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Quick update from one bills drive shocking news in the National Football League today the Carolina Panthers announce that they have fired general manager. Game cattlemen relieved of his duties he'd been gentlemen after the Panthers since. 2013. Carolina finished with six wins last year after winning the NFC championship the year before. Government has spent almost thirty years in the NFL including getting its start in the league with the Buffalo Bills they've element. Released by the Carolina Panthers cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was involved in the late night incident in a bar in Dallas yesterday. Is representatives declined to comment on specific please specifics. The leases there where the manner in looking into the back so far. 4 o'clock today is that debt buying time for teams do extend the contract in prevent players from. Plane under there franchise tag watch any quarterback Kirk cousins not expected to sign a long after deal by the deadline today. He's open to doing to deal with the team after the season according to sources watch it and could still make a last minute push to get a deal done. By the pork like yet diamonds viewed as unlikely. Same with the Pittsburgh Steelers and their directly beyond bell Steelers say they prefer to have a long term view with bell what they want to keep the money reasonable. He's expected to play in a twelve point one million dollar tag. Or an expansion. Hockey news defenseman Brian Campbell was retiring at age 38 after playing seventeen NHL seasons and winning the Stanley Cup with the Blackhawks in 2010. Campbell announced his retirement today oxy join their business operations department the sabres. Drafted Campbell in the sixth round in 1997. Stressed right Ontario. You appeared in four NHL all their games and the buffalo bison shut out again for the thirteenth time in the season. Yesterday they lost their final matchup or homes immigrant looks very five left in the final it focal field just four by some players got it. In the game five and the loss occurred announcements the next seven days on the row beginning with a matchup against Columbus tonight. At 70. And that is the update from one bills drive the job. Murphy show from one bills drive and sit alongside Donald Jones Specter on the show coming up tonight 9 o'clock on MSG. It's the bills entertainment series about top individual performances the bills' top ten series resumes tonight. Final installment they've gone through the top ten moments in team history tapped an offensive and defensive players. Top ten draft diamonds and tonight 9 o'clock top ten individual performances. One of those performances under consideration. He asked to be a performance from October of 1983. The bills go to Miami to play the dolphins. Dan Marino first round traffic the dolphins gets his first NFL start in that game. And he is out dueled outplayed by our next guest he spent twelve years with the Buffalo Bills at quarterback. Third round pick out of Arkansas happy to have Joseph Ferguson on the line with a slide Joseph John Murphy and Donald Jones thanks for joining us here today we're really preaches. Right yeah and do what we're doing OK and we're glad to be talking with English you're doing well and happy to have you on the show. We wanna start by focusing on that game well Orange Bowl 1983. Obviously your team your bills team did not have a lot of success down their plane in Miami. And what you recall about the run up to that game when I believe Marino replace David Woodley quarterback that game right. While I and you know historian and playing in the game and is that it is itself in that game and as you did most this career with. And come to play Miami this Thursday. I had about we've got to be Miami. Didn't make any given to us weekly that Simon and play them twice a year. Just destroy it in Arizona from the operational and it was a big relief to be able to bring him in Miami that was the bit. Therefore about it we see them now. So you talked about it being a lot of a lot of buzz and hype around Dan Marino and it being his first start. You know what win when you're going up against a quarterback like that or anybody. And somebody else on the opposing team is getting all this buzz what's your mindset going into that game. Well. In it like. It usually hero kind of settled in a living at it they're involved in a lot because. I knew you were that way you know being a rookie and overview will be reviewed the arc in America the first we believe was his first changed our. And under the bill there are just sit it. It is I won't bore the employees in the lives of Washington. What I was more charitable can you men in gold mine a million and get through it appears that straight not. And bring them home mean that was the big straightforward answer. It seems like it and we look back out of it seems like that was. Maybe an uncharacteristic game for for the bills a menu you threw the ball 55 times that that game of a completed 38 of them. You know you threw for five touchdowns. There weren't I mean nobody has a lot of games like that but that was not the type of game that you had been accustomed to playing and I wouldn't think that kind of a shoot out game. Well in Florida we have both football bowl they have a great week it it was reported the atmosphere here. I won't gamble it more so than the football and it is effective and like all of that things are actual if I remember correctly and it just worked out there work. I think it kind of opens up a bit more for the rest of the series evolved shall. But we had all Wimbledon. Because we weren't on the football when the game was set forth so. Or evolved. Well on. Two with a touchdown passes went to a guy who. Name doesn't come up too