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Tuesday, September 12th

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Nightcap and just let. No Zagreb and Wear them with Ryan geeks I thought I thought he came across is completely. Apathetic approach. I think he is generally speak. On WG ER I I want this I want them to unload him and omitted. Can you believe. Appreciate. Empathetic swap and I want to on. Sports Radio 515. Are bad. It's been awhile. You know I got used to darkness. Pretty much on nightly basis over the summer and then bone. All of a sudden there's Thursday night footballers hockey there's more full ball there's more hockey and there's gonna be more fault on is going to be more hockey. And I'm not gonna spend as much time with the guys budget now. I cherish our times together and Nam and to make the most of my nominee now with the guys they're trying gates tonight after listening to WGR. I don't mind normal crew here in dare Kremer no no Jody B Osce. So off ranked Mercury Stepan or from WB NWB yeah and and take our report tonight for the first hour I really appreciate that if you heard Bulldog. They are right at the end. Hockey centric show oh we're gonna save the hockey received the hockey for just a little bit bull hit bats in the next hour when we hear from. Jason box for all he was on with Pam mail car last night. They're reading the sabres prospect challenged the final game of that. And go a year from him. And we'll also hear from our own Paul Hamilton who who joint show open the Bulldog today really good conversation between those guys want to bring that act view. Before. Before we we take off your balance that I kept that's what I do sometimes as I bring you what's good and it's that's like 8030550. 1888550. To 550 are the phone numbers here at WG our first things first though I haven't really. A chance to talk with you guys about beat the Buffalo Bills and the win on Sunday over the New York Giants and a walk and what's coming up as well to Carolina Panthers coming in on Sunday well the the bill's going to Carolina. On Sunday and we'll have complete coverage right here and WGR. Of course and I'll be stricken. I've got a got a few more shelves this week I've got tomorrow. I've got a meaty abridged version of the nightcap on Thursday and Friday I'll be here as well so we've got some time together. All of a sudden sabres pre season's going to be here hockey season's gonna be here and will be will be spent less time together it's it's tools that will set the we'll get through it summer will be here again next. Year. Salon until then. Bristol tonight though right well what do I do I'm making this a sad occasion when it doesn't have to be sad occasion we got we got two hours here. To continue to talk about the Buffalo Bills. So the Buffalo Bills on Sunday obviously. The 21 to twelve win over the New York jobs hands. I tell you why I come in on Sundays and the as you know on the network producer for the Buffalo Bills radio networks on here 11 AM to 6 PM sometimes I'll hop on the post game show. With Whitney Geary is well under or the overtime show the real deal overtime show. Anne's. There was a Laura go on Sunday for me what's the Roger Waters concert and Saturday nights and it's maybe combined a little bit too much so some it was a little rough even I was watching. That team on Sunday. And I think you want pretty much how you would've expected it to one he you look at what the bills. We're doing on offense and they they really were moving the ball. Pretty effectively throughout the the entire game until the fourth quarter when they really had to put it away you would want to see better execution at the end of the game two to put things away. But overall but the movement of the ball the rhythm of the offense all these things ever talked about the pre season has problems with the offense. Really came out to to show well. On Sunday and the defense you know it's the New York Jets. They don't have any weapons right now I it's it's tougher for the carrier jets right now you're looking at. The bills receiving corps and saying you know what it's it's. Jordan Matthews and Zeta-Jones are solid players below what buck great weapons to the bills in the receiving game. And the jets man just Knoll. No big weapons and receiving game Jermaine curse I think it's a guy who throughout the season is gonna end up seeing it on targets just because. Some have to do something has to stop all. For the shots and become a guy so overall I thought it was those solid performance it was a solid performance I think. Pretty much everyone played a solid game and I have a lot of trouble kind of drawing conclusions. From what happened with the New York Jets it didn't feel. The way that it normally does for me when I get into the bill season. Normally the first game theirs. You know that's the well it's butterflies are the pit in your stomach there's there's that fresh excitement in new season there's an entire. Sixteen game schedule had a view. In with the New York Giants it's just. Yeah a game still had to be played in the in the players obviously had to go out there and play the game from. A perspective of a fan. It was good to see the wind but it. It was it was tough it was a tough situation for the bills going in that game because. They were in the game when the game Torre went twelfth and it's okay they'd be won the game it looked good but it's the New York Jets they lose the game. Well it's it's. It's over season's over season's done so it was a tough position for the bills to to begin. From the get go and I think they they really made the most of it I know there were there were mistakes made obviously the interception. On the first drive Tutu Charles clay in the hands on the one that office hands hands. That was a tough play for clay I know he's been getting a lot of flak for that play but Jamal adams' right on his back as Apple's coming. It's GE's hammered in the back it's. Up in the air it's up above is how that's that's a tough play to make personally. On that play. I think Tyrod has to get rid of the ball just a little bit earlier half second second earlier. He got hit clay out on that rate because it's a he rout over the middle crossing rout in clay. Is on the line backer and ends up beating him by step and he comes out of his break and if you don't. Quickly there. It's it's going to be a touchdown and easy touchdown for Charles clay so that that was obviously a mistake house go missing a field goal. I think those are things that can be cleaned up. Andy you would have saw more points on the board that Wayne what I love about my game and I think people have been more satisfied with that there were just. More points on the board if you're looking at a scoreboards 3113. Bills or 3012 bills or even a city they get they get a couple field goals and stud. What's that 212728. To twelve bills. I I think it's it's more of a feel good win. It'll 30551888. By fifty to fight fit the look for your reactions from the games and things that you notice from the game. That you think are going to become a track and moving forward. Looking look at the Carolina Panthers ends. A similar game to to the Buffalo Bills play the 49ers. Another team that is expected to be pretty bad. In the NFL this season. And 23 to three Camden new in not looking like himself. Of course he's coming back from shoulder surgery and he hasn't had a lot of wraps in the offseason. But he's he's working himself back into. A rhythm into a game rhythm. And that may be the bills have caught the Panthers at a pretty decent time. You you look around the NFL in and week one against I think throughout the offseason. We've. We've had issues we've got issues with the bills clearly the direction of the team is baton. Questions. And what are they really trying to to accomplish in this season. Which has has led to a lot of talk that. And maybe that that led to. My I Woburn amount of excitement going into the season. Or at least for week one. About the direction of the team and were they really trying to accomplish this season if it's more of the the long term goal and I think the moves made in the off season. They kind of overshadowed. What is right in front of us right now which are real NFL games the bills are playing real NFL teams even if they are the New York Jets. I gonna continue to do that. And oh we we've been in this situation. With the Buffalo Bills where it's. Mediocrity year after year in of course we all want better than that bought. I think getting past this this first week one game. Is gut it's one and L in the column that being an NFL team. You take points off for a few Juan they're still the New York Jets still division game. Home opener. And the want and so I'm not gonna. Take too much away from its. And I'm excited for her for this week. I think this week is going to feel more like week one to meet them last week did just because. It was the shots her. There really comes down to it was the judge still and it really felt like almost all of fifth. Glorified pre season game to me because the bills just had their way pretty much. In the entire game and it was an. Eight. He flashy. Impressive. Exciting type of win. And I think that's. On the bills play. And if they wait and those are the types of winds that are going to happen all season long. They made some big plays there's. Runs after catches of course LeSean McCoy is explosive as cover. I saw earlier at the top the top