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My shield and a Bulldog. And you blew. Up until I'm not doing things I did everything. Yeah. Our pieces. I'm just talking bankruptcy signs on your ashes. And Mike points looking for a room. Sunscreen their best and worst episode Everett. Rest assured that I would on the Internet leading minutes registering my disgust throughout the blues on WG. Sit on draft within sixteen. Thanks Brian has aroused he picked South Park. Fifteen gold Roy rural South Park there night didn't really like the movie. I mean the the what would Brian Boitano do wants to show song that was a great movie moment for no. I mean I've seen it but I. This different in watching it right foot you've seen it throughout you can really watch it I don't claim many. Rule knowledge of do I get the movie too. Take what everyone's favorite everyone's. It's two movies for me. Simpson's more. All the reserves as moving. I feel leveled and yet. The second or anything does that count you know why didn't always allow him to water oceans and I don't think nobody moves to charities and really pick a new men every hear from a guy renovations. That you wish on the news you can sometimes have fun instead. Always knew we think we're not having fun. Yes Murray notes on a flawless. If your Big Apple geek that's fun but I'm not missing nothing there now well we like giving you an. Here it's our sitcom draft or first sitcom draft may be the first. Mary Alice Miller Brian has a rusty with Ryan gates Mike show mobile blog let's move. Picked 174 round Ryan I'll just give it was we get to your eternal stellar body we have so far Ryan fourth overall pick the office. Seventh it's always sunny in Philadelphia which we also just heard fourteenth Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Fourth round pick Ryan. All right this is obvious the pick that was number one on many lists on the Internet and lots of backlash on Twitter. And I think it's gonna make my my lineup while rounded it's it's good family friendly entertainment and on the go with enough rounds here. Runs. I just couldn't take runs. Ever. You know it's not it's not my favorite show but it's took to round out the line a little bit you know he he got he got bigger role players and their friends as a role player for me it's not a cornerstone there. All there was a point in time where I would've taken it just because it I think it is a it's a massive show yeah. Hugely popular and it seemed to have we were talking about it earlier Michael poll weather I could get away with raping friends. Because you're good article six what part of trying to look like I also went out Courtney Cox apparently I don't know what evidence is proves what a joke our boss that you're too big to pick and visited Bryant's. The message Charles I was I know I was gonna do it but. I'm I'm will be fine without it it's I need pretty surprising that the last of the. Yeah I do too it's of puke shill like Aaron Rodgers coming at me with like the twentieth whatever role on that this is my Aaron Rodgers again to know not close nearly two for your right it's higher and I'm an all time lists. I will go with pick eighteen adding MIA. HBO. Centric lineup so far of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry Sanders show with those all in the family Hoya there's not a sitcom. No. Hilarious but nonetheless. I will take the Greek WK RP in Cincinnati ninth. Snag one of my all time favorites. There it is the show we talked about it here they're the last couple of days. How it was moved in four years twelve times by CBS. It's post wrong. Life sort of speak is just been really messy day couldn't. Sell it because of music licensing rights that are run out. The rebuild scenes and then eventually got around excellent dvds but I love that show there everybody knows what with the tour. As good as my witness I thought turkeys could flying to her wedding scenes in television history I would go the other characters my favorite. Mind that I remember from that show is herb tar like that yeah sales noted dole sales guy. They all there was one episode where that all changed jobs. They just decided to try each other's jobs in somebody else Bea Bea Arthur Carlson was the salesman salesman for one day. And somebody wrote a bad check. And her side. That guy did that to me twenty times that the pop up now and then I got Smart. I won't care Pia that we haven't. I think if you ever worked in radio you have to love that is. You know because the characters were so well portrayed I mean when you work on radio you remember the last nest main character because you had a news guy like panic station. We have a is we have this oversell or the copper cop went right over there we had is oversell lower the dialogue gave me. Let's messner and Richard Sanders okay pick 194 round Bulldog who has signed fell. Parks and rack and Mary Tyler Moore so far I need a little cartoon love on my team and. It and a law of law. The fans regard. I don't care if it's too early our way we speak it is one of the most inappropriate the whole way areas program sort of ever watched. Consistently. Obnoxious. Cringe