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It's like shields and a Bulldog. We do or all we're. Just watching him on the podium reached gave them that dog sports where I am not sitting and watching and yet you. Both alleged plot. Oh god. It's my children first time I was ever introduced a Bulldog the first thing that was said about him was he doesn't like sort of magic and a Bulldog toward the Marines. You could. I would sooner had he hit me in the face with a baseball bat and sit down and watch a mortal. Look we're told you 1007. Read you my friend had a race you can watch the first Lord of the Rings movie that you know approximately 2003. Warnings it's I would say good for you know. Found your wheel house or something like I would rather swallow and does involvement it's been who watched that. Non WG ER wizardry he had warlock just magic. Light. Go to Sports Radio 515 yeah. No interest and that's what you're trying to say. That's what sells and bad news and I hope the point was made. Bocelli the sabres off season so far has been. Exactly dull. Well didn't they didn't have what GM fired him for a long time and have a coach either right. So that you know the event happened which we've got a lot in our teams. You got so much talk about what they have not yet done the big thing whether that will happen at all or not the vendor clean. I think if somebody listening has has of being done. Why Darren to Gregor and maybe a couple of other those guys have mentioned. Treating Robin Lehner. I'd like to hear what you think that is. I'm not just do though that would anybody could say. Whether they think Robin Lehner is good but. That is there really some plan to do that like looking at the whole league we've we've talked about that's on the day either and I'm not sure. There there are gonna be goalies altered or somebody want Robin Lehner is out of their guy. He's he's probably gonna get paid me 84 million bucks for at least a couple years. Maybe the sabres will do that in the Google wants to. First now but it sounds like somebody's talking out there like they don't want to. So liar I wonder you do have a trade on Saturday. And time will tell how significant it is. They pay a third round pick to get Neve Campbell you from Montreal the pick is so small and value that you know why not and you meet new guys Skype played. You know the regular for Montreal promotes this season not at the end when he was in the press box for their last game. But. I'm on call this I'm impressed that this deal got made young good side is moos well now don't just geared your current NHL style defenseman. You know way whether or not. He proved to be. A significant upgrade over what the sabres head out there last year you know remains to be seen it certainly is worth trying to see if he has. And the price was certainly not prohibitive. I won't mind too. Certainly be complimentary about the trade given the fact that none of the big names that were talked about. Defenseman wives got moved in advance of the the trade freeze the roster freeze the the Vietnam guys are staying put it looks like. Visible lot of reporting that they've got to deal made with Vegas to not take either of their guys so they didn't feel the urgency to trade one of them. So like that that's taking care of Minnesota didn't trade a guy they've got some names on on the list that might. Her to lose but they didn't make a move to protect themselves and try to get an asset backed maybe the braces just weren't attractive enough. Maybe maybe a team like Minnesota just went. If you're trying to fleece me because you know I gotta move a guy all's take my chances that maybe he won't take take take the guy I want horror. You don't need to Minnesota's got a deal this again condos we just haven't heard yet has been reported most. New data certainly possible so. The point there was excuse me. And I set out to say. If none of those guys get moved and there are the best I could do was hit. Murder second pair at best defenseman from Montreal it's a third pair right now anyway because it was not. A stalwart for memory thing so I don't think he he has to and don't be mad but that's at least what I think he'd start out on my team. Then fine I did I I at least got an offense and I needed to come. Into. This draft season and upgrade my blue line and missed opportunity to maybe do something else wants the roster freeze in the trade freeze expires after the draft the expansion draft in advance of the of the regular drafting entry draft. Maybe it has to do something else but at least I've got another guiding go into ten and maybe branding tool we if he gets here so I'd I'd. I can't sit here and say like bottled it and try to do something. Maybe he did the only thing there was to be done. And he didn't pay ST Christ to do so damn good there. The letter thing is interesting to me like I don't know some people are spit all of us on Twitter when we brought this up earlier that it some sign. To help Peterson but we're not we're not committing to Robin Lehner what their job is the job is yours but. That doesn't really do anything for me this year you know I mean. It was the sabres are reminded not really worry about it for this year but I want Peterson so badly that they wouldn't worry about