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Speech John Murphy show. Presented by now well on. And they're gonna afternoon what are the show the John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts we're back we're live at one bills drive jumper he alongside. Donald Jones because you re introduce ourselves today that. I've been in the feet it's been a little while yet but I missed. It when I'm at the end of the show I saw a clip on Twitter word. Offenders throw the football throw him the show. Under drone is that low. Man that it was horrible if I knew it was you know they. We have our old intern would throw me a ball right after that at the end of each show. Admirals and there. And our new interns you know decided no actually someone else decided they wanted to coming in the early on it didn't it got him into the game. One of the people that work. In our department and graphics. A and that it hit bottom of the deaths yes that it had to vitamin technology is going to damage but it was like. What does that. I saw the funniest thing you know because you ran in here with so much excitement on his base about throwing the ball to me. And it just didn't make it and this means nothing to those of you listening on the radio but right do we do that anymore is it still it would have to stress that now. Look bad it was a bad optic unit that's when it that's the moment lots of equipment but I've got back to work the wouldn't fix what's going on there the passes are coming up short the bounce and passes up the front of our debts of the business. I'm happy to be back in misty now than I was gone for a little while and I agree vacation progress out about you know today and it yet. However it was great and I did everything I wanted to do it is unbelievable everything I wanted to do it felt like. I was able to do from week in the Finger Lakes with family. A lot of fishing there boating assumption that cooking. Alternative Finley golf tournament on the Finger Lakes last weekend what else that you. In order uncle bill a little bit but just a little forty racetrack one day but it marked baseball one night but it in my don't mock docs yeah. Last week in class that the entity looted from the they are the Florida Marlins to seize singling them out. What else that you golf on the golf. Play golf with Tom Donahoe former bills president Jia one day was on. It is that you read one book started another one it's tough time great fourth of July. And am ready to go with it like like you were doing things like everyday. Yes pretty much did you ever just sit in dues yet relaxed last week I was pretty much stuff did you. He ran out of the but that ascetic put but the ball while ensured that the death and it didn't work this time get it right the ship but no it was great and thanks to you went to a it's the biggest building that they're too numb. So the puck through course Chris Brown all those guys in the deep in the and came and went right future and what we're you know with but it was great in and you had a week off over the fourth of July the fourth you know in doing that week yet and you got a baby on the way where we ambiguous yeah. We are on. Wednesday. So. I'd keep you posted it so now will be here when he becomes the great to be back night we just figured out it for the year. Nine days away from for show training camp we're virtually. Ten days away from the effort practice at training camp. And I'm ready dialed in of people ask me all the time Richard you are you ready you're ready for the season. The honest answer is no not until today I've been ready for the season not to today today got all the making his way. And feel like I'm refreshed relax and related ago and now I am ready for the exit has that could mean. When you left break but I guess the last day you might when I come back. Can be ready to go sees I'm in January and generally ninety's you're going project will be there in Rochester. What we figure eleven days eleven shows over the almost three weeks of the bills training camp on the weekend shows but. Are for show is a week from Wednesday two days of ways to season. Now we can ample places what do currency 26. Please be reporting that day and Libya on the field the following day. 8:45 AM practices so that we hit the care we will have a pretty good recap on what went on to every. Amount last year with time parents. Other all over the place a lot of 10 AM they knew right so about an hour and fifteen minutes early and were last 101030 was. Most of the practice and so the question becomes how does that make it make it for us in the show on gas for hours. Well thank you work we always do at work I do think dom. You can be a little bit like gum. As I said well by the time Horry hit here in new which it pretty good Angela. The injury updates which are stories training camp. And all the other things on you know this looks good who doesn't look good that's a thing where they're at noon we should have pretty good handle on it. They practice I think you'd think so yeah. So that's coming up look forward to that. Hum coming up today on the show well if you followed our show our followed those football you'll know that are broadcasting department is put together a five part series the top ten. Bills' top ten and it's been on MS GMTV side starting way back almost five weeks now back on June 12. Tonight the final installment of bills tapped and top ten. Individual performances. Up part five of the five part series here half hour shows tonight. Airs that 9 o'clock and that chemistry on the TV side the final installment of the bills' top ten TV's TV series. And it's the best individual performances. In franchise history tonight. There's a lot to choose from a place. Com down maggot talk about that and we're gonna talk with one of the authors of one of those as the best performances coming up in an hour so Joseph Ferguson. The great quarterback for the bills. Seven season. Through the mid eighties Joseph Ferguson will be live on the line this next hour he had one of those a great gains it was the bills and Miami Dolphins game Marino's first NFL start. Joseph Ferguson out dueled Dan Marino that day with a tremendous. Performance on the table talk with you about that. The game when he threw for a 3855. Ford in nineteen yards five touchdowns bills for when in Miami since. 