worthy at times. Quite hilarious because I I just I've wall to show. They may form of every one and everything. It's seen there must be some boundaries I don't know where that only our. I think it's growing. Early Family Guy was super excellent I think now they're they're straining a little bits bytes. They've been around for a very long time doing what they do and now what if you need that little bit of an Indonesian kick in there. And the guys definitely top three animation with with South Park in the Simpson's house. They do who don't know one thing I think of I'm as a lot of things you can think of Arizona want to things but. Who one thing that they do consistently. Is never. Stop. With the joke when you think they should stop making only hope I don't think they should stop and they still keep going and it just gives it. It's stupid and then it's hilarious because they've gone back are just keep repeating it and it just goal is. In his camp I and I just what I did and their Goldman. Wonderful. Family Guy here's materials to emerge got cheers mash and happy days shows. We grew up went. Europe for two. Yeah I need one from the modern era I feel and I think this one really kind of holds up it's not everybody's cup the team but I like it. Always funny I love the dynamic. Frazier and and I like the blue collar guy the retired cop who's got the two fancy pants on that he cannot relate to in anyway. And I just love the next I just love scene Frasier crane just that. Big conference pass could cool who constantly gets into these scenarios where. Yeah he's exposed but he still lovable I just think it's. A great portrayal by Kelsey Grammer and the David Hyde Pierce thing it's just always works really held the British housekeeper it's just. It's a good cast really good chemistry with cheers yeah yeah absolutely I'm for your three other survivors are your roster. Right. Q yeah I hear right away so don't play well together to. Radio. Show is over the last three. And 30 Rock in that round to. New media around Paris and make sure we're clear were calling your show that one off the year fifteen years ago current. Before you went behind a quick call your and I'm I'm I'm guessing on thirteen years that by the Michael McDowell and doing I don't know. I want to do during bills' playoff games could have. I don't know her analysis. Sad that they are yeah that's in this just the music city miracle if we're gonna Frazier pretty sure 2004. This one welcome here and here. The level that have you seen a real drought by the way out we missed. Walking over to pick her current show the golden girls go audits are going to get a look at Mary I'm Donna Reed show all of the me keep on YouTube analysts. Okay there again. Now on then blasted the president because I think it's just so extraordinarily well done and a great actress. Veep. So one. Usually Louis-Dreyfus. Saturday Night Live eleven sign fill the lomb and it's hard to have another incarnation when you're in. A huge blockbuster like sign fell in her character completely different men don't see any Elaine. When I watch her in deep but again great quirky. Ensemble cast and anything that makes fun of politics in my book rules so and she's nominated how many times that role. But. Good job HBO love it love it love it. Yeah I mean HBO almost. It's a sure thing as an add on on HBO isn't isn't and I don't show bush a sure thing pre launch. Pretty much close that's ahead and disagree point about Elaine you don't see Elaine I can't watch that show without seeing buster former us development though. He's. Values the bad boy case the bank boy in the show. Which makes a lot of sense because there's solemn carry out and that's exactly the kind of character that Foster would be in veep is is the guy that's always kind of hiding in in the bag man pick Tony one V back to Bulldog. What do you do or you've got your cartoon box checked out and got a current. Show over. We have parks and rack than what I do here is I grabbed a taxi. Is what I do here I've got Christopher Lloyd is spaced out whacked out reverend Jim I've got. And the cult on network television every week at our. And taxi bullied daily of Eagle Lake. Blood. There at home owner in all good but I have with you know I can live you know Tony -- what do tax. Love drug and you know John Hirsch portray her brilliance mentioned about transient and even mention dance I set I completely committed nevermind you did mention but you did say Danny DeVito no come on did you mention Joseph Hirsch got. I just judge about Christopher Lloyd. See that's a sexy hilarious and awesome. Agree I was going to take something also picked 43 but I want there to be a raw and a four letter shows politics so that. So. I must go totally tell you something else there but I just want to read a wrote a four letter to put pressure on Ryan. So. Who'll was the best. Actor who goes who is the best of so and SO Billy Crystal right. First gay character was first openly asks her to church seem like it yeah if it wasn't united I can't remember thinking about. Someone being on TV social. But they were great ensemble and a great quirky family