having a proven number one goaltender for the season. Then. Is that you know kelp Peterson to me isn't ready to show up and be my number one goal he played College Hockey the last 4 years I am expecting him to need to go to Rochester. The last three years anyway. So that doesn't really lineup. But that doesn't mean they're not trying to entice him but look we're not committing to someone they could just go trade for someone. And hope that someone in all mark can get them through the season in a credible fashion. And then you don't have the deck cleared for Peterson and a year mean I don't know that's not. Our favorite theory I mean but it's it's one that's being offered and I can't say it's not to buy. Finally coming doubtful that they would put themselves at risk of not having an airborne goal if that's what they'd be doing if they move blogger. And it's self evident but you just with Marie gone and bottle away and who knows what the plans are we just. Does he need to be explained are probably not like just Marie trades fourteen. Mean he wants trade came but whatever he does. Is compared with what he paid for him and then. Put on him on Marie and here's how you do it there here's the scoreboard on that. And bilateral doesn't have to worry about that at all or Wagner. If he gets a second I don't think I've no idea nothing about his value is if it's just gets a second round pick for Robin Lehner Murray doesn't do that. But if bilateral or some other plan. Then he can do that and no one cares that they paid a first forum. The first time and now we got a second back you know Montreal. Trades this Beaulieu of for a third. That was a first round pick of their's five years ago and that's the same Jian. So if you're watching much really go this guy drafted him in the first round and traded him for a third meets five years later here and that's. I suppose what he was worth. But it's not the same conversation. Literal canoe anything he wants to this roster and these guys who were all talking about today or have been talking about. Be that Cain Lehner the expansion draft guys that's carrying a Pittsburgh goes yen who's available there. Molson is available there even if you wanna include them. Although it seemed like a no brainer to put him on that list. All guys that Maria acquired sign treated for. It just there there's no reflection. On the sabres for what happens. The current management for what happens with the any of those guys so he does protect and it's right and that is Emery contrary to. It is not a Marie peck but egos protect NS who's produced so little. In the last couple of years. Why. I don't say that because it's such a bad idea necessarily. Is there more to the story is there and Paul beyond those Paula thinks thinks this. Or at least considers it. That Kerry K is there. So that Vegas doesn't take all marked the goalie. And so they won't take Dennis they want Kerry because is cheaper and meat eater and you know what it's like a more. So maybe that's right I don't know that anybody knows that. It's believable to me that the sabres would be motivated. To protect their goaltending so. They're no. You know this Peterson situation is easier if you were trying. And even motivated to let him know that you're not committing to Lennar you still don't know that you're going to get the player I mean there is still that what you. He's he is now all what are we 1011 days away from unrestricted free agency. For kelp Peterson you'll be able to pick anywhere he wants to go all the money is going to be the same. Wherever you chooses but this is just like the BC thing from last summer just the timing is little different that was the middle of August and is beginning it's a lot. So. I don't have certainty that error. And if I don't know what I'm gonna have him but all the markets if for young goalie ready to play in the NHL anyway at least even be a backup. Bet that's that's where he sat beyond that in the organization I mean it's just. They don't have anyone that's really ready. Johansson has been signed and so commonplace in Rochester next year he's Swedish goalie like hallmark is but that's that's a couple years waste all. So I would understand them wanting to protect young goal. Even if they have to expose into the expansion draft by and by protect I mean meet some. Criteria. For Vegas to take something rather than take the goal. 8030550. If you have an opinion on what the sabres did or are doing here. I love this for Vegas we've talked about this so many days in the last while. What happens with the expansion draft that is just it's more interesting to me. From their standpoint. Then hours sabres fan like that the sabres really it's not that. But as the teams go it's not that interesting of a team for this buffalo but Vegas like they they just wrong the show here. And they have two more days of coolness in the majors become probably the worst roster in the league once they actually picked the thing I'm Wednesday but fine. There are benefits. And what else can you make happen. How many first round picks. Could they possibly get to. It's being talked about that it's going to be at least four. May lead. 67. Maybe more. Their own Columbus. As if Anaheim soon to be a first round pick for not taking that the