1966. The bills won an overtime we'll talk to a Ferguson about that we'll talk about what he's up to now believe he is in. Real estate in his. In Arkansas as a matter effect and the government to offer and you know payments under the name of them amendment really good classy guy who really good quarterback. And before Kelly. He did you know you look at it at the end of bills quarterback to beat Kelly. Joseph Ferguson and I would think Jack Kemp would be the victory and for east and stand right alongside those guys are really good court strong armed. And came in and 73 all it was in the ball aloft the funny thing is. You see Fergie people in my generation would not think and even in Buffalo Bills. And patent. It. Now now no connection at all to first and get to join us at though 1 o'clock today. We're gonna get back to the individual performances in a moment to coming up at 2 o'clock. This is another TV series that were hoping to promote today in this is the the TV series on Amazon net TV Amazon prime all or nothing season with the Los Angeles rams. Basically the NFL films crew spent the entire 2016 season with the Los Angeles rams including the dismissal of coach Jeff Fisher. The upheaval about moving all rams operation LA last year including the bills' game ever to talk with the coordinating producer of the show runner for all or nothing. And that's coming up at 2 o'clock today Keith caught across row. From a NFL network keys he. Costs for these court meaning producer of the show runner for all or nothing season with the Los Angeles rams. At CNET when yet I did watch some of the Arizona Cardinals Clijsters do you see that I didn't it's it's hard nuts tight series. The difference in this significant difference being that idea. They spent all season. So they're embedded behind the scenes access with the ramps for the entire season last year. And I visits that I saw with the Arizona Cardinals and rants and hard knocks and have the same year that's aren't actually about it is what. A three week may be three and we production and a lot of cameras blocking ambulances aren't covers. And now here that the the all or nothing series on Amazon price hit the entire season. With a lot of Latin whatever it is not a coverage in one year you have to be an Amazon prime member to seat the deletes them yet. There you Norman I guess what the cars I guess though at at most. The humorous yet and see if he starts the Amazon boxes like every game house. Is because your wife ordering ethnic and no we haven't done it yet. But I do you know I watched years old cardinals you sure. And catcher didn't maybe they just about regular and after awhile that your. In any great. Bomb that's coming up it to 2 o'clock that he keep costs rose NFL films. But let's get back to this thing about the first of all it was prime vacation time or one bills drive. Because and I looked there was absolutely nothing going on and nothing we did not and what happened what changed. Not. Mean it's still prime vacation time I don't think that. Yeah there are people who are here a lot of people who are not here remember last Friday. A walked around the building owls like. His literally like nobody here all doors close and everything you know so. Everybody get their vacation time in because next week. Raw data rock says it is ready to go on the go you know well my identities anything you miss a thing he really did my vacation was was cool I mean. I was in awaiting him and spent a lot of time back home with with the family specimens unplanned basketball and teach them how to ride a bike I was seven to be seminars that teach him how to run by eclipses. I get back to work and now running running yet to determine who was off. He he's wobbly is definitely lovely. Pat I made on my list. But dignitary wheels up which you gotta make me a promise and he was like what files like as you might fall. If efforts by the got to promise you get back up and get back on the right. You know like art and he did in the felt. But he definitely a helmet yes summit that need though that is. Did as you know he's he's rough enough as it is you know it's not a try to protect them little this kid is rough in rent to Walt. You have to write helmets yeah did you use your. My mom to the turtles off and I instantly got and I don't remember I was like. I've known member of I'm sure she had a moment because. When I was like. In. Middle school high school one time she got you know me he was like back in the east rabbi a lot seems like you that it. You know you're gonna Wear a helmet. -- like mama I don't wanna Wear a helmet like him like ovals and eyes yeah I don't wanna Wear a helmet as he bought via helmet and timing of receipt maybe put it on. And as soon as I got like all Austria took it off at a packed app at which you had to remove it from AMBER Alert. What its popular. You know it's not that would have happened she probably. She would even see would've been upset with you would have been like mad man because he just wanted to at least I don't think LaMont does when it meets arousal. Yeah