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Thursday, June 15th

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I don't care about yeah. I didn't who even got perfect form. And and tweedy. Sports Radio 515. All right. Let's hear it we've got action we we got the sabres hire a coach. We got out a big trade in the NHL and we've got. Bob McKenzie saying more players are going to be treated. One specifically that he believes will be traded before the roster freeze kicks in at three. This what we look for. Yachts yeah us while it's installed on right gates guys. We're paying now for the next two hours. I mean it's. Looks like it's gonna rain it's the birth canal side concert of the season Gary Clark junior going to be down canal side. Hope the rain holds off so they needn't get some solid music and by we I mean the oil we could and living vicariously through everyone out there who is actually going to down. You lucky outside to see that to that tonight and I'm going to be living vicariously through you laugh throughout the summer. As as those Golan but today what a day. What a day to be to be a fan I came in. And you know I get some stuff ready we're we're in our third throwback Thursday beckoned the swing thing this year thanks to a bagel jays. And so on I'm making my little. Throwback Thursdays the thing you know make Mel throwback Thursday bomb bends my car and in all the the rumors are all pointing towards how sleek. It sounds like pocket isn't really involved. It sounds like reared in May be has never got interviewed. So. Got to be how easily right got to be house police arrest army can mind. My little. Thing there the little bumper. And all the sudden I get a text message from 55550. And it's off. Breaking Daryn tracker. We'll hear from coming up in about. Twenty minutes or so Gary drag her as saying that the sabres have hired. Phil Housley met shortly after that another another message by 5550. Official sabres hire Phil Housley and I love it I love it I I think it's great that you hear the guy talk and it's I mean. If the rights you know he's not he's not a great talker. Bites. You you think about. How old he. Thinks the game. And how we can next to his players. And became very clear. Between him talking between Jason natural talking. That there was. One thing on the mind maybe not just one thing during this interview process but I think the most important thing going through this interview process. Was the fact that they wanted to guy that was going to be able to. Relate to the players a guy that wasn't going to be able to that was going to be able to. Think like the players. Has been in those situations with the players and even. The way that he wants the deemed to be played with pretty fast paced style the defense contributing the offense. All of that. It's the way that the players want to play the game. So I think this hire is it's another step in the right direction and certainly there is a lot more work to be done but it's it's good does it. Apple stability now. Where were thinking about okay the general managers here the general managers and here for a while. Well we finally got the head coach year he's going to be starting to talk to. Other people throughout the league other coach is he's gonna assemble his staff he's gonna talk to. The sabre staff here figure out if he wants to keep any of those coaches. I would think Bob woods would be a guy that it's. You wouldn't want to take a very long look at Agassi as a coach because he did agree. Great job with the power play last year so he might be guy that. Could stick around. After Housley talks to him I think but otherwise that the guy how's he would be bringing in his own guys it's. It's super adjusting with with how asleep because. I I wasn't around obviously during much of his playing days with the sabres. And I tried to have some family over I was I was with my parents this week and back in north Collins and I was just asking. Those guys out there in my dollar what are you remember about Phil Housley. In my dad and his friends were immediately all ahead of what's here and what your purse Phyllis that's the first thing that they also which I was kind of I was kind of shocked by. I mean I've heard all about it might have been talking about it now is like real you know it really was like I understand the game was. Different back then and the physicality was completely different and the way that the today's game is played. Housley was kind of the guy that's I mean among other offensive defenseman throughout history. Paul Coffey comes to mind is the guy that would certainly be up there. Ball. York. But he was just a prodigy. Big Z he was a guy that was really before his time with the way that he played his game. The defensive liability at times but the sabres had a bunch defensemen who could. Be that stay at home type the and then how sleek couldn't get creative. And that was the reason he was brought then and I think that's the reason he's been brought in as head coach here is a viewed him. As a potential candidate from the get go they want to wait out to see when they could start talking to him and once they figured out that's. Hey there were the only team with a coaching opening laughed like yeah. We got the best shot at our