Huntsman. I don't over its assumed you have the islanders in here to know. You might have national possibly. I don't know to Anaheim Columbus is the first team that I think is right for that and then. Some collection those other ones who knows what else might be happening. You wouldn't want all those in the same year. Probably not. Probably not. That Chicago is another one maybe Chicago. I don't know I don't know right they could because there's reports of there dealing with Chicago to get Trevor renderings. Ike and rise Gruber I think you'd probably want to have viewed you're giving Citi is many six I think you might wanna space you know extreme three may be at least to start you don't wanna moments and no. But teams I think are probably reluctant to trade away first flounders too far down the road because you never use. You might not know which team is going to be like console according to root trade. You're trading 25 pick or the fifth you know that's to be risky if you get much beyond a year or two. Looking out. McDonnell pot of armor and a team I don't think I wanna do that but I might think I'm on track to be really good. I don't know most. Injuries or what not like you just can get pretty speculative. So you you you'd wanna treat. That far in the future I think I'd wanna maybe callables locals. An and be reluctant to get much beyond its it lasts the exit next year's. For trumpet. But that's just it's a lot. Phone Mo I wanna beat them and stock up on picks. And make all these deals that everybody has been talking about the pure LeBron has been talking about that the biggest GM is talking about. That is how to go why else why bother being anything else why bother with trying to get to eighty points and be respectable and maybe compare with the best expansion team what's the point that was that worth. Draft. For. Forty years I'll. Get the picks. Take a couple of stars or semi stars with big money to either for leadership for. Mark. Getting whatever is Turks all I don't know or just to get to them is just to spend the money just for you or right just the look like your book will go into India and wouldn't just pass on every evening employer. We took a couple main players they heard those the most interesting thing to me about this draft is just how much of that. You know if there are yeah I know I have not pored over every team's list. So I don't have any this memorize or right. But only if there is you know if if each team had as some version Bogosian and surely most teams have got a guy like that million over priced guy you on and off. You can find some appeal there may be solves a better example what an older player but still we got a former captain Stanley Cup winner if if if fifteen of the teams and we have a guy that fit that description. It's Vegas take. You but those guys I'd look fairly common in those guys do you do you take. You know just to sort of try to look good you know you're gonna watch it if you're choosing a guy for battery in. Character and leadership. Are gonna want him to be happy about coming there otherwise that negates. The the first part you don't even choose in the got to be a good guy in the room. And he's unhappy because here's gives it a lot of school or you just isn't it timers like he wants to go spend. Bennett while his career competing for last place. Then that negates the value of giving the player in the first place you know it doesn't come all the work you got to do when. You know just like wanna take a guy in assume its work in will be happy there. What's it like to be on the block here for these two days like for goes in just for the sake of right discussion. What's it like to be him. I don't want agent gets to pick your spots that anybody can be traded but there really are that many trades outside of that one day. Here is but goes in or may be other players more so I think he I think of him first as having been in the league more. In my going to be moving bearer in a week like am I really don't regret he's. Got a young family like I won I wonder how oh how much certainty he has. You know I got to wonder piece it it if you know surface agent knows my eagle it would be yes. That there wouldn't be allowed asserting it if the sabres in the sabres have a deal. For them to take a certain players care create as to not take the goal you think you would know then I ought to I think probably would now. But that that bottle would tell his agent like Kate tells that afterward were leaving him out there we it's also that. You don't want to walk is if if you're gonna have the guy still here I think you want to smooth over any potential for him to be. Viewing on wanted. You know is is as silly as that might sound mean. It's it would be a good feeling if you war. Under contract for the money that Bogosian news and you have a certain opinion of yourself. And your sitting out there dangling on the wire I think if if it is known that. You should if you do get assurance. I don't see any reason why the team wouldn't give you. Because they know with Jason bottle nose as best he can like I've got to deal with this guy don't worry. You're not getting picked I think you wanna tell you so he's not walking around for a week going. Which could happen we want to go to Vegas. Room sort