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Wednesday, June 14th

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No effect at all. Really so let's start by doing what we set out its accomplishment what's happened. Your program which we did attempt to have a meeting and I did make the drive parts of the drive hard. Had a that I didn't do the driving. Again that that's a little out of balance them so I did my drive in but it's not out of bounds because you know you're driving and I was waiting so. But the important thing is we love the way he has a lot to do while you're waiting there's nothing to do life driving tomorrow if you wanna judge my office I'll. We have very lucky anyway as long as I want and we made a plan. Just outside Atlanta we we'll meet in my office life and we'll have a meeting. Yeah that's the point that hasn't been accomplished between a nightcap with Ryan geeks let's Al football that's always attempted to have the meeting but it was a war. And we know that's how that meeting what how we will grabbing meaning right now this automating about Michelle this is. Think by now but the intention is Hussein now to understand I drove feared that with the same intention to. Admitting that variety is what we're taught I think he's the driving is a good talking about you keep coming back to this and say. Yes. Is not the issue do we. Oh yeah. So the. All right what's going on everybody. And I gave technology here for the next couple hours. You know Ella. We gala expansion. On the table so we do here in the nightcap. Officially. You know today came out here at the brawn with the tweak the conference call took place. Either. Today or yesterday might have been this morning pretty much just letting that team teens know. Eight yeah June 21. That's an all these deals are going to be announced. And I we Gilani leaks. This is going to be a no league's own self on any leaks come out about trades that are about to happen. Ratifying. We're gonna fight humorous silence you. So all. You're hoping for any. Weeks I'll maybe. Expansion draft deals that are on the horizon. As of right now. You're going to be. A little. Disappointed. Amman and sunny a call to all NHL GM's. Resist. Resist. The NHL regime. Resisting evil overlord Gary Bettman and his crony. Bill Daly. And you. Have the power. Every single one of you if you volume night. You can week every single one of these deals in the NHL can't do anything. And the fans we'll have fun. I still think it'll be a lot of fun actually. It's the suspense is building so now it's like okay. We know. Something's going to happen and we know that's. Anaheim probably has a deal in place. We now that's. Pittsburgh may have to deal plays all these teams might have to deal place with with Las Vegas we know that's happening we know these discussions are happening. It's just now the week. And as Tom Petty side the waiting is the hardest part. Start a fire here on the nightcap by now it's we got we got a lot of stuff coming up with a with expansion and hear from Josh real stir. Aid. Local a local guy he's now doing post games. For the Anaheim Ducks walled hear from him get his thoughts on. Defense meant in Anaheim if he thinks Andy van is going to end up being moved. A bad deal allegedly is in place media has some ideas about what exactly that deal is he was on the power side in this morning so will be bringing you. That interview a few minutes at 730. Brian as routes he's going to be joining me because it finally went through. The rumblings have been around for a long time. These two men have been exchanging Twitter blows for a long time. And I never thought it was going to get beyond that. But I've been proven wrong. The fight has been finalized. August 26. Connor McGregor. And undefeated. Boxer. Floyd Mayweather are going to be. We're gonna be boxing really boxing each other and GM grand arena Las Vegas going to be broadcast showtime. Paper view. Aunts man. These guys are about to make some. Seafood. Money. So that's going to be happening all will hear from Brian S route ski he is he's really my flight guy. He's not only rustling believe it or not he he does. It just some regular fighting it's not just all staged fighting he doesn't just some regular fighting. So we'll hear from Bryant coming up at 730. And also later on we're gonna hear from Craig button cried by and he joined the investigators today. I need a little stuff about the draft a little about expansion a little about the coaching search so all of that it's gonna be coming up for you here. Right here on the nightcap. So let's go let's get started right we're gonna hear from Josh Brewster here Josh Brewster. He was on with Howard Simon this morning we banned obsessing over these defenseman. IA. Personally. I haven't I haven't thought of many things for the sabres how to get these defenseman. Besides you know Las Vegas taking a million defensemen and the sabres able to get one album. Not sure how that would work out but here's Josh Brewster with our Simon talking about the Anaheim Ducks and their situation in France. On our AT&T hotline is buffalo native Josh producer Josh is the host of the ducks post game show and also you can hear among hockey talk radio dot com. Josh good morning Heidi Dolan. Do it. So Josh the least what this. You're gonna lose a really good defenseman so what about all this talk about a side deal that may be Vegas says there's