guy the guy that we want. Now I can't be sure that this all happened but. You you think about what happened with Florida and the timing of their hiring with Boogaard. It was a little strange that they came on the hired blue gear because it was kind of assumes that they are gonna go to the same process that the sabres are going to go through which is. Wait out the end of the Stanley Cup final. Talk to Hollis Lee talked docket if they were interested in pocket and the U kinda assume that was gonna happen but maybe. There was some sort of tip. Me it sounded like Housley really want to be here. Form being here formerly starting his fans each year meeting his wife year because got a lot of good memories here. His first NHL games first NHL goal all of has any tell firsts. They are happening here. So there's a ton of good memories for Phil Housley here and now he comes full circle he works in the coaching ranks he comes back to buffalo. And the way that he talks about the game I think fans got to be really excited for a meal what you guys think we we got a bunch of stuff coming out. Throughout throughout the night. And if I told you in twenty minutes or so we're gonna hear from Darren tracker he came on. Right after news broke about Phil Housley. With Andrew Peters today so we'll hear him with Andrew Peters also gonna hear from apple Bae he was down at the arena today taking in the Phil Housley press conference. I want to get his thoughts I Nokia was a big backer he he wrote an article I'm not sure how long ago was but it was the sabres should hire Phil Housley be done with that. So I know he's got to be pretty pumped up. About the hiring that happens. And then we'll hear also from Jason by Troy later on Jason by troll he talks with the media after the press conference how sleek. So all he he had a lot of good stuff in there talking about assisting coaches talking about expansion if there's any sort of deals coming up with the Vegas and of course we'll talk about those trades that happened. Of those trades by those traits I mean that trade Jonathan drew win and a conditional six round pick being sent to Montreal. For. Recount surrogate child and a second round pecs so it's it's a good day is a good day buffalo if your hockey fan. But odds are high high quality entertaining game and haven't wait for. I've been waiting for for awhile so I am unhappy that we finally. Can can enjoy some time to gather here where we are talking about trades were talking about the the sabres having coach. For a kick off of Rick in Denver and Denver a year on the nightcap is going on them. Bryant you know sort of follow a little bit on what you do they can build agreement trapped many at all in how he played ironic. That it. You know your pocket some of the old time hockey and Bieber pan. Back when he played him like that promote her opinion it's all the Dutton. The head of the community got a guy equate it everybody want the Batman and that are part yeah. It is it to be at the whole thing come full circle and it really makes you wonder. Unit they're kind of like being got to go get somebody to take it. Contract in epitomize a year but then again we got out weak economic belt you know what can he get a couple clearly out. If we got it he's been an advocate and really coming up any junk defenseman have a lot of skill and T and you played right candidate we'll start coaching style. So I think it was the perfect. Hariri he's the guy that I wanted so long and but is like figured out Aaron pretty prominent. You know now we got back bought. Yeah I say I love the move I've. I don't say that I was completely on the house Lee bandwagon from the get go. I certainly considered him one of the top candidates out there but I was willing to listen to pretty much anybody. House lead the way the that article came owl about him about a month ago it was from Josh Cooper who used to work for Yahoo! in park Gatti. As nonsense like at all. But he wrote this great article about Phil Housley in the way Eddie coach deemed it was defenseman. And the fact that. This guy I mean he retired in 2004 so he's not. It's thirteen years ago but he's not that far removed from the game. He's done in the coaching ranks that. Team USA national development program. Saw the potential and ham and wanted him to get his hands on young players. And he has back around young players. Pretty much ever signs until he was hired as an assistant in Nashville. And he's got a guy that has worked the development of players and his bat around players. And you pure money he was talking today at the press conference teaching he used the word teaching ally which. I think you you listen to these NHL coaches now days and the word teaching doesn't really. Come in to play so much anymore they. They assume that a lot of these guys are I won't I won't say finished products but there's not taught you have to teach it's more soul. The assist on and how you want to play. Play Q this sounds like a guy that's OK it's constantly growing the game is constantly evolving that something else that he sat in that piece. And if you're not going to change with that you're gonna get left behind. So having a guy with an open mind like that who understands. That this game isn't something. That is just static. It if