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Friday, June 16th

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WGR. Sports Radio five. No effect at all. The weatherman predicted rain predicts rain doesn't rain so the first time this has happened some she's going. What's the weather man. Predicts it's gonna rain just so we can keep people off the golf course and haven't for himself and there. He took a nightcap with Ryan gates as the there flat open. Hardly anybody I'll probably have some do but whether or us. Probably does have you seen eleven manna that we it's not a fact there is with the microphone cows come upon my whole. Ireland it's gonna pull. Yeah that tomorrow I not supposed to play tonight but I think Jeff called me last night canceled. Because of your weather report about funds dollars. We have mistakes the way my wife says that because yeah yeah add. Hopes that role well yes okay nice to Syria could examine me they care of that main. I don't quite get your point. I let them and I tell you might. I've got a sneaking suspicion. That you're predicting rain. To clear the golf course do you sell the compromise. Got. Perhaps real popular ridiculous and ridiculous it's the weather all of them and you know like I'm in a report through because every time you want to play golf Larry makes it is right Larry first ball. I'm not a weatherman I'm a meteorologist I'd appreciate hole a little bit of resume. I don't you GR. Sports Radio 515. I mean. There are thunderstorms. Being predicted this weekend's. Here's that yes the download at the weather announcing Sunday thunderstorms is that the conspiracy. I think not I think not the could be bouts. Known as the carrier Melanie knows the weather what's going on the nightcap right gates hanging out with you here eighty. Gorgeous. Friday. Evening. As I take it in from the friendly confines of the WGR studios. Looks like a nice little sunset that's about to happen. The trees have leaves on the on. And its. Some nice out so Sommer. See it's. What five days away officially the official solstice. Of summer is upon us and looks like we are getting the weather to match which is always welcome to year. In buffalo a dot ate lots of sound coming up for you this Friday evening Phil Housley. In studio with Howard and Paul Hamilton this morning gonna bring that to you and few minutes a player that has played. For Phil Housley. A buffalo sabre Jake McCabe he was on Europeans to gators get his insights on Phil Housley in nine you know we're not gonna. Neglects the expansion draft here. We are under. 24 hours. Twenty hours and about twenty hours the roster freeze is going to be on 122 hours team's gonna have their lists in. 10 AM Sunday. Brawl all of us to gather are going to be looking at the well protected lists and then Monday night. On the nightcap. Mental Bay's gonna beyond Shelby here I will be here I believe need to eerie as well and we're gonna be up creating. I'll word. Rosters. From the deep protected lists that come out on Sunday so. Exciting times were exciting times no trade news. No trade news. Nothing new on the trade for months. Were all sitting here waiting a will have more on the expansion draft with Jason Rolf. Of pro hockey talk really enjoyed the conversation that he had which opened the bulldogs earlier today so we'll be bringing you. All of that but first we're gonna hit the phone lines Larry in South Florida again in early he knows what he's dodi's and you know what it's Friday night. I guy get to Ryan early here so it was a good move by Larry Larry it's a man. Era and how are able. At one you know to talk about at all. How happy and optimistic and right now yeah I'm Matt graduated high schools and acreage they drafted at all. Probably and by night of the game is what he can play with Brosseau at the time. The wait at the pocket and no you know in the beginning what in the best defenseman but turned into Howell. But what he would do in the Blue Line and a power play he had this. Been moved and then he would irrationally and opt in all along the boards petition score and it was just. For me it's really exciting I think he'd be doing some of our young parents then proceeded with the way our hat off to describe how cool gates and and I'm just I'm really happy hooker there you know buffalo because I think. This it kid in the bureau our allies backed it might. Are really long time. And I'm really excited about the bills do a shock to say that it I think it's duke blue. The cute circuit shows that we had have left the area for I think the future looks really bright. Yeah Larry I I agree with a lot of what you have to say there I think with what all the teams. The the hiring that mermaid. Mean they weren't hiring is that rush to everyone took their time with what happens with Sean McDermott I think that's the one that probably happened the fastest. By its way even with that it was he came in and just. ESATA all the right things the way that he conducts himself I think double a ball went off in the goalless had. Once they met back guy and we're like this is what we need to base our organizations off of is a guy like this who. Is organized has long term plan. Disappoint. Org he's organized