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Friday, July 14th

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WG art Sports Radio fun. No effect at all. Maybe so let's start by doing what we set out its accomplishment at the time. Here ground as we did attempt to have a meeting and I did make the drive parts of the drive hard. Had a that I didn't hear the driving. Again that that's a little out of balance now I did my drive in but it's not a bonus because you know you're driving and I was waiting so. But the important thing is we love the way he has a lot to do why awaiting there's nothing to do. Do lighted driving tomorrow if you wanna drive to my office I'll be happy enough to wait as long as I want and we made a plan. Let us NASA plan we. We'll meet in my office life and we'll have a meeting yeah that's the plan. That hasn't been accomplished speech the nightcap with Ryan geeks what's Al football that's always attempted to have the meeting but it was important. We know let's have that meeting what how we haven't got meaning right now. Anything about the show others. I know what the intention is Hussain done to understand I drove feared that with the same intention to. Omitting the variety is what we're taught driving is the driving is a even coming back to this and say. And is not the issue do we. So yeah. Person it what I think and oh what was one of the bigger shocks. Of the the sitcom draft. Might show taking. Curb Your Enthusiasm third overall he followed his heart. You know. When your when your draft like they got to go get your guys. He got to go get your guys got to go get your picks in this case with your with your shows. You never know often and often they're gonna fall Becky got prime minister husky sit in in the in the rear end. Good about strong strong can. Candidates further scooping up Curb Your Enthusiasm for a drop back down shelves so I don't blame him for doing it got a big. On the Twitter big. Bullets only one of the first round it did not candidate. Really all the cheers came close you know I think there's a lot of people out there who look at shelves like. For a switch was taken in or even know what what I take that I think round. More. Friends was brow. I eve. Far. Four it was rock fort you picked. Yes because it's round three was Fresh Prince of Bel Air which. Rick peck on my picks this quality someone please call and tell me that I sucked. In the sic on draft because I'm sitting in here and wait for my my belt to be made so I can flaunted around the station sic come draft champion. Never seen mayor children but other than that. You're ever seen married with children other than that I probably yours the line about Joseph you got yeah I checked out it'd on on YouTube just search elbow on these. Greatest insults. Married with children is a show that would never ever survive today ever because it's literally him. Ripping apart women making fun of their weights making fun of children making just horrible horrible person remarks. Today it's a show that would never ever survive. I'm glad I had in my repertoire. Because Christine apple be that show. My god you pluses got Joe's got a young Christina Applegate. Looking vary foxy. Looking very very highly highly Christina Applegate even now it doesn't. I think it would mean men women children. Everyone atom dogs like followed by everyone's gonna say that matter that's under construction beloved by L yes Veronica critics don't I. I love the curb pick though even victory. Even though the value probably wasn't there probably can awaited. You know what go get go get the pick you want I would have spend it if I was in that situation sidled gone. You know a priority taking curb XMI think in the office because I knew you would've taken it right behind me but the discussion up there lake it's deserved to be picking percent. The discussions were there to four for some trades to happen depending on how the board felt. But if law if cheers wasn't taken inside fell in this instance we're the first two off the boards. I was heavily considering making a treaty get up three to make sure that I got the office really want to get the off some team. So I was willing to to make some concessions to make sure of that. Brian has Rafalski also offered me trade but he was straight up trying to rip me off his offer was he would trade meet his first round pick. For my second round pick. And in my third round pick and he would trade me his last round. Now but no women no way. I stop talking about it up with a pretty solid draft either way. And I could have ended up wet the Simpsons as well really rounding out that draft. Not so what do draft it's all Sonny who likening no thought in this instance for. There was the thoughts. There was truly a I didn't not expect it. So I I had my draft plan and I know you're supposed to be able to you know when things in the draft happen like that. You're supposed to be able to adjust right. But I had I had a little list and a little less than there was night for shelves that I thought that I could get. Regardless of how the draft and four shells they were. The office. It's always sunny. That seventy's show I really want to make sure that I gossip