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It's much room. And the Bulldog. Anything wrong with that well. Course I mean it's funny that you are absolutely I mean I've mitigate Brent my thought let's get a decent seat. ZoneAlarm. Broke open to a punishment bush you know wouldn't that saved the day. Eighth that. Did. That they get to. Yeah. It's gonna be a lot of Daryn well yes but I am afraid I prematurely shot my line on what was was he a dry run. If you will so I'm Bret had something of a mess on finance. Sports we know. Here's a look to start here's to making this the best. Sitcom draft ever. That all the sitcom drafts here may this be the best one of many of the many sitcoms the way to where a late at night tell me this is your first. I'm not your first. This is our first media people burst already did not really this morning Betty well. See no changes the whole tenor of the redo budgeting and literally Watson diesel rules they'll weed within your when we don't write it down first Steve. Wade and and and I spent three days preparing. When the amount was supposed to. I you're taking advantage of the fact that Lima. Novice. OK well maybe maybe you want to available that are notre. They virgin and I thought no that would be a left turn you warn me whenever I started an authority interest thing. Much over the bulldogs here Mary Ellis them alert lead anchor from. Two on yourself to on your side and I got to make sure wanna make jury that the preferred. Slogan. I am Ali answered it pretty much anything but WG RZ channel to pick your poison. Today. Brian mess around ski from WBN news radio 930 and now I'm a guy don't on the hall looked operationally they gimmicks can tell you you're pretty open to help the micro we don't have to. This is actually kind of operation. At every morning. One one thing that happens he's drafts over the equipment doesn't get used eight get used it. And Ryan gates country gates hello Mel piper junior power producer. The guy in the morning show. Howard and Jeremy Bryant's competition V. Came up with a draft order at random today. Mary Ellison's first. Bold August 2 I'm third then Ryan and then Bryant. Nauert turning will try to get eight rounds in between now and 6 eastern. Will say I mean if it gets. Stupid in a good way maybe we won't even getting rounds and but that would be good that's forty sit coms and give him. To whatever extent you guys have looked at this. Doesn't seem like it. We'll get to 46 times and there will be several if not many considered great shows that will not even prevention. I wrote down forty show us so I'm not going off of this piece of paper if someone mentions a show that's not on this piece of paper. What ever. Couple points. I guess. You've you've got to exist and you've got your buddies are all the shows in the world to me all right that's enough to fuel. Told today Kabila multiple we're doing wrong if we're not on your list aren't buying every now I don't feel so bad now. Frank as I did 37 and I thought that was over preparations so I'm probably right or should it's actually under preparation thirty. 37 like Y thirty sevens that were just what you thought of that's just how much time how to mount the question. I took today so I did this process with integrity you like most I I had the kind of put it into some kind of journalistic process. Which means I texted. My by favorite friends who gave me great feedback. So a lot of I heard from a lot of your listeners quite honestly yeah gaming suggestions and help you do you think of yourself as someone who knows person comes. I watched a lot of TV grown up yeah. So I mean now. I I hate to say that I'm representative of my generation but I'm sort of the tail end of the baby boomers snow. And heavy guns 70s80s. And then ninety's that notices started to wane but I feel that in the new millennium era. I watched really good stuff so that's a lot of cry in the seventies and eighties mid but maybe we didn't know was crap that right Krugman pointed I don't know. I always do in preparation a pretended like and represented on social media like I was working at this and looking at lists and all kinds stuff but really opened up one list in the one that. Didn't cause my browser to breakdown that was easy to navigate scroll through. Is his stands on its working off of somebody's list and however. Oh okay. Bryant got a list encounter drafts ever. Ryan's title after act at the ready okay let's asserted Mary LSU won the first pick. And you're about to make your choice and was it an easy choice for you. It wasn't easy choice for me. A little bit of pressure though obviously the number one. But I decided to dive right in and go win the drum roll. You don't know he just kind of I don't know a lot of stuff he was not a liberal I I'll just jump in my first pick cheers. Ryan looking for the salt. Oh we need to fill a little bit more you know what you're the son Jim see what it was like to say something about cheers you know I think it all starts with creed anthem. And everybody can sing the song and I think. The more our phrases in no more catch phrases that you can attribute to a particular sitcom I think bodes well for where it should rank. So when you think about you know. Calling out norm in