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Friday, July 7th

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I don't care about yeah. I didn't who even got to have big plans. And and tweedy. Sports Radio 515. It is Friday. What's going on everybody writing in gates Jody B out seeds the nightcap on WG are bringing into the week guns. And we've got some some nice. Some nice stuff planned for you here. In just a short little while we're gonna hear from Mike Kelly. He's a man of many different titles worked for kiosks and he's like. And Alex guy talks to agents talks to players. What he had in. Re really a great interview this morning. With the Jeremy White talking a lot about Jack Michael yesterday he tweeted that he believes that Jack Michael could be. Top five in points last year Jeremy White Adam on this morning talk about that. Really insightful stuff about Michael digs into his analytics and not just Yunel. The typical course seat or Fenway copd Al that you hear. It's about puck possession and carry in carry out stats so it's it's good stuff. It's already here about. Jack cycle from my tally coming up in just a few minutes we're also going to hear from. Mike Kelly guy and coming up in the next topic the next hours by split up into two pieces tonight because there's a first chunk Marie talks a lot about the the sabres talked about Robin lottery gets an analytics a little bit. And then the second party talks about offer sheets and whether or not they're truly worth its. In the NHL and what players he would actually offer sheet or not we are dries idol being among those players. And then later in the later in the show. USC to thirteen coming up tomorrow night's. Brian as a husky bringing in Robert. Whitaker. Middleweight UFC's field is in the middleweight champion Joseph Torre's eyes contenders need. Vicky McIntyre. Can tell for sure but I think your. Dad doesn't say on his Twitter profile that he's a champion I feel like you now. If you're the champion at something year your part and on year. I feel like he's not because while not the in depth USC guy I'd feel like I do know all champions. When I've played here their names and he doesn't strike Iranians. That guy so while it's Michael best thing. Kurt that in. Michael Bisping is the middleweight champion. And he's going to be taking and Robert Whitaker. For the title tomorrow night and hear from him coming up late in the shallow but first let's get right to my Kelly it's a good chunk here. And we're gonna hear a lot about Jack I called and even Robert miner in analytics good stuff from Kelly with Jeremy White from this morning. So yesterday YouTube Twitter that it's your belief that a healthy Jack eichel. Gets into the top five like a blink of prediction a random thought you had him on the you know it's this is exactly old takes Expos were gonna say you know you're you're you're wrong if you're wrong just. Hi how you arrived there that the top five could happen for Michael I think a lot of buffalo fans would be. Not necessarily surprised. To be thrilled so what makes you think that a healthy Jack cycle is gonna get to the top five. Yeah at and exactly get paella at this whole lot though a lot of people thought you know that sound well crazy. Let me explain why I think that that. Open it could definitely happen. You look at woody did lap he came back from from an injury that in a lot of hockey players that we will tell you as the top injury to come back. From played. On which is a high ankle sprain major it never really you never really feel right the whole year and he came back scored 57 point six he won games. Was phenomenal for awful. Now assuming will be going to the next he's in a 100% healthy and again obviously uses. You know the audit based on the fact it'll plays 75 plug in can be healthy. You have to figure you can push it game to another level even beyond what he did last season. You look at what what I looked out what I what I make a claim like that occasional how does this guy generate offence and I look at. It transition game which I think he is one of if not the best transition player in the NHL. He certainly was blocked you out back that up is that you look at it controlled zone exit is controlled zone entries. So that is in the pocket of your hand with the action getting the puck into the attacking him with possession. He was second in the NHL. In control donate this per game. All the the Patrick Kane and he was first in the NHL and controlled don't entries. What that helped me is that it doesn't rely on anyone else to move the puck up yet she can do it himself he dug themselves often. From there once he's into the offensive zone he's third in the NHL only to economy David. And I believe. GAAP comic David proctor came in generating up offenses don't scoring chances. So at the end of the day Jack the pocket and almost better than everybody get that into the attacking him better than anybody. And is third only to to you know all stars and likely hall of famers all said and done in terms of generating scoring chances. People thought the other over the course hopeful he and where he's feeling even better than he did last year. I think absolutely it but schoolwork and another reason is buffalo power play last year there were number one in the