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Inside High School Sports
Saturday, July 22nd

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Gionta scored. Real fights maybe it's time to take a look inside a high school sports. In college hearing. Brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would go great right about now my New Zealand's have you Italian sausage. Taste the difference quality makes and my dad neurological institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced an hour you. Good hearty welcome inside high school sports. I've Tony Caligiuri along with Frank Wolf. Western New York athletics Roger Weis and we have. Two special guest in here from the Amani officials. James Cornelius and Jeff Richardson we're gonna talk about. The refereed point of view we've heard from. Coaches we've heard from players we've heard from parents administrators. About the referees point of view and that's what we are. Going to give in to today morning guys are maybe shake. It is already act only that would undermine Anthony how long you've been involved with the refereed point of view only counts of fans agree with us here and I'm not gonna learn I'm still new at this run. Already you are meaningless I don't frank and good good howry Abdul great little tire went to a concert last night. They got home a little bit later than. Then paid planned. You remember bad by then but. Brent CO Australian Pink Floyd. At the casino last night and what an experience. Outside of them getting into politics which I didn't care for. But the stage show was actually fantastic. Good singers. Great musician of the drummer was off the Hulk all. God boy rumors though it isn't the drummers the heartbeat of the Bagram. As that we'll Pascal. It's writes that the drummer will does tarnish what you know mark Dixon. Exactly. All right guys news and notes before we get into today's discussion. And they're just a couple things here. Tony you know last month or so last couple months we've had their point Le'Ron from the Niagara gazette. On but he will be leaving the paper I've learned. I had a conversation camera in the week unfortunately in the gazette he's been removed Chicago. As they won't be a part of the showing longer and it's and it's a big loss for westerners icicles to zero and then Niagara. County area Derek did a fantastic tablet there this guy whoever fills issues a live but you know a lot of work to do. Star point the football team they participate in the USA football seven on seven national championship and can't Ohio. And went four for 34. And three so I got out to those voice. And again have a good team yeah no question about it. Jason role named boy's best will coach out at that time and congratulations to him right curry has a beef with it. I'll brush it off your chest. Well I don't know on. And you know I did a Vienna. Mr. look at it time and also up what is administrator from law. So our point don't you introduce you to a growing mutiny regular interview. No I'm disappointed that he McCall and I think two abreast of my knowledge of Saudi did get it going and we're told me about. While sorry to hear that you'll Qaeda. That aren't grateful kid of yours yeah. Congratulations Jason roe in not time in basketball. And as a good one and not. If I'm not mistaken and only cities are you talk what is on goes on in West Virginia. If taxes are going to have been lost her role went a lot Fiat. Worthless if you hadn't heard that much about cholesterol and Lafayette protect him on late seventies. Early he's. It was because he was a contemporary don't buy sugary at all. At McKinley time beg to differ there were equals. REL when our I don't think Zedillo's I agree with you as far as their ability and all that but I don't think you know lesser ever got the itinerary oh yeah I forgot the part that that's why he'll also have to write you all buffalo already Muslim man yeah yeah. You're exactly right that was earlier lumping as a freshman when they were seniors. Slavery into these 339. Figure over who. There's rainy. Race cousin play with me Edberg are the and ray player conditions with him. Remember my age bracket card right yeah. What led up a mastery. I don't viral began as a member again appalled that you played up on buffalo state I was coworker with them for body years ago. And he told me the first time when not I don't there was a scrimmage are there actually play you know Tunisia is in the game. You know he was used to have driven people set picks and a move more. Avoid the first time my pitch marks and click that there might we will review our technical footballer registered donated Wear mouth pieces marrow and did. Have to football players and if you were in my mouth pieces which isn't much on all right always at all my data up. He wanted to tolerant re. How come they have ten guys and a core yeah. I'm has survived power he received an oval infield single so what prevails. How big god take you to everybody who turned out to for the Nace. The football supposing that we had on Thursday you gentlemen were there we had about a 150 show lawfully cultures from all over. Nace participating. We had wrap Kern from all the in and Chad are chosen from Franklin Zell slash Al look at though. And they were instructing Aaron Hill USA football east regional manager. Great job. Rich. Like every every year when the economy. Yeah and the stuff that they demonstrate is you know if you're young coach out there at. These are the guys when I don't know the word yeah right here foreign and the stuff that USC football has on the website. Struck at the error about. New penal go on there and seen watch training videos without having