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Thursday, August 17th

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Is Stanford now. Steve's the pregame show Buffalo Bills football on the Buffalo Bills radio network is brought to you by northwest. Made the switch to northwest and get back to. Countdown to kickoff here on the bills radio network hi much over the Bulldog here the bills visit the Philadelphia Eagles tonight. It is pre season game number two. 7 o'clock kickoff from Philadelphia. John Murphy and mark Kelso will have the play by play alive from the northwest broadcast Booth make the switch to northwest. And get back to living today's pre season game is probably presented by mid die college discover why students say. McDyess starts with me. Our sideline man's cell apology go will join us very shortly for a preview of tonight's game some more discussion about. Last Friday's trades by the bills. And of course the upcoming season. First though let's get a sports update here news Jody BIC. Thank you Mike bills at the Eagles from Lincoln Financial Field tonight two hours away. From kick off starters for the bills are expected to play. About a quarter and half that includes Anquan Boldin who makes his bills pre season debut LeSean McCoy. Didn't play last week our own self pot you says he has heard no indication McCoy will sit out again. When the second team comes in it'll be neat thing Peter Newman at quarterback ahead of TJ Yates know Jordan Matthews courting Glenn orbit Carre Randall they're all out. With injuries adults Washington keep on Seymour. Are questionable Ronald Darby will suit up for Eagles against his former team less than a week after being treated from the bills. Kick off at Merck also on sale as measured at seven they'll be right here. On the Buffalo Bills radio network builds preach and football probably presented by the dike college discover what students say but I start to meet. Two other games in the NFL this evening including Jay Cutler and the dolphins hosting the ravens at 7 PM then at 8 PM the jaguars take on the Buccaneers battered for Nat. Out with foot injury. Some headlines from around the league today according to Adam Schechter Adam -- Arnold could hold out. Into the season isn't opposed to sitting up the season as a whole chapters also reporting Levy on bell is expected to report to the Steelers. In time for the regular season. In hockey the Buffalo Sabres have announced a two year deal was and is your aunts and were one point six million a year Gergen since. Still only 23 years old with the teens last unsigned restricted free agent he is 37 goals and 86 points in four years. With the sabres. For up for both of those radio network I'm Jody B Osce. All right let's get back to football here thank you Joseph bills and Eagles tonight. Sell about geo is with us from. Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia where is very hot. Quick weather mentioned brought to you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance ninety degrees there. Sell my phones as it feels like god 93 can you tell. It's and it's I can't tell exact temperature it's not out on the field that was just out there walking around and this is the stadiums that design. Where the sun basically it's the opposite sideline at least this time a year so it's really toast in the side. 85 predicted at kick off with very little wind and partly to mostly cloudy skies are it's a cell what does this nugget you have for us. Art so I learned this week that. Charles peanut Tillman. Was inflated bills camp at some point in practice camp whatever at some point the last few weeks I don't know if it was a relatively recently. And of course she played her on the term Carolina one of the reasons he has brought it makes it the reason was to. Gotta talk with the guys about stripping the football it's actually something he was teaching them about. I didn't realize that Charles peanut Tillman actually was some kind of late great player at this what apparently is I looked it up so without looking it up. In thirteen years you know how many forced fumbles or you can guess how many forced fumbles peanut Tillman had in the NFL I think fifties a good number. That's a great guess it's actually I would not have guessed nearly that high it's 44 in thirteen years I think that's. Pretty amazing to think about to be quite honest with he would have been apart. Those bears teams. That yep were query it would Toronto even goes back that far does he not. Yup it's crazy talk over the thirteen three bearers here where they just got. All kinds of turnovers and then pick sixes and fumble returned for touchdowns. You know maybe there's something to his expertise at that. Or maybe he was just what you get your I don't know but that's a. A lot of forced fumbles well how about this Bulldog attitude is interception total 38 that guy is always around the football he's just. He's a football magnet like it's amazing to me when I. I thought that Murphy and I were talking and I said. Well he he he obviously had its pretty good at it actually look we have this whole career I'm thinking he played thirteen years party got 203044. By the way. There is no actual official forced fumble like record but I actually tried to look up who the leaders are he ice I think that had to be amongst the leaders. From what I can gather Robert Mathis. Is the leader 54 in thirteen seasons. Part of the bills rank last year in takeaways I know when it came to turn overs they were almost like at a record pace they went in the last game of the season. Single digits not giving the ball appeared in turnovers and ten I believe is the NFL record. So they had a chance to set the NFL record for fewest turnovers and it's yet another. I don't know head scratch your