an agreement in place that basically says Vegas won't take a defenseman from them. Makes sense ran right. Yeah well makes a lot of sense and you know you noted actually your question did you. You threw out there you know basically expect something that happened with at least one Anaheim. Because the doctor mean about what you might call a good problem. It's recap page. But you know you're the edge means botnet. And were what Brandon month tour rookie as well. If you look at which age you absolutely. Everybody and salary. We're good month tour has been bringing a very similar game. I'd spot and don't talk about emperor in about the kid who's confident. And he can really move and she's the player is bigger than his side. Well I'd go marketing and but he drew it all ends of the ice. He's played sixty something games he's just about to really come in that is all of the international experience Olympic spirit. I mean there is this the guy who really play I could she Wear it well like like buffalo a lot of ups. Would be carried interest that it. Something will happen with some Anaheim defenseman you know they the figure out away. Also keep Jack shall report due to bet a lot of issues just from having a very deep you came. So you think so Josh yet it adds to forget the side do you think regardless. Because of cap then. And budget all the stuff you you're pretty competent one of those defenseman. Will be moved it wouldn't be. He wouldn't be BX he's got no move clause but I'm talking. You know out of the group of Linda home who have gotten in. Fowler and Manson those of the four guys assuming they don't move meant Theodore month tour you're competent one of those guys is going. You know I do I do think Colin and based on inside information on that note telling me. But I think you'll. Just mentioned first or you can't lose Josh Smith. Because this is the big kid. Who's bringing you know he's he's written a a game like up. Chris Pronger trying to gamble I don't wanna compare because it is that totally. Don't know all that. But it's a very big kid who's just. Caught on fire in his first couple and then and then back something that you don't have a lot well. You know the but the real wind always. You know he's he's just he's I'll go typed very urged well you're not going anywhere yeah are. And our victim that's it. A tremendous tremendous amount in camp follower over the years and and development. I have a feeling that's another deal talks I think everybody in the one in play quite honestly and Ed and so it's gonna be a distinct. If you don't look at salary cap charge sun life right to wheelchair here and do so well the stretch. The fact is the guys who actually look at the cap. Are really dealing with heavy issues that cause and effect relationships or redo it. Then this there's this and that Japanese etc. so. I don't have my sights trained on pot and the Bucs have to shut summit this. Any issue with the shoulder going right shoulder for him right going forward. You know well in all major part of start of recede and evidently. But you opt out so yeah I mean look just from your buffalo perspective. If there's some way just just just talking here of personal way they get very emphatic you could fool like bat. And it's played in it would like and a lot of golf clubs. He's always come through and then you're really more than that you're thinking of hiring so I mostly. You know this guy looks like she's built to play for the Buffalo Sabres kept in these animals. Josh. You know if if if Aaron does move a defenseman. We're sitting here talking about rumors with LA last week and then maybe the kings would be willing to trade for Evander Kane the sabres in the top four defenseman. Mollison Martinez those names that have come up. What does Anaheim if you want botany and and he would be very popular around the league I'm sure a number of teams would call what does that on one. Well. I think it's something tells me that what they would want first off they would want some help on the left wing. And again if you if you look at it strictly as a salary dump and I guess you get some kind of prospect but. You're not hurt names like Diop and metabolic Andre a lot. Is rumored name right they left wing. And down. I think that that's where they would look for some help. It and you know why it's so funny I don't know an initial ballot but quite honestly. This sounds crazy but I'm I wouldn't be surprised that the books were willing to take a prospect that a record duplicate. You know what like. It's all about the salary cap is really about the milk you know and a Bible. Did you work you know the bush kept on DO Bobby right deal. And they got an arbitrary jackets Herbert right now come hell or high water is you to bash trade the Bob Murray ever made. And that was just destruction we kept our. So judges can and how things play out all out. And they know it but in Josh for lets you go I saw this morning there'd been talk about what I know Boston and Tampa had a Toronto would be interested if if indeed gotten in is in play for whatever reason. I I take it Anaheim would get flooded with phone calls I assume they would not have a shortage of suitors. Well I think that that that's probably the situation right now I mean I think that it right moment. There's got to be a lot in the proper. You know production mentioned towards Israel real quick adoption agent choices work that was to go into