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Saturday, July 15th

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G yard score. Real fights maybe it's time to take a look inside a high school sports. Kelly cheering yeah brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would go great right about now my New Zealand's have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and by deadly neurological. Institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced in our community. Good morning welcome inside high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri a lot more Frank Wolf from western York athletics. Roger Weis mr. Hollywood he's in studio here. And I wouldn't talk about today is we have priests the three players who will be participating in the Kensington lions. All star game coming up. Arm that 26 active few high school affirm correct and 7 PM kickoff rush. Nuclear true reform and out slowly so west who we're gonna talk about today and we also have some. Pretty big news that. That. Will give that you will open we get our phone call and so we can give you more information about that up before. We get to news and notes Joseph if you would please. Right which had phones and it. It's under Marines out saying ooh ooh. Parade for Hollywood probably ask you look you guys play and Torre for Hollywood I'm inside high school sports so that's because we are now joined by celebrity royalty and Roger Weis. No more Alpa chino no more Robert De Niro we have Roger Weiss of inside high school sports. Who's now an actor. Well. Here Collins seeing me in the movies. Full whenever it. We've got all I had to do donors Hackman. Really. You know that's on Tony remembers to buckle and songs in them. What I did not know can I told my way to cool it. He says Julio it was sung by The Beatles ice does not it was not sung by The Beatles whose book Owens. Sure enough for in 1964. The Beatles in general and Ringo in particular. They cut it. Sound byte where we wanna call there was one there on the album's songs as a huge Beatles fan I'm shocked I I was astonished. Beatles you know naturally you know as a country western buck Owens and sure enough. During a nice job on it I did hear that guy doing that we have Soledad I know my wife also says somebody else came out with a 2007. Her should I say we Beckham play actions aren't aren't the only graduated. If you are now it was a trip tell us about a year that you are we're an extra I was an extra Diana sent her picture and sent my picture and then I guess with the Diana and just call. I'm not sure why wasn't she was and I know almost a vote. Parts for the women work. Either in a coffee shop in nov. These two or origin when these two rooms scenes and I guess they wanted strictly locals in the words Easter roar residents would hit first. Right correct and that one moment. Bill sent the picture and places again this that the picture in the united that the picture will be enough to reject me for me call. You know I didn't appear on anyone in my in cultures where it's like for a rare currently can move maybe it got there I don't know. No I know what it is has built victory is ably as a marriage Mary guy. And does so obviously probably follows this program and that's why I certainly hope so that would be creek and I did mention I had I told about the show. And what we do our Saturdays though on one time he was and visiting. RWB yen. And Kyra I regret is I'm the only media person a westerner to get his picture taken. With bill I should've thought of it that but I didn't do a lot of great Cali Lewis is sleazy he's really we went down. Her I was air from 4 o'clock lady and get out of their goal 1 in the morning. And I'm sure he was there much earlier. And yet at. 1245 whatever was after the director says that's a wrap. He actually stood and posed for anybody why they have a picture of him. After what had to be at twelve hour day for him so what a great Kay he was so describe what you did what was the scene like. Well once they were just sitting in the I guess that's one receipt and Roman outline is live dinner tables set up and all that it was a testimonial. Bill factor in the other actors' names escape me they were like. Right now is for their contributions in this challenges that is over broke his left fictitious name and a challenge. And so we were certain about real good dinner table after that dinner you know there. Are no. Basically we had a applaud on certain you know accused of knowledge and then afterwards we were out. You know when you come into the Klein answer going to blow one theaters section all that. Well we are they were filming us when not putting all the actors raw walking in and registering at. Dignitaries are able whatever you wanna call and we were just you know background and all I gotta give a shout to a couple local teachers who I spent. Most of the evening what. Jan faring tune from star players that general she. Was one move to the other one is Angelou third she is. From the New York should do it. Lives in north counts out teaches at