of homes went out when I've wanted to be doing if you think that you could be going her. Of all cities quite. Media is big of an adjustment. Hey is there would be in the league with the timing and quick about it you're on Arizona. But the federal most of the league bright lifestyle climate. Just it's it's a city. There's no city like. You don't you were there aren't you governor bill tomorrow Ryan has not been area I have a it's on it's on the bucket list of cities to visit and we don't mean yeah I'm I'm only 25 so I got some on some prime years enemies though. You have to eat a certain age. To call a bucket list. No not to tempt fate. Get up and but today he's 45 did you did you listen the bucket list for that. It's never too early start to block list you know what you got it yet it's like it's a to do list in my kids have a bucket list shall not I gotta get to. The I don't know man gonna get Anderson's before I mean just. That's an easy their bucket list it's easy it's nice to get these things crawl occupation regardless of spaghetti Eddie's excellent check out at the who's their boat with the Chucky cheese ha ha and of beach. I at all I don't know man I I did not when I I certainly speaking for myself when I was 25 was not thinking about us. There are places I wanted to go and I've often went to those places one wasn't. With the mind and check out there total list I gotta get there soon. You felt like you had time now and all I can't really cop to having all lists. Stephens and it was even to. Write a seven years ago. I don't I don't necessarily have like a bucket list I Gaza's morsel watchers thing I have these things that I know I want to do that wildly to accomplish at some point but there's now. Rossi. Have a list of lists create pressure I don't meet like room feeling I got a golden got to do these things like. I don't hold me. It freaks me out when you fifty dollars oil on the list only to be looking medal list and we think it might Wear it someday I'd better at the London. I don't want one idol if putting an analyst does that make it more likely to happen. Well it depends it's more of a figure simplest now I don't know it's it's just something that's in your your hat on they. You haven't necessarily written down anywhere on its not. Ray and so you shouldn't feel that pressures is something that you know you want to accomplish before you now. You know what is the number one thing on yours because I don't know if I even have one I don't go to one of his that I want that I don't have I did I get I guess Europe. I've never been to Europe so I think Europe. I'd like to do what you're not making any plans to go there do you have no plan out there really were going in five years not even that no. No definitely not we are having dinner time for our anniversary maybe this is something we will talk about. But setting a plan do you think do do you think it would be good to talk about it. If you would have done it before you got to respect good of an idea let's really pin down when let's talk about this when are we going do you wanna go is is important EU. This might be there's been this whole bucket list conversation in my a reluctance to consider it money be the impetus for the conversation actually happen. But it might get dragged into the center of the ring. Because you know. If we don't make a plan it's never gonna happen. So it's just not but I know we have been on vacation vacation. In. Many years now. FaceBook is really good at reminding me like 86 years ago you win nearly all. All thanks to be back but that's a bit of a reverse what atlas this to it's been this long since you went to the Ocean City. Thanks based book the amateur Roca. And I know look that sort of vacation is out there error. Before I'm going to Europe I think like the pressure as a family to take one of these. Saint John Virgin Islands whenever vacations is there but that's happening before I go to Europe. Some Europe's. At the weight. Did your bucket list beat things you've already done. 'cause I'm sitting her thing on what do what I wanna do next that's a thing there would be like sort of a ultimate goal for. Be a goal for me and I thought to go back to the pirates game how could. I just did that a month ago when what order pirates get. Now let's not count you'd just have to be things you can't ever done has to be things you never done pesky first time maybe this winds. Maybe go to the winds of comic book she's ballpark newer anyway I don't know if there. Muscles wanna go to China. Future. Cashman do you want to go to China Noelle I don't care at all what we're trying to write and don't put on your book. The lobes. The official. It's just hurting it just talk me out of putting going to China for a bucket list or the other really didn't want to all is that sort of power. And after the update here on WGR. Cole Hamels again. Well we drank a lot of was being so I don't know if we want all night. I'm all things they even missed a I guess buffalo late news from the in the fall. All right Paul so. Everything we everything we just went through there the protective list the trade for Beaulieu the what's. And all of it I guess those are the two things seem relate to really start with which is more interesting view what's that the