the playoffs with a nine and it showed Dalembert spent. They use you don't which was a great bull organizationally. But not having dealt with allotment earlier. Other defense and Glover notes earlier are going all in on the play auction should not get. Was they went all yeah so now they have more to do to get them solved now. There is Josh Brewster. Discussing some of the the rumors in the movement around Anaheim Ducks a team to. Keep an idea. Keep an eye on there while the teams. And gusher described by and coming up or if it was now Larkin earlier who was saying that he does expect did. Van and to be moved in the next few days before. The expansion draft so. That's one of those moves is gonna have to calm. Later today or tomorrow word on Friday. He's that there's not a ton of time to start making these moves. Yet so law or we're waiting for that. Hoping to to see. It happen and I didn't see exactly who was but. Someone someone on Twitter and I don't have it in front mediums sorry. But some are not Twitter was saying that they do expect there to be still a lot of movement around the league and might just come later Ron. Around the NHL draft now which. I feel like we hear that every year and I'm. I kind of feel responsible almost because I've been sick and your pumping myself up. For all this movement it's gonna happen in my head when it doesn't end up happening im gonna feel like c'mon people out. What are you also think Vegas. You'll probably see them battered that they don't want the streets to get out because. I once talked about setting the market in if say they can only get a second round pick. For. It's taken account trickling mammal sinner Dustin Brown. They don't want other teens to find out about that because there might be still trying to get a first round pick up somebody else for the similar type deal like. If on. There was a report yesterday think that Anaheim has a deal with Vegas that they've they won't touch their defensemen. Right that's I mean that's the way that it was TS AN's Bob McKenzie saying that they have a deal in place that would end. Require them to ask India access to waive his no movement clause. Pressure there was there was more about that potential deal but the way that I ride it essentially was. OK we're going to. Offer you this and you don't touch artifacts in or maybe. It's. If you're going to take one of our defensemen and we preferred you to take this guy or word. We prefer you to take one of these four words league that's that's. But the the part that soul. I guess bothersome to me is that. We know these things are happening. We know that it's going to happen and it makes sense completely. From Vegas is standpoint that you do not want. These deals out there because Dai and all of a sudden the price is gonna get such and we'll start seeing more dominoes fall that way and he would probably want teams to. Not know where the price is set that got so that that negotiations could continue he can keep trying to drive up that price of your Vegas. But man artists and just just. Being impatient being impatient again. But then on the other hand we might have this lot of trade news and trade information comes out like right when there and announce team because if we look can we say it. And they took a major cog beyond oil from Anaheim. You know there's going to be a deal it's going to be announced you can go team by team. And book even if they haven't announced yet when they announced who's XP on their team you can look at each team and say. On now that doesn't make sense why are they taking that Molson from the sabres that's hockey perspective you're not gonna do that. So you know deals are gonna calm I think. The weight being set up is the team's gonna get announced and then within 24 hours were just gonna have. This monsoon of you out of the tree entering. I think that's exactly what's gonna be like or it's even going to be. As as the deals get announced and it's it's still not clear how everything is going to. Really be done during the NHL awards ceremony. Why Andy's pix are going to be announced on but I would imagine that it's even potentially going to be. These deals get announced the players that are involved in the deal in the pieces that are involved in the deal they all get announced Y and the player gets named just because it'll be like. Okay and I am. Her excuse me Vegas so lax. Whoever so much from Anaheim and in exchange for. Taking this player and biggest receives aid. Second round pick. It could be like that everything gets announced all at once and at the NHL really just wants to be control. Of the news the entire time in a 30551888550. To 550. I mean today there's. That's an interesting rumor is floating around involving the sea birds and a certain player that's. He is he's. Formerly. Formerly from here beyond grew up in buffalo so there's. The rumor sites are out the rumor sites are rock and roll and which makes me think that there's at least some you know. Barack backstage conversations happening behind the current conversations. Are really trust a lot of these rumor sites. But you know. I feel like if if they're reporting things. Der at least some conversations happening. If not. I could be completely wrong about this I really I know they are for the most part hear something they just throw it out there. The throw it out there just because I look at and hearing different things but I do think they do