frontiers central. This Angeles like might. Dinner date for the February wanna call we were a couple of the one bright able to analysts at another table blog. It was just it was while she needs the we don't see it. I wish everybody could mix at least experience that wants. They do so many takes over and over. And they probably combined seven takes just target one scene in all there the best of everything it was interest to you in the anabolic and I say you know. That's outstanding and now to swisher had an in Sinai school sports teacher arm while and one of the things was no flashy colors gold rules are running slightly and I were. Believe me a little while to somehow plugin you know. Warren court unconsciously and like and you know when and I don't I don't know what just happened to throw well yes you know this whole thing I've just been you know. The carrier round but are congratulations Roger were lied to so we rate ones seem to its all I can do now have a real rip another reason okay next question is if there happens can I assumed 33 years. From now the only human athletic field there fury and in a month later bill rescinded it yes like. We'll push it through. And using those for you frank. Yeah. I had a tough act to follow through the. Her job that. Well I mean number one of the first thing that came out earlier in the week. During a tag up from north baseball junior. Baseball player junior will north decided to commit to nag university commits them. And use gonna have a heck of a baseball team. And a couple years so that's pretty sweet. Arm I'm leasing the bombshell. Joseph look at a is taken over red time and he's accepted the AD and head football position there not quite sure yet if they're university team or what but. Either way it's the kudos to Joseph it's. It it's an unbelievable on Hampshire for him to take over that program. And raid on Q good morning Joseph cada. Good morning guys pick you you've got great IV. Fracas that led up then you call rate IQ is almost like you to plan that outstanding. Hey Joseph congratulations. Thank you thank you say that. Did you know when you don't UB did you have thoughts of coaching. Roll run in the backyard. Yeah I mean I I knew it was always it was target me and plant that the as a coach. Never won go to the outline knowledge wanna give back in effect I. Now are you know with Dicky you've been named head coach and athletic director. At bishop time in any chance that we can see game in the future I don't know I'll just pick a couple schools out of they had that you might want to play. Arnold will south and start pouring. Republican action that all those rule that Ingraham that's set up. The title wild coach against rule coach. It would be. Coaches and is it that they have the mile wide. I'm me the main reasons why I I got an opportunity. I I'll have a lot or my yeah I start from coach in Matt org and at that point. I'm in a Cali. Is it the greatest. A lot and I hope that I am. You know that and that he did ambiance of it in the future. Well check out I will give you a tip if you want to you know. Take influence from coach Krzyzewski you have to Wear shorts not to much shorts even if it's like zero degrees outside. You know that's funny I was talking with the guy on the add up firing. A C I could go it our or our game bit tired. We're gonna go and. Go ahead rides we'll go off. French is brought up with a good play done. Joey I saw also on this morning's paper that this Randall has decided not to law. Continue coaching basketball there are now frank was kind of wondering Reuters and your friend you can blame me for our news. Piety shares you might want to bring the certain ex basketball closures and other prison bullets start pouring out to possibly coached basketball at time and. Now lives I think yeah I think he's about go to what are you. I had a had a couple responsibilities over at star point I'd already got a look at duke it. Tell those people that are listening about one the last games or not. This our point principal caution which team we beat I don't this one. My yes so the start point principal. 8088%. Black man I do. You know he would act coached at turner Carol and they'd be. Of actual this summer time we go was put it. Well and they don't become a Christian Laettner. Act that hurt the game. Where's it don't get Oman a Jabber is a basketball coach there and I athletic director there was be awfully tough. Joseph I when I interviewed Christian Lleyton are brought that up to him I said do you remember because Roger made me do this. And that I've brought that up in to see if you remembered your dad and he remembered the game very well. He would. Frustrated I think you are out of again and he's he's he hit hit. Well I mean obviously this is going to be exciting and you do have your hands full from my understanding there will be no varsity this year just JD. I'm meeting with it that you today we're gonna have a just the players and coaches meeting on out there. We're gonna figure out fast I think suitable for the future of the program after the kid did