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Thursday, June 8th

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Enjoy at all. Do you really. Reach up to. This deal went from Ryan geeks who gives that you probably don't dad. It costs each track. But the real question. What do you got a question wrong. You have got to. Beats the nightcap well I can ask that they can't get. They eat and the other side eighty C fight KG odd name is Ryan geeks can the president. Got a question to seek the holy Grail but. He's the ads they'd better ask you are not name is brought out. What do you mean we Africa and all Europeans want him. I'm I don't know backpack. Kucinich is believed. Yeah fidelity singing in your opinion on WGR. Sports Radio 515. All right yeah outrage version nightcap here right gates showed me the Osce. Predators. Penguins team and five. It's the fifth game of the series yes and that's gonna become a deal will bring you coverage starting at eight puck drop and normally going around eight years ago so that's when you couldn't expect. Pot drop. Well we'll get into a little bit about the the image or touch a touch at all today had made eerie he's he's saying and out he's on the AT&T hotline here. I want to get him on because. I want to talk a little bit about the bills everything that's going down right now we got Sammy Watkins back on the field of course. The Jeremy Maclin saga is continuing. Well I wanna pick his brain a little bit towards the end about the NBA finals and some of the early rumors coming out about LeBron James already thinking about leaving Cleveland so Nate what's going on and I do. I'm doing well Obama. Sort of like that you sit in letters that were yeah like. Yeah there's this this ball there's the spherical. Thing of light in the sky. And it creates scenario. Yeah that's pretty nice to see that hopefully innings at. The beginning of this I mean it's not quite yet summer if you on the now official brought the right but. Yeah this hope this sticks around a little bit marks yet a real nice sunny summer last year and it hasn't hasn't lived up to the expectations so far. Yet I mean I enjoyed it I was looking at this got out the window. It yeah I mean that's generally how I enjoy this on as well I don't actually want it touching my skin directly but I will help or I just like other scenery outside our it's a date. We've got its OT is going on tomorrow is gonna be the last OTA practice for the bills and Sammy Watkins is back and be limited participant. Threw out the weekends of course of the big the big story is back and following Jeremy Maclin around really. And now today. Media was allowed to watch practice Rosie Jones a full participant Sammy Watkins limited it seems like the receiver corps if Jeremy Maclin. Does end up getting added which is obviously up in the air still but it seems like. They're getting healthier they're gonna begin their reps in with Tyrod Taylor throughout the off season. And I think that's gonna be a huge benefit once dubbed the bills get into training camp and actually into the season. Yeah I bet that it would struggle to. I guess that's that's how Maclin could potentially help this offense here quiet. It's not because the player that he is that you don't think that this offense is really going to be I am using a lot of wide receivers. Specifically to be here because I mean look at last year. Obviously there were 800 victories at the receiving position but. The cornerback Eric Taylor just didn't get the ball to his receivers record debates. I mean it last year how sad to read that trial quite get the ball. So I can't say. Having gotten him out to eat I wonder and I worry a little bit about. If they start you know start slow this year especially for the year. How that potentially played out but. At the same time I mean adding a guy like Jerry Beckel and she knew that it would be she should stick to distort team who certainly could use the help position. Mike that we didn't pictured them. At any point giving receiver at this point it at the caliber that Maclin is speed didn't. You know his ability to try to catch and run after catch. I mean that you're talking with appeal at a given time having Charles clay you know that you likens. Jerry Beck when they Joan and I feel pretty good about the prospects of that enemy took. How are my point is quality because that ought to make it felt like a picture back it up to develop its pro I mean. If you look at the Denver Broncos opera like you they had to 1000 yard. And current recipient from the law so it certainly possible that this offense in the heat too well we're pretty. Exit if the character. Yeah I I think when it comes did Jeremy Maclin I just see him as a these are pretty good fit for our what the bills would want to be doing on offense and he then maybe Tyrod Taylor skill set and obviously I haven't seen anything from Rick Dennison. On the field with the bill's blood kind of what I. What I envision if you do have Jeremy Maclin and Sammy Watkins you've got a Jones Charles Oakley got all these weapons the receiving weapons several hundred homes and their two if you