at least have some sort of contacts. Within organizations. Where it's even if it's just I mean there there was pork bills fanatics the other day that reported the Jeremy Maclin deal. That never happens. And die. I know for a fact that someone. Did give done that information. But it was wrong information. And they'd they'd talk that information. From a single source and decide to run with it. And I think that's how these guys operate we'll get the information from a single source and try to run with it. As opposed to more of legitimate people your your ball MacKenzie ease your EU name Darren drag all of those guys. The elbow get a from a couple sources at least before they make them move of even putting it out there these guys are here once it's out there. So there's there's there's some rumors floating around in rumors fly right over on I like rumors. Spread rumors and high school I spread rumors are as bad get. Imperial life if you want 88552. By fifty Brian has a ski drug program actually talk about me whether McGregor August 26 beasts that. Flight is that same night as the bills pre season game so could be. You know a big sports night if you love pre season football on flights. And as rescue during the shown next on WGR. What I talked to college graduate this morning and we talked a dispute fascinating you know he is absolutely 100% positive that he wins the fight he had done I stop doubting farmer Greg Earl Long time ago when two men step and then it whether it's that they you know the rent the octagon or whatever it is anything is possible. Floyd Mayweather forty years old is always a problem with foul ball convert Gregor is 47 years old he of the fell off and whenever Connor hit people they fall. All right there is that Dana white's. Being a whites of the UFC president. Beck is boiled it there kind of a Gregor and this flight is going to happen apparently. I never thought it was going to happen but. Hey. Mayweather promotions they need got the OK to promote the fight. Both guys on their Twitter accounts saying that it's on instant it appears that's it might be one of the most lucrative. Boxing matches. Of our lives. Of all our collective lives. So talk about it I brought. On the AT&T hotline. Brian has Rafalski is over at WBI and but he. He moonlight as our flight guy here sometimes O'Brien what do you make of the militants on its finally here the day has come. It kind of go a long time coming great you look doubted you. Doubted if it. All happen. I absolutely did not think it was ever going to happen ever. The idea I had no doubt in my mind that it would happen are basically they're preparing its separate there are more lucrative vital product that is going to beat. This past could be the biggest paper view of all time I would be pricked the dog. If this didn't beat the Mayweather Pacquiao fight which. Adjusted numbers that are compared at other boxing UST paper use just out of the world. I mean you compare the numbers that. McGregor does on its own if you look like he's out drawn. Mayweather parts paper view goes on his boxing matches. So what that this has the potential to be the biggest paper view of all time one of the biggest fights of all time. How entertaining the actual fight will be. You know that it is anybody's guess I am super site brought the bill. Yeah it's it's certainly interesting you mention all the numbers that. McGregor can draw and I mean it. I think last time when Mayweather fought Pacquiao. Like that build up had been going on for. What years. Years and years and years Gaza say close to a decade I think. Andy you you look at the way that this has been building and spend. They spend their for awhile now this build up but the way the economy Gregor has come out and beat column. Not only the face of the UFC but really the face of just fighting period. UFC boxing. And he sort of any other and I made a economy Gregor has become such a huge superstar across the entire platform. That. Mayweather had to look at this as an opportunity Eads like OK I'm retired I have. So much money already I gamble like maniac because I'm here in Vegas and make more money that way. But this is a payday that I might not be able to pass up because the way that kind of McGregor markets himself right now is. Better than maybe anyone in the world. Oh absolutely and I I can't wait to see numbers for a permit whether it's going to be the big. But he always scared is always just stuns me how I don't know where all this money comes from. In boxing and another the biggest boxing guy or. Hurt or anything like that it is it's a little gambling is cold in the week. Because. You look at like the paper your numbers as I mentioned I mean for a Mayweather fight not fight Pacquiao. He's not getting the numbers that. But Gregory however the amount of money in the greatly is going to make. I this fight as opposed to it the last. But it is what I liked combined. I mean he's going to out draw that. With absolute certainty and it CNET Albert now work nobody really well without any actors directors atmosphere how much these guys might make but. Go easily out draw on. Maybe a handful what do you make for an average fight in the USC. Yes and today I mean he's made a lot of money in the UFC but as you mentioned the boxing revenue wave. Yeah it is it's a ton of gambling money but that gambling money. We saw the payday is. From Mayweather Pacquiao and this is expected to