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Saturday, June 9th

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WGR fantasy football podcast they're division of youth when an eighteen year second editions of the NFL draft. We're getting closer and closer to prime famous football season which I would consider. Mid July to late August. It's very lightly I was heat up now that people are idiots get most stressed are in August but they really did start picking up like me. Once we get inside of a hundred days to kick off is when people start to start to feel it and OK magazines and OT is going on right now I mean you can't. Since. Training camps coach speaks in the depth charts that that are actually depth charts are officially released gases. Rumors like Rob Gronkowski which I'll bring up later on we're gonna do a mock draft though today. There's going to be one of our first mock draft specials we're gonna have a bunch throughout the course of the face football season here and we're gonna do all watched different kinds of weeks but today. Twelve team PBR sector obviously we'll do what does the auctions it. But today we're doing twelve team PP ER working in the eleven spot you insinuated before we went on here that you don't like the eleventh spot. It's a tough spot to be in his you don't really get. You don't really get like that you re elite player you get to. Pretty good guys ye got a draft well once he gets that spot and you can be pretty drained out and pick while top five in generally I think that's what I think it's harder spot to be and you two really good players have you nailed your picks he would be better off four spots on the other hand you're not getting a stunt knowing that you got off. Instead of getting a dollar million to fifty cent pieces so forthright in Amman march in the draft here were on a mock draft site and where. We're going through it and so far we're REF two picks fly off the board. We got Ezekiel Allie going first over all of its price they're letting on belt to tiger we three David Johnson four in Antonio Brown five. Did you all at once I got to be honest I think that's a bad peck exciting there's. Four guys it would take ahead of him yeah I'd I got one is wheat or I wouldn't easy one about if I was gonna take GDP in the conversation. Now. They're too many other good geysers like William bell Antonio Brown David Johnson should still be in a conversation cousins linked with talk about the passes the wrist injury it was anything. When his legs it would really Alter his game plays so. I wouldn't I would not take ZQ one especially went with the cowboys offense just struggling western weren't very good you just yet but the offense in general wasn't. Right now and average draft position across all fancy sites Ezekiel Elliott is the fourth guy coming up the board behind tiger we Levy on now. Indeed Johnson a couple more picks have got off the board of rolling along pretty quick here doctor Hopkins. Went sixth. Second wide receiver taken off the board Alvin Camara. Dose after debt Alec Dublin tomorrow when her four net at nine Kareem hunt at ten so we are on the clock we've got owed no back them Julio Jones. Michael Thomas Kean and Alan. AG green a lot of wide receivers top running back. That's our Melvin Gordon Galvin cup but Shawn McCoy Christian McCaffery X that are recalls of over opera house keep tight end Bulger what your opinion be here the more we should go. I'm the only reason why or how wide receivers not pick it the other side media grabbed one of the running backs here. Melvin Gordon dealt and accomplish on the point Israelis drop off that. Consider seeing in normally in this spot or take a receiver but because. It's a snake draft obviously because we'll have won the first picks in the second round I would I would take back here OK so let's let's go had to take a look at Dell and cock. The doubt and very fair couple more picks party back on the clock O'Dell Bakken and Julio Jones possibly going back to back wide receivers and you're gonna cal receivers that good Julio Jones on the back and I'm OK with it. Now here's the thing normally I like to go running back running back but in this spot I don't love it as much because. It's different if if if I'm getting one start running back and I'm getting a decent woman the other side them came right here the top guys are which on the court Christian McCaffery I think Freeman thinking this is where eagle wide receiver top guys in the board Michael Thomas Kean and Alan. AG green Heidi like Keenan Allen for a PP. I think you don't agree pick that would almost disagree with you little bit where you look at Christian McCaffery than like eighty receptions last year is PP ER. He had a lot and it is last year I I would pick McCaffery I was so what's McCaffery it's let's see what happens when we go running back running that is why does he's a wide receiver at running back you know really he should get some flexibility in terms. When receivers you teach you should be up you don't play him as a wide receiver metals Tyreke killed Dexter McCluster tight OJ Spiller for a little bit yeah I mean he played easier for the built people forget after. A little bit we got a couple picks that have gone after some Kwan Barkley. But Adams. But