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He has never done. This is the pregame show. Buffalo Bills football on the Buffalo Bills Radiohead. Made the switch to northwest and get back to. Hi everybody pre season game number two tonight. And the first road game for the bills as they visit the Philadelphia Eagles in three hours. That is three hours just enough time for us to talk about. This game and not miss a thing right I feel like that is that should be enough ample time you're up for us ID I agree to would be to fuel forward between men. Forward be way too many. It's 7 o'clock tonight kick off bills and Eagles John Murphy mark Kelso will have the play by play from the northwest broadcast Booth. Make the switch to northwest and get back to living today's pre season game is probably presented by men die college discover why students say. Ms. di starts with me sell apology go our sideline reporter for tonight's game will join us momentarily from Philly. Whether for this game. 84. And mostly cloudy. With very light wins tonight in Philadelphia slight chance of rain it is a sell would really be the one of the three loss to say so. Hot there today 89. Degrees in Philly they're looking at about a ninety degree if you ninety degree days or thereabouts coming up through the weekend so how is Philadelphia. My first chance to really. Ever get out to the city because last time we are here you know we we human evening in the game was the next day at 1 o'clock. The situation here I. Went out to gee don't you know everybody says. You know Philly cheese steak their here's the thing OK SA what to do you know isn't of course my Twitter people up with. Why do you go to pats went door to go to air strike blew two don't go but you know what it's kind of like when people come to buffalo. And they're certainly in places they just have to he they have to it like because you're there. Aren't there iconic so it's the novelty or for me and I'm glad that I did today yeah I. I am I'm not one to criticize your choice of where you win. But did IC just like lettuce and tomato and no cheese whiz I'm there like isn't that how today went what the hell is going. Their dietary thing for me Bulldog I'm actually not a big cheese eater I'll have Pete says stuff like that but I don't get. She's on my sneakers. A joke it cheeseburger or hamburger. You suppose I mean what's wrong with lettuce tomato is a stake coat. I think it's a chief speak isn't it but that's that's the idea sell that you sell a cheese steak in a state so we like December and it that only. So that's why yet so yes I did not eat a real Billy I. I don't know yeah right go go bigger girl home runs. That's how I putted for cholera to me I I appreciate your attention to your diet. But if you're gonna if you're winning Rome. I mean now I. It's more of a I don't ask don't do very very well today I agree with Bulldog I don't care if you do dairy I just don't get any bigger news glad we have two segments yeah. Late may and that no other is also purse out of a sop for some reason Erik Spoelstra showed up our hotel was actually the picture yeah we don't know I mean. Apparently I do now because mark Kelso lake literally chased them you know out the door to say hello lackadaisical bills on his way out. So actually no Kelso got to talk to politically is such an engaging guy. And I he said done. They actually it is really interesting I think he said that they go to different cities around the country policies in the visit their players just kind of check up on a talk to. This course the Miami Heat. Yeah all right well image in the weather before by the way 89 at the moment Philadelphia 84 predicted for kick off at 7 o'clock. That's brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. On car insurance rolls yeah what's the stadium like cell that you you've been their before write the bill yeah it there since you've been on this on this would be right. Two years ago I have I mean I never saw that. Up close and personal I've CNET TV that was one of those cookie cutters seventy stadiums like Three Rivers and river front the round type deal. This is one of the newer type of stadiums that has the and zones that kind of break off on the corners and and you get that real IA bleacher goal and then in the end zone there and both sides. Com doesn't have a jail doesn't have a jail cell a picnic at it that's a good question and I. The bat and a jail where he. That that had the worst terror bright and I had the jail and it also had the hole in the wall remember no hold why that. That was that because that there was like a lawsuit that the cheerleaders said that there was a hole again. Guys in the other locker room and seeing the cheerleaders to inch right on right. You know. But it would be hard to believe I would imagine none of those things made it made the transition to Lincoln Financial Field I am guessing now is he really it is a nice stadium inside it's some it's pretty intimate I would say everything seems pretty close on top EU. It's one of the deals like you know the ought how that would go up it's that a outs. Seniors and the oranges kind of looking down at what it looks like that here Matt Light the similar Matt Light. And I go straight up like your pretty high when you when you get up there are some stadiums legal little further back from the field this is the case here. What are we looking at tonight in terms of starters playing