I mean outdoor sport is that it's about stuff. In the art on on the road. What about Annie when it's entering their you know are not eligible play Gigi that they played on Thailand's. Team last year. Oh what's the recourse too they have to transfer. Or commit placed somewhere else. You know what I haven't. Bowl would be look to go about your doctor book out here and that's something out at Europe's plan. Gone at that fit into the billions of picking. Red we. Bought off so well hello. It led so we can Badu we will make whatever decision best program. Right while we wishing you the best of luck Joseph obviously are you gonna continue to do your quarterbacks are car classes. Yes I. Like them to keep that. And it will build and improve the whole. Earth for all your bank it's only edit it I keep doing that. Beautiful hey Joseph if there's anything that we can do for you in the future don't hesitate to call us. I would love to have become a studio some Saturday and and kind of go our pick your brain is too are some of the things that your plan and I do and a time in and it just talking high school football in general. I thank you appreciate it got all right Joseph what kind of take care have a great weekend so energy don't give your give our best your dad we'll talk you so. Our Mary Jo look out of new athletic director and head coach Ed bishop trying to we're really excited for. For the school and four. Joseph look conga. One announcement before we get cone and today show this Thursday Niagara you're used sports association otherwise known as niece. Is conducted a fourth annual youth football symposium. And parents and players Atlantic. Are featuring rob Curran and Chad are prosaic. Aron hell USA football east regional manager come on down. I will be there are about to meet meet my eyes. In bee necklace is birthday right right away. We're gonna go through the clinics and at your articles stored before. This is what got my son involved in football he went we took to the symposium. Last year he went through the drills that the nation coaches are conducted he comes off the field s.'s Dan I want to do this. Signed a mile course ID I offered. To help out and give back into coaching. What did they used were great to get a monster root him pizzas and it ended. No they they bring out you know tackling dummies and they do our form tackles. They teach three point stance various other things and the great thing about this clinic. Is that you get a chance if you're armed are on the as to whether you wanna allow your child to play football. This is a great way to get questions answered come on by any of us coaches. Our rate interpret president Mason will be there. They'll answer any questions that you have you can see how safety is taught in its really. I mean it'll open your rise so if you have any questions you have any concerns this is the time and place to do it again this July 20 6 PM. Nor Taiwan's athletic association's field and their great group bit and north tower Wanda 1241 strand avenue. You know we're Niagara Falls boulevard in Erie meet. You have that Tim Hortons just go behind that that's draft. Be on your left hand side. Admission is free. So come on violent dissent meet meet other needs a coach is what time 6 PM. So would love to see you there. And it's a great way to run again and get information. And sisters that's this Thursday. And down by the way if you go to an apt JFC dot com. We do have a couple of spots open in. For our for our registration for north Niagara Falls junior football club. You are play for my team the cobras would love to have you so a an announcement of who's plainly. I actually there's no real weight limit anymore let's say our team has 135 pound weight limit what that means is if you are a ball. 135. Pounds you are what's called a stripper you can only play on the line. Which you comply. As opposed to back when I played. If you were overweight unit play you sit on the bench that you shirt inside out and you run of luck. So arm that's one thing that I'm so why add that you football got away from. Everybody should play. I. I probably you might miss out on the age thing eight couldn't rally and play if we 135 pilgrim. You. Anyway so that's what we have going nine. Thursday. Anything else from you guys for news and notes. A hole like a lot of mean we touched and Joseph call and it's that the bombshell. That was big news. Are right let's get in the talk about the has two lines all star game. That's going to be played that 26 of July at the pews 7 o'clock kickoff. We have met Eldridge from please tell Dillon Genco from Orchard Park represented the south squad drew Butler for real he's representing the north squad. This game's a lot of fun Roger really is and it's different from normal high school gain and that is the quarters or longer. Fifteen minute quarters one thing you guys will not have to worry about it. Q coach remind you get some more playing time. You guys that are going to be suck and parenting and laugh and at the end of the game saw I notice there's quite an extensive