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Saturday, July 15th

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Good morning golfers if your. Time but weeks he tenth tee to green golf show here on WGR. Sports Radio 550. Have fun on the PGA tour one help with your swing you missed your call at 8030552. He's too green on WGR. He's presented by would still wedges in my nickel cobalt trapped by the Western New York PGA might custom her. Then by our home clubs fox valley ten terror. I'm dryer were. Just after 7 o'clock good morning here on a Saturday as we always are for TD green your hour. Fix for local golf hockey or Western New York on WGR Sports Radio 550 thanks for waking up with a us mining has rankled deal. PG approach yet meet its in house Kevin Sylvester on assignment this week. Some serious golf assignments. And filling in. Yes college in the morning is on assignment PNC's in the turn in a serious involvement of golf serious golf events. Which will get a report on next week yes we will I shot capture absolutely. Filling in for Kevin PGA pro from transit belly is Tim for ease who've courses been a picture of the shown passed him good morning one bright. Thanks for coming in absolutely works cited heavy and so it say a jam packed show as we normally usually say Italy 701 we elect we like to pretend that it's a great show every week and it is going to be a great show every week but it's. We this week have a couple of previous to get to will preview the Porter cup. A an event that goes on every year Niagara Falls country club while it's gone on for the past 58 years this year the 59 edition. Of the Porter cup is going on at this week up coming from the nineteenth through the 22. Up in Lewiston at the Niagara Falls that your club and will be speaking with terminator actor cast the sign in about fifteen minutes from now to preview the 59 edition. Of the Porter cup. I'll say this the defending champion and the runner up involved in last year's drama are ball back it should be a pretty good event this year so we'll learn a little bit more about that. And if you're just didn't going what you can do to attend the Porter cup also are now I guess you'd say the other side of the pond. The open championship starts next week the third major of the year on the PGA tour and will talk about that little more toward the better half second half of the show. And where oil will give you of course are anticipated selections and our picks on what's gonna happen. At the open championship. Also tell a little bit about one of our presenting sponsors custom turf will have an interview coming up at 730 was Steve Beatty. Who is a part of a local company who does great stuff across Western New York if you're a golfer and you wanna get some mystery remained Caver your backyard will tell you about that that's coming up. At 730 we'll have our Western New York PGA. Tip of the week in our Western New York PGA report are champions to report brought to buy apps would care. And our encore golf and cobra puma golf look at the PGA tour leaderboard so a lot to get to hear over the course of the power. But I'd is one of say kudos to all those involved with the drive chip and putt I net. Thursday at Breyer would although the event to duck finish due to rain. I know that the the west here PGA heavily involved the US GA the masters they're all that the trio with group. All involved in the events my son participated in the boys seven and nine division it got going and then. Around 9 o'clock the area the storms came in Jeff but what a cool event to be apart of heaven mean that. Didn't they kids to have their name announced and get to hit drives in chips and putts and all the cited that makes it great and I mean my son and a couple of is now now friends this. The kids that are involved these events they all kind of show up at you know they they so they kind of befriended each other. And they've got the electronic scoreboard on the Omnia the big TV there by the scoring tent and their decision that it's raining and they're just sitting there. Looking at like their names are gonna change a light Jack you're gonna stay right there in the rain delay body like. But now they loved it so I know you guys have been heavily involved a drive to rebut the west here PGA has the what a cool thing to do a and I know covering short they're gonna do it next Thursday so we'll talk about annexed it a little too but it was it was a really cool. And after 45 years that event has just blossomed I mean it's still one of my favorite mornings in golf is Sunday morning in the rafters. Watching these kids get to go out there and and hear stories like yours are so he's out there. He 78 years old he's having the time of his life he's making bodies he seemed prepare for some kind of competition he's. He's doing all the things that we enjoyed about golf as kids and where we fell in love with the game and and as a PGA professional what does your 180 guys here 180 connect amazing how many how many we have regional boys and girls from all ages front Australia a couple of hundred whom we've had a couple right I think you said Rochester is that hearing. I think. 179 they announced that are grateful so we're learning you're literally looking at a thousand kids are coming in our area to run through this program and then on to the regionals and then I hopefully to Augusta National. Pretty cool somewhere obviously PGA professionals or product. We have got some friends that. Actually help out down at at Augusta national and they say the phone as part is watching the parents go over into the woods and they're getting sick because are so nervous for their kids the kids are fine just it drives a chip and butt and parents just can't take. Can you imagine thin and next your son or daughter at the eighteenth green in Augusta and it's got a putt to win the drive to Park National championship. Yeah I had a hard time I maintain my composure and energy Kansas Condoleezza right he had a ticker at they do everything their votes until it's pretty cool. So these kids have us some better equipment the new Jeff went up well he's gotten better launch angles to have thought something kept the machine out of there. So yes there's some good athletes that are going through the program and and others in not only that we also the PG what's your PGA junior tour readers and other 200 kids travel around play in the nicest places in western new York and and determine atmosphere and you're you're seeing really good players kids are playing college golf come through these programs so. So junior golf is obviously the big focus and we have vigorous very vigorous junior golf programs and what's New York's of your kid wants play golf he got a Ruger opportunity in this area. Just keep going on Iowa sector PGA junior league yeah which we had a team a lot of the clubs in the area teams in a public teams we've got a foundation teams. That's good stuff that I get high school teams and guide division one college teams we've got everything we've got agree facilities that annual good coaches to. I'll I lights to some of the things of that I'm hearing a suns also a junior golf camp retain