five rusher is in the league this weekend where wondered format Ezekiel Elliott's. A day Alvin talked. Kareem on and LeSean McCoy. So I call it a point the young box shady in the young box whatever you want to call because it's 49 year old Shawn McCoy. Hanging out with all of these young that the 22 was the 23 year olds of the leak. And still being on par with those guys that the dude it's amazing to do is just amazing to watch and and the month when the calls came for treating LeSean McCoy. I understood down by a man I just would hate to see that guy. Wearing another uniform. Eventually it's gonna happen I think because he's so talented and we'll see what the direction the team is. Eventually here but now looking at this season and Carolina is a eighteen to. The third third. Interstate team. The the whole NFC south is interesting to me because you look at the game last night in New Orleans is as a team that did not look. Doug last night New Orleans a team that did not look at last night that offense will still be dangerous. Once they get their full complement of weapons back police need is suspended right now. And once again there three wide receiver sides where it's going to be Michael Thomas release need. And tagged and I think that passing attack will be pole and with Colby cleaner and Drew Brees obviously leading the way. There are stable running backs is is interesting and you you saw it last night. It's going to be extinct sea isle those raps are spread out because Adrian Peterson already looking. Pre game he frustrated with his position his spot with that team. You look at the Carolina Panthers. Not a exactly pretty when the defense looked good ends. Their defense that I think is this pretty talented still and have some big pieces obviously with key weekly. And Davis. Brought back Julius Peppers. But. The bills offense is is one that. I'm not sure if all be able to attack. Carolina the same way and one of the biggest criticisms that came out. Of this weekend is Tyrod not using his wide receivers the wide receivers only having four receptions. And Tyrod Taylor only targeting them eight times. That's not a criticism of the weekend and it. I get too frustrated sometimes with the criticism of Tyrod. I don't personally think that he's necessarily the franchise quarterback. I believe that he's a pretty decent Ana FL quarterback he can win games he can be a good game manager type he does some. Really excellent things that other quarterbacks cannot do and I think he does some things at them the bills kind of need him to do right now. With how their offensive line pass for tax he can move around in the pocket and all. He gets a little jittery in there. And bold sometimes makes moves before it really should happen. But he gets all jittery in there but it's it's a function of the fact that she's had to deal with a lot of pressure. Pretty much his entire time with the bills have a great run blocking offensive line's always on the left side in this honor what the right side. There's still more to be desired there bites. They've got a great run blocking line on the left side. Pass blocking is a little more difficult for me and we sought on the one play. On Sunday. Where Tyrod but there's pressure on him immediately. In that one play the one that goes in Jordan Matthews now the long way to Jordan Matthews but the one over the middle its its battle over Twitter. You to tackle cover Warner yards per pass they'd be put out gifts of a plays every weekend. We'll be doing that throughout the season. Key key dodges a pass rush a guy gets his hand on them. And he gets away from the guy the guy gets his hand on them again and trips them up a little bit he maintains his balance. And then looks up sees in the middle of the field Jordan Matthews and just flyers strike. Right to Jordan Matthews on the number I know there's plays that he leaves out there there's throws that we desire to see out of this guy but he also makes plays that. No offense need to Peter and economic. And that comes with if beat them the pocket collapsing a lot Bittermann is athletic enough but he's not making those super athletic plays that. Taylor who I think is one of the few quarterbacks. In the league who can make those types of place Bittermann can make different kinds place no no doubt about that I'm not trying to turn this into area. A Peterman vs Tyrod conversation now it's only. It's only week one and and it was a win. If 30551888552. Factor the talk about the NFC south and the Panthers. I look at that division and I still think the falcons are the class of that division and a closer with the bears week one was kind of interesting fruit throughout the NFL low scoring. If you're fantasy player you know that because that the fantasy numbers where were all down. Unless you heard the team that had Kareem on Don and you probably one. Your game because he was one of the few guys that really scored more than 25 points in by more than 25 points like doubled that total. Solve. It was a strange week in in the NFL. And I'm gonna be adjusting to seat and keep an eye on the opponent's going forward because I do look at the Denver Broncos. And Trevor Ximian last night I thought looks pretty decent for what you expect out of Trevor Ximian. He looked like a guy who. I mean he made plays last year but he was never overly process dollars fairly impressed with them. Oh last night in certain plays still not a great stat line. I feel like he's. He's much like Tyrod Taylor and that race never gonna have the great stat line and I don't think they're ever going to be asked to. To have great stat lines because the types of quarterbacks that they are. They have their limitations in their offensive coordinators or coaches they know that there's limitations these guys we're gonna game plan. To. Try to mask knows a little bit. I look at Denver. Last night as a team that couldn't be beat the bills I don't look at Carolina as a team that could be beat by the bills. Ands. I know with the New York Jets week one. And I'm still not expecting. 88 great. Run here from the Buffalo Bills a playoff run or anything like that. I'd just like to be the businesslike approach. Of the bills on Sunday they they won out. In never felt. Out of control doll which over the previous two years. Was something that. Has been a criticism and I think a lot of fans have felt was. Just it was chaos a lot of times. And you could point to the penalties could point to players running on and off the field. But it just it felt like in moments of games against the Steelers against the raiders in important games you can just feel it slipping away. And as bill's fans always get those moments where we feel like oh no here comes gonna be the moment. Where the game gets away from the bills. And maybe it's because of the jobs which I'll repeat over and over again apparently. They never felt that way on Sunday and there's been very few times in my life as a bills fan query did not feel that way even against inferior opponents. So. I guess I was a little bit more open I still don't see them as AA title in team. Thirteen that I think. Won't go win each and every week. And I think they're going to be well prepared. And I think they're going to. Be competitive week in and week out. And might not be super exciting. I think LeSean McCoy will be super exciting throughout the season I'm not sure the team in total will be super exciting. But I'm I'm open. Retail for me against the Panthers coming up this Sunday it's actually week one because. I don't know Sunday just did not feel. Like it was V the full force of the NFL come Tammy. Last year when it was the ravens game I was fired up for the ravens game I was ready to go. A couple of years before that when it was the bears the Chicago Bears were in town. Earned the bills were in Chicago actually. But. I was fired up for these games. Even against the colts was fired up for the I've got just about to bring an obvious the colts two years ago and they and they won that game so yet so I hate. I had baton really excited and I think. My expectations were different and it's certainly because the moves are made in the offseason. So I just don't think I was as up for this team. As I would've banned in previous years because of the moves that were made and it's the moves of the longer term outlook of the franchise. In the previous years it's always done. We're making the push we're going BB in this this staff. Lots of turnovers so I did not have extremely high expectations. But they looked competent. It looks confident out there and they'd they took care of business I think that's where you're gonna get. I think they're going to at times certainly against really good defense is because I think that happened to them in the pre season a little bit. I mean you look at. But the ravens dead on on Sunday against the Bengals four picks against Andy Dalton a shut out you look at whites. A policy that the Eagles dead. They ate the defense only gave up ten points. There are after. Kirk cousins they had a touchdown. It was a big performers from that defense and the vikings defense last night shutting down the saints. And I know it's pre season but really football comes down to winning one on one match ups and it's. The defense look pretty good. And I don't think the bills' offense was really. Ready at that point. So we'll see it's it's a much better defense coming up on Sunday. And I'm gonna be more up for this game I'd be