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Tuesday, September 12th

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Paul Hamilton and there seems to be no sign of intelligently and even non WG ER Sports Radio 550. Not to bury the lead but there's a lot of confusion about her fantasy football league so far this year. To have you noticed him overeat no light I had a question yesterday that I asked on the error. About some scorer Josh knew that my opponent. Franco's Jill was receiving poll tax rewrite wade explained at night stood down. Lost by two points in the ways of the squirt through the manner. But that was the I didn't know there was other there was other well for one thing it seems ripe all these web site doesn't have our divisions right. Yeah I didn't really it was kind of my mistake I didn't realize I had did it I must've done in the past I must have always realign the divisions before I entered our drafted because I have to enter our draft. Once you winner of the draft he can't realign the divisions and we do our division to certain way. So now every week I've got to cut and paste from there from their state endings. Email you guys for the correct divisions what kind of rule is that that's. A nationally are able to do anything you want a lot of work a lot of the old divisions because that looked already and I even that might losing a B in second place else. Yes so I have a website I will show us in divisions that are not the real divisions call you after it opened the email to find out if you don't have it memorized. Collision and called here in the McDermott division of the house leaders and elected just delete all the emails Paul sends me so this is gonna have to change the kind of like a trip to stay in to accurately I wanna be in the Bobby Meachem more than they don't estimate. Mixture and then that goofy thing they did was when I entered the draft. They let me answer some earth are they automatically entered some of the chiefs and patriot players the game was already under way. When they entered the draft so some of those players went in your lineup. But for players didn't. So I ask everybody. I can man I can't for whatever reason it should be able to set your lineups but I can. Add points so I asked those four people to poll those guys not your line up and leave that position blank and I would just add your points and three of the four or listen Brian goes Il didn't he wasn't the one I was worried about such an event. So he he didn't pay any attention and so he left Adam Vinatieri in his lineup and I had to go for now that that's why apple blog and post. Points he now it's shots fired Harrison he was to put he told you on the night of the game at the draft he wanted to Gostkowski in Bryant he was supposed to pull Vinatieri out of his line at the than I would at dusk sells these nine point chat show. All right true to our next subject the sabres and the prospects challenge which is over how Brendan goalie do with this thing. He was great he didn't start off wells are effect Arabs just writing my article on in just kind of looking at the overall thing and I was thinking back to visit the moment it happened in New Jersey bottled him up they got in his way. And that's when it gets what's gonna happen in pro hockey teams are not gonna wanna let him get going. But I'm in the Boston game early they got on a power play they were five for nine in the power play by the way that night. And he took off behind the net they gave him some skating room and he apps he went into high gear. He gave the line found CJ Smith on a cross ice pass CJ Smith was over on the right wing boards. And that he accelerated. Even more to decrease. CJ Smith got the pocket immediately senate backed by that time goalie was flying through the crease area tapped the puck by the goaltender. It was just a phenomenal goal and he was great from that point forward he had back to back three point nights. Goal and two assists in both games we finished the tournament with six points in his last two games. And just controlled play and it wasn't just offensively. He uses that speed defense of Lee too he never gets caught he never say to yourself all that's horrible play. This he can recover quickly. And quick with a stick and he's quick with his feet and he recovers quickly and if done in his offensive prowess does not working defensively. And I didn't think it did in the three NHL games he played last year I never thought to myself poise he had trouble. Sounds exactly what I want and I applaud you seemed you know all I did not how often over the last few years of I've been enamored of the ski Vick stating anybody that can skate to me. I wanted to look at right that's Bailey InBev teased. And grew the on the back end I mean that is just a senate report bit. There was a moment last year in one of those three games he played. He's wearing number 45. Where I thought he was Michael. He was moving at as an an and an upturn in the queue like I mean I really thought that. So. The mean you're talking about early lead skater. And he's got it seems a lot of other attributes to go along with the savvy to go to sleep clock moving and and good good aliens. Yes the shop her on the power play his other goal was last night. He picked up a one timer and Apatow put an absolute bullet he was right in the middle of the ice he is able to give them shot Perot. I believe it was us Smith on the wall set him up perfectly right there's real policy and he let it goes right under