terra and we had a little rain analyzer to the Arenas who wasn't great for golf obviously guys are involved in that but. We had a little like quiz they had they played little quiz game with the kids while we are standing and half with Custer in the rain delay. And no right so how many of you know how many holes are on the golf course our and then there's of how many supposed to play. And the kids Sally plays many Jawad or somebody said well I think for us we play annihilate. It was refreshing to hear that there were questions being. Given an answer is being given that seemed very open very flexible Tim I thought something. That you and everybody trying to grow the game. Is really trying to drive point home that. The traditional golf sense that may be everyone thinks it. Has to be finger quotes is different and I think that this younger generations may be starting to sense that. That when you come out to play it doesn't you don't have to you know play in. With this person and you have to play eighteen and I think that. The way to get more youths involved in things like that was that we they had that plane nine initiative for awhile and T four I mean all these different initiatives that it doesn't always have to be the exact same way. And I think that that's probably a great game great way to to grow the game to more people because they'll find it more attractive and finance and I. It Jeff knows to at park where he is and of course a transit in many places around now. That tonight doesn't have to bleak and doesn't have to be eighteen holes right salon we grew up with literal ball so one of the barriers could explain your own ball. We do much more team events scramble events shameful events with the kids and we've got a dollar hole rate sofa they wanna go out play. Five holes with the parents at night play couple's little scramble or alternate shot. We're seeing way way more of that and a lot more girls are getting in caucuses social atmosphere with the with the with the young girls so we're doing way more with less. Time that we have you know that our experience to our experience for movie you're going up for dinner were seen at more more golf instead of five. We Tim you're on the national board for the PGA and from the 30000 foot there's we mourn nine hole rounds being played right when I mean we've got professional hmmm I'm noticing the change in the trend. And we have three hole women what a great way to get started there's no prom there's no limits to how you play you don't need a ton of money and dump. The thing I find it sometimes like golfers like myself as a proper sometimes I forget that people don't know some of the basic stuff like where do we go where's the first tee so loaded that those are the other murders that we need to. To get over you know that the people that perception like you said. But the core values are still there in the game in the things we we may change that we we play and how much time we have to play them. But the core values of the game in their core constructs of the game are always going to be there and that's still makes golf grade it doesn't matter traditions are gonna change as we go alarmed by Tom. And really keep the ones we love put it's not gonna change the way the game is played still can be great game. We wished I still wince if poker gets pulled across putting green even don't know where does that say you really shouldn't do that and it doesn't do any game he doesn't Reitman and still we still have that traditional look but so we tout try to tell children you know I have heard across the first tee had a total difference to put an S and that Lisa obviously. Well we've seen our. Our our. President of the United States drives the from electronic golf cart onto a green at his own place though. The examples being set aggregate network and for him to hear PGA rates ideas and speaking of president trump were not gonna talk politics here on TV hearing. 710 time rankles he'll PGA pro just me this Fiji approach Tim freeze of us here in studio. But presidential is making news in the golf world presidents and golf it's been connected firm since. While the United States has been going but president shrugs at the US women's open this week they're playing one his courses. And there was of course them off the course news about whether or not they would go through and play there and whether or not there'd be any sort of like legal battle are well they're playing they're there the course is getting pretty good reviews and trump is making it there to the weekend but. Regardless. Of again our political views will step ski decider Tim but. Then playing at a trump course is giving the US women's open quite a bit of coverage this week beyond even just the regular golf writers I mean they're. National news are there because it's there at the course that's run by the president United States. When these arrangements were made he's one of the biggest golf developers in the world and his company. So when the PGA makes an arrangement meant to play the seniors earlier this spring or the the US GA or the RNA to play over and and Scotland and Ireland. He is a big developer of golf so now that he is. Present United States against some visibility. Actually some credibility some of these golf courses so the ancillary. You know the reporters that do come. They're fine and out that the golf course is actually very good. He really has some interesting properties that he's acquired probably 1415 over the last ten years that's good for golf. And heat it in whatever you think of him he is passionate about golf he loves golf became spoke to the PGA we met with them. And you've just been listening to him talk he loves playing golf he's a he's a big fan of the game's big fan of the PGA's it. So it's definitely legitimate his his passion for their thank you for I wanna be there because he thinks these girls are good players and want to see him in armed juries there it's for many reasons but. But he is he's an advocate for golf that's her share. And the. White House staff that the media that covers him around the world that wherever he goes the media goes with them is now going to be at the US women's open and sell. You know even though that some might view that as a negative that he's there in terms of the coverage at the US women's opens gonna get this weekend with him there with positive it's it's gonna be vague and it's you know what World Cup. Coverage in some sense. Is good coverage regardless now yes the stories might be about trump being there but. But they're gonna show their girl make it all the more and they're gonna show the athlete they're gonna talk about the winner they're gonna you know they're gonna talk about woman's golf too so that we get. Absolutely. 