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Friday, July 14th

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Sports Radio 515. All right it's time for the nightcap. Aid. Fifty day here on WG REE had a sick on draft board at 6 PM if you missed any of that. We had a WGR 550 dot com all hours of on demand show the Bulldog presenting. Please stick on draft Mary Alice dam were from WG RC Brian has aroused UWB and showed the bulldogs. Myself were all on their. You can check that out kind of and it WJR 550 dot com on demand audio presented to you by northwest. Savings bank where people make the difference. We are gonna get some sports where we are gonna do a little sick com talk but I figure ball we'll save that for a little bit later. We are gonna get some hockey talked or drag around the station earlier today with the investigators had some good stuff to say about. Jack like gold contract negotiations there what the the figures are going to look like and inside the the war of words I guess I would say between the NHL PA and the NHL with Donald fares comments affair. Is that his name through fear fear Donald Fehr. His comments about the NHL and it's looking like. You know. In my. Gary at Phoenix he is a buffalo born. Ryder raised man. He went to the college app Rockport. Along with myself he starred on such shows as the golden eagle hockey broadcast and the point after. He has since taken his talents to Denver Colorado. Where. He he works anyway Ed's buddy is he's back in town he's taken his is his annual sabbatical. And he's in town for a month so I figured you know what Gary big time buffalo sports fan knows this stuff. Serious whose Gary Gary he was everyone thank you appreciate an introduction yes Gary and I we go we go way back we we had the the time we spent together doing golden eagle hockey broadcasts spent many days hours. On the road. Together just meaning Gary so while we we know each other pretty well. And Gary is here because he's in town and that the sick contractors on how much you know what we're gonna need. AA vantage points. From the sick come draft from someone. We know is it isn't connected and Gary is ease much like me. So all it's also always for me to kind of stroke my own ego with someone who agree is with a lot of my choice as I think I was the big winner by far. I think Twitter agrees with me for the most part but you know there's definitely segments of the audience Suze. Might be V not soulful vocal majority and I might be appealing to to the the Twitter masses. You seem did not have an agenda which I really appreciated the seem to be people that are taking a theme. People that are taking it beam as with the last several animated shows you didn't seem to have an agenda you just were picking. What needed to be picked and when you know. I must offer a well rounded team that's that's Mozilla I was going for the the top part of the draft. With the way though the draft fell to me I was just looking to work. The the office was there firfer value. I was hoping it's always sunny was gonna come back to me where I had to get one I'll doubt I'd get down when all the way early because. There was someone out there one of those guys gonna take it's always sunny. Just to spite me. So I had to make sure that I I got that in my repertoire substance so me and after that I just thought you know. How can go wrong with the fresh prince of Bel air and friends a huge value pick at that time not a big friends guy but it's. Know what the value that was received there. I could skip out on that. And they've got a bomb from being on Netflix recently to. People had forgotten about friends and and also in the back and Netflix. In the conversation again yeah that's a huge bump for any TV show is getting back to Netflix are we gonna rambling on about sick on draft. Or I do right now we're gonna get right Daryn trigger it's about fourteen minute chunk with Darren triggered Andrew Peters here I wanna bring that to you. A did you some quality hockey talk from an expert who has back and he's he's still off you know that are part of the season were all these reporters take their vacation so he's still law but is kind enough to join Andrew Peters. Sort of bring that to you right now Daryn Gregor with Andrew Peters and the investigators this morning. Can have an issue buying a summer home he doesn't already but he definitely won't when the next deal Jack I called it's the talk of the town like. It's it's not necessarily. You know. How much money he's gonna make what how long is he going to be making and I'm just wondering what your what your stupid here. Well not much is too it's it's an ongoing process with a ball sabres. You know Peter fish in the agency that represents Jack in his willingness and in an eagerness that receivables likes to get something done and longer is better for the well let's neighbors obviously. I think that there's clear compare will now look for market starts arming the dividend. It's eight year 100 million dollar extension we the liners. In just fire that you actor Christ re upping the eight B. What we're talking about your eightieth is obviously you're talking book cornerstone players franchise pieces and Jack tackle fits comfortably. Into that category more ice so. Are there on again off in meetings there's nothing negative in any sense at this point they continue to meet me out discussions. And there are heading in