structured whenever you want league all of those buzzwords of the Google is about using I think McDermott it's really the guy that kicked that off and then. They realize that if they can get that's just. Permeating throughout both of their franchises. Are going to be in it pretty solid and so I think it's it. It always takes time to figure these things out and we'll talk about it five years down the road of these were the correct tires but looking in from. Right now I'm with you I think I have liked all the fires that have been made this offseason by the coolest. Yeah I'm of this really really this policy with the trapped I'm really excited to see what do. Expansion there can only eat your cake and I. All that will be out will be all over the expansion draft I've been all over at the the entire time makes the call here. But in this first hour it's gonna be a lot about Phil Housley and who he is as a coach. What he brings to the table and what he wants to bring the buffalo he isn't like EP was a kid. The kid he moved to buffalo straight out of high school eighteen years old shells open golf low spans eight years of his life here I don't. Really. Just those transformational years eighteen to 26 years old. The years that you really become the man. Or the person you're gonna be when you grow up and he spent all those years in buffalo on the fact that he's coming back to buffalo now. Is this tremendous and I think he's super excited for that opportunity as well as serious this morning with Paul Hamilton. And Howard Simon they were ball for here Phil Housley he made the rounds today at a radio stations he stopped here stats are 2.5. WEB island just ninety point five. He's made the rounds this morning and he begins here with Paul Hamilton. With eight billion into the city and wild and even really recognizes here's Paul Howard with Housley. Do you even recognize the city you left with everything that's gone on downtown and everything even with Paula concussions I had thought I held back. But it's so different is a bit with the harbor sinner and yeah you sure you went through the Harvard center and the practice facility and everything that's gone on down and Renaissance of buffalo it has to be so different. You know it's funny I was sick humor in the room yesterday with my wife and I was looking over the canal than that and what all that could be in known as the envisioning. Got to be great to get in the playoffs and have these fans down here. You know build an atmosphere in you know just because of what would they went through Nashville and yelling and all that and that's the city in the community. And the surrounding area is really embraced the run there and I think who we could try to do we're gonna try to build something special here and I just bizarre going to be great having all those people down here with screens and and then the people here are very passionate they're very proud people and they care a lot about their sports teams. So we got to try to earn their employees to loyalty back and them and work hard to try to do that. Well they started in buffalo feed your call hard back when career in jury in the playoff run closely that the crowds outside watch there are lots of Paris like in 181000 people in the arena another ten to fifteen out in the plaza yet and that's when all got started now teams it's great teams do it that. I know that probably doesn't surprise you that buffalo was one of the first into line here is I was an incredible. Blake will we be my first year beat Montreal three straight shut them up back to back in their building. With all the players with a lot of the players that I idolize growing up and then getting in the second round. Going to double overtime with Boston and Brad park's going scoring that. That little seeing eye dog look goal it. And the could see the people you know come on back after they came after we lost some people are at the airport really you know. Congratulating us on and a great season so. That that the fans here really really special. Or an escape you know you you would be. Crazy crazy excited with any first head coaching job no matter where you ended up how much more does it mean to you that that first NHL head coaching job is here in buffalo. It means everything I mean I started my career here I did I get very emotional when I think about it and and good to be the head coach buffalo sabers is my first opportunity again you know I gotta think carrying Kim for Evan confidence in me. And Jason taken chance on me that and having the confidence mean. To do the job that I'm excited you know I'm. I have a really strong work ethic in my dad taught me that back when he was a plaster and I worked one summer with him I said this is the first meeting because it was hard work and that he set the boundaries for me early in my in my life as a kid and and growing up and let's try to all use that work ethic and bring that the Buffalo Sabres. It's been a whirlwind week I wonder one of the things are singing about with you yesterday was your journey. And how it started coaching high school hockey not your typical story that you hear in terms of the ascension of a guy to a head coaching job in the NHL. Have you