712 at a time rankled the LPGA pros Jeff meet this and Tim freeze here in studio in a few minutes we're gonna preview the Porter cup. Cassie started the tournament director gonna join us on the line also coming up custom turf. What are presenting sponsors going to I have a quick interview there with Steve Beatty who runs the local company to let you know all about. What they do and we'll talk about the open championship don't forget it's no longer the British Open they they really are pushing the open. Branding and re branding and the champion golfer of the year. That's still sounds cool it sounds super cool no doubt about that. Well last week and events locally to with the Web.Com tour event finished up at peak and peak this year to. And the reviews seem to be coming in pretty well that that will continue so I mean locally now you go from a Web.Com events which has. Fringe players and some PGA tour players that are trying to get themselves in better position. Playing. Down in southern. New York here in the southern tier and now this week some of the best amateurs in the world will be up at Niagara Falls so. Yes I know that people might say well there's no PGA tour event here in Western New York but. There's as you know it terms of that the next set of events that got two really good ones here back to back weeks coming up so. I like to email doesn't lake is for the Web.Com tour. So there's a 150 guys who play regularly on that tour if there was if there was NHL players and then the next levels 150 guys that you know. There'd be a lot of NHL players on that next level very good NHL players and that's. And the up and comers are all coming through that system right now it's an excellent system that they've developed in order to. Make these guys more prepared when they get to the tour they're playing a real thing you go to play key compete for four days in internment situation like yet. That's good golf that to get testing golf. The best players are playing very very kid very very well I mean they need the difference. I need to are challenging average golfer to to sit on arranging tell me if you don't know the players which won the tour player which one's the the Web.Com. Well it just unhappy right now is it is and fifth place a one out Eric thank you want to last week in what a finish that was when he chips in on sixteen keeps the lead birdied seventeen and hustler who birdied seventeen and eighteen inches good golf and you would have played there. That's not an easy of course lots that's fine. Absolutely speaking the Porter cup. Starting next week on Wednesdays the first round and on the line right now is Cassie Stine one of the tournament directors. A from Niagara Falls country club Cassie good morning it's Brian Jeff and Tim here with you how are you on good morning. For great thanks for coming on and yes this events is going to be here before you know what I'm sure you're getting ready for your final preparations going on this week. Can you just let everybody know of course for some people listings will be the first time again getting some this information about the determined. What this week is all about. Why is and that's it you know and Daniel Porter cup acutely rip it he's parity and that Niagara Falls country club Wednesday through Saturday from the back energy and oil they're going to be there and and the fun time to open the public's help. We're hoping get them a lot of people out there just to see you guys like your mentioning before opium elect dot com it's where before you know it and then. On the PGA tour you mentioned chat and Kathleen and all operable that are import a couple of reasons. Get can be greatly hope will be a lot of people out there. The the list of alarms that are now. You know doing historical things in the PGA tour is great net that we can mentioned some of those and a minute but. In terms of this year's turn meant you've got to be really excited you've got the defending champion back. And may be the headliner from last year that almost one in Gavin hall to sell. Two big names to start off it kind of you can almost pick up last year's drama and carried overrated this year. Exactly that's exactly lower open for yellow really say about our friends and be back here and act. Our first defending champion come backs in fact it doesn't welcome back Packers keep active and vital. And then Ricky cycle Gavin hall on the tribute exporter up I can't believe it is probably I don't want to turn pro and and all. And yet we have six other all Americans. Really really good feel really really great players who worked so so week. And it's that truly an international feel lot of countries are represented her casting. Yeah arts everywhere from Australia Sweden to Canada I mean you name Argentina. Like you said it is really an eclectic feel that. You know what I keep saying more excited but we really are it's it's a great field and there's a lot of returning players if you than I'll ever Orton ankle country appeal. They'll see a lot of big names are not returning players than. What were cut back. Cassie signed tournament director the Porter cup with us here on TV green on a WGR Porter cup starts. On Wednesday it runs through Saturday a four round event one of the best amateur events. In the country on their tour are so we mentioned and the cot and hall. Are some of the the headline players skinny this may be give us a couple of other name the terms of players that you think. Might be in contention and also to even to some local lanes that we might recognize. Absolutely I would I would island there are out there he's returning her fourth time he's graduated from the University of Virginia. And you want electronic seventeen in row invitational. Break on the road in Rochester New York so. He that they need the lackeys from New York. Well that's towards the city more but he Atlantic you and I and Travis Knight. He from Australia he's a good friend of our defending champ Harriet Harris and the he's a top forty player in the world and polite than that and still watching it Scott Harvey coming back for his ninth Porter cup and he's always been named a lot and he's always been open to the clerk happened. Fortunate to have in the field and he definitely has a chance to make the Walker Cup team this year youth between sixteen US led AM. Runner up last year and it's just a really appealed and mentioned that all American earlier in in halt huge from Kent State. They'll be in the field we've Kyle Mueller accused from university machine in there all top fifty players in the world. Some of the local it will come then. From Rochester he's a different Kevin hall and help me go into the university's actions are in a few years you know again BA junior high school achieved in saint but accomplice fourth quarter cup. It's looking like people and I'll local people that we want them. And the local connection continues and in some sense with another turn to man the international junior masters winner will be there are no this is the second time. That they've had that automatic qualifier corrected did the winner gets the play in the Porter cup. Correct that is tracked GAAP. Equally really look repeal Daniel Kearney I want Sarah are not productive but incorrectly that hopefully it it'd. Summed up as but yankees in the field this weekend. He should be another wanna keep plan. Absolutely Cassie Stein with a here from the Porter cup. I some of the the names that have played in the pass the meaning include some of the biggest in golf Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson. At that