for for both teams if you know. I don't know the Eagles pills a quarter and a half is what they're targeting. So you will see he either expected to see Tyrod Taylor the first team offense. Into the second quarter and then I think from there it's more of a let's see where we go with this if they're playing while they eat is there on the field. I would expect them to come out early in the second quarter of coach McDermott feels the need to get some more work. And the about probably later in the second quarter but they should be out before halftime. Barring you know anything on foreseeing the same thing with the defense. Last week the defense came up earlier though they get after the couple series and the even the rest of the night off the office they out there are so. Doesn't have to be the same for either profitable for both units but we're expecting the second unit for the bills to go in sometime before self and. But jewel on the AT&T hotline with a us from Philadelphia Eagles and Eagles coming your way. At seven we'll have a roundtable whiz mark Kelso and Chris Brown. There are also in Philadelphia with cell coming up between 53633. Closer to kick off. There's the corner and a half things cell will that include what Shawn McCoy do you have any idea. Last week keyed to rest right images did not play at all. I expect him to play tonight he did he is going to. Look we're in Philadelphia and if there's any place LeSean McCoy would would say I wanna play in the pre season it's the stadium. So if he has any say whatsoever I would think he's going to play I have not received any indication he won't play but again. I didn't last week he was. Listed on the starting lineup and he did not play so we don't know what if that's the case again. So much has happened obviously since the bills played that game. So much relief in two things that the two trades that coupled together on Friday morning and thus we I don't think Zelaya on the dash spent. Fifteen seconds talking you about anything that happened in that game. But Jonathan Williams did one really effectively. Maybe is best run was wiped out by a weight holding badly by Richie and cut me though but he I he looked you looked decisive he looked elusive. Is he healthy because there was a hamstring tweak in that game as well. Yet in fact he said that it really was no issue whatsoever said kind of slow the source they're just picture is okay in the chase them down. To be honest with you BB I mean that's you know the word we got they went in that that blue tent for a little while and he came out. Yeah out he looks really good guys I was actually it's vital that I was just thinking this morning about this China thing about Jonathan Williams in the running game I was shot and I'm thinking now. Maybe could we get lucky here in three weeks into the year we're like how the bills really did a Smart thing by letting you'll actually go in trusting Jonathan Williams because that's what. That's what this season's about right now I think is. Can you. Play to the level that Michael asleep it last year was it worth letting Mike you mostly go for that extra what went maybe one million dollars to add to pay him. To be out of reach now four million hits this year but the overall contract and talking per year average what do they may be 11 and happily and I guess that from what you could've gotten more and I think he just has to make sure he is someone that people think is as good or better them than mindlessly and if not. That we're to have that discussion all year about that decision the bills made but so far so good not only in his then. Those leaves had major hamstring issues he actually missed over a week of practice recently. In new England and that's something that lingered from OTAs now I don't know if the bills knew anything about hamstring issues but. From what I gather he actually did have some you know they have kind of been a bit of an issue for him going back a couple of years so maybe that was one of the reasons to its request much out of the way I love his competence that's what it is early in camp. I just thought oh my gosh this guy he can't be the number two running back they have to they're gonna have to figure something out here. As camp has gone on he has just gotten so what's more competent he gets he's gotten so much better he's cutting decisively he's following his blockers very well he's been patient. And really above all it's holding onto the ball he's double clawing as he goes. In a Traficant talked about bout that he said it's definitely a point of emphasis after last year he put on the ground a couple times especially pre season he said he. He has been actually goes around saint John Fisher carrying a football sometimes when he's. Just kind of bumping around to make sure that so he's always securing its so I think those are really good positive things for him. So I double clawing his two hands on the ball and people will ask them if you're walking if you're walking around the school the campus with him in the ball to. Help you better not fumbling which you also just walk into the walls mr. walking around like walking the stuff for just a CD or just had some contact at a little pressure on yourself look. What I did ask him like I said well when you carry the ball around you have guys just like recently come up to you when you're you're kind of throw a punch it out. I rip it out he said no he laughs at known