had a chance to reflect and stop and think. X number of years ago I don't know if you are driving the bus to road games I mean that your your high school coach or probably do and everything and now here you are an NHL head coach. Well you know I've I've I've built things you know I've I've been through that path of building a culture and started in Stillwater you know I had dealt fortunate to have played 21 years of able just to take a high school head coaching job which I took a lot of pride in. And had to change their culture and knock some walls down and and bills a community in a teen there. But a high you know are have the gate giving expectations. And it seems that now they're getting a state term which is a very big deal in Minnesota. I would relate coach in high school to junior team. You know even though you don't get the select those players you have the mute the bill the players within your community. And it really taught me a lot to talk a lot about patience is talking about about what kids are going through today's society. And nobody gave me a chance of seeing my family my kids grow up and then. Do in the US things and as an assistant coach the world junior and this. Worked my way up so to speak in becoming a head coach of the world junior team and then winning gold medal had to build that team kids from all over the United States. You know bill the culture. Bring them together because it was about team first. A moment and we had a lot of tale of the players but they all you know thought alike it was about the team. And while we go on the when you know world championship and then with the assistant coach the last four years learned a lot from vary trots a terrific coach. Learned of an incredibly loud from Peter Laviolette you know veteran coach and who's won Stanley cups so I'm gonna try to use all those experiences that. That's what's really shaped me as if the coach today. Follow up on that Phil how's he minutes here in studio Paul Hamilton here as well for the entire hour. What when did you start thinking about coaching is that's some players think about it at the end of their career. At what point did you. Aspire. To say you know what I wanna coach and I don't care what it takes where I have to start what I have to do. I am going to be a head coach in the NHL what's funny because he played 21 years and you live by an itinerary right you always know where you have a place to go as a player and and then you get your retire and you sort of go geez I really deserve this but my wife said you got to start doing something that's that's offensive but it's funny because USA who has had an impact in my life. As a player and like and the coach called me. Right after retired that November it certainly we have a pro what their head coach. Lou Vera said I want to be co coach of the U eighteenth over in Switzerland and I said I'd love to. So we get over there and he really needs through a lot out of my plates inhale what you're on the team. And you know as a play area in less than half in my career as assistant captain captain sewing all. About leadership qualities. And and then a week and a coach that the four nations cup and I really fell in love with that because it was the closest place you eat it without playing feeling the emotions of the players. And then that that that that following spurring I was able to get the head job with still high school but that's what really. It turned the juices of meat of becoming a coach. We saw you was a younger player here warrior offensive skills were phenomenal. I remember you as the Washington capital in that series against the sabres and I used to rave about your defense. How good you were defensively now of course she'd been in the NHL awhile and you would round gauger game out. You're coming into a team. Inconsistencies probably is the number one thing and even harassment stressful line and you see the inconsistencies. Jake McCabe and you know him very well there were nights where you thought. While look at how good he is getting in the play and what grade operatives there are other nights where you've done and maybe should be seasoning in Rochester. I talked yesterday about Brendan goalie that the Wii T see him I mean that is he's a nineteen year old kid that. He's not Paul Coffey but he skates like I mean you'll see his skating stride it looks exactly like government he gets up ice he loves giving up ice. But how do you that's probably the number one thing that you're gonna have to do how do you get those inconsistencies. On a young players games. And get them to a point where you know they do perform consistently for you. Well that's part of development. You know and you can see it say that inconsistencies. I see potential and I think even if it did the players into that come into the league. It's it's a tough week you know you have to go through your ups and downs as a player. Whether it's going go to Rochester come on back up and you gotta earn your stripes a little bit you know there's. A way of developing. We don't push into early don't put too much column. If you put him in a strength of put him he did imminent imminent in the position of strength and whether it's developing dollar