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Sports talk Saturday. And over there just well let me finish my. Give us the evening's over here every time I actually try something going years like on the city gals can be allowed. It's gonna you know be loud and talk override it. We told you volume up. Well you're not guaranteed at the bass player in the draft you draft first because they go your way you want what we want to know why we wanted to know why has your outlook because people. Overvalued the position of quarterback. Yet at all to. Great if you are you happy. I'm telling you GR. Sports Radio 515 here. The soothing sounds of Charles Kelly. Bringing you into this. First hour of the afternoon. Here on center number seven overall pick in the in the succumb draft it's always sunny in Philadelphia drafted by yours true. I would like to point out. I'd I know we didn't really wanna talk about the sitcom draft today I was bound to come it was bound to come up because people are undoubtedly still tweeting about it. I actually get away with it and I think our age group. Lou an owner yeah. Our age group arm lineal types I think most would agree. That I did run away with. I hit it in poll was very outspoken in saying he thought that you just you should quit like you should resign. Well. I mean. Trust me I thought I'm basing my taste in humor off of Paul Hamilton's humor into what what he's saying is that my tastes in humor is awful I don't do a good job. No you literally if you've major mark yeah us yet and I thought it in this was the most important thing I mean you go back you'll degrades. Chilton great Albert. However. I point out that I think show had the best pick of the draft in Curb Your Enthusiasm at number 123. The best pick of the draft. But it's not about the top pick it's about the team you assemble right on game day in I think the overall team you assembled. Starting off of your first three picks being the office. It's always sunny and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. All I mean that is. That's legendary what are your tax thing before a major peck how was that I actually had left my car at the time. But I told my predicted. That even as is gonna go soft because he was getting made fun of by the older folk here he is getting age jets like the entire at your age lists they were they were eight is this so. I guess do you remember who he picks then that that third round. Will I picked fresh prince Bel air and blow my my strategy was he already drafted this and since he's hoping South Park was there was no air right. On the on the wraparound. But that didn't happen you know to get south park at thirty rock and mean all quality choice right past. You know I guess it's not as soft as I'd invasion I just envisioned he was gonna go something like a crowd pleaser something that. No additional Bulldog burial would look like look at older show well that's what I did afterwards with rounds right. We really. You know Frazier picked Frazier was OK I'll pick Frazier OK yes she should have an extra two. A jet mash. Jeb Shiba the classics yes it's true she did had a few classics I think I think what I was show over fox in the districts. A law that's class that's classic OS that show I mean let's be honest is the guy who drafted hot tub number two in the party dress. We drafted hot tub number two in the party draft with you know. Full bar still available full bar still available live bands to available the first overall pick. Was. A DJ DJ with the first overall pick in the second overall pick was hot tub. And then it are on the way yeah I wrote after it was good party that has a hot tub let. That's never been like the highlight of a good party so we had the hot tub and afterwards he nobody he selects in the second round of water slide. What are you leave to water source is what you meal bars like really even put that water side of the water slide go directly to the hot tub may not sound so showbiz he's a classical particular respects yet he's he's the classic over analyzes the kind of guy that waits the entire eight minutes to pick is to make his pick. And then pick something that nobody else was really thinking you'd pick. It's just it's a sort of seems that way all by the way this came down from jell O Rick before we are right after his I think update did you mention busy you owe anything an update. Also I did not because it was a suggestion by he saying this is seven syllable from fox again is coming off the show afterwards yeah. I've been so. I thought you lose but he was row row row world. Fairly certain is Rhode I think I think you might be on the air but he's basically piggybacking off chapters or yesterday that the short suspension he might it would be one to two games. That's interest he's smoking pot is out it is no surprise that domestic but he was far should he wasn't charged charges were dropped. The NFL. Is still conducting their own investing okay into the issue wasn't there rumor though that. She had falsified all over accusations. And the respect proving that yes there were these I don't know walled the odd details thoughts. Yeah us. Their words like she made it up. Rumors floating around out there but I feel like those rumors always end up floating around money high profile athlete gets accused of some sort of domestic coarse sexual assault. I I agree that it's a very serious matter and it should be. Handled as such but. I don't think it in his situation he wasn't charged I don't even think it got to a point where he was. Even gonna go to trial or was gonna be brought up on charges yet in the. Was there wasn't going to happen but the NFL has now taken in this this stance with Roger McDowell that if it doesn't matter what the the the criminal investigation has brought up it's what their own investigate and what they believe the details are. And they're going to punish you based on what they have gathered not