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Monday, July 10th

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Enjoy at all. Cool yeah. Greens are shocked. Then you'll remember Ryan geeks who gives them keep up a bit of debt. It costs each track. Who looked great question. Beats the nightcap well it got asked that they can't get. TV and the other side eighty C fight KG odd name is Ryan gates' keynote at present. Yeah Adam West who seek the holy Grail. Quite busy at speed velocity on Sunday was brought out what do you mean Africa and all Europeans want him. I've I don't know back. Yeah Kucinich is believed. Well yeah fidelity souvenir opinion on WGR. Sports Radio 515. All right it is Monday mania the nightcap crying gates hanging out with you here. We spent too much time with you guys this evening got the home run derby live action. Home run derby WGR. Right here we're gonna habits. Until then we got we got some things coming up for a a gel was. He was a guy he spent some time and development camp this weekend and lots and lots of people attending development camp. Always. Or say a strange sight to see but I think you go round and you go to different markets throughout the NHL community especially in America and its. Not a time not a tonne of attendance. Acts these. These prospect camp seeing you come here to buffalo about. It's different it's different I wonder. What to get. A perspective from some of these players to do. I mean you look at a guy like. Justin Daly nick back teased. These type of guys who have banned here for five years for this camp over and over and over again and I think that's has made the transition to Harbour Centre it. Makes it so that fan interaction is it's easier to do as opposed to when it was at the arena because you're really right there. You got so much going on at the problem. I just wanna. I get into the mind of some guys who may be talked to their bodies who they go to junior way or they go to school away if and compare that experience with those guys because you come to buffalo. And you have. I mean how many how much they'll get the Harbour Centre holds close to 2000 people. And I know the one side is roped off because that's where Phil Housley and Jason bought troll and carried the ghoul line. Even today Sean McDermott are pigging out and watching it so you've still got probably a ton of people up on the the walkways. On both ends of the rink you got people stand in there. How how many people you you. There you were there yesterday and this morning that your pretty Eckerd probably. 80900. People maybe even a little more and that because. The walkway like you said it's lined with people that are hanging over watching from that vantage point up there and then. The seats of right above the bleachers. That. Like a little bit cultures like the back end of anyone's been aren't like on the table RS. There you can eat your food yeah right those are all failed to I mean it's the situation where. On going there yesterday I know I got their probably about ten minutes after it started. You kinda in today act on the that you need to get there like five to ten minutes early. Because if you get their 510 minutes late. Tenure prob he's going to be sitting on just one side and dividend advantage puke and point of one section by. The middle fills up quick so the watchful. Sides yet and tomorrow there's going to be the French connection three on three tournament which it was supposed to start at 915 is just starting a little bit earlier tomorrow will be at 9 o'clock. It's dad. But it's going to be. I think this year. Probably more so that all of the other years of looking at development camp there are a lot of guys too to keep an eye on and maybe. I don't know I think back to when Murray first got here and we were thinking about the waves of prospect is bold I would call the wave of prospects. I still don't think. They never even at that point to where there were so many prospects can up your interest and and you really want to make it a point to to get there every single day. You got last year where it was the the scrimmage the blue and blue and gold scrimmage are born white scrimmage whatever was last year. They're charging fifteen dollars a ticket. And it was still getting you know people to show up so I just think it goes to shell. Well we on the hull hockey grab this market is always on top of the the ratings in the playoffs in the Stanley Cup final even throughout the season and BC it's a market that just loves its hockey buffalo. And this is just another. Point to prove that is hey we got a full read development camp this week and there's going to be your top prospects the year top excuse emails that we're gonna hear from in a little bit his visit with Howard and Jeremy this morning. Alexy Lander Bailey Baptiste bashing Cooley. CJ Smith who we we keep everyone keeps saying gets overlooked even though he was a guy that was highly sought after. After his college career. So you have a bunch of these players that I think of our interest to sabres fans and it goes to show that you've been. A development