the right direction this is the focus now. Or do you see bottle because he's he's done a happy model work it would stated this point is the new general manager of the ball low sabers and from Michael's perspective. You people that manage his affairs business why. Are also zeroed in on this so I don't anticipate that says this thing is going to drag notable on the or longer. Darren Gregor joining me on the line here he's actually on Skype and skaters WGR Sports Radio 550 and non MSG. We're talking about Jack cycles next contract it's going to be huge but you know I think a lot of people around here just think it's easy eight years ten million. Does he says his agent is Peter fish there right yeah so how does does he. I guess look at other scenarios I mean he you know I remember one. Ryan Johansson reciting it just seemed like. I am not trying to put the two on the scene on the same level but all I'm trying to say is that it just seemed like there were so many different deals brought up a three year four year five years six years. So I'm just wondering is it now appears and that's it or does fish say. Look at two years like. I I'm looking long term and be real surprised that the sabres were thinking in the long term that makes the most sense for everyone and you know again I go back to congregate in the guilty recently signed with the evidence and orders you to victory for the Edmonton lawyers constantly your term. You know there's no question make David lots of money on the table lead and he signed a 100 million dollar on wreck that. You know you fell yet give something back to make sure that they had a little bit of wiggle room to design and other players. Lately on right silence on the other issues. You know from the business standpoint they're gonna based on reports all the trend has been missed out here and that trend is in the structure of the term of the deal. But more interesting for me is I'll always lay he of the contracts that we've seen the big name guys that light. Have agreed to. There virtually locked out groups cannot be real surprised. That deal you know isn't in that similar territory at least in. Again in respect to the term. You know 78 years makes a lot of sense and you know the couple of dollars they are virtually locked out through those car accident it's not like yeah back which now worry about that business when I wouldn't. You know if New York I think he's willing to pay you off run. And that's effectively what's happening with these people are structured deals. Then take it you get your money July 1 and you know about that lightly in and manage your money accordingly see that you don't have to worry it will block outs buyouts and other areas on the other nasty stuff that can beat you later in the bunker. Saw Darren Gregor on the line here we're talking about Jack cycles contract investigators WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG. Jason Marshall said the other day probably gonna put Sam Reinhart on hole three year. Your thoughts on that I'd like it allows them to go on prove himself one more year he was value is also. Get a look at what is cap might look flat like in a year depending on what happens Evander Kane. Yeah her present I agree with and you like it presents options to its neighbors there's no rush. Hour. You believe that you know acute god in developing still developing young player but are you 100%. Certain of that. You know Sam writer editor is Bob and that he's here he's going to prove that. He's worth a bigger contract that's who he's gunning for and you know that. And that's all all who presents them some options for the ball sabres if things don't cool 100% according to plan may be becomes. Trade bait him off sabres at some point sees I don't know hole you'll periods speculative to suggest that but it does. You view it on and so I like this will play here by quarrels specific manner because I think it arc is a player that is you don't look. We're Euro a long way away from Z the best from Sam Ryan our terms of what it taught him might be. Yeah I I totally agree I love the player I just don't think there are many players in the league I don't care how good they are what stars were talking about. That think the game the way this kid does he's he's like he's honestly. I think he could he could deserve a title like he's a wizard type player does how he sees and reads and make plays before the puck even gets to his stick so. I'm I'm with ya I like that I like that is an option. They had. Ben while Julio was another guy they sign I'm curious to know your thoughts on. On not signing just because didn't have the didn't live up to the contract he got in Edmonton. Maybe unfair number Edmonton had to suck him and we a lot of money but. But what do you think about this signing. I like it because of the term and the investment you know one year. Just over one million dollars or six foot 32 under on our. I mean there's good and fair value in and it keeps bad law Julio hungry. You know his role diminished over the course of the year in Edmonton and that was based on his play it's not like Tom alone didn't get in La Julio opportunity are. In otherwise you know to prove that he could. Comfortably stay in their top six but. He just couldn't do it and EU was outplayed by other players all. Now if I. An opportunity. I guess the one concern that I would how well the ball close neighbors. You know he doesn't