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Friday, August 11th

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WG ER. Sports Radio fine. No effect at all. Really so let's start by doing what we set out its accomplishment whatsoever. Here at my office we did attempt to have a meeting and I did make the drive parts of the drive hard. That I didn't do the driving. Again that that's a little out of balance now I did my drive in but it's not a bonus because you know you're driving and I was waiting so. But the important thing is really well we'll wait he has a lot to do life awaiting there's nothing to do life driving tomorrow if you wanna judge my office I'll. He's happy very happy to wait as long as I want and if we made a plan. This desolate land we. We'll meet at my office like a lot of meetings yeah that's the point that hasn't been accomplished. Beats the nightcap with Ryan geeks let's all football and it's always attempted to have the meeting but it was a vornado. Well let's have that meeting what how we will grabbing them meaning right now this automating about the show others. Think I know but the intention is Hussain done to understand I drove feared that with the same intention to. I think is what we're taught arriving at his who's driving is no. And back to this and say. And is not the issue do we. Yeah. So. All right we're back here it's the nightcap right it's neat hearing you was so kind to come in and joining me this evening ends. Graham a good time. Beyond drinkable water out of a cop. If you say trek fanatic cups and I am drinking output cannot qualify as a mug. Yeah this law actually does actually what I think is considered a Tumblr it's the fancy word for Armas. You guys Wallace the ball's new new Fe gold. Yeah Heidi yeah the cops the one that keeps your your drink cool and warm no matter the that's sounded like a dad yeah hash tag add that with this one is even actually Gatti it's rip off the ID. Wal-Mart version then I oneness stag party. So that's not an ad for anything Coakley. Talk about Sammy Watkins we're talking abouts Ronald Darby Troy Matthews EJ games. Second round pick third round pick talking about all that enough in conjunction. Because those big trades that happened today. Hearing from you 8030551. EE eight. 550 to 550 escaped read that beautiful night scuffle full line so let's get Pierson these guys got Christopher in Hamburg Christopher you're on with me Ryan. I got him. And I finally get to talk about whatever they wanted to talk about today and that's the lakers signing DJ each man what do you guys think. DJ beach menu no cause he's. A guy. Well literally it was literally the only thing happened and bill. So still had to grab a bat and BA Juan I it's good but. What I learned about the triplets. You know obviously I don't think that any professional tortured oracle tank it's either I don't think they're gonna do that some light trading you know. Or I I think what basically amounts a couple bad guys and trading two starters. I don't know if that's indicative on indicative of that tanking the season wore me. The way I look at it is we picked up a slot receiver. And basically adding him to a roster of slot receivers. Well what does that say about their faith thing Tyrod Taylor in the future considering he doubled over the middle he's a big play guy and we don't have a big play guy got side by. Does that maybe. My thing was that I think Tyrod Taylor's future was. Kind of in doll regardless. What this treaty he was. Brought back a lesser salary there was that negotiation. Period where it wasn't clear if he was gonna come back or not. And I I truly believe that Tyrod Taylor sandy by Ginsburg. That key to each other going into their contract years and how they've been broken up and that. Have to be kind of upsetting for Tyrod Taylor because you heard. His talk this offseason about bringing these receivers down in working with them and sandy pockets coming down and working with Tyrod Taylor and sandy talking about how hard a worker that Tyrod is in how he wasn't really expecting Tyrod to put on the all these things. And that the throwing over the middle and it did I did just see if they were Tyrod last year and this was only for a portion of the season only 15% of his throws were going over the middle so. You're right he doesn't use the middle of the field. But I think it might be more indicative of how this offense is going to look. And what they're trying to do on offense it might not be the big play explosion that they're looking for anymore I think it's gonna be more of these. I want to dink and dunk but the short tight passes Lance curl screens I think that's more of what we're going to be seeing this year as opposed to last year where was the running game in the deep field thrive in. I think you're right those don't played Tyrod straights but it's what the offense wants to be doing this season. That I think at the trade happened and any other year then. You know not here I really think that this would keep its quarterback draft since. 