your older than me you've seen the game go through many more transformations and I have. But just from my perspective figure the team in the late ninety's when it's. The dead puck era all the grabbing in the clutching in the neutral zone trap and all of that fun stuff. And that and the lockout happens may come home. And they're calling every single penalty the game is so much faster there's more power players there's more speed of the game smaller players are taking over the game. And then they slowly start bringing it back and then I would say about 20112012. It was big teams again. It was the Boston Bruins with the Chichi and Chara. It was those teams that were dominating with the big guys who could beat you while not only. On the ice with what their fists but. Scoring as well. Now I think we're we're seeing another transformation in the game where the focus is going on the defensive end and it's not big stay at home guys. It's it's guys who are quick with the puck they're not necessarily bad but they know where to put the puck and they know where their guys are going to be. And it creates for for quick movement out of his own and the willingness to. Use that defense to push up and create more chances that way. We sought in the Stanley Cup final from bowl teams both those teams were absolutely about a style of play. Indy he mentioned that I think natural mentioned that you look at the penguins defense. It's not like these guys are running games because they do not move and really great anymore. He's played in fourteen NHL seasons. Ago at duke doesn't move. Real great anymore but it's it's a mental side of the game as well and you talked about all the young defensemen that are coming up here and the oceans about in the league for a long time. But I think he. I don't see him going in the expansion draft. And I think what someone like Housley. Who. Maybe he he sees something in more sane. That the rest of us don't and he can understand ways. That it properly used Bogosian. I think that could be huge firfer to go to his career. Because clearly he's he's a guy who skates very well you cure Paul Hamilton say it all the time he's a guy with skates well. He has. Pads on some injury problems but he could be physical. He could be that guy and maybe all he needed was a coach that could help them out and I think. Housley could be. The coach that can get the most out of policy. Hurt Bogosian. He's not gonna get the most out of himself that's for sheer. And back out of the phones we got to ultralight incoherence Troy you're in the nightcap. They are your door. And you. I'm on board was so we'll talk publicly hiring. When he played when he played I watched him in the blue seats in the in the the first couple years city's struggle book that in the got a BA yeah. A fast moving. A pop moving. The Huntsman and with a good shot and I I'd argue with them expressed. During a larger Blair Carl could you never know what happened when he talks so people are saying you know. That's what he played our I want and play that a lot and he is go to play that now and then and that would be debut starting Iraqi People. It's not brought Bob Hope and that did concern me a pocket there's. He mentioned Molson Everest. And you know. You know assault aborted a bright light I would say it was part but they should all be offered. In never sort of war automated K and and Andris. Are among more open are hard to believe that card carrying Cuban ruler old. Allergic that. You woman could arteries cocker. Yeah I'm not I'm not sure exactly what happened with docket their. It was interesting I'll Paul Hamilton had told me that's. You know Leahy. He came in afterwards and need both talking about talk and marks it and were never interviewed. And bilateral this is like okay bark at them for awhile plots. It's seems strange to me that it's. There was never an official interview with pocket because he was such a big name involved in the process and it's funny because yesterday I'm talking on the show I'm talking about the the three candidates that have. Continually had her name popped up by the big guys in the media the trackers the Balkans in the counties. Of the other guys who are really tuned in. And it was always. Pocket in house we were always the two means the tip of the talent and then Riordan was there. In Riordan was a guy who was never even interviewed and the sabres were allowed to interview him because the capitals block to the interview. Which I thought it was interesting that. We did know that a long time ago. This this. Process I mean it's been going on for awhile and once regarding got eliminated from the playoffs he figured if the sabres are gonna be reaching out and all of that's. So I thought that was interesting that headed back and doubt on. And it's nothing had gotten out about the capitals denying the sabres are reared in inner deal. And that Riordan was still considered a candidate until yesterday. So goes to show that hey. Maybe Jason bottle is really good at keeping things close of the chest. And that there's not going to be a whole lot of leaking happening. Out of the Buffalo Sabres because that's something you would have expected to be on the media along time ago as for mentioning Molson and and yes. I thought that was