camp can be something that sabres fans. Glom onto I go back to the all American prospects game is going to be making a return to buffalo and there is. I forget what it is but there's some sort of June year of banter it's going to be coming to harbor center as well. You get so many of these hockey events now coming to buffalo it goes back to last year with the the NHL draft coming to buffalo the Columbine being here. Until 20/20 now. And the you'd you have this Mac and now in the V intention one harbor center was being built by the Google as was to make it like us. To make it so that hockey teams want to come here hockey teams want to spend. When camp times here. Because it's such a good facility it's got meeting rooms. You know on the the gym facility. Class hocker locker rooms. To ranks. And that's all just on 11 property you have the big break across the way. He got the world juniors coming this year and I think. As long as these events keep coming in buffalo continues get noticed in these bands and how supportive buffalo is as a community towards hockey. I'm sure there's some of the overflow from Canada when you know it'll be the world juniors comes around you know how many people from Canada are going to be flooding over for the world junior back. And it just continues to show that. Really buffalo is just. Detroit's hockey town of buffalo it's got to be is one of the number one markets its but proven over and over again. And even this event where it's just development camp it's the middle of summer. Buffalo people don't get a lot of time in the summer and the fact that people are willing to don't cipher. You know what hour and a half to three hours to watch these hockey players play a free event. It's it's pretty cool I think it just continues to show that buffalo. Premier hockey market premier hockey market in. North America period yeah and you can even mentioned one event it's coming back prosper the prospects challenge. Which I think that's why not let that juniors right area of everything else they can upsetting last year's the sabres Bruins and doubles are all yeah all that's yet this year it's all three of those teams are back independents might be involved I would be involved too and you know that people are gonna come to that is while. And that's usually a big late August to remember correctly so yeah. And right hole right before training camp at all it's kind of nice though right in the middle of summer it's really it's hot outside sometimes you going to Harvard senator. Way cooler and there it's like high fifties there somewhere in the mid east would you go in there it's it's nice and cold in their. On. So I mean it's it's nice to see I like that. We live in a market where that's the case I mean because I would think around the league amino. Without knowing firsthand I would think Minnesota is probably around the same probably Boston they're usually of a solid hockey bargain that you Providence right there. On but I mean pass that. Not much I would say in the ways of selling out a prospects team or ain't getting 900 people to watch the prospects practice yet in the middle of July in a week. Yet these 181920. Year old kids you really. I mean the most of the players that we have the most information about art Justin Bailey because he's played in approximately. I think exactly forty NHL games now. You got that tees now he's played some bashing we've we've got a dozen at least seven guys I think in total I counted right that it played in the NHL let me see if I get his name them all without looking fashioning. That used to be lead. School he. Sean Malone Alex you Lander and see Jason. It's just a perfect via okay so we have those you you've got some guys that have a little bit of that NHL experience but. It's still cool that buffalo is this place where. As S prospects as prospects who are talking to guys who are playing in junior were playing in college when you come back to that. You've gotten. I'm like who will Borg did well Borg and the guy who plays hurt saint cloud state he's gone back for his junior season. And he's probably talking about the experience of going to development camp in talking with some of the players that he plays away and saint and look gorgeous development camp and there's almost a thousand people watching us that just goes to show. Other players. That players are playing life that buffalo legit place to go play hockey great facilities great fans the you be blast to play. But knowledge of the fan base to mean I did a little task would want my friends is more casual fan he knew. 7580%. If you like of the roster he he could tell you something about him like. He knew Bryson Marten once knew that he was third round pick knew nothing else about a but knew he was a third round pick and a defenseman. What are the hockey market regulate you go down to Carolina. They're able to tell you Tony 143 round there was nobody and then they feel within. A thousand miles in youth probably yes definitely those assault and markets Ellis that they're not gonna be shell and ups aren't just the knowledge to be able