biggest. Development here of the last two plus days. I was mildly surprised they did not protect Carrie gave with that tells me that there is a likely. Are there is a good chance that. There is an agreement with Vegas and if you want to speculate I mean the conversation could have gone. We're gonna take your goaltender Earl Clark Bob trolls like well I'd like to keep Michael federal mark cover a lot of depth in goal easy on goal coming off. All starry here in the heat shell I would prefer. I prefer not to give view our budget draft picks or anything like that and then Vegas hey look at political time as a law and you you give us carrier. And let a stake him because quite honestly I don't I don't see any value at all and Tyler and his idol exit trade value. Mean the guys had two major concussions than they have the stomach surgery in the groin surgery. Which to Panama out of most of last year it's been two years now since he has played anywhere near what he's capable. Are used to be capable law. I just don't see a market for a player like that right now. So it wouldn't make any sense that you wish you would protect him because really would have to do movies not going anywhere. But since they did and carry it was not protected. Didn't it just makes sense that some sort of deal some deserted they've come to some sort of agreement you with thick. Third is that what you're saying and this is the clue for you and this is the clue. Because why would Vegas pick him so if he's the he's protected and Kerry is not that's a clue for you that something's up. It is infuriates me is a piece. When you have a good team he's got really good speed. Every now many show a little bit of an offensive touch I think you maybe as a people or maybe it you know ditch. Ten goals are so awful fourth line he's the type of guy I think he'd want on your fourth line on a great team. You know a guy that has some energy has a little bit of touch has some speed yeah I want to speed on the fourth line to be quite honest with you there. So so I think that's what you're looking at as far as him as a career. I don't think it's the end of the world that the use me like there. They have around accurately guess they said but you know I I I think you can find. Fourth liners and when you play goaltenders you orbit that. That argument too but they just don't have a lot of depth on the open. Yes that's where it starts for me Paul like I don't know that all mark is such a valued commodity. That Vegas definitely would take come ahead of you know any number of other goalies that are available but the the trick is for. The biggest GM George McPhee to make balk rule think he's going to take him but that's that's the poker game so. The lack of depth cal Peterson situation I think is a real factor here Paul if if the sabres had managed to give him signed. Before this deadline. Approaching where he can choose any team wants to go to the battle little more ball that worried him and I still would like to have depth and goaltending but I feel like. OK if I've got I've got a young guy who's a year away maybe a year in the minors away from being my number one goalie. You know that's a best of best pay best case scenario it's it would Peterson. But not having him the uncertainty is not being signed creates. It's like all markets by only guy ready to even contribute in the NHL maybe just as a backup after that I am. I'm not a. Exactly and oh forget to. Biggest can take as many as six goaltenders. If they feel they can they can trade him. You know use them as commodities used him as as cash so to speak. So if they so choose mean they'll take her to do committee got basically four wildcard position cubicle wall who always want to. So I mean that pick six of that they want to don't necessarily have to stop to. That is a good I didn't realize that and that is a cool idea that school possibility here that date V if they were to look at the board. And think that that's where their most value is in trades Mariah sick to flipped but another guy at the same. Then that would really be fun. So yeah. And you know I've been convinced for about a year now that'll mark is going to be the guy I ever since you've been talking about this and you know I think that's one of the orchard is talking about not. Portals whether they're thinking of they want to use of input of their organization or the wanna mobile earth I just feel. That's that's kind of like that the guy I think I've been targeting all along with that is is the guy they could lose. Paul do you have any idea what Bob oral thinks of Lennar we have these reports that. The safety Darren triggers on the station the other day saying he thinks the sabres would trade him give any. Beat on where that's coming from. But he is on record as saying that he can he's fine if letters starting goaltender next year. But I think he's looking at depending on what he can get form my I would think that he's just trying to move them for the sake of moving him. To me. I I'm I'm kinda with doctoral that way I have no problem with the Emery signing him at a reasonable contract. For a couple of years I don't wanna see a 56 year deal and that that. Breaks the bank or anything like that I don't think he's earned that but I think he has earned maybe