no helmets and now never. It is way to do at. Google I say these kids is when these guys that saw. I think parents might think kids can probably. It can probably definitely. At any rate. So it was good couple weeks would be up good for me didn't miss much great villain work writes Alan by Chris brown and and McDonald's matter fact. But we're rated dig back in with really no bills news here today. I'd seen any players maybe a couple of players around the building today but you'd think over the next person I've seen. Is the brownies and he's been in the last couple days work now. I think he's here I don't know if he's here but he's been here I think he's here to stay in Overton because they are only capped a week and half away will be there as well. We want to spend a lot of time looking back today at the top individual performances in buffalo bills' history offense. And defense and we wanna hear from you what your thoughts are on net four lines open 8030550. The number. Outside buffalo its toll free call 1888552. By fifty. Or you can do it by a Twitter the top. Performances. By bills player top individual performances. Give us your thoughts and then a couple of tweets on this rank. RT epic tweeted rank right performance against Houston. In the come back. I have to be anybody's list. A historic game in NFL history frank Reich in the relief from Jim Kelly you know at the start. Leading the bills today remarkable comeback when it. Statistically. A great game for frank Reich in which he started out. Very poorly for him including the first step past the second half. But them turned out is we historic game and I think it's going to be on the list of the top ten in individual form. That has been with that's one of the most. Admiral gains here in an NFL history in the especially here in west in your house bill opens though I'm not. Don't be Bravo will give them calls and we'll find out tonight is the united 9 o'clock but the record would be. No we have not comedians. But in this thing again with that and yet they've selected they've got some good ones who look at this rate Europe and they aren't yet. But this note to thank the top individual performances in bills history doesn't have to be just on offense either can be defense of his well. 8030550. Tool free 1888552. By fifty. Or by Twitter tee at number tweets in. I BB. Because he beat me in the Super Bowl evidently because that is the ultimate effort plan any sport. He could have given up but he gave everything it does not attached now I agree again and everything's there yet except. All of them make at the top individual performance. Only because it was one play in game you know Beebe didn't really do anything spectacular residents who global game and very. Bleak afternoon for the Buffalo Bills you're right about the circumstances. You're right about the effort to heart the BB show prominently outlet but was it really one of the top individual performances in in franchise history I'd I world. We're talking about a full game performance I think so yeah I mean you know they're gonna been. Very memorable plays. In certain games and we're talking about a whole game performance where a guy goals for it'll retest them protest down the guy does something crazy like. Five sacks four sacks in one game that they went on an awful game performances. Yes I don't know if that BB plea would qualify Pete Rose and as an interesting question too as we get into the what constitutes the top individual performances Pete Rose and tweets in a major question should be. Did the performance come on win. What doesn't make it better evict contributed to win an event happen you know or persistent and it happened in the loss. It's a good question I'm not gonna answer that because I'd like for you to decide listeners viewers. Phone callers. Of people tweeting and I've argued decide you know there are great performances in games that may be didn't turn out well for the bills over the years but. Maybe that those who defected it's a loss does not overshadow the performance itself so take them anywhere you want if you think it has to be a win. And decided to qualify is great individual performance will hear that if you got a game work the bills' loss. Lost the game and salute degrade performance and will hear that to Jim in life tweets in malts mark for 240 and a touchdown against Miami in the playoffs. Despite the fumble Eric Moulds had early fumbled in that game and then had a huge game with the bills in the playoffs against the Miami. 240 yards and a touchdown against Miami. A zone. I mean. Adding CD game but when you think it'll stats news. You added that he actually fumbled you think you take the rest of dose that mean that is an amazing game by any player but by receiver that is an amazing game was that he said of the playoff there was playoff game and no playoff loss rightly came and did with the Flutie threw on the interception Duma. Trees arms for a that makes I mean. Obviously we would all wanted wanted to be a win. But for him to do something like that in the playoffs is not like you know you could do something like that the regular season as a great game and they might like man I remembered a game and it's also did this but to do it in the playoffs this site as a whole other level. You know it's like doing yet the playoffs and and you have some trouble so. This level citizen giver that. Yes I have heard that. It here's one that at this stretch mean this goes back to when I was area. Was the bill's ban it it was a in 1983 in and keep in mind the context here the bills. Went through the entire decade of the seventies without beating the Miami Dolphins never beat him finally beat him in 1980 at home. But it still that wanna game in Miami so they go to who the Orange Bowl 1983 mid season or so. And I think Joseph Ferguson. Was I mean I know it was amazing in that game 38. 