Rochester. And or it's a developing appear that. I think is when you look at thirteen there's a lot of potential there and and in in the inconsistencies you know we're gonna work on that in this part of building a culture and development. And an end in sinks and expectations. But they've got to be reasonable expectations for players today. And so they can thrive that that there were certainly gonna try to give them responsibility. The big believer that they've got to make place in that they have to and make the right choices and decisions and and I'm not title playing reckless hockey and mean. They're going to be in play really good defense as well but I would like them have been attacking mindset and that comes with development. It comes in practice. And starts training camp and in in just repetition of what we're looking for. And our style game. Peter Laviolette gave you a lot of responsibility and I think I read that the defense was yours what's in it yet. Yeah and that had to be first of all we feel good for use as a head coach would. Put that kind of responsibility on your night. We talk about how your defensemen were offensive that they were very good in their own and two and that's what I think maybe people don't talk about enough that. Yeah they get up fights but dating get caught they would get themselves back in play very good defense all so. And that's part of their development. You know these guys are really willing and eager to learn which you've been my job a little easier. Because know these guys were young four years ago and it's just like our team here they're there were steps to be made. They've earned more ice time you know and because lot of them were you know not getting anything be seeded David. You know we haven't thing back commitment that I I believe it's defense first male mentality. Everything you do defensively because we're gonna have to defend in this league there's good players. And you're gonna have to defend and with stick positions GAAP you know taken with time and space. And everything else off of that offensively comes from a you know turn over in and we are gonna be a quick transition team. When there's a turn over we're going we're gonna attack to gain and a home and they did a great job of that you know with their development you're seeing in this the fruits of their labor. I want to ask you a little bit about your relationship with players that came up yesterday you're probably aware of the fact that things were not that great here last season. You talked about rubbing shoulders she talked about you wanna be in there with them is that they know that your part of this with them they'll play for you. How do you do that as a head coach because I felt I was looked at it like almost a good cop bad cop. You know the assistant coaches are the good cop because sometimes that coach has to be the bad cop you wanna get along with your guys but you're also gonna have to be. Critical and you're the culture their boss how do you build that. Well I think it's just it's about creating a relationship you know eat in and setting the boundaries obviously you know you one of the you know rubbing shoulders with the players that you that you have to in today's game that I think that's where you earn your respect. But there is a fine line you walk you know all you you can't get. Over that line too much because you have to have a firm message that you have to have a strong voice and I think if you can. Get the confidence of the players and bring the confidence out of them but not you know overstepping their line. And creating that relationship and I think that's the way you get the most out of players today is flies they know where you stand as a coach. In the discipline in the structure you bring I think I strive and I think guys want that they want they want structured they want discipline but they also need some freedom. And what they do away from the rink and the decisions they make obviously we've what you don't want to have any distractions or anything that's going to be. Or bad for the organization but you have to let them breathe you have to let them be who they are and have dependent personality but when you come to the rink it's about business and we're getting better. Paul brought up your work with defensemen we couldn't have a conversation with you without asking you about Jack eichel. From the times you know the limited amount of time you've seen him play against Nashville a few times I know. Mike show brought up that the game winning goal against you guys this year which. You optimistic comments about the from the limited time you've seen him what have you seen of Jack tackle what stands out and as a guy you went through. Young kid in the NHL high draft pick massive expectations. How can you help him handle. All the stuff that he's going to be dealing I think just living in the moment I mean he's a tremendous. Highly skilled player that figure that's a game changer or game breaker and we saw a Nashville and we don't we didn't get the seed you know buffalo or the eastern teams play that much and but to see him then and how he can control a game. Home. He to me can is the future of the franchise obviously he's that the