the bar. And it was a bullet shot and it got through so there are other things he can do easy he's a quarterback. On the power play to that. I think you know will really be something in. Mice that. I'm not comparing him to Paul Coffey are not saying he has Paul Coffey but they skated almost identically I mean Paul Coffey could like just pick it up and take it. And when I see equally skate he reminds me immediately of the strive to coffees. What do you know borrow or is pure about his maturity level. He seems pretty good you know Phil Housley was on WGR sports are your 5:30 this morning with the its two years and he did say are you know he's only twenty years old so of course he has to mature a little bit he's still young. But Saddam and and that's probably why he might start in Rochester just solar in the pro game a little bit. I wouldn't think he's going to be down there all year I would think first first injury he's up. And once he comes up I think he's probably one of their best three different story off the bat on ice that depending on you know how some other guys fit in that we haven't seen play yet in buffalo and keep it would be one of those. But. Yeah I could see them wanting to send him down there and here's how sleep did state to were gonna do it right you know where we're gonna you know. Let him get used to the pro game and and those types of things and but he was thoroughly impressed with what he saw with house week to week and he called that the gears he likes his years. And that's exactly what it is it's like. He he goes from a standstill next thing you know it's like somebody to shut them out of the some guy who and he's up vice. You gotta be religious catered have yours you crack a navigator and mean adding that that requires global now I don't know. No no you know it was just it was like let's stop and soul who was at that those errors I don't leagues. Paul. Goalie that he mentioned the logjam. Anyone can certainly understand. The sabres wanting to bolster their blue line after the way the last couple years especially last year. Went back there. So there are players would NHL experience even and even excluded then I'll ring Cooley right now is training camp arrives. Thus the comment about doing it rightly pals we said in starting him in Rochester. Do you think it's. All but assured that we'll have the powers that error but could he show up here in the pre season and just beat undeniable he's someone who belongs in their top four. And we're gonna have to do something. No I I think house leaders who want players to save themselves. Hey I had a great camp by Al played everybody announced it near Rochester are you kidding me. He if you earn a job he has yet to get that job and he's hit some very good training camps. I don't think very good gets it done this year I think it AF to take the next step which he very well good he's very well capable of that. And but no I absolutely feel any player that comes in whether it's Justin Bailey weathered CJ Smith. Heat. Clifford boom he's a guy that's to go back to junior but he had a good tournament. And he really had a good junior season last year and he left the door open for him and training camp. You know saying you know when he was mentioning guys. That are going to be fighting for jobs he put him and there are also so he he thoroughly impressed him during the this tournament also. Paul do you know hole. What the arrangement within TP and is in other words does he have to be here or skiing can he go to Rochester. If they wanna send him dominance on the back to Russia okay. So let's not do that okay. Yes dollar property bit right got so pretty. I would say he's not going he's the exception may be if he is a horrendous camp. I still don't think they were sent him back to Russia right they might make him a number seven the ability he is having trouble it used to something right to cover additional flexibility there and you know okay. Aren't well. Oh I we've all I think wanted over the last wild year plus to see the sabres blue line. If not overhauled. Adjusted. Significantly. And they have done something in that range here I think we agreed. So what what is your idea Paul walked sum total of all this is with or without Cooley. Well in my opinion I think they have the worst defense by far in the NHL last year I don't know I'd never sought team commitment worse group defenseman. It just didn't work out. And I think they've improved it all lots. And my thought is scanned Alan Bristol whining they're probably together I would think to start they might leave McCabe in Bogosian together. And that might lead boy you and and keep him to be together and then judge George W number seven. The way I looked at the start off with. Now Cooley jumps into that. Who knows I mean then maybe somebody on the trade block him maybe they're looking to move one of armor or something like that. But. I I I don't think at all that if who leak comes in or Bailey comes in her back to eastern knee Lander any of them. And it just lights out I think they make the team. I like that analysis you know I think the name is in that second scenario were Cooley is undeniable is McCabe. Because there's really no one else there. I mean Georgia's will be very talk to trade in my opinion. And then all of the other guys are new Bogosian also very tough to trade Bristol lining you're not doing that and can move ya the other guy you just brought in right so McCain would be the young guys there are now Housley has a history