about the bills' playoff drought cell is years like that where they have. Not only the fewest turnovers in the league or thereabouts on a record pace. And first in the NFL in rushing but just not enough to even get them to 500. As it turned out last year mean. Except for. Throwing the ball. For yards but for real yards and and stuff. The bills are really had their chapters where they've been excellent at different things the sack here with Mario Williams relate. Set a sack record and just different things like that. But it is just not got in the manner. That. At the bills last year had ten forced fumbles it doesn't mean temple recovery right. Actually eleven or eleven forced fumbles Charles Tillman had ten in one season has himself. British Sino. Right I mean it's crazy right now. They they were they were 29 in the league as far as rankings. We look at sat in 23 their 23 in takeaways. So they did to the volley but they only had eleven forced fumbles now if you look at actual fumble recoveries. Real quickly here I'm not really sure it. Looks like at about fifty meant to think whose offensive guys choose and yet those pirates three himself right so we leave right look at about ten or someone that. So up about you on the AT&T ally with us from Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field bills and Eagles coming your way. Tonight at seven our pregame coverage will continue into the next hour with a roundtable featuring Chris Brown from Buffalo Bills not common mark Kelso. The color analyst on the broadcast. That sales of course assignment reporter on so you mentioned. Oh earlier with us that the secondary is all new. Young and an a player that figures into that is the player acquired from the rams in these Sammy Watkins trade EJ gains but. I don't see him getting an opportunity to start opposite previous white. And he's penciled in on the depth chart anyway behind previous white. Why do you see the cornerback position at this point shaking out. I think this is me. Three horse race opposite trip devious way. It's gonna be between sure Reese right keep on Seymour an EJ gains here referring to. But I think at this point in time because he's only been in buffalo six days. I that's why I don't think he's expected to play with a one judges don't think he's up to speed yet. You know cohesive lies terminology whys of what they're doing. I would like to see where those third and fourth pre season games here for eating gains because I can't believe that they wouldn't. They'll bring him here. For Iran are be not wanting to have him on the field a lot and maybe even star but I think EG gains figures into the next you will not. Rotate with the first unit tonight as far as I understand will only be sure Reese right cool start and then keep on Seymour will come in opposite your baby's weight. And I I wonder also eat EJ gives plays in the slot he has done that kind of rate now looks like its letter Johnson primarily there he's gonna start tonight. Keep buying its time there but I wonder EJ becomes kind of a key that Seymour where I can play ball inside and outside. But right now I just don't think they're comparable when he met the ones he's been here for six rising. Along with a all that turn over in the secondary as far as the starters go. Not that you're slot corner plays a lot but it's not actually considered when you're starting eleven but Mickell Roby Coleman had been holding down that spot for the bills for a few seasons and he also. Has left the team so. They're looking at like you know just a whole a whole new group back there Seymour someone that stands no little bit about from last year you know a great story. Coming up. Through south central Los Angeles. To make it USC and an openly get drafted into the NFL. Told about shall reach right. She reached Wright is a guy obviously guys know that he played he played that bills game. Last year the opener against the L Baltimore Ravens right. And you know I thought I used out Nicky and I actually said oh my gosh this yet. He gets a pass breakups things like that but he's got throughout illegally who took the ravens for a couple of years before there's the 49ers he start his office career with the San Diego Chargers. I he's actually a former third round pick so you know he's a guy that was pretty you know I would say. Known as far as one of the better TVs in college football the year that he came out. In what you're really that have been a 2011 he came out. So it's not like he hasn't had time in different systems different coordinators things like that but I do remember when the bills picked up I said. With a sick guy that he he looked pretty good when they played a flasher in a really good game against the Baltimore Ravens I think it's one of those deals where. Hey he's played in all different kinds of systems that's why he wanted to bring him in here right away he was one of the guys they really targeted early on in the offseason so. I think they're comfortable with him playing you know with the first unit but by no means. Is he a lock to start thinking about Seymour is quite a bit of a challenge about EG gains to for the starting job opposite treaties what what it's all said and done. Wright had eleven tackles and three for a loss in that opening day win for the ravens over the bills. Last year he also says that if he could have one superpower it would be be invisible. And I'm open choice. Like that. She'll raise your face what would you choose. Flying. I think so too collected flight. When Holloman unable to answer them immediately I don't know I liked the individual who brought it up I just read it and I I like being invisible on the roundtable go through every player's choice as to whether what they're super studying the governor might now agree that I'm