time error at one point ranks number one in the world David Duvall he was a winner Mickelson was a winner and then. You look at some of the current players that are really the most popular on the PGA tour Rickie Fowler has played this event Jason Day Dustin Johnson I mean. That's gotta give some big time credibility this event that knowing hey there's you know. It if we order rattle off that the ten biggest names in golf I might have just done it right there and they've all participated in this event. And you can keep going and Brooks kept in the US open champion and Adams and not you mentioned gate Sunday ticket it keeps going and it's really quote that you get to meet these guys before they turn pro and you know you get they get their mind a little thing you can ask them questions than. Now you know how they think when there on the PGA tour and I think it's really cool for the young golfers out there come and watch these guys and just see how they handle themselves how they hit the ball how they play how they interact with people and it it's free that the port epic of returning to come accuse those are like you're paying for anything it. Everything we at present donations and a Boy Scouts when your parking and I think that's really cool about it like like it that you get to see the debt before they turn pro. And I and then you follow them throughout their whole career and do you mentioned all the biggest names in golf and they all comfort here. We think that's really really cool. Guess if I I know that Hume asked are you assuming you were asked this and answer this on media day earlier in the week but I thought it was a great answer the gala I want our listeners to hear it again of just the what do you do edit your your what your main job of running this event is to recruit players and what is it that you tell them about what makes this event so special why are we seeing Gavin hall come back for the sixth time why are we seeing some of these. Big names from all over the world come and play in this event and I know that it it takes kind of a team effort up there with everybody with the members. Yeah I mean about the volunteers. Are huge and the members that open up their homes how these players are. The volunteers taking. The players' scores out on the sixth call you know what should not be doing an aggregate voice recorder Cutler. There's a lot people operating a lot of crime scene work and if we didn't have and we would not be able to his parents tell. I'm kudos to our members just all the volunteers and that's what really makes the turn mentally. I'm glad the players realize that and they come back and that that you're asking here. And I do I get a trip to Niagara Falls too as well right for the players the command. Do mere month of may isn't it a trip I'm Thursday night for the players inside their parents back a little experiment. They really get to enjoy in the it's it's. He has taken one of the seven wonders of the world than I think that's really Coulter is a really cool get. You know to have that in her backyard and for the players to come and see it it'll look like I'm here and I'm thinking not from here. On the Catholic somewhere are from like that we mentioned blared from Sweden Australia Argentina. You may never get back to the area and yeah it really cope with the obviously. Cassie for oil to go canoeing is give everybody information about. Just again the the wares in the what's in the house in terms of coming up to watch the event. Yep actually went with it Saturday at the border up and there are all magic club it's a free event please come out more the merrier. Parking is is just so donation to the bush to the point out that would be great. Pete Kendall start at 8 o'clock at one day Thursday and Friday and then 7 AM. On Saturday. But we would look to see everyone and all out there as the next week. Good luck with the turn it we know it's a lot of work Cassie and we hope that we'll catch up with you next week as will be there do our show right there ready to growth for the final round two hours are yet to our show thanks guessing. Thank you tonight Kathy Stein the tournament director. Of the Porter cup. To be job project there near kids coming in from all over the world lot of a lot of moving parts a lot of balls in the financial structure you know Fiji stick your kids up. Your son or daughter and you stand behind some of the tees and watch how these kids timber gold watch and Dustin Johnson watch where they hit and how they hit it. If you just take that ride up and watch a couple of these tee shots watch from around the greens that's good stuff for the kids they're gonna remember that's why don't tell your kids to swing easy enough confusion never gonna hit it like that thing he lets it rip and adding on. Right Jeff so for all the Porter cup players listening right now from them with your your and you coaching in knowing that course up. Give one keys to winning this week what does that that course I think the last the last four holes. I think the last four holes and got to be tricky out there because eat it if fifteen. Indeed these guys are driving at their sixteen to tough par 317 that tight tee shot. So lucky that one of the hardest tee shots on the course that I certainly think so if you're trying to close out a term because there's OB left and right in the it's a difficult fairway you know he can have an uneven lies panic while they hit it right at some baby greatly they had it but. But he Ari can ever uneven lie there men makes it difficult eighteenth really not all that hard it's a little small target on into and it's a short iron. But you are having to make par or me birders I'm on the last all the thought that would be a key. There are some birdie opportunities out there on the par prize these guys are just gonna you know I'm gonna crush at this regional sports softening up a little bit and keeping the ball from going to too far form by Tom. But yet they're gonna they're going to be in some short irons and impacting scores will be pretty low and just fight through the last four holes there. Yeah they said that they've redone. All the greens at Niagara Falls one through nine they've also completed the twelfth hole and then they hope to within the next year to have the whole course. Redone and then they said they're gonna go on the bunkers. Tim you know that's that's a lot of work to do all that they've redone all those screens and and they're gonna go to the bunkers next Ameen. This isn't just go out there in rake it in a different direction that we did to redo this they said it's all help out the radiation the greens and the bunkers and. And yet it needs and of course was an air we're seeing some record rain since we need that the drain off the greens are the deal so these players the ones that are gonna play the best negotiate the greens and sometimes new greens. There's there's little subtleties element mills we'll start to settle but the bunkers themselves and abuse and Jeff. I mean it's it's it's it's so it takes getting used to when you. I've become somewhat of an expert and bunkers aren't going through that the historic renovation of their bunkers