to deal there's room loves that silly blocked off. You know who he is so it's like. We watch all these guys here and just to have everybody kind of know who everybody is that's a good feeling too because it's not these guys are showing up for the first time in years learning on the Wii. So these guys about your 45 times like. Baptiste Bailey and Malone look in part to speak to them yeah. Because what we've seen these guys for the better. It's not the best example but. Yet cal Peterson here for for years right so it goes to show that bring Nana yeah I know I announce our Ed to rain on the parade a little bit but it goes to show that. There are. Different priorities with these players. Sometimes. But you have to think that having that experience of going to hockey market where. The fans know what they're talking about and I think the reason I brought up cal Peterson is because pierce and watch was a real thing amongst. Just general fans fans who are really digging into. All the details about the prospect. And I know he was a pretty high level guy because he had started somebody deems a role for Notre Dame and he was in the frozen four. So he was a guy that was high level prospect high level of interest around the league. Ended the fans of buffalo probably. Could've gone away what cal Peterson signed there. And none of those fans but now and I'm not saying that buffalo fans necessarily Nell a ton about the LA king prospects because. I don't forget to tell you a single. LA king prospect Carol Peterson cal Peterson that's right here is the only one that I know at this point is cal Peterson. So it's it's it's interesting because you've got these vans soon. You know even get your your casual. Hockey fans and mic maybe that's something that can knocks the casual hockey fans to get something. To get deeper involved in to their team is to be able to have this kind of personal connection. With these players to where you see them every year if you make a tradition to go out to development camp. And see these guys and their continued growth. I know Joseph here he is a big fan of box clock rob Jack because Adam. Every single year Joseph ends up going to. To development camp and had seen him grow as a player knows. Mean not his tendencies exactly but knows some of the qualities about him and what you but he likes about them. And just wishes him to have this success based on just this year we have balance dad's. It's free in a buffalo fans can go check out indeed just. The guy's got personality to a two I mean I have one friend at completes its SaaS with cliff who now because we've what to do development camps and you know what cliff Puk and stick handle in a phone Booth. And that late that's entertaining you go down their and you see god can stick handle like that you just imagine a guy with handles like that playing and your team one day and you get that from a lot of these players Iowa crowd check because. He's like pure offensive player which I love and big you know maybe he never plays a game in the NHL. Sec or pick odds are probably against that anyway but just to see him year after year you see the progress that players like that make. It's it's fun to watch. So you've gone the past couple days ago and go to the we'll go to C go to two so what have you. The what have you noticed we've we've heard from Paul we've heard from ray in we've heard from others. But what's awesome the observations you've had in the past couple days of the development camp out probably echo a lot of things they sat on Baptiste just not another level than everybody else with a shot he can just pick a corner wherever he wants to. He makes these trial goalies look foolish sometimes. The young I've never going glove side and one of the goalies in decent five times in a row and scored on four of them and the other when he at the post. So that stood out new Lander size. Definitely stands out deathly looks bigger he looks. Pretty close at each already just by looking at a development camp he obviously he doesn't training camp he stood out on. Passed that will Borg and he really hasn't been easy stuff because what I was trying to what's cool Eli. And see how he compares to the rest of the guys he certainly looks above. Everybody else school except organ and I think that speaks to organ and how. Good he could become because when I watch those two guys they're both very smooth skaters the bulls. Pretty good size they're both passing the puck great I mean. To by watching him practice I think Morgan has really stood out to me is. Like him and he's he's on goalies level as opposed to some of these lesser prospects yet and you've got some. Pretty good prospects in there and the defense side to I think Dovonte Stevens who went out today with the injury you said that fashion really big crush them. They went into the boards and it died drill on and Stevens tried to initiate contact bashing just what. I don't know if you've lifted off the ground of just on the boards but those hard in the boards and grab Scarborough but yet big. BA can't action yes so he's got youth and bashing is