8/5 Kyle Busch - Watkins Glen Post-Race

WGR Fast Track
Sunday, August 5th

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We're. Good day for us and we you know we had a fast race card. Knew that from the first bout practice but that's the next field it could it takes nuclear zero hit zero failures. Yes that's bad luck whatever you wanna call it and publicly come out here with the voting. You never say never Kyle will battle but lose a lot of what are you really have to battle yeah. And everybody was paying attention to watching me try to do that. Okay you know Harry Tomlinson and there's more than talk through it reminds us off my head that's great score capital including so. We're gonna think. A lot of and then applying them it's gotta gotta live. Himself knows congratulations of that team and and it's not Jason great job we can win the race car and.