really the audience he's being picked right now as an elite wide receiver he's going is the seventh why procedure by cranking now refinement poems for it had. Of Mike Evans in AG green it's really good territory for about the Adams he's supposed to be replaced and a jury Nelson wrote remember this is a guy. Really consistent especially fancy circles that appears. Really consists and also there's the kind of wild cards still out there would Dez Bryant being on sign in Green Bay any spot and makes sense like if if they signed desert not gonna sign into use and as the number two. I think they're gonna sign him. Eight to calculate your would have if your drafting this early I would be hesitant on Adams. But if you drafting later in the summer any Dez is either sign or it's been ruled out he's not going to greenback. Then I would. Look at Adams more seriously in the spot but because. He's not signed you don't know. If you go scream able volume of touch is gonna get this too much uncertainty with your higher picks like this for me I'll I'll almost wanna go but what I know is again and you know. Melvin Gordon and fuel in coming off the board with the last two picks a guy that could be interesting we got awhile before we come up again and Mark Ingram he's ranked here's the thirtieth running back and we talked a little bit about last episode of he had dropped in every track position but not by a lot. And a look at form right now I'm not seen and he's found the 43 pick. 22 running back. Now obviously we're not gonna do it because we got to running backs and eyewitness thirty enough equity. But Wendy's are thinking about Mark Ingram. Round four is Russert thank Mark Ingram has same points we talked about last time Britain's top we're going manager McCann in range so much rather. Edger can and it's yet especially because Ingram is going to be obviously splitting carries and touches and he's gonna and it's a war games and he's holding up for contract so he's even missing that offseason and like Mark Ingram can be a disaster this year I think he's have. Stay he's a guy rivals take off my board because there're so many red flags about him with off the field stuff and just give him getting on the field. Remember how to week 78 years on time and how we still eat fish she's that he has he had just won just one. So we're banking on this guy to do what he's done one out of seven times or whatever and who's to say that New Orleans won't even focus on Ellen tomorrow more he showed it to yes and a big beaten almost silly not to. And if Camara is getting more touches me angered him Ingram could still be productive in the final. You know twelve games of his season but. It's it's it's a risky play I scored and goes off the board just ahead of Mike Evans AG green it's a risky pick Gerry McCann and their FitzGerald. Rob Gronkowski. Couple picks away from us start talking strategy obviously we have to running backs with delta cutting Christian McCaffery two rookies from last season. And that could come up the ACL injury. It's pretty clear we're not going running back here probably wide receiver who we could throw tight and quarterback in the mix right now trips Kelsey Aaron Rodgers is their player one of those positions you think is good enough where you would start to push off receiver even further top receivers on the border right now Doug Baldwin Tyree kills the findings not in this spot only because in a PP our league it's too critical to have good receivers I would almost consider going receiver receiver here I would to effect that we'll probably my preference must recognize this is so good you couldn't write them up and adults yet. So the thing about the turnout for going receiver receiver. I feel Tyreke kill should be one of those picks especially with Patrick Holmes yeah taking over in Kansas City and the other one I don't know Baldwin with Wilson throwing the ball so much Golden Tate here on Jeffrey parson wind's probably getting back on the swing of things to find digs nears Thomas. We could go down to juju Smith Shuster Mari Cooper. There another name it's sticking out here you. I'd ball and here only because Seattle. This is classically fancy mind games here but Seattle's not supposed to b.s did this year the more our style more garbage time in the last there's going to be a lot of Seattle trailing in the second half this year you know assuming everything goes football's weird sport you never know it's really an happened but assuming things go as planned they're going to be trailing quite a bit and Russell Wilson Doug Baldwin has been potent even games at their meeting in milking pot. Don't let alone personally received via U easily answers or rocketing Tyreke -- he just goes off the board we are on the clock Aaron Rodgers was the OPEC in between Doug Baldwin the top fantasy wide receiver available he's going as the eleventh receiver right now every trip position. Think he's got absolutely. Doug Baldwin other receivers we should probably start thinking of a backup plan since there is no tie retail partners Thomas the findings of a Jeffrey Golden Tate Alan Roberts Chicago. I would stay away from the Chicago pass came personally. Until I see it right risky while he showed some signs he'd be good last year I don't know he