tremendous player but I think. If we if we can just get him to come and been in live in the moment being in the moment. And not think about the expectation part of it. And just go day to day you're gonna get better each and every day. I think those got that he will thrive under that in and then try to take some of the burden and demand often let him be who uses a player. Bring that to the table. And lead by example. Annoy. He's looked upon him as the guy but we're gonna try to take some of that up pressure off him so he can thrive. In our system when Terry but Rula spoke. You know bills may change the sabres made changes he had four words he used which struck me. He wants in both organizations see structure discipline character and communication. And just talking view in the past twelve hours it seems like that's how you live your life with those four words and involved. Yeah I mean. You don't I can't say it enough when I was a player Nouri stood in a coach was honest with me. You know I wanna play for that guy as long as I knew where I stood I knew my role. You know in the structure. What is the structure of your team and I think he'd eaten that the players just one and they wanna know where they stand you know the one and all look oh how far they can go and what's not acceptable and you know. You have to be held accountable and the nets. That's part of the business and you continue to come into the ring can be in good troll and I learned from great people here when it came into the swing from Larry player fair Lindy Ruff Mike Ramsey's number parole. Who set those around you because you need good leadership that they have to be an extension of the court coaching staff but they also have to be with the players that. It's the message that you relate to those leaders in and leadership group that'll be infectious and our teams when you're here did you go to bill seems. At exit I'm Jim and I Jim Kelly and you know show me a text then congratulate me and we we had some great times here and lead eighties and when the bills were great it was a great time for me in my life before I got traded to win a fake. But I don't look at the blue bottle. Later this the guys not this not I think at the but I used to go to the bills games he's the go book follows Brothers and I know they have the big RV set up with all the food and golf solaris and I had rocket and that's Canadian though at that time. In the roar from the crowd. I can still remember that and and you know fans here are very passionate about their sports teams and you know they just wanna stay competitive product on on the ice or it it and on the grass so. I'm excited for the challenge it's gonna be excited it's going to be exciting so before a season starts we may see down there ought definitely. You know what it's. And they did the carrying Kim are really excited about the bills through in you know they're excited about the favors that. They've done tremendous things for the city and in you gotta thank them for. And get behind their sports teams briefly I'll ask and you gotta go on Sean McDermott like the head coach of the bills. Can you learn things from coaches from other sports where if you sit down with Sean McDermott can you learn things even though it's not your sport. Yes you can I mean you have to that is yet to be open to news new tactics and new knowledge and if you don't do that you're gonna get stuck in you're gonna it's gonna be stagnant so. You know you might pick up more or two things. And they might be great things that you can taken into your team that. I think he'd be great to and he he shot me three dollar and I appreciate that and I wish him good luck I know he's in the head coach in the buffalo and we're gonna work together I mean. I'm excited about that because. He he's got a big job as well you know in Manhattan at 55 some players there in yet that. You know near the seal over the of a lot of sit a lot of other coaches so it it's going to be interesting then that. They've created their relationship than that's less but are just quickly antique and I notice I don't he does know English very well when you get a player because you're gonna have nationalities from all over the place. Second be difficult to communicate when and you will probably have a translator but when you have a kid that maybe doesn't know English as well. Well hockey has its own language right you know you know eat in and in you can see and and and talk to players but you know when they see the drills and they. See what you want but in the you just have to sit down and be very very thorough and and it's going to be in this gonna be patience is going to be growing pains. So we just try to do the best to get the message through a one last question but I'll also point out you're on Twitter. At Phil Housley in the number six we still be actively tweeting by the way. I'm not sure I mean I think this is the new age right this is and if you have some really good. And things to say why not Sam and you know as a lot of other people besides buffalo but. I'm not a guy that's on their every day and they try to pick the things that are really important to me and my kids are all on Twitter and they said dad why are you