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And that's. And then and. It's my children. And Bulldog. I think that was evident seeds might show up and move anyone's ever offered him. Let's go over some of the symptoms of marijuana use shall wait. You tell me who this sounds like it's no bull dog slow moving. Inattentive. Dole. Constantly snacking. Shows a lack of motivation. And it's might show that the bulldogs. You Ciara Sports Radio. All right it's game day yup. Do you remember a time in your life. When you were. Excited about a pre season game of bills pre season game. Because. It was going to be interest thing but to find out what happened in the game notch because there was a football game on bodies and you would watcher defense. M do me a little clarity on. Watch you more specifically mean by what was going to happen. You mean the school war. Did you ever terror a lot about what would happen in these games and like look forward to them because of that sure. Can you remember the last time needed that. But I sort of took that arm early in the spring was I here. And wanted one yeah I think so big river walk and it. You don't fact. Was Ethier worked nights the for the first freezing image here was the day of our 101000 troops are. Are hung over I com. Our I. I decided early in the spring with a boot the bell come to root for for the bills for the quarterback competition between castle Taylor and EJ Manuel. Was Taylor because he's the least known commodity. And I think we already know these are the two guys aren't that good so we should hope that Taylor. Demonstrates that he's good enough to win the job because maybe he could turn out. Not to be pretty good where's I think you're just you know what you're getting with these other guys so when this pre season came alone. IE was very interest did I felt like I was invested. Opinion wise in Taylor looking good. And soul it mattered to me what he was gonna look like even the Ole it was only the pre season and you still wanna disclaim it. I needed him to not look like clown shoes because I wanted to know when the job so. I would say two years or Golda. Last year and me. Mean no you don't that's right and I hadn't even been thinking about that. Element of the pre season when you care about who is going to be your starting quarterback and that was right that was two years ago was it was wide open it up. So. I guess that could investor that would like sort of disqualify Saturday arrested a few news that no sour the show up going to be good anyway. At least from outside it was going to be that way I mean your dog got stronger than him hook up a well I have a draft with him and but they've got other interesting things don't. I just like I. Like many things with sports with meat for mean. The pre season. It's just changed for me Michael hit it probably used to be interesting to me. Beyond just local game and but I really don't remember ever being like that I think I was but I really don't remember like specific times. Big BJP lost and that's kind of the same thing as you know where you just like is this guy going to be good and you looked you watched him I think you can you can do that. And Peterman would be this year's version of that sure when he plays like Tyrod goes and doing his move he shouldn't move anybody one way. Or rather last Thursday's game very much to me that Peralta yeah I mean I didn't stay you did staple awhile I didn't stay. I left now were were spending Summers in Canada. And but my son has hockey so any I had to go to buffalo to pick him up. And I didn't wanna miss the number one's playing so. I stayed in buffalo and watched the first quarter of the game. Then when I saw they're gonna kick a field goal early in the second quarter. I need to get back to Canada I got in my truck knowing TJ Yates was about the play quarterback and I don't give a single solitary crap what you mostly. At all it just does not matter to me so I'm gonna miss the TJ he's portion of the game and hopefully get to the cottage in time to turn on the computer and am I dead. And that I watched that I watch that's good timing I watch right to the end I think I've already gotten home in time for some gates. In times and it's time worker so immediately source and soul. But. But I I really wanted to see Peter men and you know it's not the same is in competing for the starting job but. It was a curiosity factor there and I would say the same thing is true tonight. I wanted to either imagining he's gonna see Peter he is the number one inching figured and a right yeah it's only was less it's always a court. You never know might get traded tomorrow and almost like a watch closely as this joke is everybody made this I don't watch this game closely to see who gets the spotlight it. Maybe that's trouble. So don't Peter may and running with the tomb loses what's supposed to happen. Tonight and that'll be from the second quarter in two like I don't know whenever wherever it will be time for TGX. Help me settle lying you Ryan anybody eagle 30550. What's the lie was the right line. For how many starts he gets