and I'll get kind of messed up mess yet. It was up 7777. To 81 yesterday were talking about actors who might have been in two more shows that would be drafted. Catherine home on. Could it has a shot at four. But none of her shows has been picked yeah. She was in who's the boss Mona. Was in so she was in coach. As the team owner maybe. And she was in Everybody Loves Raymond. All shows are yet to be chosen but I thought you might have a chance and a huge day to jump the border resulting it'd be easier. Yes you have to visit could be a runner and Kenny your own show is still alive I never heard of so and so right now. A. Right in his own. Partners. What we've definitely got to the point where. You take a shell nearly I could've gotten out later because there is now. So many she knows that remain you look at me like that here I'd take that here. So. Germs gonna follow my hearts and it's a show that I really grew up with I would come home from school. And it would beyond. All the time re runs were always playing and it's got some pretty good star power's going with That '70s Show and got to ask you Cotchery got Mila Kunis power Hollywood couple now. Yes having children so I got up got a power couple in my lineup to the tune up. Will you please. And then you've got I really couldn't actually see the father son dynamic there. My father often calling the dumb ass in the same way that I Foreman called. Eric Foreman dumb ass so why are really connect with the show lots that's why I feel personal connection to this amnesia. Good pick I guess Brian for two. All right I am not confident this I don't know why I'm not confident the stick around it's another one of my favorites I'm thinking news radio. Phil Hartman. I and you can't take SNL so. That's the only way you're gonna get Phil Hartman on your roster and Joseph Rogan alliger ruling a little home of the Simpsons. Yeah that's true that's true Obama I've corner also went Aerosmith what do I believe boldly right here yet yet. And what does that Jeff hall is he right all the job. And that's mentioned celebrity oversold on the show were connected with the and then who's the guy who plays the owner. Whose radio yes no idea and watches these it is a famous guy. Jackie Gleason. Morgan Freeman or if you were you there. CR ensures more Jews are wary got to start. Aren't. All right and Brian given other take here and right so our look at this look at. Bryant's team we think of the Simpsons Arrested Development South Park thirty rock and news radio. Okay this is pretty nice. Idea I feel like I do have to go a little bit more mainstream. For the next pick so on taken Roseanne. And we're getting rid of the liberators watching many of your show Roseanne is the ratings yet. Something of Roseanne you get all the people together. And much Roseanne and Alexander another shell making a comeback as well which gives your episodes I get the futures do you get the future of sand. You want the movie. We have zero the futures you want SNL if you know are we what you'll all you. At times where they were on the news you can have those news episodes and then as a family show so Roseanne Roseanne Barr. Trouble and it John Goodman in Coen Brothers movies you do not get any of that. Bulldogs protecting them yeah you can't himself Nolan Ryan in Europe again. All rights and let it go with the a similar. Theme has lived in here and it's one that was brought up multiple times yesterday. Elbow and he married with children. Gonna get married with children right off the board now and you know move on with my wife and another great. Family comedy and about is what you you look sure just yet no well first of all there's there's a few things based comedy right and I Ahmedabad and not really for families to to watch another you've got Al Bundy who just rips everybody apart in any got a young Christina Applegate yes you do yes you do yes. Yes yes you do. I can confirm that and so Mary with children and take them. And the mom. Peg Bundy yes she was in Judah lost. Shouldn't loss to shoot themselves in Atlanta if you look at it the model the family she's a lot smaller right or locks us. Is it that his mother think if his mother. What she's she's our young for that though right hurt her father's. I don't know. I forgot that the all right married with children cool show. I will take modern family. It don't ask me anything about it. Okay could have I. I don't know there's no way that when asked. Is that a cartoon owners are real actors in the show real people familiar cry telescope Mark Bryant knows about modern I can tell you that I've seen the last five minutes of like every episode of months and it on a more wrestling it's calm before wrestle because I had never seen an entire show but I'm pretty sure I don't know like all the characters. I know everything that goes on at the end of the show. It seems on the outside to suck and don't go to the audience right now yet I don't Kobe's good at a high on the list like brought Ryan took. Bryant took friends go to Ohio lists good value that's all about value I don't have anything from this this period modern family. I've got. Seven