83 is it was that there was like Marino and are not. And cal we in a way yeah. Yeah I mean look at look at I mean this for five guys that I know it's there's still you know seniors or whatever but. A lot of Kayla they're not federal so repugnant that coming up whether that's a long shot or not. Jimmy Robinson grapple potentially. Yeah I mean he's gonna be a free agent free finish isn't so there either gonna have to. Franchise tag on order figure out a way to sigh they would have to franchise tag him for twenty million dollars which is six million more than what Tom Brady was making they'd be paying that about. What forty million to the quarterback position and I you can't do that as a franchise so. You guys are thinking of the good core I mean you guess the heir apparent to break it yes I mean I. I don't watch enough to know. But Nate doesn't he watch quarterback slots I'm infatuated. With Jimmy grapple. Thanks Chris. I'm a factually that. The Walt what was NASCAR. 2228. To 352 touchdowns. Most of which she'd EDT start at the game so he started thinking yeah yeah that's right as Brady was doing that that dance on the site NYC is not gonna plays not he shouldn't increases and Tom Brady doesn't happen so that. Jennifer how close you were you there is a legitimate situation that's gonna unfold and in New England in this year and it's. There is gonna be legitimate drama TV because it's going to be a franchise at a crossroads because they can still if Tom Brady. Everything that we've seen from Tom Brady's not really taken much of a step back now if they would another Super Bowl this year. There's a good chance he walks away from the game. Just walk away I thought I think I have a good chance if they don't win. I just I don't know how many more years however you want to put because it taught every wants to play three more years he can't. But. Are the patriots going to say it's not going to be with us because it and it may be it would big it would be the I think the right thing to do. For that to move out of its operating and go with the guy they think is at least going to be. Close to was good maybe maybe they think he's gonna be just maybe they don't think they miss a beat with Jimmy grapple in the team they have around him. But there are real quandary because they can't afford to pay both of them now Ginny apple wants to play football. Yeah I need to bigger problem at this point it's going to be pitching he might give out what our lady even if it were for the Cleveland Browns he's got to be. Itching to get out there and did your right and you mentioned earlier about how this free agent class was going to be potentially deep at wide receiver. Potentially going to be deeper quarterback to Michael Vick could potentially be. One of the deeper free agent cornerback classes if Kirk cousins. Tyrod Taylor and Jimmy drop below are all their it but it could be pretty deep cornerback free agent class too so. There might peeved. All lot of guys out there if they do decide to move on from Tyrod Taylor. What's not say they could potentially take a shot while these guys instilled draft another. I think they would want to put all their resources into a guy that they drafted and all this talk and that crazy to cornerback in the first talk which now with all these extra picks I think you. You I'd like him I would think that one in the first one in the third when a sore I was about to say take one of the worst way you play second third round pick take me take another if you can walk away with let's say Josh Rosen and baker mayfield. I'd be super cool that that would be super cool musketeers yeah. Jose then you could really play the two quarterbacks scheme that you've been it does die don't tease me don't T patronizing is patronizing. And Jose Jose and and I kept me. Hey guys vote on notice I think worried about the straits and you know I'm just worried that. If you get. You train slamming. And the when your best. Wide receivers for deep threat. I'm just worried about this answer to this cause problems in the locker room for mistrust or Virb McDermott. Who's preached. And level the Ole everybody's name. Aaron. You know in here. Tyra is expecting. And the open to this year in Dallas this summit quarry older player you got Kyle Williams what I've just I'm just worried about what kind of message. This sends to the rest of the team. These guys came back even paid less thing we've got some weapons on this game. They mutate yeah you'd take that mass weapon. One of the best weapons besides according. He'd trade it away. I'm just worried what. You know the players are gonna sit there and tell you the microphone and from their very easily get a coach we trust coach yeah of course they direct the right decision. I'm just I'm worried now it does send a wrong message which will never know. Afterward because they're talk about a word never gonna know unless a player you know worked or not I have been talking you're the guy next year. What what kind of message not. You co promote the keynote address this coaches these these web sees it as you are these more as his sport and it was just starting. I don't think it's a you know I'd say OK okay Bravo okay it would you know with Sammy I yet. But what I'm worried about is. You take everything that McDermott then bill let they monsters so that there repeat this story then now now because. You know but I I. I don't think so Jose I IQ but here's the thing I can't understand where your thought comes from men. I don't have experience playing in a professional locker mosaic. But I can tell