surpass that sell it's going to be. Just. A certain amount of money. And it that was always I think the sticking point between these two because. You look at it from me mother's position. And obviously the numbers haven't come out wit the the split of the money and how everything's going to be split between these two. But they kind of they didn't need each other but I think. McGregor needed Mayweather Mora to agreed to. Because he knew that if he gets Mayweather do agreed to wit the payday that. McGregor is going to get is going to be widened that he might not even have to do much in the USC anymore heated fight once a year maybe even. Once every two years just to keep somebody come again. And tell me create huge buildup in between flights. And be set for life but after this flight he's gonna be so loaded that he's not really gonna have to do as many flights and beyond the grind as much disease has been in the past. You know that's the one thing that kinda concerns me about them so important that I'm glad it's finally happening. I didn't really get out that would happen might be it down now. What happened to McGregor. After bit could be key. Speed gun at hurt this by I think it's a very. Real possibility I. Don't look at him as the guy. Who's gonna do what kind of what you laid out there you know or maybe take up quite a year now that there aren't happy your schedule. Yeah this guy up fighter he is it would take and why are the replay got so they. He would fight and the body and you lose weight class that would be the big money fight for army bell released doing bit. Especially if he wins all my gap if he laid. I didn't feel lucky career might be over after that and prevent reason I think it in my heart. On the USC's part to our you know if this deal started. And create. Certainly would appreciate you get paid eight for Dana White to. Brent for the fight itself. Is Floyd does the heavy ferries that minus eleven under I think in the first lines in Vegas. Do you see what do you think the likely scenarios all twelve rounds Mayweather knocked out and guessing you probably don't think. McGregor knocks Floyd out but even that could be a possibility as well. But I think. Actually think that probably the second most likely possibility is McGregor knocking out. Mayweather I think what will likely happen however all we can figure that's going down is. And not unlike this Mayweather Pacquiao fight that we saw or Mayweather who. Documentary kind of older he doesn't necessarily have the punching power that. Really even come these guys in the US yeah I Q when you. Put all things considered. Out there are age. A look they're wearing everything like that. I think Mayweather wins this just because he out boxes. A person who never boxed professionally before not very hard to imagine happening. You only have that puncher can't I. I I don't see it happening I can't imagine. A greater winning despite the Gregor win this fight if you're single. The greatest moment. Most surprising moment biggest moment combat sports history Alice Schroeder got 88 sports moment it really. Beat this of all time it Macgregor. Or ship pulled it out and win nobody would. I mean some people put money on obviously but I certainly that won't be me and I think that that's what the likely scenario is that. And Mayweather out boxes McGregor that's what we see that Allah and you know McGregor that helped guide. I being knocked down part Lloyd I. I looked at that happening you got a hat in hand but also you're going so well that boxing. On everyone has happy and right and they're wearing the boxing club it's totally boxing rules. Obviously it but Mayweather would step in the octagon. He wouldn't last five seconds. Now the other do you brought out at Macgregor did knock him out for McGregor is point you can he would probably I think stay in boxing. And continue to make big paychecks there but if that if he somehow pulled. I don't think so I I don't I don't want our idea it would. I highly doubt that they're the ones who pretty fight I mean you would have to fight somebody. His son and he can game or doctor Manny Pacquiao and other opponent that Mayweather fought ever. I can't. She didn't mean it. Justice Anthony just worry you can be a big technically are about Nolan and Walter. Yet there's there's not that not gonna happen on to Iraq net made him McGregor fighting in that this is beat boxing match. Or McGregor the only time you'll see him in boxing. Although I do we can't we can't rule out all the possibilities there may be a time later on in his life for there's some sort of celebrity boxing appearance that he could you know make little more money off of you won't be get a serious boxing match but he could be back a greater Corey. Yeah McGregor screech could be great fight I'll pay money for that one. Write a permit McGregor does somehow pull this off what does that do to Floyd place. I. I don't know that's a good question what he's going to work. Do you know which would be big greatest boxing record of all time. So expect the greatest right you know 49 and Warren wouldn't be is it still have to do. You don't beat were highly regarded as one of the great after the all time at that they're over ten year he can appear to that yet to pick up. I mean I'm sure people would think. Lack of hand it's kind of like OK although right before. Going into the last fight but he lost. He was just the most dominant