fit in the top six so. What's his role going to be in the bottom sixth player Ian ball and he's he'll cave without. All of what's expected up. I think you know aptitude to defend him and now in the past. And if he added jobs were doesn't have the year that he's hoping to how. Damper on the sabres perspective there's no arm no well it's a one year contract so. They're not into it or the long haul and you know he's got to plot while money from the end of the liners you know basing them why Pamela for the next to Seoul from ball looked down like I mean this is I can't speak as. This player I know is hungry to Peru. Any better than he was. You're better that he was you know Aspen and the lawyer and he also recognizes that that doesn't work out a ball well you might have trouble earning another contract beyond. While that yeah and that's that's where I love about it is because there we will keep a guy Harvey but it also makes me think like what if what is poncho tries to experiment I see talked about how asleep. You could use he probably got being uses as an experiment to roll on a top lines say the ship cocaine or CDS have a gap with O'Reilly and all post so I mean. Is he guy that could that you could maybe see them giving a chance to an outline to maybe maybe lose that spot as opposed to like you know try to work your way up to. Yeah I think it passed a real good sense that with a local papers right now. Yeah I don't have any doubt at least the spot duty in that Google that you just mention. It's going to be about seizing the opportunity and it been a lot Leah you know continues to trainers are flatly that he is this summer. Then he's gonna give himself a real opportunities. It's more a mental thing I think we're Julio concern. The physical attributes that talent is an error but he lacks consistency. Is Gainesville if he gets an opportunity that it took fill up. Our time clock and politics than he's got to seize that opportunity and make them. You were talking we're talking with Darren Gregor right now lies we always do on Friday 1130 he's on hiatus and that's why is the goatee and we have to thank you for joining us because. Not obligated to do so today so we appreciate that. I've just reading through like some of the CBA stuff going on. And you know do you think there's been some kind of restrained here just. Reading some Adonal fears quotes over a read them in a minute but. I was wondering what the outlook is to you or how it looks. With the CBA and the NHL PA in the NHL's relationship. Well ice it's just trading one and the other like it's. You around the reactors to the National Hockey League it feels like an exaggeration at this point and maybe get some degree. Don Fehr and those close to him might be a little comical term as well. But c'mon Andy look at recent history here and the fact that they were not able to come together yet to encourage. Continued participation in the National Hockey League. In the Winter Olympics mean I wouldn't say. Debt debt. It's as well being yet as it's going to get perhaps. It. You and he. Eleven dollar and assets were merely wishful thinking and I know the Jill with the knowledge that forget about let's move line but you know the players. Association even though they see that it's. It really really. Unlikely. I think to some degree they still have some hole. I don't see much of it and because of that. I got that. Let's bring relief ship between these two sides. You ongoing participation Winter Olympics was important to the players now. Relief perspective you could say well it was that important. Then Don Fehr should included data are a collective party the last time these two sides where it hit so. Perhaps Don Fehr and his management team players association. We use this negative experience specifically the Olympics as a galvanizing mole I know that there are few agents out there who think that that should be the case. But you know based on work stoppages that you experienced PDA and other players had to go through overtime. You know I. I still am an optimist you know. Does the National Hockey League to the owners or the players themselves really want to go through this again and get forced into war stopped so. Yet all the ugliness out on the table sooner rather than later Castro be among them. We've talked with the Olympics there aren't many other things and all the players don't like but the existing CBA that start that dialogue now. Now. You can hopefully it'll light but some still believe is inevitable and that's another work stoppage I don't want to talk or think about that this. No I know but here's one of the of the quotes I totally caught me off guard because I thought once that cap was inserted in the CBA. It's never going to go anywhere I I still believe that by. Yeah he made a comment about just how he doesn't believe you need the salary cap in order to be successful soul. Is that kind of is that MI to interpret that as a guy that wants to maybe start saying okay now organist our fight next is going to be no salary cap. May be a public good luck with Al hunt I don't I unity that is well. How do you convince any shoulders. These guys. Laws are are millionaires you know anymore they're billionaires. Who you know Duvol empires business empires based. Unsound business decisions I don't hear your Terry in the guerrilla war you know if if you're the owner of the ears open coyotes is just living check