want them. You've got all these receiving weapons and you've got two guys on the outside who are personal they can run all sorts of different routes they can. Burned on the field if you want to do that. Which suits suits Tyrod Taylor's game and then you've they also do the short game very well. We haven't seen it in buffalo of all these guys are capable of catching a screen pass getting the ball space and making plays happen cell. I think it would be just a huge addition for Tyrod Taylor because. Those are a couple of things that can make his game. I guess easier when it's the short throws an easier in the long game because that's really has passed thrall is that long throat on the sideline when he gets a chance to do it. They literally have those guys last year on the field they had mark he's got to win by. Maclin is a completely different beast than a guy like that. Yeah I mean if you think back to. Two years ago and Rex Ryan's first each year the Pickett Percy Hartman they have Robert what do you are gonna see your Dick Clark how does this. Are all really good and then you look at that keep bringing back on it I mean they haven't met claim that. Walking in the Joan I mean that is the significant upgrade from that year. And where your ticket while we might have a night off without a special receiver position let's believe who acquired ul trouble Kuwait in Carl clear that while this offices back in the well two years later phase or post but I mean what those guys Natalie in the one of the city played Purdue team. I think I like where the receiving cores going if they can all stay healthy at aqueduct that exit. Met one skirmish that is really kind of what intrigued you most about it is you know collapsed. Two years she's been sort of a completely different player but it media program virtue to the ball Alex if it is the most patient. You know intermediate downfield passer so most news to him. You know portion of the touches were calm and a line of scrimmage so I do like that I mean. For the cheat to get rid of a guy like Jerry and necklaces at this stage his career he's back. Maybe thirty years old United's old. He's would say that yet of the doubt would certainly. Got in my opinion. And I think the stick with English Jeremy Maclin is. Depending on what happens with Sammy Watkins we know that the option wasn't picked up ends. The the injury questions it's good to see armed getting that individual work in and hopefully. Once the you know the mandatory mini camps next week but what's training camp comes around he'll be he'll be full goal and not like last year you might fall fall fall glow. And ended up getting re injured and never really being 100%. But if you get a guy like Jeremy Maclin in here and you think that you would want them on some sort of short term deal with the way that I view it is. Depending on what the salary is and ease ease the guy that was going to be making happy salary and now you got I think he's still searching for a good bit of money 'cause he's thinking he's worth that kind of salaries probably gonna have to take a pay cut. But. You think about if Watkins does end up getting injured and the bills decide not to. Stick with them long term and you give Matt Quinn maybe a two year deal. Where it's okay you got for this season he got for next year and Watkins is gone. It's Maclin and Zeta-Jones then maybe they add another guy through the draft next year but it's. That kind of thinking where. They're looking more of the the long term status of the roster. And I think that's a mark that Maclin may be would have if they did decide to do a little bit longer of the deal. Vs just given on the one year deal looks like OK we're going forward this year and not and will see what happens at the end of the year. Yet it picketed in point about that too is you know a couple of people packed yesterday you know what the hell aren't the bills. Hey quiet it will pay this guy why. And I think to myself why can't act like. You know bad. After one or point two well the bowl 08 shop or exceed or even played down still have a contract. I'll bet that traded up in indeed they got any lock it. But too much money there they they overpaid Charl and all that with multiple bets where they would overpay for players to bring him in for services. Didn't matter what about looking back stroke play who appeared to have residual heat issues that are gonna probably can't hurt the rest. Career what we are the players that they thought they were getting. That's their right maybe not. So I like what rated beauty instructor they worked crash since you're the pressure the side player because you know couple better players ever it'll make its knowledge that they wanted to recommend is that they. Thought we value at this number. And Jerry back coastal fields use you know what 101000000009 million dollars or the bills so overall lines of 45 billion they're not going to spend the ill. Three quarters of their you know remaining. Bat it. Eat at that are who and it built back and look I earned a dollar a that your diet that don't repeat for him that. You know at this point the reason that