every walk into a bar yeah or people kind of judging bars based on to the they have that field. That cheers had mean those kind of things make an iconic. Besides great ratings great characters. I mean I think it's something that universally everybody can relate to. The settings of this account and then they just did so well for so many. I I feel like I can really relate to. Who you can't clean and again. But I learned all that from bull look. Going to bars and teach him of him. Knowing good bar from a bad 10 yeah so. These are here because I don't mennesses pizzas and got out though is that your spots that you thank you for not down all right cheers I mean that's respectable. You know if you if you look at the there are lots of these lists the best sitcoms of all time cheers is all there. Sure. Behind a couple of you show itself and I know I felt really good about my pick and behind an album shows. I gentlemen I'm disappointed how impressed me that you loved it. Not only is it considered great show you look yeah absolutely it's genuine that matters your team go. All right cheers number 12 pick bulldogs well this is really interest. Because I 100% expected burials to walk through the door and draft signed filled ten. Hand. I've been talking up the Simpsons I've done a lot of research on the Simpson's not gonna really needed to do research on a night. I wanted to just evident at my fingertips so I wouldn't miss any of the legendary get mean every one except for sitting president has been around that shall. In cartoon form. But rock bands the Ramones. Drawings former baseball players Aerosmith. I mean you name it everybody economic chill. I was planning on picking the Simpsons. I can't pick Khartoum shall have a Seinfeld. I'm gonna take signed up at number two. So at least that your your pick becomes a cartoon show. I'm what I what the same things but signed gold is. The legendary as well and it's one of my all time favorite shows. I've watched it more than the Simpsons. I talked a really good game about Simpson's movements erection smoke signals that they think you're ready to take are prepared to take it. So aren't animals dogs but Cybill is the price of just wrapped my opinion and I just got to number two. Good thing out yet how do you feel merry else but not picking cycle first like was that close Pernod did you not like it for summaries and. How well no sign felt in my it's in my top five. Well it's in my top. So if not for any even if the mom can I mean it's a great show you can argue that but. Now I just think that. Yeah I know cheers just. Did it for me more I really dislike the diversity characters and they had more of them and again and just it just does not go. He's always done does that count for anything. I think it helps it but if you walked into any room alcohol our hotel room in any city anywhere. And turn on the TV and Mike. Hit the op channel button feinstein's gonna pop it's probably it was on the TV. Cut it. Time. So for the last trick me winning this country. But mountain. Well I'm just perfectly delighted with Elvis. Cheers was in my top. Four OK there's well. So he is traded yeah I'm I'm and I'm pleased okay I'm in a really difficult spot I think. I think I've got in my mind two categories. I've gotten more current axle went super popular sit coms. And then I've got icons from the old days. And there are like three or four Toomey of each that are really close to each other. And I can't even really decide which list I should pick from here because riot and Brian reach gonna go twice after me and they could do one of beach. Or not I mean it's younger guys. I really I really could pick from I think five or six shows right here for does that sound. Crazy and then there's the Simpsons which I really never was into I said earlier I mean I want to. Have want to make good pecs but I also want picks that like were. Me and end the Simpsons I can never really watched assumes there are doing everybody else is set about it being so great and important is right. But it was really never my show so I am and I've I feel like I'm in a really tough spot. I'm playing the game two but it could sign it felt as I know you would have taken I got a lot of Texans and so I took cycle we've review and adult I doubt it's gonna make it back to me. Here with these guys sitting near but you know. My plan was if this happened and you know I have been thinking that way like there's a lot of options but. I'm gonna take the one because I feel like this is the most important thing mama to take the one that I think is my favorite. I'll do all these shows the iconic shows and the newer ones I'm taking Curb Your Enthusiasm. I think it's probably early. For that show one I would bet against it getting back to me at eight. And so there I would love Curb Your Enthusiasm. Every one of those shows is great it's still going a new season after a few years off is coming up in October. And I'm excited for that so. It's so there would swearing signed felt was wearing. JB's move Jeff Garland. Great super Dave Osborne what are his real name is Dave. Punk house or what is what is I look banjo he got an unrelated. Bob Osborne. Marty phone browsers name in the front yet the track. At all. The news. Gives me purpose third