to check trying to make things goal. Yeah you'd be cost certainty otherwise it doesn't make good business itself young lady dawn appears is smarter than that bill as I doubt it from a business perspective. While I'm sure that. They want to hear what sort of mechanisms. In place to make sure that all 3020s. Not to Ali. All 31 teams can't remain viable and at at the very least three keep it because there's still a number or its agents. That's struggle to get that break even line and you know acquire the owners are concerned when you talk what it's acting salary. Sounds like work stoppage to meet our guys like Russia and you know PG. Either they're owners and general managers out there you know we started this conversation like the possibility of Jack I contract extension what I like. You know. Look at what Carey Price gone in heavily front loaded eight year contract extension in Montreal where seventy BD four million dollars. Are paid out bonuses again that's locked out group. That's Ohio group. In how many NHL owners out the cash will repeat that money out in July every year now there there might be 50% at 50% could be high. So you're out any taller succumb to Don Fehr and they okay lend we're gonna maximize confidently at fly years. You're not going to be able for a pulled it in the back and these. Orders Lleyton deal. And no Trace no hoopla is no longer exists and it you know will accept. Then we're all gonna throw you know a guaranteed contract. No longer plausible by NHL standards in the next that's the type baton war. That it's going to blow when you start document Gingrich is salary. All right Gary is TSN's Daryn Gregory to catch the rest of his interview. On demand width into Peters today. At WGR 550 dot com we're gonna take a quick break here we come back we'll talk about some of the stuff that was talking about their a lot of doubts. What the players are looking for in the CB AV the kind of the battle that's going to be coming up pins. You look that's what the players are going to be wanting. And the ideal but no salary cap is absurd but may be. There's an idea of the kind of luxury tax system that the MBA has gotten into which is allowed four. Teams to go over the salary cap and retain their own players while still being able to add pieces. I find the NBA salary cap super confusing but maybe that's something that could be employed four for the NHL we'll get to some of these possibilities coming up. Gary the missing now with me Ryan gates Jody B Osce and the board this is WGR. The players are not interested. Changes in player contract which would effectively reduce leverage. Make free agency drastically less valuable it and have players wait much longer time and so. And so that's basically the gulf. It's between netstat. This point I can describe if anybody wants that some of the background to propose that. Essentially set up there. That is Donald Fehr the head of the NHL PAA and it's gonna be a ways off yet but there is. It's going to be increasing rhetoric. Coming up to that work stoppage and it seems like the NHL is the only league that can't figure out a way to. Compromise for both sides to be able to come to negotiating table and avoid a work stoppage you look at the MBA they were. They signed an expansion. On their CD eight years before it was even all. And it. And I felt there was kind of the threat of a work stoppage but it never came to fruition because. Well I think I think we think about DDF well. The owners look at. Okay we're we're getting close of the season. Holy crap we might actually miss games. I am not missing out on any sort of league revenue here we can't miss out on our advertisers. So I would think it in the NFL. The day the owners column. Probably concede a little bit to the players the players want to make the money to. Especially players that are kind of the the fringe guys who aren't making making the league minimum guys is who and thinking of who are really relying on that page however. You know nice that paycheck maybe it's not like they're making minimum wage out there but there are still relying on their paycheck they got families and stuff solemn. And I think the owners look at OK we got a boatload of money coming in from the the advertisers we need to to make sure that work. Reporting and you look at the NHL they're like you know what screw it. As long as the owners can pages many paddies and give us few concessions as they kind of the players. It'll be fine if you look at the sale of the salary cap was the first season long the season long block out when the salary cap was implemented in. I like salary cap personally I've always been a fan of salary cap I look at the MLB and it's. Aren't even sure I would call it's a big issue because a lot of the teams that do was spend the big money. Are always the teams that are doing the bus because they take the older guys on their contracts and you get to the deck and those contracts and they start. Tailing off like I think of your yankees care anyway in the past few years when they had all of these albatrosses of contracts. Could get rid of any thing. And finally they kind of spun things around and turn things around and realized that. He know what it's it's nice to have a prospect system instead of giving everything away. When when yankees went out and signed AJ Burnett and CC sabathia Mark Teixeira and that offseason. You had to have known it was coming down