35 buffalo win an overtime Ferguson. 38 for 55 passing five touchdowns first win for the bills team in Miami. Since 1966. But also have to be Dan Marino's first NFL start. And it came against the bills bomb but Ferguson out dueled about played a I think Joseph for what Cochran forgive that's coming up next hour but I think that has to be on the list of some of the one of the all time great. Bomb performance is Joseph Ferguson against against the dolphins in 1983. So when you think of a list like this. Quarterbacks probably. Will be on the list a lot more than any of the this now running backs who get on there where receivers maybe even defense events are linebackers but for the most part. Quarterbacks who are will probably overshadow everybody on this list because we always look at the stats that quarterbacks put up in the game. Yeah. I would think so quarterbacks will be on this list a lot and and beat Kelly obviously we'll get there a first and who knows rules may be Jack Kemp. I Drew Bledsoe. Here's the receivers are going to be on this list two things. We talk about air animals game 240 yards. Fifth most yards from scrimmage in playoff history goes way. We Evans we talked about this game with J. P. Losman a couple of weeks ago when I was here right to 8283 yard touchdown catches against Houston the bills when. 24 to 21 Evans finishes with eleven catches two under 65 yards. That's as it carries a great paper receipt you can edit it I mean you over 100 yards in the NFL that is heated game. You go over to Reggie ours that's a good game but with the twos 65. Yet that is a lot of yards and 280 plus yard touchdown it's that's huge big game vehemence. They don't have to be out offense those we wanna hear you the top individual performances that you can count on the you can look back on in bills history. And this is the topic of the TV show tonight 9 o'clock and amnesty top individual performances the final installment of the bills' top ten series. Arm defense have been some great defense of games a Bruce Smith obviously. He terrorized the Indianapolis Colts back in 1987. Three sacks recovered a fumble for a touchdown against the colts Mario Williams believe it or not 2013 against the Carolina. For to have sex most ever sex by any game by Buffalo Bill. So you can do this and defense to Terrell Alley. At a huge interception and a huge game and a and a regular season there was a Monday night game in Cleveland once so maybe there's defense of performance that you think ranks among idea. A top and it was history. It they'll probably be some defense of performances you know when I guess that is probably going to come from. Defense dividends. You might have some BBs and had multiple interception type games. Or linebackers you know that had like an interception return for a touchdown appointed to Apple's. You won't see mostly I don't think you'll see like in defense of tackling there you know like a diva right tackle can have a great game. And me it is will show up my defense dividends are right linebackers like TVs on the back you know so we're looking at this. The sixty positions the position that put the seats. The butts in the seats yeah receiver although you know you're getting 344. To have sex game. And the countries are attacking game. The counselor a couple of interceptions. As anybody and yeah I'm just saying defensive tackles this is really hard to deal analysts like this happens it's you know and you and your mind you like had a great game like Adam ahead five tackles had a sack. Let's just won't end up on the list like this known list view. Had four sacks of something like that defense tackles don't get this. Let's hear from you what do you think the top individual performances in bills history. The subject of the hit TV show coming up tonight and MSG four lines open 8030550. Tool free 1888. 550 to 550 jam calling from lake view Jim welcome here on the air this what do you think. Yeah we're the performance I remember. That was from 1975. It was a OJ Simpson who were playing at Pittsburgh playing against the steel curtain. It's Pittsburgh. And I mean they had a great all I'm. The they were common right opposite Google went and essentially ran through them like immediately the first play of the game sweep. If you ran for eighty yards and picking an opponent for something like 240 Arctic and steel curtain that. That the performances really. Stand up that they will win it was a deeper than an all the time but it really just at a showcase. Via great now that it. Yeah I'm just look it up and you're right it was in 1975. OJ. He finished with 227 yards. The most yardage on the ground Steelers defense that. And ever allowed and it was the US steel curtain defense it was a great Pittsburgh defense at the time with Jack ham and Jack Lambert and Andy Russell and Joseph green LC Greenwood and OJ ran for 227. To catch them. You knew being covered and his team you've been around this team even offend for a long time. On enemy. In your mind what would be the number one performance. Top individuals top individuals who performed I think the game he mentioned by OJ would be one of them I think Kara. OJ. I think was Thanksgiving Day actually against the lions 273 yards. Two touchdowns. 