more ready for this one. And excited to see. What exactly this bills team can be because this past Sunday I don't think there was a whole lot you can take out. In a real fight 51888550. To 550 will you keep talking about the bills keep talking about the NFL. Through out the rest this first our second hour we're gonna shift over to the sabres as we hear Jason. By actual. We'll hear Jason botched roll the sabres yet and he was on a pan out Karl asked my boss to hear from Paul Hamilton had a conversation which opened Bulldog as well but I want. Hear from you guys you know 30551888552. By fifty. Did you feel like you could take anything out of Sunday's game and as this. Really this week to you kind of feel like week one for you because that's what it feels like to me the bills are gone and a weak one in my mind. Already playing division opponent already went with a win. And now all I'm going to actually be able to. Look at this team and try to take some concrete conclusions out of so I kept extra frank. The stuff from frank aggregates it's WG. Biggest challenges to sustain at this point success from week one week two and how we do that is getting our focus right back on Carolina Panthers. That's writes. No time to dwell on the New York Jets it's it's about the Carolina Panthers now. We'll see I'll see I'll keeps going and McDermott it was his first win gets down under his belt that's that's nice. And there's there's a thing on Twitter it's. I think it's coach quantifying. And they they raided the McDermott did very well very well in the in the coaching saying that he. And obviously coached team in his debut. So ticked effort for what it's worth not his first game as a coach and that there's bound to be. Mistakes made throughout the season but I there there's this video that the bills and posted from. From the game and Charles McDermott and his demeanor on the sideline. Everything is is very calm. Everything is very calm everything there's there's guys coming off the field it's it's good job good job good job place Meyer played Smart. Always encouraging. Which. I mean Iraq's. I'm not sure how much racks. Was screaming at players but I think he's the kind of guy that could go off the handle he was definitely Iran Iraq type guy and MO debater. But he that the demeanor on the sideline. The demeanor on the sideline I think it's going to be much different much more. Look at that business is business like they're they're going to work. They're going to work and they're they're gonna go in one has to do their job and that's what's gonna be about it's not gonna be a bye notes. Other distractions. Not going to be about. Why old tactics on the sideline even though you know players in the celebrate though we'll get over there the guy on the actual fire up probably the towel. They do all of that but it's. Very very businesslike and I like the field sideline. In the first game it up 30551888552. By fifty. Justin and Justin are you would be the Attica Blue Devils quarterback. It was going on hard. Yeah I am in Canada and I electability when Sunday they need to play a little better I mean they're Geithner I honestly think if they let their minds to order. I am not. Thank that they. Built can go there looking at greatly confused they called brilliant thing. Either way exit go away and there are a lot of adjustment in my importantly are they earn enough. Move the chains and I'm gonna go into I'm not crazy about them that that probably they'll also all. When it probably not that nobody should become quite and then we may lose. While Josh and I gotta say this this call did not go the direction I thought it was going to go I thought it was going to be. You saying that you thought the bills would only win like four games this year. Now now here your little more optimistic that's that's that's got what so you you thought they they played well enough this this weekend to. So he's you know to make you think that there's something there with this coaching staff and with this team. Yeah I liked I liked or didn't and I think that. This team can really get to a supermarket dictate and arts and put our mind to it I know I know there's a lot of competition area and Burton. Alana and New England twice but but this team and Kansas City there a slouch. But this team can really relate to that they've put our minds to not anger that they get a lot here. All right just appreciate column knife. The Super Bowl as pretty lofty goals for this team I think the playoffs even our. It's possible and it's there's. Little sleep it's I don't know what their playoff odds are the one now the good division opponent. Be interesting to see how New England response. Last time they loss of the chiefs on a prime time game in the big fashion. There are role. And continue to do very well and you know whom were the patriots. They've all different league you got Tom Brady now he's he eased aging but I think he'll still be fine. I think we'll figure it out the figure out how to use all the pieces that they have around ten. And on the defensive side as well figure out everything there and still think you're looking at a really strong patriots squad in the AFC there's. I think you look at the AFC west it's. It's it's tough there and then that those are the teams that the bills are going to be playing. A look at bolt the chargers in the Denver Broncos last night. I don't know man guy I think the bills have had a chance there and he either way maybe knots. And above 50% she answered. I just think those are teams that they have flaws. They have flaws and all the bells have flaws but the these teams certainly have flaws and I don't think it's. It's something that the bills can't exploit. In a 30551. Eat eat eat by picking 2550 on the phone numbers here got Dave in Toronto join the show next debut on the make up some. As we got to gonna comment. Does. I didn't like the disparity between the NFL game in the college game is that an all time high in terms. Al seems they're being implemented at the college game they're not translating the NFL game. You're sick seeing the quality of the game and taking huge downturn in the last couple of years. And I don't see it getting any better I don't see how well corporations like the NFL. Working in conjunction with the NCAA as a bitter. Wait and try to bridge that gap. I'd hate how I agree with you wholeheartedly especially when it comes to. Really the most important position on the field the one that really can putt. The most excitement into the game the quarterback. It's getting harder and harder for these guys to you to come out of school and make an instant impact we are seeing. It actually does lead to rookies start in the NFL. And it'll be interesting to see all these guys do but. I'm with you I think BI thought he needs some sort of developmental league and I don't know how exactly. They would start to go about that because. The other problem is you know also is a huge corporation that's making a ton of money. These NCAA. Of college football is making absurd amount of money and I think the NCAA would look at and say. No we wanna be quote developmental league for the NFL so that we can continue to get. The highest quality players Mike Riley Josh Rosen out at UCLA if he had the choice between you know skipping school and going to a developmental league. Versa is going to college. You go to the developmentally keep you gonna go to colleges and illustrated developmental league that's an option. Yeah yeah I think that would be that logical next. Step. Well all right obviously. The quality of the quarterback it. It's unbelievable you guys should be happy you have Tyrod Taylor's right als because at least he can move well up cents. The passed away now. I mean he had his own unique style. But he makes it work. I hear they were called a bout with what Tyrod. I've always I've said this about Tyrod and I was having a conversation with. When my roommate last night about about tyra made him talk talk for all bodies he's in New York Giants fan real disappointed and is on his sciences. This giant says. That is at the war. Giants his giants who would be giant says that's too many out yet it's too many to many ounces as giants' performance on Sunday night. And he's he's bag and throw it I'll Beckham back and he's bagging the giants do trade picks whatever it takes to deal Shawn McCoy and a giants uniform I think he's crazy. It's never gonna happen but it's. That's what he wants. But. I was talking with him and I I think her setting on the show a few times I compared Tyrod Taylor and Doug Flutie a lot and maybe it's because of the style that they played a little more. Improvisation all done your your classic cornerback. And the fact that they have this. Smaller stature in this underdog feel. But they were both super exciting guys to watch my opinion I know Flutie had his his bad days and Tyrod certainly has had his bad days. But the one thing that I always give Tyrod is. He had super exciting to watch and if I am a young kid as a bills fan. 5670. Olney down off far likelier to twelve years old Arabs probably one of my favorite players. Is a cornerback my favorite team any super exciting and fun to watch and he's a guy that's easy to root for. So. I ate I know that Tyrod Taylor I look at his position with the team. And I don't think he'll be here for for much longer. But I think they're they're going to try to work with them and at this point. I still think that he is beaten the best