necessarily what polices has gathered and they might be working in conjunction with the law enforcement to. You don't get more details on the investigation but they are running their own independent investigations into these things now. You saw that with what Tom Brady is pretty much Tom Brady you know this wasn't ready with Brady wasn't a criminal. Time shall all charges coming up on him but the Angel Nadal those and a threat and they don't integrity of the game right Renny thorough investigation and literature that so I know how old are going to continue doing that I think with. Pretty much any. Issue that ends up coming up in. It might be the same thing with the golf as Washington. With his with his latest charges maybe his charges get dropped and get thrown away. Maybe the NFL looks at themselves like OK let's look into the situation let's look into what the the details work. Of what actually happened in that parking lot at Cincinnati area water park. And figure out if we need to take action against a dull as Washington has lead to protect our virtue. As the you know the NFL shield I just. Like to see a little bit more of a common sense approach. But again I don't know what the findings of their specific investigation got like what where they got to. But from everything that I at least I looked at it when this or purport originally came out about his domestic violence thing in the end in him potentially. I think it was sexual assault against his former ex girlfriend there. I always thought it was just like domestic and I think yes actual says accused of assault over multiple over multiple days last July. It also that they would be suspended for not cooperating the room that report I'm reading says. That his camp handed over phone records and other documents to the NFL over a month ago. So they can't suspend him like it at the bradys were Brady kinda got suspended Wear bras in part because he wasn't cooperating with investigators brokers found. Yet because normally innocent people break the evidence yet get the knowledge but yet you Brady Brady and trump our largest. They're they're cut from the same cloth. There there bodies there about. Their bodies in June then but. An hour on contemporary. You'd take over. Well it's. Hit 803 hope 551888550. To 550 those numbers to call I've got make you fear ever and joining us about. Twenty minutes. Here's the story which I said it would reach we nationality that. A story the bowel. Bill's a coach on Internet. And I thought it was a really. Unique story I thought it was a really Weldon story but yeah it's like one of those things where. I'm not sure how often you try to write stuff Ryan. Tough but I tried it once. I tried to write an article. Probably. Oh it's a tour two or three months dolls are really gonna look to be in depth look at the the leafs rebuild vs the sabres rebuilding and Jim Murray got fired hours ago. That ruins literally that is my bad bad article so so glad that has stopped I quit quit writing it down. Well I can tell you this time of year. Is very very difficult for NFL writers. All you have to write out all right about is guys get in trouble. Previews you can only do so many training camp previews. Yeah you're right you could ladies somebody roster knighted in roster prediction ability so many of that stuff. The idea that you can go out and find a good story like Matthew did in this one on you went to our North Carolina interviewed. Sean McDermott's former enemy trainer. And some of what you learned about Sean McDermott while there I thought was really interest. About how this how I would be there and hour before practice starts that he gives he can get an hour of training and and obviously it's pretty well known about his wrestling background. In college and in high school he was a state champion wrestler and sure I take what you will from this story intern I don't I'm not taking anything about how. Because he's somehow Monday fights emanated he's like gonna be the next Bill Belichick but what I am saying is it it's it's for me anyways. This story conveyed to me. A little bit more of what I already sort of knew about Sean McDermott and it was that he is this a relentless type of worker this kind of guy that. Mitt I'll tell you I wake up early I try to make up early for work. It's typical to do this guy was doing it every day with a family staying late. Coming in before the players showed up worked out for an hour while other players were sort of watching him go through his work out. And I just think. From the perspective of some of a person like me who's in the media move follows a team writes about the team breaks on the team. I just. It was such a refresh this story. Really put into perspective the contrast. Between what we just left here in Rex Ryan and what is now coming. You mean the guy who went to me. Baseball game. That the night before or some sort of this horror of what exactly what was huge. And the Indians or. He is a World Series game the day before walk throughs and Nicholas yet especially at that time Blanton. There was a lot of chatter. About his future right you had Louis Riddick come on in the earned on the station right is with this projections and it turns out in the long run he was rights. But. My question is so you got Sean McDermott he's clearly affect I E Street lobby in the trading with this and I'm a guy you know very very active. You think if he has disputes with players he just is like you know what let's take this it is to adopt. Octagon yeah let's go into the locker room we're gonna have a circle of players around us they're gonna act as the cage so offensive linemen up front you know act is the cage and we're gonna we're gonna handle this month waimanalo. In the the formed a ring that McCree in the lock from a classical brought locker room boxing except Sean McDermott's gonna put you and armed. After managing to his players seeing your coach. Sort