you that. It's sort of part of the business end here's the thing they here's the thing that made it difficult the same he's not a guy who's had off the field issues. He's not the guy that spent a cancer in the locker room that guide to Mimi meet guys. He's been about a team guy he put his health. In jeopardy to play last year for this team and I sort of felt like. That not giving him is that the your option was sort of that sort of the outlining for this and and really started the beginning of that and I thought. If it. Somebody it's got to have a problem. With how low this organization or this front offices is essentially treating players or handling these situations I think something would've. I think some of the would have been said that. Or something like Brad I don't think that this hurts Sean McDermott because at the end of the day. Everybody sort of understands this is a business and everybody knows that their job isn't say that this is the NFL. Put the same time. It's a new scheme it's a new. It's everything in what I'm saying is. That Arnold talk about foundation is the foundation of this franchise for the duration of the drought has mostly been intact in terms of like the scouting department. Got on right. That's all gone now. So I I consider like scouting and the types of players they've been doing in the way they've been doing things as the foundation of what they're want to do is an organization. They scrapped that they built a new foundation another working on. They the exterior of actual house itself and the best house aren't built overnight and in Rome wasn't built in. And one day it was definitely it was delta over the course of 260 plus years round actually. Few you cared to know your historian I'm not a historian not realize law. Mute button. I am sure Jose is coming from I don't know I actually see where you are you have guys who who came back like Kyle Williams who was contemplating whether or not he was going to come back and I don't think. I think Sammy Watkins could have been a part of the I think if you came back. It's not necessarily. One specific player is the reason why you came back you came back because you you listen to the coach bill and you heard his collective vision and you heard. What he was preaching and you decided to topple leap into the back guy you were putting your belief in the Sammy Watkins even if he was. An extremely close friend and teammate of yours you reporting strictly your faith and to hand combat you're putting your faith into the head coach to come back I don't think your faith is completely rattled after just one move that I think was released spurned by the G more so bad that coach from what we heard from the guy. I feel like I can remember who the caller was that said maybe maybe was Quincy earlier that sad that he felt it was a lateral move yet I I think it's tiered. I think it's a lateral move now all but a step forward for the future. And if you could figure out a way to do that if you could figure out a way it's essentially stayed the same about the same. But somehow add a second and third round pick that's pretty good. That's what they did they stayed saying they did not. I don't think they got only got worse so I think it was a very. Lateral move now but a good move for the future so I think in in which case. You have to sort of ball doesn't move a step forward. Yeah IE a caller earlier to show over the bulldogs put it this way and about actual global I mean just the bulldogs' only the Bulldog was here. But he he put it I don't see it adds the bills ceiling for this season and their floor for this season and being much different with the trades that go away. Mikey I don't think those the bottom the worst case scenario the season. I think. Is essentially the same in the best case scenario for the season I think kids essentially the same meaning the percentages for the best case are. A little bit lower. I still think though the potential. Is pretty much the same let's hear from all the players have been talking about Kyle Williams let's. Let's go to to Kyle Williams Kyle williams' half he talked about the move after practice today here's cowlings. Accounts of things changed. Nothing nothing totally shocked anymore by Brussels process more you'd talk and Ian a season. And check things out and see where this team is what it wants to do this indicate for you in terms. And well I think. I was actually just I was in my about it you know. It could be you could view one way from my perspective is we take this year to two years from now. And the and so you know for it's actually getting guys are coming back to play those positions. So. The idols out and evaluate guys so we're actually getting people back in some ethics and more than anything. My attitude and my leadership in the way that work can't change because of its kind guys things. And above all that I trust. You know I'm gonna do what I've always done. And I'm go out there and get ready when you tune because as leaders. Tomorrow next week. Things that are sure in I think the main thing is. Do you wanna take care of those. Maybe first second third year maybe there are costs in the big change like that. Our son chains like that you know talk to if you got to them like listen I think the only way that our team is going to be any