to take the course all over again we'll go there and watch like street but they did a great job that we had a great time. And thanks to nor tonne one athletic association. Doing a great job posting news. It was scary because the weather wasn't so great. Well as the sun came up it was okay yeah. I left here at 230 for a month WB yen. Troy you know desire my way home as a one stop I have got. See if restore going out of the summary the concession status he's suppose in some of our debt reduced and I thought what this all disappointed had we not but it was a it was a great time in no way interpreted. I take you and everybody else involved. You're currently concessions and I. I just checked in to save and restore the former IRS was openers and rejection. Harm's drop pass out these things out that's not good if you have any. Those for news is always going before we got all distracted couple quick ones you know I know food does that to us. Cardinal O'Hara Mike McCarthy basketball camp for girls is going to be July 25 in the 27 still and Europe registration so. I think goes again July 25 to the 27 Manning in the 4 PM call 6952600. Extension 357. Also check on her FaceBook page for more information on that camp. And lastly section six call for officials we've got officials here are as will bring this up. Great idly yes section six call for officials argue loud mouth so they're wanna argue every other collar cheat too we are entering you're given a shot. We you know check out the webs are the website for more details. On our FaceBook page has that announcement as well. Well that's gonna Segway into what we are talking about today and that is officiating. Yeah as frank just mentioned. Officiating groups are sure you guys are the same goes looking for young officials to get involved. Talk about Jeff from your standpoint as president of money. Training officials giving them OK I want to be official have raised my hand that signed up was a process like. Home first of all you have to come to this was six or seven week course. On Islam. We do inside training inside the classroom. On we want to make sure that you really want to you know it's not a reason that's what people think I'll go on field. Just because we all played football volatile another reason we can be a closer look at the first few conclusive but it's totally different officiate the game and watch and so are we do six and suddenly decide to Klestil. Do we to a few weeks on the field training. And we make sure you can cut it. Everybody doesn't make you know. Everybody who's really known of the path in the room of the past anfield. Afloat classrooms. Society where it was 666652. Everybody who sign up ward won't make it because Democrats tested and you need to work ten or twelve week course you got to pass tests final. If you don't pass that test you just make it right to it. Now what the question sessions like a lot of film are watching film film on over the rules all these rules each lead that we doing at least through legal rules. The first of up to learn all the rules we start most people that the linesman. So these strictly concentrated so everything we teach the new people was strictly. You know it takes time to become on par or two victory. It rectory so everything just about an alliance so your line's been a look at freer off sides you move me you'll hold there and southern mineralized government writes. We're be illegal formation as well formation you're in life threatening and you don't have seven on the line so easily for me there is a lot of work life we have a lot of work to. Point of order around minutes at least you can have me project. Yeah border well currency go that's. The thing is and you know and I am so much problems or as dominant trend trophy committee you know I. I like the executioner and mop that waived his hardest thing for me you know I'm concentrating again. Numbers 64 easel there are way over and his terrorism vaults that it's hard not to pong ball stripped away all you have to like your ankles for culture to. You know how how did how is his footwork. I should what footwork his feet. I. There is about as well you're really committing mental realizes of people you know I'm have to watch out for seniors. Of course I give them pre installed browser academics. Attitude knowledge and after that I think is that by still breast was somebody I just got to name off the committee and you watch him on film because you know. I talked to light you know. Coach like him to puke on on his footwork and need to work in law and want to work are you kidding me how it. It. Bigger than Rita and kicking have my agent saw the light at other. There network toilet for for you look for what work do you look for our hand placement. Are they getting lol. You know I think Paul laying you know if it's a character as a wide open yeah answer close answer technique makes it different because you're a lot of guys on in the hole as an umpire. You know apparent heart. You look at there the office and office of line because line. Office of mine you know the top and USC football keep its opener. Block Alter the guys who have died five when you close your hands what you have temperatures when you come to the outside users as massive hole. So you have to you have to be home. Your idea of oath of the office line and be excellent as deep as the line first thing's going to thorough look at you ago. Sold in the army officials at any point or watching just. In football. I'm depends. It's different between high school football league football and pro and pro hum. We're solely surely have three robberies. When dealing with a little league football consultants and a