of be registered bad ass basically yes you know like seeing in knowing that at any point your coach could just silently take your life. I think is like once again ninja isn't even an engine now. I just mean that I think in terms of where we are trying to connect. And it's I think it's been a big issue in buffalo I think I think we saw last year the sabres and their bows and his inability to connect with. His younger players and connect with players have relationships with. The bills have a other than some of their older guys Kyle Williams and Shawn McCoy A so there. They have a good young nucleus of players and I think it's extremely important and I think to get the most out. I feel like over the seventeen year drought of no playoffs. What was the last time you felt that a coach that was real. Now I don't wanna see her players' coach because I think there's a big I think there's a difference between being a player's coach and being a coach that connects with these players. I think Rex Ryan did connect with the Mickey where's my idea I think you can argument his players I think he was. A guy that players truly enjoyed being around but he wasn't a guy who can keep his players accountable. So it's different in the way that McDermott. He might still have and maybe not as strong as like GA body body connection has racked stead with his players. But what he is doing is he has that connection he he asks about their family these these players know all that he he cares about that more than just a football player he cares about them as human beings and. Maroney was what that was like her own thing is is he made you know Gary's Gillick was his son or something in imperious had a good relationship with them but it's why. I feel. There is that so many issues because he knew we could get away with quite. With morale he knew that he could do anything in her role was gonna somehow have a back and make sure that he was playing the next game. Where racks. Sure probably the same rats took a lot of heat off the players I think the players appreciate that is is that they felt genuinely that Rex had to back. I felt there was a significant lack of respect. And willingness. To do what it takes to be great for racks I don't think as much as I think Rex had a friendship with a lot of his little I'm saying I don't think he had the respect of his players that. That connection where listen a good boss knows that to get the most out of his employees. That he has that he just sort of friend that's the cool but there's a tie game where US sort of step away from being the cool guy. To being the guy that's getting the most and I guess. The biggest issue ahead with Rex is he didn't have a happy median of knowing how to get the most out of your players and I just thought there was a lot of four and I went all right that's a lot of just scents like I just felt it and I think Lewis red exit this too is. He hit an end it was another coach that said they never saw training camp is on organized and it's on. Loose just not those but there was no structure to it like there was no. It just. Listen I growing up playing football from a young age it. Full all brought structure that was the thing about football definitely look like good comes from a military right exactly where everything is who is. Are you noticing you're doing your actors and I was always told that that stuff built. A sense of organization structure for football but the Tina and replace I just never got the sense that Rex cared anything about that stuff. I don't think that has to do with his relationship with the IR necessarily I always think it's. Relationship with players was excellent it was his attention to detail that was the issue in his willingness to. May be. Pushing the extra my all NBA first one often all night in and I think it's a great. And it being the guy who is built the first one there the last from the league and I think that's what you get with McDermott. I truly believe it's a hunger factor I think it I think Roger the right it was probably his last opportunity right but. Let's be honest he was sitting pretty with three years left on his contract with five million dollars coming to him every single year knowing that. OK even if this is the islands. I'm still gonna end up getting paid and they're still probably going to be opportunities for BP islands. The the the football field in the broadcast Booth in other capacities. I think that was always potentially in the back of his mind and then you look at Sean McDermott who is a first time coach. And looks at it in his like OK this is my first big opportunity to truly make an impact on an organization. That has had a lot of rough years and I could be the turning point and I think that's the way he view was bitten. And that's the difference between. I guess like kinda wanna say it's the work yeah invoke the work ethic that Sean McDermott's bringing into is kind of on display in this article you're describing yeah. As is the difference yet Rex Ryan who won't go to goto baseball games and a lot food restaurants in the local seemed. He got Sean McDermott who's waking up at like 3 in the morning going to do yoga some. And I think to an end to your point about I do really think that Rex had a great relationship a lot of players. I think there were some times though that guy is sort of quite lesson Rex is. I think you watched him dogs the lack of structure I don't remember last season though going into the I think don't you do that's going to last season. The whole idea that Rex was. Going out in an introducing. Donald Trump I thought was yeah really he's really really questionable on his part. And I thought that they get a lot of people made a big deal about that I think you're talking about a predominantly. African American League. And you're going out and basically supporting a guy who most at this point I think is a racist and misogynist so. What you're going