one of those guys that. These NHL's Agile body yet he's in his and that he's batted NHL body's sense he was in college he came right out of college in Baghdad's fits a Cali to on. So RBB you've got you got other guys to who's the like he has fourteen. Anthony for a job now he's kind of another prospect that has been viewed very favorably by. Chris Baker who I'm hoping will be able to catch up with Alan on Wednesday wants development camp is. Completely through and what about this scary you lax gun that black slacks and an idea accident I had noticed some two months I've. I noticed in too much as some out there on they were working with him a lot. It's like as a post knows some other players feel like they were giving him some extra attention the coach the coaches. Couldn't get a great sense I'd like to see more and tomorrow and I read. What breed her Paul had to write about them there was orient it was bring India that wrote about how was that the unknown player in the draft. So I'd like to see more from him because. The one thing I was able to see kind of he's pretty good skater but didn't really notice much other than that that might not yet and that's just my attention sometimes is. There's still plays a lot don't I don't think he's in the seeger Lebanese Casey FitzGerald yeah I was watching him walk back guy. Is one of the smoothest skaters. That I've seen on the Blue Line like he was going through these cones on the Blue Line keeping the pocket and and getting it through he looks at you small some activists say. He's ever gonna make it but if he could somehow get to the NHL I think you translate as a greatly offensive. That's Joseph Jody the Osce to tell him he's at DB LC WGR. ADB Osce WG are just out sounds. But that's joke he's got he's got guys for hockey if you go to WGR 550 dot com. Lots of good stuff about what's going on. And development camp to talk about that piece about a scar Alaskan and you've got to pieces on will Borg in talking about going back to college Rasmussen asked Clinton's what what he projects to do him. Asked point is is a guy. That I think it's super adjusting to watch because he is gonna be going back to Sweden this year but he has the potential. To be playing in the Olympics which would be pretty cool to see some of these sabres prospects. He's probably got the best chance at it because he's playing in the highest Swedish league. You're not to begin a bunch of these Swedish players from the NHL so he's got a good chance be a player. On that world championship roster may be getting at least an invite. To camp. For the Olympic roster Morgan about going back to. In college for his junior season and and Casey middle stat. Vastly quote I'll just put a stop at WGR 550 dot com so if you haven't got caught up on the Obama camp didn't go there check out. You know I even thought about Olympics. And Mike if some of these guys could other than asked for and could play a Lincoln middle step between the Olympics. I feel like that would be interesting I don't know I know you want answers yet that yeah I would think that he's in college. It'd be like back in 1980 miracle. You know having the FB amateurs at it they do that and you think about the guys in college you think he's middle stats on teen USA while I think. Well let's let's get into this after the break we'll get and a his interview from this morning as well because I'd I do think that looking at putting forward to the Olympics. Interesting because. You look at other countries and up to actually they're going to be icing verses the United States and that's I think you'd you'd get. Casey mills that might not beat priorities the nightcap Jody BRC right gates here where we're spend some time here before the home run derby. Or talk a little bit about that after this this next segment but in this next segment talk about the the Olympic roster it'll bid talk about key signals that. His interview with Jeremy this morning and bring back. That for you. And I kept on WG. Anytime there is his conscience and so on and interpret you saying that it credits. It's sure I mean. Rogers you every case every Canadian can watches when they're going outside of the huge on a plane and then just be an answer phones went from about four cents. That's. Tasked the. Cliff to cliff well that's put food there there's another guy. And our guy who I think gave a lot of interest 69. Peck. Of the V 2015 an agent draft of Hulu. Tsonga syndicates and expect these careers before. We have both 69 overall depth nights. All right my cap right gates Jody BSE were wearing an out here oh before we start getting these the Olympic rosters. We are still efforts with Jennifer's. Just like I don't care what you do. Q for the decision but so. You look it's it is the way that I view with the the Olympic rosters you look at something like Russia. Or Russia is going to have. Legitimate grown man play it's gonna that that is what 1980 warrantless wasn't it yet legitimate grown man. From the Soviet Union playing against these college kids. So I am the United States and try to look at development. Of my program. You