good. Is how we responded high load times are how we respond sudden change on the field now so. It's an opportunity for us to see how we agree that. And I thought we had a good practice leader. Like this happens guys bombing we have. You know solid Vista with everybody. As a team and and we brick and invention I think everybody counts. In their individual groups took on himself you know I. This is on the the deal you know and were were gonna miss those guys are great teammates. Bobo. But their their move and on and you know unfortunately we have to move on without him and we're gonna raining embers are you team. So that he met. Leaders a few meters before and I'm assuming you're one of them. But you know pat what was. If he can and general message of Kano like how we should treat this or react well this everything I just said you know they're looking to make our team better. Now and you know in the future so. Minute's time everything that you know discovered. Various Kyle Williams saw one of the guys that I think body into the McDermott's message. And came back because he was a believer in Sean McDermott talking about. His idea with the trades a quick news note to the dolphins have pleased right hander Kyle and I he is going to. Get surgery on his knees so if there was any glimmer of hope that he could make a return and that's completely out of the window now. I'll see ranked tennis well done it 2018. Gonna take a break will be taking more of your calls and hear from more players after that the nightcap Jody B Osce and the board need Geary right gates in and out here on WGR. My job is to stay here for awhile. Sometimes. I won't forget about anybody's. Hope in oh well I mean I'm wrong I'm launching. Nothing quite like it eighties montage. I had it I think I have a great guy great athlete needs an eighty's montage for their departure Q how. Think Sammy Watkins is like channel had to eat at the end of practice club when Watson spaces blocking any positives to stop in the years you've lead in the high school optics Sammy Watkins and that as he walks out of buffalo. Unfortunately. Wireless so we'll take a couple more calls radical Shawn McCoy shortly as well. And a Bulldog is retreated this piece from Ruben Franco CSN Italy talks about a juror and Matthews in this piece. I wanna read some of what he said about Jordan Matthews and one size fits Sean McDermott's system and what he's talked about wit with his guys. Exactly but first let's get to bill buffalo here bell you're on the nightcap with any crimes. There are guys don't. Well. Yeah same here same here I'm I'm did not start and get over the social neo lynch mob just a welcome to the crew my friend welcome. Yes I want to touch base Don knee they Milwaukee and then rob RB job. Odd straight today one of the things that caught my eye the most what is. Who irrigate and return it stars in the receiver which side Jordan Matthews. One thing that stood out to me the most was. -- different said he had been in the book came in the league same time. I guess the more I read that matches has almost two yards 2000 are more than he has and let me I think that's promising. How they acted like he had his catches he's got 72 more catches I think but the yardage is pretty similar I mean Sammy is. The yards per catch for isn't Sammy standard that's really the only significant step that general Sammy weighs each of them. He leads and in touchdowns but he didn't catches. And games played cyborg is played over the same span so. Yeah yes very true I want to think that as you know. Frustrating lip almost built and same it was you know him being. Put ankle injury prone night the sermon that now a lot of people like views. CNN because Burton it was the same injury. Wahlberg stand a couple of seasons. I do that the state that it credit you know planes through injury really heated last year the trying to help without you know that stands. Talk about how you know the type of player is but now I guess still the way I look at it is it the business. I made I have faith and trust and Tom McDermott I really think you know internal work outlaw or asks in the next couple years. On I guess that the big thing came by these two great completely your callers earlier was that it was multilateral me. I couldn't agree more except to you know which does note that he touched on with kidney the drastic. Yeah I guess is our next year the possibilities are endless. As far as. Maybe trying to land popular quarterback out of next years draft. You know we got a lot of currency that we can play election. You know even if we traded down. There are traded up to to move up from the draft is certainly a possibility now. Yet sorry I got jump in here but you you make a lot of good points abouts. The move C and you you look at their their career stats then name and over on real quick but it's. Thirty or 46 games played forward jordin Matthews. 2673. Yards nineteen touchdowns with Sammy Watkins where. Of course is take for ever to load now it's 37 games played. 