NHL. Yet I think Tony four points on the power play it was a huge part of it but that power play and nude acquitted but at the old rate that it did will wrap up about a point there'll. One thing that I did they think is into saying this don't exits and zone entries. As observer of the sabres last year. Part of it is his ability to do it the other part of it is that no one else was able to. You know like the sabres head of the fence that could not move the clock could not get the talks of the forest. And looking back on this hockey team this last year it almost was if it was almost as if the entire plan was make sure the puck finds Jack because he's the one that's gonna get it out and then get it in the other zone as well so how much of those numbers could simply be. That no one else on the team could do it at public and it Patrick Kane. He does it but I would think that if he's got a team around him that can also. Carry that load. Yeah note no question about art and sabres don't have. About view group of defensemen in the NHL I think in the payroll dialogue on rats were alive and it did last year certainly. Probably a little too much. But you're absolutely right when traffic on the right. They get the puck human everything. Gold through them not just offensively but literally everything about how to move the puck up the guys goes through Jack I believe he's that good he's that important that team. You know when you when he was there with that injury it collapsed in in the NHL in scoring. It really talked not generating any kind of office that I think one of the reasons why they improved in that area when he came back. It for awhile he did all the course of about 24 irked when he game he had 44 point. With the highest scoring player in the league and in the in the twenty games. And always was the talk and quarantine for awhile once he came back. I think so much of that is because they push everything through many capable and able to carry that load which not a lot of guys NATO would be. So what's next for for Michael do you thinking top ten in scoring is it a better five on five play is it the kind of guy that can. Take over a game by himself and I think there's one thing that we've seen. You know two years into his career Mike I watch games and there are some games where he's just. A good analyses just a good player I feel like I've seen him score three points and game Marie didn't really do too much and it seemed games every single finally takes the game over. Is that is a better system. We talk to our beat reporter just about an hour ago but the difference between today and files a system and a Phil Housley system. Is there reason to think that it will be a stark difference and that will further propel Michael up the charts. Yeah I mean that's something that the reporter can speak to a lot that is the media of course you know I watch. Probably twenties it sabres games a year. I don't see him play every night so. And and I certainly can't speak you know it got to sit in the so how's the book and implement. Right or overall rock kind of waiting to find that one out like him we we there's reason to be excited about it which is still don't know until you see it. Yeah exactly exactly and that's going to be there and there I think Michael and that is this is an uncommon for a lot of younger players. It's just consistency and your pointed in some games. I see jock Michael and you don't notice about much in another game he'd eat the more dominant player on the base fired by far. I think the more consistent he could be in that effort you know the better chances favorable have a winning more hockey games and an audit generating more points but. Problem overall it. I watched Jack tackle play and I'm I'm incredibly impressed by by the than he does on the ice and I think you really talk yeah upper Echelon players in the NHL. His name probably that brought up. Again yet get a good rookie year. And then he was injured last year and didn't get a chance to play at full speed and Mike Mike port all of it basically if he's healthy going into the third year. I think you can absolutely get his name not mentioned in the upper Echelon pop or an international ought. Steven Mike Kelly on the AT&T hotline. A sports broadcaster and analyst consultant agents and players in the league how the rest Izturis to line and you mentioned him how do you feel about him he easy guy. That is talked about as potential number one or top pair defenseman in the and there are some that think that maybe. That's that's a bit lofty for and that that he's not as good as as advertised so adding grist the line in depending on which crowds are talking to you can kinda get him a bit of a split review. Yeah. I like rats like I think again I mean. 11 of the things that I look at you look at. Total puck possession time and a player per game and every year you see the pop and defenseman that the profit outlook last year Drew Doughty was first. Erik Karlsson was second. It don't look you know top ten littered with guys that are able to control the play and and Iran are relied upon to do so. I'll wrap mr. line he was seventeenth overall National Hockey League at over two minutes again in the pocket on a stick so. He's capable of get in the pocket and make plays the locker again I