on Twitter. And I site has got to keep up with today's social media that I think it's a great tool to read in collect information and I know my I retreated my wife's anniversary. It's great you know I think it's great soon to be a part of the new age don't check notification to. The game I hit hit and casually against them tweets about how from Paul Howard you know he's married to a state senate and I'm I'm not even going. I thought I left when asked about your staff. What are your plans you know the timeline of putting a staff in place in the wanting our secure about Phil. Having not been a head coach in the NHL before do you think it matters to have a guy on your staff who's been a head coach. Before as an assistant or associate with you well Jason I've been talking about that though and you know we're we're working together to bring in some really. Good coaches with some NHL experience and we're gonna try to get it and done as soon as we can but we have some names in mind. That day and then the war share with you bits. You know looking forward to working whoever my coaches aren't thinking and you know delegating responsibility having them have their own by voice is important. And you know I'll be looking forward with of those coaches when they get here now they haven't let go the assistant coaches who were in place where you interview them. While talk whom I would say V interview that wanna you know right since model Texas morning saying that. You know blatant and talk to you tomorrow when things settle down a little bit for me but it certainly wanted to reach out to them as well. The areas Phil Housley really an excellent interview this morning. With Paula Hamilton an hour Simon Ellis and glad to be able to bring that back to you tonight if you want check out more that there is. A couple more minutes that you detect and now. And demand at WGR 550 dot com granted a break here and we come back we're gonna hear from buffalo sabre who has experience of the house lead. Jake McCabe he was on earlier with the investigators which was crap everyday. Andrew Peters Marty on today so it's all the boys with. Brigades here on WGR. In the end of the players were to get people build their own. In the end informative point for your you wanna play for you wanna do well in your search or start record for where he's come from him what he's done. That's Jim Johansson teen USA. One of those. Team USA. Guy days. This title is hockey operations hockey operations team USA. A guy that was involved with hiring Phil Housley two coached the world junior team 2013. Wins gold. That's a we're gonna hear from right now. Dick McCabe he was on earlier with the investigators so here is a player who had experience with the house lead. That type of coach that he is and he's a buffalo sabre. So it'll be nice to. Look at all these Americans in the gallery night house Lee you got got to cycle he got McCabe. Are nice Americans guy on the team is that it's. Justin be housed Odyssey doesn't Justin Bailey as mayor aren't Alina. So he played internationally effort can't. Our rights law anyways here is logic McCabe. Insider info on Phil Housley from McCain here. Let's talk about the coach I mean. You know the news the news is big news around here a lot of hype from I mean I'm not sure how old you were when Phil Housley was playing for the sabres are fury born yet but. Tom. Just an absolute legend. What do you know about him and how do you feel he's gonna help Jake McCain's game. Yeah I think it's exciting I don't know. You know his. Such a successful players broke. Along with a 21 years or so. Obviously a hall of Famer and one of the best American that are for the game so exciting and that aspect and itself and but you from a defensive standpoint Arctic over the Rebecca under Robert pretty excited to vote what he can bring to the table and you know just watching a really distortion national political where promote the process there where. It was great was driven by other people and so that's. And also the lovable all he did for that semen what it into roster. Jake when you guys were. When you played for him 2013. You captain. The world junior team. How he worked what do you think Phil how's least coaching style is. Yeah and at that and for those permits at the top there there's a short tournaments in the lead early. You know dialed in really quickly and then in your working your premature and emperors in the game and and you know we develop that term and he that it governors there's a lot of other really tells the government in New York culture and it's true road Jones. Beat bureau Miller you know let's go to in the book. The star power out of front especially in. And you know advocates decorum back and he kind of events in its paired us up well and kind of give us but to balancing act on the back end. And it is is almost as good utility that wanna play for it you know low. You know he you know has resonated in you know he knows the game so when you that's what has some from the failure wasn't built. So going forward I mean obviously those. Four years or four years ago so it's. For the program I'm sure she's he's up to see changed over the last couple years working on who have we