and that is I just need to have the feel the ball in my hands all the times I wanna make sure. I would go I would totally. Only do that I would I mean if I writes if he's on my T Aamodt a player on the schools and I don't try to punch it out and see these guys that are on the what's the point bright. Double anger is good of a challenge sell it right this definitely came up what we're talking a Kelso and brownie last week on the roundtable. But I I'm thinking about the running back. Fullback positions. As there are four. Went for giving each year that it obviously McCoy in Williams I think coal Bert. And DiMarco and then one of I got a I got I got the rest of these halfback battling for me be one spot. May have that that's exactly right that's how fiery I mean. I could see a scenario way you don't keep any of them you know if if they if anybody is to be capped I think. I think center colonial might have a leg up maybe in the rest of the group and Angel vineyard it's an there was some I think Jordan Johnson's very sorry local fans I don't see him. Heavy chance really to make it at this point. But I think it would be between those two O'Neill and be injured. I think they like what surgical Neil brings. But I just I could see a scenario where that's all they have a it was shot. And they have Jonathan Williams and they have DiMarco and then they use Mike Tolbert how to as a swing guys on my back slash respect that they don't have to waste another roster. I doubt he does provide some value in that area I think October. You know I noticed a lot of talk about the leadership and all that but he can probably do both of those jobs if it comes to at least in a pension in Iraq on game day. And then if you have a long term situation you can always go grab somebody. But but I guess I might say. I would rather they do that. Those four guys and and don't keep an extra guy in the if you need to fill a guy you go find you know Gordon running back upstream in the Mets hotels. I would say this though do you not so much as they do not sleep on it. Just pay attention to how they've been using Taiwan Jones because I've paid attention that lately and he seems to try to just be doing a little bit everything and it tells me that. You know there there Kyra and you know integrating him in the all facets special teams returning. Running back he's catching balls out of the backfield I wonder if they release may be like him. A little bit more because of his versatility we know the staff loves that and maybe he's a guy now I I use him use one my arrow down last week when the white editor and drop rate. Any also winning to be tackled somebody call for a fair catch what I mean you know you don't do that right right and I I think he needs to have a much better team here tonight. In this type of spot but. Even last week of practice this entire week leading up guys I think that. That's just a guy that I would not. Necessarily discount for being on this roster if he if they really believe he can offer some versatility and do some different things for them. I wanna move on something else but since you brought that play up I remember that I have thought about that that I haven't thought of again since it happened. But I my eyes went right to Sean McDermott after that the more the more obvious you know very user city and we've got one yet like it was clean it was completely blatant and so my eyes went right to McDermott. And McDermott did little posturing there Ehrlich. I thought he he had let's say he would've been upset cause the only coach probably would have been upset but he and his his hands on his hips. And he he set he walked out. But a couple of steps from where he was out almost onto the field. It was like looking back at the player and I feel like that's the kind of thing were a lot of fans will look at the coach and you just subconsciously. Know that. And I think he was you know somewhere in there was people are gonna know that that bothered me and no he didn't the guy the player. Maybe McDermott called him over like the player went over to McDermott's arguments in the same thing I did endure a few seconds they're nothing demonstrative. But I think that's. That's part of what McDermott is really going for here and that's also part of what I think he wants his image to be that. A play like that he is not gonna be what we wanna see guys. Think we got a kind of a little bit of of all that encompasses McDermott on that play because I agree with you Mike I. I actually did the same thing I watch Reid after that first I saw him Taiwan Jones he did not know with the guy call for a fair catch his head was down. But that's on hand you have to have your head up the appeal to see that he called for a fair catch and then. I looked rated McDermott you and I saw the same thing where it seemed like he was kind of you know OK he's a little bit up and often internally and then as the player went over though as well as Jones got there. Gotta love them up if you will in enemy can even talk to reporters he put his hand he stands at his like shoulders maybe talk to a little bit give a little pat became a little pep talk in. I'm sure he wasn't happy with them but I think he also let him know look I mean to mistake you got to get over it and we need you and you can't be thinking about it. So this. This conversation we're having is also one. On our network affiliates and while the three of us have talked about