four. So usually the only one new one million watching that little lethal facility three man crew. Brazil the rectory in the back the umpire then you always have a Troy. Yeah that lines of former crew and to bring them back to Georgia Tech and it didn't go that. Not pros and Yani and got the little holes. In his film exco. You know I don't know it'll tell you a nationalist on them especially the one that you know the last person I'd wanna be involved in the present museum where. Natalie it's gonna watch role he meant he's right around here rule at record there a lot. Bought that what I'm not anymore not anymore the last two minutes the last minutes. Ago the protesters broke he's. It. Pearl's on that there was she's a professional managers don't know there's nobody is somewhere near the middle linebacker. Lewis and improve. Yeah they're good you know that's a little bit and door where laws are easier to. You still. So the route is on the line. You're caught up in. He does it actually mean as a school. Or even though on TV I mean they've moved so fast vehicle and that. James if you backed out of the you know I. You know it's inches and he says that. They're Benson YouTube videos are on this isn't necessarily. As readers of football what you seen in softball and baseball were pitchers and catchers have gotten together and literally on the ball. Tony I look at the emperor now you mean how does does that happen again imagine haven't thought to have been happens in baseball it's that obvious that the you know. Yeah. Hootie and on the bridge yeah. It happens. But do we you know we set up. Do we know cute coats told the Q. Come after five. The linesman correct reference we don't know you know it happens if you if your placed in the hole. If you're pleased as a wise and as a sweet. And you got it right sweeping away you know you can't you know the way. Quick enough I mean how can you go back and say you lose. It's the same way as via as a corporate and you know whose job is to you know protect the quarterback his job was to protect quarterback. Some value gap in defense of linebacker blitzing you don't come after the quarterback who missed quarterback to sorrow. So it is important yeah official studio animal army you have to you have to do the moment it is in his or. If you have to make sure that the coaches have in their box with the players are their boxes because the view of the bill that's silent and you watch in the field you can get tripped up. By the culture is running on the field right instantly Google to flick wouldn't run. Or why you often that's why I got the box you have to do and got all the lives that you are folks on stem lines on the side. You know you do if you pitcher threw exactly you guys got a great field. We're Uga three boxes you got the first box which is for you guys have known as. The second box this Forbes children in the third box is used for. Trainer different right from trainer teen mom stuff like that balloon football. So fields all have all those lies. But every field goes who was different. But most high school fields and most college you was you have allies and that first line their first line is usually four. The the officiating crew so it ended up ago you any. There's a unique well at least it and it and our level of the youth level. And I don't think it's it with a young division I mean now what would I wasn't last year which would be considered freshmen. We were allowed to BA as coaches to coaches on the field for the first four games at the two was. In fact that's how you and I got to talk about the early show exactly. And it was funny because James and I worked together here never count several years ago. And outlook on if you have why do you look familiar you're right there. No that's a core group that's how we got to talk about this and if ought to be good idea to have guys coming in and do this from the our perspective of the officials by. Willow to be on the field and we can't communication and one of the unique rules is we're not a lot of talk constantly stars there. I found that apparently. It but you get flagged me James somebody else is so I don't every trader bet but in it was my fault I got excited I saw big hole opened up in my running back Darren. I turn into a cheerleader OK that's fine as I saw. He's already done yet and you get caught it and because. It's so exciting just look certain little league football is about us it is the depth is so pure hustle pure watch in the little cute though there learning the game full bowl. You know collectively these are like arguably their hard fought hard all boats disparate as the Baylor I mean this. It if you look at me what are we seven would not be higher 1011 till you or Yahoo! dot Cuba. Last year it's 89 and talent and it looked at the little babies you know number one I really don't know much about football. The severe and watch them learn the game of football is so exciting and you mean you can't help but have a smile on face. I think the parents are problems in Paris yesterday they get excited you know what. What it's yoga it was sometimes that you. Two X oh there's too much into it and ask can lead into us on the question that we Gannett. Come up with but. Do you guys know especially at that at that. John we're talk about the 678. Year old. You guys as officials that you guys can help them along may be lining up and nobody have cultures on the field and went hey you know June you want to take a step back has. You might be over the line of scrimmage. What we're mirror that he didn't remove a horrible below and we until the coach and took him before and he you know that lesson. Regarding the move a little if it's not