this year. Move Peter men wanting to know error where it's really split. How many starts Nathan Peter ring gets in 2017. I think you can read my first thought is three so if it were three or Judeo. That would be the hardest number are free to suicide whether it's more than that yes in us. As I don't. I'm I'm not. It's it's football. And I don't expect Taylor to be so bad. That he needs to be taken out early or something I mean I think we know who he is I think we know what he is and he's pretty good. And so I think I would expect that their record will be. Gordon off that the wanna keep going. Until the end so I would say three because it's realistic to me they can be eliminated with a couple games you don't scholes but he computer. We have an open book to gain here by playing Taylor if there five and eight. Bright he goes in man. Yeah maybe yeah about what they should be yeah. Because so I think that that's why would settle there I it I guess I'd be surprised I beat I'd be reluctant. To take the over. I'm on that so I don't know maybe maybe torn hampers about it. And three actually I like the fractions. But that's my my thought is I don't know that I would wanna bet that he plays more than two. Myself the Watkins trade. Is. If anything in this respect. It makes it more likely that he'll play doesn't that sure. Mean I I know we've been all over what the bills are saying about this season. And Brandon beam is reticent. To admit that it says any thing about this season he's just looking at the long term and that's fine and outer question that exactly. But if you had a team where. The Q were. Expected to be a playoff team or close to it you do not make this trade only team and that is not that team is going to. Even consider making the straight I mean I think of it is one trade. So. Your your you know there are some admission there of what you think you mark and I as I said all I commend them. Yeah beat for being in line it seems to me anyway meet soon yet they're in line with. The consensus expectations for their season and if that is what we get. Why wouldn't Peter employ I'll say again this this player. I think and feel free to like you know anybody challenge me on this Kazaa I would like this debate. I wrote this like three weeks ago may be. I think you have to. Include him. In any analysis of what they do what quarterback in the future I think whether it's Justin practice. Or pre season games or real games. I think there would be a decision on him that would calm before they got anybody else. And that's next year's draft. You know maybe he has a super high bar to clear because of having a low draft status. And so he's gonna have to be amazing. To force his way into a place where the you know reconsider. Yeah I really do I wonder I think that's definitely true the fan base. Because if they have the story years that we. I have been talking. Rather matter of factly about expecting them to have you know fox five and eight. You know after after thirteen games. Then the the potential to draft somebody next year's going to be very high so Peter and if he placed who gains. Three games. Would have to. Mean really. Settled. A lot of people now about that. As I've written to say that he would need to get them to 88 in those three games where you play them but that he would need to really look the part. But beyond published a reasonable doubt because he is a fifth round pick. And Kerry's yeah Kerry's that would have to how good should you expect him to be and if he flash is. And is it's tempting to run with them I think it's gonna be difficult all the say for myself will be difficult for me not to be skeptical. I wrote about this. When it last week I wrote that piece development permit. And quick what sort of line of credit the lack of a better way to put it right now he has with the fans. And and I think the minute they don't draft a quarterback next April. Is when. His tenure here with the meter really starts running him because of today. Either decide to stay with Taylor who don't must Taylor shows he spectacular as a maybe that would mitigate this it. If they'd if they don't keep Taylor. And choose to go with Peter and based on three eat good looking games. And don't draft a quarterback man group. Because I just I I think we're gonna feel like we've seen this movie this guy's not that good yet a couple of good games promoter because of our Rob Johnson. I've been just think it could get really tricky and if he does. Sort of fall flat Peterman. Ben just one quick. Then the coaches really control the target is squarely on him. He could be like Trevor Ximian. Situation not that Tyrod Taylor is Peyton Manning exactly but you know Manning struggled at the end doesn't really matter for the point. Simien replaced the they have speculation. But Simien was the guy who got the job in Denver when Manning left and then I'll swap or left of course. So it ended up with him house whether kind of works this point to like you're somebody that they are drafted not super high that was there. And receive about this but I think he was really Maurer their idea