showed some red flags and signs were not in the way of production though they weren't any bit productive last season Chicago in the passing game it was more like in encouraging play here and there arrow that translates into blatantly gentlemen numerical success what about Jews view. Two meters too many weapons there to pick him right now Washington. So who is who I think my preference here would be Al challenge after you might be getting three weeks of nick pulls at that though. He was fine and it falls through though he was however mayor Thomas you wide he's keen from Golden Tate. I would I would take your time Allison Jeffords the back. The shot penny goes rate before him Marie Cooper right after you know you start talking Sergi and is now we're sitting here. Four rounds and we've got to running backs who got to our receivers generally. That's the way I like to do things and I kind of went ordered highly due to running back into it receivers especially in their running back it's pass catcher. Now a lot of people. Would go for OK now having McCormack now Sami in my tight end I'm still not in that boat I think you've got to be really deep running back at the FB really deep wide receiver and I think. You need to pick your third in maybe even some situations fourth guy at running back and wide receiver before you get to especially quarterback is quarterback. Get him anywhere have a homes could be the fifteenth quarterback off the board here he did. And at being a leaf fans quarterback means that now. I think in both approaches. I've taken quarterbacks early. And gone through the elite talent at quarterback expecting production have also gone super super late with quarterbacks. Where you just pick and got off the scrappy Joseph Flacco in past years things like that. And I think the right solution is as usually is somewhere in the middle where you get a guy that's productive he definitely wanna waste decent pick on it a beautiful Mona. You don't wanna take the worst of the worst but I also feel like the value isn't there getting. Look at Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers that currently I mean it's it can be a big swing in points but not so big where you'd risk haven't started to. A third string running back in a week because of an injury or by weeks it's so I agree with you that way I would bolster my receiver and running back depth before. Going for quarterback are tied and OS it was like you know Travis Kelsey are some aunts and there aren't sure. Continuing here in the WGR fantasy football. Podcast we are eight picks away. Team so far he missed that dealt and cut. Christian McCaffery Doug ball went out and Jeffrey we are doing. 812 team PP our mock draft Jody B Osce here and to be your fans football podcast while waiting for a pack go to a couple headlines David Johnson. Or regionally. Thought he had an injury missed some practice this week in OT hazy memories coming off that wrist injury to cause in the missed fifteen weeks last season crucial blow for a lot of fantasy owners his injury was reported being not serious but then we get word that Mike or follow reports there was no injury. That we don't really notice and then more David Johnson news coming out later the cardinals are likely to extend David Johnson to a lot of confusion here doesn't seem like it's anything that should affect his draft stock or his availability for the regular season I think he's good to go after member to with David Johnson no knee injury last year. Usually when guys running backs miss a whole season like we look at guys that dealt and cut we just picked here. In this mock draft they're coming off ACLs are coming off knee injuries that's something that could come up again David Johnson is arresting that's generally not something you react every especially when he's had based its basing it and it being almost a full year. The yes to recover from it's that you should not really have a lot of injury risk with David Johnson at least no more you would have with any other guy we'll talk a little bit more about the rapper cal ski. Obama cult or. Court or rule her or earned what I wanna call it the will get into that little bit later some trade winds I guess you'd call them. I'm Rob Gronkowski we are couple picks away. Guys that'd just gone off the board now like to get into juju Smith Shuster and goes. Two of round five sowing the shell goes after him the rookie running backs come up the board will be here were shot pioneer RD consequent Barkley. Sony Michelle has the third rookie running back for weeks Freeman Denver as the fourth in this mock draft. I think to be fair that's very high for Michelle and I think a tie for Freeman having a guy like Ronald Jones the second. Out of Tampa Bay should abandon. Probably the second repeat it but he's not he's on the board no authority get delving coach Christian McCaffery so we can decide what we wanna do what we're two picks away to a receiver to running backs generally my preference here would be to go with the best running back available there really isn't a guy though that's clear cut above the rest we got two great quarterbacks Tom pretty Russell Wilson. I'm getting to the point of Russell Wilson and this is new for me because my face football career it's always than