1975. Or 76 and was that was pretty incredible I mean and again OJ any memories of OJ irritated by the OJ we know now which is. Tremendously important we talked about that but it's hard to argue with some of the stuff OJ did. In a couple of different games and you're you're judges dropped now just what about our buddies the task at that'd be on this listen meanie. From what you guys tell me he's had some Padilla memorable games. Yes and again analysts like this well you know that's that's that's just goes back to kind of what we're talking about with BB you want to be more than just to play and Steve has some incredible. You know plays in the in in his career obviously special teams plays but. How many of those can you make a game I'm looking at the game Steve at an amazing. Game against the rams. It was 1995 and I'm looking it up when he was Preston the services of wide receiver this game you know how when Steve is here meego be even almost you know people call up and say. You could have been a great receiver you're breathing easier this game that the people think about nineteen and 95 bills went down the Saint Louis and and hammered the rams 45 point seven. And tasker. Caught. What four catches two of them for touchdowns and it. Pretty good wasn't my specialty is left. But I think mostly it was a receiver that. So did he have it and tough you know I think what we look at it individual performances were thinking about. A day a game Steve has had many great moments. In fact here's a caller wants to talk about one of them. Call it from Canada where you're on the air yes go ahead. Yeah. Among and it's about you know that as a kid. Presidium verses of the raiders after. I think he blocked punt return once retouched army my competitors such or something Brewster and there was all specialties that all the went off. Yeah OK I don't know about the interception carpet Steve it did have via. The big game that they Brandon calling from gets Phil I branding go ahead. Big job out there should take my call sir. That is what you are comments on our guys' effort checks yet that 2011. Season where users terror acutely. He played only ten games she put up in overnight and rushing yards. Over 400 receiving yards but specifically. In October when people actually in Philly you put a 111 on the ground with a touch. And if six receptions for 85 yards. Receiving end and New Hampshire had a lot more there are block you know that's. Conservatives to be failure. Yeah. We play silly here. Hey you remember that game I remember that or are in well there yeah it was a buffalo and we played it yet minute game this game on her ankles. And they did this at ethnic. Yeah definitely remember that game. But I I don't remember him actually going off and you know obviously because I'd record my early in the game and housing are mad at myself. It's. Nearly 13 want it or four I do remember it being a win. And McNamee was starting quarterback for them I just don't remember Franco all did it has some other. Hurricanes are VP consideration I think failure or your hurt. The delete your stir up. Human and a. I do have. Thanks very much for your call random let's go to mark in Jersey City hello Marc welcome your top individual performance. In bills history what do you think. All of easily premier mr. Charlie you know on game. He then and not only that it says. You went up against another great quarterback. Ron Amadon on group. Who threw for almost over 400 yards and that was Jim Kelly only 400 yards passing game of murders. Is up at least about Volcker was the only one. And they were down and it came it came back on the road one acting well when you are all arms or use. Often yet it's no point I mean that's just crazy and win mr. Charlie and I came from yes. Early in 92 season I was at that game and looking at the stats Kelly. Three touchdown passes 403 yards a thousand more than a thousand yards of offense. Racked up by the niners and the bills won game one game no pots no defense no defense know and that's the at a pretty memorable duels win that's a good one. Kelly has another one that's on many people's lists that I talk about this is game against Steelers a year before. Bomb when he went. He threw six touchdown passes 3143363. Yards six touchdown passes for Jim Kelly that's opening. The one game. From my area that I do remember maybe because I scored in this is my first touchdown. But it was we played out of Cincinnati we came back to we were down 27. Or something like that. We came back to Stevie had three touchdowns and he knows a great performance by Stevie go any filed. With the Pittsburgh. When he dropped. Yeah its rapid rates we did everything down but he added delegate he had like five receipt processing agent dropped you know horrible game the week before had a great game did have some publisher at Cincinnati years' jail ISO serial as a serious analysts and in the next week. You know he did go press conference and you only have a much a tank top and yet. Well all right we're talking about the top individual performances in franchise history it's gonna be on TV tonight. Part of the appeals top ten series and Emmet G 9 o'clock tonight but. Let's hear from you Tippett if you would dive into your memory bank of us know what you think are some of the top individual performances offense or defense. In franchise history Donald and I'm here to bet that around with you when we return. John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts we're live at one bills drive a Buffalo Bills three. Effect showed John Murphy Donald Jones here until 3 o'clock today thanks for. Tuning into Austin talking about some bills football going down memory lane a little bit. We talk about bills football today particular talking about the top individual performances in franchise history our TV show the bills' top ten series wraps up. Today tonight 9 o'clock on MSG and we're taking a call from you about and I wanna get back into that this Stevie judging him in a minute but. This just