8/5 Jamie McMurray - Watkins Glen Post-Race

WGR Fast Track
Sunday, August 5th

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It's sorry about it. Then suddenly not the best yourself. President and everything else the what do you take from the school. I totally groundless and do well at Villa hit the ovals it's just. We have been able to the finish together we ran well in Michigan and the first phase so large that it is gonna detract. Fuselage alienates more gains on our apartment where they need to step back and opened a whole race together. He delivered on that blood type and the big bleed green make your money but we've had a lot of hot things happen that this doesn't this year and now. Do you look you can all the divot and I have my hero that things are kind of went my way. Just didn't get us on this issue has been it's been tough. You talk about how tough it is to original road course race at a young guy like. I put into it been around for a long time it's business. Everything's got to go right well I think that hit it doesn't get route which is cheese chases those guys like his rookie year and it became you know I mean he's he's pretty slick. And he's been fast and potentially here and I didn't test. It's really fast it's fast it's. I think it's a really good racer and then them. Very well deserved. And do you love finally this great thing. Well I'm just glad to be able look at. And holding together. Yeah I mean it was the world's big advocate for us. Fueled concern at the end here we just everybody has heard a few I think we meaning you honestly we say say it ought point three. And then that caution came out match. I don't know it is street this that it may yet another really tight window. And then the last round I had to reach the target Kyle 42 Iowa earlier in the jacket say say some gas so that lap time that. He was considering Garnett missed my car harder it is completely.