affecting the play. You know one of them play. You know these are kids that people like them babies like that at it and number one plate full power and who are born to. Let them have a little fun this instructional full ball removal what we moved home the central to players coats matures enough on the line. That would help. You know Islam for all the strokes were all on the thinking. Unbelievable. Girl. His religious is instructional well at the level that you that you store last year its instructions are instructional football and with instructional football you're teaching. And we know that so we you know we come in and we salute you we're back in April. A flag retire so much move. Now if so I'll move you know all the terrible. We'll we'll stop stop the clock to grow as a coach you know explain to the traffic cam movie you would we can't do that. Our job just have to make sure that the kids love the sport because of the kids solo sport guess what they want to play. Exactly yeah. And a lot of it too is our. No coach is like myself we're learning that coach for an were out there on your arm out Nick Saban. A matter of the tiger so I did supplement may not be able to talk to James during the game. And I'm able to ask questions and and you know can we do this or what happens when there's you know and get advice from you guys. That's that's. It's huge indication yet because what a few years ago you guys at that level. The coaches wasn't. Work with a reference. There was reference and being you guys got together and and there whispering in the officials the officials officials to come and officially. I would take a break when we come back more with James Cornelius and Jeff Richardson from the Amani official association we'll talk more about. From their point of view with the scene on the field we're getting the stuff like our behavior. You know who would we look at the players the coaches the parents so get your opinions are that when we come back to listening to incite high school sports. A WGR Sports Radio 550. We're back to a scene inside high school sports Tony Caligiuri while Frank Wolf. Roger wise Jeff Richardson and James Cornelius from Omani officials were talking about officiating games. And you you during the break you guys earlier in the commercial and now we're continuing to talk and go to clarifying the rules I'm asking Jaffa to clarify something for me it's it's it's not stop. Especially in this studio we just can't get enough of the stuff. Talk about officiating and duke of before the break with armor training in the match you guys start off and is a linesman. How much time did they put in before they're able to move up do they have to be able to demonstrate that the ready to move up. It depends on the individual. Notes Lotus program Lily that can go straight to being a part that's. Real good the front pages just clicks for it becomes these usually when we started it was. We've stuck for. We've that took me at least success is it to Arnold it's ago. At least successive us for me to get off the off the line item and it all alone because I'm a little over a problem with that position. Norman moved from a linesman. So umpire and aren't going hold positions were. You know I don't know and mastered. The lines are there hold new position so I mean it depends on the individual purchases on some guys again from right and right and to umpire back to a two or somewhere like that. And you've got some guys you know they gave a mass of lines. Which communication how important that is. Narrowly there you guys need to communicate with each other on the field Charles need to communicate with the coaches. And Jeff you and I were having enough there's discussion about how to communicate with the coaches heading this up you bring up his brilliant. It depends on the situation. Did not do that and there's the people. And embarrassed the cold it is slowed depends what the call is or Coetzer. Those of bad call. You know two to bring the colts or were retirement and left it about your nuclear future Toledo. That's the way you do things right then. We're all lautner for the kids. And that we're not in the example the coach is set to be an example in the rough ariz appropriately. Because when the awful poke in the lead football imitate everything we do. To hear that her Kota felt there's word both could swear. The did you have room for reuse Weirton they've where the wind at that plum Roma outskirts. We hear that all the time. So we have to be confident of what we do how we treat acute than the whole school everything. Well you look at when we go through our training. To be certified in this one of the things apart what you say a you have to be careful who are so true and it goes for coach physicals for the the refereeing is racked. Why is trying to bring up as you said you fell in love with the line in life I knew you didn't I don't know you're in order to remove. Now it is two way street year ago whenever there are some people. You know. Obviously you were able to not be intimidated by his obviously you know you what's going on on the sideline no doubt about it all right I mean. If I do is agree route your call. I'm not Erica I was a boy you're a jerk for McCall you may privacy Franken is was gauger accurate ball which gave him at all what you do dogs you get the outlook and I mean so. I would think job one of the motivations. Move I just get Malek an L a yeah. Era everything you know. You know sometimes you you got to let it just roll off your dad I mean you close it you know quote is it's hard to do. Because we're all. So you you just can't. Close out the stuff around. But sometimes you know he's who's gotta