and get chipped there putting that out there. What about curve is. Every single time I seen episode. There's some point where it makes me so uncomfortable that it's funny every single show it never disappoints on that level. Right just keep thinking behind this guy is really for real he thinks this is how we didn't realize how uncomfortable it would be to have in your life but it's always fun. Ryan on his show last night played a clip from curb where. The weatherman. Had. Predicted rain but it was nice out in leery accused he confronted them thinking that he did that on purpose so we could have less traffic on the golf course that there be fewer people playing golf. That's your scam is an weatherman. Predict rain so no one comes on the golf course and you can just take all the time you want. You know it's much funnier though when you're hearing Larry they'd all say it'd better be. And there but maybe that would just it's a little too close to home for me in and out wolf boy when you when it started when you started in with I got one. I wanna pick my favorite I was prepared for to be like a thin mints ask it. Like curb probably you're sure your mitts who I am concerned the community. Here earlier than you'll probably be new but a respectable show that I'd I'd also like a lot so I can't. McCain it's not in the junior ms. means the government petty. Arena where relief. Rock and is up with pick for. All Mandalay that this board is haunts me while very very happy here. And you know I wasn't expecting the Simpsons to be here so that does throw a little bit of wrench into its bullets I have to follow. My plan and I do have a plan your I have I have four shells which I reasonably believe. I can get with my top four picks and all I leave one out there. With Brian with two picks behind me is he's gonna take it. So I gotta go with with the fourth overall pick the office. Yeah Michael Scott's. And no it is not aid. Combo deal with the UK US office because they're different characters thank you they're different characters that that means they cannot be a combo pack so as the US version of the office ends. I mean this just to show I grew up with. Love it's. You talk about some awkward moments in the show this is a shell that can also make you feel incredibly uncomfortable moments jobs is great win. Did you ever try to watch the British one. I did it for a few episodes my sister lives in London and so she has watched it but I haven't gotten the all the way through. It's I couldn't get into my neighborhood I thought it would error moments in the British ones that aren't hurt your gut. Funny at their may be more far in between then on the show the US show. But there are some moments yet to stick with it I guess I guess I I'd sure like the highs are highs. The office so alone look at the green room right now one look and Marge Simpson right now in the green room she cannot. Even believe it at an art is the Simpson's gonna not get the first round bonus. I guess that's up to Brian with pick five I I really was planning I was hoping the office would fall. And you guys went and I was sure. That the Simpsons would be long gone by now. How do not take the Simpsons the Simpsons as the most serious are your vascular and that's the most star power of any show whether it's guest stars. Or just actual stars. Who on any sick count as a bigger star than Homer Simpson. Alec Baldwin. Navy now for like fifteen minutes but homer is like the biggest star ever and I'm pilots. And the whole thing and the Simpsons is now only. Star packed but it's just like sign held where you can turn it on at any time there's like a million episodes. So it's on all the time. You can pick it up anywhere you can just watch a random episode market. Not serialized anyway. Perfect pick I can't believe it's here I feel lucky yeah. But to gift yeah I gave you'll get. Okay it what you're picking Steinfeld I I pitcher went number one. Yes it comic praising him and maybe it's a female thing it's not even on my top 37. Not even up. I don't think that I. I mean it really have a hard time embracing it cartoons. And cartoons in there at all I. No no I don't get him now could enough. There's got valuable information for the rest of room for America. This guy is north and important that you we declare winners all out. Yeah oh yeah you wouldn't tell me that I don't even when you do not have the Simpsons because you didn't think it was this account. You know honestly I didn't have in their because I really didn't know about it right now. And well. Know his I think that it okay yeah I'm you can get the win my picks but there's something in there that's maybe in that category. By the non current. All right so O'Brien with the Simpsons at five. Probably getting a lot of compliments are right now that I feel like I have mites cornerstone. I can below the rest of this draft and be fine go ahead with it. I was trying to I hit the next pick right pick the young ones now once you just don't do Idaho and I really could if I wanted to. You know make sure no one else to get I was trying to get this pick from Orion is tiger really bend them over a barrel here. And pick the show that I know he wants. But he wasn't much. No I had to trade offers and then kind of