law. Publicly he had over forty. I'm an artist while generals are all. Committed. Does that kind of beginning browser bugs. You're basically playing a five quarter game is what you were used to you know. Sixty minutes as opposed to Fauria so wanting good and won't have to worry about is now you're sheer playing time. And he gadget and had a practice changed or what Wednesday leverage would be your first practice I guess you go Wednesday. Thursday Friday Saturday. You'd want us Sunday off Monday. Tuesday basically other practices almost a quick walk through before the banquet. And now. The other reason for it is something you have to have a minimum number of practices. So they the guy is one practice short he shows up for the walk through it fulfills his practice commitment to be eligible and playing in the game. Are being allowed to do the two days anymore. I think there or because you're talking life. Thursday Friday Saturday Monday through the sixties. Fall practices so proud I don't know what is an eight. What he had to really get where did they tell you the viewer had an orientation. We've anybody yet okay you probably well prior to that. I know I hear a lot of missed one practice but I don't know what the numbers it used to be when they did years ago when they had that two weeks of practice. I think got the attack you enemy cut heater and I can't remember. All rolled me. To what I really don't rattling off from doing all the soft atop my. Had you listed and scarcer and scarcer upped its. You're unbelievable what are you know more believable and I don't know yet exactly. When no this is a look at this games a lot of foreign and you guys are gonna get a chance to. You'll meet. And develop friendships that you never thought he would. You know you're starting your hanging out with teams that were re rivals. Maybe team that you guys played in the playoffs they may have knocked you out you may have knocked them out. Of course is going to be the good natured ribbing that goes along. It's it's a lot of fun and before we get to. Talked with Matt Dillon in drew. We are gonna announced no I want vodafone's real quick before we can before the break Bob Riley you did have something force real quick. Guys. Kind of alligator. I just slotted to mansion. There's an eyesore in the paper this morning about cheered and Pickens. Senior from bishop Simon sang what coastal Carolina. Who they're national champs couple years ago. It's a tremendous story here employees. Played summer ball me and Tripoli BA or burning them I didn't know Karen and so couple months ago. And water are not shock me I'm with tremendous potential in the east or mediate in ninety miles an hour sure. Are they had the opportunity. Goes likely audition Procter and calls me and so is coach and I. Search at second pitch next Thursday I ever coached communism the Sydney. And I didn't really know pool was and then during the game I am watching this so. This man what they're worried are gone behind those screen home plate and he's. You know he's I mean every pitch securian frozen at the end of the game. They had a little conference and all of a sudden your name is going to coastal Carolina and oh what a great story you know it is it's fine young man. With the potential to. You really he was supposed to go to. Tiger community college and now coach congressmen who does a great job her and recruited him and he's the one that. Yes me if I had a police I'm looking for chairman's award just wanted to just want to mention a bishop time and that it real. My job coaching here and and then getting control point where he could attract this kind potential. That's outstanding evaluated over the Italian festival at all. Jim so must sausage and peppers and onions from many was that appeals for us. Everything him out here in Britain Pope who has recovered twelve great leap from his sub. His illness so Mike's still went very well in the us. Excellent everybody acts like it I have a great weekend we'll talk to assume certain Aaron are carrying value. Good friend of good friend of the show are we take a break we come back met Eldridge Dylan Jacob and drew Butler who talked to them. About the cast two lines all star game we'll have all that and more on inside high school sports. Where vacuous and inside high school sports Tony Caligiuri along with Frank Wolf from Western New York. Athletics Roger Hollywood Weis here and we are joined by Matt Eldridge Dylan jancker and drew. Butler we're gonna talk about we are talking about the constituents all star game before the break as seen here S and the guys questions about little league football. My season's just getting ready started soft kind of dialed in already ready to go. You start with with Matt. You'll grown up now you're a football family dad played. Was there always a lot of pressure or is that something that you just wanted to do. There was never any pressure to play. Sports of some that I wanted to do and after watching her brother play guys loans promised when he. It is natural. You know. What does your assailant I wanna