often but a very speedy receiver Byron Franklin not caught two touchdown passes in the first step he was kind of an underrated. May be sneaky fast kind of guy who was named Byron Franklin. Bart Bart would very talented. Young got their point. And really get a good job or you're in your career but he would got a runner unhurt player that. Was very very talented. They keep it middle of the federal stronger in May have been a little longer lead. Very talented very Smart individual. Did get of any news good receiver consistent receiver. Indulge and watch while most people. And a couple of touchdown catches from. Joseph Cribbs who was I think probably in his third year in the league at that point may be his fourth year. Joseph Cribbs was a pretty good dual threat wasn't he would a really good running back put a good target come out of the backfield as well as an. Probably the best. Argue that maybe platform promised. But still group was an outstanding player wanted to football. Or build in the system and became the player of the week and but kept the ball go back to work they're big they're SS for him that would open them for a social. Welcome they don't do a year older reform actually had been broken very much but don't feel. Good to deflect it happened in the slot or income and how the black being worried more thankful that he was actual street. Now the bills ever running back right now and city McElroy who. Is etc. the bag he can really do anything you you asked of him. To do how important is that for you as a quarterback to have a running back back to do so many different things is like a safety net that it. And they're able. Football bullets now. It's kind of comment what that black thing you wouldn't play and have an exact amount of black feel. More deepen people's affairs for it's a long portion of the peninsula where there's there's a lot of we want government in my hand. It at that forward. And are in your room console could move. Baltimore through it we'll. But. Most people bring in the background facts before we were set forward to litigate. There it could do it in your group. On the subway fresh take up time with former bills quarterback Joseph Ferguson he's you would think his performance against the dolphins going to be part of the top ten. Individual performances in bills history the TV show coming up tonight 9 o'clock and amnesty know what you talk about how the games opened up so much. During the course of your career. You kind of worry at the right on the cusp of that if you look and just look at the numbers but we know how it. Was when you first came as a rookie you attempted a total of 164. Passes that rookie year and within six or seven years you were thrown. The ball three times as many you know pass attempts that the game changed her did your approach in Europe coaching change during that. Span of your career. You were available on all of these the biggest pain in the game got them all Mike. You know without a doubt it's attributed to me we picked it when safety incidents is there won't accept information allows you to get their football they're they're. All of that good for sure. And selecting people out what people in the Schwab. Really opened the game open and allow passing game to really kick in as it is today. Remember you for the football sixty's something shipment of the game now. That's unbelievable it. I think the shotgun formation allow others to do this but now. Now in today's game like you're saying there's a lot of sacked information. But there are also some quarterbacks that really can work a lot better from under senator play accident different things like that. Did this act and help your game personally. It forces didn't go I was scared that I had to recognize that it would fall. But after that you feel that I won't. Are people with good morning gamely and with the shotgun formation which usually in say. More than option type orient. That the game has changed almost since they can roll. As hugely because and they could pro football. You know opened the woman who actually have been thankful because. Or factual or look. You know they have to want change and go through combat what. We're gonna go out there. About fuel as we can you won't game or the board that could in principle that. It detonator through the passing game and that we wouldn't what about your experience. Let's go that's more readable information so people could get rid of the football we've. Joseph I'm not sure how closely you follow current Buffalo Bills but we talk about running quarterbacks bills have a pretty mobile athletic quarterback Tyrod Taylor may not be. Classified as a running quarterback in any thoughts on what you've seen from Tyrod Taylor and maybe where his future lies in the NFL. We don't get a lot of what will be able convince the few times actually about as important for the open. All and it brought in Boca I'm not sure of the Cold War against Russia or woman or black Amin played with a whole record or well. I mean he gets sick of these if there is no doubt about it. We'll have a dual watching enough they can as he progresses. I think doing this fund affordable. You think the bills and win with a quarterback like tyra because you have so many people they say he needs to sit in the pocket allowed more than does. Can teams win when their quarterback like tyra to. You know here traditional. It's all football together and stand in the pocket and they didn't football. World championship I mean if you go back through here. Coming pool by what. And and probably won't treat sicker and are not get rid of the football we're. How many of those have been championship. They've got a couple that all that pleasure one. I hope they can pull back that which actually would want our quarterback could want a championship. Soul it's