will have. Probably there weren't a lot of things about the pro game in the coaching game and ready to make that step and I think overall predicts. You know this you can Brenda are you want to support and it's going to be different the fans really get injured as well. Joining us right now on the S gators sabres defenseman Jim McCabe who played for Phil Housley new coach eighteenth head coach and sabres history. At the 2013. World championship Marty got something or other dads. Last year but when you've played for Phil Housley in the world juniors you mentioned some of the top end talent players. Star in the NHL right now that did Johnny grew grossing Gus is fair to go out and yuck. You know what was he is a week to communicate with the players. And Howard a player's feeling about when Phil Housley walked out of a meeting where they think in while the act there's a guy we can get buy in or. What was the feeling there. Yeah I think you know and like you talk scored after after meeting here whatever it may be here. They're an intermission. Talker would ever make adjustments or whatever victories. In the way he just carries himself and talks to us it's. You know it is still a lot of passion and you know you really truly just want to win so bad. And you know that's it's easy to get behind with someone to carry that action. I think just a park or like does resonate but justice you know he's discriminate that is the attitude is gonna stick with that. Cyclical process and you know. Good things happened you know we've fall behind the camera ever maybe is used motivating us. No obstacle that yeah. Look at that we've we did have a lot of lot of great players but he's known get a good job of balancing. Out who's playing with who and and just their infidelity going to get him gone deeper into the side of the little things like that it goes along way so it's starting to get a credential but not elsewhere. So what would your interactions like when and if you're just tuning in Jake McCabe sabres defenseman joining us play for Phil housing news sabres head coach at the 2013 world juniors. Like what are your interactions like whether to let you know as you mentioned earlier you were the captain so. It off he's is he pulling aside we're talking don't. Like be honest was a little bit of an intimidation factor there too he's a hall of Famer and and he's named you captain and he what was what was that like it and what kind of guy was he communicating with his with his leaders. It I think in north beyond with a I took my those are only you're playing world jitters as an academic progress for sure and then. Oh the opposite as word commitment in my second year and then. Played decent and she started her out that it was important election and the pre tournament stuff from like disagree lawmaker with FEMA whatnot they pulled me aside and predators over to calm down a primary game we knew kind of where it could be an aquarium. In other open. Sure not to make the vehemently navy captain which for the for the you know big personal boost myself obviously like us talk about where America it's imminently goes in his acceptance those. The big boost and I think it kind of carried over let's play at a lot of confidence that tournament. Earlier in those earlier it's a dumpster almost you know the next step from a black. Career we'll take you mean you got to be excited about this hiring obviously that I mean I don't wanna put words in your mouth but I mean you have more to your game and you wanna push your career. To the next limit and and I mean this is a guy that obviously seemed to help you in that turn amend. And when you see hiring like this and you have two years left on your contract I mean you must feel like this is great for Jake McKay. Yeah I ever admit I'd I would say just I mean I don't related big moments both with the good or our entire corps in the on the back end of and like just talked earlier it would just awash in Nashville and then with the Pope for Cuba rather comb. You'll see palace in the way they drove it often. Literally on the auction mean I looked and a little bit of or both of those quotes them on different receivers Twitter is just talking about. You know it is probably develop it was a five minutes it what not Sinatra that's. You look at successful teams and that's what drives are often for the and so. It's. It's one brand article options for sure going to be a fun one well known napoleon's. I think you know do I do get government. Out. Teaching us the proper way to not take greater risks and in over the way he put it back and knows what your careers. Not a part of the penalty. Nobody could across the when he wants to. I've. I don't know if you had a chance to talk to either one of them yet you can let us know if you did or not but if you haven't yet what do you expect that first conversation to be like. Because I would think that especially with the coach he'll reach out to all the players so. Where do you think that goes way thing the first question that you would want to know or daddy would ask you will be. I think probably the first question is. Is. From thereafter from the civil by the work we get better we'll that we need to get better out. And