option for the bills moving forward because he adds an element that other quarterbacks can't and this is still a team that's going to be 80 run heavy offense. It teams have to. Take a look at Tyrod Taylor as an option in the run game. A look at him if there's a read option. I would like to see more run pass options on the bills. Those are plays and I think. Tyrod can be super active and if you can make the proper reads they're doing a lot would act Scott. In Dallas and it's much when you see it work and you see these linebackers. Deck press will go back in I think he's usually in the shotgun so pressed double will take the snap. And look to feed it to Ezekiel Elliott. And he has to make a split second decision. Where PCs the linebackers stop often kill all the ball way. And throw it to a guy on the slant in this case on Sunday night it was decent wage and who was wide open. But when you see those linebackers bite. You pull it out and you you make a throw to your hot read or. If they don't bite you get a two year excellent running back as he Julia LeSean McCoy and let them do the work. So I would like to see a little more of that spin in the bills' game plan but not sure if that's something we. Really. Ever seen them in the deaths in system. It 0305 if you want to eat eat eat by fifty to 550. Our thoughts on the bill's other general. FL thoughts coming up as well Cameron had the sabres in the second hour here from Jason box you'll hear from Paul Hamilton. Development camp well not development camp the prospects challenge just finishing up yesterday. Training camp gonna be here. On Thursday. First practice open to the public on Friday and then there's gonna be gains can be pre season games coming up by Monday. So safe overseas and it's got equipped maybe. Isn't it the best in the year really. I've always done not a mud and telling Jeremy were. It falls Lee helical seasons and enjoy year of all seasons I can find things joy in winter. Pond hockey snowboarding snowmobile. I like to do activities I'd get outside. Spring. Like new life if there's there's a wreaking springs probably gonna take the bottom forming. Because it's like getting out of winner and that's exciting and it and in the prospect of summer coming up but it. Three Neal Watson. Summer you know in summer goes by so quick because I pack up so much crap in one season and falls here it's the sports season. Here's the bells there's the sabres. College football college basketball coming soon the MBA is coming back. Yet the MLB playoffs yeah I'll be playoffs. So it's it's a lot to lock talent and I'm happy to to have all these sports that. 8030551888550. To five it via phone numbers here I'm ranking it's at streak are carried in aboard this is that I kept under BG. Ali. Make an over adjustment. Time to time in how you handle that support I'm not out there what's important or most important what they know now what. Candidates in football since reaction game there is a tendency I would say to maybe make an over adjustment. Which at least while. There's had coached Sean McDermott the bills and get back to practice tomorrow. And it's it's it's media day so you hear any. Be the NFL this weekend was. Who was not the best weekends of of the NFL and on his reading through some of the stats and since 2000 Aladdin. Four. Tester doesn't love and up until this year teams were average green averaging. Over 22 points per game and opening weekend and and throughout the season. Over 22 points per game it's league average right now cents 2011 is about Tony 223 points per game. In the first week of games this year twenty point two points. Twenty point two points last year we won contests ball solve both teams scored twenty points kept the games all the teams scored twenty points. Before that. Seven games. How many games there each 167. Games are sixteen year before that. Word ball teams had twenty or more points this year. Three. What Obama's last night. The other one was the Thursday night game. Don't even know what the other one wants some can see here and I'll tell you that idea but the all against the Detroit Lions in the Arizona Cardinals. Three games. Three games that's at three games of twenty. Or more points Bible teams. That's crazy yeah. The lead that the last one that I that I see here there was seven players. We want to fantasy. Who had twenty plus points ms. players not team defense is because there was like 45 team defense is to a twenty plus points. Seven players. That's the lowest number since 1996. One fantasy wasn't even on the Internet yet I don't think. There was people are still using pens and papers to make their fantasy teams though. Maybe that's part of the reason to lie I didn't feel like this week of the NFL really got out and grabbed me. I was super into the Thursday night game Thursday Nike was excellent. That was there was a lot of Jews for bills fans because it's new England and we hate those guys. Also Kansas City and root against them for the draft peck. And it was it was kind of interesting it was a conflict of interest for for bills fans and the game gets started I got I go into the game thinking you now. Nice analysis it is a cool game. I'm gonna root against the chiefs go by that's a little weird. I was rooting for the patriots on make that very clear I was rooting against the chiefs met although we are but the game one and and it kind of felt like the typical New England game that you thought they are gonna pull out at the end and then all of a sudden it's big play big play. The chiefs are moving the ball New England can't move the ball. Tom Brady doesn't look like himself. And yeah you'd see that Brady face on the sideline resist. That pissed off look he's staring. I don't even know like nothing I chaos and an aegis staring there and you look at that and you know like while that is a a satisfying feeling to have Tom re looking so oh. Distraught. He he makes that that commercial for the man in games talking about the man and curse where he's. Breaking Mears and walking under ladders and hanging out with black cats. And he has a terrible week one performance. Select the kind of book those probably the highlight of week one forming. Watching Kareem on and Tyreke held that game that the Sunday slate of games. Less than desirable even the late game and thought hackers ends you know the Seahawks is going to be mentioning game. Wasn't super interesting to Sunday night game wasn't all that interest staying. It was kind of interesting I guess I got interesting at the end healthy throughout the game it was super interesting. It was interesting because you had what's his what's his name. Sergio dip. Yet Sergio debt and about Mullins in Rex Ryan. Yet that broadcast he had the secondary broadcast in Spanish. Which is pretty much what I watched on night because I'd really don't need these commentators like telling me things and I think Spanish announcers make. Everything more exciting. So it wasn't. Wasn't a great night really was a great week for the NFL. What are we to retool grab me and suck me in giving back in. They'll start with the bills in the Carolina Panthers. RM I get to some savers talk here the prospects challenged just finished up a couple players really really impressing in that. We're gonna hear from Jason by actually talks about the prospects challenge talks about training camp coming up talks about obviously. The Jack Michael contract because why not. And I know we're gonna hear from Paul Hamilton as well later in the show makes for Freddie Mercury for for hanging around he's got to take off he's he's a hard workers flank. He does from this job to another job. And then he sleeps. And he comes back to this job and goes to another job crazy right to a jobs. Who would have thought that a person working in radio would have to have two jobs. Unfathomable now. While Lional Dalton Ursula yes ivory lamenting crazy yeah you are crazy frank are right I'll I'm Ryan gates francs taken off. But I'll be back tonight kept elicited WG. And a nice capital fest this is. It's terrible with the writing engage. So he's very calculating how he says that it may sound like it's spontaneous. Did not. And the egos and a lot of these things saying okay here's what I'm going to say about this coming up big about how much time he has this then he's coming up with a workbook that. I've never heard the word oops that's that's very creative. On WG ER. You'll just let. I welcome back to the nightcap. I'm right gates you know what you hear on WG until 9 o'clock. Am and NASCAR haven't. Stop it reports much can be asked alive quick rundown of some scorers in baseball the Cleveland Indians. Going for their twentieth straight win. And right now one nothing in the bottom of the third the Indians are up but an ago 89. And fifty cents. So at the time. Twenty straight wins it is absurd. At that time they word 6950. Sex in a respectable. And LTD's bond themselves. Vaulted and Q life to the next wobble a Toronto up one to nothing on Baltimore I don't like that people wind. In in this in this game I got about against shell so I've got this bad again shall we put twenty dollars and three over lenders throughout the albeit this season. To appeal Baltimore which was eighty and half. Just need them to be 500 you know it'd be let's ask for too much. But the over Oakland theirs was at 73 and a half. I don't see that happening there are down 521. Rain out too to Boston in the top third by the way and I also