put your headphones on and and just forget about schools around here just focus. Form on the line and in the players you know. But I really did not want to legalize. I mean I don't know what line. Bskyb into talking about being certified you guys are certified yeah you guys are first responders on the field now yes you're taking the same courses that we as coaches and take into. When you're looking at concussions you will get it heat related issues and things like that you guys now have the ability to make the call on the field. That hey coach we're gonna stop the game here because we have questions. About Johnny on the field. Will we have the right. We think that was a helmet to helmet blow and now Johnny gets up and down his dizzy. And John I don't know words that you know we've stopped the game and bring the trailer. The nose up to the trailer trailer has to fire off if if Johnny can come back into the game and yes we do we have the same friends you have. And we go through training every year same frame that you go through we go through every year. Concussion protocol. He. Protocol which you guys really had to deal with last year effect. The trainers had to rescue one of your referees. It was he got really selflessness. It was on unbelievably hot that day there's another probably half an outsider and he's the fire department that's crazy that he didn't recognize it but I the congressman. Accurate as I coached my coach and game. We were playing a south awful I was without black proper oversight in I'm making sure the kids are all hydrate would do all that. We get the water to the due to do we have the train around there and take care myself. And I try to after the game oh no doubt about it I mean. Because we start in August and and you guys start to start training probably another week or so the 31 though you start training and and and and they heat index you know here in buffalo is not like it is bounce off but it can't get. Where it is like and a so so. The important thing that we weren't as as officials because we come up to its field. Keep accused hydrated you're practicing keeping kids hydrated on when their plane so if we feel that is outside in the sun is beating down. On that football field expressed pitcher feel because you guys got to feel right so that means all the don't change all this notion is that means on the football field is like twenty degrees degrees hot hot. Hotter so we have the right to take your time or time I don't get that country. And the coaches that. Quick question Tuesday coaches have to reserve by the officials have to be certified. What exactly governing body does he certificate USA fell off its national. Everybody in the country takes. You have to be certified the logical from on the field everybody. On the field okay except for the cheerleaders are certified. And in our next question who today reject governing body answered true. I'm a bit disillusioned with the NFL I don't know they really don't know yet US faithful Obama heads up for all the National Football League they're all tied together always and it worked together to make the game safe and that's what this is all about it with you guys who were going through it's all about safety full lives to understand what it is just an hour zone. Independent Alfred you'll know how to make your quick launch by giving. Certification so much free slices and all so there's no and that's why we have trainers out there everything is designed for safety there's not a stone unturned. You just said and everything a safety and out I was surprised when we have to get certified through. Heads up in USA football. And you know looking at because once again don't come from play football and and the late seventies early eighties and I mean one year old. February. 5 maiden I mean the way we played football and I mean it everything blown everything we you've you've been hit ago. That's how we did you do it all you noble beautiful form form Schiller took took took well known. Nineteen. Yeah do any of that. So what you're seeing now that you're seeing a safer game all those other collisions are dead silent anymore. I don't think I saw one nasty collision last year. What what what what what I've seen with heads of football when it's a football game and it's not just in the super releases its every lead that we do. They're participants had some football. And they took the Helm at the crime program the game so watch it took the crown of the helmet the game if we Bennett. Concussions. And now we're as a football only came in. And they taught you how to block different. And they also talked to up to tackle different and lot of it is the rugby style tackle isn't it a year Pete Carroll's Euro shot at top of mount tapped the call hawk tackling. The seahawk wave and we went over there Thursday. And can do this is something I've always talk. His helmet to decide I never bought into our Chester helmet first rack always taught. A society is made more sad but that's part of my rugby background right so it's safety safety through its neighbors before. Get into talking about behavior going on in the games and this is this is the sticky part mrs. Apart that turns people off and me prevent people from one to sign up. Because they don't wanna deal with. Over. Competitiveness. Are we too competitive at the youth level yes. I agree yes and then this is the reason why because of the lucrative contracts in every sport. Baseball. Football and we football basketball soccer soccer you. Okay so are you got the parents. Who's living their dream. To vicariously. Through their kids. Winners and lucrative can't drink you're talking pro. But you are not even at that level