which is the nominee for a lot of awards but it's. It bunkers need to be done every once in awhile I mean they don't last forever because they become contaminated with overtime the banks face you don't pick the contour of the bunkers changed. And they make such a difference in the visuals of the golf course found that data via that are being nice gift for liquor for Niagara Falls a thief may sparkling in there. That'll that'll go have some nice look at holes there than. Absolutely. Kathy Stein thank you very much for joining us from the Porter cup and against starts Wednesday runs through Saturday and to echo what Tim said. If you have kids take them up a really really cool event and a chance to. Get right up and close sometimes if you know you're going to PGA tour event might be tougher to get as close as you can. At an event like this and it's it's an easy walk to like it's not a difficult course to walks of you have younger kids you can take him. And there are some great distance and reviews around their apartment patio and take a look over the over Louis mayor pretty cool that's absolutely right time out here on TD green which is presented by the last year PGA it will get a westerner PGA tip of the week coming up next. Also presented by woods to wedges inside the world adult old Michelob Ultra. Custom turf and our home clubs fox valley team terra and Breyer would well we come back we will talk a little bit about trust Bo could talk a little bit about custom turf. We'll get our west York PGA tip of the week and also will give away a couple of spots in our duster pudding challenge which is. Friday July Tony first at the fox valley club in Lancaster. With PGA pros Jeff means in some free time rankles he'll step aside more TD green coming up next right here on WGR. Yeah. She's. 733 times. Welcome back tee to green we will get you are Western New York PGA tip of the week coming up here in just one moment it is TD green along with rankles deal. And PGA pros Jeff mean isn't Tim freeze council Lester on assignment this week. We'll give away some of spots in the duster pudding challenged is coming up this Friday coming up here in just one moment TD green presented. By the western your PGA woods to wedges nickel of ultra custom turf and their home clubs. Fox valley. Tin tear up and Breyer would will give via a little bits on custom turf here are coming up. In just one moment but wanna think Kathy Stein determined director from the pork for joining us last segment if you miss the interview will have an up and our on demand audio section little bit later coming up this morning. At WGR 550 dot com the Porter cup starts on Wednesday. At 8 AM and concludes on Saturday. At 7 AME states starts at 8 AM it is free and open to the public to attend. Okay we won't next from custom turf one of our presenting sponsors who wanna bring in Steve Beatty who joins us here on the line C good morning. All right thanks for coming Ellis Steven again thanks for being a part of TD green this year. For those that may beer here about custom turf for the first time in a great local company and for golfers something that's pretty exciting that you can do want to. Tell everybody about what your company does. Ali who are in this synthetic turf but it must reinstall pudding greens you are saying is. Chipping area news and the golfer in the things. That turf has been a big project force over the last few years. And hailing synthetic turf related really weak and install Florida. The other pictures online. At your website custom turf dot com really cool. Pictures of pudding greens that you done and with some different installations and slopes and things like that different designs but. I also see not only in people's back yards but also in their basement that you can do it to Sophia I guess if you want a putt on a year round you can do that right. Yup yup we've been to a lot more indoor work. Oh good my ex. Too early system from tour link. With greens are any regulations. Yeah I was Dunham in basements grasses. Exercise facilities. Indoors populist and they are we don't get. A lot of nice weather but we like borrow for your house. You know I know I'm looking forward to it I haven't a little studio built in my basement we can hit some balls and do some teaching union and things like that during the winner. Parity have that turf in my front offer my dock which I I do recommend him at the wake of my dog it's dirty so. It's a great spot. That your product there is that all golfers I mean it these people are every golfer is that there are the they want the best in their backyard right it's difficult to grow grass I don't know if anybody knows how difficult it is to actually build the US GA green this makes it a lot easier doesn't it. Well absolutely pictures of maintenance and the things he may have to both leaves off here ma'am vacuum a little bit to be a lot too but there's. No longer smoke Estes it no mauling. That it takes a real green out of somebody's house. Steve Beatty lettuce here from custom turf and custom turf dot com Steve besides the golf greens itself. I know you mentioned things for pets what other sort of and meet different sort of services or earth the creations that your companies come up with that people might may not even be thinking about doing but might think it's a great idea to do. Is there a lot of the gulf flying through a personal practice. Syria would getting reps that could be a smaller or what but actually didn't roll out that bring an end here graduates. It's also hot seat and stick it T Reagan. We represent synthetic turf international and they managed ages eight EDT. It's paper all that as far as. What if they stick to key rate and hit it. And you don't roll ups and values blew it. We've done a lot of different things were different cuts of fringe. Rough. Budding surface. Drilling in the natural language in which it make it in the synthetic liner as well. I know that I've got some bad bare spots in my Grasso my son drags its feet on his swing set. No way I assume we see you southern Iran a playground. Yep Playgirl and might sit for so. 88 compliance are also own say. No maps and then playground. Again and maintenance beginners is big day because you don't have to worry about. In the equipment in the play area it and the big thing just got really explored just to keep leaves and debris blown you've been tightly. Canceling both Steve and into I mean for I know that it's the summer but. For those that might be thinking about hey you know what at some point maybe got to get dad a holiday gifts. You know this this could be something negative if you start the process he gets any dead you know what we're gonna you know who beating your kids we're gonna set you up with something in your basement Ewing you know putting greener hitting area I think. I think that's a great idea and I know that. You know obviously come holiday time that be something that you guys have be loved and you're right to install of the inside for people. Oh absolutely yeah I'd normally later. Later in the summer we'll run a special for those Christmas shoppers who are looking for herself and her dad or grandfather