because it was a a big part of my high school career and growing up. And none. Arrested Development I really wanted and the whale is hearing Bryant talk about Arrested Development last night goes you know arrested on the great show. But it doesn't have a long jab that he I think to. To really register because I had those three seasons. It's got the Netflix season now bites. And then Netflix sees in is. Not great because they didn't have the full ensemble. And on hand at all times I think the next Netflix season that the Kamal went is going to be with the whole ensemble on hand so I thought I was gonna be able to sneak. For Bruno back with Iraq's development house hoping he wasn't gonna pick. Bullets. I'm happy with my draft and happy hour. You Gary would you think of EU you're listening you listening I did as a listener as a member of the audience what were you which they convey the entirety of the draft I wanted to know how would have gone. If it was RE your draft picks are the only showed you can watch from now one. All what do and the way I to judge that's the way I judged yet it's like I wanted to what make of the way I'm looking at is this the lineup but I'm gonna watch going forward just these shows it's like. While a Curb Your Enthusiasm but. What is so. I am I what I ordered the tonnage chips and a lot. The F it's. I don't know that that's not how you draft a nice but if I had to book does is shows that only shows you can watch the old sick. I don't know it's it's not necessarily how I drafted because I would not drafted France obviously. I drafted friends because it was incredible value pick at that time. But otherwise. I would say that's pretty close to how I drafted I would watch. Married with children and it's always sunny the office over my two coaches of your. In all you do that thing when your your surfing through Netflix something you know you could falsely do yeah that's something you know I could falsely two or you've just spent surfing Netflix for fifteen minutes already and you haven't settled on many things leaders like. It picks up and so you always go back to for me it's always sunny org the office those are my go to so I don't go to shells on Catholics Arrested Development a close third in that. So I was I was pretty happy with that I will say about That '70s Show huge part of my my growing up. But I killed off because I had watched it so much. I'd watched every episode at least. The thirty times by the time I got college and three seasons on dvd. Correct all those those seasons form. That'll happen I'd I'm curious how how long that suddenly show went on for. It was like nine or ten years it was a good run and and I tried bet that eighty show for about three weeks yet not yet and I think now that lasted for literally three weeks I remember when that show was coming out because my mom was and my dad bought my mom and my dad they were eighties kids shielded their coming of age. Was in the eighties and they're big fans of that Sunday show and that eighty show came out and there's like the show it is. Her double play into make fun about the eighties but all mine John yeah us know might be the easiest. Generation to make fun of it's probably a problem. Yeah you can't and don't have to search for the human humans right there. Yet possible to close or get some some tax and abouts and ease some of the picks some of the snobs. Of the the draft. At rind BGR from Justin. And that's. Real mr. rock person scores there too. Very disappointed you in champion as one for completely ignoring Boy Meets World premiere coming up each show of the ninety's also not even a mansion a full house. Com and also. Show opened bulldogs are incredibly old. Yes yes to some of these things. The Boy Meets World if I'm if I'm raking it between Boy Meets World and full house a big Boy Meets World guy a careful policy I'll tell you why right now. Back what we only had one television policy and my sister and I would battle for TV time. Let's didn't iTunes guy big guy Cartoon Network on a watch the cartoons. My sister. What always. Watchful house and I hated it's I absolutely dis biased full house. Even back done. They're such like a loving family and give me dysfunctional family I want to dysfunctional family dysfunctional families are always so much point here. Then. Everything is fine family you know I know they have their issues. They went through some stuff in full house. But it's just gonna over their main point the conflict to match I don't remember any conflict whatsoever while wasn't. Bob sag it's character there at their mom die haters on the correct that Dallas big. And did they ever even have conflict I don't think so I think that's part you might guess comedy without conflict as part of my issue was there was never really. True conflict. Going on in the action also false Fermi. No where it would be in my top. Hundred. That's just a personal thing with me though so. And we. You can tell me you tell me about full house in the in the conflict that existed in that shall we don't three. Off by fifty maybe I was just so young and I was just hate watching it that it just not that registered now they're registered in my brain. But I do remember