think the sabres just rely on them too much I think there's too much of a workload form. And you know it's one thing that failed at there's no bad players in the NHL just missed cap players. And I attic and a corporate world rout it was for the line in it and you're 18 guy. What he's you know he's he's he's certainly. A dependable player and a I think again if if buffalo utter a couple more options on the Blue Line. You might look at rap Latin very differently. Made it to the united is detractors are listening I think probably you just relied but relied upon you more than he should. And at times more than he's capable out. But overall I think he's a great player and you know what he if you with a slot. Note down on the depth chart I guess on the Blue Line I think that a lot more people view about. Michael comes due analytics and eat you know you're can you say your consultant for agents and players how much has it changed how much does it change. From year to year I wanna say one. Fans started to get involved in the isn't much myself included it was about. You know shots attempted and that made sense but then teams found a way to kind of massage those stats and players could massage those stats and and you just mentioned. Time that the clock is on the stick these aren't exactly stats the you're gonna see on the year mission report. At Aurora that in the post game that wrist Salina and the talk on a sick for X number of minutes so from a year a year in your conversations with agents or players. Is there a new. As it is like a new number every year or orders and the disease team. Have its own set of numbers and how much are they changing how much are the evolving. Your year. Well it is you ought to play one game if you go to sabres game next year and you speak of visiting coaches. Out of all of a defiant oranges. And you'll get. Thirty different answers from thirty different visiting coaches. And all of these opry out of it either way it about ways so there's there's certain things that you definitely. You independently and differently. In terms of analytic and had already arid team level Mike I've been in the last three years of work for a couple analysts. So up private analytic company to supply information NHL teams. The company currently work were supplied information to twenty of the thirty teams in the National Hockey League. And you know you talk of a shot attempt and a lot of what you see in the public Foreman at all it first of all I think there's a hundred great work that that is done in the public form have a lot of respect for a lot of people. Did you work there. What you see a lot of in the public orbit is. And now is based on shot at metrics. And what you'll see a lot of it you know argued that the guy depression shots verses eighteen generating them when he's on the exit five on five. The problem with that is shot volumes as a whole are a great indicator of success. In that have shoot their opponents and their attempt her opponents. It literally to win percentages is almost 5050 sort of tell you law. What we you know what a lot of teams look out when they look at it used in the tech private data is the quality of those chances. How keen get the puck to the middle of the ice to create those chances. How they get up the ice how to get. Into the zone. It a little more intricate I guess and and just because there's sojo a well we've got it it's available. Pretty keen to look at. Through through private means it compared to public eye you're able to really dissect the game at a different level so. You know equality of of of attempt is certainly something that looked up more than that just overall shot volumes would be. Kind of just basic way to cute. Help explain that. And our agents in in your opinion our our agents or players. You know opt for instance the sabres have three players they're going to arbitration Robin Lehner might be one of them I would imagine the sabres would try to find it. A couple of numbers and make him look not so good and he'll try to find a couple of numbers that do try to make him look at look at when it comes to goalies. EEye guys it's in my giving the same kind of thing is what you're saying about scoring chances I hear about high danger scoring chances and I hear you know. What was the term he uses that. Dodd I'm blanking on what would goaltenders. It save percentage doesn't tell you everything goals against dozens Aaliyah everything what is sure the stat for goaltenders what what's the most popular one. In a lot of people look even strength they percentage. Made it takes away from you know up sports teams penalty killer of good teams probably kill might be. I think from the air you can extrapolate even farther and you can look at. You know how goaltenders fair and so on shots from certain areas of yet how goalie there's gunshots were moving laterally. You know a lot of different ways to look at so. You know there's there's. There's the slot which is kind of the home plate area that I think is home like all of you who like this let's look at our. So we are how effective as a goaltender stopped and shot from there. Problem from there you know it is a smaller area of the slot where where literally almost 50% of goals in the particular scored a target at the goalies Stop & Shop from there