these and I've got to HBO who were stop halts its motto for him. It is not that great reasoning for the tech is completely up to do more than shows that I like in the next two rounds. Yeah I am thinking the same way with my next pick. I think I gonna be able to get fat on shows that I watch and really light when I was later. Preteen teenager even in my twenties they we all set after I get loon right here. Because Louie is Louie is live action Family Guy kind of bit more serious. In certain ways there was some debate about whether it was even going to be allowed in because it was referred to as the drama the as opposed to sit com or just force or right now but it's kind of stuff. It's culminate in Louie is culminate in its. Highly inappropriate scrape off the end and hole where this I just adored his comedy. And I'm so happy that the show always sort of taken off and he's become. The superstar it's like it's close is I'll get to watching a French art house film. Is Luke and. Yeah. Curiosity have you heard this Louie CK excellently as things stand up I think he's great that I I have to admit I haven't seen the show. But after that endorsement right I'm gonna check that. I've that I would like it it's good yeses. There. You are up with two picks you wanna wait in my waiting you know we borrow stick to break here the sitcom drafts of nobody doing right. I'm great I'm concerned about balance commoner reevaluate yeah I need to do I need to do that. It takes something not weird I'm gonna pick some and I've seen next on gotten a switch it up I feel I feel very comfortable with my team. I don't know and I've last seen any of the shows I picked that I went that I see so. I've beware was on when the labor front I think you're going to mention involvement and you know it meant that the web make it up. This gives me a chance at picking Benson. Having picked so I might have the you know the lineage there might be able to do that. I know that that's. I don't know what you're talking about that people like. These sitcom draft Muriel Stiller is here Brian mr. Rouse is well Ryan gates right you want seven tonight. Waltz yes I was gonna be out clubbing a review show their other show there will be a short review show we will be you'll be recapping. This account draft break so stay tuned for that and more of the draft itself much over the Bulldog WGR. Green acres the honeymooners Beverly Hillbillies I Love Lucy. One thing our boss that was. Don't go black and white. 1970 you know. So my first favorite sitcom was bewitched. Freely yes that's shall started black and white. But not eligible did it run into the seventies yes I think 604072. Maybe so that he does not eligible because I have one. Wellness weekend we'll allow we'll see what happens when. That's. Bulldogs spent the rules over the week. Not on the Wikipedia list. Sitcoms for some reason. Also some of it was in black and white. Yeah that's right into. That's right quick sewage that like picking a player not crested or are not out of high school what is that it's like other sabres picking that Alaskan in guy you know he wasn't on the NHL center scouting registry but he was still draft and I think that's compared it to. How that works Ryan's got a couple of sorrow Karros who you moto is on his morning. Pick thirtieth and say look I'm draft Mary Ellis similar here from channel to she has so far the first overall pick. Cheers and still feel like you're as good about that and mash happy days Frasier and beat me to this pick and the next one. OK I feel a little bit conflicted. With but many go forward anyway am gonna say the Cosby Show. Because there is now I'm now but. Look at it really was a must see TV show it was good comedy and the Bill Cosby had assembled a great team of writers. Culturally I think. It was great for the African American community you know it really kind of elevated I think. Just the discourse about. This family that represented all the daily news that you know every family aspires to so I just thought again. Great ratings. Always a good time when you tune in and yeah its popularity and let's not talk about. Hillary now well now he's elevating a new type of discourse yet exactly. I don't yeah he's. Bring in something now and you wanted to get done without but it was still it was a great sitcom it was it's hugely popular. You wanna focus more runs a Rudy. There in the bill. A constitutional. Or just anybody and is seen anybody else I bought him all right so accomplish NBC. Yes and what do you like here pick 31 as we start the seventh round of the I think so far best sitcom draft and yet it's it's definitely contender for the rumored. Steve's ads right. We're working TV you don't get jokes yes. I know you're gonna cut back. Who wanted to go our eleven. OK so it's me again. Okay cuff ha ha ha ha ha it. Another from the way back machine but another huge one I'm going with the Love Boat go long and bones donuts don't. I'll tell. Variety show like idol to all of. What do. Now. Go look for them but let's hear about it I don't know what it is still bright with no way to write and knows what it is I've heard the Love Boat and I