they're the builder such Hillary kept. Because they capital and players and not sticking to a value system on the I think for eagle. First time I feel OK won't you laughing. Clearly the ravens it was able it re edit upper and that's really well run organization. Those what he's doing. And they feel that he's 56 billion dollar a year guy you want them well don't let him go find somebody else. I trying to say that judge Jeremy Maclin views himself as a fights army and navy. Perpetually local and. Yeah he might be a five in his own mind he might be a thoughts are man money easy. Let that he was up by starving it for example by revenue about it. Yeah he might be a force army I'm I'm gonna look at the force army and not quite a fire storm Lake Erie on the AT&T hotline. Looking ahead I haven't had you gone we haven't had a chance to to talk much lately but the jets the jets earlier this week and they cuts. You know they cut David Harris they are shopping aired Decker around right now there's reports now coming out of camp with second round pick Christian Achtenberg hitting reporters in stride with the with what balls. So all everything that you're hearing from the jets organization right now they abandoned bracing. What I think some people think maybe even you might of preferred to to go down and that's a path of stripping everything down there getting into would be the broadest form of a roster knowing that you're not going to be guide. To put yourself in a position to find that truly franchise altering quarterback the judge seemed to be embracing that. And I think it's it's an interest staying. Difference of philosophies between these two organizations right now because I think. Depending on what they see from Tyrod Taylor this year 'cause the first time he's playing on this gee I'm in this coach. What they see from Tyrod Taylor or may be on now and Nathan Peter men. Like they're going to be looking for a franchise altering cornerback as well and it's. Be different philosophies of how to get there the jets are doing it in the method the tank is. Everyone will call it and then the bills are doing VOK we're gonna try to load up on assets get an extra first round pick and see if it's actually begin flipped that and move up in the draft. To get a position where we can get a guy like that. Yeah you know I hinted that yet it would but they might be there who error. It is that what an excellent right out there organization provided a lot of you know a senator McCain's part. Today or his it is like to call me just not really a lot like they were really try to break this down and rebuilt. That why he'd hurry back in it picks were willing to blow up for quarterbacks in this draft went to the bill showed it and yet. You're talking about a team like Cleveland who is completely done the same thing except in my opinion it is the right where it. They they got is wrapped and you try to ski and so they're picking up. Value where did you hurt releasing starting players getting almost nothing in return. Now with a particular worker for Tucker put. The rumor is that the team picture release a player Y got things that they get up and activate you'll eat beat around waivers. Or to pick up as a free to critical such. All clever way. It's team trying to train by coming out they woke incredible relief well. We haven't won't appear darker for Earl. That I can mean. Bring it got talent and if you're going to be bad. That either he had some couldn't break petty or aggression have incurred a clear and sound like leopard at a time buckle that all you heard good. About how would pick up the playbook he. You know look more mature enough not reading the book the part of the starting quarterbacks though per mean the jets really have done that sort of thing go with backwards to be because. You know they haven't really they picked him. And the Robert perhaps there and other hot and it. Didn't creep back into. The subsequently how this team it'd be good bad or expect the creativity and what next year but. That's not how are going to build an Antarctic at the you know per out of sight and your rebuild plan right now await the end where. Clean like that okay what it is but he draft pick as possible. We keep those graphics to keep to trade for a player like Jeanine talent or we can wrap up. Five. Course re route and see how it helps so I. I understand Al it is. Yet the New York Jets to put I have a feeling that they will be. Yeah I think you you look at. Josh McCown right now is is penciled in as the starting quarterback in the last two times Josh McCown went into a season is starting cornerback. The team that he was on the number one overall peck. So you can look at it whichever way that you wanted jets but that that's like a clear sign to me if you're a team that's really trying to Wayne. Josh McCown isn't going to be your starting cornerback and it's worth it pretty much conversation starts. Right now I mean that's that's good spot start and end because you're right at me and it has got to get to it. I at what happened at a wind water to gain here at the order pot holes so it's going to be legal