out throwing your support there are lot of players that I'm sure there were some spot outspoken players it said. I don't agree with this I don't I'm not going dead make a fuss of this a Mac and a second caught up in conversation but I certainly I don't feel comfortable with what is it that you had got the critique I Ito who loved loved loved him. He can't cars left it's one of those things and I think there's a happy line and and a happy medium that Rex was unable to find and I think. There was that laid that it's okay to have that lead back atmosphere I think it's important to separate sometimes business and pleasure I think you need to have a little. Healthy balance of bull. But I think what started rub off on the players that I think might be the opposite of the new regime is that he wasn't the first one there wasn't that. That burden to win that. Do we need to do whatever it takes if that means coming in early and staying late that mindset that mentality was never instilled by the Rex Ryan. I Cole rests and. Bryant was just all like he he felt like he just get the players fired up with with the goods and rocked up yeah with what motivating them like that is supposed to. Implementing. You know structure and discipline and in those four pillars of the ghoulish re always talking about structured disciplined. Communication and in character I don't think Iraq well racks was really a big believer in that I think he just felt like he could connect with the players by motivating them with this big rock and rock types. Each we're gonna go out there were kicked their ass we're doing this because I'm a bad ass and you guys are bad says yeah let's go like. And I think there has to be more too it just that I always thought what sale used to say operate right as he got fired and when Seles talking about it. So always said Rex was the guy who who enjoyed. Being NFL head coach yet but. Didn't enjoy the process that it took to be a great NFL coach he did not necessarily enjoy but he just didn't necessarily. Want to do the things that made it possible to be that great head coach in and ultimately was his. It was just yeah. 803055188552. Feisty were discussing Matthew severance article specifically the contrast now that this article really sheds light on between. New head coach Sean McDermott end of the previous head coach Rex Ryan and you know when we come back here from break we're gonna have met river join us next and talk a little bit about his trip to North Carolina in and of course. He's gonna only be able to convey so many of his ideas and so much of his experience through the words of his article I think there's probably more there. That that he feels it and I think he's the kind of perfect guy to bring into really talk about. This guy that was have been around both Rex Ryan all watt for the past two years and also Sean McDermott he's the perfect I think that can really express that sort of contrast. I'm wondering if when one Matthew went down there and talked to this guy if he got to work out with them you know like put me through the Sean McDermott so that I know right after asking. He also and that was talking that the trainer himself. Elect had a calm right. I keep had a brilliant when McDermott from it because he knew McDermott was gonna knock him is that that he didn't you arrow which is awesome that is are you real fight 518885222550. Net if bear were from New York upstate joins us next you're listening to sports stocks set it right here under BER. We're excited to go to Rochester big believer in camp. And of itself in terms of what we trying to data can't I'm excited to go to saint John Fisher in the Rochester air we've got a lot of fans up there and can't wait for them to come out watches practice and go through our process in the right. And I love that earned the right to win. That's kind of exactly what we were just talking about. Before the break there. And we were discussing a little bit of Matthew fair burns I'm article which you can catch up at WGR. On our Twitter page I just weeded out from there. And before we get madam phone here I didn't wanna just T Eagles forward certainly can talk about. At in the next dollar is this CF fell. Situation in the CFL where a woman. Lost out and a million dollars because of a terrible block in the back penalty from 25 yards behind the plate we'll get to know relevant more. But a million dollars to lady lost. Because of a and in the Seattle actually acknowledged that it was a botched call it was a bad call. So while yes like it was a terrible call. And I cost a million dollar bought get that. A little bit more after we got it forever because he is here in the AT&T hotline now joining us here on sports talk said he met reverent welcome my friend how are you and how do we condones apartment. I'm doing well we can go on well. Are you guys. Ticket playing. You know we're working means it's as good as he'd be working but you know or yeah law if you consider you know hanging out and talking sports work its it's pretty tough yes it's a tough life. I'll bet you we. Right exactly and if so we I I read your article yesterday and I just telling this Bryant is right as do tar writing but just how difficult it is this time of year really come up with fresh new ideas and fresh takes. And in things to have people click. And you know it's sometimes when your scroll through Twitter you're just clicking on something because you're literally looking for something to read and there's nothing to do at this time of year. I took ten years in reading the story. I just got this unique field that. Sometimes. You get you read a story and you feel a a sort of idea are you feel. The scope of this story in your like Wallace a Citi unique its take it's it's it's a unique find didn't you going down to North Carolina interviewing. Sean McDermott's former anime coach his trainer. I thought was great because it it brings into light