8/5 William Byron - Watkins Glen Post-Race

WGR Fast Track
Sunday, August 5th

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Away from him directly a month when they stop they coming home and eat what did you think your performance today your luck and blunders as skinny Vista. Rick good so run where we did it was it was awesome and I feel like we note that that is kind of where those guys were in and download and he'll look at other so I wanted to overall cadet forests. That was fun real about those last few laps Honduras where you live haven't enough gas to go the distance there at the end. I mean it now. Not really that nervous let the Gatorade or I guess I should have been done in. Not the split I reserve and our network how about senior team making its first when you're getting at that has been pretty cool that's awesome it's up in his little. Or did you majorities in which the clicked on in the right direction school. The family card thanks.