stuff. Right and it's it's like well wire is your basic why that player this year if you're gonna build a base hit terrible team. Let the climate how old that no matter what happens. Apathy I. Work. There are only six in the culprits pet by we I so it's just it is such as the. Nate Geary on the EE TT hotline with Wright gates on the nightcap all right NBA finals I get a little bit in. With do you know about these NBA finals so far. I gotta be honest I've watched probably. Last night I'd say I was the first half was odd Yunel and I watched part of the first apples really happily paying attention. Watch part the first half game one. Did not watch any of game two whatsoever did not watch the southern half last night's kind of regret it because it sounded pretty good but. I based my reasoning of turning the game off at half time adds. OK LeBron is going to get fatigued now and though warriors are gonna run away with just like the previous two games ago what ever right. I got to know it's gonna happen and that didn't happen but I mean you're already getting rumors coming out now and media joke kind of touched on this a little bit last night. We were. Talking about the BM BAC BA in the salary cap a little bit wages I don't know if you ever dug into that knee. It's for like rocket scientists are people who have financed degrees because it does extremely confusing. Or. Yeah I don't even know like I was trying to to explain to people par today and I'd just like I'd. I'm sorry I I can't even do this it's. I don't even know I don't myself and this rabbit hole because I do not have any idea. Of what's going on we've got rumors already coming out about LeBron potentially leaving and it was just something that I. Brought up last comic maybe LeBron will want to move. Take a look at his options again because he brought the championship to Cleveland which was really has stated goal. When he came back to Cleveland it was I want to bring the championship. Well he did it and now he's seeing that team on the other side which. If they do keep that core around you talk about the jobs being bad for five years that team's going to be extremely good for five years if they can figure out a way to keep backcourt together. So LeBron got to be looking at it and being like. Either they need to do something here Cleveland. Cleveland can't really do much because there already the team with the most in payroll. And now all the Sonny's gonna be looking around like OK who's going to be getting young stars who can I go pair up with again and it's. Boston's a name that's floating out there the lakers are being floated out there and all the sudden BBC. The biggest star in the game on the move yet again. Yeah and that hurt for the law. Let's hope that Iran doesn't beat Cleveland got the code is because but you have to stop at Cleveland Cavaliers. I know I just gave her cavs had to do. You eat at the end stopping there and for the record I'm now. Hello nobody in all seriousness. He bit rock being eaten Whittle it. I think almost for about a year now air last year was well I'd really like at my career playing with turtle amputee who and that CP three. And you know indeed wait again and that somewhere in where is that the most pop out. And and that he talked about this year I think that we it's not opposite. You know Khyber urban and his team that you beat. You know that the franchise player the future for and it just saying stuff like that will be this kind of thing open and then it would not be there were games that do. A potential sweet peer and there are already rumors that he might be will be listen I think the lakers are seen. Ortiz furious series make over the next two years. Strictly because that job to take it over there and away. Keep order of one Oakley from magic and the thing is now is Robert Eckert application mystery to talking about how. Oh all of a sudden you're gonna get one of these players that go he likes being in a Tony or another there's going to be real fourteen. Remember beat nobody else. On the critique and opinion and I don't like it agreed because they go. That every year we're seeing where your four picks in the NBA draft that are turning into just stuck right away. I mean who Lewis who is really thing an edgy honest and can. I was picture all right have really thought was gonna. But that you're talking about now and you talk about the warriors team we're they're still would like mid level from Texans got curry clay Thompson from agreed with the record are. Don't believe that they're team you know rule be able look at her or hurt her or regret not at war upper corner you're gonna tell. The media it such an interesting thing because. Yet it that it Booker a perfect example I mean this guy is one of the youngest cream your scores in the week it was eaten it still wake up. So guys are hurting in the players earlier burn out your debt come from over he. So it's going to be at six Billick and allowed the ball they're gonna end up with Paul or year. Children you know Icrc is you're LeBron you look at Alley. Potentially play from Magic Johnson BP outlet for her at all. The warrior could