look at the college. You know scholarships is now become a lucrative Patrick exactly and as and that's where they're trying to get through it trying to push to kids. From lowly folk law. So high School of Law from high school for applaud the college football so number one they get a scholarship. And alternately took probes so this is where this is going. And this is why it's so competitive I've never seen so competitive in life. And I've been on this almost twenty years and over the last ten years oh my goodness me talk about competitive and it is so competitive. Wouldn't it be amazing though if he can chests it takes that vacancy and away. You can make great money. If you went to school to became adapter and it's kind of traded yes that's correct there's a lot of trades you'll become a plumber electrician. There's so many more academic scholarships available than their error. I'm purple links it. Very few people become professor 1% 1%. 2% make that get he wants scholarship the college students. Much or Nome ma ma ma I thought that this don't featured cues and always accuse. To be a basketball star for Boston based Boston. Soccer star scoot that would. And you don't raise them up resume up to you to be the person. Who. Working with. Represents. That aptly thing getting. In and that's what's really with the you don't get hit area and don't answer it yeah inundated and enriching 20%. And it's not just the parents that are are. I have the wrong approach about it and I know the parents mostly and take the bad rap because the ones element you guys the most. But the coaches to our coaches out there. That think that Ohio State's gonna fire Urban Meyer hired without us through the next day when their culture and you know 910. Ten year old is in its stock can happen guys E. A. SPORTS I believe that as. Yeah they don't BA's Portland in. And when baton came and Madden you see you EXP and you won't use the. Follow all of your coach who's now we column head coaches because everybody wanna beat my keeps it they wanna go from from Little League. High schools high school. Often you being collar pro or college coach or an approach. It does flawlessly. When we came up in the seventies and eighties and we would go outside and we played hard and we took all cultures and we bride to remain prepared to use to try. And dial up. And then we will slide a weekly wealthiest and throwing it you play were you yourself point four hours or what cellphone and let ESP and the music channels. Manhattan and really mulling the excuse. That really did you ever feel like playing outdoors anymore. There's a difference between video games in the in the human element of human though it's told out of date medical trauma to what's ever get rid of our play game this we were done to weigh ins. And quote comes up what's it into my Jacksonville Jaguars defense has only shot. Jackson's hair care. And I felt did a Google the I know I'll alone in the world through the manhunt and the ozone holes the jaguars. I mean when applicable at the blue league level that we micro. We have three planes. Dive pitch. In the that's all we ran. And defense we 533. Visit that's all I mean it's all about the technical and an auto factories previously by decree that way by it respect. I mean if you said. In the hole and you hear. Me kids are all on the all the life. What does he looked at my playbook. Plays right defense played a lot of go to use this year I'll call you want her hand in her date we needed to defense of actual users century were applied for because you know replace safety when we played good. About it more to send a lot of them all I know is often used you know now like I say. All right we got a part. You. Novels all want to be your man. Yeah that you got my check throws it around four wide receiver sets it is. And throw the ball in the island in college and moved up through you know one wanna age group. You death and your depth got to see him in this report mentioned. Almost every play out that's OK now I'm infamous. I had to trick up my sleeves in the Narnia flea flicker was don't know gorilla murders and I let's take my man who did vote for. It wasn't my wife and a half I'm. Call this it's reliant let's take a break. I'll read one more segment of inside I've been fortunate listening to WGR Sports Radio 550. We're back one last segment of inside high school sports event in sports talk Saturday coming up from eleven to two. Right here WGR Sports Radio 550 would talk about. Officiating before the break her union and a lot of behavior rove talked about the parents by. The coaches do you guys see avenue which are rightly demanding coach is. Cultures that don't ought to behave on the field and I think. You know and I don't mean to rip out anybody. But. I believe that there are too many coaches that are their for the wrong reasons locker were. You're do you have dad who wants to make sure that is who here is the star of the team members and they're just they're too into it I mean there's screaming. At kids yeah if you get older. I think maybe it's OK to start. Ill getting vocal with the kids we talk and 8910 and eleven to. I don't think that's time to be argued in the kids' faces arraignment bigger it's a miracle to zones. I don't coach my son I when we're excited about it I don't US customers aren't. I think a dead should not be the coach's son and also be the head coach in your son is there's a star out of think that should be. Out of any lead. Around on the city around the country because it's not only here in buffalo I mean when you go to all of the the Super Bowls and there in the championships from. From. Like in this city they travel the travel from