the pipeline he can't continue to pay. Mark Teixeira an eight to thirty million dollars a year when he's you know 3536. Declining. It it's just gonna catch up with you at some point you have to expect that. Yes and then you look at you look at the NHL and I I think of especially when you were going into the lock out from the perspective of the sabres fans. And Tom Dallas Ottawa still owner I think now if there wasn't a salary cap in the NHL. We're a pretty nice position is sabres fans because we have an owner who would be willing to go out there and just toss money alone around. Willy Nilly to all these players pay I'm really high salaries to to bring a championship to buffalo. And now all is that we do have the salary cap and I'm pretty satisfied with that because I think it's capped the sabres more competitive in the past especially coming out of that locked out. Those years which were just phenomenal. When you look at does the salaries. And obviously the revenues are so much different between the NHL on the NBA UC economy David. Is are have the exact numbers in front me but one that contract kicks and he's going to be paid the same as Mason hormle is being paid. In the NBA I mean Amir Johnson who is like a twenty minute player. Any NBA plays half the game and I guess you know regional players don't even play half of the game. But see he's making eleven million dollars. In the highest superstar in the NHL. Is only making a little bit more than that as opposed to a role player on the team and all this bull will start to change with. It appears that the Canadian dollar is strengthening a little bit if that continues to strengthen. It's gonna be good for the the NHL the salary cap will continue to rise. I look at the TV deal to end they just signed the big twelve year deal for sports Canada I think that was a great deal for the NHL but the NBC deal. I think it's something that still needs to be examines its come to the point where. Your superstars. On the stage. They need to be displayed more and I think if view. You concede a little bits and go back to you asking and who dirt downfall obviously because they've been paying for NCAA football and half dollar gains in its. The DM BA if they're paying ridiculous prices to get these different leagues and if you owned make concession in and go back to the NHL to have me be. A lesser price they can put a product on the air station that's cheaper. They can ditch some of these other things that they've been doing that they're paying big prices soar in baby college football. I know the ratings for college football are way higher. But they can find a way to cut costs and think like okay we're restore the worldwide leader in sports. People are gonna watch us regardless of what's on and the NHL starts getting a pretty decent spotlight on them. It can be a win. Mainly for NHL puts ESPN is also bleeding cash so that would help them out to. Yes he had I don't know ESPN news that is declining in the NHL's always kind of been a it derided as the league that's not on the wave of what's coming and yeah if you go back to ESP and when they're on the down the way I you know sister you boom gone well you waited for the worldwide leader to become the third wide leader you know. Well you you look at what the NHL's been doing and I think the NHL has been a league that is bad time. The front judge of what fans want technologically. And I think of you know the game center gap and yeah you being out. And Colorado. But you your blast with the games and or have because around here even if you do pay for games on her. It's black outs you get the sabres game blacked out you can't watch him on your PS for whatever device roku whatever you're using you can't watch the sabres games. But you I know you've got a nice little setup what I think Brian as Rouse he where you you take his NHL again in my MLB yeah you pay a nominal fee or yet you do some nice barter there. And you get to watch every sabres game and from our perspective of fans that. I guess I'll work are out of markets. That's a huge win because you pay one flat fee and you get literally every single game until playoff time comes around which is. They need to figure something out with that too where you gotta gotta be the NBC NHL on NBC you can poll most schemes and apple. You paid a pretty penny for the package he think you would want them but I I get that the NHL's like. Now we need you to be watching the advertisers we need you to be supporting NBC. So that we can. Build and roll and shell bats were a legitimately. Can compete they're always going to be number four. Maybe someday there even going to be number five if soccer continues to grow and alas is going to continue. To gets. More teams they're spending like thirty teams Cincinnati's get a team there's a bunch of other teams that are are popping up in the demo last. Saul soccer's a growing sport because of parents are putting their kids and it. Parents have always put their kids and it's always been a huge youth sport now I think parents want their kids to stick with that on March because of all the the concussions and injuries they can get in other sports across is not a sport that's. That's growing I think across we'll ever necessarily catch the NHL maybe in my lifetime but it's it's one that. Is taking players away from the NHL because a lot of NHL players or hockey players in general. That's another sport that