2459. Yards and seventeen touchdowns over the east team. Period nine more games played. About the same money games started actually butts that's that's the difference between. They do in that the games started is because Jordan Matthews played a lot in the slot. The the previous few seasons we got Thomas Clarence as well Tom what's going on man. Hey hey kinda. And so you know. Here. Adam Bob views but in. A great year. You know he's just a great player and any stretch. With not having players they can can stretch that defense I think that the crowd the line of scrimmage. To stop cooling. He can be Gillick watching them canyon road game last year along the road. And you do that they could com back in the last two minutes of the game. And it and so so I'm actually I'm kind of devastated by the trade. You know. Every team it. Look at the leak in the teens with a potent offenses have a good receiver and a good running back. With Atlanta they have done to treatment and they get Leo well an annual look at Dell listening to this seat he'll Elliott and they got there are number 88 I can't remember that name now what you guys know he is. All these these teams stretch the defense and their explosive. Because of that in now the bill is just. And just taught that away and you're going backwards with and one and one of my point is on and make it. In cycled back a long way as a longtime fans in I remember when as a kid. And OJ it was in his first couple years. He wasn't gaining a lot of yards and Ralph Wilson is talk about him parading him out through that West Coast. And and and that the plot and discontent made the big basically. Pressured him not to do it traded me didn't do betrayed and eventually we get Satan came and and people the offensive line. OJ went crazy. And and and became a hall of Famer. I just get that feeling that this is what can happen all wet betrayed that actually made this time. And you gonna go out in the nickel out there he's going to be getting passes from chair at. Oh god number one tricked them rams. And they have a good running back there really potent Georgia whose name again number. But they're gonna head up and that we wish we had been and and and I hope he plays another six or seven years. And they get injured anymore that you know how it is I used the exports. And they'll be injury calm in in bunches and you and then you're two goal on time without being injured. Yeah Tom yeah vineyards he's got grabs it and Tom I wanna respond because here's a thing time he's going to a team that is essentially. Offensively. The same as the Buffalo Bills of good running back. Robert Woods and an unknown at the quarterback position that nobody knows if he can be the franchise guy and a he's going to very similar situation everybody you would say last year who the better quarterback was adjourned up and Tara Taylor and most people would say Tyrod Taylor. We don't need help your golf can be Tyrod Taylor. In his career in the NFL. And that the thing I wanna make you feel a little bit better about this time. Is you're right the vertical passing game was hurt due to this trade however they have that vertical passing game for eight games last year. And they still despite that averaged the tenth most points per game last season. They didn't lose because of the profits a lot of times now. They're offense certainly lost them games they did they played apart there inconsistencies played a part in the losing games. But they were in games they are scored 26 points a game. That shouldn't change that much now you have instead of a guy for eight games a vertical Brett refereed games you'll wide receiver and in Jordan Matthews who's played nine more games over the course of his career that he's missed two games over the course of his three years so far he's a guy that's got. A ton of receptions OK he's out basically it's a full season's worth of receptions over Sammy rockets. OK so they are not getting a huge drop off it you can make the argument that it's probably the same production because it. What you've basically averaged over the first three years the same his career is. Eleven games twelve games over the course of his career here so far. Turnout he's averaging 1516. So he's playing the game treats if you get those extra games a production. I think you're gonna be okay here I understand though the worry about the vertical threat of this offense. But see children to 445 he can he can run OK they've got guys who can run shot a quick and you huge part of his passing game. So. I understand everyone's worried about the vertical threat in an apology is Sammy to take the top up the defense that's the best part of Paris game. I think he detected pebble trust. I think he I think they wouldn't have traded in the coral quote. Fifth or sixth best receiver in all of football if there wasn't a reason. Bloody. One of the other one of the points and someone an odd Twitter seem like Conley brought this up to me the the Eagles past. Head of 135 more passing attempts in the bills' last season so. It over the course of the past three seasons they've got a team that throws the ball a lot more than the bills sold some of those stats can be a little more skewed in Trevor Matthews. For those reasons. But you can't excuse the fact that met he's been available. And he's made place now apps you know and and it sure if you wanted to say. I get the point in it's a fair argument to to say against it at but at the same time. Availability is a big part. And they accept that hurt they've said that ends. I'm not sure bet money into their decision being worried about