that's a significant indicator when you look at even team's success. Considerable limit opportunities from that area and in goaltenders that are able to make saves at a high rate from that area. So we are absolutely not be used to being used by. By teams not only did develop players to recruit potential. Trade targets are freeagent. But. By agents as well I've worked with a few regents. That he's about and you are right I got agents in the past come to mean it. I hated general managers is saying that the broke my player is it true. And you know are all just one numbers and and supplier report. And sometimes you know there's there's two significant data that will counter with it would general manager. Believed and sometimes it is on the line with what they believed so. It's just another era another way you can kind of better analyze the game and and make him make it very clear no one what I adjuster to believe this place any kind of scouting. Or or even beat a number one source of analysis played it to people pot. I think it is significant and important piece of the pie what you're evaluating a player team whatever might be. And you know it's been mixing this you over the last couple years. Team is. Some go from really not wanted to pay much attention or care in QQQ being fully invested. And others who have always been inducted at the stuff and energy taken it to another level so. It's uninteresting. And part of the game. But it it's a fun part and I think you know I think what. In my opinion what good organizations would do. Would say that it might lead to further discussion and in just more open minds about all the possible scenarios mean hockey is the hockey's the sport with the most randomness of the big ones so you're always trying to kind of find ways to. To harness that tenderness and that's really what throws are mentioned just about every formula for hockey. Yeah well exactly I mean it's never going to be. A sport like baseball and the baseball starts and stops with the same event. Every single play which is the pitcher throwing a ball on the outer. I'll talk you certainly a lot more fluid. It doesn't mean these kind of insights are telling him can't be valuable but they absolutely are and can it's just in a different way so what year again when you're. It looked into about real player's team whatever it might be it. It's important to have the best information available information possible. You know if you anyone look things into it and that kind of stuff. A mentor of mine Craig button who were yes and then as a phenomenally bright guy. What beyond a couple of years to go to a book via a guy named Nate Silver Nate Silver called signal to noise. And it just talked about in OB how to in the importance of of not just looking at information. But filtering out the noise and and findings signal an act and that type of information so. That it is but a lot of funded to you know be involved in this and a lot number years and and against the teams are using young agents are fighting an application or even players have worked with individual players. And don't report for the admin and went videotape that and you know been able suit to identify areas where they can improve him and and explain you know I might be able to comparable period to help round out their game one thing I've noticed players especially the younger players. Obviously incredibly competitive but they've grown up with the Internet they've grown up with statistics. There's a lot of interest from a lot of guys in the league some guys in the league. Whoa whoa look at me like I had Q had detailed here whatever I'm gonna play that's fine but it a lot of guys that bit early in the that the. Our Darius Mike Cali would journey why we'll hear more this conversation with them. Coming up at the top of the hour 80305518885525. If he really thought it was engaged in conversation I know all. A lot of times that the the analytics conversation. Can beam. The greatest four for all the fans out there and this guy I think. Puts things in a a very easily die adjustable wage that is understandable. For a lot of people. And I just really enjoyed the conversation we're gonna hear more from him coming up in a little over a half hour 8030551888. 550 to five to get a phone number syrupy Ghani reactions to what he said there about Jack I called. And just be the analytics community in general itself it's something that's gonna continue to go brawl but this is a guy who clearly is very. Bear read. Educated in the analytic community understands the stats he understands how to use them. And even he will say that key wouldn't expect that. Orton pretty much even want to have that take over the traditional scouting way which I think. A lot of the analytic community can get caught up in what the stats say about individual player. And I've kind of coming around onto the the analytics itself and trying to learn more about it. And I just think he puts things in a way that make it easier for fans who haven't really dull had first heard John didn't. To make it something that's easy to understand so that's why I really enjoyed his conversation with Jeremy earlier today rectitude talk about the Jack Michael thing. Development camp coming up tomorrow as well rundown that schedule for you and I was under