all the way it may happen in the future. I think it's doubtful standard or the defense is demanding the ladies of ethnic and big defense of political football for the net. It would guess that it won't connected in that kind of but I bison. I think given. With Joseph Ferguson former bills quarterback talking about one of his a signature games the performance against him Marino in the dolphins in 1983. I the other ever call about that game Joseph was wait ended in overtime. Joseph didn't LO video overtime field all the bills came out of there with a 3835 when it. Of course ready Soros was that a teammate of yours back then and I'll always remember his comment because development. Quite frankly pretty big notes and solicit supplement lines of yeah he just made that Google by a nose or something you remember that Adams was kind of funny at the time you played with Fred I know anyway. It. Says there was a bit that would let all that great importance brilliant thing you know it's just me or is that they were it and enjoy the walk when. That's what Joseph do you look at that game is maybe your. Best game or your signature game because a lot of bills fans. That also have to and it was a lots and fortunately but the game in San Diego when your plane and a pretty severely sprained ankle in. Really oral performance on that bad ankle in the playoffs in 1980 it's. Does it where does that stand on your list of career highlights or at least memorable games. Girlfriend here you game. And I played well convinced of this or. Couldn't do anything but senator Roland. Or everywhere and his passes the next game that my brigade because it was such. A big game for the and then send it gave the that would put the big game for the people buffalo have been behind me. That sort of major while we're here every year the slump a notable because. Like the Miami game. They could be available for more than any other game. Via treat him like my interview here. There and you you unfortunately we're their furlong part of the yet seventy streak against Miami I don't think bill's fans. You know younger bills fans can appreciate how frustrated what's in the various ways. That your team the bills team would lose to the dolphins whether it's officiating calls are or kick the sailed wide I mean it it was almost like your beat your head against the wall to finally win. In the Orange Bowl that makes Adam think a pretty important game in your career. All right and if you couldn't afford it great white ball and that we will always woke okay. Good football team more lawyers. What coach like this morning thing but. It would freedom and and blah this and and look at scoreboard and they want tickets. Several we've beat him pretty good is consistent good. You know and they didn't make the mistakes or didn't have the penalties are coming over here better. So it was very frustrating. There are grateful I am. The Orange Bowl was kind of a pain in the neck for you as plain and do wasn't it. It wouldn't go over failure act reassess or you're. It was hot multiple other than what they're telling went down there. We had guys that you got our early in the day France and it was that a bit. Sure but it was a it was a lot the world evolved and it wasn't quite like there was sort. It Joseph before we breakup we did just it. The check in you're doing well right to work in real estate in Arkansas and your healthy right things are going well for you these days. I open where. Mine built this. There are certain there's or it's here. We've been blessed they're optional and but what about this symbol and no one in. Don't believe I'm suddenly better there hopeful but twenty degrees what would do well while. Well. My goal for the royal opera actual can't complain. It's great it's great to hear you we're still when you become an effort any alumni events later this year or what's although opt out on where you're welcome a little about it this is a good. Be great to see Joseph thanks for this we appreciate your reminiscing with a us about that game and about your governor. Thanks how closure Yelp upward you don't go okay. Joseph Ferguson really one of the all time greats in bills history. And now talking about that game with the Miami Dolphins in the article bills for when to Miami in ninth since 1966. It was 1983. Perks inches went off there. I mean any time mind if I pass attempts. Thirty to 55 for nineteen yards five that's been Tom Watson of old. Often uniforms yet you know that thing about eastern tour. This is free agents are days it is it is but it was in the Orange Bowl Spencer I can remember believe so. The Orange Bowl as a trip. I mean in joke at a party. It's I don't know I mean the Orange Bowl was an amazing place it was dump. Joseph a locker room he talent off the hook pretty easily locker room was a tiny. Like the lack is about the size of our studio here and particularly. The entire locker room 4553 players in this locker room. There was no way AC. There were huge phantom silence they didn't do much. And strange things happen at the Orange Bowl. Including the fact I mean you know at this point games streak with the bills would lose the dolphins the entire 1970s decorated the seventies. And oh by the way Don Shula it was a prominent member of the competition committee. During that whole period don't think that in commodity. And I mean and I remembered where it was locked in game 1983 adult I think I was working radio but. Networking on the bills broadcast as watch and an apartment repression. And you know you knew Marino is a first round pick. It was his first NFL start a lot of curiosity about you know. By the way unlike many of the quarterbacks nowadays they waited until around its season before they went they have rules stated David Woodley who had a successful your two before that