of what the future would be. And then he left so okay well Ximian here and he goes in and plays last year than lynch is there. And whatever maybe is still Ximian right now it's it's different in important ways bugs thinking about how could they go. It big when the next year's draft this season as a five or six win season Taylor leaves. Stop Peterson almost a simian. Peterson plays a little bit and Letterman Peterman thank you yeah Biederman plays a little bit. And you're not completely closed to the possibility that he could be all right and you know sit me this kind of that low round pick who right. You can make an arguments I don't think I would but so people could make an argument that you could do best you could succeed this way. And you go to next year you have a rookie behind Peter Hermann. Well if they I think they draft somebody that's different. They really don't know maybe they'll have a rookie Darryl most of what. You if you know you're you're talking about next year and Taylor's gone and Peter minutes here than you probably drafting somebody anyway it's just question where you drafted him. And does he come in and take the job or is he just in waiting that buys the coach some time. I think that the key is having someone. That is is the whole. But if for some reason they work to see. Something in Peterman. What it's not you know it's not rock solid it's far from what fans are more of this guy it's. It's obvious he's great. And they just ransom but the look of third round guy or sign a veteran to back them up. I think that is really tricky for the coach I mean I'm not predicting they do that I think it's most likely that they will draft someone and draft someone. Next year I think that's what it all points to. That's that's fine but then the question will be when do you play Hampton. And unless there really bad. It's not going to be like the first or second overall pick it's not one of these guys were you probably would assume there going to play. Maybe it's the seventh deck coaches you know what 45 wins and that might be. Okay that would be good enough with this class to get somebody but you know couple these guys. The guys from Wyoming. Is described as like this amazing talent he's a little bit he sounds like my Holmes in certain ways. Where you have this amazing talent but he's really wrong. And so I mean are you going right into tooth according to the nineteen year we're not a playoff appearance where that is coach's second. With somebody like that I mean that's a that's a tough one. So. I don't know what you could have somebody in between them who knows all kinds of ways right where. Peterman could could qualify is that I via did and end in in a certain way that. Mean I'm sorry if I'm I'm I'm I tend to I think sometimes obsessed or dwell on this but cold she's timeline. A point here but I think it away if you order do if that exact scenario played out Peter employs a couple games he looks competent. They'd they'd say goodbye to Tyrod Taylor they grapple Wyoming's kid he's more homes he needs time put boy is he talented. That's horrible as you year. I mean I know what's your nineteen were talking on after an eighteenth consecutive your local playoffs but. Peter is in is your bridge. And this guy is going to be the guy. Then guess what expectations for you're nineteen are the high we're gonna want the guy to play eventually will probably want him to place sooner than they'll wanna play him. Because that's just how we are. And navy chief fans will be like that this year of my whole falsely. But. Having that guy in the wings through the key is picking off future start you have to do. And I speak this year is. Likely to give them at least a look at. The three year three year is a real thing like you I know what you mean by like that pointed always mention that but it shouldn't be. Mentioned I mean. Maroney got that wrong who didn't and a blessing as he quit button Marron showed up and that it was EJ Manuel like okay will hold. The middle bit of drought well underway by then anyway so howl good were they supposed to me. And they weren't very good so you don't wasn't he wasn't going anywhere going to Europe to right here to saint dog. Six intended nine and seven. That the fact that they were worse the first year made him look better known for a while wanted improvement right he was the coach and I am making progress you know right when they went six in time. But still like that look I'm Gregg Williams got that great williams'. Team and it took over a team that was one year removed from the playoffs and they went to three wins. And he was the coach of that team in the next year they won eight well I wanna coaching job really don't you took them in both directions right. So McDermott could have that here McDermott could. This you know something goes wrong with Taylor or not and they're just bad in the season is a bad year Ehrlich. Plenty of people would predicts USA today has him at four and twelve so if you have. If you have that season then next year however it happens. He gets them up that it will look good on him and nobody