came across NFL news. I would while I would characterize this as. It's quite shocking yes Carolina Panthers has come for the Panthers website Carolina Panthers owner founder Jerry Richardson announced today that general manager Dave government. Has been relieved of his duties. He's been the GM of the cancer since 2013 here's a quote from Jerry Richardson. After much thought and a long evaluation of our football operations. I have decided to redeem Dade government of his duties as general manager. One I think the government level block Carolina six and ten this past year after making the playoffs in each of his first three seasons. Of course they were NFC champions a couple of years ago loss in the Super Bowl. To to a Denver get on and thirty years in the NFL scouting departments part of seven Super Bowl teams including. Three of Super Bowl winners he's with the bills back in the late eighties early nineties that a guest on the show a couple of times you know three meant that I can think of once you bulls with a giant. The government fired by the Carolina Panthers did this is how the timing is weird. And a very religious a couple of weeks at after John Dorsey was like go bike in the city that was three weeks ago I mean you know Virginians this time. There's some of the year I mean. You know we talked about. Doug Whaley when he was fired in that was sacking but at the same time you know the timing of that the timing of these. Make that will look like I was I was just normal OK you know. The one out in Kansas City shock me and then this one is definitely sack me because we're at we're talking about. You know 910 days away from tourniquet you know so how do you fire you GM that close to training camp they must've had. Some sort of disagreement or mutual. Agreement that they were gonna go separate ways I don't know what the deal is that what these teams are doing but how do you fired eons literally. Weeks before training camp. I mean these guys are the guys that have to go out and find other talent because. You're gonna have injuries you're gonna have things happen you see you still need to be out there finding talent and other teams camps and different things like that's how do you fire your GM right now it just doesn't mean. Doesn't make any sense I get don't talk about John Dorsey. We're told what to TE two franchises that have been done pretty well lately Kansas City with John Dorsey Carolina privacy six wins question that what they were looking for but Carolina. It is had a good run of success not talking about stumble bums in the you know let's keep it off I'd told I. Had a conversation with the Tom Donahoe former president GM of the bills over the last couple weeks actually a compliment and I asked about Dorsey has Thomas some connections with the chiefs. And you scratch in his head at that one you know and I guess you know he kind of indicated maybe comes down to. The money and you know it's kind of a a disagreement about his contract and there weren't a whole lot of it. Outside about it Kansas City that that was gonna happen or that amateur problem this one comes totally out of left field. Again a team I think Carolina. You know stumbled last year no question but. Certainly with Cam Newton on with the defense awaited on with Ron Rivera and that kind of steady hand at. I mean who did not anticipate. The Kansas they're the Carolina would bounce back and at least contend for the play earlier today and he would. You know Carolina as a team that in the last five years they won their division like. Three of the last. Five years something like that you know and then they went to the super they went undefeated basically the entire season and ended ended up losing in the Super Bowl. But they put together a pretty strong team down there that you would think would it be able to bounce back and at least like you say contend for a playoff run I'm I'm I'm. I'm shocked by this I know it just doesn't make sense and I don't know I'm I'm guessing that they have. A plan they have the person that's gonna step in and and take over that position that probably would have been Brendan being. Well that's a thing there are buffalo connections here first of all I've known he paid government for 2530 years and always look Evan I think we have amount. A twice when the bills again rated play him or Carolina the last few years. I think we had him on when the bills hired nearly Dermot and again when there I bring in an ending but you're right about random game. You don't we talk about this actually mentioned on the show I Rhoda. A piece about a release a note about an on the website couple weeks ago Brandon being by all appearances was in line. To be gave government successor don't care he was assistant GM. I don't know the details of their worker relationship. But it appeared that he was the next in the line of succession and he music Carolina bring him dean is a Carolina native and his family there his entire career Carolina. Pulled up stakes to coming to buffalo to run the Buffalo Bills which you know was notable I don't think it's a crazy move but notable you would think he may it would make them move. With some sort of understanding as to. You know gay gentleman status within the organization when you thought of Dade government how long Gelman might be on the job because once Gelman was gone. You would probably easily. I mean let's put it this way bread I mean we still there. He probably either get the job right away or at least be the number one candidate for the job right and a steady. Great M here but you wondered that I think indicative of how shocking to move this is the Carolina panties do. At the very least I would have thought he would he