grandmother. Is unique yen. Legacy we've done some real neat neat things in basements and treat him any room man cave where. Always relying can play as well. You which you got to play a little bit ahead right there's a little bit a lag time. Yeah Clinton's custom built. See ya normally all indoor. Actually build related or shut up and sell myself and we bring them and reinstall them. So we we can relate to plan ahead so that we all three laggard being put in and December 20. We need some timing did make that happen. Everything customize in terms of is like the measurements Steve in the time it takes like. You're not just coming in and it's not just like -- years not just gonna come in in this role piece of turf down like you. You're coming anyone these slope on it putting green or some different angles or some different things like that like you're gonna come and induce some extensive measurements of her right. Well we would commence prior to and get to exact measurements and I am I could say we would build everything edition we build on regulations then. They go underneath agreeing to make it you lot of right to left to run uphill downhill which they go home excels. Of but slow or whatever room they have to work well and. Steve this symbol if I'm into sit and it may be your grandest project what was some that was a challenge but that that turned out awesome that of them from up putting standpoint are chipping stamp recently built an house or maybe outside of house I can imagine some of the oh the imaginations of summit that wants to have you come in and design some awesome. Oh yeah we've built probably won't need localism. Whitbeck well probably ten years ago we built one with denies over need over the troubled. Lou. Was surrounded Bridget let over to a bunker on the bag today. Next year they'd end up with a budget court a lot to say that that intimate. Made one of the most unique. Cool series we've dealt with a guest. I can see that Agassi any these outside. Games getting a -- get in trouble with my friends proxy or yeah it -- thank you -- people losing money to -- and some -- hanging -- the back -- in those aren't -- -- putting contest I see a lack of productivity yes -- we're not getting done absolutely -- custom -- dot com is the website Steve -- with us here -- also give them a call at 9450283. And Steve will also be at the duster putting challenge eleven table set up there you can see it in person who lets in samples of some of the greats of that they do. On Friday Steve thanks so much for coming on thanks for being a part of the shall see you Friday at fox valley for the dust and challenge. Direct your local pilots board that they expect. All right CNN Steve Beatty but like custom turf dot com is the website checking out some local pictures of what you can doing yard and you know it you're getting close to get near is ready here for me after he had got a guy granddad hacker grand designs myself so it can be pretty cool I'm looking forward to it. It will be the the indoor go to. Golfing facility looking forward that. All right time for our Western New York PGA tip of the week brought you by the Western New York PGA growing giving game. And we're talk about driving. And we figure with Tim freeze here in studio we've got a good driver of the golf ball troop. That's right so Tim let's let's start with you here don't don't shake your head knocked ball great off the tee with a driver. He. Amy tiger filler about 50% of fairways hit but that's not the TV. What is the key digital IC somebody folks on the law review we've got to launch monitor a lot of fun to work with folks. And too many people. The ball position is back too far down the T too low and they're just not maximizing. You know we could swing as hard as a camera they're losing. 101520 yards I've seen some folks get 2530 yards just because the ball policeman and and how they hit it and that's a lot of the lessons that I given just maximizing how they. They hit it off the tee Jeff the so basically if you're hitting a seven iron into agreeing compared to a hybrid you're gonna play better golf soul by moving the tee up. A little bit in your position off your left they tell for righty and teeing it up higher than you're used to and coming from underneath and we work with. I'm launching as an attack angles it's not that hard to do so if you view we have access to something like at the treatment gets an objective numbers. Take advantage of it it's real quick we set up relaunch my honor to do it we can do it inside we viewed outside. And I know was the wedges in and Kevin Downey can do that as well so it's kind of fun to play with and some of the numbers and the person goes while I can't believe I'm hitting it. Twenty yards further on my swing and an error that's right which is maximize. What they already have and that's not even saying they have to invest in the new driver and that's not the key I mean if you listen every. Driver that's coming out you're you should be drug 400 yards that's not it it's the position that you butcher. Your ball position and also the team it's he always club in the bag to do one thing you try to it is ours can't all the other clubs you make illegal certain distance or maximize the driver. Move up in your stance. He and they do give you every advantage with the driver I mean you get to Tito gets put it where you want you know he get a good flat lie most of the time when you're hitting the driver. Haven't they knew the clubs that are just will does make a big difference though because you can. He can affect the ball played a little bit and in many directions with that. We have a lot towers also per club and in we've both done that a long time you can watch a drive and see if that ball's been struck properly and if it's launching properly and if it's down range at angles proper. And like Tim said little things you'll see people not have their ball far enough forward so they're catching and on the downswing which puts a lot of spin guy. Also might my pet peeve is when they swing too far out towards the target and that club if you look at from behind him comes exits at a ninety degree angle. Those are the guys that have the big misses so even though you wanna move that ball forward you still wanna swing that club around her body. And you are people who creates DVR I can dig a little frustrated here and swing easy keep your idea whether you're trying to blast that driver in his heart he can't Linkedin said that's the only club you're turning his fire you can't are very T. But yet if you just if you're going out today to play especially with the if their course is a little bit web moved up all little bit more forward your stance we talked about this before and show. Q a little bit higher. You know if you haven't just a club and a half degree along offered degree laughter and just experiment today and see what happens. And give argue that more fairways the ball's gonna go far it is about carry distance it's not about role especially today role helps in the those summer ball definitely goes further. But three quarters of the time playing and what's New York you got to carry that ball stars you can't because