know. That I've never seen it and it's old. Yeah stumpel we have the so I don't tell you we have the song from the Love Boat the grates on I don't know we could not have the song Jack Jones I'm gonna say it was to have Townsend Amazon. Yeah you could you could almost hear everybody from every corner of the house run in the TV right now just to CBO that to see who yeah. Beyond that we got would Reggie Jackson beyond this week. No never count me. No charter shall our liberties for all stars aren't sure what. Well it was wonderful. It was extremely campy but it was fun. He did it on good pick there for everybody to talk about after the constitution. Yeah I think hearing. Maybe some of that sign ABC look at if you're alive in the seventies don't even pretend you didn't know and love this comment resign. Because he did and followed up by Fantasy Island after you know what if everybody in the world weren't a celebrity right now I would love their appeal mobile on the. That I know have. It would be fun that there is a look it's like it's really showed Novo would be the bachelor paradise whose yeah either way the stars all vault. There is people that they there was a vote there was one of these with the boat where they all went on a boat. Temptation island is the Love Boat now you're right they were probably times you're right replicate some kind of reality TV I did will be in scenarios I definitely impact. I'm gonna have to copped to having watched the long boat every. Saturday. Yeah right now. Before things TI Martin says. What all these years later from. I I feel pretty confident in morning. Really rank as the worst show that apple was popular network don't know I bet that was. It was right away every week just kind of let me know but was horrible speaker of the zeitgeist. Think of the day when it aired. You had to watch it on scene it would necessarily hold up but you might be intrigued if you land on the it was it was airing somewhere you'd be like. Oh my god that's. If that came on my team we are now it would be able to pick up. It's more and more will show you had so why. You because there were three channels I love that you did this. Hundreds literally hundreds of times people are tweeting just like you idiots yeah where is it would have meant that is why you're out your pick in the local and I. I don't care I don't love him and I'm glad you don't care of the citadel. Lennon and bulldogs are 32 of the hey I don't know we've gotten. There's the possibility Deloitte meet Kate stopped. But it if you could have found a way in there mix mr. gates. To roll Barney Miller theme are worried out roads below boat theme that really put it. I only really work but Barney Miller. Great song is the pit. Great baseline. But did the right. Well. It is it is me and is teenager watching TV with my dad that is barred him. Yeah I love this I love the show. I think it was genuinely funny. I don't think I love it just because I loved watching it with my dad but that's part of it premieres sentimentality here beyond just picked. It was a dynamite truck. Just great characters all over the place even the guys leaving him new guys how many end they all help their own it was just yeah. Agree like Gary head now I'm thinking about songs. And what comes to mind Sanford and Son comes to mind Alice. Com's Mike screw agreed this error great TV show music but I think family ties. Pivots eyes of my favorite show in like might. Middle school a school years whatever that was. I loved it I wanted to be Alex Keaton. I still use references to grant college keep you autos criticizes sister forever to go to pocono incorporated college. Tom Hanks shows off his uncle that these drink in the Vanilla extract it in a promotional tool harder and yeah yeah. The one where they're at the the pledge drive did maybe the dad worked for public TV I think Sonia and so there at the pledge drive but he gets the kids the help out and he eased up. The mom wants to give the kids out there like it's just it's. Boring and horrible gotta we gotta gotta take a home and he says oh look they're busy they're having fun there on the phone in the Lee says they're calling each other. Other important about. I look dramatized Uga. I would agree it's yet. Another good one who's Johnny Mathis on this. Eric was sure. Right yet on begin Alger robe that was letting that's more money and it was John met his Ryan aren't we we. Go quick here so my team and really say much who's gonna say scrubs. Scott Scott medical professionals and it's so you know my trainers on my team prepared at any time someone goes down with injuries. So I've got. At the medical professionals on hand for my squad at any time soreness. So much sort of marry out all the local W. I don't get down laugh track on. There's a bartender also. I is that broad you undermine him and we have Bryan for two. All right so I'm gonna take master of none I think it's only the third show that we've taken it's still. Actually churning out new episodes it's a current show and it's two mile loop we. But I left Parker master none on Netflix yen Aziz ansari on Netflix or not even on actual TV. I guess I guess