they play and if they see a path. To go across that's easier and might actually get into the pros over the NHL. We might start electing to cross a little bit. And yet how many occupiers to note that also play lacrosse it's all practically the same culture if you treat your thinking about it hockey bros and across pros. You get a lot of cross over their per share I think back to go to college when we had help run in the rough is who was a sniper for bowl. The hockey team a little Serb sniper for hockey team but definitely a sniper. For the other lacrosse team. Hey you're gonna continue to see. I just. It's so frustrating with the NHL because you think of what the fans want and the fans wants. Gains that are a little bit looser and don't think necessarily. Be right out of the locked out kind of game that there was maybe. The year after that 06 or seven year that 0708 year when there were still calling things. But they had gotten a little bit looser. If you have more of that freewheeling style where it's the up and down the ice trading chances. That's gonna be more appealing to the casual fan I think the casual fan gets. A little bored of the NHL at times because they see. Like a cycle which I looked at cycle don't get me wrong I am a big fan of a nice 92 cycle in the offensive zone. But if there's not any shots going out and that's or there's not necessarily taut action casual fan will say. Well there's nothing really going on there just skating around and there's no real action has posted a guy like me was like what are you talking about there is a literally. Constant action. So it's trying to find a way to appeal to a larger audience. And I look at the review system. It's good to be around still there they're they're trying to figure out ways to penalize coaches for not just. Throwing a challenge just for the sake of throwing a challenge. But eventually lead but you got to figure out how to speed that process also doesn't just take five minutes in the middle of the game. Except those challenges are longer than all the commercial breaks combined in a period. Politics are not a game Q could you sit there going while can't make any food might economist at the game bet you don't have bathrooms oh. Gotta gotta figure out something and hockey just has it has a lot of physical things working against it did players are behind big walls glassy go to a game. Your new you don't feel like you're in it. They they're blaring you know you ten pounds of equipment they're covered with a helmet at all times so it's it's hard. To market the stars when again you don't they're behind a wall of glass covered in equipment. You get the NBA those guys are sitting on the floor yeah staring at Wright Reyes. You are right there ye. You could be if you have the money you could he say right next to the punch you you didn't. It up and launch a three if you want you can get out there and watch three if you want if you have tickets you can get down to courtside and watch them shoot around and there are literally. Within arm's reach of U. I still think the NHL I think back to to the sabres and it's. I know they still do a kids day but what I was like. Tighter alive and are never going to a kids' day it was against the Atlanta Thrashers who wants it was like I wonder if 3 PM star which is still what kids day is. But then after the game. They had different stations where he could just walk around and get autographs from different players remember it wasn't even big players for the most part of it wasn't the stars of the team. And this was like an 03 so there wasn't really. The big stars anyways but I remember walking around and beginning to talk to like Taylor I and add a manner are getting a Max on again off. Autograph which at that time was huge deal the me because Max my favorite player. So I think you you've got to. Bring more of those events around still they do have the the pre season. The blue and gold carpet thing and they have the the lying in between periods rate go down to the locker room and I think those are cool. But if there was more of bats. Face to face interaction between fans and players I think that would help I even think of they're used to be fans what waited out by the players garage. And get the autographs and I think that for the go bosh on that because during those good years too many people were coming out there would be a big crowd of people there. I just figured those those interactions between fans and players are what creates grants for life and if you can get more of that happening is only gonna improve your game along. I absolutely I can tell AA even you know back in my grandparents have been season ticket holders are season ticket holders and it's almost since inception. I I used to go to a sabres carnival they've had and and tightened tighter day they'd bring the whole you know whoever was in town bring them out I scored a goal on Dominic Esherick. Oh man what that's how you get create a fan for life Dominic passionate. In that and you get out you get a kid out there was like online and going to smile and the crap out of you hash it in the gold rose ten. The greatest feeling. As a great feeling it'll trio by 51888552. I think I talked about right now the NHL can widen. Its appeal to fans ends. We started thinking about a potential work stoppage and got until they get TV contract but give any ideas or you have thoughts about its. What the NHL in