upset that Terri Google was favorite movie is planes trains and automobiles me that is a terrible movie I think most people like it. But you know. Martin you're gonna say most people like a lot of things that we're sitting here on the radio calling it terrible terrible like it. Yeah I always is terror including me I happily while no doubt about my favorite. This is what will be arguing about during the game until somebody got the media guide to yourself yeah yeah got a. Well look here I don't know if you saw nightly jobs got inspector knew she did a really cool story on broad street or re tweeted today rot Streeter he draws. These characters that like you could use in the Pixar animation and stuff they're amazing they're litter there really amazing how good he has attic he did this story you could buy an honest winner but. I said it was a job how did you know about this he said I read the media guide like I guess that's how it it's in there. Beverage and cool stuff in there that will probably not get too. Us Alka podshow and Philadelphia just a a thought on the defense overall since we've spelled out us a few things about the secondary. You have some some back and forth here from last year you have well we hope for better communication. It's also new coaches and sometimes teams need. Time to get you know acclimated to get good that way some good players some turnover. The defense the last two years the disappointment overall what do you think this all adds up to. This front four should be really good I mean but on paper system. Everything adds up to what. I just believe they should and running a 43 anyway for lasts at least I know Rex comes that he doesn't think again it analytically coaches are. I never felt they were built to run a 34 I don't think how Williams is a 340 offensive and I don't think martial artist is better suited as a nose although he can play well there he can dominate what another really good tackle next to him. I never felt that Jerry Hughes or Shaq lawsuits and an outside linebackers they were clearly miscast last year and even Jack admitted that when he said he knew we wasn't that for the defense. This I think is tailor made for these guys these four guys to be one of the best defensive lines in the league. And they're gonna let them play. Yup McDermott has sent to us multiple times or just something to be said for. Guys just wanna have their they wanna be able to pin their ears back and go he's gonna let them just go in get pressure if he has the blitz he will he would rather have them. Just get that pressure and what I find interesting is coming into the year. You figure they got to have another pass rusher Jerry and checkered nice but where's that third guy coming from the idea Lorenzo can be that guy but he you're strong side linebacker I Mena actual sub sub in for those guys. And you thought to be Brian Davis this kid Eddie are bro. I'm telling. Every I don't think he's a fluke guys every time I watch him he's he's got different pass rush moves he gets off the ball very quickly he when he gets ones last week for Minnesota he was the. The backfield a lot. I saw Lorenzo on the field when I when I use my teleport to get down there you guys saw I was down there and quick last week yes and I and I saw were red zone at. And I were actually chatting about Eddie Yarborough when he saw that. And I said you know I really wanna see him set the edge as I've seen him practice get in the backfield. I wanted to set the edge and rental to meet a cell is a good player he's he's fine at sitting yet you said people don't realize how good he is. And he's showing you right now I think Eddie are bro. Might got to make Ryan Davis I don't know expendable that. Really wanna go down that road we wanna think about that topic everybody talks about him the very least I think he gives you a viable option right now which are number three pass rush. He I heard him on with some both Howard and Jeremy this week on our our awful flagship and on the Merv show. Here and he sounds like someone who. Is paying attention I mean I was impressed by even how we talked about. Being in camp last year with Denver. And talking with. Where and in Von Miller just trying to pick up every little technique every little trick. That you can in order to beat your guy whether it's like hand fighting a war whatever it is he sounds like someone who's really studied. And worked at implementing the things that he studied. And not every guy does that you know some guys will write will sort of like. Sure I watched the film to go to work at the things. That you need work on and he impressed me as someone who has done. And the other thing I liked what he said. He knows it he said in this game what he learned from those guys. Speed speed speed said no matter what just use your speed all the time and that's right if you're a 43 defensive end in the NFL. In your pretty ears back it's it speech speech began you can bull rush guys yankees win moves. But man if you can use your speed to get around the edge you can just makes so much happen he says it every play speed speed speed is what it's all about. I just really like what he's what he's put together but I'm still concerned about the linebackers because I wanna see in live action how they can cover people in space our team to get. Really throw to the running backs in the tight ends a lot especially the running backs and kind of put them in awkward positions because they don't necessarily have the F lettuce as of right now I think the role Ramon numbers then. Better than I thought he would in camp to be honest with the U. But I'm still concerned like how what if you match up in this linebacker in this in the system the Mike linebacker has to cover guys once in awhile. There is Preston brown going