be played their position or using a McConnell my own niche. I want to play wherever they put me when I mean for most of my life I was maligned by. I'm sure it is. We're seeing here in the new rule of law running back. There are running neck. Now law. You're coming acts linemen running on the field and sent number what you're after some barrels for poor anyway yeah. You don't. And now lineman Albert can you imagine. The looks on some of the opponents faced when he does Kennedy's running skill position while I get to stay let's play him on deck and you don't if you or. If you play at the stadium last year in the first half it seemed like you have in your way. And like army is going to be Great Dane four cleaves over there in the second half. On man not so much luck what happened. I think a lot of those guys complacent we are you looking. Towards the next game and we got to save it and it seemed like it as soon like just some wish hit the switch he got a shot off. Yeah I think arm. After halftime a lot of us thought the game was over. We did too we thought and had an headed in the bag with that house on the almighty garbled that. When they played Rauch I can't remember. We Jacques immunity now at the stadium Erica Ralph section championship refer west regional. And the far west regional. Yeah. Now. It'll come to me it will work if they just they hit another another year in the second half. He did you see the game slipping away and we're sitting up in the blue like this. But I mean again are you guys had there you let it slip away in the second half. Is about you. Yeah well as I know you should've won there it was it was a tough loss but that's part of the game. But now you're on to our MacKenzie two lines all star game what does it mean to you to play in this game. I'm it's in means a lot since I know it can be great experience can't. I just wanted to be somebody that other kids in my team can look up to. When they watch one I want them say that they wanna play in this game and I hope it inspires them to work harder. That's the big question that big state repair work harder and we bring this up on this program all the time it seems like not enough. Kids are taking a serious not enough kids wanna train hard in in the offseason. I look at that you I can tell you train. And and my hat's off to you for that. Does that bother you when you see teammates that are not in the weight room or not participating. In our summer workouts. You have all the time in on. It makes me pretty angry because I feel like if you make your commitment to the team you have to put. The team goes ahead of yourself and that means. Working out it's been a sweeping than you should be OK with that could you made that commitment. But I'm glad of the kids in my team stepped. And they were willing to work harder and that. That's what made our season so much fun because. Other kids from other schools. May be didn't make that sacrifice my arm there was a lot of leadership or retain and all the kids that don't and period. Will it carry over now you guys graduating your your class designed well the young guys carry that our men and continue to work hard yet he. I get text messages and calls from one of the kids in the wanna work though with me in says it's nice to see knowing that our. They want it. They wanna take after me and follow that work ethic and it's it's pretty inspiring what are your plans after tomorrow for next year. Next year I'm gonna go to Alfred University. Study athletic training room will be playing linebacker for the team. That's the only trainer you wanna be on the sidelines and and how open you know during games and stuff like that somebody gets injured trainer goes out there and takes care of them. Yes definitely in our school had a great training and now. On its in the defined job and I never wanna be with exports of Iraqis how do you from. And I experience in coaching those trainers are gone outside. When you know we played and it was over a hundred degrees on the turf field. And people were dropping like flies flew in the officials and those trainers were awesome and how. They took care of our money and I just have so much respect for trainers if you are involved in youth sports and there's not a trainer at your game get out there seriously. You have to have a trainer on the sidelines. There there are amazing and so. I wish you the vast and that and that's fantastic mix scene you're studies. Which you're training in your practice is that our work. On. A little bit but if you have good tire management it's that. Too bad. There's not a lot of time record prudent for relaxation and stuff but it. So and of course put out a video games hit the books hit the gym yet okay it if you wanna get to a higher level that's yet and yet we can't we've got that quick. Questions shark was not helped turn all in all of our decision. Because I'm a roster here and I don't know Dickerson got an update there if you listen it's going to emerge years. Commissioners was in my top two for. I made the decision. Right at the deadline. Were to begin