Sammy Watkins straight a lot since it happened just less than a week ago. Don't affiliate listeners around the state forever on the on the network wouldn't have heard any of those conversations will they were two or local station. So let's let's go back to it took to that night. And I wonder by the way. Toward this since you you're talking about McCoy not playing in that game if his. Dressing but not being on the field was another thing that might have been a clue. On the inside or whatever that Watkins was you know being showcase for those first few plays would you be McCoy on the field for. But anyway. Did you see that calming sell what was it some thing bit like when you heard about the trade. Did you go yup I'd I IE. I had a feeling any such thing and then of course part of that would be holly did throw the ball Watkins repeatedly to start that game. No no feeling whatsoever. I thought they are really thought they were throwing to Sammy Watkins early on just to make sure he could feel good about his platoon Egypt feel confident. The tyra to feel confident I got my number one guy now here we go greater role will get a few catches early build good will get them out of the game he's really get to go here. And now we kind of can put all that to rest. Internally externally all of that so. I didn't think anything of that. When the trade happened. I was stunned I did not think they would treat Sammy likens I thought he was going to be a big part of what they did this year and especially knowing that he is healthiest what is all checked out all that. But then when I kind of took a step back. Thought about all the events leading up to it. It's not quite as surprising to me that they did it I am still surprised. But I'm not nearly as all my god I can't believe it. I can understand leading from point a to point B in the fifth year option and all those kinds of things leading up to where we were. Last week. It made more sense that they did it even though I wasn't expecting it coastal some. Prize yeah. I know we talked about this cell. But again Mike Mike you said art our network affiliates who heard the conversation. And we both had the same thought went win when the trade got made. I wonder if they came out and threw the ball to him to show the rams that he's healthy and and then now we can consummate our deal. I think shoveled out right I mean I think. Maybe not even like I don't think the rams set he got through this guy right right but I think. That be maybe had a mind. Hey we should at least get him involved early show that he's okay because we have this deal on the table. We don't want anyone to saying well maybe maybe the rams sent how healthy Izzy principal showed you I don't I don't I don't if you listen the last eight. He said the deal was complete a week before the trade or what I think you mean misses. The parameters or in place I we just need the bills to pull the trigger and maybe maybe when he says the brewers replace. He also said it was like 90% down one of the school is quote maybe the 2% was. You really healthy like OK sounds like it but we really are not completely sure there wouldn't simply. Game and you know and do induced by things and demonstrate that he is healthy and you know we certainly did. He certainly did do that it was a really jarring. I don't know what will it be from the at the end of the game until the morning when the trade is made twelve hours or so. If that. It is so stunning to go from while maybe these new guys are gonna feed Watkins like crazy to he's not on the team any group. Right. Yeah and what did Sean McDermott's A at the press conference I thought that was a really interesting quote we are not just where we're trying to build a football team. Not just collect talent and look at these trying to take a shot at Doug Whaley but clearly that was Doug Whaley mission. For right or wrong god really was about collecting talent. He wanted to get as many good football players as he could how ever he could go about getting them what he overpaid for them or not. He was about getting good football players. Irregardless of that's a word to be able to me it's not to the value of those players and how he got to. And then hey let them play because laws like the football players this league is about having playmakers a good football players Sean McDermott's philosophy is completely the opposite of that. His philosophy is I don't care how talented person and I'm trying to build them. As part of my football people football team as a whole as a whole and it to fit in with everything we are doing off the field and on the field well. The bills and Eagles including events from that day and have plenty of connections and McDermott is a part of that too. You have Jordan Matthews now a member of the bills although he's injured Ronald Darby goes over to Philadelphia. Sell all your thoughts on Darby is being traded and then all so what we need to know which with respect to injuries tonight. While RB I really believe was much more of a scheme issue if you guys as I've said this before mark also said many times last year in the broadcast. That this was not a good zone defense team he would say that. I would say when the bills go please don't on the back and they're not nearly as effective they don't have a zone covered guys at the enemy and guys that started with guys. Note the corner guys which are Darby and Gilmore and it went to the back