took the old her and the cardinals. Which was 84 and a half. Arnold's me polish TV looks like they'll be able to actually get there and Albany did it because as does the way that I view. I'll be okay if I lose two in only have to do one just don't want to pay sixty dollars. On of that and bondage. I can't pay sixty dollars shield I mean bout with them yesterday. About the damn bad angles and sneezing and in the Bill Clinton Wednesday. Night. I don't think battles are that good ends. I'll pay the bills are relieved. They act good bought and sold the action baby. Give me some action and now how to get Jason by actual ones was around this weekend you know they had there. The prospects challenge. The with the penguins were in town to a century had fun times with summit is former bosses Jim Rutherford and interviews actually there. And racial Rao. Two guys that he used very closely solidly beamer probably probably the time this week and with with all of those guys but also keep any kind. And what happened. In the prospects challenge this adds this summer and has continued to grow it used to be that the sabres used to go to Travers city the Travers city tournament. It was a bigger tournament and they created their own prospects challenge different teams. Throughout the league do this. And this weekend really Brendan goalie was a guy who continues to impress. Justin Bailey made an impression this week and way with some solid play. And you would you would think that. When I look at the prospects challenge. Guys like Bailey. At teased. Fashioning. These guys who have had a little pro experience have died in the system for a little while. I expected this out of those guys and it's. This is Fermi an opportunity for them not to really put themselves into a better position in anyone's mind. I know coming into this training camp which the report on Thursday and then give practicing on Friday. It's it's a huge. You've heard from many different players who Paul has talked to our percent if they keep talking about how it's a fresh start. Fresh set of eyes on and I'm sure that Jason by troll. Because awareness of these guys probably scouted some of wondering junior in the college. So he's got an awareness of these guys but this'll be be the first week and to really make a strong impression on him. On the coaching staff and with the prospects challenge. It's a chance for guys like baby Baptiste bashing. To build momentum going into training camp to to feel good about their game. As they had and training camp knew Anders well he he ended up missing the the last two games of the challenge. Due to way lower body injury. They're saying it's not serious is just something they didn't want to polish before training camp all right. Jason by actually joined ML Carr who was on the scene at Harbour Centre for the prospects on this weekend. You joined in yesterday during one of the commissions and be sure which one but here's Jason bottle. Back inside Harbour Centre right national Karl here on WGR 550 sabres dot com we're pleased to be joined by the sabres general manager decent thoughtful for a few moments Jason. Be ready for the season to get under way after all the preparations are also prolong all the that I doubt you know it's always been fairly hectic. Just the staff over their families in myself who have a family in and going over how we want to create the team how we want to build the team. So now that we actually have players in town here on the eyes watching games it's we're very excited. I think the atmosphere here at Harvard center for all three games as an outstanding and no both are players that are staff members are really appreciated that and are some barber veteran players are certainly town are ready he'll interact with them and we're ready to get things going next we can do for me camp. What are things that maybe yourself you're the scouts billet in and his coaching staff can gain from seeing. Players here over these three games I think just for the young prospects it's a great opportunity for the Buffalo Sabres Jersey on. To showcase themselves. Certainly some of market power play time and we killing time. Chances that nowadays and you get to main campus things happened so quickly especially an army camp this year with bill being in new head coach. When I get them to keep circuits quickly as possible so. But here's an opportunity over the get up there that get to know the systems that we're trying to implement already. The showcase themselves different scenarios. In the district it has start on me camp. And as you mentioned that the first player the comes to mind is the goal scored tonight Brian Cooley. Who has seen any jail time a handful of games last year but don't live with the way that you develop than your defense that we wanted to start the season maybe next year. This is just a product of meaty. You know having to go to the need to local refineries team. What's in this situation was you see how things progress of that but. Defense though it takes little bit time there's always that adjustment for a game. And what were were very excitable working with rent and justices is a lot of natural ability obviously sought in the shot great shot there for the first school. But just as filly to activate in the rush. And I think we still wants to play. Britain's attributes. Worked perfectly with that what it's close enough guys within the zone I get my except that the forwards and then jumping up the rush to create offense. But will be issuing them but we're very excited to have him with an organization. It's not a good example was on Saturday and at that giving the local they had all that speech to neutral zone out without it the way the game is right now it's fast fasten your seat. The teams that have had success over the last few years with the Chicago Nashville Pittsburgh. Tampa Bay it's exactly help fill wants to play. And it's you know. I think he still doesn't know how to utilize the speed and altitude situations it's amazing how fast can really be put. Well what we're excited vote for an he's been. Very open with their coach coaches we're trying to learn the system you look at the way his test results for a minute from treating he's worked extremely hard this summer. And you know it's if he's he's he just burns who's right now. The play I want to ask you dealt with Colin Blackwell he's played well look first couple games and now they want your tonight. Can someone like him or an opportunity to earnings HL contract it. It join an organization but the only place here without a doubt I think all the traffic as of coming here and really sort of improve the reputation as players and and that's we talked a lot about the start training camp there's certainly some players and in the story you know in this tournament such as the Baylor that he's sure. Look at the played HL game trip that. And you have others who are trying to earn Nash talk the contract America hotly contracts and what we're so proud of what we think a lot of guys just like Conan come in and really enhance their reputation as a player and sometimes it doesn't always happen right away. But as it progresses down the road there's throughout the season. New opportunity presents up because of the way he's played out here stuff and he's certainly someone that. We wanted to have in the mix of rock just receiver goes from there. It's a few more on the petition thoughtful the sabres general manager. You're on the intermission one wants sabres and penguins after twenty minutes the prospect challenge. You mention us that he can't starting out this week with not there supporting on Thursday com. Wouldn't what are you may be looking forward to the most snow over the first couple days it's not it's not very long before he's happen next Monday. Now and look who our coaches deficits do well here that's a great thing with bill he has things everything lined up in that regards. But from my personal ability that it's going to be busy days for for the players. A lot going on from the system's standpoint make that your. Things they're you know they're trying to showcase themselves trying to earn. Not only spot on the team but also different role for the team but for myself in just a field day in Iraq these guys will put warrior and certainly all the from afar talked to them on the phone. Throughout the summer. But not just to finally be emperors with them to talk but things seem the cult of personality the leadership groups sort of form and our team here so. It's just excited to get on on the united straightaway and looking forward to the first pre season game than there second pre season game down state college. They estimate great atmosphere down there sort of smaller city a lot of enthusiasm and so we're looking forward to get things going. And he felt the energy that renewed energy of the fan base over the summer is as the roster started to keep it it's got closer. Let you know it's it was a it was amazing Fridays at atmosphere in here that he only got let go buffalo channel Saturday so it and we saw at the same thing and development can. Does that does that turn out for France return stuff them through three games so we. It's a bit apartment before here is certainly well aware of the passion level here it's that fear and look. We certainly have work to do what works at about couldn't see now how we can correct progress through season. Want to ask you quickly and it did he do for Jack Michaels spoke