interesting to. But I think that's as a coach. A way. For you to see you. Just point out that those guys are being overlooked. I think those guys. If they listen to the radio or if they read what's on Twitter or they read the newspaper. They know that there aren't they are the names that are being floated out there for expansion are being floated out there and trade talks. And this is a guy who was a player who had been traded who is probably he mentioned. When he was. In the playoffs. How key. Was on Twitter and he was reading things on the Internet and how was he was being connected to all these different jobs and I think you assume he's like if if I'm doing that is. 53 year old my players are definitely doing that so I think it's a way for closely to. Kind of reach out to those guys through the media and be like that you guys are still good players and you'll potentially important pieces of this team if you don't end up being both. I don't really think those decisions are up to him I think Jason bottle is gonna be the ones making those decisions. And it's. I just think it was a way. This guy's going to be a player's coach. We heard they Stewart apple today who's going to be coming on in about a half hour. That's. Phil Housley was a guy that they had a lot of fun with that practice and that you could joke around even on there in the middle cop Ron. Many could keep everyone Luke's I think that's. Kind of his way of doing it is reaching out to these guys on a personal level and being like. Hey I've done there. I know you guys have been struggling. But it's the you're still going to be important pieces of art team. And I think one of those two guys are bound to still be here whether. But if they are here you're gonna need something out of those guys. So I just think it was a way for him to kind of reach out to those guys through the media. I mean that he he imagined the big names to deal with my goal in all right Leopold so he laughed out Evander Kane ends Ryan cards. Velocity match he Majerus a line any match McCabe. Anyone else on the defense I'll be really mention anyone else on the defense. Cooley was brought up enough I am yeah goalie was brought up by Paul collided it was never name that was on the tip of Housley is tong saw. Arnelle I just think he. This was missiles a good player for a long time a few seasons at least and and the injuries kinda took their tolls on him. And maybe he's thinking OK this guy had a tough few seasons. He's been healthy for awhile now and maybe with an off season with knee. A calming presence. Maybe we can get him back to his game in the seeping with Molson because it's a little harder reclamation project is because of the miles in the each of Molson. But it's the same thing he's trying to connect with these players on. Oh he's got the players back that's something else that I think Bryan Ellis. Ryan Ellis said that. Housley always ask his players back and I think that was pretty much the start of that happening with him be like. These guys are still good players I've heard I've seen the things being set on the Internet. I've heard you guys on the radio talking normalcy and honest I've got these guys that these are my guys so I don't I don't really. View it as a negative I view it as he was he was. Pretty much having those guys back. 8030551888550. To 550 are the phone numbers here if you update your your thoughts and Phil how closely the new coach of the Buffalo Sabres a B take your calls for the rest of the night. Coming up next we're gonna hear from Darren tracker he joined in Drew Peterson earlier today after the hiring we'll hear from him ample bay coming around eighth and then Jason bilateral. His media scrum after. The press conference that's going to be coming up as well. All that more than my cap on WG. Lot of felt the players on this thing and you know look at Jack could spend very little Reilly's terrific. Hockey IQ he could coach told wolf some of the other guys that come them kind of babble but who scored twenty goals time wherever these days. You are playing on the fourth plane alive I think because there are incredible players so we're just gonna have to try to find that this comes training camp from world these guys because of predator lineup. Where are. Are they going to fit. Hope you have the answers though. Mr. Housley. I don't. It's happy to have you here. And pretty excited for the the possibilities. Of the the sabres moving forward with what house Lee and with spot troll. Both here we're going to do Darrent trigger right now Gary Gregory he. Joined the investigators right after the hiring of Phil Housley so here is. Felt late slow down Barings Gregor. With Andrew Peters from earlier today on the investigators and of each year grew. Great friend of the show actually has all the information that are shown these leading up to the show we we welcome parents Gregor on the line Darren. Darren Gregor breaking the news about how's the breaking the news earlier this morning and Darren I paraphrase your tweets. What would you make more sense of reform because I don't have a front we just basically saying that the sabres did not talk to Rick talked it. Crack. But where there are reach out to make summer surprise then dot. And and Butler community say. They agree