to be able to do that are they gonna really get to guys once they catch the ball before they turn upfield and run it to me. That's the biggest concern I don't worry about the secondary I think the secondary takes care of itself because of the system there are many because Sean is a secondary coach by nature I think you'll have them. All kind of in the right position yelled at the once a while I don't think he'll be allowing big plays like we saw a lot of last year the pretty much keep everything in front of them. I'm just that the only concern I have is the F lettuce is and linebacker how they can react to. Covering people out of the backfield and and getting to people after the catch the football I think that's an underrated part of what needs to be done here. So what about your wit us the big news for right way the trade of Sammy Watkins in men with. Watkins Ronald Darby what is the rams Darby sued the Eagles you know I found that most of the conversation about those. But events sell over the course the week with fans. Wasn't about. Like book the long term future of Sammy Watkins with the bills which use. Interesting and of itself I mean here's the guy that they. Traded up for so dramatically in famously in like OK well maybe that wasn't the smartest thing but at least we've got a great player. A lot of fans who were. Commenting on the trade weren't thinking much about that at all more what I heard this week was what does that mean for this season. Does it mean that the bills aren't trying to win the immediate with the players they got back it doesn't even make them that much worse and you know a lot of fans were kind of between those two places. What do you think those trades due to this season. I don't think they should Alter the expectations for the season whatever you thought they were before the trade at. I don't think losing a trading out wide receiver. A starter for starters dynamic is seen to can be. In a corner start for starter essentially of Fiji dean's going to be that guy. I don't think they should Alter your season that much this is an a quarterback we're talking about this is this somebody. Who factors into every single play and it's not LeSean McCoy who is going to be the focal point of your prophet to carry the ball and touched the ball. A lot so I don't think it really should Alter. You or expectations I think it does though is it makes you wonder geez if you get a situation where you got to score. A you know late in the game where you really need a big first down. Do you really have that guy that your money died count on and I think that's where you can get. And you know I don't think they have that guide it they're they're not as good in the plane making. Money title play ability now and maybe that can get people there but I just don't think. I don't think you seem to want to putter would say he said we didn't have seen him deeper. A lot of last year we were still very effective on offense and I agree with that I think they need to be more effective in the passing game though and this is where it affect you. He was going to help you in the passing game is is as good as they were on offense to make the playoffs because they really were about running the ball. You gotta be able to throw the football so I might I guess to its year question I would not have downgraded and that much as far as what ever I would lost total was in my head before the. What do you think. Ed is available to the bills as far as replacing Watkins as a deep threat sell my cool or is this trade good news for. On the roster battling it wide receivers I know. They've replaced Watkins if we don't with a receiver and a proven receiver certainly will make the team and they also added Anquan Boldin just. You know little more than a week prior to making the walk -- trade so there are some obvious proven guys who will be on the team. But is there are a job opening now for someone with a specific skill set that skill being speed. Rod Streeter. This is a group this is a mom really good news trade for rod street and opportunity for him I think his skill set he has speed he can get down the field com. You know he's a 44640. Guy I think what if he plays a little bit faster than that because of his body size but there's a difference between just having the speed in being able to get down the field. You've got to be able to go gets a quarter press coverage Hilliard who wants is that your route running it's not just running and a straight line anybody can do that marquee that we can do that but it's. Also about getting open and finding ways of exactly CME was a good deep threat though he wasn't necessarily the passages very fast. But he was also great innings physical as far as his body was big enough. To be able to separate and can't played at the line and things like that broad street and meet rings all those things roster is a fast guy but he's also got an NFL body that he can do those things with I think this trade opens a bigger door for him a bigger window. For him to make this roster maybe even be contributor where are thought shut. I thought is that really can't. But now I think it automatically becomes your number five receiver maybe even number four because the bad news now is our guy like Andre hall's. Where does that dribbles it right he was that he was an outside wide receiver before the trade. Suddenly it's a Jones in Jordan Matthews outside in crumbled in the slot so Andre homes are you brought end of the year number two receiver is really now you're number four. And if you're gonna have a number four. To me I'd rather have a guy that I can use especially situations. To try to make plays me like Iraq Streeter that a guy like Andre Hall if that makes sense to use I don't I think it's bad news for homes it's good news