champion he was the only on champion in this division at the Europe he would ever seen or known. He would not happen McGregor in thirteen seconds and that marked his legacy. Forever even though you would still incorporated. Fighter in that situation history. Doctor that would put him Marcum Mayweather. And to be honest who really thinks highly of it whether the person anyway. They'll line comedy or mark against is that character things like equity stake and people are putting him in the think conversations Alitalia boxing never. What are lawyers. So. I question what kind of it does the guy will be written article they'll be talked about it of this era great rock your. Yeah I think it's more about all its howl. Mean why they're really. It cares about his image you know it's more about what Mayweather. Wants to be out there and I think that is. That record probably is pretty important to I think that's why he took that I mean he took the Pacquiao fight at the we saw the way that that Pacquiao fight was fought and how Mayweather that's how he went around boxing his whole career with Liz. You know he's dodging a lot he knows when to take your shots which is what boxing has a lot of the times but. I think that is something that is important too long is having that record and being undefeated and being the champion and being the guy who's never been taken down. I think that furry guy like Mayweather who is so caught up in his own ego and ET. Loves himself that he loves the fact that he can beat this guy who's on the media with his money. Get on TMZ whenever he wants costs money around and do whatever he wants in Vegas I think. That ego. It's important to on the and that image is important and I think that's the reason why I took the fight is because like OK I can make a ton of money. And I'm going against a guy who has never participated in a professional boxing match his entire life. And I've done this 49 times against guys who trade their entire life for it. And they haven't been able to beat me a guy was never about doing it I'm gonna be able to beat him easily could still gonna have that record and I'm gonna make. A truckload of cash at the same time. Yeah I hope I I am. Pretty here and look at that I'm not that big boxing guy in the world by any means I'm pretty sure that record means a lot for boxing fans to. So like to see that beat broke you know whether you want what you do it or not. Arm I'm sure they'll be dumping a lot of fans are paying attention on the idea. What was the here and the other point you brought apparently in my trek and I. I know usually wake up early in the mornings got to be little foggy at this time of night Sino it. Like him midnight in my oral thought. On now at be the one thing that will love you McGregor obviously first time opera professional boxing fight. I don't know what this is something you'd have to ask. Boxing expert. I don't know what the the threat of the unknown is really like for me what are your like it is that they give us. McGregor is kind of a different dial when you're talking about an MMA fighter. So I'm guessing for boxing it's dire will be like you know unlike anything. Whether it's seen in you know the last maybe all that the others like. I don't know exactly defector I don't know what they're. It's something Mayweather with left about or if it's something yet to be concerned about it that's probably more for boxing experts who say it. I think that's one thing that you'll look at country that you are a lot about people saying well you know lately it changed because. Eve is going to be on unorthodox not anything that they whether here there and because at that parking power. Electric that's yours stepping into. The sport of punchy if you know everyone is under now. Yeah and this is a guy that is a master in the ring like that it takes time thousand dollars to go to mass or something right this guy Mayweather has. Well Oliver that a lot of times so. You'd think they'd be be in. You cited in the octagon he probably wouldn't last five seconds because McGregor is the master there ought to it its its I seat. Mayweather being though the master of his domain during. It should but yet it's such a different sports do I mean it's they're really use you to compare. But they're it's they're completely different sport I'd be a parent it realistic record they go in there and just going to take it right away. Just. Yeah. Something I kind of wild like there aren't here that Britain and the counter somewhere Horry that'll I'll see oracle get something doctor you're never pick the the birth and then they fight. And what a lot of people will be comparing to even though it's not what it will look like at all. Mohammed Ali Burris is you know keep in Japan they don't keep the professional wrestler it you know one of the first and then me quite. And what happened we get that help you figure out while this guy he hit point two so I'm delay in my back and get hit. Economic economic spectrum or are wearing it you know all be Oden walked away from it. On it won't be anything like that it's. He you can see now you know people think differently maybe. Otter will prepare and someway that we never happened before. And something can happen. Yeah. People always like to say the apple country singer. I'm gonna leave comment I'm super excited for the vice. I'm in no way going in expecting McGregor and if so how he pulled it off I. It