taking either the way the board felt we had to offer from Mike. For the third overall pick but I didn't I didn't need to take that offer way. The office the Simpsons. It's almost there or not. You're you're just trying to rip me off over here are some game in Europe and why I would pick I'm thinking of picking the show that I know you want. Just see you trade me an extra. I think a notice me to. Harriman appointed editor Mary Ellis. Now that's. I have the Simpsons I feel less like I need the extra pick song gonna go and pick my favorite show. Arrested develop Boca. Because I. It's Timmy is the best show it's completely different from the Simpsons in that it's like everything the sentences and there's not a lot of the shows. It's really serialized if you watch amount of border. You kind of can't follow it gets better every time you watch it's to me that on your show. And there it's off the board. It's a luxury pick for you'll buy it it is a look I have the Simpsons so I can afford I might depicted anyway just makes because I don't think again for a while. Tim reiter that was there are better break I wanna get my favorite show on there I've arrested development and the Simpsons I like the logic here I mean you're gonna feel good about that you're giving your favor them that's sort of what I'm thinking with curb there I G I don't think it would have been it would in the lancet two more rounds. No I can I can absolutely tele with a certainty that's. I'm still kind of happy with the pick here because my pick is my favorite show is available and that's gonna end up being selected here. But I was considering you didn't take this shell that I was coming back down I didn't expect anybody. Else stood degree have Arrested Development. I'm not sure I can't be sure of that but if it was still available while I was still on the board round three. It was there that I'd only just recently we've learned how to discern Arrested Development from is always sunny in Philadelphia. Because I started watching it's always sunny in Philadelphia for a very long time when I'd see. Play balls for one short the other I always thought they were the sick I'd never could differentiate the tomatoes they've seen what reverend new comedy shows. To make it and I was like I aren't a moss but some knowledge no one from the other as to order seems single second arrest. Arrested Development is a shell that shelves as many jokes as possible within the screen as a cash and at any given moment they could be visual audio equipment like dialogue delivered. It just trying to shut as many jokes and out once as a possibly countless I am at Princeton who. Make your pick now wait dollars and can now we don't know what's coming I think you know. It's always sunny in Philadelphia he. If I do not trust it to come back around here a few someone in the room was going to. Picket in spite of me I can't run and I think spite. I cannot have despite. Peck come to bite me here so I got to take it's always sunny won't still on the board so it's always sunny in Philadelphia sixth sixth and seventh overall. Are we are seven picks into the sitcom draft. Mary Ellis doubled with cheers ball law was signed fell I've got Curb Your Enthusiasm. Ryan with the office. US. Ryan with the Simpson's been arrested development and Ryan Beck it's always sunny in Philadelphia picked eights. All of the sitcom draft when we return. Much over the bulldogs here on WGR. Sister sister still on the board yeah. I presume the sitcom draft we are we haven't fixed and much over the bulldogs verio Stoller from two underside here yeah you're not on the news tonight. If you are here. Oh my god that's raw diet I have been miscast in 26 minutes or you bluntly I'm off the I'm not about. I decided I need the whole day to prepare that's and then decompress and we have been a goalie how old geek but I disappointed you will be fined. Right man throws you from newsreader I'm thirty WB I'm Ryan gates or producer it's the sitcom draft Mary Alice with cheers 11. Overall. Great start for NBC bull dog was signed felled. Second I went Curb Your Enthusiasm third Ryan with the office Brian then with two picks the Simpsons and Arrested Development. Both fox. Yes all of those are fox every arable Fox's weird and then Ryan with it's always sunny in Philadelphia the B affects. Started on fox a fax eight companies who run company good run for fox. I come up with pick hate and I just think this draft needs. A sense of history right now. I don't know either this is like the right pick but I I want win sit coms became. Culturally important. Represented in this draft and I'm gonna take all of the family. We need the overall pick it's a big summit and got your back. All the family. Funny end. Word not all of the family like. Everybody knows how TV movies and pop culture is way edgier now and now we're just desensitize and anything goes now but in the old days you know it's sort of this this scale. You don't hear that word I don't know where television. And I'm not saying that's a problem all of the family being barriers broken. I'm pretty sure there was an episode where it really realized that stretched Cunningham was RG's body on the dock. Was in the gallery. And I think their path like I I don't know. If