in. With the kind of started plea to his level and they said let's try to rookie Ricky played well in Marino played well. Outplayed by Joseph purpose in our Wright who was just what and is second last year with the bills and Ferguson was. Incredible that day and Eric calls it wound up with Joseph and aloe. Who is Italian guy kind of a prominent nose. I don't know why that's attributed this is doubtless yeah yeah it as any opportunity just make if Google by a nose. At I think that it would be what it the game when he Google 3035 and those pretty important game in bills history it's great leader Joseph Ferguson's. Voices native Louisiana you can. You can hear the editor of that body's cycle you're hearing from his voice I looked over to my favorites thanks Joseph Ferguson joined us. On the subway Percy I'd subway eat fresh you would think that game would be among the top individual performances in bills history Fergie. Thirty to 555 touchdown passes they beat the dolphins. What do you think it was a call 8030550. Tool free 1888550. To 550. Or via Twitter it Jabber B show the top individual performances in franchise history. Offense or even though the show on tonight speeded defense yet. One of the best defenders of all time embarrassment is best game. And it was via colts day game obstacle to a couple of big games against colts but this it's 1987. On December 0361. Fumble recovery for a touchdown but believe that game wasn't in Indianapolis at the time that would be the one that would stand up to me. Com there was this season opening game. Oh I think this was Bruce I think he terrorized Jeff George was the yeah. Number one overall pick. In the league year and they open up their season in buffalo. And harassment and it's my memories feeling orbiter but I think he. He just terrible and awful. Beat the colts and Jeff George in particular. And he handled. Placement 1990 it would have been. It it. Yet they opened buffalo September 9. Bills won it. George was sacked three times it's three times in Iowa City congressman and a all in while. Bruce had his best games against. The polls now. Our Mary another guy in mission of it you know their defense of and Mario Williams had a good game. Here and I was gone and embassy in the game. We have like 45 sex in this game one game Kantor's yep for the half 64 and 2013. That might be to be homeless to think so yeah. Well effects yet and could be on the list yeah I mean that's that's an unbelievable game right there four and has an excellent game. An important thing is that these top. Performances but certainly on offense the numbers on offense will. Sort of a trend that way you'll certainly get volume 400 yards senior he had three touchdowns but guys like Christmas mean it made a big difference in games like this. And there are others on defense to Mario Williams a set stick and beat games you know maybe not to the extent that some of these others but. You must have memories right about some of these top games in. In top top performances anyway in the buffalo history give us a call 8030550. The number tool free 1888550. 2550. Or via Twitter at Joseph Murphy showed a couple of people who vote tweeted and already some of their top memories in a lot of love for Joseph Ferguson as you might anticipate. Christopher Ellicott passes. For me is the best word is to live now he lives in Arkansas what was his last year's salary. I don't know and I find it. Now I was her collection of what you would I was just about the say because either Steve tasker has talked about how when he first first started playing. Or at least the guys right before and they had to go have other jobs outside playing football you know so I wouldn't think their differences that was. If they've at a fraction with the guys yeah. And and it was different game a different Europe. And he kind of got that sense from Joseph talk enemy even think the game on the field itself changed you know. With the number pass attempts at that number didn't jump bottoming 174. Pass attempts for for in his rookie year within 45 years. He was thrown at 45500. I know the season. A whole different game change but Fergie changed the coaching staff here changed. Hum and must adapt more comp comfortable with doing that and quite frankly the bills got worse. A little bit later on and you know weren't making the playoffs and probably felt as if they couldn't run it they've had to throw more. You know dead wood who oppose the roommate at that time. It's well OJ until. OJ was here what 69 through in 1978. I wanna say. So he and in thirty played together for awhile and then it was Joseph Cribbs a right that is and in 1980. Very good very good player very good running back Fergie what he states that he was. The best coming out of the backfield get it there yet. A news service personal because they were coming off though OG years and OJ was more but you know to hand its aluminum. Terrorized defense and you you switch it up to now do created some. As a guy who tested out the bacteria can run it but he can definitely gets them back who and it's changed everything that was that probably adds to. Those throwing totals you know because they were throwing to the running back as well write notes that there's a call from Kerry of Massachusetts hello Carrie welcome. Are you don't doesn't. I got back JD Edwards is talking about making the tree it was that I just moved on to Florida from buffalo. And that we we let it be travel out you Miami's Orange Bowl in 1983. And a big baht and I mean we were getting pelted with ice cubes that thing I remember about that game. Was that we were it was an overtime and he'd stick admit that the overall and I until you said that didn't know I didn't know the kicker was that. That was an optimum game in that I would think about it and I never hear you