so it looks like TV but so they want to Timmy I I was fine not picking Louie because I had this there and it's similar. And I think I might like it more breathing Mary Alice what what do you think about Netflix in general is that threatening or scary. Ask the guys from AM radio. It's why would be scared. I don't know a good it was a good show but I agree with you master none is agreed to like I feel like we're now funding we're getting our cost a rough start yeah I was there really start it really wasn't like that this kid picks another cartoon. Nana Papa. I would tell you redeemed yourself a few times over let's take a break and don't come back one pick each. The final round of the sitcom draft after this with Brian and Mary Ellis ran gates much over the bulldogs WGR. Movement in the green room. Two and a Half Men How I Met Your Mother Big Bang all those CBS guys that your what to do here what happened to us no we invited. Local news anchor for the NBC Elliott is seriously is there a coincidence that. Any show that's Promos relentlessly during every bills game is still on the board who then we're probably not. No probably not. This sitcom draft wrapping up much over the bulldogs right gates Brian has aroused people news radio 930 WB ENN. Mary almost similar from two on your side TV. And let's go once more around. Brian will start. Bryant's team so far the Simpsons Arrested Development. South Park 30 Rock news radio Roseanne and master of none one more. I was pretty confident I can leave this firm elastic. But I'm going than norm show with Norm MacDonald. Also it's super Dave and it. And it's it was one of my favorite shows I love the norm and just about everything he does. So. I'd obviously love the show I think I watched every episode need two seasons may be one half something like that. I think for the final pick. Sin all right reached two it's a funny show if people watched it now. They would like they were like the norm show but people didn't watch it band that was for a. For him. I feel yeah I feel like that's happened in the form a lot in his career and analysts admit that I like Norm MacDonald a lot and I had no idea there was or shall I put this thing up. If that put them norm show on Netflix I think they can get in the season its name was changed to norm. Because there was another show called vote norm so they changed it is short bit but I was how is but I was norm. Less confusing. Then the norm show did you see his. Newest comedy special yes Lex Scott I. Yeah maybe physical yet I stayed up too low watch you came with the coal pillars maybe it was between him and I saw him the last time he was in town and at neverland charter the up. Big fans who are right so the norm shall for Brian or Ryan US. Ryan how's it going in here you've got the office it's always sunny in Philadelphia fresh prince of bell lawyer friends. That '70s Show married with children and scrubs and feel real good and feel real good. But I got one more thing got one more checklist need to pop off fears the animated checklist. And I've tossed around a few ideas my hat is King of the Hill still out there Mike Judge all time classic. But I went against it for something that is still ongoing thing going since 2009. Has quotable lines all over the place. It's kind of be a spoof of James Bond and I'm going with archer. Very. Strong enemy series I feel like I've completed my lineup now and I feel like I'm taking on the champions you are whole with archer ample. Mile aspects Curb Your Enthusiasm all of the family the Larry Sanders Show WK RP so. Modern family family ties and up with a family. They have like. I'm just gonna do this for the reaction. I think this is a show that it was obviously very successful Brian's big on movies this is at least two movies. It has never been mentioned either in here today. Yesterday. On the morning show that I heard today. Anywhere on Twitter I've never seen one request for a anyone with a sense of humor cover it right it's knowledge especially funny but it was big. And I just wanna get a reaction I'm taking a sex in the city. It's such huge undertaking sexiness is on a church whose movies such a joke. What I can respect the movies so you got to movies what I'm stunned. I did have a little system here I saw what I would I went in there earlier all that's right you're looking like I see the sex in the city they'll take that I want sex in the city Chia. I feel like you're going with a shell with all female leaves the plate as the golden girls. All about the golden girls over sacks this that you know what don't. You don't psychiatrists would have a date with you guys and these next Betty white's. Back in white over there could ask Parker all the way you can't. Arguments against this pick is that one. Gosh that is the wondered taking all female leads you've got to go golden girls. So confused I feel I feel like in some ways maybe be. Does the were bolt HBO joints everything I said about entourage. Qualifies for sex in the city but I'm not foresee this loudly because it's women. And like saying I wanna hit them in the face which Schobel is what I wanna hit every single person