recently how talks vehicle off over the last. Little bit and answering the thing you from your regard. It's a situation where we'll continue to talk and I have a great relationship with this agency. I think. What you've seen from from Jack in the media to prevent talking standpoint for colossal bit. His exit of look at the season going and I think that's great he's focusing on the season. But we'll continue to work the bottom line is that both parties really wanna get a deal done. And I feel very very confident that we will certainly. Get a deal done your future. But what's exciting for our staff right now is to work with Jackman from he's come in looks like he's in great shape. It looks like a situation where he's been have a lot of great communication with Dylan Penner coaching staff. Works into complacency you know things mesh with that with his teammates is there any concern for it as the GM of the team with this. Salary cap ramifications if it were to go to next year that it Mike Foster more than one more year further. Look there's always those situations and that's why you were we've been talking try to get a deal done and now we're still very optimistic I think both parties are very optimistic that you'll have beaten him late but. What I love about Jack's mind set and sort of attitude right now is it's not going to be distraction he's gonna go out perform and you know he's just like assuming every young players we. Sick of what they produce so far but we still think there's another level for a lot of those were a lot of young players whether it's Jeff whether it's Reiner crystalline and her consent. And I think that's what it excites or coaching staff to get on this server from the case may be time tonight what we're talking throughout the season my pleasure thank you very much. Jason about troll with Patton look last night on the broadcast of the sabres. Prospect challenged the final game there and really I think the money quote out of that. Is obviously talking about the cycle contract and it's right there at the end. He talks he sides I'm very very confident that we'll get a deal done with Jack in the near future. Very very confident will get a deal done with Jack. In the near future and I mean this could just be you know the G and speak because I'm sure the talks are ongoing. But it sounds like. And you've you've seen. In the media at any job dot com from from different writers. Who have talked to Jack I call one on ones. In its problems he he did the media stuff for. The winter classic that's going to be in Citi Field. And it just sounds that both sides where Berry. Eager and and willing to to get this done. But it's not something that they they feel they need to rush I guess which I guess from the sabres perspective it would be more I'll be rush. For the sabres to get this deal done as opposed to Jack Michael's side beat. I don't we all have huge expectations for for Jack cycle around here I certainly do. And I think maybe goes into the season to counteract. And I'm still not worried so much about it he says it won't be a distraction. I don't think he broke the minds too much. Bought it it's something that'll be on the minds of sabres fans throughout the season and it PE as the season beat we believe that he's capable of a point per game BB one point one points per game either put up those numbers. Will be undermined the sabres fans and oh just increases daily and that's why I never really been worried about it because. And increase his value he's hugely. He's the most important piece of this franchise and I think that a guy like Jason botched roll. Who had an MBA in business out of Michigan can understand the fact that. Jack Michael's betting on himself a little bit Jason bottles Smart guy he understands salary cap he understands business. He realizes. The fact that Jack Michael has on this hockey market he realizes that to this market. And maybe across the NHL I know economy David is is the biggest aren't league right now Sidney Crosby's up their but important to their team. In terms of marketability. In how important player is in the free its eyes moving forward Jack Michael IP. Right up there with those guys in terms of importance to the franchise. And what it means for that franchise moving forward and I would expect the sabres to. Get a deal done that sounds a does play this clip because I think it's it's the money clip from from bottles interview last night. It's a situation where we'll continue to talk and I have a great relationship with this agency I think what you've seen from Jack in the media to prevent talking standpoint for colossal hit his accent of look at the season going and I think that's great he's focusing on the season but we'll continue to work the bottom line is that both parties really wanna get a deal done I feel very very confident that we will certainly get a deal done and your future. Very confident. Certainly. We will get a deal done in the near future cell. I hear from ball size I hear from Michael side. Hear from bottles side. And understand that negotiations that take place but I'm really really not not concerned. About a deal getting done and I'm ready maybe I am ready for hockey season to do to get upon us here. To get upon us. A game will be next Monday in the first pre season game and I'm going to be. Let me intrigued about training camp in general I think there's a lot of interest in training camp this year because there is the new staff. And how many new pieces are here this year there there's been a little bit. More of a transformational the roster. Here. From last year to this year than I think it was the year before it last year. I mean their worst pieces that were different there was new defenseman in the next wave but cooler come obviously and fronds and being present here. But you're looking at a kind of a reformed defense core. With a ton of new faces you've got three new guys coming in to add to and potentially four with goalie. So you've got a ton of new faces there. The B system that's going to be played. The I guess refreshing. Style that is expected. From Phil Housley. And maybe he'll he'll let out there he'll go out there and just let the players kind of a glossy dictate. Maybe it's the last system in more going out and doing what you know that your guy that he's he's a guy that. Understands. What it is to be an NHL player. And how to play the NHL game. So I would expect him to be able to connect with with these players. Get miles Melissa obviously where in the NHL to be a different kind of player Phil Housley was. A high scoring defensemen. And the sabres have a couple guys who could be that for Phil Housley. There's a line in. Obviously do leaked. You need to go further and say maybe W was a guy good stuff about the score more army be its anti been coming or from Russia so. I fingers a lot of excitement building up for the sabres season. There's a lot of excitement building up for Lance sabres season until the the tragic day. Before. The season when Michael went down so barring any injuries. I'm pretty pumped foresee proceeds motor more about the sabres coming up as well it 030550. Error the phone numbers here if you like the call and as well I'm right gates this and I kept us in WGR. I'll write me back out the nightcap. I'm right gave C now with few years. Are you pumped up for sabres season are pumped up for this Sunday's bills game. Be pumped up for the sport season hand. At that sports that. Something on the nights on the TV I mean. Every night. That's probably my my biggest complaint about about the summer. I'm a guy who who actually does have TV surprisingly in almost feel the cable cardinal meals. But I do you have TV. And that's really the only thing that goes on TV. At night as some sort of sporting game. And it's not a big baseball diamond there and say I'm not a big baseball guy. Plots and I usually do when things and usually here pretty late. I'd go moments on how to do things. But now hockey games are gonna beyond. I'll get into law deem cerner. Things. Gets in the game center watching hockey games and I try to get into college basketball more this season marks the saint Bonaventure Bonnie is the UB. Conferences. Football plenty of football so it's it's going to be got. It's going to be got I'm happy to to get the sports season back here in. Lights but right now we're gonna listen to more of the sabres top Renault was appalling Timothy Leary joined my ship the Bulldog today. Talk more about prospects the prospects challenge treating camp coming up. Michael contract. Excellent conversation between should open Bulldog appointment. All right salute to our next subject the sabres and the prospects challenge which is over. Running goalie do with the slowing. He was great he didn't start off wells are effect Arabs just writing my article on in his kind of looking at the overall thing in. I was thinking back to visit the moment it happened in New Jersey bottled him up they got his way. And that's when it gets what's gonna happen in pro hockey teams are not gonna wanna let him get going. But I'm in the Boston game early they got on a power play there were five for nine in the power play by the way that night. And he took off behind the net they gave him some skating room and he apps he went into high gear. He gained the line found CJ Smith on a cross ice pass CJ Smith was over on the right wing boards. And that he accelerated. Even more to decrease. CJ Smith got the