specifically a Boy Meets World episode that I loved it was Halloween Boy Meets World episode where they were like running around school. Yes and the guy with a scream mask scream spoof that they don't edit screen spoof they had going on and he took the mask off at the end and she on. And I was like well what twist it through instant self part references they killed Fini. They killed you need. That's rights they did kill fee I. So Boy Meets World for me definitely that that whole era though it didn't get any love it really did not get any love you got full house you got. Home improvement. With Jonathan Taylor Thomas you've got its. What else was on that TG IF lineup Sabrina green out win teenage witch and netbook I was here. You know netbook I guess I don't nick a guy ease he's a friend of bulldogs he'll come on every once in awhile in. He was the voice of Salem the caps in the screen of the TV English. And he joins the program every once while he's got a great story about like Ronnie and OJ Simpson on the golf course and playing golf with them. He's he's got some crazy stories in a he's on the he's like a writer I think now for. Mother though the TV show where I forget her name but the the one girl from scary movie three. You know talking about on parents Yost affairs her and some other leading site. Kind of looks like you're older right yeah look she's a mother right. You guys that I understood the premise of Russia conflict if that's got we got Joseph line judge oh you're on the nightcap is going on man. They gather them with me guys or create bodies that come. That's on the bus radio that we've had in at least two weeks. I dollar by then I haven't heard anybody bring up family matters with circle. Merkel I know I I did sneak in a family matters did I do that and when he opens but it wasn't one that I necessarily. For me it was a little. I was a little too late for that I do you remember briefly watching it and loving our goal thinking Terkel was hilarious but I. It's not something that it would really stuck out in my mind that is something that needed to be drafted. That would be something moron out Shelton bulldogs played I would think but. As slaves or house. You're about to move on to. I would of rate and the matters of the powerful house but that's just my personal featured a full house and there's there's no getting around Smart hatred for full assault. Out of our rate family matters at a time what what what about your number one pick if you had a joke. All of probably I would have to face signed felt there. Yeah I think so I felt probably would be. For most people the consensus number one peck. Then he'll mart and bought an extra. And lasted forever and each season was like 25 episodes or something absurd so they. They had a lot of content there. Being a little vulnerable I don't want Bedard didn't know anything about archer and I couldn't understand that that's hilarious. C opt. Archer I feel is a very. Niche show still. It's it's on the box and I I love the have to explain and of sitcoms that they've got going right now with your worst. And archer and everything they docked on on an app I explored. It's still I don't think has reached quite that mainstream appeal as opposed to some of the some of the shows that fox the shoulder on fox get all the law with Bob's burgers and King of the Hill back when that was on there the Simpsons Family Guy. You've got you've got archer what is a little more edgy so that's why it's on facts but I have. I will larger than the ponds in that show the constant jokes in that shell I think it's excellent I was very happy to to pick it up with a it last pick in this draft. Greg thanks Joseph appreciate the comment. Say burglars don't talk about that counts we're gonna wrap it up here probably after the show shovel the bulldogs might bring it up on Monday and try to to move past this. The only good show about the eighties is the Goldberg's whole area strip this bus Seneca. I love Goldberg's there was there's some shows are right now that they're giddy wolf I think the Goldberg is an excellent show the middle with. Debra from its all Everybody Loves Raymond and the the G editor from scrubs as the dad. But that's that's a good show that's going on right now it's one that I actually watch. Not like in on the absent from the TV when my comes on but I see it on how much you know what. Why not. Why not it's good show. On your WB when you're around midafternoon yet. The jolly you I know I know you're in there you're still I can see you're shaking because everyone got everybody loves agreement. Not selected yet I am not. It's disgraceful. This wasteful disgraceful what I think I think that show. Grew up with that show I think it was just hilarious in the writing wasn't. That great but the characters in the actors were just so good it was so funny for so long I just. I feel like that era though didn't get a lot of representation because. There was under the age gap yes there was an age gap when people were were coming of age you would've been coming of age with like a saved by the bell. Or Boy Meets World full Powell actually. It Jeromy what do Biden under the pact or would have picked full house