for Streeter the other guys meanwhile Paul. What Paul has good speed but the problem with him is he suspended for. Four games to start the year. But I think this opens the door for him at least they can. Use the roster exemption on him see where they are after four weeks and maybe he is that guy you can bring in to give you that after a month of the season and sailed. Again and it. Whole draft pick compensation tribunal but Holmes fits into that too does he not yet he does I mean look it really comes down to three players may before. Andrei Holmes Ryan Davis which talked about. Glad you costs who I mean he might not make the team I don't know and the other one will be Stephen house the which I only through his name out there because it is that your staying. That Austin Rico has done plenty in taking a lot during camp he's not just a potter and they have Adam. You know kind of do both things so that out of those four guys essentially there are few more you're not cutting Mike I do not cutting short importer for those four guys. If you were to. Released three of them prior to your tenth game. Or we Kennedy your tenth game. Then you would be in line to get a compensatory draft pick probably third round pick because you would have more guys you let go out more guys who left Jewish say. The guys you sign so I know there's this thing out there about it I wanna remind people that. It doesn't have to happen now if they were ever go down that road in I don't know if they are they would have until week ten to actually do that that's when that formula to exit. Is that the kind of thing where we might just stay on extra. Someday to monitor the are we gonna be sports under their neighborhoods with their B sports on third week I and to see if there via a third round Compaq recording maybe that maybe this is here for that. Kyle one that you can rid of beans said he wouldn't be doing his job he didn't think about it I think some people kind of thought that meant he's ready to move on I don't think so I do think it's interesting. That suddenly they have a guy in Eddie our growth that we can talk about how holes that mixed right in the right date where he fits in and he's been hurt by the way as well and so recently. And it's also have another trade that animals are very holds on the depth chart so. I do think it's a discussion we need to have I just don't see it necessarily happening before opening day but. I would not discount that. So good work have a nice night. I think's got a calculator. Pre season game number two Selby on the sidelines whip Jon Murphy mark Kelso when this game kicks off just about them. And ninety minutes from now or so. The good ball park and what do you do when there. 998. Minutes of talk it's definitely going to get mad at the start and we waited seven. Right you do it right yes I do 100 seconds left whole period. Yeah I really a home. Sorry I mean no you're right to call me on a traditional I should call your friends and your your coworkers your peers on the and I'm things that. Really contradict. And that was awful I apologize. I don't know rewrite the rest of the game much of the day here already serves all the games of the day off I'm rocked over year. Rocked some fans were rocked by the Sammy Watkins trade. Full blog is rocked by how we put that time left between now and kickoff in two minutes. Even if it is more than an hour away seek to see what happens the drama self reports brought to you by life storage it's your life. Story with care. Mark Kelso and Chris Brown join us Mike show over the bulldogs four roundtable discussion about the bills next. This is countdown to kickoff on the Buffalo Bills radio network. Broadway season here jaws not made up that way about me way that the schools are. Apparently nobody wants to throw away his season so. Again we would not have tried to acquire Jordan Matthews and EJ gains if we were doing what some of those teams did we would just worried about mate who could got another draft. In the thing again we are focused on this year but we're also paying attention to if there's something thrown that you that helps you that much you can that much draft in the and actually you have to listen you have to be open to it you know based on where your you know what if the season. Phil GM Brandon Boone Brandon theme excuse me making a big move. Brandon being making a big move. Right out of office on Roy right into the free season guy whose whose one that's been. Shaken stellar and who should get enough of it. Countdown to kick off here on the build radio network. Much over the bulldogs should be joined by mark Kelso and Chris Brown in Philadelphia where it is hot. Temperatures. Hovering. Around ninety degrees. Kickoff temperature. In the mid to high eighties with very little wind. Whether brought you by coral look collision make the right decision insist on Karl Rove a collision. And will bring in market Crist now for our kick countdown to kickoff roundtable. It's brought to you by Jim Murphy Buick GMC Jim Murphy cars dot com serving Western New York since 1985. Hi guys. Hello Mike I think you're referencing Bob boon to give you the slurred the sign for the slurred there bottler was. Philadelphia I'll take it whenever it's a cynic you know how hot is it. It's not that bad now it's cool off pretty quickly would just say markets today it's precipitously taller than it was when we got here and that the other is almost completely stated now aside. I would I would think you're you're numbers so low I'd come game time when once the science that. Mark can you remember playing in the game were it was just unbearably hot medium Miami. I mean I remember more games there were unbearably cold well frankly I mean. Yeah I mean it was it was different certainly going to. If you