bring to a broad call order lobbed a ball. Plays any quick you're like OK LA and we're certain that Alley hole. Our ballot. It's Hollywood to etc. be a perfect place to LeBron and dude just me eighty million dollars this year he's going to be close to Silicon Valley and all that I got there is going to be wanna be. Investing some of his money and it's you know he's gonna. Be able to all worked at celebrity fees and LA it's I think. LA would make a ton of science besides the fact that the same conference of the warriors so. That's the only thing that gets me with with the teams haven't rumored so far. We'll cannot got one topic before 40. Okay so little. There is a 98. Point 5% chance that you can quote. Quote. It's not really quite 5% chance. Just because I eight point 5% chance. That what brought gene and his career with another team. I made. And Tony I think that's odd take Imus has not I don't even think that's odd take a kind of that hasn't. And doesn't really dawned on me until probably last night when I really can't think about the NBA two too much lead and I was thinking about it last night and unlike. Went the way that the league is going in the way that the warriors walk. He's gonna leave because he's going to be trying to find a team that. Pads. Young talents that Iraq has speeds that can fit him and then maybe another me X contract so that he could turn that franchise around and have a big four. But that's what you are now as the big four instead of a big. I think it to about Golden State quickly in order for the gold citadel a real their exports so critical got what their bench is a weapon. We look at Cleveland's box score they have got eight guys that are playing a game gold it has a lot and and don't play everybody under pressure in our buddy keep contribute to. Well they're big or what they're the teams believe get in I think that's the most important thing about that is that deal with Thabeet went about a court. All right they've come to an animal well what to do something and soon next week these these series are gonna be fizzling out at. Next week there's not going to be any NBA games there's maybe gonna be wine I felt games sell Auburn needs Joseph Rooney junior at some point. No worries IR DR did hate myself and advanced. All right makes it popular Gerber. That sneak Geary on the AT&T hotline will mean ranking aides Jody B Osce. On the nightcap when super late there or take a break here come back in it's game five of the Stanley Cup final tonight. TO two pivotal games so far in the 20s17 playoffs. Any team with the series tied at Tutu that won game five goes onto in the series happened seven times this year thus far. Every single time it is back and that team going on when the series so it's again it's a huge game tonight in Pittsburgh. And we'll talk about that coming up Joseph and I in the nightcap. Battled through so much adversity and I think we used. Tremendous composure throughout the playoffs so far we're gonna need that. The next couple games for us to have success is his team's championship team ourselves they're gonna regroup and they're gonna come out and even better next game. Why coming off in a volatile 24 minutes coverage will start a puck drop has been going on about 820 years. I think Pittsburgh so you're not gonna get any Yunel. Stars. Sing in the anthem. Think. It is now we know Carrie Underwood no no Martina McBride. And rob expert in missing in bad thought Ben Roethlisberger is not right now knows he can't do it. You won't do it he's cyborg sites start artists and cyborg hand saying c'mon c'mon joke but yeah Pittsburgh. I saw a tweet earlier I believe it was from Michael Russo who is. A highly covers Minnesota Wild. The Saint Paul time. Simple times evil times Joan snotty it's adios let's it's good job. On. But he's saying that there are tickets available V he went around and went around talking seldom. So ticket sales and scalpers outside the arena and they're selling all their tickets for low. Face veil. Which is pretty shock and I know this series so far. As. If I don't act right even those first two games that Pittsburgh stall. Because reading was not on top his team hands. Memory was and now we've seen the reversal of that happen in games three and four and all of a sudden here we argue five it's tied up bought. You expected the the fans in Pittsburgh is still be pretty. Pretty pumped up about this game and think it's going offer for under just aisles packed my bags marked few hours ago because among men agony to meet face off. It's all moon. Base off said he won't hear so I leave here you can have left your 430 your cell made in time by. I stuck around here's the audience. I think this game this series I think it goes Urban League I think somewhere in here. Pittsburgh role I end up stealing another game. And. If it's tonight. It'll it'll be interesting to see the rest of the series because Nashville is just back and so far and had the better team. And then that looking at that and how much Nashville has just dominated apparently the penguins. Where a team throughout the regular season and throughout all these years