someone can tweet me if that's completely wrong but I feel like that I happened to lead a balmy in the wood I was placed. So you have just like super serious. Topics broached in the you have do you put. Both of your socks first dirty you go Sox who. Saga true and what. Thank you run out of fit I. Figure what and the greatest irony of all is that they expect dead. That. Archie Bunker would be you know. I don't know how marginalized called out and then he ends up being this cultural icon his hero that nobody expected. And what did that mean if I mean I can remember just editorial after editorial being written about what does this sitcom say about America. I mean and you wonder now if something like that played all we kind of have somewhat of an equivalent politics that don't we. The people analyzing it in thinking. Is it just really comedic value is at the irony of what he represents are they laughing at him because he's so fringe. And you're right it it's still does hold up because there's such a great shock failure to watch that would be the. All the show that's actually funny. Most I I came into this wind picks him old shows. Most of whom are good. That one's pretty good how great is the ending who was the first choice for Archie Bunker Mickey Rooney. And he didn't take it because this 12 reasons one. If he thought to be too controversial then and too because he didn't think the show would last. Wow. Well it was really like brought him right now is that right yeah that are right all the family pick eight over two Bulldog for pick now well I feel like I got gonna keep play. In the game now I I was the duke couldn't tell by my reaction I was certainly strongly considering. Taking all the family with this pick but you've taken it. And my sense of the rule here is that. There will be enough older shoulders to go around for me to get my thrill on my team so is to not look plate. The oldest man on earth. Tramp. I'm gonna pick 1 of those I am religious but that's when one of the one of the few who. New horror show is. I've seen a lot of it's always sunny but. Brian took that on the I was gonna take that from him would've felt really like a jerk doing that. Outrun one of the few newer shows that I've seen. I don't know at least a dozen episodes of that makes me laugh every time I watch it and that's. Parks and recreation okay. Yeah and just say it's gigantic it's something why is it that that should have been around for a few rounds. How. Well its eleven on my list here from paste magazine that matters star power alone. Racquets parks and congress. Got pretty. That's not why and Swanson got Russell Schwartz. Hey that's the ball game your Bryant like you you thought it should lasted about. Wasn't wasn't the case you want that he added that I was really count and that would last until at least minus. I'm an optimist and Amy Poehler about it really got the character in the show. She's hilarious a great show. I'm trying to get approval to take the Chevy Chase show in the next round so you can it would have been one went in there and I don't account under him one more. Spot cleared there but bulldogs went ahead and took parks and recreation ninth overall. Merry oust him her for two years ago. Will she take shows that are not on NBC that's what they're asking. You know I and I and stared at two picks and I'm not even release OK knowing no one definitely isn't. But it got to go with this classic. I'm gonna pick mash and and it wasn't NBC CBS Ilya it was I knew was an NBC I remember these things by which team early on I'm battled the network stars. Which team was like. Paralyzed. And that's pretty good but. Again. A great story line because also culturally but it represented. You know it was not. Necessarily invoked to be joking about a wartime scenario but. Great humor great characters. And I think that again it's longevity spoke to the fact that. They found a way forward to resonate every single week and all the different scenarios and yet there was a lot of drama. Lot of seriousness and they had cross cultural issues you know they took on. Cross dressing homosexuality. I mean he think about a lot of things that we really taboo people really. They it wasn't cocktail conversation but they made it. And again it was they were representing an era that was you know a couple decades before the show actually aired. Cheers and mash for you your first two picks you or I doubt you are the TV guide 12 punch of greatest sitcoms ever. I think so with cheers and this is the chief this is TV guide lists where it cheers and national problem it's stopped making TC they. It's not yeah. I don't quite Brian and try to figure you belong in the. You board meeting knowing of the Brian not zoom in the open victory go see I am is that right. I if she could. Yeah I'll ask a right to run down Europe again. Oh yeah okay Hyun already. Smith will look harder country here and started out. You know I've had to stop and think about that who. Don't be Victor French and teen holiday. Viktor are friends yes who was in little house right Victor French. I think oh mr. Edwards. Maybe I don't know a permanent the character I barely even remember that show Victor French Victor French got Carter country. She is. He is he like up