probably in the first. I was first four rounds he has he has invited me to hang out with them this week on for a little bit and I'm surprised he hasn't revoked the invitation because he was really getting after me about drafting saved by the bell. I think he's really disappointed me now that I I didn't do that I ever watch that show so. I only ever caught like bits and pieces you know beat reruns on mornings before I went to school but I never. Never got into it that's your thing. Your warts but I mean how could you draft that many shows that you really never saw. I mean pretty means like its first save by the ballot nobody on and if nobody here had watched saved by the bell. It's gonna go undrafted even though a lot of people might think probably should've been drafted but it's not gonna get selected because meeting. The other the crowd the draft crowd have nots. If it was that era I just really think that they are that. Early two to mid ninety's evenly ninety's era. Is is is great. Yeah we organ some more taxes and I'm truly sad no one matching freaks and geeks they had an all star cast before they are all famous. I didn't mention and they were high on my A undrafted list if the draft had lasted a little bit longer. I had I had a few names well Don my my list of shells that I would've drafted if the draft had lasted longer. And there was three names. I have three names when I was making my last pick it was archer slash King of the Hill I made that choice between those two. And King of the Hill. I do love cubicles on March. Everybody Loves Raymond was on that list as well and I'll make Joseph happy and freaks and geeks was the other one because because bumble words. Yeah it was a massive freaks and geeks you know at the time is if it's like a cult classic. Because a lot of the the members of the cast. And the director not the director but the the executive producer of the show have gone on to beat. Just stars with Franco and Seth Rogen. And what Jesus had all year your boyfriend is it's a golf yes big fan but Jason's a doll I'm I'm I'm saying his name like he's Stephenson golf. Yeah they really got some fighters in one season one and done. Yeah that'd it was only there was only eighteen total episodes of it. That's we're we are kind of talking about how on declared and freaks and geeks kind of deserved if there was any shells that I would have given the combo treatment. What about those shows because they were essentially. The same thing except one was high school and the other was college and that wasn't the same cast and characters though so I guess you really can't get via. The combo treatment this. When tweeted and they succumb caveman which has and he BC in 2007. I completely forgot about you guys that's it was it's all about the case and like I can't. The Geico caveman. How that ever even happen how did I error cycle must've paid wasn't on. ABC ABC it says. Like most of PP BC a lot of money to be like listen. We've got these cave man V advertisements these 32 ads. Very popular we can make this into a half horse account or the cave and I don't work. There weren't suits and stuff they're trying to live in modern times. It was like Encino man what Brendan Frazier and Pauly Shore all over again except it didn't have Pauly Shore and it's almost an interest. It up real life if you when he 885525. European phone numbers here. Well we'll get some more feedback about the sick round draft but talking. I've told Gary a million times and asked about the Olympics they might never happen by them you got. He listened find out. Jody B to be on board Gary pianist he's in here camera gates is my kept. You see from here mom looking through a window panacea a single tear rolling down Joe's case. He's really shut Koppel this everybody. Urban loves Raymond knocking draft I think I think Raymond was Joe's hero you know he was sportswriter yet. He was my inspiration the user your inspiration to get into the this music haven't played three hours ago. Since sides and I kept or. We're talking you know still about sitcoms. Joseph uncovered a listed it started because we were talking about cave man. Yes cave man of the show the Geico caveman and they did have a show. I wonder at how much product placement was in this show. Our blog and it really but will we we then got into a cell be on funniest. Sitcom is as of all time. And there are some doozies on this list shockingly. He told me. Number two according to Jim. I enjoyed it once and awhile Larry yeah I think it was bad enough to be shared analyst with cave man. The I thought it was a least evolved. Ninth spots had a commitment nine spots of the on fortieth succumb so what's all LC on analyst at number one was this. Which was on you 1998. And the first sentence describing it says it sitcom center and president Lincoln's. Wise cracking slave. That's just not even in good times that. Why it's. All I'm glad that that's number one because what the it's absurd concept for a show the F summary summarized with the collapse and was what's next for US comedy Hitler the fan Lehman. Yeah that is. Again according to Jim do. And I'll get it housed the pain which is on recently yeah that was our one of those Tyler Tyler