they're bad and good. In every statistic possession numbers shots on goals goal differential they're always good at all those numbers expected goals. Great. And you look at the difference in the lineups and the star power is there for the penguins in the four ports obviously got Crosby Malkin. Castle cancel if you want them. And and are filled and where it's pretty quality guys everywhere else. And you look on the other side and this goes against for a lot of what I've cited recently about not digging yourself a hole in the lineup in two to cover different one up. And it's starting to make me think about all. Whether or not. I should be more concerned about the defense because you look at what Nashville is doing right now in in the middle break here I just. Randomly blurred out to Joseph Aziz doing whatever in their home court decisions is their first flight center. Colton citizens. Is no Colton citizens was until he scores a hat trick. In game seven of the Western Conference finals and even know the sky was and he's the first line center of the team. And this team is dominating because their defense is just so unbelievably got. So it's making me question about. Okay what is. What is team building going to look like in the NHL Ford for years to come now. And you hear all about this offseason with the expansion draft coming off and all of these defenseman needs to keep popping up whether it's Cam Fowler sandy van in her youngest pro dean dome bar scanned aloe or any of those defenseman from Nashville. That you'd you'd hear all these departments and teams coming up and the your hearing huge names tied to. You're hearing out of LA potentially Jonathan's ruling is going to be moved from Tampa for Jake mas. And I think it's. A changing. Mindset. And how teams are going to be built in Howell. The bad guy and potentially is going to be more important in the front and I think it's always kind of back and the other way around. Boeing nick Bonino broke that will not play. Watch two walked into the arena on crutches snot out there for warm up. Nick any comment is always important. He's an idea. I above the idea of nick and you know personally. I I took it up lately after he did block that shot the one Knightley got nick Bonino he can't get a huge receiver can't get injured now. But I love the idea of nick but you know because he is the ultimate. Third lines on the way geeky kid and play on power play he if you need him to eagle plane on the penalty kill obviously could play hard minutes against team's top forward lines. You slot. Johan Larsson or gear incidents or are Rodriguez whichever one of those guys you want to be your fourth lights honor. You could slot the I'm down a little bets there playing his habeas competition. And then you've got obviously I call in all right Lee has your top guys. But I. I really like the idea of nick and you know he is not you know. Prolific scorer I think at 36. Points this year 3737. What thirteen goals eighteen it'll all the stuff we are your closer on the points stuff in the off angles but you don't. 42 goals his career high that was four years ago he's got skill he's not. Steve got no absolutely not the ends. Team which I always I always enjoy good names so if I get a RJ could do wonders with that probably. Yep you got a good name I'm already going to be on your side but you know is a great name. I really enjoyed the idea of nick and he won't actually be a saver I wonder what is price tags going to be especially. He's not making much now he's not making much now. But he's. As incredible. Last year on the HBO K line and this year he's back and god that I was made it all the way through. He's not in the line up the penguins aren't winning and I'm not saying that's necessarily direct correlation bought. He's that you can tell they're missing in the because I guess you. I've seen it beast in the first few games our members several times where he's out there for checking those top defensemen for Nashville and he's forcing them into turnovers. And I'm not seeing that at all from anyone else and that's even cross he's not doing cross he who usually very get a forcing turnovers. Is not doing it very good job either a lot of that's how good Nashville is on the line so she moving puck but they're miss their missing. Yeah I think you're absolutely missing and I mentioned earlier that you know they don't have. A ton of firepower of fraud in Nashville but it's still. But he knows the guy that wins they saw us he is a guy that does all those those little unnoticed things that you really do need to win. These big important games. And I just love watching the guy the guy play because he is. It's like that you're here. I'd liberally to the guy I feel he is he's your third buying grinder you know not not a great player. Comes to find yourself in the right area sometimes again Barry Parker too but he he is our age. I think he would be the kind of guy that Jason bond truly want to bring into the system to. And there is back and talk about bringing that type of player who does. The experience that has gone through these hard battles and the need now it's