from. From area to area in order to make it to the suitable employment in Florida. So you just don't see it in buffalo you see an Ohio. You see Pennsylvania jurors are easier Jersey so I think around the country do need to stop dad's from goat to hero and they're they're also us. I do I now members are different afternoon in any sport don't you all through you know ones that are interest in coaching when there. Son or daughter. You know British down there if they stick around to continue to coach Reynolds go I don't wanna little girl is a wise move out as soon as apparently. Strike one. Let's go to the falls we do have a Costco to. Geovany. Who's calling from Rochester Jim Carney what we do for you. Both ways doing. Things right yet here. I just this topic out from in the since you guys in this when your talks about coaching. Parent coaching really virtual me I am on current coach. I don't go to my own pop Warner football team however. A look at school football coach. It for a few years for auto center so years and I. Got to position the principal and as a witness coaching probably the most difficult thing to do but look it's so much and I. Third coach my younger some of the book well now and the funny thing there are. They've I'm concerned with when it comes to my. Coach seemed to regard we compete and we like portal assuring and the whole thing at the national championships graduate all the levels thank you and what I've noticed this. You know. Icon with a different category because that but it higher level and understand the game and though the system. In the process. We're a lot of these guys that are coaching a Beagle lower levels are hot that I think that have. It would have good intentions but no one's ever really teaching them I think that the component that miss seeing. In your sport today is is that education. That's the had to outline that you could take certified but you'll have like high school programs. Taking and the use programs like as as you know there there there Peter's system and really. Ringo Ringo Geovany just knocked it out of the park and obviously do mean it's not all time now well with sweet moment bittersweet moment that the league that would rattle and social gorge or black Italian Niagara Falls has nothing to do with thoughts Niagara falls high as well nothing to do what else we know they don't why we branched out to. Coach bass and he said knob that I don't want you that meant what he did bring you brought up a good point yeah I think so the white Orchard Park this'll. Orchard Park. Little League runs the city area here programs under the eyes will go modified we don't get the same things we do you police line do you continue to play you. But listen eagle Butte. It works. I worked out pretty stands as is so important for the feet because that's just what. Starts for a quick seats in the city need to in the city the city about that incorporate that. It's a little taller typical in the city because we have you got or high school and how many little leagues with two little lock. But to know what they can incorporated because arm. 716 through nine and stood on the city's lead in them James Brooke Mueller and he's doing a tremendous job and in turn to the round where it's phenomenal amounts didn't focus a lot better than what it was. Air and you have a lot of those guys colts' high school tight cold ice and because our local high school need colts in South Park. Admitted there all armour incorporated in the high schools where the Kim. Hope can be a feeder system and I think that's what home baucus trying to do with the system is now. The city's snow he's trying to he's doing a great job on it sold you have a lot of high school coaches. That's actually told to little league football we're decay and feet and two guys you are. Rise probably from Rochester and in Iraq just a bit of pop Worley. Right and I'm surprised you don't rock system with all the talent that run just as some quietness and in other schools in rock just I'm surprised that. They don't use the the year on them in little league football other pop Warner football you know as a feeder program I was surprised that it benefits high school were ordered out in. No matter how you look at it it's benefit. The terminology. The the way you want it and he get to know the kids through smoke you get to know their character you get to know the parents so that's maybe a smoother transition when they. When they do get our job where it is to teach the fundamentals. Of the game how you get in the three point stance through how do you block how do you tackle safely. And also bring up to go there should be some be teaching us you're working with us as coaches as I mentioned earlier in the program I'm still learning. In our guest the caller. Being from Rochester. And he was high school football coach so everything bugler from high school level. He took it from high school level and he brought it down to. Who knew what the Little League level. Mendoza from predominant view a great job as one as well gentlemen I can't thank you enough for being a guest this morning guys are fantastic you brought. A lot of stuff to the table and hopefully people able to take some information. In use that help them in maybe for some parents that have been right in the fence of whether they're gonna let their kids. Play football or not maybe this'll ease of a little bit they know. It's tough decision to me but you have to. You know can all the information you can and do you think is best for for you and your family. James and Jeff thank you so much Roger and frank joked thank you for producer we'll talk you next week with more inside high school sports.