it bottle and the ownership believed that former sabre still wildly let the guys that they were going after that. You know I get that logical that you wouldn't leave a lot of times you'll hear the other for the period interviewing others then. Other weighted ball came to be again the period. Sort of trickling doc from the yet concluded it was Stanley Cup final I believe that these bottle on the ice celebration trying to deservedly so frankly our goal. On Sunday night. Then met quit Phil how Utley and natural on Monday. And I believe partly it was an awful lot write and obvious please go there with the announcement of is hiring a head coach. So all I. I I mean that it's easier now all right hindsight but you know you look at it you the playoffs and cougars hired by Florida there was speculation how's the U. Could be going to Florida but then when that ball dropped you know I mean. It started there. Looks like maybe how's the pork market here but what was it him when did you hear the news about pocket and when did you hear the news about house. Well I heard the news pocket earlier this morning got other been no contact since. He ought we don't speak to you when Danica final thought those guys have got to do that. He'll want moral Buffalo Sabres would have been released sensitive to that as well being careful with. You earlier period with what does the Stanley Cup final goal posts and I certainly you know would have consumed everything direct talk voters artwork that was doing so. This morning it started to dig a little bit deeper and I got tipped off that auto Earl. At that it honestly epic conclusion Stanley Cup final all got to visit bikinis to try to put the pieces apart altogether. Tell me your thoughts on the hired did you like the higher dinner regulate the higher for this team. I do look I. I mean I don't know fill out pretty well. Robert Moore as a player. Two record player no question about it and and because how good he was the national hockey you're during its aren't there. I think that the younger player can appreciate that it was a different game back then but. You're not battle that they can't appreciate you know the level cal pretty late in the NHL looked so. I think that automatically in the command a high level of respect. Specific to his approach and how he's going to handle. You Google personality all that I think if you work in any NHL draft her regardless what your status is that the system and so you're the head coach. If you've got to balance those personalities and and work through what I know that Peter Laviolette in Nashville. At nothing but the utmost respect for bill I'll clean because La the other high profile responsibilities there. So I think that he certainly prepared to be a head coach. Buffalo Sabres hire Phil Housley this afternoon we have Darren drug the man who broke the news on the line with us right now TS and hockey insider. You can follow at Darren Gregor on Twitter. How much of the hall of fame hockey hall of fame rock clout. You think will help some of these young kids I mean I think sometimes I use the word intimidation. When you know when talking to what Marty here on and I said. You know what if a guy like house Lee tells a guy like me to do something it's it's it could be up to come across is a little discouraging I mean. Bots at the same time yet to look at this giants say this guy's been there done that done it at. You know the highest level and probably one of the all time greats in defense offensively so I mean there's the respect factor too. Yeah out and I I think defectors who played I don't think the music collection side and you'll that really wrecked pocket and accept that rattled bent with the expert and would. You'll want to create a skier out that pocket where local capital. During an off it was about a cup final where couples waving his arms were collectible I'll orient. Lucky me the comic book outlook and make it play any content. On Rick pocket to pocket it seemed that any Donna shall now with the respect relationship that that pocket with out of we've built up on the imply that they talk what you got them ready to happen and everybody knows or. That happy the same thing with bill probably. What if approach will be you that the buffalo paper. You know I'm sure that you know his office goers click the open. I know that he communicates well. Acknowledges. Unquestionable. I'm so beyond it's about excusing and showing up in shape in training camp and being ready to be good Buffalo Sabres and possibly can be and if you hear all those things then I'm pretty sure that regardless of what. You know Phil I'll be playing Resnick tells us. You know the players will look quickly learned to two respect him because he's gonna hold guys accountable to lie I wanna sound like he's gonna commit a spot Cox. I don't think got. If at all but he can have a look at expectations and everybody's going after your. Darren Gregor joining me on the line here Andrew Peters and Darren Gregor these gators relied on WGR Sports Radio 515 amnesty the man who broke the news itself. I don't know to join us on the line I have one more question for you before we let you go here Daryn that is assistant coaches are right soul. You know I I have to believe that he's going to want to