the. Gusto this weekend there's there's how behind. Augusto from the ball flown those who exactly is playing your favorite classic rock band and they list a bunch of bands and I'm wondering. If these bands are really anyone's favor classic rock fans got to figure that out so fearless and an 8030550. A phone numbers here. To me call it's the nightcap on WGR. Mean. This Friday. I'm. It's water boy Joseph. Oh yeah I noticed a lot of noise so yeah I'm looking at. The gusto. Just look at the guy out gusto yesterday who exactly is playing in your your favorite classic rock band. From original members to new players we breakdown the band lineups you'll see in. Lover boy must become round here that means. I found out that Loverboy today. The the band plays the song. But they start lately just running down. Favorite classic rock band foreigner Blondie the gas to Jethro tall lover boy Chicago sticks that hurdles. Houses and here comes like you know what. Foreigner. In there's got to be some people that's their favorite band Blondie to guess who jet to all Chicago's Dexia. The turtles and Loverboy really got me. I never even heard of longer boy. And I now know that there the the working for the weekend and what would anyone really say that working for the weekend and is their favorite and. And his car from a guy who likes. What a lot of people would call crappy jam bands on not really sure on the one to be judging here but Loverboy. This band. Is anyone's ever and if this is your favorite and please call and 8030551888550. To 515. No solid tune. It's everyone ready to deal for the weekend but it's definitely. Not favored and material. So I'll know cause BO will nit picky this heard from mark Kelly who works for TS and other stuff. And and the way that he is about Jack Michael's got to get you pretty pumped up for for the season. And I'm already read another article from the hockey news which teams have gotten better or worse during the off season so far. I'm gonna bring you the breakdown of that coming up as well the first we've gotten mark and done more. Yes market cap and more die in the nightcap mark was going on man. Yeah it will go on its. I wanted to comment about I opened the ball close neighbors will be proactive about. Kenny I go sign too I'm hoping that next contract. Army at least to a portable player. But this team has had in the last ten years. Really good. And Rudy Briere and Drury or your arm and I do believe in his upside and you and you're analytics cast off if you had talked about it. Really well and and old at an early in the days Jerry Mueller talked about the she possibility you if your ball low. If you. Happened and anyone who thinks. And she could happen at Hewlett is going to be on your tree. You're prepared tries to score happen panic comes off you are going to happen and it's more like Sheila if you're Toronto. Let met should Iran. Don't sign him after you're not a true. Nicholas year three how much you wanna bet Arizona. Home. Was look toward democracy trying to get him to read that there is due next. Mentioned a minute don't think it will happen I believe it could. Yeah I mean we've been waiting for a long time for for offer she used to happen more and I think it was Darren trigger was on. TS on the radio yesterday doing one of his last hits before he takes his vacation for the summer. And he was even saying that he thinks in the coming years there's going to be. More offer sheets in the NHL. I just I hesitate at all the speculation about that because I just feel like a lot of the times these GM's they do a lot of talking. And then when it comes to actually acting in pulling the trigger on doing specific moves they end up not doing it because of with offer sheets I think it's about keeping a working relationship open what other GMs in the fear that if you offer sheet someone. Down the line they're gonna offer sheet you back it is just going to be like a petty backstabbing fast between high school girls almost between any geology comes much trust me. Four I. I think would be hilarious and super entertaining. So I think that's part of it but even when you get the trade talk. I think you get the GM they start talking about trades. And that they get to may be a close point and then one GM or the other really just doesn't wanna. Pull the trigger on the deal just because there are also conservative. And the other thing to remember years ago. I don't know if you remember all that may have been leaders I don't know. But the bottle bill once victimized by operation by Denver Post net was once appreciated by Denver erupt Wilson's about matching it and he was not at eight. There's something which I coached. One of the players back and we did Butler didn't actually offer from Bruce Mets. And I just want the ball close neighbors to send that message people activists. Like what bottles of dawn this offseason I really have. Considering these criminal short notice that you will all stop on the plate I think Utah pretty well so far but this. Not over yet the offseason I mean united and Michael and you gotta get these free agents but. Yet I appreciate the call mark though a lot of good points there and I think that is certainly part of what you wanna do with Michael. You don't want a lot and get to that that restricted