play game late in the season in Miami because you're you're not used to those weather conditions and and Jimmy guesstimate Pereira I think a couple times in the astrodome we played some games as it was tough to get air in there as well and and I can remember come off of you know that there's some some plays in and really need to catch your breath because it. Because of the the conditions in that facility but I don't ever remember a game that was just. It was just kind of hope impressive from a heat perspective. Some guys we were together of course last week for the pre season opener. And that game begins and it's three straight passes a Sammy Watkins and an optimistic fan who wants to see Watkins get off for the bills. What what maybe we had never seen him before the Fed the football might have been walking out of the stadium with the single biggest take away from the game being. Well maybe this offense is really gonna feature Sammy Watkins. And twelve hours later he's not on the team anymore. A jarring move. What are your reactions and your thoughts to Guam where the bills are heading this year having made the trades they made us for a well I. I don't think you can be debated for a second that the two players that they brought in. In the through trades that were made with Darby at Watkins leaving the two players coming in the door are not as athletically dynamic. As Sammy Watkins or Ronald Darby. You know Jordan Matthews is a productive player consistent player. And EJ gains aside from the Erie lost Italy's frank foot injury. Has been productive. Not ultra productive but. Proven to be capable starter quarterback. You know in the NFC west. And so. When I I think what fans after the initial shock and anger and frustration wore off. I think coming around to understanding. How Brandon being and Sean Victor to operate and what they value. Which is proven production over a period of time their draft class is a reflection of that all four year players. Jordan Matthews is a reflection of that with his production in his first three years as a pro EJ gains to a lesser extent. But it's very clear that. They respect proven production and believe that will help them win. And that's why they felt comfortable making these two deals feeling those two players will still help them in the short term maybe not to big game breaking degree. That is Sammy Watkins good. And I fear I think they felt they were able to address their future as well with the draft picks coming back to them so I think if you look at this from a complete. Philosophy you know philosophical perspective on the part of these two guys that are now running his franchise. The deals. Kind of makes cents from from their perspective and what they feel can help them win now in the future mark. Well in doing time get information that is shocking and that information was shocking to me in as it was to many teammates of but both those guys bills club and guys that a bill relationship with those players and and I think they expressed those sentiments early in the week in. Not not because they don't want the team to be better at because they had built relationships and they were sorry see their teammates go. Particularly teammates who have. Had evidence of really high production and in in this late there's no question about it but you know sometimes in those situations you have this. You have to just remove yourself from the situation step back and rethink it and then respond. And and try to figure out what the mindset of the coaching staff was in the administration was when they. When they made the deal in and out when when you look at it from that perspective. I think what they're trying to do is fear addition by subtraction so they're taken a couple of key players out. Hoping that they bring players in who fit this dramatic. That they want Iran both offensively and defensively and thereby make the unit fifteen stronger there's no question in my mind. That there are some things. That Jordan Matthews. Does not bring to the table that this Sammy Watkins said he's not gonna stretch his team or does that opposition vertically. You know so who's gonna provide that element to this bills' offensive unit cadet be court round because if the if he's a Jones who if they push him outside. I don't know what that needs to be an element you need to be it'd take to top off the defense. Because if you're not gonna do that what I'm nadu was a defensive coordinators I'm gonna loaded up and I must say I am not let this John McCoy beat me he is not gonna beat me. Beat me with somebody else. And you just took away somebody. That that I think could beat him and Sammy Watkins that being said. Jordan Matthews says they're almost statistical equivalents. Jordan Matthews actually has probably about seven or more catches and Sam mere eighty. Split up or get used to it right because he's played more games in and that's about that the size of it but then you look at it and and I hope he turns out to be a great player but you're looking at. Philadelphia in the situation here he got 73 balls last year I think the tie dinner Scott 78. And then in the offseason they said we need help when their receiving corps we need to be able to stretch people down the field. We need some veteran leadership to go with this young quarterback that we field. Is going to have a great upside here in the NFL with the numbers that that Carson went put forth last year so there. There I don't know where Jordan Matthews would have fit in this offense so they're given away a player that that they're not sure where he was gonna fit in this office in getting a player. And Ronald Darby in this situation is that where they really feel like they wanna play a lot of man defense. And I think he's an outstanding man coverage guy