a he picked Corbett we what you pick quarterback last the last got to pick one I can pick Obama the last pick of the last round of the findings that stream. But Russell Wilson man third week's last week or last year where I lost strictly because it was going up against Russell Wilson and bully do that again. I don't really see why not he's got the F lettuce is and news team is pretty much the same around and the although worse on defense that can help him with more garbage time like I said there's really not a running back it's available here that I would really sink my teeth into and say active start him as my flex to Johnson and marlin Mack. Isaiah crow while with the jets Chris Thompson and discreetly season but now we've got theories dice their sticks to see how it goes adding Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson with the second last pick of round fight Gator quarterback not to worry about it. Generally that's not my advice to people as we always say stream stream stream look out see there's some rookie quarterbacks this year that could be really good margin accident if he gets on the field would be giddy probably won't put. Josh Allen Josh Rosen is always going to be what eighty rookie it's pretty good face circles last year it's Shawn Watson siren I think Wilson though is that good. You're getting him in around five. I'm not having to spend too much to get them I think he's worth the pick their because he is a guy that can win you two weeks by himself and he would allow. 45 times in a single year you can probably do it. So we're coming up again here brown Jones goes off the off the board Jarvis Landry Julian cattlemen. With the four game suspension. I like him as a sleeper pick with that for suspension of the it'll drop his value more than it should. That's still a little early for me I would pick him and quite in around six I'd be targeting him more than round each round nine range you pick Emmy statue on your bench for four weeks to bring him and he's an immediate upgrade probably to whatever you had as a flax and maybe even as a wide receiver to. So watch every Julian Edelman but I would not be looking for and that early heels in this mock draft. In the early. It's actually last pick of the fifth round. Redick cooks goes off the board Michael Crabtree talked a little bit about brain cooks he refers we are back on the clock still only sing with two running backs two wide receivers lot of wide receivers available. Robert Woods has been hanging around. Manual Sanders appeared tariffs on. Now Pierre Garcon was really good at San Cisco offense last year they bring in drop below I'm not surprise drop low but he is an upgrade. I think our sounds got to be peck veteran guy usually I do like to go for the younger guys but you know I'm gonna gets a couple of my typical advice notes here quarterback. In round five and older wide receiver in round six so that's what our teams looking right Mike right now we are Russell Wilson Delmon cook Christian McCaffery Doug Baldwin. Al shine Jeffrey and then Pierre Garcon sitting. In our reflects the couple picks the went after Tom Brady goes. In the early sixth round that's pretty fair for him a lot Tex going quickly here just after that to Shawn Watson off the board rattled 69. The shot Watson is an interesting one because he can sell good last year he was that Russell Wilson territory he was winning games by himself that ACL injury always worrisome because a lot of that was his rushing ability. His ability to get you fantasy points with his legs ability to extend police this likes to get more passing down. Passing yards passing touchdowns. So the ability is so good at least from what we saw last season but that injury risk is also there route six you know we'd be honest I would advocate picking him around where. Our team here picked Russell Wilson that needed round five range if you want even go a little higher and immediately delete round for I think Shawn Watson usable undervalued and now we're sitting here back on the clock three wide receivers probably wanna go running back. Kelvin coach Christian McCaffery. It could be better we've got two solid guys put it could be batter the guy that I think is most deserving of this peck is having Coleman. Atlanta running back a lot of that is his ability I think he's really good running back to be honest if he's not in Atlanta fees the start of summer also accusing top ten at least top fifteen but he's there he's behind about the Freeman it's I was gonna limit. Production I do think that with the bounty Freeman having some injury question she's had some concussions couple knee injuries I think there's an injury risk with Freeman. That's why Coleman you know he could be a high eight war player. And his four's not that it's not that low. Because he's going to give you. Some is touching a PP our league's gonna give you catches he's gonna give you yards he might acted yet many touchdowns but he's gonna give you some decent production even if he's not the starter there and it. By somehow whether the injury or maybe he just a place Freeman. Which are born predict but it could happen. Dan Coleman become easily top ten running if he ends up started there somehow some way that's a steal in the seventh round. Back