the. The conditions starts a some good he's there on driving Tim if I was gonna pinpoint you to what is the biggest mistake that you see. People do hitting driver. Is there is they're clear cut answer your angle of attack they may tenth day you don't need to make any difference with a driver so just try to just eat it too steep angle. How people make practice swings and hit the ground with their driver when they make a practice works to your mimicking. Hitting the ground you don't need to hit the ground balls up on a T I agree with Tim week and we call within the golf swing or your club your arms are away from about instead of hearing Ireland close to your body. And that helps you drive the ball better little bit with the Fed. Jared health and ask working with each other play with each other he's helped me paints him get a little lighter omelets were and we work we just talked about launch angle and sometimes mood up too far and there is too much spin and that's worked for BJ golf personals and instructors can certainly help -- cancel it. Also before we close out our west. Here are PGA report here this week in fact was a Monday and Tuesday is the Western New York PGA professionals championship it's at arrowhead. And in Akron and Kirk stopper as the defending champion from pine acres bigger surprise is a name that I know as mentioned before. A very good player Tim your participating. It it to get one of the three spots to go to the next level try gags EG champ he explained here saw all the west your PGA professionals that are choosing to participate in this are vying for. Three spots to try to move on to playing in this is part in next year's PGA or this year's PGA it would be next year's. PG field is set because they just played and easily do one year in advance and with possible changes the PGA tour schedule. On the PGA champ Richard could be. Moving there's rumored to be moving and Maine and it could happen next couple years that be fun for the tour players but for us is an opportunity to play a major that's cool stuff. Well this event qualifies you for the national club professional championship where the top it's still coroner's officials wanna get your feet and topped when he out of a hundred however there's a lot to plan that qualifier for the PGA championship there until you do get the best club pro players claiming that. That says dimmed in the senior PGA champ should be qualified through the same process for the senior PGA tour. Is critical absolutely T check out all that information if you wanna go watch and they come watch and absolutely over there and I had not seen her head too much elements in the kind of figured out you can go heckled him yes that's right from Western New York that PGA dot com is the website and check out information on that. If you've got a youngster that like like the plate and check out information on their junior league or drive to from potter everything else. That Western New York PGA does and if your just listen to the shone like in autumn I wouldn't mind taken up the game in go there to. And I go see your local PGA professional you can. Really walk out. Tim do you get can I give on the air an open invitation for anybody is to lock up. Two of course they ate I wanna play I wanna start playing golf and I talked to the local pro here yet is that a mile and an event open everything up and I would call first and you just. Mean I Amy catches that are busy time at well yes I didn't mean that you were gonna turn them away adjustment you know an activist Emma you might have more time then. And other times they had this Jeff your schedule is busy got a lot of book signings in order a sentencing deal disaster has Angela. All right before we go to break here wanna give away. Two. Kids. Spots. Courtesy of one of our duster challenge sponsors body armor sports drink great sports and for kids violent. That. Is going to be held on Friday July 21 at fox valley so. 23 spots although the July partisan throws a right now her first two callers. At 8030551. Two collars at 8030550. For kids divisions or look at for sixteen and under here. In the kids division first two collars at 8030550. You get a free spot in the duster challenge coming up Friday at the fox valley club at Lancaster again courtesy. Of body armor sports drink next thing it will give away an adult spots of state to listen for that again first two collars at 803. 0550 is the number and you get two free kids spots in the pudding challenged the duster challenge Friday. July 21 at fox value. When you call a jolt take your information on that SOA if you like your kids participate feel free to do so there are we come back will check our leader boards lot to get to hear some good tournaments going on. With the Champions Tour the PGA tour the European tour all leading up to. The open championship which is next week we'll give you our prediction on that as well here's TD green rolls on with. PGA pros Jeff Venus and Tim freeze on rankles Gil thanks for being with us here on a Saturday morning on T green handle the GR. Final segment here teetering on WGR welcome back presented by the west here PGA woods to wedges Mikell ultra custom turf and our home clubs fox fairly tame terra and Breyer would. It is time for a check of the young core golf and cobra puma golf PGA tour leaderboard at the John Deere classic going on. Right now and on the right now Ellis but this morning but this weekend there through two rounds halfway home Patrick Rogers. Porter cup alarm. Is your leader thirteen under par leading Bryson to sham bow by two. Zach Johnson who's been tremendous at this event in the past teen Charles Howell the third are three back at minus ten. And mr. Hadley that you mentioned the the winner down and peak to peak is four back along with Chad Campbell. Chad Campbell's biggest memory for me was finishing second at Oak Hill appeal Sean the Kiel had that amazing seven iron in on the final hole. Some other big names that are participating. Not as many many of them are actually playing in the Scottish oval which will be be here in the second. Geez I'm scrolling here give me some more big names not that many. Along the way Davis Love minus three. US open champion minus three. Most of them Zach Johnson ominously that Johnson and raised in the field Bubba Watson struggling again. Wade poured some rough units ever pay each get a wonder they call balls which having me do it. A thinned out little bitty and looks different member went all the bad aegis to he got did though Devoe when he did that Denny. Many fell off here and so. Lot of big names on an oral PGA tour playing in the European tour event the Scottish open in preparation for next week's open championship. And other RD on the course right now of course it is a five hours ahead Ian Poulter in a three way tie for the lead right now. And including. Great for some names here Alexander net. Element she Quinn. Are also Maginnis is with my mortal world that's right Rickie Fowler is on the course one under on the front already in his one off the lead he won this event last year. Patrick Harrington one over on his front he was the overnight leader. He's also one back