two years in a row he's deepened the cup finals. And all of a sudden. I think he's going to be a pretty high name and I think you get paid pretty handsomely this year in free agency not you know. It Holland but is only peaking at one point nine million now I I see young and free agency is I think he'd get up to four easily. Actually before million dollar man. I mean he more than Justine a third by senator we kind of need him to EU we need a guy first second powerfully and it. Because right now you're throwing that O Reilly and Michael Wright hurt all in your first unit. Who is going setter last year the second currently does it Larson at beginning of the year beginning of the year was ours and at that they didn't have a scanner they'd caning GI to rotate taking face offs. Yeah they get that they had no sentence. Yes you're right they could use. Another guy who can can play that all and I just they do need I'll heat that's. Everything that the sabres would want he would bring the leadership he would come from. Obviously there's the Pittsburgh connection with the cultural but he would come from that organization that. Has a pedigree even in the organizations he's come from in the past. Vancouver he was with Vancouver and Vancouver was consistently a playoff team consistently making playoffs and Anaheim before that. He's always been a part of the team that is back and pretty gut may be not seen Al championship worthy but they've always done pretty god making playoff runs so. I see nick and you know being a really good idea if you can get and then at the right price and I'd I wonder. Pittsburgh is an interesting situation because they're up against him with a cap. So they're gonna have to make some decisions this off season win with a guy like nick Bonino. And a guy like Justin Schultz like they're gonna have to make decisions that those two guys and I think we're gonna end up having to choose one or the other when it comes down to it because of the cap situation. They've always like to have a real good third line center as they had Jordan stall for the longest time and even when the narrative and they brought in for an insider who's was a pretty good third line center and then he gets shipped out immediately neighboring India Nino. So. Heidi don't know if they would give him four million but also could he take a little last saint Pittsburg I don't know. But that's what always that's always the question I think is are these guys willing to take that pay cut. Or hometown discount I think of your Menino. If you're gonna you know. You've always bad guy that is back and in that role. And the way that you perform in the playoffs. The past two years. Cup winning teams. There's no other times you're going to get paid. So if you're ever thinking about getting paid as a priority over winning the cup. You would have to go and do now you're 29 years old he gonna have free agency when you're 29. Not an ideal time if you're still I guess you'd put aging. But it's it's you're still young enough to where teams are going to be completely afraid and avoid you. Completely there 80305518885525550. About thirteen minutes away from pre used in the cup tournament take a break talk a little bit more about it when we come back on W ger. I don't like or. Provided field despite it's. It's not about the off he would not restrict create and edit field on that I was getting them and I also it. Background from our enemy who also were really playing well I'm legal what you're gonna hear real good young goaltender in the league at bat I. Parker was back up so I would expect government to cover actually a type of role and because they were unrestricted and I didn't need them so I just took some that get through that and then. On. That's Doug Maclean. But this course not who. Sports sports and he was on the its scarce today he was GM of the Columbus Blue Jackets leading them through their expansion draft. Had his perspective about the the expansion draft there he's talking about is his goaltending situation from back nine. Had all sat. Had also up forestall an end. Ali Freedman yesterday I'm with these gators as well. Sad that he's not hearing that Vegas has a deal in place for Marc-Andre Fleury with kids. You figured something had to had to give there with that that Pittsburgh goaltending situation and there's nothing official yet. Certainly not gonna hear anything about it until after the Stanley Cup finals over. But that would be. IB interstate. There was also today for Yahoo! is from a looking for but it was that Calgary has been talking to. Arizona about Mike's like us Matty still prefer flurry over Mike's. As distinctive because Mike Smith relieved. On. Staying away from my exit personally I gonna bring it to the cup finals in a minute so I read one tax before we go. On Monday that he opening on three to four year deal as a perfect bridge. For Rasmus and explained by that point hopefully being go Michael rightly asked plan Malone down the middle that's like the ultimate dream right there blow it. Love it now none for years. Yet exactly all right we're out here cup final coming up next on WG.