entourage in the face which doubles. Sounds somehow when it went like like that's wrong. But I heat trio. I just hate it. Its own style and just does not I take he's eight. And dumping there empty you drafted an empty set I've never seen it. Episode. But you also hate it why would die while I don't I don't hate it I just have no opinion other than you drafted so you drafted like every sick Condit HBO's ever made. And then shows from the seventies did you have a TED I a and you just got HBO yeah I'll. Okay let's not true family ties but I hear you that's right. I think you would move would've like sex in the city of maybe the images loaded in an animated character now I have a long yeah well I don't know Russell yeah. There again and it and afterwards did you know like. You know what I just never considered it comedy yeah Nellie rot it was funny. You know I'm supposed to be funny you're. What I don't then I'm not the kind of I never thought it was funny and honestly I. I never considered it's maybe more like Louie. Or a show like that where it's funny sometimes but it's not only on sex in the city is just slightly how do you like how. Got to help us a big credit if you wanted to take away from the shadows so what sells to criticize a show that isn't funny you say well it's only funny. Is not supposed to always be funny. All right pick 38 is down 39 to bowl blog question answer all the oil has signed fell. Tough to be right there and parks and recreation Mary Tyler Moore show Family Guy taxi. Louis Barney Miller and watch. I think something that gets lost along the way as common. And what we think it's funny evolves. Is truly someone who is joyous genuinely funny just good at. Crafting jokes and has a sense of timing and Bob Newhart. Is to me comedic genius. And his first show not a second show his first show that is my pick I won't match. Him sitting in that psychiatrists office with those patients because just. It's just perfect it's not trying too hard to be it's just it's low keyed. Just. Yes you wouldn't stick a dollar it was just him kind of be in him that was sort of his career and dad who would have thought the mental health could be right. But he just it was a show that I think was not a show about nothing but close do it. Because there wasn't really necessarily a plot line other than just whatever was going on with. Right that group of characters on any given day great show and the fact that it ends up. That is almost two almost say the second show was more popular emit gotten there probably was just more current but that that show ends. We have him in bed with his wife from the original show I have great just I love that link up so the Bob Newhart Show is my final. And Mariel stellar wrap it up cheer issues first and last year cheers mash happy days Frazier veep. The Cosby Show below bolt. And. What. Okay senate wrapped it up and they showed that went off that's coming back. When it went off it was still on a high note and I think they're bringing it back for that reason for great comedic actors. Willing grace. And not just because I'm shilling for NBC here but it was a huge hit then. And they wanted to hold part before it got bad the fourth big jump the shark. And they did that successfully but still such a huge following there is now this. Incredible amount of enthusiasm about them. Re convening and I think it is going to be huge. Not gone on to do other things but. You know loving willing respite. Rob Johnson. Really he was a whilom Graceland. I just say that is the guy who stick sex in the city of mission to help format out right now. But yeah that's that's an NN will embrace it mr. irrelevant. And misses are relevant the last peck. Still in the green room look at old mother shows man like that's. The Jefferson's just hanging out marital and job done I swore that didn't get the earnings report of an injury with Sanford and yeah. How many sweetie or sit there with them easier to shame on three's company. Welcome back Cotter. To would have man Everybody Loves Raymond everybody really not us he queens King of Queens. Home improvement. Mad about you. Paul Reiser and Helen and a Sanford and Son who's the boss. I'm gonna pick Sampras on just so we can have the team he's played the theme of Sampras relevant please different strokes not picked. I Reno 911 fell off the face of the earth for a man. There was some violence. Lot of shows out there we could go hundreds more but. We won't know what they are you welcome that caught it there you are on TV. Thank you for listening to the sitcom draft and for all your participation out there and four. Being a part of it Mary Alice and Brian this been a lot of fun guys. Thanks for including me I couldn't pick wrestling. Or talk about it. So I was a little how hard was that it was tough we will be having an infomercial draft. In a couple of weeks of we will have you back good morning infomercials. I'll do some research and found a vacuum. Thank you again more of our show much over the bulldogs may be able reflection and let's see what's out there through there saying about the soon. Draft you know we will do that next here on WGR.