up again in the eighth round still heavy tight and I get myself in trouble I probably would advice. Owners did you display. Not to wait too long on tight and and even this would be a little early for me that I think this is probably where you should advise people to start looking at that tight end Kyle Rudolph Jimmy Graham available Tyler records. Wheatley injury issues for me wanna consider him. To be I think Kyle Rudolph is the peck here and and we're gonna take coward because Karen Rudolph has Kirk cousins they're now Kirk cousins coming from Washington had great Rappaport with. Jordan Jordan reed for the couple years that they hooked up together you with all the injury issues that Reid had covered up solid. Document that a blow you away. An elite tight end by any means but no and the four back into the mock draft a couple of the news items that I wanted to get back into we are talked a little bit about David Johnson. And the news on him today earlier Rob Gronkowski. Interesting interesting interesting stuff happening with Rob Gronkowski now the report. There were reports trade rumors float around with Murkowski earlier in the day recording this. On a Friday. And it. Obviously Robert cast he still on the patriots Adam Kirch and freelance writer formerly of the Boston Herald. Reporting that the grunt rumors were now he's not reporting these are true reason reporting that the crock rumors were. That he told bill ballots fact that he wanted to be treated. And the spell check it offers on the table would bolt the Tennessee Titans in the San Francisco 49ers. And that Robert Kraft had a closed door meeting with bella check about this. And that Tom Brady threatened to retire if a brick house trade went through. And Robert Kraft next nixed any deal with the ones that have been Tennessee couldn't think Cisco maybe there's a third team who knows. And then we get the quote from the patriots PR had Stacey James I would say with the utmost confidence that none of that is true none of it. And quote Tilton Robert craft you staying in New England. But it's out there. And there's question marks and if you are any keeper Liguori dynasty league I don't know if you're bill I wouldn't call fighters is as a sell high in the she shouldn't be sell high. In dark house can be you can find an owner eighties and win now mode league all he's got some veteran running backs. He's got a veteran wide receivers music as a Antonio Brown Tom Brady where you know you're not this might yet it's might be the year re got to go all in Ford. For that title is a Dicey league especially and also media keep week. That's the guy should be targeting trade Rob Gronkowski too because. To be honest long term value it just doesn't believe there for him he said injury issues she's. There's been rumors he could retire over injury issues he didn't commit to playing next season until what this month last month. It certainly wasn't right after the Super Bowl that he did not commit the point nine. And now there's all this trade stuff and maybe there's a feud with ballots Shaq it's it's just the situation that I would not wanna go near I know he's just. By far the best thing is tight and we have ever seen. But he's clearly on the downside. So I would try to stay away that he still has its really good value though. Where you treat him away maybe try to get a young running back trying to get young receiver you know flip your depth go from old tight and try to get a young running neck. Or wide receiver that's why would be looking to do defiant Rob Gronkowski if you don't the value of looking for an up you're not brilliant spot or think you have to move him but if you get an opportunity to do it. Go for it and we are on the clock again for two more picks again quick rundown Russell Wilson as our quarterback Iran indexer dealt with cooking Christian McCaffrey and starting spots. Starting wide receivers Doug Baldwin outshine Jeffrey pierce on in the flax Kyle Rudolph. In a tight end spot we have one bench player right now it is running back Kevin Coleman out of Atlanta so we can really go anywhere at this it's not quarterback or tight and and there's some names in the board that like Theo Riddick the law Powell CJ Anderson's throw veteran guys it's not not that enticing to me I wanna go for awhile card here. DJ Moore. Rookie wide receiver rookie wide receivers they're tough they're header mess we've seen guys look like look on track will do absolutely nothing immediate one catch in his rookie season. But DJ Moore and a spot in Carolina word the only other guy they're really. Is DeVon functions and Greg Olsen and Greg Olson's obviously the tight end. So there's going to be targets available there. And you know Cam Newton while he's an accurate at times he's had enough quarterback where fancy receivers can thrive. With tennis court that we saw with Kelvin Benjamin meets all the fun just a little bit last season. More I like as a prospect he's got speed he's got really get hands a little bit undersized worries me would Newton a little bit because. Cams kind you know hill hill overthrow his wish receivers wants a while so that worries me a little bit. But he's got that down throw. Downfield passing ability I like that combination with more consumer Ted in their