so they really got the guys that they needed. And then the bills got an additional draft pick as well so. There are some things about this deal. Then that I think are favorable for the bills but there's no question that on the surface. It to it seems like you gave away two players that. That that would have been very productive. The injuries it is difficult situation is welcome you don't north Sanders going to be healthy. And then if he is healthy and has a big year are you gonna pay him when you're still concerned about the health risk. And I think you have to step back and think about that because. I don't know powered job of big contract on him with all that health issues that he's had here in his early career committee of. Early decided already not to do that. We'll talk more about the trade and tonight's game thank you mark and Chris stand by also what the trade does for their morale. This team's morale we had flights at practice. And Monday in one might wonder if that's related just what the mood of the team is. After a trade that were all sitting here and I think maybe anybody would seems to make him weaker. For 2017. More of the roundtable here on countdown to kick off with mark Kelso Chris brown and us much over the bulldogs coming up this is Buffalo Bills football. I thought they handled it down as well as they could you know they get the human element. And I appreciate. Their relationships that are that built up over time having said that there mentally tough football team. And I will continue to. Increase in that area. You should put a phenomenal job and they understand. That this is about when this is about building a football team I was extremely proud. John McDermott saying those things about. The morale of the team and the leadership within working out so far and being optimistic about that let's continue our discussion about the bills. Posts. The Sammy Watkins trade with our guys. In Philadelphia site of tonight's pre season game number two the bills and Eagles Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com and our color analyst mark Kelso. What show in the Bulldog here in Amherst bills and Eagles tonight. Guys what about the morale of the team now a cult cult took a job does McDermott have I'm. Ready for just about any answer on this because I don't think that. Those trades have to mean that the team is. Worse an important way of me Watkins was not always on the field anyway. But I could also see the symbolism the draft picks that the bills got back and that being assigned to guys that. You know this is not about this year we thank. You ami take their first. Well. Well I again it how many under guys do understand human element there's no question that they build some relationships on this team and and now when your starter of that caliber and in you mean net months to an offensive unit I think it picked guys by surprise there's no question about that I. I think gag guys said the right things. They didn't come out the median saying things. That was. That was that was to distract people from the message that this is this is something to improve our team and I do think it was and I. I certainly don't think there's that message or at the the goal here was to depreciate the effectiveness of of whatever unit whether it was the office of it was Sammy is defense unit with. With Ronald Darby and and but I think they they just need to continue to focus on the team but I I would suspect. Privately there's a lot of frustration there's there's got to be good relationship with those guys in and you know you fought together with those guys and you've been on the field with them and and you fought side by side with the men and you want those guys that have a really special relationship but it seems like they didn't. And and I'm sure Tyrod it was a little plug frustrated about it but. He said the right things and I think day. As time goes on they'll move forward from it and I think he'll welcome Jordan Matthews with open arms and hopefully you will be as productive and bubbles he wasn't philadelphians. And and the same thing with with DJ gains though and I suspect that. You know them move series right over and and he may be began its its in that position right now as opposed that. Tunisia gains in that situation but. I think they have to with the leadership corps the big coach McDermott has identified. It has engaged significantly. Here through the OTA process and the pre season. He has got to convince them. And then and I think he probably has to some degree that we're gonna do everything we can to make this seem a consistent winner and and if you're able to pick up. Some draft picks that are gonna help view. Effectuate that goal here in the short term as well as the long term although long term I think being. What they want what they really wanna focus on. I certainly don't think that means that that they're not gonna go out there. And do everything they can't to win all sixteen of those those regular season game. Here in 2007 team. Chris. And I think you know you look at this whole thing in. I think it's after the initial shock wore off they knew this was a they know this is a business and you know even John McDermott said I mean can't practice that the day after I mean this in practice late Friday afternoon. And the practice moved along pretty well I mean I thought that was good tempo they're albeit somewhat subdued since it was the day after game they were not in pants. But they performed. Like they're supposed to perform like professionals and I think the leadership on this team. Kind of sets that agenda and put it in motion. Guys we you know can't hang your heads can't feel sorry for ourselves as you know these two guys are our roster anymore. To get two players coming back we got to get to