what that particular team needs been proven because this is you know look you know last year replica under achieve them. Ever won the fixed up from it is we should have that fixed up and production or whatnot but I'm almost. Almost sort of step backward earlier this morning season and therein analysis. Urging coming I think Everett Ehrlich surrogate. I think we did together wanna know. There are anxious but assured you are doing a better and get our feedback and I think just plus a couple conversations that Abu. You know what you guys are media or whoever and you know. All they wanna do is you know. A lot of it has communication with players such as future and I think you know we're anxious to get going and I think they're pretty clueless about what we think it's going to be a nick sitting here. There is Jake McCain go on with the investigators earlier. Good stuff from him going on about Phil Housley I failed to mention one American. Big time now. Big free agent signing last offseason. I'll post so he is also law. A nice Americans and American boy we like American boys also the captain. Captain. The ball if he's not on the team more technically until July 1 he's on the team fine. He's American Rochester we I'm so stupid. Wow. Like light they're from Montreal Canadians he must be Canadian pot idiots all right I'm gonna take a break after now. Gates and now here in the war on WGR. All of us wolf wolf Zack brown band for your joke. It is Joe's gonna Zack brown band that's apparently next Friday already. Alive tonight he was gonna go to Froyo Florida Georgia line which I. You criticized the way I highly criticized. They don't respect a respect coming from my side of the room to to Florida Georgia line. Can't do it won't do it refused to do it. Bogosian also in America find out. Thanks to Justin on Twitter app of the real mr. Roth. Also. Messina. New York. Huge New York guy is yet. The locals. So yeah there's there's Americans and helped Peterson also hopefully the jets today hopefully there as a big hopefully. The others we got Americans like Americans here in buffalo. I Canadians to honestly. Russians. And while. You know like the gutter Russians the Russians that like us we like the Russians don't like us. The Russians don't like us it seems like a lot of Russians don't like this after that we buffalo for some reason. Whether the potentially to each equal golf. Who hopefully victory to even comes and he likes hear me is gonna become an in translator. He doesn't speak English. Meaning. And hoping that maybe there's. A full. Russian speaking person around so that he doesn't feel completely isolated. Or that you know he's he's 24 babies still got him to be going youthful person. Andrei Markov is a free agent. Come on. Throw that out certainly he's like nearly 81 year deal he's 38 years old. May you don't think Victor and keep him at low point back at a victory and keep it absolutely would love playing with that guy he is absolutely you know a Russian why agents though. Yeah I mean if you're trying to keep me just strictly keeping it keeping happen and happy and you know all I mean they're still gotta be some production. Remaining in Markoff but I don't think he's gonna be fitting the the stuff title that is gonna be wanted to hear he's more of these. The old school big. Big shots stay at home no. Not a lot of skating and speed in his scheme anymore he's all these a lot of miles on that body without it deems that you play. 99990. Games in 2000 yeah but 62 last year. We've still got 36 points while really. So we still got an excellent saying. Navy lot of power play production I'm assuming it's also getting a lot of ice time their because you know with sue bend on. Not even before Saddam's gone he's thrust an effort here. The last three years remember shall answer and I human shields you was like good for a year is amazing for years and then with that Jai enormous slap shot and an apologist deep rail for him. He's. I don't know what he's up to these days the only forty is only four last played in point thirteen he played thirteen NHL seasons. More than that big year talking about it 26 goals for Montreal. 26 schools get about 23 goal year in 09 as well and without Edmonton. Remember that many only scored 21 of his career. Mean he played 758. Games themselves so I guess. That's career deserves a little more. Credits. I'll say. 'cause it's I just remember him being amazing and and just being a joke. For awhile it turns out pretty solid solid career way better career than I ever would have gone are any sort of ice surface all right had a break here we come back. Switch into the expansion draft maybe I'll give you all the all the time zone of all the important things that are coming up. And that but really digging into the Minnesota Wild right now. The pour Minnesota Wild. So screwed. So very screwed. Mean Joseph have an idea though maybe maybe we can provide some relief for Minnesota chuck Fletcher you're listening out there. If you're if you're in Minnesota and elicited WGR Sports Radio 550 for whatever reason. I've got an idea for. I know I don't have the power to make this happen by its. I got an idea for Ryan gage Jody B I seats the nightcap on WGR.