on. Lehrer on the to show that had two kids in the lead with the bullet they. Family affair family affair yeah that was a sixty Shelly right. Have no right he and Jody yeah yeah I actually miss Butler a Wright made these are still on the board Rio. LOK it's all got different shows are still up perfect. So here we go go figure and I think I'll keep my TV guide string going up my next pick. Happy days happy days in output right up there come on I mean I don't every. I wanna be that I mean it's bonds so many great episodes. And again in the seventies I mean I. Wasn't around for the fifties but. It really kind of tightly to that generation and to certain family members to I think we're reliving obviously that era through a lot of those episodes. It was holed some it was funny I mean never any swear words never any controversial topics really. I do remember they talked about the divorce lady who was hot to trot that was about as and while they got. You'll bulldogs. Might his parents a lot of watcher the first couple of seasons and read as I would have been nine in ten years old we were not in my older sister what is this three years old me younger sister three years yup so. Three years apart all three of us. We allowed one this is and why do you find it worked well there was there you sit here on corrupted this capsule bottle yes I network you're. I still won't eat meat on Fridays or who voted Bob Bob throughout their love him on there again so I'm really happy that. Kathy is still available I still think it's boy this is the TV guys seem right here and he's definitely right I mean all time greats. Elections racquet. I am what I am all TV Yale bulldogs liberty you. Well I am after by a somewhat laudable I think by the people in the room pic of parks and recreation seeming climbed it and not you know. Going to be dead soon I thought it was forced I'm gonna look all I'm gonna goal but you would say that now I'm gonna go back to the olden times. For my next pick and I'm at. And to some in the mood fur strong female lead Zayed Amy Poehler parks and right I'm going Mary Tyler mullah show a lot of it. Mostly because I think materials probably. I want there who don't have it I think that's theme song of any TV show ever. Yeah if I had a beret it's been right now throughout the year but don't act like you don't. Brian this is an older show this show is still money I mean this show is still money right Ted Ted Baxter it's absolutely. I don't know if I've ever seen it I've seen van dyke show yeah I haven't seen. The sequel talk writer Ted Baxter is like the template for Iran for what you should it's just it's beautiful. Yeah I could watch the show yeah I've America I could watch right now I love the show great show Gavin MacLeod. I'll vote does dad and her Su win. A nickname Betty White House who when given a better names written it and we. Valerie Harper Cloris Cloris Leachman and what who who is the Andreas. Yes you know your thing and the same woman. Gavin MacLeod wife in the show so. Generally high squeaky voice right. And I carry them and in. And I'm noticing Ed Asner as Graham right right right and others and a yet another of the right guys they're really. Iraq and an analogue out there in the long boat and get a McLeod all of a liability and not leave. Out. I. Leave the it. Maybe you're making direct eye contact with them how is he not ease beating him AMD's. Now he's got his own work your graphics as in he's busy probably in there watching fox mothers show that's still on the air. We are to meet and we need a break. We've already do this at all have. To take the five minutes so allotted again and think about this. The sitcom draft continue with Brian has aroused you marry ails them are with us and Ryan gates Mike show and the bulldogs WGR. Continuing with the sit down drafts this the theme from perfect strangers not yet chosen. Quick rundown. Very jealous down or up to underside cheers. First overall shields Dubai team she also has mash. Picked time great value considered great value quicktime and real time shows and and happy days at eleven. In the Poodle skirts unhappy with elements of Bulldog was signed felt his second. Parks and recreation at nine and Mary Tyler Moore show at twelve. Nice mix. Pretty happy with my team right now I have with C Curb Your Enthusiasm all of the family and I'm on the clock. I'm on the clock is not. The show good probably wash your own iconic capitol. The league is ago. Right gates says the office and it's always sunny in Philadelphia Brian has rusty with the Simpsons and Arrested Development I am up with pick thirteenth and I'm taking. My second HBO show of the day and maybe not my last go Larry Sanders Show and thirteen. It's good run for great. The late great Gary Shandling there are two I think worthy Garry Shandling joints in this draft the Larry Sanders Show and it's Gary Sick it's Garry Shandling show with a great song which did have Tom Petty is a recurring gassed but I've taken the first one. Which was actually a second one chronologically and taking the Larry Sanders Show. Because of Jeffrey temblor. And Rip Torn with what an amazing yet job those three guys. So love that variety show idea. Just I've always loved that show I'm bets that. So hilarious