guys talk about it until today and brought back great memories and. Orbiter to what they hear what you have to say how hot was it that they carry in that there aren't pulled your calls it ninety's even. It was it was high and we were like. We did see it you're like in the court of Orlando and we are so many touchstone that was crazy. I if I if I remember we had brake fluid and you're about where and Joker in the running back. And further it can just went I'll bet they're right it just slipped my mind you the kicker where that was believe it was right. Nick Mick admire whoever we used to have I didn't even remember that name to mellow until you said it. Jodi Miller with a guy who won that game com and that was you know. To help you we asked Joseph about this he didn't have much say about a foot. You had to be aware the hype around him Marino made him at the extent you'd have now with a first round pick making his first NFL start it was a big deal for the dolphins at that game. Yeah a lot of them you know look Mario's history how great of a tapestry why that would like I thought that was his first game and only sure about it. But I you guys just that it was gonna live right you know you when I'm have a great career but I mean just all the game that we have a lot to Miami previously to that. It was just so frustrating. And like we won one game. I I care regret in 1980 when you don't limit the film and now what hurt smiling here in Orange Park and he once before in buffalo look back in this. Crazy yet that's cool you remember that you were epic game went thirty. Four years ago. Yeah I was there I determine whether we figure you know we're really just read a whole box full buffalo fans from out Fort Myers. And we just not there was because we were so happy and away don't always look like a part of the whole way home my Miami Fort Myers. Good memories carry factional down on the it's what we get into this and you bureau last year at least. When the bills get set to play the dolphins in a lot of fans will talk about the rivalry the rivalry. We pretty much resigned ourselves the fact that it's not boys and it's really rare players. Reza player you know people in between me when. When that we comes around the bills a plane and dolphins you know squeeze it squeeze it is and I'm like. What is this as a player I barely know my choir people so passionate about about the dolphins this is not even the team that's winning like that you know and he really wasn't until now that I've come back in and been in this seat with you that I really understand. Why people are so passionate about playing the dolphins I didn't know back in that community and beat him for a decade. That's the trees as are easy to not be able to be a team. In your division that you played twice a year you played him twice a year back in it yet and you can't beat him for ten years who. Nuts and that's why this game is stands out Joseph Ferguson with is huge game five touchdown passes against the dolphins against him you know and as percent of those are. You're asking about Bruce Smith and I told you. My recollection about the colts came Sean to OT tweets in 1990 season. Bills had held a veto 127 yards Bruce Smith led the way with four sex. I believe that was Jeff George's first game and came here in Orchard Park. To me that's one of the great individual performances and a in franchise history really amazed. I show is on tonight 9 o'clock on MSG the bills' top ten series concludes tonight top ten individual performances by the way. All of the shows he's five half hours. Are going to be appearing on Buffalo Bills dot com. Over the next two weeks so look for that schedule. You you if he you're out of the area if you don't get MSG where you are you B of associate on our website. If you live if you don't have him last year Lou outside Western New York. All five episodes top ten the bills tapped analysts will be on our website. Buffalo Bills that come tonight 9 o'clock and MSG top individual performances speaking of speaking about our website we have information now about you can get tickets to some of the nighttime practices. At training camp we come back we'll talk about that we few we can continue our discussion about the top individual performances and franchise history maybe some thoughts on the Carolina Panthers and big government being released in franchise tag expiration date. Today in the NFL lonetree fielding all of that. When we return John Murphy Dow Jones John Murphy Joseph from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills read. Jokes were just talking about we're gonna get through column and hear about speculative nature. But a couple of things going on Dave Galvin let go by the Carolina Panthers a shocking development I think. Anyway. And also ticket distribution for a training camp practices those that are out right now the ticket distribution. Four practices. I guess the problem nighttime practice is for the bills the first one actually Thursday July 27 a week from this Thursday. At saint John Fisher College tickets available at Crosby's India Rockport Hamels Amylin and gas ordinaries Friday August 4. 