Perry gigs guidance. And number six fairest viewers on NBC from 19801981. Jennifer Aniston was in this. Then then he's been off of you her affairs Tuesday off yet but if you're gonna have. Matthew Broderick in it what's the point you're not gonna have theorists and it's. Like the new isn't their show it's not succumb but. Each shooter like the movie yeah our ball very good yeah got that guy. Lee what was his name something we hawker gas at some misty ultimately Jerry Lee hooker I don't know is that we not Jerry Lee hooker but. That's yeah they are making a TV show that oh well you've got to the TV shows that you know the bald in the movies I think that's okay. But when you have the movies devolve thing into a TV show. They have issues. Unless there was like a book first to begin. Because otherwise it's just. V and Yani source material I don't an appendectomy knew I'd. Something that went from move movie shelf successfully successfully yeah they've all been flops. Other other shows that your work at. With that ABC 2012 that followed two men who decide they'll have a better chance in the current job market the dress up and pretend to be women. So it's bosom buddies all over again per except without the stars. Tom Hanks and other guy lasted two weeks. Yeah it. The the climate of the sitcom seen you you've got to understand the climate the sitcom scene has changed a whole lot since the 1980s. You get away with a lot more in the 1980s and you can get away with now way. Okay half in my favor on it's never fourteen it was on NBC in 1966. The show this name is My Mother the Car. And it. The title of it is the summary the title isn't some funny figured if clam words the 66 com. Is literally about a guy. Attorney David Crabtree discovers while car shopping at his mother has been reincarnated as in 1928 Porter. It's always neat to see him through the radio so women and his mother passed away. Cracked and then she was reincarnated into a car. Yes and she speaks to him through the radio. While you're hearing my voice right now like I'm just I'm an actual guy talking through radio I'm body and everything. I'm sitting here. But what of my concept you know and they they see there's no original ideas anymore. I think back in the sixties they're still worse on the original ideas like your mom be reincarnated into a car. What an idea big flop bought. Were shot this and they're going it's 1966. We got cars we got TV's what are we gonna do to combine means. That's what you've got because it was the 1960s. That was the 1960s it would the 1960s what I'm certain that the TV shows back that. They had to be. Anita what are some TV shows in the 1960s. I Love Lucy from back and I love Lucy's definitely from back then. That's a good one but the honeymooners. That's good until I watched a lot of India with the Jackie Gleason Show sixties. I feel like that was probably his 50s60s. Were were definitely showing interest in either operation I'll be waged. Yes yeah psalm get Smart which I only know because of the Steve crow remake movie see that's that's one that went from series to movie Gilligan's Island. Yeah I do on this silence nothing today. No we had the other rule of no pre 1970 all very serious so it was ruled out strictly be because that's ever we hillbillies. Bat man with Adam West that would Africa and see it. Is that technically a sit com it was later this it was hilarious we had this discussion a little bit last night Brian Kozlowski nine. Because this came up under 66 counts of the say that. Say it did come up under. 66 pounds. Because it's it's it's a superhero but if I'm considering you know archer a sitcom which is the god. A spy a spoof sitcom essentially I. I guess I can accept bad man with Adam watched a broad category it is the broad category there was there was a lot of confusion I think some people on on the Twitter verse in May be some of the feedback that we've gotten. Was like okay is this really sit com or not. And I just think that the category has brought in sell much of what actually is in his not a sick I'm like they're people like cartoons and sitcoms. But the Simpsons absolutely sick I mean just because as animated and it's not real people it doesn't mean it's not a situation. That's exactly what I was gonna say is when you break it down it's situational comedy suddenly put that to evict the characters in a situation. Where comedy can come from and that's where I think full house fails. If we can. They didn't they never gonna do they never put him in the proper situation yeah half comedy correct you that's. A now. When I when I get about full house and it's a lot of those I think maybe ED's. While even going back to the to the seventies in the honeymooners Lance. Send you to the moon Alice or whatever that is it's it's the tag lines. And I'm sitting here saying that adds I picked archer which tag line is what we're not doing freezing any freezing in the they've got all sorts of tag lines. Thoughts the jamaat archer larger ships go to tag lines all the time. And the amount of facts that you get torn and archer to the start talking about Fahrenheit and Celsius and goes out what are you. And in the names the guys that came up with the