remains so maybe that's why they. Log your word. You know little children by the standard group program comes up they'll be injury count okay. Dylan Genco. Or people from park. Yeah phenomenal career and OP. A successful program. Over 6000 yards past scene. CW GR ZR class double A first team Q I mean. The list goes on and on and on and on and on the. What's it mean to you to play in the Kensington lines all star game. It's an honor to be selected and to play with all the other other great players in the area and I think he'll be a lot of fun and I guess that is just an honor and really really happy to be. The plane and it was there any anyone bait when you found out is going to be playing in the game you were psyched to. Be on the same team. Actually. There's a player from my Cheektowaga. Some interpret and writers here I played with them back in back now us. 78 years old and Lulu. So when I saw his name nonetheless I thought that'd be in defund kind you know get to connection back again. If you look at I mean you know you guys you can be on the same field as. You know Lancaster guy he's frontier guy I mean. In our armed Jamestown guys was going to be like this. Be teammates with them as opposed rivals yeah it's funny you know and Dino Orchard Park we have a lot lot of arrivals and hope you do casino. To see those teams on the and our roster in kids on the team and we it'll be fun to be able to play with them and not you know playing against Simon Dele. Play with a great players anybody that you're glad won't be chasing you down our hearts are going to be your teammate instead of chasing you forcing you out of pocket. I don't know I mean I've been I've been really had a chance look at the defense side of the ball but I know there's. A few kids on the offensive side and had to Davila throwing two and I haven't. Whereabouts scored against us what's it like to try to develop chemistry now that you it's obvious short period of time. To use tonight you're gonna have to develop some chemistry with your receivers and if you plan to an extra throwing with. How do you develop that chemistry. Yeah I mean we only have a week to prepare for the game and I think it take a lot of focus in the practices and you know just really pay attention to who plays and get in the right timing down it's often in May have to take some some action time at the end practiced really get that timing down Mikey sent. Is it tough when you go meet you you've been used to certain terminology. For the last several years and OP now you're gonna be coached by somebody different may have different terminology. Does that worry you with all in getting the terminology down. Now I mean it it doesn't worry me at all and I've been I think I've done pretty well in the past understand the playbook and everything like that and I think. The coaches have had experience coaching these type of games of 49 and I'm sure they know. That we we don't have much time to prepare for the game so I think they'll do do a good job it simplifying things for us so that we're able catch on to a pretty quickly. Any idea what type of offense you're gonna run in this game now I've been I haven't heard anything yet. Do you have a preference of lining up in shotgun or under center no not at all mean as I was younger what where when I was younger. We are mostly. Under senator. And frequencies now that it's mostly shotgun stuff like that but I really I don't have a preference at all whether I'm shocked and understand or anything like that is it a big difference which are full work as far as. You're drop backs is supposed to be shocked garments and share an artist chatter obviously you have more steps and there's a there's a little bit of a difference put you know I've worked on both like aside and I'm not I'm not too worried if we're in shock and understand or anything like that it's it's no big deal for me and I'll adjust to a what are your plans after our. After this. Or for next year Shahzad next year I'm going to TCU to two sons go to school Saudi business I just discretion up. There are facing huge tests of reboot and states are no idea he had a UN or an environment it's good that you're never seen before taxes is crazy about football I know it'll be it'll be a big change but I'm definitely excited ego to go experienced some of those games I mean I say that they're being in a football Texas but I beat I think the youth leagues. Play three seasons within one year oh yeah I'm sure it's some increase this coach that I I. Our coaching defense this year and I've learned new defense that picked up from coaching taxes. And just reading his stuff is yet you know after our spring season that after a summer season we did then after a false and among white. Football. And as it has been down there so our goal horn frogs after what particular business you wanna get into. But nothing specific data to see folks and on general business and possibly some finance with that is well. Nice. Yuri you look back to your high school career was stands out the most. I mean I'd I made a lot of a lot