would. Easily be the most amazing thing in sports. I've ever seen in my life. I think easily on the global capacity global when he took three accompany me Eric and I are close to the miracle on maybe you know I look a lot. Others they don't then see that one solid sooner. I saw the movie. You know leaner and now I don't know and maybe that is nothing to come close. But as far as it McGregor wood a poll that talked to it would be a moment you know it's good to compete something that could be captured in a year. You can't capture the miracle on right and yet. People forget about even the gold medal game over there so. It it would be one of the most incredible thing certain certainly that I've ever seen in its. Sports period where there. All right Brian thanks for take the time out you know but the on the lines makes the sun is shining in your room and get some rest before your back you nor your Gloria. A bit actually a big problem I've found out over the summer salute you know the days are longer. I hit some big black curtains they don't even do that. You need to get black out curtains man though those black out currency got a you don't spend a little more eager to black out curtains they do the job. I guess so. Merit a popular. All right that's prime as route ski joining Joseph and I got the AT&T hotline or I take a break when we come back we'll have they a short wheel segment here. Touch on some of the Jersey stuff that we saw earlier today. Fun. Tonight cap on WGR. Right kids Jody BI CE hanging out with you here we got cracked Biden I'm. With the investigators earlier we'll be hearing from him in it. I don't know fifteen minutes or so probably find hazard so. I'm assuming that most people at this point have at least seen in the teen USA jerseys were the outdoor hockey game that's going to be how that knew where field December 29. Teen USA vs Canada world junior hockey. The jerseys came out and I saw the jerseys and my immediate reaction was just. Of course. Of course these are what the jerseys are going to look like you might get it. I do know these these are only gonna be the one time Jersey there a special occasion Jersey. But for me it was. And I mean I'm not 100% sure sure about this John maybe you your little more familiar but was this USA hockey that was revealing these jerseys. Did the guys up on the stage we're all USA hockey guys out right. Or her. One of the sabres PR guys were there to. So one guy was from lists from the sabres and trying to remember who was Kevin Gilbert maybe and and the rest were from from USA. Yeah so I'm I'm fairly certain hints that sir and I'm very Syrian ads. It was USA hockey that really came up with this idea so I kind of felt like. You know maybe came from the mind of someone within the school sports entertainment section. Because it just seems like such a move that those people would would poll. It was a way to connect the bills to be signed the bills. Stadium is hosting the events and it was a way to connect the bills the event but it turns out that was even rights at all a I got a backtrack a little bit on that I still like features a distinct they don't. I just. I look at domino Mike I don't even look good and he just had a USA hockey logo on the front it would just be so much better people still love it I think a lot of people I saw what in the audit by the quantity of yet how cool it would be better it would certainly be better. If you had had it that way I think it would be a little more tasteless the big numbers on the front. Just doesn't do it for me it is the football Jersey and hockey Jersey was bald I was talking about the entire time. I like I got some law. I'm an old school guy I like to see the the old school style hockey Jersey and go once suggestion that came to the tax line. And I really liked this suggestion. June. He could have done any an old school buffalo license. Hockey. Kind of tribute Jersey could have had the red Jersey if you wanted to blue Jersey to have the bottle cap like the old buffalo buys his Jersey USA within the bottle cap. Boom it's a tribute to buffalo you get the buffalo attributed there. And you get USA on the front I think that's a great idea but I'm just and it's a radio guy. But these two I don't know if that is well at those old Rochester mayor injures he's from the late ninety's. The ones that the Lou on the shoulders and stripes flag commandant. That when connected as well as I guess it being in the bills' stadium and all the it's. In order of connect with the bill stadium but I just hit it to mean what do a lot of it was it felt like buffalo was. Kinda trying to take the this stage over the fact that it's team USA now I really didn't feel comfortable with that being in. International front. It's not just. Awful all war the United States or even North America for that matter there's teams from Sweden and Finland is going to be in this event. And I just it made me feel comfortable. With odd the Buffalo Bills in buffalo being there for four months of the jerseys in the focus of the jerseys but I probably just feel too deeply. And do it and it's really. It's a Jersey as a piece of fabric and where briefly on Alex and that's it so it's not that big a deal are god get back into expansion a little bit and sabres coach watch ads. Craig button he joined the investigators earlier so and hear from him coming up Jody B Osce rank eating out you here it's the nightcap listed WGR.