pocket immediately sent it back by that time bully was flying through the crease area tapped the puck by the goaltender. It was just a phenomenal goal and he was great from that point forward he had back to back three point nights. Poland to assist in both games we finished the tournament with six points in his last two games. And just controlled play and it wasn't just offensively. He uses that speed deep offensively too he never gets caught he never say to yourself all that's horrible play. This he can recover quickly and quick with a stick and he's quick with his feet and he recovers quickly and if dot. His offensive prowess does not working defensively. And I didn't think it did in the three NHL games he played last year I never thought to myself poise he had trouble. Sounds exactly what I want bill Paul you are seeing you know all I did not how often over the last few years of I've been enamored of this week's dating anybody that can skate to me. I wanted to look at right that's billion Baptiste. And goalie on the back end I mean debt is just a senate report that there was a moment last year in one of those three games he played. He's wearing number 45. Where I thought he was Michael. He was moving at as an an and an upturn in the queue like I mean I really thought that. So. The mean you're talking about elite elite skater. And he's got it seems a lot of other attributes to go along with the savvy to go to sleep clock moving in and good good. Aliens gets the shot her on the power play his other goal that was last night. He picked up a one timer and Apatow put an absolute bullet he was right in the middle of the rights he is able to give them shot Perot. I believe it was us Smith on the wall set him up perfectly right is real policy and he let it go as right under the bar. And it was a bullet shot and it got through so there are other things he can do easy he's a quarterback. On the power play to that. I think you know will really be something in mice. I'm not comparing him to Paul Coffey are not saying he has Paul Coffey but they skated almost identically I mean Paul Coffey could like just picked it up and take it. And when I see equally skate he reminds me immediately of the strive to coffees. What do you know bowel or is pure about his maturity level. He seems pretty good you know Phil Housley was on WGR sports carrier 5:50 this morning with the its two years and he did say are you know he's only twenty years old so of course he has to mature a little bit he's still young. But Saddam and and that's probably why he might start in Rochester just solar in the pro game a little bit. I wouldn't think he's going to be down there all year I would think first first injury he's up. And once he comes up I think he's probably one of their best three defense right off the bat on ice that depending on you know how some other guys fit in that we haven't seen play yet in buffalo and keep it would be one of those. But. I could see them wanting to send him down there and here's how fleet did state to were gonna do it right you know where we're gonna you know. Let him get used to the pro game and and those types of things and but he was thoroughly impressed with what he saw with house week to week and he called that the gears he likes his years. And that's exactly what it is it's like. He he goes from a stance on next thing you know it's like somebody to shut them out of its Luka who and he's up vice. You gotta be religious catered have yours you crack your anger and name adding that that requires global download. No no you know it was just it was a lights stop in Seoul those that was yours I don't over. Paul. Goalie that he mentioned a logjam. Anyone can certainly understand. The sabres wanting to bolster their blue line after the way the last couple years especially last year. Went back there. So there are players with NHL experience even and even excluded then I'll ring Cooley right now is training camp arrives. Thus the comment about doing it rightly pals we said in starting him in Rochester. It do you think it's. All but assured that that will happen or is that error but could he show up here in the pre season and just be undeniable he's someone who belongs and her top four. And we're gonna have to do something about. No I I think Housley doesn't want players to save themselves. Hey I had a great camp by outplayed everybody announced it near Rochester are you kidding me. He if you earn a job he has yet to get that job and he's hit some very good training camps. I don't think very quick gets it done this year I think it AF to take the next step which she very well good he's very well capable of that. And but no I absolutely feel any player that comes in whether it's Justin Bailey weathered CJ Smith. Heat. Clifford boom he's a guy that's to go back to junior but he had a good tournament. And he really had a good junior season last year and he left the door open for him and training camp. You know saying you know when he was mentioning guys. That are going to be fighting for jobs he put him and there are also so he he thoroughly impressed him during the this tournament also. Paul do you know hole. What the arrangement with the anti pin is in other words does he have to be here or skiing can he go to Rochester. If they wanna send him dominance on the back to Russia okay. So let's not do that America. Yes dollar property bit right got so he. I would say he's not going he's the exception maybe if he is a horrendous camp. I still don't think they were sent back to Russia right they might make him a number seven the year that he he is having trouble it used to something right ever additional flexibility there they'll welcome. Aren't well. I we've always think wanted over the last wild year plus to see the sabres blue line. If not overhauled. Adjusted. Significantly. And they have done something in that range here I think we agreed. So what what is your idea of Paul walked sum total of all this is with or without Cooley. Well in my opinion I think they have the worst defense by far in the NHL last year I don't know I'd never sought team commitment worse group defenseman. It just didn't work out. And I think they've improved it a lot. And my thought is scanned Alan Bristol whining they're probably together I would think to start they might leave McCabe in Bogosian together. And that might leave boy you and and keep him to be together and then judge George W number seven. The way I looked at a right to start off with. Now Cooley jumps into that. Who knows I mean then maybe somebody on the trade block him maybe they're looking to move one of armor or something like that. But. I I I don't think at all that if truly comes in or Bailey comes in her back to eastern new Lander any of them. And it just lights out I think they make the team. I like that analysis you know I think the name is in that second scenario were Cooley is undeniable is McKay. Because there's really no one else there. I mean Georgia's will be very talk to trade in my opinion. And then all of the other guys are new Bogosian also very tough to trade Bristol lining you're not doing that and can move ya the other guys you just brought in right so McCain would be the young guys there are now Housley has a history with McCain but I'm not suggesting they be eager to do that. But I also would not think they wanna have eight guys around if Cooley is that good. No I don't think they would and then maybe. You know I know Josh Georgia's a veteran that may be. You wave amend any of stardom in Rochester or something like that I mean you can do that he is still up to payments initial salary bit. You you can do that if if that were to happen you are right about McCabe and house late McKay Housley thinks a lot of McCain he made him the captain. Of that world junior team that won. And he's already spoken about him how much he thinks of him and I think he can't wait to get like two women. Help him improve it and grow as a defenseman and he still young defenseman. I don't know if you wanna trading young defense now it all depends on what you're getting back. I mean if you're getting a good return back well now the conversations all different. But if you're just trying to make remind your defense for goalie. I I don't know if Phil house they would would be up for that. Oil and on the AT&T hotline without the sabres. Wrapped up the prospects tournament last night they lost to the penguins prospects. In the final game that Paul report date we we got a little tangled up at the end of last segment before he came on report date is Thursday for practice Friday is that. Right correct you have won't be as media obviously it's not open to the public but will probably be down around 830. And start talking to some guys and they'll be going through testing and right physicals and have their picture take in and all that stuff all those details that happened. On that day and men camp opens at the harbor center on Friday which is open to the public. Write him in a game on Monday on bullets riddled front Paul. Mile under we talked about I think before this tournament began. And sadly she won't get that a minor injury I was I understand it was minor. So he was only able to play that first game. But well believe it seemed like tumbled from from a lot of what I watched vivid in the highlights that I saw that he at times almost seemed like he could do whatever one. He he was in my mind there's savers bass player including Italy