would be the answer and again he was incident in the past and at least be the answer and again until they file one at least through this season because you're so close to the season. You know so is not like you can go out there and and find a GM and just go to a whole interview process because everybody's getting ready for the season right now. You know also this is this is totally out of left it was shocking that. This has come down we'll have to wait and see even I'm sure Brendan being and I know he's happy to be here and and with these job but he's probably like it. That's got to move my entire thing right and make but also you know when you see you move like this if you Brandon being or anybody in this situation. Maybe your thought is man I'm glad that I didn't stick around for this kind of evil yeah admit that might have been meeting here to me you know. Its interest and especially get a been fired by the Panthers on top of John Dorsey beam. Let go by the chief a couple of weeks ago I think there are a lot of heads scratching on all over the NFL but they over the spooked hopefully we get a little more insight into this is via. As the afternoon moves a law. At any rate we're talking to you about the top individual performances in bills history. The TV show was 9 o'clock tonight on MSG. What do you think some of the top individual performances in franchise history coach packed streets in Albuquerque Gilchrist 1963. Against the jets. 243 yards on the ground five touchdowns the bills beat the jets 45 to fourteen that's a long way back it's what 54 years back. But five touchdowns two of 43 yards rushing as a lot belongs on the list Epson. And pass the bill and five touchdowns. 200 plus yards passing I mean come. Out here what Aron that is that is an incredible game by anybody and in his somebody tell you that is not. You'd totally blind yourself your that is an incredible game art Telus can we do have a tweet in. That the game you talk about the Stevie Johnson. Why so serious games refresh my memory about that the bills and Bengals I think. Chad Ochocinco was supposed to be that mine that writes the polls show notes a single was supposed to be the headline of the day and I remember all of us out there are talking you know and pregame warm ups we all go out there and and we talked to each other while warming up and just going back to four with a Ochocinco is that he's a funny guy Stevie is funny guy accurately known. And you know we get into the game and they go up warmest day you know they go up 28 it is the seventh and then. I end up scoring right before the half and then we come out in the second half and Stevie is goals off and this is really. The game where he came out and became Stevie Johnson because he had the oh why so serious. He went off at three touchdowns and only remember how many yards he had but he went off at three touchdowns they couldn't stop them. And and you know he came out after that would be wise the series on mr. And was this an incredible performance but I'll always come back but especially by Steve. What Steve East Point back and your. Muscles there is yes that was it that was the bet you ledger yeah it was it was over cookery and is it wise the series and movies. And Stevie was great. Man knows my favorite Batman of all time he took that one because the actor yet he would play green or right out though anybody's ever played a villain that might like he let it let's do movies like hockey equipment. Public custody that was that's why I'm he loved the Joker you know and so he would write something he would always write something and it certainly nobody knew. You know a man in that game. People Weisel series and when he went off he was like I'm with the mustard and data and so he would show you is it's your teacher and he was always writing something crazy. You know but he knew Aaron we can't lose they were not allowed it to write things on our clothes and stuff you know also after the game he was like I don't care anymore. I just went off at its us now I'm led to be no prizes here you know and and after that. Everything that he did was like to have you know yet like half the Joker fade right after it didn't report for games. He would paint you know we do like I've black stuff he would do as whole face. Like one side of his face. For Joker might do I know how to game the play you in here like paint your face don't make a couple we've got to get deviant show that we thrive you know Stevie was as well he's. He isn't doing alive and he just doesn't want any joy in life was spent ten minutes on the phone and valiantly anything to do awful war. Months Ali Adobe's in the country has seen a picture of them this this this past weekend he was out of the currencies with guys like. He's he's literally intuitively. But it's been ten minutes. Outside I'd rather get them on here and and see what happens with the view is when you when you column. Or when you tax them to give back to couple weeks later. Annual you might ask him a question and attacks and he'll give back what it's like two weeks later I might on her verbal nasty do like he was a great guest on our show we first started this show a couple of years five years now and radio show and he would you know he. He would have an on and the Greek Emma and then you can eat in one he went from a show. So people are tuning in pain and that's because TO Ted Johnson. We're referring to themselves Batman ground so he now muscles screen. TV program with. Are gonna take a break we'll hear more for you got a cup. Live calls teed up the best individual performances in bills history. Maybe ever thought I gave cattlemen getting released getting fired by the Carolina Panthers all