that it was clearly something they did worry about. And this this trade I think just. Show us how obvious it was how much the weary they they had about Sammy lock incidents. His long term fit his long term how fined if they could even fit him in. Because he's a guy that's talking about the 2014 wide receiver draft class changing the game in salaries and if you got a player. O'Dell Beckham junior who wants to be paid the highest salary in the NFL. As a wide receiver. And guys who want to change that kind of system it's tougher to negotiate with those guys is under read a quick paragraph from the peace. From Reuben frank CS and elitist came from a couple days ago it's a sudden apple blog. Just tweeted out and he goes on me a paragraph. Out. Mathews in at an excellent read a portion of this well what some of the words that Reuben frank says about Jordan Matthews. Quote this is a locker room guy a solid citizen hard worker quality guy he's exactly the kind of guy if they'll usually embraces Eagles fans are furious when ship Cali let Jeremy Maclin leave for the chiefs met when his averaged fifteen catches seven or 99 yards and five point eight touchdowns per year since entering the NFL. Matthews is average 75 catches 891 yards in six point three touchdowns per year since entering the NFL. I don't get it. Every successful team has guys like Matthews complementary pieces guys who quietly professionally do their job every day guys with no ego guys who go about their business and I'll complaining. Guys who unfailingly put team goals had an individual goals and Matthews were on the jaguars and chiefs Eagles fans to be dying for a guy like him but that he's here already somehow his production is devalued. Classic grass is always greener fact Jordan Matthews is the least of the eagles' problems. So that I just wanna read that because a lot of what he says there is pretty much you could feel Sean McDermott. Is saying all of those things about the kind of guy that he wants and if Jordan Matthews truly is back kind of guy. He fits in exactly the envy the type of player in the vision apple being a McDermott half for guys that they won their locker room. Hey Joseph he got out LeSean McCoy are ready in their blood so let's hear from a Shawn McCoy he's talking about the betrayed betrayed said though the bills made today after practice. Are there is a hard worker. You know as a group cute. It's always brought RAZRWIRE. He's got a losing game four won't put everything. It has a lot of forward. And rivers sure proved hard to you know it is when you're when he was rookie insurers are grown. Develop itself must. Pretty tough our receiver. But he's a good person. And culture of it I'm sure whoever shot you know. About a minute. Situation that you traded on the inspected so sure Marshall was. They organizations. I don't know and that's. The theme of the subtle you know us. Christmas pagers hand. You guys meet this isn't some of our team. And as players and coaches who coach and we flowing. And that's hours. And older and and replace these things to do. You know it. They're scooping buys this. Gets there were fleeing to forward. You know and orphans. And to assume. We're live stats with quarterbacks in my game. Think though tomorrow. We were joking okay that was LeSean McCoy LeSean McCoy. And he did also mentioned that if you if you compare Jordan Matthews to Sammy Watkins there is area. A big difference between the Q and you'd be hearing in his voice there that it does not sound like. LeSean McCoy is is very pleased with this move itself. If you were one of those people worried about the locker room today and LeSean McCoy is a professional he's gonna go about his business either way am I I'm fairly certain. But it does not sound like he was very please do not have Sammy Watkins on this team anymore are gonna get a break when we come back to hear from ball Eric Lloyd. And Tyrod Taylor is well their comments about that trades the my calculus of the WGR. Although buffalo and they Jeff for his office workers. My job as stay here for a while Mexico. Don't change things. My stay right. Unfortunately for sandy lot and see he did not heed his call as he is now he member of the Los Angeles rams let's hear some player reaction will start here with Eric Wood talking after practice about his reaction to the trades today. Who earlier had it stinks but as for the business and on our terms of direction through and trust the direction of the team. Bernadine says it's the not thrown in the towel but the move when you treat your top maybe arguably offensive weapon top quarterback. How much are difficult to trust that process. These deceptive and you know. What were said to see two same ago when we're pretty effective on offense without last year at times so. You know we we're in a player and Jordan Matthews and hopefully can come and in fill a void. And I just that you know he's there were thrown himself. New Ager leadership in this decision and then he throws or want and not trustee may. There are decisions have been asleep watching. I mean I know some of these guys haven't that's pretty young roster how do you approach that with them jump through there had been today. Yeah I'm sure some guys are and know when you see. That calvary traded. You know economy should be about. Your