. On the the price will be chief. Didn't know by the way YE. Anaheim and buffalo did not ever. Make that deal which it was rumored for so long before the draft and there're even reports the morning of the first round in buffalo that that was happening. Yeah I remember tweeting about it as well I I think cigar close. You know I don't know in the end why and then up not happening. Although it is it's interesting to note that once the season's start that have on their prey who as you know went on the long term injured reserve. And I haven't played earlier in. And so I don't know if that's tied to whether or whether there is information coming in harm's way about his health so we know them to speculating but yeah. Back fact that they pray when and LT IR at the start of the year allowed them to keep everyone right I mean again bomber at that. Conference call with the media saying an hour okay. So again we'll see all the plays out now but. I think at times preferences in fact that they keep Pollard to sign him long term which suggests that someone else. If he does side in order I don't know if you will whether he does sign. That means potentially someone else going out. All right peer thanks a lot we are really enjoy these conversations. Hey it's great to be on you guys are super super sports market the loyal sabres fans. Wish I could Kamal Moroccan. Well thank you we might take you up on that thank you all right thanks guys this is our 101000 show not really yeah. Does it four days and let me revisit Mike. You didn't know this was a special episode right into that up front but thanks here all right guys.