will be asking about his his status right. Eight and furthermore if there's a rookie quarterback who barely plays in that second year. You you you almost get a pass on that you're too because then it's well now these guys. You know to duck by 2001 here with the speed has to be two dollars and 99 team. Died in 2000 grinding like OK well now these guys playing so will seek. I mean it's. That's a long ways off was a couple calls yours Tony on WGR hello Tony. Hey guys oh excellent topic but wasn't gonna call and others like to listen. I'm somebody use this topic is it physical because you know the bills. I think it was branded mainly Forrest. You know I heard that before we all heard it before the favorite and the do. The would be somebody who is he got to dictate. And everybody was talking about appointments and almost got discussions saying it is going to be a good career back. That you got this cute. You know say you know you're not fine here that's why you got literacy in La. But you you got a high quarterback. You let Peter make all all in your quarterback though that it makes you best man wins which looked at the booking their attracted. Where there's jobs put up by the governor and louder. You don't have to do anything. For Koppel he. And that's what that's what people don't want it all Baltic what we have right it would wanted to be in play all. This year but it got cornered hat with a tablet that you got they know. Yet I don't and I don't blame them right what were they supposed to outta the big bad ever what I what climate while I'm at one time here saying. And sort of sheep issue about thinking about the coldest time line. What what what the scenario we just laid out. Buys them both. Yes and buys them time but it's time to get all there to get everything together right. Did get as many draft picks as you can. Build the team build up the debt so that it all matches. By the time the quarterback is in place. They've got. They've got all the pieces they want they've got their linebackers. We've got their safeties the only they've managed to put together a team that can withstand. An injury to a key guys are too. And correct that's how you really build the team so it's not just like I'm not just. Trying to put this scenario together where they're disinterested in longevity in the job belonged Jody enables them. To build the team the way they want a Bill Bennett and I think we should be rooting for that. They hope. I mean how can you talk when you look at pragmatic. You're gonna say because first of all where they've been you know those guys were clearly these years and the but you can't really blame you can't sort of they're saying we want to win right now we put an assault on you can't say that. Right thanks Sony. Good points here's Gary next high Guerrier on WGR. They'll they'll just thank you. I think we're doing and building. We probably retire before Clinton way to me it what you got two years I mean you want to play orange says that aren't they did two years talks. I'm big and they're thinking well we're not going to be pictures right now let's be honest. You know a couple years maybe we can build off for the way we ought to be competitive and win the division. And that's what I really believe because the trader served under him to be simply for Favre and maybe that's my opinion. And I think ability for a couple of years down or. That's that seems thank you that seems pretty clear. The thing it's inching to meet about this right now. Which is a part of it that I haven't really focused on when thinking about it before. Is Gary the last thing you said which is in a couple years and that's what we're talking remember ponies talking about this what. Were sort of putting together just threw quarterback is it's a couple years it's 2019. He. You know who knows about Brady like that could go five more that's how he's talking Rios could go by more minutes whatever just. He's four we will see it nobody really can predict that. It it should be a couple years I mean next year is your rookie quarterback the way out of that is for Tyrod Taylor to catch fire. But they're not expecting that Watkins would still be here like that those things have been said and I think that's all correct. That could still happen these little play bright but I think there are expecting that not to happen. I don't think you make the watched him straight if your grief your banking. They don't soul. Well does that make the bills. Which it does according to one. Person. That we talk about and even talked to sometimes. Quote the least interesting team in the NFL and and quote we'll throw that around we come back 8030550. Bills and Eagles pre season game number two. Coming up tonight this is the pregame show it's an extension of at 4 o'clock sell from Philadelphia 5 o'clock. The network and all that 7 o'clock kick off from Philly Mike show but the bulldogs this is WGR. And. Didn't. It's throw back Thursday. There's third and fifth game. Plywood. What he would pass first refusal to. Twist upfront by the bills. Actually bill Ronald Darby had two interceptions. As a