with McKay but I'm not suggesting they be eager to do that. But I also would not think they wanna have eight guys around if Cooley is that good. No I don't think they would and then maybe. You know I know Josh Gorges a veteran that may be. You way government and the MP stardom in Rochester or something like that I mean you can do that he is still up to payments initial salary bit. You you can do that if if that were to happen you are right about McCabe and house late McKay Housley thinks a lot of optic McCabe he made him the captain. About world junior team that won. And he's already spoken about him how much he thinks of him and I think he can't wait to get. Like to him and help him improve it and grow as a defenseman and he still young defenseman. I don't know if you wanna trading young defense now it all depends on what you're getting back. I mean if you're getting a good return back well now the conversations all different. But if you're just trying to make remind your defense for goalie. I had I don't know if Phil housing would would be up for that. Miles and on the AT&T hotline without the sabres. Wrapped up the prospects tournament last night they lost to the penguins prospects. In the final game that Paul report date we we got a little tangled up at the end of last segment before he came on report date is Thursday for practice Friday is that. Right correct you have won't be as media obviously it's not open to the public but will probably be down around 830. And start talking to some guys and they'll be going through testing and right physicals and having their picture take in and all that stuff all those details that happened. On that day and men camp opens at the harbor center on Friday which is open to the public. Write him in a game on Monday on bullets riddled front Paul. Mile under we talked about I think before this tournament began. And sadly she would you get that a minor injury I was I understand it was minor. So he was only able to play that first game. But by how well believe it seemed like a humbled from from a lot of what I watched of it in the highlights that I saw that he at times almost seem like he could do whatever you want it. Yeah he was in my mind this savers bass player including Italy the whole terminally only have three points he would. Two goals and very nice short handed goal on a breakaway beautiful animal. But he was always getting opportunities. He has put on a lot of shoulder muscle a lot of upper body strength. And watching him in this tournament it has not hurt his speed skating at all. He was flying he was always first in on the battle but now the ball that he has up top is helping him win those battles now or maybe he wasn't before. He's willing to engage in those battles now and Wyndham. And he probably won most of them and I think it's gonna help him as he tries to make a roster spots year. And Housley noticed I mean house we've looked at him mention him as one of the guys that was really impressive but. How could you not notice them as I said in my mind he was their best player of the tournament. What about CJ Smith. He really came to play the first game. Was a little rough for him. And then he too in the second game in third game started using his speed he's a Smart players at least it. You know up against the guys he was up against and seemed so low always make the right play a Smart play that add them with the speed. He was able to get in on pot he finished the turn it was six points. Was tied with. Cooley is their leading scorer in the tournament. And Hudson fashion was another one. Who. You know really looked good he finished with four points playing on third and fourth lines he wasn't out there with. The top players. Like the other guys were he was out there with Bailey he wasn't a power play. And me he was part of that power play but I thought Hudson passing really showed that he there's no. Remnants from the injury from last year he does he also looks stronger he threw a couple of fallacious that's out there he he thought one of the Bruins out of a game. And then the Bruins are proceeded to chase him in the savers around for the rest of the game to penalty after penalty. But if he changed the V that the whole. Atmosphere of that game from that point forward and allow the sabres to really win going away at the time it was a close game. And it was a clean hit and we don't every place I don't think you leftists gates and I don't think he autumn and had. But he he the guy was you know he he had trouble getting to the bench and he he he bond up by. Missing the rest of the games so bashing I think are really look good also. How about bottle roll on article last night Paul I think this has been an unusual. Story Howell both sides sound so assured. That there will be a contract. Bilateral barely its own last night stopped short of saying look we've already drawn it up just give me a break here so I can go duck the guys or something. I mean that's not usually how this goes minimal sound so confident. Yeah he enjoyed that in between periods and that uncle sights sounds like. I don't know what's gonna get done this year but you know everything's still good we're still talking and if if if it's not hostile or anything like that they kind of made it sound like. I think he's gonna wanna start the season without a contract but petrol wouldn't say that bottles just basically went telling pat. I think we're to get this done and you know yes there's you know we still need to agree on term and we