a little bit. It's so easy to continue asking the same questions McDermott or or brain and being because they both have known each other for a while to kind of get that background knowledge about the coach but going down in North Carolina I'm interested in you that's obviously I don't wanna rule in the store folks haven't read it right yet. Why I certainly think that and I was on its right to it's like. They're probably so much information you got done you couldn't even really fit in your article. I'm just interested to hear about the experience talking with him in May be what you learned because you did you were around Rex Ryan a lot. And and in this year obviously getting into note Sean McDermott a little bit more as he is his time here is just started. What did you learn about just the contrast that all of what bills fans can expect from Rex Ryan last year to Sean McDermott this year. Yeah you know its its its interest thing I feel like we've talked about it basically you know the more we get to know Sean McDermott market. The coolers you know hired a guided the complete opposite. The guys that they have or and and one of most strikingly that it is just that comic Barrett actually you know keep an open. Pretty good physical condition and accept part of themselves. You know really seriously and when we're at the owners' meetings. That got brought up a conversation. Yeah it doesn't need them and they worked out and you know the players had seen him. First Pamela that's something you're doing you know her show or anything like that it was that. 6 in the morning at the Panthers facility so. When I was going down to Carolina. You know meet with some of Brandon being friends and family at. Well down there I'll look up you know that that it May-Treanor and check out the facility and all that and he's not a strictly an animate trader but it was interesting to see because you can almost. She shot McDermott and in this strainer the other at the way he operates very. Serious personalities. Really nice guy really welcoming and and takes what it does really seriously and it's just. It's a completely different type of guy in which comic survey that's a direct Bryant because you have a guy that. You know. Earlier in his career when he got let go by the eagle I think you do. Eat he wasn't doing a good job. With work life balance and thing in and ought not steam and stuff like that and I think that is one of the way that you don't know obviously. People know he was the two time national champ in high school and it in right flying and you know. The games are going to be decided you know by coaches in the cage but at the same time for that at that at the and background. I think the prequel artist Eric they're not something you see in the public colleges. Yeah I think you could see the bills potentially. Suggesting a rule change next year because overtime got shorted ten minutes maybe they're going to want to have wow instead of I I. I guess you decided in the cage we have to do had coaches you really got coaches to coaches in the bills are gonna have a big big all over Alia. So. I was thinking about I was trying to think where you're. Slide and cute the power rankings all I feel like it's always been like Jack Del Rio Mike and I like the guys nobody would want city. As far as coaches you know an hour and a wrestling match but McDermott wrestle that 17 BI is also the bigger I think than. He looks may be out of he's still locked around one earned. And a big obviously he'd be given a lot away. Facility Cogent and at the thing. The bill would fare better than they have increased so I decided like coaches. And I'm sure it's just the technique you know I'm sure he's got technique advantage over I. I think the Mike Tomlin point is is a good on that he like he might be like may be the scariest like. Wouldn't wanna see him outside. Let I just feel like he's the kind of guy that might that might gang up on it and really maybe put the hurt not yet. I try to think of another coach I think your right with the Del Rio point two. But I Philip most coaches at the C but he's sort of more younger he's one of the younger coaches in the league media like Anthony Lane is another guy that I think I wouldn't maybe mess around with like some bills basically had the two biggest bad ass coaching. People that she could've potentially had. Come and an interview in Anthony land and John McDermott but diet and just kind of getting actress Scarlett and that the what I think what I enjoyed about reading it in. In about learning a little bit about is is. That mindset where listen and I was talking to it's like it's difficult to wake up early for work every day like I tried to wake up early just that I could get up on time for work. And McDermott the kind of guy that's bare before it ever all the players are their codes. Or getting paid millions of dollars to perfect our craft in years McDermott. In there Boston is ass at 6 AM in the morning and and one of the quotes are really like to his. McDermott it's not a goal it hit nine holes type of guy and that's one of the quotes that stuck out to me and I wanted to ask you a little bit about a little more scope on is is. What exactly did he mean by that like. Is this so basically he's not the kind of guy that's gonna go out and and and really sort of BL a laid back type of guy that this is his kind of persona are. Carl what exactly does that quote refer to in terms of sort of his mindset. Think it was more along the lines. That the fact that Sean McDermott that's not really had no idea. Blowing off steam or leisure time where a lot of people made it at that point for granted being. You know 918 old Dalton is the way he'd probably get it might topple ball a little bit but. Shot has always been in Iraq solar and you know. After high school it's almost strange that he took the ball all that's because he wanted to keep our national champion though. I