of great relationships a lot of teammates I've played with. You know I started playing with a lot of kids when I was really young and or an Orchard Park little Lou. And now he's had a lot of great memories not a great times and you know specifically does that it's section championship we won my junior year that was a it was a great season we had. And nom. And you know is a great game in mere look comeback in this. In half and we're very happy with that right this question. Is to you bought its directly through Roger are you big fan of barbecue. Cause that's what you can beat Ohio off. Yeah I'm not a pretty excited I know some good food there so if Barkley I don't know exactly why I sent me this is. I had a chance to go visit a friend in Dallas. And it took me RT I'm like oh my god hello ladies I think that you deal with all the cowboy fans just for the food yeah this garbage please and no we don't. No sorry Raj doing that's something that don't you introduce that don't you had to bring of that sanction champion yeah I saw you I saw you shaking your head over there sorry. Aren't. And west recovered yet they did art let's take a break when we come back and talk we drew Butler. Will east and keep it locked here at WGR Sports Radio. 550 sports talk Saturday follows us at eleven. Knowing. Why last segment. And inside high school sports knee here just informed us that. Good chance to look I was gonna be out with him. For us sports talk Saturdays to make sure you keep it. Lockridge here WGR Sports Radio. 552 Butler. Wings though he's represented the lone representative. Of the north squad are these guys kinda like muscling you are you know trying to intimidate you at all. And now this hour in the that's not work and you know this it was a or start off with it what does it mean to you playing this game. Means a lot I mean the experience will be fun at being great day but also it's just. The chance to be able to play with the that's players' analyst in New York going to be honored this invitation and steeler player I've been mean it's crazy is this something youth is. Thought about earlier on your career or. I'm a little bit I mean I have family members that I have lots blaming game my cousins in the game this is cool to go that when I was younger and it really known meant and then as it got closer close Biron on planets with you where handled Jersey break now from making tell us about that my uncle played in second lines of Lehman. It's 1976. Lollar. The north wow it was cool was he your prison he was ups and tenacious and where in the number ten where they're probably. It. Actually we should mention quite active users that there are many players can say it. Playing both of Kensington. Lions club all star game and also played basketball on silver sneakers triple under. Pfc gray hairs in the old country receipt and I bash. Game one in early April on on at the inclusion of risk policies so cool your rare commodity unmanned thank you and I think you also play a deal across all star game his office three Australians and when Hillary or overdoing it. Showing off their drew. That's outstanding though I mean you're gonna get there is little. Talk to these guys about you to play against guys that. He's lined up against. Guys that you know you've seen play anybody particularly that your excited about playing well. I mean out of civic fund to play with my teammates banged ire again so it's a statistical experience to be another one more game and and meanwhile more high school game and obviously of gonna enjoy playing and everybody at but. Former game with him we played two years together. But Little League together and speak. Announcement it's now you're playing for you place that you play for wins though. A Little League and what team was and again the Marines are Marines now they had no when I played back back in the day there was army navy. Air force Marines. And that they get some age levels they also make Coast Guard. So that may have changed but my first couple years with a commandos and then they change commandos to memories those air force navy. Marines are okay then I mean that is sad Marines back. Back in the day in our great teams against army. I get to face army this year are really excited about that because you know it brings me back to Marshall shown days and you know wins hopeful balls around four. Long long. Time guarding him to rush through you're going to wreck weren't yet but we're. Green and gold you through that detect he's got to go there with the Kensington. It is season United States and the UN ligament talking about time and I I tell what Paris plates is close period that's a they're going to. Are you playing football and college numb actually get up to cross section okay we're positioned. In committee or attack it's kind of up and Aaron. Sealant and the coach wants him. No lacrosse is a blast action that it really is we're talking about that during the break in. I'm sure you're gonna do well. Western New York represented very well and College Lacrosse. When will the this past playoffs we get