bring somebody in with him that he's comfortable with the familiar with and that's not a knock on the guys that are here. But I just think that every guy lace their own comfort and supporting cast. The out and I think. The but I read a book artillery Jack up Lional. Formerly of the New York on her loving and yeah I mean he's got an experienced who couldn't get enough credit frankly in the work that he did with the New York Islanders. You know that organization has always been a lot with her while and and because of that I think it was just kind of dark cloud or shadow over the coaching up and I got got ways to echo the New York Islanders deservedly so but I don't wait has nothing but time for Jack up wannabe in that experience. Why it would be an excellent compliment to to go out now. There's a connection there but I also know that out while. At other teams with some interest then there are those who might apply ordered urgent patient wait a little bit. Go into the seed in the NC what about the debate is routine that. Struggled early in the looking or. A change shall I think cap on a little beyond lip but whether or not add up all bill in the current. All right Daryn Gregor thank you very much and Yemeni big news any other big news you wanna drop on us quickly and so. Now out on Wikipedia mean. Managers are locked out right in other girl. Developing or let sort finalizing their that are about to drop less sense they're keeping it tight little something in the league that are down they don't want. She leaked treaty information specific to that they get schooled at night soul. There are lot of speculation but nothing that I throw out there yet that I figured out who can out. All right that's Darren trigger. And with the investigators. And it was not just. Now is just injure Peters. Aggravate most of you know on calmer. You'll stick around for. Few hours of the armor to show for whatever reason so Andrew Peters had to pick up the slack there and bring us and Q. What was a and I think it was a nice thing to have this news come down today and to be able to. Talk about the house lead being the coach of the Buffalo Sabres moving forward no longer having to deal with. Analyst speculation. This thing could carried out into next week and I'm happy that Jason doctoral stat. Found a way to get it done early on and now he. He might want to get it done early you might want to get it done at this juncture just so that he could now. It is complete focus moving forward. On to the expansion draft which it's coming up. The the buyout period opened up today in Girardi being bond now Mac read B buyouts. France while both human being bought out there is smallest GO feel like there's some numbness in years that it's I think. Think that's all right well. That's that is being bought out I I don't expect the sabres to you by anyone out at this junction but then out on Twitter earlier. I don't think it benefits them at all to buy anyone out right now because I think you want to leave the option open to Vegas. There's there's buzz around Georgia's Bogosian. Malls and in tennis as potential buyout for the sabres. Just at this point I don't see any reason to do it. Because you wanna leave all of those guys as potential targets for Vegas. So they take those guys you don't your handicap applications going forward they just get off your cap for free. Sigh I don't think you don't buy any of those guys are right now if afterwards not album. Do wind up being selected by Vegas or one of them does end up being selected by Vegas but you still feel like you can. You can have the cap flexibility you on to meeting more roster flexibility if it's a Josh Georgia's mammals and you to pull the trigger after afterwards that's not to do it I'll just wait till after the expansion draft for Columbine anyone out on the sabres. To job of the only guys. Yet I was at just those three all right I'll buy two Dion enough with the Internet that term. Well yeah about a buyout but. If they hit that term he's already under project at 2023. Or something be signing up for another ten years that's. Yes market and new deadline is tomorrow yeah yeah Ali it's it's been reported. That he has said no and that he's not going to waive his no movement clause. Maybe I'll have some sort of change heart and by 5 PM tomorrow that's the deadline. For him to officially. Saying he's not going to waive it art that he will waive its and I know a Saturday three. That's the roster freeze. Saturday at 5 PM that's when the west's have to be and and then Sunday morning 10 AM the lists come out to the public and we can all see who isn't who has not be protected. We're branching closer. Are inching closer we got to trade today we'll talk about all of that coming up but apple bay. And we'll hear little bits and pieces from Jason doctoral as well I do want to bring up one story from Phil Housley. When he was a young player that compares. With the NHL was like back two with the NHL is like now stay tuned for that. Trying gates Jody B outs and I kept. And I'm not saying we're gonna go. Reckless at the end and here we're you know and I can be reckless and defensive liabilities that we want to have our defense in the play. And then and that's gonna take you know that's part of the process of