rookie in a pre season game against Cleveland. Bets. The subject or the start of our throwback Thursday trivia question for tonight. We wanna know with Darby being the bills first selection. In the second round in 2015. Who was their second selection in that draft. Which happened to come in the third round. It was the bill's choice after Ronald Darby. In the 2015 draft. Her throw throwback Thursday trivia first person through with the correct answer at 6449878. There's gonna receiving 25 dollar gift certificate to bagel Jay's. Correct Thursdays at bagel Jay's all day get your choice of five great sandwiches. Turkey ham and Swiss plus a sixteen ounce Pepsi for just 550 bagel Jay's. Bring him a little New York City to buffalo for the last 41 years. For strict answer 64499789878. Yep wins the prize all right we'll have the answer for in a minute. Here is met with a sign that. On. Thank you Ali it is first time caller from up ordinary Canada you know bill. We don't get a lot of first time caller from forty or you're thinking yeah. Against your right we never even know where people are calling from yes they say at a Dallas Friday can be my neighbor's opened Ridgeway Ontario but I don't I don't ruining my neighbors but anyway go ahead. Doing. Oh. Longtime listener just lips over the course that this dog good ought either. All the Tyrod Taylor thought you'd think he'd break guys read you know re dropping on. Bomb I guess what my guess if you are seeing is August 2 questions. My first question is do you think you can Ike has the right defense on Alex's situation Seattle brought the world than they have the right that if they get great coach. Solomon if you you know a ball run about it wide receivers on do you think that he could actually be good fit the bill yes and yes I do the next. Next my next question is. On if you kind of guy to talk to vote yeah Alec we believe Brandon being. You know one McDermott are kind of looking to rebuild the key then why. Are they bothering you know always playing a right Taylor at all this year and what you guys shield it carpeted in doing that if they are looking to rebuild. Kind of starting all that would seem to lock in street and any result in a technical. Okay fully answered the key to that is the succession of events it's the order. It's that McDermott was fired first and a coach would have a different. Perspective a very different perspective on how long he has in the job and what has to happen when for him so. He. Very well. Could have thought like most other people did that the bill needed take a step back. Banks accumulate some picks and do kind of things they've done. But. If those those losses count on his record. And for for the bills Tyrod Taylor the second best option available to them this offseason was true. It was either a rookie or was Carter old Jones Oren was Yates like it was just there was a big drop off their probably. Right I think you answered your question lies in bear not having. A desire to look like they were intentionally blowing up the team to stripping it apart. As they walked in and McDermott. Came here and was talked up as a leader. And terror terror and this is great example. And I I think that sort of put them. And he is not to criticize those those traits I mean I I'm I'm hoping that they end up meaning something to his tenure here. As the bills' coach. And that they in some tangible way what really really help them get where we all want them to go. Am I being. That those sorts of characteristics those traits being emphasized. Kept them from doing all that they could have done to set themselves up for next year. Obviously I mean I think they wanted to try to do both things sales sales been using term middling meddling it. Four of the freezing meddling it for weeks now. And you know the Watkins. And Darby trades are another example that they didn't just get picks I don't know that was available to them if they could have gotten. More picks instead of taking players and their four contracts from the teams that they dealt with but they wanted to serve both. Masters where building for the future. I mean dean has talked about this repeat his job is to win now and in the future so they're trying to do both things. I think that is that on some level is at mobile. I think it's very hard to do. And I don't predicted they're going to be successful in serving the president very well and biting Taylor's kept tears and with you know in an effort to do to win as much as you can now. It is screwed up though like it is a good question what why would they wanna do that and trade Watkins and good question and I think the money eat that Taylor is getting. Complicates. The the the conclusion. That. Like what what you said was the reason behind it. What why Taylor is still here wanting you know to pull out a certain face and we character and leadership in these things I think. They could've. They only wanted Tyrod back at their price they go to offered him the veteran minimum. And you know maybe. That's ridiculous but they could have done that and say hey we rebate would offer write the bills