show it rates tend them that make you laugh. If that's him is an important and succumbed her tribute it makes people laugh yeah. Yeah I like the idea I don't like comedy shows and anybody I what are pick you like that good value for you at thirteen. It probably gonna let it slip yeah I think in aviation and I'll stick him mansion. Other bad people shows are we a poet or any show you take you could've waited. You would ask you probably could've waited and gotten that but I don't think so I'm looking at this list I made. And I see. Just a ton of shows that I assumed will be gone. By now yeah well you're kind of weirdo. I want your reservation that I kind of weirdo largely on an entire room. By no major that is out of but I don't know what else beyond almost and let's go over Ryan picked fourteen. I got a little bit of a short list here but I feel like with the star power of this one I just have to get all the way. Ninety's classic one that still gets played early mornings all the time even in the afternoons the fresh prince of dollar and great teams on which it deserves consideration so that Will Smith turned into. One of the biggest movie stars so. Really feel good about the value here I didn't consider drafting something else but nobody slide into an open gets passed right here on the back. That's nice for Joseph isn't it when someone from it becomes a make a movie star. I think advice for show I would though neither penalized or show that doesn't have people that springboard into. Huge superstar to embody it that's nice that. The show has. I figured it something. You're a big star. Even if the show was bad. You would point back and say although he was on the show yet and it was a good show I mean it was a good show he was great but didn't Harriet I mean there are other good characters on the show. And again good ratings so. Current rhetoric NBC. Yeah or social that about DJ jazzy Jeff. Yes he's actually just outside it and I'm like a fresh prince going before kospi. The off the field issues and just a lot of it an accident here you know the field issues he can't ignore the OC how you might go on the supplemental draft calendars almond board uncomfortable glances let's go to Brian ms. rose he picked fifteen maybe sixteen. Pick fifteen and sixteen. All right. Oh. Where do I go here. I feel like if I pass on shows there's still going to be available except for. Maybe South Park. It's another one of the shows where there's a ton of episodes it's still going on and it's still. Funny. This got a movie out of it. Yes I a lot of people commented on the Simpsons that's really trailed off. In the last five years they seem to forget that there's actually been like 55 years of the Simpsons and it doesn't really matter South Park hasn't. Really trauma they're still going pretty strong so. I'll take them here and it's pretty good they were a possibility for me coming back you play I do feel weird that. Two out of my three shows don't have real people and. See that's that's one of the things now considering the South Park is the other Shaw was considering taking there. But I was thinking you know Brian's already got one animated show tomorrow is a well rounded lineup here he's gonna have to pass on the second animated show when it was going to be. Just waiting for me I. I would threatening him with Ryan gates Ryan playing the players in this room is proven very seriously. Bright Wanamaker second pick your time a short. Two I wanna make my second pick your sure. I didn't win the office. I didn't get parks and rec summits take the other show the Jetsons from that Sara not the Jetsons. I'm dumb I could go all cartoons on their take 30 Rock. That's that exact aero with the office parks are ranked in all those other NBC shows and it's really funny you have star power. It's a whole area show. I agree and I think it's the first when you mention it actually made my list really well we have found we have our hair out contrasts. As we put our list together both have forty we'd like eighty gigabyte. But I agree with you I mean laugh out loud great characters never disappoints. If I'm surfing around and I find it. And then a lot bay had a tanking show before tanking with school. He tried to tank the network. I think it was I think I would like thirty rock and no answer for I don't watch it I think you'll like it it's not on anymore yeah that's prob OK why didn't watch it area. I think don't know you you really would love that I mean it was also. Tracy Tracy Morgan Morgan's best employees you're better really than anything I think he ever did and that well he did a few good characters and listen how he was great in the French connection. Every hour we cannot know every single blip over the show I've ever seen has made you laugh and I've never washing the sort of you know perfect substitute for not getting parks and wrecked because Alec Baldwin's character and that is basically. That shows Ron Swanson. A year I. Now you know like at 30 Rock sixteenth pick where are highly rated very respectable show when a bullet but just like looking at it's it's number six trapped Brian value value. I've never seen any of the show Brian has taken but I would watch this. We'll continue with the sitcom draft after this on WGR.