Celsius. Itself you don't now you know bus not delusional shelf that's exactly what it is an educational show while simultaneously coming and you yes. Furniture Bachmann speak if that's that would be. Live action archer and and PBS. King of Queens huge miss top beauty FAS come from. Everybody Loves Raymond are two of the top. Classics that work on for a really long time. And it's. Yet those those are shows I've watched locking queens harsh liking queens and Everybody Loves Raymond I think their back to back is is that right Jody remember. Think you have Larry they were also in each other shows yeah we we imagine that they would they did Kevin how effort and was delivering packages to you to rate for a little islands and it's you get those crossover episodes in it's it's like it's a gorgeous course Menino. Because this group will with mr. peanut butter is crossover episode. You know I'm talking about gently brought up by LoJack horsemen to be different texture and you never watch project horsemen and a comment I'm not I'm not one of those big and image guys now are never so never really watched archer. No boon docks. Yet the boon docks is an interest we mentioned. Yes it's it was on how safer for a lot of people who were like okay this wasn't sick on that was in the sitcom. I think a lot of what we based our sick comes off of was this paste article. That was the 100 red. Best sic ounce the 100 by six pounds and there was the boon docks was on that list which I was shocked about. I was shocked that the boon docks. Made that list only about really the boon docks you know the boon docks this scenario ideal like an adult swim cartoon you know it's it where do you draw the line I mean where do you draw that's why I think it's such a broad category that you where do you draw the line. There was on Twitter again interaction a little bit of someone was like. The HBO shows eastbound and down entourage beat her not really sick cons because they're serialized in each episode. Is that something you'd like you have to watch the previous episode to really understand what's going on in the current episode. So is that really stick around because I think the general feel this account is supposed to be that it's one standalone episode. That can be just watched we don't really need the story outside event. But I think about like the office. I'd I do believe the office is. You can watch a standalone episode you don't need anything outside event but there's also general story arcs that are continuing throughout the whole thing. So where does the line get drawn there because. It's kind of serialized I think yeah the the episodes do stand alone by themselves. But it's also it's got larger story arc so that's where I was getting torn up love. Okay what is what is not a sitcom show posted this Wikipedia list of what is in what is not a sitcom you know Louis wasn't on and I'm pretty sure archer wasn't on its. That's what we're supposed to base our lists awful but I was really basing my list off of via the pace article I'll retreat that out for for everyone so that they know. That they know what well what we are basing our our you know sick comes off of it was 30551. Eat eat eat my duty to fight for the huge mess that drew Carey show who'll. Red is abatements yeah drew Carey show was was pretty good TO. They're dead and that's what we're saying I said I think that this was if there was ever draft and I haven't been a part of all of these traps throughout the history here on WGR. I've listened to a lot of bomb I've only been a part of the bans the party and this draft the sick on draft. If there was ever a draft where you could've stuffed lake. We only got five microphones and yours five people and hear dance Joseph over their participating. Mean their participating so seven total people. And gone literally. How its A 33630. With the whole thing so it was three hours there would still be shows that people like how was that shell. Not drafted you gonna go on for four days because I don't think you can deduct it. You know what we got rounds seven and eight coming tomorrow we're gonna break it up like via the NFL draft. We should've done 71 round one day when I'm gonna start doing that drafts beat us stretch our contact. We stretch our accountant little bit we do better here in 030551888552. I think if you ask on the night kept coming up next this is WGR. I was robot chicken. This robot chicken sitcom acting like that's more of a sketch out. There. Smart sketch you know I think it's a situation. All Scott show funny show up for good. Okay you assault me Joseph. Your convincing man. It's last call and then nightcap and tonight we do have last colleague Trevor in west Seneca who wants to run for enemy should governments augment. It was killer on guys. Not the mustered just done a good drive on here and think about the definition. Six they get stated earlier in the neck in the element is you know than argue over there you know thought about it really love an admission that he's able in the years to count your target about animation I mean Stanley guys now are you know I don't think he drama is product yet. Yeah future Ramo definitely. I see here you you believe future