to see alumni from the area doing very well and help them their their schools. Anybody that you look at ends and at this is like who I got to team up with this rival. I literally got a chance and I fell medium throughout the week of practice but. Not really that they have too many personal rivals that leads but to schools that'll. Schools don't necessary like in high school that I am currently and a famous though. We're gonna miss the most about high school. Obviously sports and it's got a Villa played three sports kind of in my whole life since I was a kid sis top. Always have a practice at this point. Now I know we talked just during the last break there. It it's not that you're knocking on the plan the brand new field that will leases put me in theirs and this can be beautiful field will you be back for the first game. Oh yeah I'm going to be back for as many games left hand and support that team I mean I love it. Sync setting it to plan a film and it's still awesome and I'm very happy that they passed the budget for it though would be perfect and. It's awesome. Oscar looks on my straight it really is as more and more schools go to the turf field. And are the improvements throughout Western New York has been. Amazing. When they also have lights at the new personal yet lights colonial scoreboards bunch of fields. While we know more Friday night games aria less certain Saturday games. Crosby doesn't in his scoreboard. Crosby field to can west where they play they will brings forward it looks talent the wanted to sparking the exact same one I believe but to do his core where I think they were gonna get one but. I apologize and I offend anyone can more saying what words Korver why we get this. Thank you for that beautiful field and unite and an upgrade. I apologizing at any scoreboard look very nice little I feel really ready for an hour they are putting points up on a scoreboard that's what I wanted to. Yeah. Franks are you worried about how we gonna do I'm on the field. You know if a question as you know that TARP with met and don't know about younger guys on the team you're looking up to you. Are you gonna be able to impart wisdom my of them. Train hard work hard study hard. In this. I think throughout high school day. Look up to you and they think well you always have like Bonnie and you know it's doing something I think that that's great better be doing. Something athletically incentive other things that I schools students and I think. It's been awesome to be able to say that I did that and I think people understand that now they wanna do it too so. Which is which is really cool this question anything. Go out to the three of you how does it feel knowing that you did it right. You've you've dated in the classroom you did it in the weight room you did it on the field. No regrets. Just great having. That's awesome to have to reap the rewards of everything that you. Put into your whole life where everything I mean it's it's it's all common to. The. See that's the one thing that would bother me as an athlete is regrets I regret that I didn't train hard. I regret that I didn't put the time in the classroom I regret that I didn't practices are our regret that I took plays off. And that's things you don't want when you leave my school because west's war when you leave high school it's it's over you'll get him back. Spend the time do things right and he won't regret it. These kids that are right in green and got what Brack port Alfred Texas Christian. Fat to flat market yes more in men over there is a national state and constant state champion restaurant for most arraignment. And I just in the classroom football field into how well season nine thrown bodies around. Anthony edges got a text from Wal-Mart Kelton so I gotta ask man. Who's the best athlete your friendly you just don't you like me as a whole over Catholics all all I think ever stepped back. Do you want to answer this one you have the rights remains islands. As advice of counsel I would advise you to I think. She's on the Cleveland on wall opening. The men will be learned a few years I generally weaker. Yeah she's my sisters was. A pre agreed that the by. What about you between union debt. That's that's always laughing right now. Not 100%. Although I don't all of do you like walking home. I. Get over that that that logistic and went dark elves aren't directly settle these talking about you and mostly sister. Yeah. I think my sister overall. We is the better at the buy it I don't know out to be done and the rest man. So I feel like that kind of separates me up ticketed that there except you must do WW he moves on you Reeves Melbourne drops. Let's don't cold stunner something like that guys thank you very much spent on the hour with us and we wish you guys all the best in the all star game any news college studies in your college careers. That you guys are awesome representation. Of Western New York athletics. I Graham thank you lose an airline guys thanks for coming in and joining us we'll talk you next week put more inside high school sports. Oh.