at minus eight and you've got beef Johnson at minus six Graham McDowell Matt couture minus five. So those a year look there and it's the Scottish open. And one more leaderboard and actually she too morally we're got some big week on here are champions to report a crutch my absolute care orchard Brooke affordable adult assisted living. This senior players championship going on right now Bernhard longer. Is has one hole left on his second round. To finish up this morning but he's got a two shot lead on core repay even longer a machine as you said Tim during the break and I told you about that he's just gone up pretty announcer. To victory in every week he after Corey paving pay you feel like god. He Kenya army and second that passed. Every single week yeah he's he's better than it already out there. He's at thirty girl and why is it is is part of it this is conditioning on body conditioning and then as mental. If there's got to be easier ways genetically gifted also because you can he's president of FR mail has managed to get it done here he he's there's a guy who is believed in his system as way to play the game. As religious went to some arguing. And need this week even. What on the record of has long potter people have called them out on it are at least there's been some speculation that golfers may have about the lump underneath says he's never anchored. You look at it it's very very very close. I mean is the brushing up against a shirt with part of his backside of his hand maybe but the club the doesn't look like it's touching this year he has reinvented himself how many times of the potter and I can't question his integrity home again. I I agree completely he's always just found a way Vernon losing grip for army went cross he did everything and yet underway. He's he's yeah he's beyond reproach his first integrity and its future. One more who go all for us here today the US women's open Britney laying in on a not Norquist are your leaders at minus six right now Stacy Lewis big name three back. And minus three Christie Kerr minus two Michelle Wie had to withdraw. She had an injury. So she exact injures dozens and yes she is out this week also. One more news a name that if you know about the masters you'll mention. Former Augusta National chairman Hootie Johnson who passed away yesterday. Of course many remember him. For being the central figure involved remember in Martha Burke's controversy when she went down there. And had that sort protest outside of the golf course and things like that he was the kind of the front center rappers in the club and there was that battle they're going on but. Now it's Billy Payne heavily to the as the chairman he had some nice things to say about it but. I think since Billy Payne took over the masters have really treat publicly I think transform themselves nicely into. I mean they've opened it up to more women members are Condoleezza Rice is now in there and and others are there as well but. I think Billy pit not this is not at all to a step on Rudy Johnson but they've. From that time who just happen to be the chair at that time I think the masters have really put themselves in a really nice spot since. You know at that time there were some them might have looked down and on and the people of Augusta. For me not I guess growing the game and now boy Billy Payne and and the people the masters there are of doing a total. They're given bad yeah they're definitely give back and as we talked earlier that's that's something that's filled with great traditions the yen is embracing what's new about golf then and giving juniors involved in. And donating money back to the community so they're doing more of and I and I think you know even they realize they're in a position where they can really really affect gulf with the stature that they would in the games. They've embraced him diversity includes no doubt. I before we go here let's give away in adults and adults spot in the duster challenge again Friday July 21 at fox valley it will do the first collar here and this this spot is courtesy of encore golf so. First collar. 8030551. Caller 8030550. A free spot in the duster challenge Friday July Tony first at fox valley great putting challenge great times hope that that you can join us. Today even if you don't win this free spot duster challenge dot com is the website let's finish with our picks for the open championship. Looking at the odds Dustin Johnson and Jordan's speech right now are the top of the board. And Rickie Fowler Rory McIlroy John Ron Sergio Garcia Justin Rose. And around out your you're tough betting favorites. Sylvester says he wants Garcia. Tim how about you I'm not gonna go for Brees Joseph penalty even though his name's Austin so I'm John Daly and feel Michael that when metres and they've evolved in the field Michael that I'll go Fowler he's just knocking on the door these majors and these plane over they're now trying to be prepared I think he's. Many are having or Jordan speak the bong recently he has that flat ball off ladies from Texas. He he's got some experience in the majors I think I like him this week. One name I'll throw on it who played well in the US Opel was Tommy Fleetwood. This is his home course but so just keep that in the back your mind kind of like you're Brooks kept just like you know. Not to bring it up like he did though that I picked Brooks cap I told him to keep and I'm Brooks kept your for the USO but he fleet woods' name. Around. I it is John Iran is playing great he won last week he hits it so far he's a monster he's putting and if he possibly did two last week at the Irish open I think he's gonna win. And it will be his first major. Goes we'll see how plays out so enjoy the early golf satcher alarm 1:30 in the morning coverage starts on Golf Channel on Thursday. The set your alarm or when freezer get thrown perfect fourth that's right you'll be just didn't intend to transition into it that's rate. And so here you're good at that quick turn around them. You're obviously your manic during bunkers that anyone in the morning out there with that with the light that's what you are doing. Not hear it from out of there thank him as they're happening thank you so much for coming in. But frank thanks for him appreciate it. PGA pro Tim freeze with us here were really excited to have him and PGA pro Jeff meanest kind of access we always have and ethics. Joseph thank you for producing today appreciate it thank you. Coming up at ten inside as the sports at eleven sports talk Saturday and thank you for all who called and all who listen Steve Beatty from. Custom turf Kathy Stein from the Porter cup that starts on. Wednesday this week up in Niagara Falls country club the open championship starts Thursday. Will be live at Niagara Falls next week to our show for the Porter cup and the open championship so we'll have lots talk about next week. We'll see the duster challenge on Friday at fox valley. And again thank you for listening I'll have an up. On Twitter and a little bit the entire show at Bryant WGR as well as on demand at WGR 550 dot com. For Tim and Jeff I'm bright thanks for listening to TD green right here on WGR.