530 you know practice. At Newark field on Friday August 4 tickets available at selected top from the markets Sunday August 6. Back at saint John Fisher to fifteen practiced that will be ticketed as well say flight auto glass the place to go for tickets that went. And Sunday August 13 to fifteen practice at saint John Fisher College. At one. Tickets available at the my one buffalo at all of this if you go to our website Buffalo Bills back on you can TV entire training camps yet you can see how to get the tickets for the ticket practices there are four ticketed practices including the first one Thursday July 27 week this Thursday. August 4 August 6 August 13. Different locations to get the tickets they are free but yet they have a ticket to go to those particular practices and go to Buffalo Bills to account for all of its common balcony field training camp on the way as when you get into this it's Natalie. Here we go yeah at all about. I think for everybody though if you are better football fan in this country. You feel it you know you know. Your team's training camp is coming up a lot of people like to go to the practices if you have KG like take your decades by. He just kind of like for me is bittersweet because you know training camp is coming you know football this coming but at the same time summer times and if. I'm practicing and that's what could be in a way goes yeah. Yeah that's OK I do enjoy the warm days of it's going to be warm while we work. The podcast that I'm ready I'm ready for camp let's take full collier and colleague from Florida elegant way of Florida argued it. Good guys parent both that I got a specific question port. Oh. I asked the guys over the weekend and it's already on the last. Rush and Bob this morning. And I got two different answers and no one was all about you know how much better tire rather than. Yadda yadda yadda but what if hypothetically. Say does it job here. Betty that you were seven and 98 me you know that he just kind of average still not along with anticipation. So the hypothetical I. Do we go with a few first round picks that we have because we traded back with Keenan said he. And trying move up to get the best quarterback we can. In the draft next year. Orderly pony up with the money. And go Kirk cousins could not commute time 5 o'clock. And and get him proven commodity. And we say that sixteen million that we haven't don't spend around furniture or anybody else. The ethnic. A lot of moving parts of the I citizen tyrants. Does not have an active season at all. I don't know how good of a season the bills have. So that means you you know you beats you be picking up there in the cognitive the trio and not have to treat you know so that's something we have to weigh in the also the chiefs we have to wait see how their season plays out to figure out what's gonna have might etc. there is actually you know use them. Also there's this an and you dancer in the Kirk cousins thing. Com. I have a hard time thinking of Kirk cousins and based on what we've seen the last couple years. How much of an upgrade is he over Tyrod Taylor that you wanna pay them. When only thing and tell me see them it's an upgrade. I mean I know when your hypothetical using tyra doesn't play well but put that aside for second Tyrod vs Kirk cousins what we've seen to date. Why would you wanna pay Kirk cousins big money in and if United's in doing that with the Tyrod Taylor. I'd I'd deep thinker content is better than Paris the opposite yes I know it's not as mobile and I know we didn't run 500 yards like. Like tyrant does but you've got the 31 in the past and my grip I get the whole argument that that you know we got tied up street last year and so on so forth. But the thing is that. You know cousin has proven himself in my opinion to be a very good. In the pocket quarterback. And we have a very good line we have the number one running team and a week for two years. We're gonna have a much better these times in my opinion because we're meant for fort tree tree or. And why wouldn't the guy like him want to be with a great defense and record run game and could line. And you know and have some weapons and then just and then we add two more weapons because we got. Do you first rounds then yeah something like other do I just I just I guess I have a hard time. Opening up the bank vault for Kirk cousins. I'm not is he better than Tyrod you've. I would listen to that argument I don't know if I'd buy it but he is he's damn much better that you're ready to open up the bank well for him. I don't know there's a reason why they haven't signed the long term. And her that the leaders of reasoning. Why they have not I mean to you talk about a league where. Teams are obvious scrambling. For quarterbacks. You have a guy who is taking a team to the playoffs. In his short Korea he's he's shown signs of being a good quarterback but still. You decide you're not ready to sign this guy yet and there's a reason behind it I don't know what it is because we don't watch that team often but there is a reason behind. In a way we talked about this before the show today and to me anyway the bills and Washington are Qaeda saying the same thing about their quarterback some. Watch it and doing it by the franchise tag which they are likely to apply for the second straight year and about an hour and a half. A couple of hours anyway the bills every negotiated twice now with Tyrod over the last two years. Both teams are essentially you're saying if we think you're pretty good. But we don't know if you're that good to commit that kind of money and we'd we'd want you know slow play it on a wait and see. And I can understand why both franchises wanna do then they're cut and data from different spots you know the bills and in Washington. Washington you know as a more recent playoff appearances this show for it. Washington doesn't have the patriots sitting on top of the division which is an immovable object every year but. But in a way back down I think they're common edit that from a similar spotlight like our quarterback we think he's pretty good but we're not ready to go to the wall to pay him. The keeper here yet I think with what they are watching and appears to be doing with Kirk cousins of what the bills have done twice now with Tyrod I think they're passing the same thing. Proven they activist. One thing you might gain and and will be able to get a fair evaluation attire hopefully this year with Tyrod Taylor and