Corey Graham in. Who answer player acts it the other safety after it was gone right a duke Williams or whoever that might of that but. That's why if you look at it as it's really interesting I was just I saw us keep our seaports and I say keep. You realize you're the only person left in the entire secondary from. I mean like literally and he said we'll call I said that's right Michael and I are the whole year right now chenille grades military excuse me. He came on in December in the year but really he got Seymour is the only player guys in the entire secondary all four starters are different. They have completely changed out every person and gone with guys that they feel are good for their system to meet the run derby tree was a system tray. They want the guy. And EJ Gaines who they feel disease don't cover guy he's against that it often physically tackle you. And I don't think they felt that run derby that that particular mold of what they want to use a man to man guy he wasn't necessarily all that physical and that's not exactly. You know what they're looking orbit that super well into what Jim Schwartz wants here in Philadelphia and now he's got. Darby. And Ron Brooks. And who's the other three degrees BB DB called 3-D b.s did yeah right Graham to record Graham Gloria Grahame Corey Corey and granted there in the line back in Regina. That's right Jason Peters of course as we know all right so I mean in and they had Leodis leaning so he's he's got guys these familiar with. For his scheme as arsenic guys on Cortland is not gonna play as you probably it would. You anticipate. Take a look at Matthews here. Met George Matthews will not play of course that that's the case Jeremy Butler will not play at wide receiver he's still doing. With taking cautious our starters I just talked about keep Nazi mortal split time which are restructurings will actually get the start. At corner outside treaties what I think that's an interesting battle they're now between. He might see more cash injuries right it EJ gains for the opposite starting corner spot portrait tedious white. Look for black you pass in the undocking to get plenty of time when John Miller George mills in me me me even bulls seek time with the first team offense is back that would. Kind of expect that last week they changed out as a whole that would probably be what's gonna happen here tonight but that's I think it is ours injuries are concerned. Thank you so we'll talk again later. I guess thanks so Alka pot yo will rejoin us bad 5 eastern and then wolf course be on the sideline for tonight's game between the bills. And Eagles. Which opened the Bulldog here you can reach us on our post game coverage countdown to kickoff at 8030550. Or 1888550. To 550. This is the Buffalo Bills radio network. There's some receivers out there that played in a lot of important football games that maybe weren't household names and won a lot of football games. I think that this thing we have to keep in mind is who are building eighteen. I keep saying we're not accumulating talent that comes down to holes that comes down to chemistry comes them come out. And selfishness that's what qualities really looking for our football player. Those two guys and involve them left here this football player this is nothing about them it's more about where we're going as. In his case where we're going to. Okay well it's a little bit about them. OK I mean like it's a fair point and a lot of people wouldn't understand it and arts are about to understand. A lot of people would agree with it and the like. It's a different cell alluded to it earlier this a difference between. Being a good player and being good teammates. Or something along those lines but then. You know it in this knee jerk effort that these coaches always do to be sure never to say anything bad about anybody. He goes as far as to say it's not about Watkins or Darby at all is a little bit about Watkins or Darby if you're trading down and coming to what's with the point about. What they're good at what the the background is Richard butchered philosophies are. Of course reflects on both of those guys who think it needs to go Jeremy. He is an doesn't have to. Evident and to do with on whether or not they fit into that team. Concept that that the coaches talking about it it could. Certainly when. A deal like this is made with the new regime in place that preaches the sorts of things consistently. That especially McDermott preaches. Your bureau I think allowed to wonder. Whether or not these guys didn't fit within that family. For lack of a better way to put it. But it it you know we can also end up that it just reflects on what you think of their talent their reliability. Their fit for your deal mean. There's no reason if Ronald Darby was going to be a good football player in your defense with two years left on his initial contract in the league. That you would move him off of your team you know I mean you it there has to be something about him his style of play even just that. You don't like guard does not fit so it is about him. Otherwise I'll alas he's just the price that you have to pay in order to replace the receiver you traded away. Well that's not good though. Coming you don't have to replace Sammy watched you know how many receivers are in the room beats a you don't have to do that right you wanna do that because you. Shirley Matthews is a respectable. And you want it to look