knowing what the structures or systems. And get to learn played for me so I think they can be really good pieces moving forward here our team. Various. I'll sleep. Good coach. He's sabres coach now Phil Housley. One interesting piece of news before I get into. Ritual that houses we had to go through which no longer thankfully is completed an NHL or hockey locker rooms around the world. But Todd Comcast spectator parent company of flyers and Spectra. There adding another hockey team they have blocks the Alaska aces in a move the team to Portland Maine. And that that team's going need to start play. On next year 20182019. But it's gonna be interesting because Danny Briere going to be overseeing the day to day operations so Danny Briere gonna be. Ginn is. In his hands involved a little load team management. So it's cool it's cool like that. Maybe in the future. They were co captains want to volatile got co GM so I own my own. Three Embree air back at it and let's hope not for all I'll say it is if we needed new GM and five yourself it's like yeah if something went horribly horribly wrong. And you I don't even. Even wanna think about it. So bracket in the old days of the NHL they did real hazing rituals. Now they do simple things like you know. All gone out for dinner the rookie gets to pick up the tab. Well. Back in Helmsley's rookie days. The team would hold rookies down on the table and then data can shaving cream out. And she around. Those let's use your imagination. They'd be achieved that Andy Yi Yi didn't wanna struggle if you're a rookie because. This dangerous delicate down there. So. That's what the hazing rituals used to be and I'm reading this out of that Perot said don't tell Rico. By Paul quietly and we went opposite right published in 2008. And pretty much just sides. This was the tradition and Canadian junior hockey for years. It was tradition in the NHL so this was a tradition. Throughout hockey. A holding people down in achieving them. That is I'm so happy. That that is no longer the case because. Oh. And policy in response. It's insane that's better for some time around hockey team here given it was a division three Brock or cocky. These guys are are strangely. Yunel. The tight and they spent a lot of time together the hang out in the locker room and see each other a lot you know in the naked. And I think that. Does something to to these guys the bond becomes stronger because of that. Because man somebody's somebody's hockey players they get they get real weird with each other and this is. Doesn't happen anymore. The lights. Yes. That's weird and I'm glad I'm glad that we no longer have to. Think about that being a possibility in NHL locker rooms across the United States and Canada. But is it worth thousands of dollars could if you think about it you're paying thousands of dollars now picking up that tab not to have that happen. Op 8000 dollars I think a pit stop a couple thousand dollars hoping that you know in my career with a make millions of actually. I I probably will wins because I'd be like. Each Al score rob. Third liner fourth liner tops BB BE CHL com lucky. Thoughts. I just want to clear something up real quick I think there is some confusion out there have attacks are taxed and and I think there is some confusion. About exactly. What's going on with the buyout period of bile period opened up today. So today it was the first day that players can officially be bought out and this is the first buyout period so there's another one coming. At some point in the NHL offseason I don't know when that is I'm reading off of me odd cap friendly. And HL schedule that goes up until NHL free agency so the first buyout player buyout period opened it today. And that goes all the way until June 30. So. The roster freeze is gonna come up this this Saturday at 3 PM about as I've mentioned a bunch. That's. You won't be able the buyout players during that but after the the freeze. Which I believe and it's about twenty seconds. You can you can buy oil players. So there's no. It's not what you can you have to buy out players now it's just if you wanna file players so they're not on year. Must be protected list. The Dallas cardinal Marc-Andre Fleury is a possibility before this Dan Girardi is a good example of its Kevin B acts before they figured out a deal to. Not at him. Waive his no movement clause would have been a candidate spots so after the expansion draft. From the 22 to the thirtieth players can be bought out again that's more of a timeline without expecting a a Georgia's Molson or any of those guys to be bought out. I mean IMAP Obey coming up Tampa Bay who's got the arena for Phil house these introductory press conference small we'll get his thoughts on the hiring him when he heard from Housley today. And go global Babel little bit and do expansion because he's gonna come in on Monday after the protected lists are released. And all we'll talk about that and that night next Wednesday we will have to completely covered for the expansion draft. Mean rate and Joseph will be here meeting Nate maybe maybe Brian asked route scheme meeting apple of day I don't know. Maybe everyone. You'll just have you maybe were you guys global come into have a party. I'm up Obey coming up next tonight cap on WGR.