bowl term you know you only have three points he would. Two goals and very nice shorthanded goal on a breakaway beautiful. But he was always giving opportunities. He has put on a lot of shoulder muscle a lot of upper body strength. And watching him in this tournament it is not hurt his speed skating it fall. He was why he was always first in on the battle but now the ball that he has up top is helping him win those battles now maybe he wasn't before. He's willing to engage in those battles now Wyndham. And he probably won most of them and I think it's gonna help him as he tries to make roster spots year. And Housley noticed I mean now we've looked at him mention him as one of the guys it was really impressive but it. How could you not notice them as I said in my mind he was their best player. What about CJ Smith. He really came to play the first game. It was a little rough for him. And that he too in the second game in third game started using his speed he's a Smart lawyer at least it. You know up against the guys he was up against and seems so we always make the right play a Smart play that add them with the speed. He was able to get in on pot he finished the term it was six points. Was tied with. Cooley is their leading scorer in the tournament. And Hudson fashion was another one. Who. You know really looked good he finished with four points went on third fourth lines he was out there with. The top players. Like I the other guys were he was not there with Bailey he was on the power play. And me he was part of that power play by. I thought Hudson bashing really showed that he there's no. Remnants from the injury from last year he does he also looks stronger he threw a couple of fallacious itself there he he one of the Burrough and John McCain. And then the Bruins are proceeded to chase him sabers around for the rest of the game that penalty after penalty. But if he changed the V that the whole. Atmosphere of that game from that point four to lob the sabres to really win going away at the time it was a close game. And it was a clean hit and we don't every place I don't think he left his skates and I don't think he Ottoman. Buddy Guy I was you know he's he has trouble getting to the bench and he he Wanda. Missing the rest of the games so bashing I think rarely look at all so. Partly or more with. All Hamilton Chilton Bulldog come up after the break he'll have his comments on Jack cycle that contract negotiations so we'll hear more from Paul coming up in just about. Four have been it's I'm trying gates of the nightcap it's an WGR. Last call on the night yep I'm ranked gates. Spending its way to our own Paul Hamilton periods with much over the bulldogs from this afternoon. How about bottle roll on Michael last night Paul I think this has been an unusual. I'm. Story Howell both sides sown so assured. That there will be a contract. Bilateral barely it sounds last night stopped short of saying look we've already drawn it up just give me a break here so I can go dot the I's or something. I mean that's not usually how this goes minimal sound so confident. Yeah he enjoyed that in between periods and that uncle sights sounds like. I don't know what's gonna get done this year but you know everything's still good we're still talking and if if if it's not hostile or anything like that they kind of made it sound like. I think he's gonna want to start the season without a contract but troll wouldn't say that bottles just basically went telling pat. I think we're to get this done and you know yes there's you know we still need to agree on term and we still need to agree on money. But everything is cordial everything's good where we are still you know talk in conversation. And I really believe we're gonna get this done and it's some late in the near future. Yup at the risk of being naive my guess is that the sabres have some. This is not a given a good guess this just one look restart autism as a possibility that the sabres have a deep where they wanna announce it. And so. Yeah. I'm confident here the way you play L Paul is the you know what would add up is if the sabres and bilateral mole like Ari we're gonna get to this point that he wants those to be at this from happening right here and ambled through it whether that's when camp starts or something like that. I mean oh a lot of little things in sports are just. They they plan when the announcements going to be you wouldn't think probably that this would be one of those things more about just the process and giving the result you want. But I don't know me but I'd. I don't wanna be a soccer here but I feel like some gay in the middle weak in the next speaker so we're gonna have this thing. Now I can tell you as what's today's date twelfth. So as of last Wednesday the sixth. That was not the case. When that they are they were not had not come to an agreement there a they still were. Victory but where is his agent said was basically what I was hearing too that things have cooled a little bit. But there was no nobody was mad nobody went away mad and eichel was curious to me seem very sincere when I spoke to him that day. That. I'm good I'm fine don't worry about a I'm not stressing over it it's not going to be anything any big deal I'm totally fine with starting the season without a contract. And he seemed like it wasn't just speak you know there in the politically clerk correct speak I think he is fine weather. So I can tell you as of last Wednesday now a lot of things could change. Between then and now that was six days ago. But as of then they had they were not. Close to an agreement drilling. Mike said that you don't wanna be naive about it but Michael seemed to really convincing to me. It's how we talk to you. And how you conveyed that to us and even just you know. It is it just. Frankly there's not what you set a few times and I I've I've tried to maintain this too. It's not like there's any reason to get upset getting upset isn't doing anything for. But your rights are owned by this team in the NHL for the foreseeable future so. It it it makes sense for him. To be patient if if that's what's called for you know because. Making a lot of noise about it isn't really a benefit and once you'll be shocked if it ward eight years to at this point yes. I don't think eight years I'm hearing articles campus up around eleven and a half million. And X I think if they were on number around ten we've already talking about the term contract being signed. So I think that's maybe what what the sabres are balking at right now but it doesn't seem like Michael talking about it. He he seems to get where the sabres are coming from. It's like yeah I. I'm not mad about anything I understand. I know their position they know our position. Were fine you know because it's going to get done it's just a matter where that number is gonna wind up that you. My guess is wild guess it's just that the sabres know what they can do to get him to agree to it and they're just gonna do that when they wanna do it. As of eleven and a half their thinking all right well it's hard maybe we gave little bit better he's the MVP of the league Jack hasn't become immediately. So we'll come down a million somewhat saddened sabres probably here thinking where I'm thinking and I think apple blog I cannot exactly. Yeah did you think that was good bye I thought time was just right all round. Yeah let's get this I ought to if it's higher than that then Michael you know made it work nights except for the sabres are making ten is a good number and maybe they're thinking if I Cole goes out gets 95 points than all right then we'll go to eleven app but the problem that is. Doesn't Michael's camp that go up there. Yes that's what I saw a recall of pleasantly call lake visited the danger in them. For the sabres. Pittman danger whenever it's conceivable to me that there's a year out there for Michael where he has that you're 95 points. Bear. Of a playoff team. And he's an MVP candidate because of all both things coming together right he has that breakout year. And who takes a team that is being big dispute drags for so long and puts them into third place in the Atlantic Division or wild card what upper. And then pick next then next year when the all season comes and it's time to do this contract they're talking about the Davids contract. And that's because it's another year down the road so the price always goes up your year. For these kinds of things so big guy I think that's that's what you know I would understand Michael's camp. Being maybe a little higher than I initially thought because I think there are expecting that they've got a guy that can that's capable of having a Connie here. And bilateral did acknowledge that with that last night as ask him are you concerned that the numbers and while drastically. And he acknowledged yes we have thought of that and that's why we want to get something done now. You know oh. Basically again getting back to be having some confidence that they came vacant figures now before talking about this in the next. Raked areas. Paul Hamilton with Mike show and the Bulldog. I'll be back tomorrow night's tomorrow John Oakley in moving up dearly he'll be on the show and the bulldogs. I thought I was gonna be here on Friday I lied I won't be here on Friday so I'll be here tomorrow for the bridge version nightcap. On Thursday until then and have a good night we've got NASCAR alive come on next time I Gates's of the nightcap later.