if all of his receivers have spam field in state help the and we'll get a fair evaluation of what he really is but I think the one thing that you can say about Kirk cousins is that you know he's gonna stand in a pocket. He's got to make the rose tough girls getting hit in the mouth and everything that we always talk about all of this look at this quarterback he just stood there and the guy hit him out that he made to throw a mean. He's gonna make those types of throws he's already taken that team to the playoffs so. You probably have more about balanced offense with Kirk cousins I don't know if you'd have the number one rushing attack because parents I was a big part of that number one rushing attack you know also. If you take him out of it you're gonna let you gotta be a little bit more balance and I think that's what we all want anyway but I think we need to. I think we need to wait and see this year with Tyrod Taylor if you can if we can keep all these guys on the field healthy we get a fair evaluation of him and what he has. What about and let's talk about Kirk cousins for second and it worries that and poor clock is deadline today not likely to get an idea. Elected again Leo long term deal before that it was going to be second consecutive year playing on the franchise tag worth 2.4 million this year made. A ton of money almost a close event last year. Com. From his perspective what what is he missing he's missing long term security. Andy's missing but the mean the money is guaranteed them the Aggies game is you know he's getting money up front at least for one year it doesn't have long term security. I mean from Kirk cousins respective I think and I delivered this and even though the report over the weekend said he's open is doing a longer term deal. After the season he also got to be thinking I am open to it but I'm perfectly happy to play on the tag to play that well other than that haven't long term security. That's the only reason one you know he's getting paid. My top quarterback in the league anyway or one of the top quarterbacks in the league. So yeah you mean you franchisee and got pay like him last him getting paid. And he knows as someone who gathered somewhat decent season as he's gonna get paid again you know more if not there is gonna be somewhere else somebody's gonna pay in the money so. I think he's okay right now and I think he's even come out and said that you know like. I don't have a problem playing in the franchise tag even though history's shown players alike to be under the franchise. These amounts that I don't really care you French ties to me you pay me a lot a lot of money you gotta do it again and then I'm gonna get paid. Big time down the road anyway after the season so whenever we actually got a suite in this says. They'll take cousins over tyrants know any day he's a gunslinger he throws 360s he's reckless act and live with that. I don't want a reckless quarterback as a quote I mean the do you want a guy who will stand in there make throws but reckless is aware that I don't wanna use when talking about mark quarterback. You know I don't I don't wanna reckless quarterback that means. That you will throw interceptions I don't want you to be scared of making rules also don't want to just throw it and to any window because you feel like the arm is strong enough to do. Cousins as of 4 o'clock is likely to be the first quarterback in NFL history to play two straight years under the franchise tag. Gives have a lot of leverage going into next year and it was funny a year ago it seemed like. Washington preferred to tag him and cousins wasn't crazy about it. And he had another good year pretty good year this year now it seems that cousins is. Al play and the tag him and now the Redskins might not be that interest in it but again for clock is two hours and fifteen minutes away they're not likely to get some time before that. I would think if they have been able to get a deal done with him for two years. They're not gonna get it done by 4 o'clock today. And and he's gonna play in the franchise tag is gonna get paid a lot of money and next year. We will see you or at least through the season we'll see if they can work something out. And if not he'll be free agent and you know he'll be the number one trades on the market next year probably. Here's a guy and why our in the top topic of franchise tag and again it's a 4 o'clock deadline for teams to get long term deals and leading on bell. Twelve point one million dollar franchise tag huge number for running back. It would go to fourteen million next year he's tag next year's well. He's expected to play on the twelve point one million dollar check this year. Different quarterback. A lot different than quarterback to have that kind of money tied up and running back taken all those hits. Bell of course. Did this some drug suspension issues which always looms in the back your mind is yours is a unit B Europe. I would I would be concerned about let them play on the Clinton said Libya bill would you. Yes a lot of money tied up in in and around that there's a lot differently quarterback. It's a lot of money. Tied up they do I mean whatever his friends are numbers that's what's against the cap rate so that's a lot of money tied up in the running back in just one guy. At the running back position for a guy who has had some troubles in the pass. He's had some injuries and he's also been suspended you know say about this shady. Is eight million dollars a year and highest paid running back in the league. Again ballots can make what 50% more than a tech who I mean that's a big jump as a. Gates you know I think they they're they're probably really trying to. To get something done with them that is a lot of money with one guy you know you want I mean they wanna keep the