might actually want that to have. These. More so prospect types. Is not going to be your best team. But where else you gonna go like does. AHL players are they going to be able to get and I would assume not if NHL players are going to be able to go. And that leaves you with Americans who are potentially playing overseas. Who. I mean there's got beat some some decent options out there playing overseas but if they were you know the cream of the crop could be in the NHL. A blip well I think you could get. Is. What kind of the spangler cup has done for team Canada. And if you look up their roster got in front of me I think you might that might be what's so it's guys playing overseas. The law combination of and a couple guys that public eyes and EC HL with a lot of application all. Finland. Guys and a couple literally recently retired. But not that part of the game where they still have since late. Bless your spangler cup had Derek Roy. An ice Mason Raymond. Niece and Raymond who was god that guy he's it just says hockey Canada which means he was not playing on Nick's bawling. Yeah these are names Gregory Campbell these are names have Gregory Campbell former sabre now in the cage shell Shaone Morrisonn. Sean earth and and this is that goes I held with those kind of guys that's the dollar determined words like teams from different leagues in the team Canada right. It's yet the winners of it's that switch Swiss team it's a Swiss team McCain HL team. And HL team. And then clever candidate sites and I think and that's like the term with Mike is a thousand. At that yeah which. Won't get there Monday I think. Ira had to Casey mills that address conversation began about these Olympic teams as they could we potentially see. But kind of roster for the US Olympic team where it's a bunch of college kids a bunch of prospect types. Will be. Dig into it. Is the age because the age offered to buy this I'm assuming they're still gonna have their schedule I'll think there's gonna be the break in the schedule for these guys to go to the Olympics. But if you want a sunny guy. What HL team. It's gonna stop a guy from really. Don't represent. Their country that be dead but all right we Iraqis in a step he's here with Jeremy from this morning. If it's Howard in Jeremy good morning in and welcome to the show howry on this Monday. I'm got a little tired do you do it again are you guys. We're doing well that it I was skating all weekend so that it's kind of hard for this thing or not are not generally a morning person. I mean it isn't too bad I think it is about 9 o'clock in Minnesota so this is in Cuba that I'm not too much or more it burst well. Do you set double alarms the the UC news. Are you have a huge. Huge double armed thing. Don't be over sleep and that's that's not it you know wanna do that on your first weekend here. You know. All. What does that case you're you're gone through camp. Your approach when you commit as the first round pick in your actor. First development camp what kind of approach have you taken that to this whole weekend are few days of activities. I think it is important to comment in terms of your softened later game I think can. It's important to come to major not a failure comfort zone or anything that it you want to order you are there regular so. August 11 player in carrier comparable because Iraq perhaps it's like you're due. Did you go through any nerves. On the first day. I emit radio all of I don't think there's too many nerd I think this brought on and I think that's a mostly got the most. The rules so so Korea actually cure I think I'll want to get out there the next article they had. I didn't Google that. Okay it's seven nerves let me ask you this was there and excitement to it. It's not a full training camp you'll still experience that but but it's a development camp in that your first pro development camp was there. Any excitement you ordered it or did you just say hey it's it's the next step in hockey and I just I just it's hockey. Yeah I think they're available but not receive quality yeah epic that this'll be out and so you eat I gave up the picture and obviously. When he gets regret you're excited to common link and it can it's either engine it knows that you'll have I think they that's all. Our premiere I think is a little little ballclub and that they pretty much around the excited covenant and didn't meet you guys and see Syria. You were talking about trying to stay in your comfort zone had eight billion how do you feel of the few days of activity have gone so far for you. Yeah I think for the most part they've been there are pretty good I think our cities. Middle of July and heart disease and still two months dollars and donors all around there are so. Obviously that you'll that are out with ever run. I guess senator overall ruler since they're both so I think it's not very good and I'll I think there are certain not to give that are. What do learned I assume the coaches are are taking a fairly basic approach to this camp. No we are our reporter was on a moment ago talking about guys were skating around