the NHL peer potentially going to be butting heads wet. Coming up in the future you give us collier at WGR. I want to get your thoughts on be the Olympics and the NHL's decision to you know not let its players go to the Olympics civil war comeback after the break that Gary penis using now with me. Scheduled to be Osce is just hang out on board chutes and com I'm trying Gates's W care. Drake and Josh. Not so what did. And he sitcom drafts. I mean. Talk about an hour. We talk about star power that is bad one of the biggest celebrity feuds. Of 2017 start you know about the Drake and Josh here. I I don't well Josh got married right right did not invite me to us by Drake is this step rather. How do you not invite your stepbrother to hear what he shared a room for years they shared a room for years they've figured it out that you think they'd be able to figure it now. Steve also at the wedding Josh pack has got that new show with stables. Stables was their bullets. No Drake was number and it cost growth that she was your cash I don't hardly. I Carly was there Maggie and I currently whatever you wanna collar she was thereby Drake it's not. Just had not be shown up I guess. I I guess you know you know Drake was gonna show up to that. To that wedding and probably Boston nice guitar. He's probably gonna try to join the band onstage or something it's just funny to see that their characters in Drake and Josh. I feel like are legitimately. What they were in real life. Because he got he got Drake and you know he kind of went off the deep and into the of the world of addiction is an Indian drug loses playing music and see no he never never really got back after. After Drake and she's never had that big rule they look at Josh he's got a few he was. He played Timmy in the he. Following an odd entity yet I don't know I action fairly odd parents movie he did play Timmy turner and that but not sure you wanna. That's not a career maker there. Josh is certainly you know he's got some TV spots he's worked with stained most now so he's. He's got a little more sustained success but Josh that the transformation he went through from his his teenage years and Drake and Josh to the chiseled body and he has now is quite impressive. Am quite impressed that cheered just so up on his career arc yeah me. He's I think he got to know these are things you gotta know when you you know as radio shows knowing. That he was on TV shows. I'm trying to even think. I think the Drake and Josh and what was Drake instant notice. Or was that just Josh and I think it was just it was just Josh to. What else was great really even in. On the attack like that is. Film logger fi TV art graffiti in front of me yeah not really recognizing he was in a he was about government that's not the real avengers that was the avengers cartoon where he voiced the character. Well I guess that's not too bad you know if you listen cupcake course gives it populate a special guest. To judge. This is contestants season ten episode. Now I gotta say before we get to a break here and we start talking about other things. I don't know how it happened but the one night I came back on. Pretty late night you know can come to 3 in the morning. It was just surfing through Hulu. Nothing was done. I think it started because when I was at your house that one night after the fourth of July. And shop to move and now I have back and watching so much jobs chopped cut throat kitchen to London. Just watching so much chop every time I'm just like you know what. I don't feel like surfing through here's chopped. And it is good it's gonna every single time like these between our competitors their athletes out there they have to run behind each other in the kitchen. You know if someone. Used screen behind in some dozen movie got a pole six spin move off to make sure they keep only be ingredients they get it's it's a competition and I I enjoy the foyer that chopped brings. It's a solid millennial show too because it's just random ingredients that you go to your pantry got married and onion I got some chocolate. And I garlic cook and makes. Certainly can Cox and it sounds like it'll yields some tasty items are right that's Gary's team is using now with media another hour. On the night capital we'll come back what we're gonna wrap about the sick Andre after all a little bits I do wanna get his ideas about these. Via the Olympics and how players allegedly. Aren't going to to be allowed. To play in the NHL HL players in the Olympics. And or put a little bit on the bills are less than two weeks away. From training camp I am going to be making an appearance on the rock pile reports tonight a leading straight from here so my days and along to write a camel a crucial to work. Mr. preparing some things for the sick on draft its themes together at some opens together. Would run the sick on draft run the show host that show and nine. Big studio rock pile report for providing me with free beer and fried chicken wings to lure me and to do their podcasts. So being out for a couple hours after this too when that tomorrow. Sports talk Saturday any Geary he's gonna be on ends I'll be joining them so I hope you guys like me because you're going to be hearing a lot of me coming up. While Marvin I can come back. Your team is Jody BC I'm right gates you'll enjoy the show. Got plenty of phone lines open Korea in a 30551888550. To fight if you're listening to WGR.