obviously I don't really know who their other deep threat would be at this point. So I like DJ Moore. I was gonna go with rookie receiver he would certainly be yet Kelvin release also ban eighty Peter actually basically going the same they're going. In the tenth round but. You know more is gonna have more opportunity Calvin ruby has to compete with Julio Jones Hobbits and you type in Coleman's about the Freeman all these guys got to compete with for targets. And were on the clock again I think another receiver. Should be to pick here sterling Shepperd what are my sleepers of the season coming up is giants wide receiver sterling Shepperd. He's got a new head coach pat sure pat sure armour who you know. Looking at the wide receivers that it played with catcher arena I'll be used the one that's most recent Stephane dates. And that its position you look at that and it's the wide wide receiver position you look at pat chambers career who plays in that position. Basically you're always gonna get a really good fancy wide receiver really. No matter who it is the findings comes out of nowhere I think he's an undrafted wide receiver he ends up being a wide receiver too for over two seasons. And at times a wide receiver one sterling Shepperd looks like he's gonna play that role with the giants and he built a little bit of report with Eli Manning last year with all the other injuries or go back and was injured he really didn't have anything or running back. And shepherd and you know build the reports Eli Manning playing as there were receiver for a big chunk of the season but oil beckons back. What about it was back to Kwon Barkley is there I would it really advice taking shepherd too high. But break here we get him in the early tenth round I think is a lot of upside with the receiver playing a position that we've seen. Have a lot of success under patch Shermer especially over the past couple years. In Minnesota I think you could see sterling Shepperd and the season here. As a wide receiver to use that top twenty range meeting at fifteen to twenty range in a PP our league especially. Skipping ahead in our mock trips pampering the wraps on it picking Albert Wilson wide receiver out of Miami in the eleventh round heat right now its fourth on that depth chart. You got guys from the Arctic Parker team it's. About the Parker Gainey Ammann told law you can Kenny stills that all have head injury issues so owner Albert Wilson especially since Miami. Bedecked greed team could be some garbage time opportunities that a key could have a solid stats this season he's our pick in round Levin round twelve. Sticking with wide receiver tried to load up on it Tyler Lockett out of Seattle big play ability hoping acting game at some. Big value on a guy like that that could be guided I might end up dropping week to week three but. You never know roughly boss or walls Russell Wilson there he could explode on the hot and hope that I can get some good value. Out of Tyler Lockett that moving underground thirteen. Of the TV's marrying you and other running back he is the back up to dealt and cut right now and clear cut no more jerk McCain in. With the zone viking back and Matt Osce didn't know no one like that around so I think we'll. I didn't think he's very if you don't owned Galvin cup cook coming off the torn ACL the case Marie was pretty good last season even splitting carries future McCain and if cook got forbid were to get injured again. The taste her steps in there is a three down running back for the most part unless somebody else emerges the TVs Mirza gonna get. Almost all of those carries all of this touches TVs were at the using a need target late in draft especially if you have dealt and cut even if you don't he's in Japan. That route fifteen B grabbed tight end Cameron breaks Tampa Bay. Last season. First eight weeks of the season Cameron break with a tight end one. After that he fell off and a lot of that was ranked Petra coming he didn't have. Connection with him thing that scares you a camera prix in which is why does he goes to sleep in the draft round fifteen. Is it camera breach. As a tight end in front of them on the depth chart OJ Howard is the starting tight and there are OG Howard with the first round pick he was a highly touted prospect so it does is a little bit scary. But besides Cameron brief for a reason they brought him back they signed him to think for your deal. In free agency he's a red zone target they're going to use in the San for a reason so I'm a little terrified of and that is why it took in this late. You know the could be potential there for 78 touchdowns and that's. Low and tight and one high and tight and too I think you probably false in that reached by the end of the season. And that's. Gonna do it for today's episode of the W care fantasy football podcast we will have more episodes coming up in the next few weeks couple mock your special do. Auction draft. Continue to cover all the day's headlines which is mini camp in training camp. It's going don't forget to check out all over its content at WGR I got and that's where you can find this podcast inner audio you can find. More articles from myself and others on our list of each year by fifty dot com are. To do for me. More episodes to come later right.