free agency point where he is going to be able to start talking to other teams. That's. It's funny I looked up via the Bruce Smith. Offer sheet. V the offer sheet and it's just so funny to see you know the salaries. From. Back in the ouster a year of sports. And the offer sheet for Bruce Smith. Arguably one of the greatest. Defensive players of all time in the NFL. Seven point five million over five years. I comparing that to pass rushers who are making twenty plus million a year. So just goes to show off how crazy these salaries have guy in all over the years. Michael yeah did that needs to be be done and you you certainly look at the economy David Diehl. How that is turned out and it's twelve point five million and I'm not sure where that exactly putts the value for Michael higher remember. I remember I ate just see that the way that these franchises value each player. You look at it. Edmonton and how important economy David is to that franchise. And you can see how important is by. Always get even shedding. Players. That were once considered core members of their team to build around back guy. You think of the Taylor all trade last year for democracy and you think of this offseason where it's Jordan ever leave because they're trying to fit in. Economy David in the and tries idol. And they understand that that is their guy and they'd put a big commitment into him from the get go. Right away eight years when I had the opportunity it took a couple days but. Eight years twelve point five AV for economy David. Now I ate just have to think that the wave at the Oilers value economy David. It's got to be very similar to the way that the Buffalo Sabres deluge Jack Michael. In the league Jack Michael's value is not the same as comic David but to other individual team. I think Jack Michael's value. Is equal. Maybe even a little bit higher just because of what the sabres did and invested. Too. Guarantee themselves either I gore beat David beat David was here he would certainly be. The highest valued player in the league. And the most marketable player in the league. Because he's an American market a big American market and would be able to be hot and BC. If economy David was on the Buffalo Sabres he'd be on NBC twenty times a year and I think that's going to be. What ends up happening with Jack Michael moving forward. Once he does get a full healthy season under his belt. So you look at Jack Michael economy David to their teams I think the value is pretty similar. And when he looks start looking at like that you gotta ask yourself. Is this going to be. A player that you're paying close to twelve million dollars if Jack I don't know Mike show plot this up to me earlier. And it goes would you be OK with paying Jack Michael twelve point five million. Now talking about you know about the value of the lead you look at the league value and I really do think. It's not that GMs are colluding with each other but they are constantly working together to. Not necessarily keep salaries down I would say but to make sure that they feel they're getting great value for further teams. And that they're now blowing salaries out of proportion for the rest the league because as soon as one salary goes out of proportion. That to start elevating all these other players to another bubble. So you've got comic David who is the highest going to be the highest paid player in the NHL starting next season and I think that's. Right I mean he he just won the Triple Crown of NHL. Yunel trophies 100 point season he got into the the second round of the playoffs at the Oilers and I know Michael hasn't done any of that yet. But. I think moving forward and what you saw with quite goal and has a limited time this past season show is that his work is going to be. Just continuing. To improve. It becomes then Andy's got that full season he's got a full offseason of not working out stats. Rehabbing I should say. Rehabbing that equaling dream being able to come back first week of the season just being on his game from the kicked all. You're going to see a I think a pretty great season. I look at Jack Michael this year and he put up 57 points in 61 games last year. If he's coming in with a full training camp and I'm not even concerned really about he says to all that Phil Housley is going to run right now. I didn't look at the of the player as individual. And what he's able to do out on the ice and now listening to some of these stats that are coming in with is controlled exits and trees. And is scoring chances during offensive zone time. That's all's. He's being in those stats and maybe things will change a little bit because of he's not gonna have to hopefully. Carry as much of a load but. I'm still nobody carries aloe really but you want that kind of be carrying that load all the time. And if he continues to generate those chances. This is something Joseph and I talked about EU he had markets fall Reno on one of his wings for a majority of the year now. Molson was playing with them on his wing for a little while he hasn't necessarily had. All the wingers playing with them so if you'll find wingers with him that are going to play and I think Evander Kane. As the early front runner for that job. And you've got a guy who can finish more for my goal. And open up more space for