like a Spanish bid additionally you want to look like. You know you're trying to put the best team you can't out there we're also the obviously. You know and having interest in the second round pick that you get. Am in the wac and straighter you're IE wouldn't need to replace Sammy Watkins if it's possible look for it and you've felt he needed to. And that's where like the cost comes in and maybe just all adds up. Style of play maybe something about. Fit. In the room but really style of play and I need this receiver. And that adds up to rattle Barber's gotta go in order to make this work for. Countdown to kick off the bills and the Eagles tonight Mike show the Bulldog your time now for our. And then them as you pull it parts needed to pull it together segment presented by Eminem you Paula western New York's. Premier destination for used car and truck parts you pull the parts you save the money well. Along these lines McDermott McDermott needs to if you'll allow pull together the players on the team after that and it was a little bit strained last Friday which we just heard a clip from and Brandon being as well. Trying to told a line. Between. This is something that is in our our. Best interests. For the future the whole point. The draft picks that you get in those trades especially with the rams' second round pick in the lock and straight but also like were just saying getting. Matthews backing EJ gains back and being able to sell at least two people buying hopefully for the bill's case their own players. That this season isn't being thrown away. Yeah when I think about McDermott need to pull it together on I'm thinking of a conversation I heard just yesterday on our. And our flagship station here in buffalo. On the John Murphy show with Ruben brown and Donald Jones two former players two former bills. Talking about. What happened at practice on Monday and we talked about that some early this weekend for fans who maybe weren't all that dialed in to paying attention. 21 of the last practices at saint John Fisher. The bills have a sloppy practice there was seemingly a lack of attention to detail and McDermott got very frustrated about halfway through the practice. Blew the whistle called nine. Yeah more or less red in the riot act there was some cursing and just. Admonishing over the effort that he was seeing and I heard Rubin and Donald. Talking as former players predicting that that was in part. Of side you know make. Become a result of the trade that it happened on Friday that players are kind of shaken by that. So they McDermott his head. This week a job to do in order to reclaim. His team's attention. And re establish. Maybe if if there're level of trust in him was shaken at all in the trading way of two players who. Had been good players for this team in the acquisition of two guys who frankly are strangers. To any of the guys that have been on this team the last few years not that there's a long list there's there's been a lot of roster turnover but. On the McDermott's got some some work to do in that area because players I think. Wouldn't at the end of it despite all the brave public faces that. We see put on these things would be wondering why we need to win here and we who wore what what what school we treated bullet the sole. I think it's up to the coach to kind of snapped their own back to attention and and he made enough to do that on Monday. Not easy though no it. The bills and Eagles beyond. Just the trade from last Friday. Other players that we talked about cell earlier that the Eagles have who played here. There are other connections including McDermott. The bills played the Eagles it's regular season now four times in the ninety's. And won all four. And I would say that the least memorable those games for the would be different for different people was the last one. The bills beat the Eagles in a pretty famous game in 1990. He year. Most famous for a play the Eagles made Randall Cunningham to Brett Barnett at Burnett president credible athletic play by Cunningham. But the bills were the got a big lead in the rothmans was great they won that game. They won at of that in Philly twice in the 90s93. At 107 game. And 1996. And in 1999. The bills beat the Eagles here early in that season 26 to nothing. Are they came at all. No okay don't so the bills were a big favorites is Indy Reid's first year as the Eagles coach. And it might have been a week three. And the bills were at home in 1999 against the Eagles and eleven and a half point favorite road big favorite. And won the game easily. The Eagles ended up getting to five wins that your and then the next year the Arctic might have been eleven and five and in the playoffs so quick turnaround from Andy Reid with the Eagles. The 99 Eagles. All under Reid and GM Billy Tom mode trek who was in the bills' front office for many years. McDermott is on that staff. Leslie Frazier was on that staff the bill's current defense of coordinator. One cast steel. Was on that staff offensive line and he's that here now. And there was one more I'm forgetting but maybe not so behead you had a few guys including McDermott. I don't think I knew that McDermott and Frazier. Head coach together went back that far but in 99 when Reid start with Philadelphia they had a game in buffalo that year. That the bills one they were all on the eagles' staff. 