pylons yesterday what have you learned anything so far. I mean yeah they know that it hurt. Firm in fingers Carol realize they're to play college that your guys there are things like that there's such as they'll get older I think I don't often experience guys. Better that's also offered me. I'm not gonna let them in the main eye opener just carried Britain how much. Are finally physically and things that I'm I've got to go compared to other guys so. Providing that I've and the main thing I think the most American home so pretty good on in his book on the is that I think that I or are. Case you're going off so Minnesota for colleges that the sabres but how active does a team get or they talk about. An and checking in on you to catch W when it comes to your development but also. You know as you go you're going to be competing against guys that are also in college bigger stronger. How active a role do you think that that the team will have and like wanting you'd. Develop a certain way or wind at strengthen and in Germany have been in discussions about that kind of thing about the public the game plan for you physically and how how you're gonna. Push for. Yeah I think a little that obviously the long editor. Pretty into it not content. On deal with the guard so it Italy got I think from an accurate they're pretty involved a lot instinct but that's self. Com Dahlia is it'll it should be pretty involved I think they've made a trip up there go and years to catch up thing like that so. Offered me its public earlier period involved but our medical Anwar I think well bureau Marin Sonoma you know much it actually is. Was always going to be Minnesota for you. We were there any other considerations it was like a dream for you to play there. I. I. Being kicker missed so I think that's pretty stereotypical Minnesota kids being vehicle or so for me there is yet their own Norah O. How excited are you about that I mean you get drafted and and you gotta be pumped and yet and you're you're thinking of the day when yet you're playing your first NHL game but because of what you just said case in Minnesota high school product. Playing for the university of Minnesota how much you're looking forward to your your first year with the golfers. Yeah I mean serious advertisement. Or writers cleverness and I think what it there you better you can. Get down there and it's the surge in her outrage you can think that every day. Andrea it's your answer all our power that's pretty cool and structural I think. Certainly being or being a little of that will be long problem in. Having never been. To Minnesota to experience high school hockey. What's it like you know we we hear stories about the state tournament and and and how crazy fans are there when it comes the high school hockey. You'll live did you experience that you played and it what was it like. Yeah I think. Kinda proud of course I Kamal fiance chart explains I think it's a shoot air per episode ever spent now lake. Are there a lot of edits doctor who's always there they are Kurtz looks like on the outs and and I never really believed. Tampa electric agent and they go on it. On the exit courting an event itself remains. Are caught up in Minnesota's certainly heard hard to believe that then I'll. You know Plano that revealed earlier said the for a lot of injuries in London it's and I think it's Cephalon. Almost specially into the year. Have you had a chance yet to swap high school hockey stories in Minnesota with allows linked. I don't know why. I'm sure though over there actually some island Sherry that's some great stories are known as a coach to so. No I'm not I'm not of the ship will. The last thing I'll ask you about I remember seeing a comment from you after you were drafted. You talked about how much you've always enjoyed you like to watch Jack cycle play being an American hockey player yourself and he is as well. What what strikes you about Michael what do what do you see when you watch him play. All I think the first thing that stands notice of an honesty there is partially. You're the united turn out there any sport that's. On the best defenseman Little League so I think that's the main thing that they're not you know that has seagate. Our wherever watch him in his plane had the UN is this. Lit Gainer on their outside guys out left and looks like because he's had. Six point carry NATO. Armed but for me the main thing that's different though would be definitely is even co host more than half past Cleveland street are too. Is Eden Prairie, Minnesota is that vikings territory and NFL fan. Are are available that I like that I think. Artists are deterred the ordering nobody. All right hard to be like welcome to buffalo we're gonna talk a little bit about the local football team. President. The last couple years ago I can throw the hail two years ago they played Seattle had a loss to Seattle Blair Walsh is an analyst at the missed kick. Yep. Yeah wrote. Where Ross. T wolves twins are you a fan of Arnold apologize for reminding you about failure it was undermined our. I mean I think. Earning maybe a guy like