of dawn things like that. They instead said. Which to me was as I said many times that we talk about a possibly was the worst thing to have happen. Baby. They didn't like him enough to just pick up a contract that big row in the first place not even a year earlier. But you know they didn't just like him enough to just let him go and have your rebuilding season and I don't know it may be. I I don't know biggest I've never even considered this whether the offer that they need to Taylor changed in in that. In that period when McDermott came on and I could have assumed that it didn't mean here here is what we would pay you. And eventually to everyone's surprise including mayors. He said yes. So they were going to move on their what their Greta van mean to Doug Whaley was still there but. Not going to stay. You think about ownership in this way they're they're coated Ben's solemn decision even artwork is gonna. We are gonna be terrible next year we are gonna lose games and Tyrod will be gone and who knows what have will have been like it's kind of what you expected or asked for. When last season ended it was what sued card Bill Jones says and if it's bad it's bad the next year we'll do some. Right. I've ice I would you know we'll see how old this all shakes out what they're able to accomplish all the pics of they've accumulated but. I'd. What I'm rooting for an outcome that doesn't leave us sitting here in a late next winter and in the early spring going to be into an. What did he go far now. The beginning middle and the price they pay is that they're sitting. With the twelfth pick in the 24 pick and there are six teams ahead of them that all want these quarterbacks and good. We just got locked. If there if that's your plan you know. Then in a dead ends up being the case. Then maybe we hear about how to read into an off to Rick you know global pick up the eighteen million dollars and will keep him in. We believe in him all along and I mean I don't know I'm gonna have our timeless and that with a straight face. But. I wouldn't put it past a team like you know even with this new. Direction and and in new leadership from doing that because they'll need to put the best face on it that they can. But. I just I I really. I really hope that they are position because I do I like what they seem to be about both of these guys in in certain ways I don't I don't love everything about. Both of them. But but mostly there and there are direction with the football operation. Appeals to me so I'm rooting for them but more than just because they're the guys that are running the bills. I mean I I think they have a good idea. And I want them to succeed in order to succeed I think the thing that they are gonna need to accomplish is there couldn't draft quarterback somewhere pretty high next year. And if they don't do that. Whether I like them or not going to be immaterial to them having these jobs for very long because I don't think they'll get along if they don't. I'm a quarterback. Key entry he called them perhaps the least interesting team in the league today. Howell. Does that sound. Phoenix the Watkins trade is why. In Watkins was their most interesting player that's from a perspective all the the sky is great to watch McCoy could be described that way yeah. I'm a little. That might work I mean. These jets all lower interest in the them. Yes yeah definitely okay Jackson goes Maureen for staying for a lot of reasons. They have the young big talent on defense that's all we're ready to go maybe that helps I'm. They're at a division where an underdog winning it would not be crazy. Morals is probably almost going away and so that's interest thing for net is it pursuing on Jacksonville. And I'm not mentioning the coach but that is interest during the that is something were to notice juror so I think so. And Graham Cleveland probably outranks them especially Kaiser place. I think I I think I would say that does that that'll that'll bear watching there you don't that they tell us all rookie. Is going to be your quarterback in a and that's another team whose process were watching to see right how that goes the jets fall into that category do the other jets are interesting just because the more quality intentional or trying to win zero games the soul like that. They definitely qualify is more interesting I think. I think the bills have company as a team that like the way we were sounding not even just talking. Like what what we're saying is just the whole thing is kinda okay we know what's going to happen here even though you really don't. The the Bengals are in that category. Like what is this team probably likes of moderate wins and is that really interest things maybe next year of their interest thing if they finally make big changes that they have not bones along. And there could be other teams around the league like that. But that the bills would be in that category I don't know why they wouldn't be yep you you have a team that is probably six or seven win team and there's no reason to think they can finish first there probably too good to finish last sold