think there's just. This part of and this. This it's steady doesn't get to scratch anymore that you watch that competition and wants but in talking. I used to cover rustling and do and wrestlers are just different they're wired different chat about that discipline getting up early in the morning and being self focused but they're also just. Something about them that they loved that. You know being squared up one on one against the other guy in the most physical guy. Most technically sound guy's going to win and I think there is part of just McDermott when you talk about work life balance. He wanted to be able to have that part of you know it's like back in the air and at the same time he was still learning because. Yeah in London and anime guys he was a wrestler so the you learn new tricks along the way in. It's trainer worked with the answers per bit or you're live. Sean specifically and he actually worked bullish on why does well because this kind of a lot of self defense training when I was down there that's what. I'm used it was coaching guys up on. You know training guys. On different self defense tactics. And things like that so very practiced practical. I think it was just the chance search on the one earned and and a chance for MQ and I think that's more life. He would get that would been idol singer just that China thing necessarily. He'd rather you know it's people and get it out per hour then go play golf which marked unfortunately. Talk when Matthew fair burn Buffalo Bills beat reporter for Syracuse dot com New York upstate dot com and Matthew. You you you go down there and you talk with brain being injured in an all his friends and his family union and you go and you meet. The army trainers just a what did you learn in general about these guys who are coming into to run the bills organization I take a look at this article. And it's been talked about a lot already. But how the trainer talks about now show on would go into his workouts and it's why he would actually have to be ready. For work out because Sean what actually pushes him in shock and when he's learning attacked me he's learning a move he wants to perfected it and I think that just goes to show is attached to detail which I think is. A big reason each of these guys were brought in is because they had a greater tragedy tale that maybe the previous regime that was here had previously. Yes definitely it was funny they they have different backgrounds structure. You know like that shot came up the rest color there. You know wrestler football player whereas Brandon goes you know golfer football player basketball player so. Golf for the big part of brand jeans upbringing and and you know wrestling with a big part of sermons but. It goes on in talking to people that know them also well. It was like they were talking about the same person in a lot of ways you know terms of the competitiveness. I would everything that they did and and sort that perfectionism. You know like he talked about wanting to protect these techniques is the same brand of being. Am always on and win no matter what you're doing. Whether it was you know trivia competition is very or you know of betting what is it bodies that he did you know I think mark Potts said the Dick's Sporting Goods on the practice green I mean. See guys just listed some key and wired that way and you know it like its said that you'd swear that people were talking about the same person even know gates chose slightly different avenues to express that back some. Added that nature and and things like that they still have a lot of the same quality and also I think the biggest thing I learned you know I think a lot of people. Probably assumed. You know I'm going to be got hired that he got hired because. In news Sean McDermott but he got hired. To be you know yes manner. A second in command Sean McDermott. I don't think that's the case I think these guys they're gonna you know push each other a little bit and I don't think they're always going to agree I think they'll be able to respectfully. Disagree you know at times. Better than the last regime but I do think they're gonna push each other challenge each other. I don't think we're going to be in what did you have a lot of picture on what all the that the job otherwise I think that's healthy dynamic. Than the old. Well I think it's interesting you talk about the different avenues that they went down with what the rustling avenue vs the golf avenue and of course their ball involved in football as well but the desire to vary individual wall type sports where you don't have to rely on the team. You can just rely on yourself and all that if you're doing the right things in your putting in the work. That you are going to be successful so I think it's interesting that they went down these separate avenue is. Different individuals super competitive sports where if you prepare and you put in the work you are bound to be successful at each of these endeavors that they were and I just think it's interesting that they you've got the one guy who was a golfer which is you know not the most athletic of all the sports out there in the country got the other guy. Who's a wrestler which is just supreme athletes and supreme fitness. It's interesting to contrast between good and they're gonna be working closely together. Yeah that's the same time both of these guys stood out under there of all gained insight bowl in order. We're leaders there as well so you know they definitely had there's probably not many people. On their respective teams that could keep up with their level of intensity and their level position. Look you guys don't get to where they are by accident and that's a common. Trey Alec uninteresting. He had to Trace these guys back and find the common traits of guys that. You know and up as head coaches or GM or you know high rankings are out to people because. You start taking back the layers