8030515. Year 188550. To 550 to reach us so is that is that five and eleven year in 99 for the Eagles does that lead them to Donovan McNabb and McNabb is already there he already narrow is that is the other thing I was gonna mention that McNabb but we're dog Peterson and kind. They were the two quarterbacks and for Philadelphia that your Peterson now the Eagles coach there's no exit 99 draft McNabb that's than 99 draft format that Ricky Williams moment. We're McNabb is urologist in Philadelphia were worries worries boot where the fans boo because the Eagles took McNabb over Ricky Williams. I was in Philadelphia talking to a friend Glen MacNow o.s in the Philadelphia media. And I mentioned that that. Incidents and he said you know the ecowas edited a nice way to me he's he's business what you should know better. He said. Because it's a few people who'd do that and like there's still this memory then the city hated moral of the city heating it it was a few people. Hated it and the mirror. Or receive the governor was Ed Rendell that time Philadelphia which he was struck back. Ricky Williams we should pick Ricky Williams encrypted so like there was some faction of people but you know that does happen. We meet him he was the governor guessing at a Super Bowl he was honored you know Eagles Super Bowl probably is rather yep that's right yeah and governor Ed Rendell while. Anyway that 96 game. I remember for a game or the important. The game northern play the blocked punt right. And moment. But at some point if some stuff stored up there the guys in America and I mean I think in my I don't remember no I don't either I don't either just just looked it up. Last meeting was near the end of the 2015 season Chip Kelly. Was the Eagles coach Stan and they were having a very difficult season but did beat the bills that day in Philadelphia 23 to twenty. They meet tonight in the pre season. Deemed too. For both teams will have kick off for you at seven. Along the way another visit with cell apology owed about eighteen minutes. And after that mark Kelso and Chris Brown join us switch over the bulldogs for our regular. Pregame roundtable. Again you can reach us at 8030550. Sold implied discount don't kick off here on the Buffalo Bills radio network. I'll definitely be joking about how we push and everybody's bugs I got into it and you know that's that's were trying to build we're trying to build that brotherhood you fight your Brothers and when you're out here compete in trying to get better does get champion. We're Israeli hit somebody else honestly I mean it hit these guys are about Arnold Q3 weeks right now and we're Israeli cut loose. Richie Hancock ego talking about how they. Head lights of practical if they're very affordable training camp Spiegel towards that within itself quite well. All I mean. He really ran the Grand Rapids of training camp quote there. August 17 this today's day mean that is smack dab in the middle of we already did hit other people are that he. In football time at the center is like right in the mix it's on the back end of the range is that Marty started the pre season. The bills and the Eagles tonight Mike show the Bulldog here on the bills radio network. Kickoff is at seven surged more than two hours away. And the weather in Philadelphia is hot. As players start to take the field. Over the next little while to warm up and get ready for tonight's game temperature right now is ninety more in Philly it feels like 93. But the relief. To know that it's only ninety's. It's no not really but it will cool off to about 85. I tickled cruel and it's great I was at the stadium last week we both work. And stuck around for the game. And was in a sweep through work where you had you know you can open the windows closed the windows. And every time I'm in one of those suites or the press box reducing thing both. Mean I think about what Darryl Talley said about Ralph Wilson always you know bright I knew I loved that so much. After Ralph Wilson died Darryl Talley was one of many bills greats who was on our show talk about him. And tally went on and sort of like a lot of guys he talked like a lot of guys in the need to sort of veered into this this anecdote I guess about Wilson now. In Wilson's suite he never close the windows he wanted to feel the game. There'll tally woods had said he wanted he wanted to feel the game the way the fans felt the game and it's thought that was such a great metaphor. Never close the windows never close the windows right. So. Last week and last week was a near perfect night and we didn't close the windows. And you know tonight. At ninety degrees or whatever it is whatever gains and if you got air conditioning in there and I don't want to you know imported viewing with the pins are for illegals in particular is heatstroke. Gorilla back I. Firing only into yourself don't don't do that don't make yourself sick but no I do like that story unless you like wires in which case. Is the thing. Pregame crowd hostile like Philadelphia crowds are known to be the doubted warming don't presume pre season for them do are they boo yeah. Throwing stuff of the state missiles bosses of polls and do they booed Eagles in the pre season. There isn't much of that here I mean there was a much Boeing last week. Knoll. No one will talk more about tonight's game in the upcoming season of course talk about your will rejoin us in the market also when Chris Brown do that. Which opened a Bulldog here this is the Buffalo Bills radio network.