job security especially younger guys that. The news business but. That's reality you know there's a lot of turnover in this business. They're making decisions that they feels best of the steam and you know I'm not I'm not a charge us same Alain. And comes forevermore my tail off and I'm so confident or or abilities and office. There. How it's it's a bit of earthshaking who do you view worrying what effect it might have on the team morale. Just at least in the short. Yeah I mean in the extreme short term who said you know you're sick about it nobody. And Sammy and RB you know that's that's said bud. It's your job to play football. Do best player you could be helped this team when we went on and Austin practice and Albanian neighbors turn around out there so in that regard United States. And you know simulate right behind me it's like you know I'm. On the nominee offered some assistance in whatever I can do for but. There's a lot of guys are neighbors over the years of news helped him you know it's things. All right there is Eric Lloyd in the trades and the last call upon them in the nightcap is going to Tyrod Taylor tonight the quarterback that was working with Sammy Watkins this offseason quarterback that is. Essentially playing for a contract so let's hear same year Tyrod Taylor's thoughts on losing Sammy Watkins and Ronald RB is while. When he is going to be. I thought is gonna be relying on Samuel pockets for this contract year so let's hear his thoughts now. He noted that reduces stepped in to go to could be less than on things definitely. Definitely. Prestigious prize with. We send us. It just talked to were on tonight. As they put. That is correct word to use. Primary receiver. Is. It that you should. Our faith on the comments that have taken because McDermott they made a decision based on the better better and understand what they definitely. Just surprised it took everything governors regardless of he was with a guy yesterday's thing in this morning and in everything's wrongly but. I citizen niches business and got to continue to keep moving forward our focus is because it seems to. On the same thing just to go onto win games and we have to continue to keep focusing on it used to. Be the mourners wanted to talk. Time when. If this is a window the Wii news you wanna win now how can you look upon him are you able to put a positive. Silver lining on something knowing that you Los overs and what. And no matter how good Jordan Matthews might it will take time for you and us. We have to put a plausible. Hard to say it is a win now league and as a team we have to refocus. Do whatever it takes to. To win games from. I've actually got a says the work I would join us a couple of years ago I know personally. Now there's a great job great talent. Depth and martyrs and it's tough to lose Alex and it it has its and we have to refocus and think it came to keep. Working argument is that frustrating is it that you guys like just yesterday had a seemingly very good report on the field. Tell our citizens that finish of his business when you can never predict things. Exercises listening to books. Sort of disease to. It. I quite as picked up offense very. I don't artists ever had a chance to be around Jordan as far as in the classroom. Gonna do my best as well as the coaches are bringing modesty. We know what type of talent he is just watch them on the field. You Jeff we can make plays as very athletic guy. Imus obviously wants to get into some talked on every room of the speech after just a more time to practice. Watch a film with me just give them on the same page is going to be a work in progress but. How to try to do to work with them this team's gonna welcome America. All right there's Tyrod Taylor his comments following practice today in the trade. Questions about the context of the quote essentially what he says he compared to like receivers. And it's it's obvious who is batter. And in lots then. Exact words that is and I and then there's this quote when trying Talbott of the buffalo. New York upstate tweet it out. And this was back in 2014 promotional McCoy the rocky V guy Jordan Matthews. He's done real good I think he bears got a lot of talk about this draft class between fourteen draft class being deep at wide receiver. But I'm confident Matthews being in the past one out of class. Cells. It's some freezing cold takes exposed right there maybe by did what do you expect. John Lewis is playing with with the but Matthews at that time he's playing with Watkins the past. Three seasons probably developed a nice relationship with him in and knows all about them so it's it's tough. That's gotta be honest it's not really gonna truly hit me that these trades went through until. And this coming Thursday when I'm watching the team. And Jordan Matthews is going to be on the football field and Sammy Watkins is he going to be on the football field it's it's going to be a little. Could be a little weird it's going to be a little weird. All right does it for the weekend needs to be back for sports talks Saturday and he's gonna have more reaction for you. On this trade I will be Monday night. And who knows maybe there'll be no big trade this weekend that he could end up talking about on Monday night based Joseph thanks to Nate I'm negates the nightcap later.