a two year deal. At. I'll raise. Not huge raise or raise from what he was making and that's what bottles on record as saying but he made up he convinced totally that. That Robin weather can be the number one goaltender of the future and I think he he's open to ideas maybe it would be about the best way to. Oh boy I wonder if if he would it just to try to connected all it is if he's open to moving Lennar it would have to be I think. Whiff the caveat that that there's somebody out there that he thinks he can get from Vegas after this or from some other team. When all the dust settles here but there's some guy out there that he likes that has some some cost certainty that more appealing. Or whatever it is because if you were to just move Robin Lehner then. But suddenly I'm I've met when Linas hallmark and your name here and I really have to go shopping now we got our our deck looking for number one goal. That you know that he has a very very high hopes reliever Saul mark yeah maybe higher hopes that lead you were. Or other people knew if if that were the case if he were to do that. And geek we go back to something you guys just mentioned a few minutes of the Peterson. I mean whether you get it done or not probably would would. Work into your decision. That's got to be right to consider a major long shot at this point ultimate. I think to sign before it becomes a free agent. I think for him it would be silly not to become a free agent just to see what's out there day to see who was interested. And that to me that doesn't mean the sabres are a lot of it it just means your exploring the options that are out there. And you you could wind up coming back to the sabres I I. I just don't think because he explores options that means he's he's. Saying no to the sabres and less he actually comes out says. Whom put even if you're getting him signed the review you view felt confident about that. Trading liners still mean. I need a number one goal like you must you're saying that you think maybe but won't offer will be telling you was that he thinks hallmark for her to do their job and that would be shocking when it. There would be to me yes. You know who knows he could bring back Nelson again in order to get them through. You know if the if he thinks I got two really good young goaltenders here. You know he might like what he's what he saw bill servants look at hee hee hee and all marking get me through at least for a year. Or maybe two way and we can see how where this goes. I would understand. Organizationally. Them trying. To create the best. Appearance of the job being available to Pedersen with in the next year. So it's Lennar if that's the starting point for fur. Anyway and her movement idea. Op I'm I want us and say I would respect that it means I'm on a scramble for a year but. I think Peterson is that sort of a prospect that I would dumb I would contemplate that you agree with apple. He is but he's not guaranteed and no elbow but he is back. Wet what I mean by that is I. I know Chris Baker and I've had this conversation. He doesn't even feel Peterson is the best goaltender calls hockey right now. And that doesn't mean he thinks he's bad it's just that I don't want to give the impression that. This guy seems to be guys just gonna jump righted in goal like Tom Brosseau develop high school many many years ago. I'm not say. I I just actually Peters played him four times. I'm TV. So it's it's hard to decide what he could do with the National Hockey League so I don't wanna close the door on the fact that maybe you can walk in. And play right away. But it just from talking to people it in addition to Chris Brown into NHL people it doesn't sound like he's quite NHL right I. I am not by saying what I said about making the job appear to be available saying. That I think they should give him the opportunity to to be the goalie this year when I'm saying is if you trade minor. What you're doing is not signing winner for two or three years and just telling Peterson. Go to Rochester. And we'll see about 1819. If we we're not committing to any goal. In other words like so the job you know the book above the role is clear for you is islam's. And with the letter talked to Rick could have been a GM who you know as it was was talking to they're Gregor substance guy called buffalo I was asking about. Letter and I mean you know we had talks about it made an offer whatever. It just might have been a call that doctoral field. And on. And listened to Paul free go there's a lot this week expansion draft entry draft to going to the jerseys the schedule was the most exciting part. The exciting part is for me when we we start getting trades and movement I always want to see movement I was disappointed when I go to the draft. I come back in college it is in draft picks her. You know I know that's what I've therefore yes let. I want interviewed GM's talking about trades to win and in so I hope that something that. Happens there to me that would be the most exciting thing. If we we get there and all the subjects and botched passes over to the hotel lobby that tell us about it a couple of boos and it did us a favor a member for a lot of doubts ran around a lot memories hotel. That's what he you know he picked up liner and and other so he