Obama has been wronged by not being brought opposite is that correct. I mean I feel individually heard at times about it. Yeah I mean you're drama great show I think via the first part if you drama was it was really excellent. That animation category. I think of the animations that were selected and and it was. You got your your your heavy hitters there you got your heavy hitters for sure with the Simpsons. He had he had self Turkey had Family Guy and that archer late. Yeah and then I came in with archer out of left field but I I felt the need to to get archer in the air so that was a personal in the future Rama. And the same guy who did the Simpsons so he's he there's some clout there. We shirt under enormous show is an animated because I've never seen. I don't can't be sure about that. We can't be sure about that and then I guess that I love norm McDonald I'm a big fan of Norm MacDonald. You can listen to his podcast. And it's like you can just listen to him tell. Do you worst jokes they're there's not a guy like besides norm who can tell terrible jokes. And just make them on. And he is just an expert at doing that will never figure out how we does it but he is. V blast at the long joke. That's a bad joke at the end of it but the way that he tells it just every single time makes a good. Joseph that your Mike on here he believes them all out that huge project joke. No faith well. Whatever you're an. Well yeah I know in Arabic and norm as well aren't huge norm fan when he had design show when he just hand the other people who jokes all that's it better make them bad that Adam guy. That is the is like sidekick and he would give us all. Like worst. Offensive. Jokes and force them to read them. In front of these gas and it was it was incredible got a got a text and beavis and butt at. Beavis and butt head though the Mike Judge original. That one at a movie now at a big time movie in who's another movie enemy it's serious though. Beavis and butt head was definitely. On my radar. But I would say if you don't want the Mike Judge animated series got kicking off. And again we discussed how blurred this line is I was being facetious as India whoa what about Adam and Eddie. That was on that Wikipedia list at at and Eddie was literally on your talking. Gary and I on your college we launched a lot of Phineas and firm. A lot of Phineas and firm is like a technically. A sitcom nick got done the same cast characters they're placed in a different situations. Every every week. So that is technically Phineas and verb. It is a sick town and we are talking about Drake and Josh last night Bryan anger like. I'm is that is that a sitcom absolutely this account but he he argued against it because he goes. If you go to the library or you go to your of your local video store your blockbuster you know. Indeed go to this section where Drake and Josh isn't. Star in the comedy section of the sitcom section it's in the children's section that's a safe Phineas and firm as a sitcom and it's and Barney is that nom. Or tell hobbies aren't those also sits how tough he's definitely safe bet that there is no question that talents hobbies is absolutely sick I'm all right. I think earlier this that come talk died here but who knows it is July we are buyouts. A little less than two weeks away from from bills training camps and surely have a lot of football talk coming out but it's going to be a beautiful we guns. There's gonna be some rain in the forecast but see you know they get outside. The cobblestone life festival is this week guns you got some great bands playing in equally as functional flow intrepid travelers a bunch of local bands I got bodies playing in bands dream beaches. And the Jacob Peter band. So you guys should should go down and check it out. I just love the idea of having a little possible like that down in that area you've got the the greatest embellishment in. And words and lock house global beginning stages we'll have some sort of main stage it's all down there around canal side. So if you get a chance. Don't check out cobblestone live they've got individual date tickets for sale they've got to date passes for sale so definitely go check that out because it's summertime. Outdoor live music. And as much. They gotta love the stuff that Buffalo's put 92 when I left here there was not much to brag about downtown for sure but at every time I come back there's been more when it's it's it's beautiful down there to be very excited for. Yes so I'm gonna be hanging out there tomorrow night session definitely we have CE here on my show in Shelton Bulldog obliged though if you guys get a chance. Come on out. There will be fun it's a supporting Planned Parenthood. So your plan torrent parenthood supporter. Let's go to a good costs. Are gonna get out here for the weekend I'm going on the the rock pile report right after this they've got a beer. Chicken wings. Some sort of barbecue ranch dipping sauce on the what the hell that is and pizza waiting for me. So I'm out here thanks to Gary stopped by thank you and I joke. I'll see tomorrow. Sports talk Saturday meet neat Geary tomorrow she'll be there to this and I kept pace everyone for listening to deny this is WGR.