still need to agree on money. But everything is cordial everything's good where we are still you know taught in conversation. And I really believe we're gonna get this done and it's some late in the near future. Yup at the risk of being naive my guess is that the sabres have some. This is not a given a good guess this just one look would start out as a as a possibility that the sabres have a and so. Yeah and I'm confident here the way you play L Paul is the you know what would add up is if the sabres and bilateral mole like Ari we're gonna get to this point that he wants us to be yet. It's gonna happen right here and ambled do it whether that's when camp starts or something like that. I mean all a lot of little things in sports are just. They they plan when the announcements to be you wouldn't think probably that this would be one of those things is more about just the process and giving the result you want. But I don't know me but I'd. I don't wanna be a soccer here but I feel like some day a in the middle weak in the next speaker so we're gonna have this thing. Now I can tell you as what's today's date twelfth. So as of last Wednesday the sixth. That was not the case. And why that they are they were not had not come to an agreement days. They still were. They went with his agent said was basically what I was hearing too that things have cooled a little bit. But there was no nobody was mad nobody went away mad. And Michael was curious to me seem very sincere when I spoke to him that day. That. I'm good I'm fine don't worry about a I'm not stressing over it it's not going to be anything any big deal I'm totally fine with starting the season without a contract. And he seemed like it wasn't just speak you know there in the politically clerk correct speak I think he is fine weather. So I can tell you as of last Wednesday now a lot of things could've changed. Between then and now that was six days ago. But as of then they had they were not. Close to an agreement drilling. Mike said that you don't wanna be naive about it but Michael seemed really convincing to me. Do it now we talk to you. And how you conveyed that to us and even just you know. It is it just. Frankly there's no what you set a few times and I I've tried to maintain this too. It's not like there's any reason to get upset getting upset isn't doing anything for. But your rights are owned by this team in the NHL for the foreseeable future so. It it it makes sense for him. To be patient if if that's what's called port you know because. Making a lot of noise about it isn't really gonna benefit and one you'll be shocked if it weren't eight years to at this point yes. I don't think eight years I'm hearing articles campus up around eleven and a half million. And X I think if they were on number around ten we've already talking about the term contract being signed. So I think that's maybe what what the sabres are balking at right now but it doesn't seem like Michael talking about it. He he seems to get where the sabres are coming from. It's like yeah I. I'm not mad about anything I understand. I know their position they know our position. Were fine you know because it's going to get done it's just a matter where that number is gonna wind up. My guess is wild guess it's just that the sabres know what they can do to get him to agree to it and they're just gonna do that when they wanna do it. As of eleven and a half their thinking all right well it's currently gimmick Dave is a little bit better he's the MVP of the league Jack hasn't become immediately. So we'll come down a million somewhat saddened sabres probably here thinking where I'm thinking and I thankful blog I cannot exactly. Did you think that was good Mike I thought time was just right all round. Yeah let's get this fire ought to if it's higher than that then Michael you know made it work nine to set for the sabres are making ten is a good number and maybe they're thinking if I Cole goes out gets 95 points than all right then we'll go to eleven app but the problem that is. Doesn't Michael's camp that go up there. Yeah that's a step I thought I recalled all of us Leslie call lake visited the danger in them. For the sabres. Pittman danger whenever it's conceivable to me that there's a year out there for Michael where he has that you're 95 points. Bear. Of a playoff team. And he's an MVP candidate because of all both things coming together right he has that breakout year. And who takes a team that is in dispute drags for so long and puts them into third place in the Atlantic Division or wild card what upper. And then pick next then next year when the all season comes and it's time to do this contract they're talking about the Davids contract. Endesa because it's another year down the road so the price always goes up your year. For these kinds of things so big guy I think that's that's what you know I would understand Michael's camp. Being maybe a little higher than I initially thought because I think they're expecting that they've got a guy that can that's capable of having a Connie here. And but Cheryl did acknowledge that with pat last night as pat asked him are you concerned that the number's gonna go while drastically. And he acknowledged yes we have thought of that and that's why we wanna get something done now. You know so. Basically again getting back to be having some confidence that they can they configures a mile before were talking about this in the next offseason. Paul thanks a lot is great no problem take care.