mayor. I think they're really trying to make something happen I think that's a totally different situation in down in DC. Because they're like we can let this guy play on attack again and try to work something out during the season. But late in bell and as a running back. As a lot of money tied up at one died as a running back is this a lot taken all those hits a guy who's been injured in the past a guy who has also been suspended. I don't know if you wanna time at that money into the system. The other big name tagged guy who is not likely to get a deal trimming jobs in the rams quarterback Tom he's guaranteed sixteen point seven million. Awful lot of money for corner. Just like a running back. But you know they're there at it's actually how this works you know a couple of years ago. The tech was rarely used them I'm talking about seven or 67 years ago maybe. Now it's no excuse because vote because there's so much money you guys want so much money is like we can't. We're not rated do that yet so we're just gonna tag you and try to work some things out maybe at that point we can make it happen but we're just not ready to put that type of money into the and also you can see how teams sorting. Get their arms around tagged him. The strategy reason I think Washington is done that missile development Steelers approach and it today with Libya bell and the rams I think it made that decision with. Which for me just you know. Next here we can be. In the same position. With the Sammy Watkins if he comes out he has. The season that we all want a man have we could be in the same position next year winner. He's you know he's trying to get paid and they would franchise and because they don't wanna let him out the door because he's just had a good season. But he wants so much money because the wide receiver market this'll be a daylight. I don't know about that yet you know we wanna see you one more year stay healthy for one more year and movie north it is same thing next it would. Or like today the deadline for long term contract for those players who work. Tagged for a Tuesday that there's a lot more to talk about Donald I back in a moment we'll continue to entertain your thoughts on the best individual performances in bills history. Talking about respect I was mistaken a minute ago by which teams he had against both he always had good games against Apple's we'll clear that up. And hear from you the lines are open at 8030515. Told freed from outside buffalo 1888550. To fight if he. John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts of Buffalo Bill Brady. No matter how cold it is in the street if it was cold last week. And house sitting in here in 92 disputed air cranking like holdings limited. As soon as I outside now in the news and you've got the bills all time top performances one game performances. Subjectivity. Bills' top ten series coming up tonight 9 o'clock AM EST. If any nominations for top performances in franchise history John buffalo its a thought on that John go ahead you're on the air. You I'd do that and a little twist to it too. You may remember probably during the Super Bowl years unreleased. Edit game during the regular speed and yet republic thirteen or fourteen catches underneath it here. The couple touchdowns but not only might you overlooked it gala essentially overlooked. At that time because of the very thing hey Gary writes that no could carry right you take in more hit it in catches over 200 yards. And 83 touchdown I'm not I'm in the ballpark with those figures if somebody could look at about eight. And a great that was one check it became relief. Houdini who was a fight against you recall. I I do not call ID or call like I know what happened. Bella in Caledonia can remember you Ulrich beat me a while though you know current. Overseas or Jersey. Oddly baseball. You. Missed. He took three weeks off but app ethnic the peaceful. Movement in the all right thanks nick its regular under Reid's big game overshadow that your rights and all that. Ted in Miami hello Ted thank you hear things on him. It I thought it was one game I ever but it is I would use the middle linebacker. You play we're happy we drafting like in maybe four row he had like five backed war aren't back the Tampa Bay game but he got injured. You permanent guy. In the early nineties. No. 56 and again. He might have reported middle linebacker. Gary got hurt that game although that may be torn neo mean. You've got to remember it's got the update and AM top that maybe I am. San power. Yup. That he he had 56 and game though. You might have war would be into beat him at a cheap shot in the in the game so it. Couldn't department yet but what of a good game beat a cheap shot at. And I'll look into that to those a couple of games I gotta look into that don't come to mind immediately I don't recall him coward haven't. That kind of game you implants and he went for your time really good player who's. He's right is. His knee injury cut is a career short. And it was kind of a cheap shot dive Disney that that is a career. We too sure he was an outstanding month and they're putting anathema played good was effects and there. Are we come back we're gonna talk more about this the top individual performances in buffalo bills' history Ross gonna talk about there. The Los Angeles rams last year there season last year. It's a subject of a Amazon prime series all or nothing a season with the Los Angeles rams will be on the line with a quart main pursuit producer and show runner. He's crossroad talk about the series and what they discovered about the rams and how it maybe impacts of Buffalo Bills a little bit. All of that coming up we return John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts. Live at one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills three.