and you can see that a lot of them have that same. You know that same competitiveness and that that same world would be great it's not. Some crazy secret formula of course some guys get there because that or later because they've got a dad in the league or whatever else may be about. For a lot of these guys it's your artwork and for all of these guys if you think about it was that outlaws. I think. That's encouraging because there's not in which candidate either of these guys on the oil I mean child storm toward a merry. Never played probably going to be number of important college because. It meander it in icicles so you guys earned everything they and I think back get them good mutual respect for one another I'll think. It gives guys in the building burst through them now in they've done so many jobs. To get to where they are and I think that will help them communicate whatever on it and keep everyone questioned and directs. So may have furry dog I got two quick questions one is just to be a follow up question to your answer and the first one. Would you consider now knowing a little bit more about Sean McDermott would you consider him a player's coach. I don't let term's thrown around the time but I. I just it's one of those things you know. I think it I think he's going to be a guy that will connect well with the players speedy seem to have a very strong relationship or that. Look equally Thomas Davis you know those guys down in Carolina. Mike Tolbert log on Warner Johnston love that he's not going to be a player's coach and sustain stances wrecks but I think a player's coach can take gone. You know different forms and I think he's going to be got the people applying for. But he's not going to. You know take it easy on them by any means I think she's going to be a lot tougher. I'm more than disciplinarian but he's not necessarily going to be detached from the guys I think. He cares about them and I think that thirty starting the rub off on them that. You know Odyssey answered my follow up question I was gonna say you know how does that really contrast because when you're talking about players coaches. That is a term that is so loosely thrown around to describe how a coach is style is in and I think there's so much more than just saying whether guys a player's coach or he's not. How was a head coach not a players coach you don't say like. Those are the guys that are trying to execute his game plan but I guess my thought was how does he differ than. Bomb from Rex and I think you're right about that differentiation it's it's the fact that he will have that that discipline factor but I think they respect. What would she didn't see from racks is that that first one in last one out mentality and you're gonna get that was Sean McDermott and I think that maybe. Leads to more of a everybody knew their Rex wanted to be the players' friends he wanted to be there you know their boy. But I think. It hurt his ability to get the most out of his players because I think some of his players thought that. And he went whatever your your your boss is your friend you tend to do things that your gonna take advantage of your rub your boss because your friend not not because you don't like him but just because of your relationship you know that there are certain things you can get away. And I think that is now completely off the table with McDermott. Yeah I think it's going to be a bit of a happy medium you know he's gonna have the structure that that the fine. Almost like a dog on her own but he's going to be you know a guy can connect with players. Better than dogma and cuts and I think you know you see. To me like non players coach is are those types of guys that bring an acknowledgment Paladino the pros. It's sometime back a war you know you're really push people and you know you you keep that. Level separation by. You obviously don't. You know wanna take it to the extreme of Iraq's Bryant but to me the ultimate players' coach Pete Carroll what nobody's going to mistake Pete Carroll's. System in Seattle it's one that discipline or unstructured but I still think he is you know the ultimate players' coach and I think. Chuck McDermott will I be more apt Mowlds because he does have such an interest in outlook on. I'm on life in terms of trying to be great and you know he's just he's very driven guy and Pete Carroll has that same energy. The question is you know can sustain it continued get it to rub off on the players and they create. Culture like they have in Seattle. I think that's sort of the blueprint obviously. New England at the other end of the spectrum but I don't think that's necessary bullish on all sorts I think it'll be inching its you know all. Because obviously we got a much better feel when training camp rolls around and won the all star alliance which Seattle and also real situation. Our war one quick last question did you what did you get an obsession with Ryan who overall you are down they're G get a little sparse session with them. I did and that was actually a poll I crowd gone down there but yet. Surgery date yet off. The third day out down there on Sunday and answer your on Thursday he was still under training people. That's it's. I. Think that's the face. You'd like yes that's that's it's a great excuse to push. They've and we appreciate job not as always I will see it camp and a couple we say it is like really coming up on us here. So lie enjoy your last few. Few days of freedom here man because it's all it's all over here soon. So all Aussie open Rochester and enjoy the rest your weekend talks in their. Down if things are. No problem and let you share their New York upstate Syracuse dot com joining us in the AT&T hotline I've got to go to break one way everybody could any abuse it it was a good as always sell a let's go to break we'll come back another quick break at the top the argued sports do all that good stuff right here next on WG.