work we saw a lot to do let's go. And you know it went from there. You know I grant back at training camp they had it down practice they weren't performing well. You know coach returned related to over the pace picked up. I don't think those scuffles or anything or result of the trades I think they were result of the intensity of practice particularly the goal line drill which was full tackle to the ground. Which is when tempers flare was it was a hot humid day now. I think this seems moving forward I really do. You know we we can debate seventeen different ways to Sunday as to whether they're gonna be a better team or not you know him in 27 team. But I think these guys know this is what we're going with. And I don't think this is the end guys and I think there's going to be a lot of roster shuffling with this team. Especially. With. You know the cut coming up which goes from ninety to 53 guys which is new for every team obviously you know corporate team in its first year under a new front office and a new head coach. The fifth. I think it's going to be very interesting to see what the approach is you know to the only name 46 guys to their 53 man roster currently polls open. Expecting people to come pre that they prefer to have on their roster of people that work with them throughout the whole offseason. I don't know there's a lot of dynamics that are going to be in play here. Based on a what Brandon being in shopping Dermot covet in terms of a player for their football team. You know and roster formation for the 53 maybe more than we've ever seen before. And now we're just just to jump memorize I would concur with that and I would suggest that they're not done do what they did last week. Throughout the course this training camp that someone's dock and their lesson. There. There's another half an hour this roundtable to come and I'm sure wanna talk about some of the other roster. Battles that will be looking at tonight. But the put a ball. On this Watkins conversation. May maybe in this community's been restored the rest of the roster and in what remains to be seen in these upcoming three pre season games guys. Who's got the best chance to replace what Watkins represented at least in the form. Of speed someone to take the top off the defense from the heat is there someone that you guys are watching to emerge to maybe claim that spot in the. Receiving. For me it's a Jones I think he moves outside now which makes complete sense with folded and Matthews here two players who have far more experience in the slot that he does. Especially the NFL level where his experiences zero. I think any receiver will tell you. At playing the slot is more complicated it playing outside because. You've got more reads after the snap you've got people moving in and adding your area. You've got bigger men in there ready delay hits on in so we can potentially be more intimidating this young linebackers and safeties lurking. Whereas if you're outside. More often than not you're working against one guy and maybe your check and see if there's safety help over the top. So I think Rosie Jones should go here in year one is outside. He he ran a 445 at the top but that's not slow. So I think he's capable. You know of getting behind defense is. And I think he's strong enough to handle that too so. It's a joy to be my first choice to a lesser extent. Rod Streeter another guy who runs very well makes difficult catches outside can reach over defensive backs and make plays. I don't thing out for homes is it deep threat I think he's more of a red zone threat with his size. But he'll be used outside as well so those are your three primary players to at least bill. You know that that deep outside plays when you're taking your shots or Rick Dennison said it this week. We wanna take about six to seven shots a game. Hoping to connect all three of those knowing the success rate of those place. This is this is an offense it's going to be based on high percentage throws that's why it bought gold in here it's why Jordan Matthews was acquired. They run the routes that cater to high percentage completion. This is an offense that wants to stay on the field supplement the run game with a high efficiency passing game. And yes they'll take their shots downfield but I think they feel better equipped with the receiving corps they have now. You know with full that in Matthews here. To accomplish that. Chris and you have here's one other thing keep in mind is that the slot receiver and to a lesser extent and X receivers on the backside you may be tight. It's certain times and they run like from a flight situation. The outside the offensive tackle. Those guys have got to be good blockers in the running game. To be average yield off linebackers and create some opportunities in the running game and that's what Robert Woods was so great at doing. And you really haven't found a replacement for that so well as Charlie Bolden don't like it has pulled in and perhaps Matthews is well if they're playing in the slot. They've got to be able to create opportunities in the running game. Because if you're running game is going to be prolific you'd need wide receivers who are willing to engage in. In a blocking situation and and and not to say chills could not do that but I would suspect that that wasn't what he did much at east Carolina and and it's something that he would have to grow into his so it's only natural that it be outside and in those two guys would be slotted as says insights I've received. So guys we'll get back to shortly thank you countdown to kickoff the roundtable talk John Nathan and Peter men and more. The bills and Eagles in just over an hour with Chris brown and mark Kelso in Philadelphia. Much over the bulldogs in Amherst this is Buffalo Bills football.