Michael may be Cain is that type of player too weak and bring the speed and physicality. I think you're going to be looking at a guy who is. 85 to 95 points a season. And I would be 100 I think is a little. Too much. But what a way that's and things might be different with a power play too because Bob woods is gone and he was kind of the the mastermind of the power play. When they loaded up that top line width. Michael and O'Reilly open also Reinhart and risk the line and that top power play unit was dominant. And now there's going to be even a little more help I think with the defensemen that came and common bill I think will assist in that meeting and spread out some of that talent throughout 22. Units. And I don't know I just look at Jack Michael having this fall off season he's going to be motivated. He wants this team to win. And according to this this hockey news article. I'm gonna talk about after the break here the sabres are one of the top five teams that did the most to improve themselves. So far in the off season. I think. National people are recognizing that I even think you look at the local. And all of the reaction. It's it's been solid reaction Ford Jason bottles first couple months on the job. And I login into this hockey news article little bit too. Coming up after the break the nightcap Bryan gates Jody B Osce now with the here this WGR. They're big part of the part I'm most drivers here. Popped forward and something that we've seen it but after a lottery here so I'm thrilled really tied it again I don't know what role and everything. What situation will be put in particular young old guys team and you verify what via will be fun to watch Richards. That's Jason on the bill on Ryan O'Reilly. And Jack Michael. I mean if you're Winger and your comment to you now a new team you're looking at potential top six role you're looking at the guys are going to be playing life. Think our Ryan O'Reilly Jack Michael. And I kept on WGR Wright gates Jody via Sebring yeah into the all week. Okay and. That was a get out cover of working toward the weekend. Yeah wasn't I was now an odd is that I don't know what that was a list. Let's just fell right. If all right this week we end of the week and here read an article from the hockey news which teams have gotten better and worse during the off season so far. By Dalton dot dom ansari dom. Dot com and I'm sorry because an about turn try to pronounce your last name to. Loss and skin. How do you pronounce his last name Joseph how you owe us ZCZYZY. Again. This incident but that's again with your skin but sits in a figure close look since. These. The disease that's way to easy easy and why they visited. LU's. Pass ZCZY. Asked ZY yeah. Whatever we're gonna move past the name because what game. What what a nameless this incident was and skin. Anyways he's our he's got out little thing here will graphic that shows how each team has done during the offseason he's got the sabres as the fourth. Team that is improved most. Right below the Carolina Hurricanes. The Arizona coyotes and the Dallas Stars. As the Buffalo Sabres. He's got a little thing and it's the metrics. All of game score value added and he uses that as. How he has figured which teams have improved the most so essentially it's the Egan schemes core value added and if you are a good player you have. Obviously a positive game score value added and they are saying that the sabres are. Fourth. In the ads adding approximately. Now get this two and a half hole wins. Two and a half full wins. So I mean if you get two and a half more all of poll and more wins mean I cannot talk ever senseless and skin. Two and a half more wins. Hey that's gonna put the sabres out watt. Sub indeed. 83883. And a half points low eighties the low eighties. Which. Probably doesn't get the house now now in any dawson's and things like you look at the sabres shootout record last year in. And maybe they'll leave and I'll meet you rob minor figure out as wild as there. And they'll start graphics more points from that's. Either the health could be much better with Cain and I call an old Riley you know post so all missing double digit gains. That could improve. And maybe that's worth another. Two wins. In that gets your right around ninety. What do people want art of the season for the sabres right now. I mean and on the season still far away development camp coming up this week and you gonna be able to see a bunch of prospects this week and a bunch of texting wants to on the rundown. Some of the audience to prospects in Joseph saying he wants to pregame tomorrow for development camp it starts at nine eons ago. He's going to be waking up early. So you're seeing a very drunk person at development camp. Probably jail. Probably jobs going to be unreal or Enron down some prospects be excited to see a development camp. They've got open practices. Tomorrow Sunday Monday and then the French connection three and three tournament. On Tuesday. What was that show. Anyways so we got the development camp gonna hear more from Mike Kelly is about talking about offer sheets and then. We also are gonna hear from UFC guy. As you can tell I am super pumped for USC 230 tomorrow. You know 30551888550. To fight if your phone numbers here tonight can't write gates Jody BC this is WGR.