he was active at least about draft. Right and O'Reilly. Right at us well you could have a situation here were Vegas it's everybody's first round pick and the only people in there on Friday night or Vegas. And all the other teams don't even go Missouri. While I still have to go just in case Vegas trade at one of those personal picks to buffalo so. And you'll be god and whatever happens and we'll be on top of it thank you Paul. But it we have Steve Steve carp. We don't. All elite received car. Coming up at 615 minutes more on the Vegas strategies here at the expansion where you go where you ultimately receive Steve Powell's goal for some reason I don't know why you would know that that. That's what I felt as well I thought it was going right l.s well I got a call today from a guy right before the show you might have been in the room being Steve pace I was thinking of him or. Four letters are ones of those opponent that was Lisa I almost said Steve pace okay. We picked up Brian Campbell picked up on the it was WP. Mike show the Bulldog the thought is just getting started here I will have us Steve. Car coming up in fifteen minutes under the new GR. I. You were reported right now caller 564 point 98780. Hang on scratch that sorry I rushed it. Don't call don't call please don't call. Text to win is what this contest it is 55550. Keyword is hockey. He priced between five dollar gift card at 2716. Mood in sport valued prizes. Five dollars general contest rules apply. The spurs beat NHL draft free yourself this week at 716. How modern of us to change to a text contest I apologize. You. Happened to see my a joke from yesterday that I mean it's wonderful lot of I can't believe people I did see that was something about alignment yes yes yeah I didn't get it. So were at the turn. Who's my first gulf game in almost a year and never playing anymore got an invite old friends was happy to do it read to turn. And yes it's like 9 in the morning he says you want a beer as that of course. It's Father's Day he said. What kind you want what you want be random selection as all of I'll have a corona. He says do you want lie Amos said I'm having mine for dinner. That's not funny. I am sure that that's funny I can't believe 9% of people agree that that's funny and ninety one's that it wasn't. I mean it's not it's of course that's funny I'm living life for dinner and got the people agree to all they have taken this feel they're all tell me. You would not have lines for dinner I'd like I and that's why it's funny that the bureau and the choke. If if we're talking about having us wage and is what you want to have a sandwich we do want you wanna steak sandwich I go we're having steak for dinner that's not funny at all. Or does a guy what percent of people think that's funny. 91%. And saying I'm no I don't want to speak now and state dinners definitely enough funny though is not even a joke. I'm not sure that's the news either sell themselves did you know it's not really sure visiting museums it's he will go on for at this small hole. I don't know did you get the line. No well because it feared you're making the jump even if you're having line for dinner and you can't get the now become really the you know do it of course not one no I can't ever alive because I said I've having line for dinners and really work yes investment fraud have in the corona. Owners get in the line smooching and and reviewed them and tipped it over and expertly letting. The combination dissipate. And not spill in the beer that's almost work the best part of the whole corona experience and so much work why would you bother putting and there aren't using its lows challenge communicated we just put the piece alignment and leave that they have that yet you get a snippet on if you wanna mess out of line and you got to unity with a little bubble chart I don't wanna Max out on the line. And all that I wanted to lie beer to go get that. Well it's. Into I'm having line for dinner I don't know I loved it I loved. I think usually I'm right about this stuff but she's already people heated or just didn't care about it I just may I may get lost. I've lost my ability oh what's bonus each spur of the moment. Yes well written. Walking around for fifteen years for somebody asked you if you wanted to why don't appear. Though. I have goes this is not one of those yet this is just I just thought that at that moment I was so happy with myself like let's go to. Nobody's idea nobody like that. The waitress laughed but then my body goes she just laugh. I don't have to laugh that's true I can't even like even except that she liked the joke. I don't jokers in quotes. It is it's on me a little bit here her. After a five minute explanation. Shelton who live here at that takes a five minute explanation it's not a good joke maybe explanation was great. Have a Koroma on what Lyman that a living lives for dinner. Well but the eggs and on the boy asks Steve carpet that's funny. By alcohol will dumbing them they're the type he's he's Steve Kerr I don't like you thought we were calling. These are the hockey writer out of Las Vegas the or a hockey writer in Las Vegas Zogby and what does he think will happen in the next couple days. With the golden knights. Much over the bulldogs this is WGR.