of it open for discussion that John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts. A Buffalo Bills read. That John Murphy she. Welcome back to showed John Murphy and Donald Jones back in the saddle here. Talk about a couple of things that top individual performances in buffalo bills' history. Good reason that. But also the out. The Carolina Panthers strange today dismissing firing general manager Dave got to just a week before training camp well Branson who is a frequent guest on the show. I tweets this out and this'll give us some to think about your have to wonder Gammons. Handling a franchise favorite players Steve Smith the Angela Williams went over portly with. Jeff Jerry Richardson the owner Nixon Josh Norman's departure I know new deal for Thomas Davis and Greg Olsen. Both big in the Carolina community can see it ending up. Richardson has been nothing but loyal to his favorite players. Gentlemen much more business like approach. Again this is all initial reaction but there's times you can. That there had to be so under Terry Richardson I don't know a lot about a but I know he is he is like a pillar of the Charlotte, North Carolina community and if a player is. Popular in the community I would think that go along way. Now look Josh Norman is he worth you know. Breaking away with. Asking for a lot of money he wanted to be the highest paid corner and I'm sure Dylan was like you know we don't see you as the number one corner in this game so. We don't wanna pay you like the number one corner in his game you are system corner and I think he is a system corner I never felt like he was. The number one corner in his game I don't even though he's top ten corners in the game today you know also don't. You know something like I understand the other guys that you name. Steve Smith Steve Smith was like. People love Steve Smith got them for good reason yes but again. And cattlemen and I'm not yet we're now we're going off on this we don't know the reason for but it Gelman can easily say look I love Steve Smith the gave us the best years of his career. His career is winding down. It's the old thing you don't wanna pay for past performance in right gentlemen can make that case it. We keep Steve Smith but were paying him for what he did for five years ago now for what he's doing now or what he might do in the future. If if that is the reason wonders you know they look at disables the Smith with the Baltimore had. A couple of redundancy yes he can statins in Carolina and I don't know I mean. There had to be some issues though that network underlining in that they were going back and forth on that might be it sells them. Some franchise guys that aren't. That people down it really wanted to stay the parallels. Two the John Dorsey situation or pretty strong I mean. And it's been pointed out pro football rumors points this out so Brandon being left his post in that Carolina what April right Chris we can pay to come here in buffalo beat. GM he would likely have been the candidate to replace Dave government in Carolina. In Kansas City John Dorsey fired 33 and half weeks ago. The chiefs promoted. Brett beach to the job but they elect Chris Ballard go to the Indianapolis Colts before that he would have been in line to be that you podium so there are a lot of parallels here in the bills. Again there's an awful lot of Carolina collect connections in that the bills football department I'm sure that that's upstairs are talking about that and how the. A great like. Anything can happen bullet for you to fired GM sassy right now. There had to be some issues that you guys have been going back and forth or for some time you know it's not like. We just came into office today and we got two arguments they've fired hoping things like that happens that's the at this time of the year. I listen we can work through this for the better of our franchise our organization at least for this year. You would think that you know they were having some issues that they have been going over for some time. And so. You know if there's something was gonna happen you would let him go back whenever instead of doing now it is it is totally doesn't make says neither one of those fires make sense of. You mentioned as soon as we saw the news government come to buffalo I don't know if he's got a million connections here now with a Carolina crew that Tucker in the bills he has worked here in the past. I also see that he's being linked to. You know he worked with Tom Coughlin in the Jeff in the giants organization in Coughlin said he notebook personnel department down there in the Jacksonville. Shoot I think government be a great general manager in Jacksonville with their in the market for one and they're not right now obviously but maybe someday some time coming on the play. Yeah Tom Coughlin yeah I mean you have to to experience guys at the top I mean Tom Coughlin was the run things. And government would be Fijian and you wanna run things so you have to straighten that out. I think the very least he'd be if it came here you'd be like at least consult an ism that the brand and being. Bear interest. It government a fire by the Carolina Panthers also registering the a list of top individual performances in buffalo bills' history. The top ten performance is going to be featured in our bills entertainment top ten series on Emmet G tonight at 9 o'clock Joseph Ferguson. Figures to land somewhere on that list with a great game or two that he added we're gonna talk with Fergie when we return about that game about his career. And we welcome your comments and questions as well at 8030550. Toll free 1888550. To fight if John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills tree.