perhaps well it would have been terrible so. Army in my body who terminated if you vast volumes going there right now that they're cute it's you know clarity. I'm mark sensitivity goes how they'll make it to now. You know him well KC let's get to work again appreciate you give us some time this morning good luck with the rest the camp and enjoy the rest your summer so. Thank you KC Mittal sent here this first round draft pick. All right areas Casey middle stats first round pick in overall go into Minnesota. Rooming with Hudson bashing also golden gophers that's got to be pretty cool for Casey middle stat to come and kind of been untoward by guy who is already gone through the nice little round about Jo-Jo told me during that interview you heard case and that they're saying he's he's a two alarm god. Joseph tells me is a three alarm guy won't get more into that only combat Karen and I kept growing gates with a year and a B York. I don't have any contracts for now some minutes off the buffalo new ones where they wanted to see you and play. So we'll see in the north part. As the number one point and I'm gonna go my wrist through nature or Austin. Was that you have. But simply blocked off. Possibly. OK. You never contrary doesn't have a controversy HL team so we can just make. Sweet. We want that we can put him on the HL roster is that not case they cut. You ready for that but let's not be going back to. Keep playing Breton screaming Eagles because of the import rule in the future I'll only have a certain amount of foreign players are believe on the roster are okay and he he has foreign break and there are going with. Sub sub and some about that in court ruled it's. Causing him to no longer be under contract with them not poke at while julliard three alarm guy you can't you can't wake up so alarm sometimes 45. I had a roommate and I want to get this and quit before. We get to the home run derby here home run derby coming up in about said. And a half minutes or so. Like I had this roommate and I was living with for a while he was four or five car alarm guy and when I say four or five alarm. I mean for five alarms were going off out once like one period of time just 45 alarms going off in this kqed. It still. What now wake up. There would be. Moments and he was a guy he was a trade worker an electrician so he'd wake up at 5 in the morning you know go to work early. His alarm would be going off and I'm scumbag I go I wake up at nine titanium straight scumbag. And he would his arms will be going off at 5 AM. The lane and I'd just sit and their arms around. I could hear from the offices of the apartment he's got to be able to here this week option. 3456. Minutes go by still not that still not awake still. Five alarms going off at once so that get up to walk over to his room like mop like dairy wake up. Alarms gone. You wake up in. Go to work. Now well then now the onetime house at a music festival summer camp music festival atmosphere festival and day is not my other room at the time. He he got locked out my knee. My roommate who sleeps real hard as the 45 alarms but does the chain on the door you know when he like open hotel room. You like to speak out to see the guy bringing food service. So he left that on the door fell asleep. In this kid's room was right on top of the stairs used to walk up to my old apartment opened the door walked upstairs. He shared a wall and is batted touched that ball. My other roommate Neil. This call and call them being on the walls call and called him being on the walls nothing no response kid can't wake up. Neil let's say it's 4 in the morning. 4 in the morning. Meal has to get home he skipped work. So Neil decides to to make the executive decision that he's kicking the door. Seoul. Tries kicking a few times doesn't work takes a few steps back give it the old shoulder. Comes right write down what I say comes right down he was expecting to break the chain Yunel. No he ripped the door frame off the wall and there was a solid. Five to six foot chunk of drywall to swing on the floor three days later when I was walking back in from me and nice weekend. Sell. The three or four alarm guy's gonna scare me just because I had a real bad experience. Yet but sounds. Omelet speechless yet he shared a wall his Barack but sometimes touch this well in my Romania. Pounding on the wall like this. When you wake up incredible incredible feats of sweeping through things slept through pony walls and legitimately slept through someone kicking down our door meaning feel real safe. Pretty sure I would of slept through that although I'm still for like 4594. Final of the consecutive. Like wind like an hour before wanna wake up another one half hour for the fifteen minutes. Right you do you do the stops you dead and layers yeah that's that's what I normally mean by Al four or five alarm guy this this guy was different though he had 45. Going off once all right. And I'll be home run derby it's coming up next got to yankees. You got John Carlos Stan and he got hit ball all day on right now hope you guys enjoy that company knocks on WG.