right. Right Sanford Cisco's probably bad enough to finish last quick break the vague so -- they would buy some measure your in Arnold really what the parameters of the Sar but. They're more interesting because of that. Kyle Shanahan is is Mary Richards thing. Because of his what he can do with that offense may be the rams close to save the Ramsey up big hot shot running back they just traded for Watkins but I mean I don't know what do vision when they do what are they going. Mean golf I guess. His presence there makes them does that that there is watching yes because they made you decide to just bail on that that doesn't go well and that's interest and. Yes you know. Least interest thing buffalo Cincinnati. Who also I don't know who also might put there yet haven't thought about for long enough. John Miller by the way is the answer to our trivia question he was picked by the bills. After they chose Ronald Darby in the 2015. NFL draft so congratulations to the winner John Miller was the right answer. We'll have cell apology a lot of lessons morning minutes from Philadelphia bills and Eagles tonight Mike show global blog here on WGR. Folks bald look here and hate it's game day you're in the mood for pizza wings salads reps you name it. Buffalo loves Franco's pizza for one simple reason Franco's means fresh every day they're delicious ingredients are prepared sliced. Geist rash cold cuts vegetables all fresh every day and Franco's roast fresh chicken in their Auburn's every day for their goal late pizzas subs. And salads there are 21 fantastic specialty pizzas on the menu at Franco's including a new favorite. 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And there US New York's biggest Andy card and then get online to WGR ITT dot com for your chance to win a Labor Day weekend in IndyCar Grand Prix at the Glen prize package worth over 2000 dollars. It includes four restated its hot lap meet and greet with the IndyCar driver camping raced here applause. Pit and garage access no purchase necessary go to WGR parked dot com now. And register for IndyCar Grand Prix at the Clinton. All right here's Tim next likes him. Tim. Hello I figured they are gaga sure there. I don't Conan in regard for the upcoming season Howard you know everyone kind of wondering where that's also kind of middle language as a nurse but Michael. Or if it could be really attest for a lot of players on the platform in short kinda late for now but. But that's subtle bodies one year contract a lot of rookies see really what we have other here. And then decide the next hearing you know we call it was solid draft picks or recite some of these guys what can only guess thanks thank you. Though it doesn't at all kind of go without saying a mean. If you're you're having a season like this you would play guys and you'd be you know considering them for the future it's kind of what would always happen I think. Well no actually their but you know what the coaching staff what did you wanna take on taking 200 contracts they're still get their character guys we are now locked in and you know the Tyrod then kind of just all we know left the way that he accepted a contract like OK with I don't know we have what they need the but regular kind of a platform lets. You know get a couple guys Matthews Bolden are reliable and what they don't see what we really delicate and and and do we just let Bolden and you don't go and just try to go all the rookies in you know that certainly I don't know. Pick. I think they're going to be of very different looking team again next year. I think it's very likely that you've got. A couple of guys here who don't might. Respectively I think probably are right Carl Williams an error with a two longest tenured guys on the team at this point is he wouldn't allow it to them. I have a very hard time seeing them on this team picture and I don't like we talked with the I want Paul fatalistic is too strong but I mean just sounded like it but the writing on the wall I heard that he sounded like he knew that yeah that this was probably GAAP. I mean I've got a new regime they kept his backup. Merely matched an offer to keep his back up. Reasonable price and Eric who probably command a pretty good block on the open market. So like YouTube take him an end caught hell off of this team. Next year end the personality of the team is is almost completely different what you've just click who's who's in charge. And that might be by design. In only these guys are gonna wanna sort of revamp everything. And do it naturally. Rather than just walk in the door and take those guys up that right away just sort of let it play out. And big Ole boy lead the animosity that comes with cutting Fred Jackson went. So I don't know what to really do with the point the callers making about guys on one your deals or whatever but you're you're gonna I think. You should be bracing for some guys that. Pains really really feel close to not be here that's what it looks like that's what usually looks like when teams make this is what looks like when they make that move back after this with pre game.