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Mike Shields then no bull dog. Guys I could not believe what I would hear him. Clinton this is on the our our written local radio station this. Crap. Is being played I couldn't even believe that the word that I was listening to Mike she opened as a mom. It is. Like why is this on here and a Bulldog like I started it tears in my eyes it upset me so much. And my eleven year old daughter listens to this radio station. I never again we'll see elicited this seeds might show up got to collect myself because this is the this is what our youth. Is being subjected to in the bulldogs'. Visit on our radio station that our kids are listening to. I am so upset. This is ridiculous it's Mike she'll spend a Bulldog I don't believe. On the radio and I just don't even understand. Why they think that's okay non WG ER my daughter will never listen to that radio station again ever I am shaking. I cannot believe that feel designers. A lot of people don't like the nightcap but not all of them go to such lengths to complain. All right so the bills' season has started and started the right way right. Sure so what do you make of it eagle 30550 yesterday we talks especially late in the show about. Some of the things Sean McDermott stresses also from a column I wrote last week before the opener. How its fundamentals and playing Smart and loving each other even things like this. And you know I think it's a good conversation in May be the right one for fans to talk about whether we think that that won't you know take them anywhere. Because we've been. Sold things before. So here you have been sounds reasonable. Makes sense is it important. Like the important important. The kind of thing where you would call it the foundation. Of what will be called me winning organization. 8030551808550. To 550 your calls in a moment I would always rather had. The sort of foundation there are trying to be told. To the team but I would I would rather my team stand for those things are Durbin delineate the situations over the years are one of the bills to either not pick players. Who. Had sketchy character. Or incidents in college. Appalachian party said we boom is one who comes to mind before that perhaps the bills were thought to need a receiver and he had some issues and there was a lot of buzz that they've liked him in might take a man I didn't want them to in the they did so Marshawn Lynch would wait wait wait back. Even McGahee who was just sort it didn't seem what you want to beat your more than he was a problem. In you know intolerant anything. Soul. Like I want guys that are easier to root for. And and guys who have Carrick Turk the careful one another. I feel like are going to be guys that are going to be more easy to plug into site I I didn't I can get behind that. Philosophically. But what does it really mean in the big scheme of things. I don't know I think if you if you were gonna be a good team and you have good players on your team. And you've you've you've acquired them while all putting this foundation in place and they fit in but then you get a really good player and something goes wrong. I don't think I can just caught him automatically all the time I think decisions have to be made. And you have to win a you know and in hangs in the balance we draw us. How much I'm hurting myself. If I move from this player they don't like taking wave from my team on the field performance wise. Sought I don't think you could have a hard and fast rule about in this white teams. Are always balancing and we make fun of them for the press releases and everything that they'll say about a guy who gets in trouble but. They're together in the process of deadline all the information what I mean I I I always understand why be able to way to handle the walk in the and they don't know yet. Whether or not either guy really did the thing that is reported in beat. You know if you did how bad it is in seat would do with the Greek how important easy to. But collective you know like is the coach going to be. Can't. Think decline is important I need him sole. You always wrestler and when that. So I think it's nice it's like one when Marleau went you know for years it is the bills stood on this you know character character character. And it was not real. I think it's a nice thing to say I think it's a nice thing for your fans to. Want to believe in but I don't know it's not was not bullet proof to me is not foolproof as hard and fast you just can't. I think expect in the NFL in 2017. That you're gonna have a point you guys who are all gonna get together hold hands and pray. I think you've got a lot of different personalities. And sometimes you gotta live with some that don't fit in because they make the team better. You think what. There doing your part of what they've been doing is try to build a group of players without that many different personalities. Yet. Yeah I think so. I think so and I I think that that's that's that's hard that's really tough to win without. I mean I'd I don't mean a different personalities. But the dead at least his I'll bet McDermott me domain we can bring this up with him. Next week we visit remember some point during the season. I bet he'd ball gat. That same personalities but they want specifically want traits. That our income and they want guys who want selfish. Like guys who argue are going to be good teammates and good people away from the game. Peter McDermott post game speech in the locker room when on the field now with the wind off the field. If it bit those things matter to them. In a way that I think is isn't good. Bought I think is really challenging to actually follow through. Don't embarrass us bright might be the underlying message from the coach and GM and maybe the owner to the players. 8030550. What do you think of all all this is is the right. But he's the right points or is it important is it overrated what. Basically it's a way of talking about McDermott to a here's Jeff on WGR hi Jeff. I don't know what my BR. It might be a little bit off topic but offer mob or the break of being good on that old but that's. For me it all in a minute are all here so I get political moral leadership aspect to it all before you know cattle born duchess. It's ballclub. You know what fumbled it and in what are sold you say about all of the court made a decision no. And I think that's not orbit yesterday but no you keep you gotta be able to recognize that made it as an illegal war. He decision or player or group though that that's one thing but not now won't count or another and I think that that's. I'll get a wealth or we got off about. I've got that covered and importantly. No we welcome the white white or even in that sense of fault. Or minority and it is good gotta have gotta make at apple are. Technical knowledge they were. That bought it. Right in part this point is is your saying you want the coach to be the same way and that comes down to among other things. Fourth down her decisions on the field. Now think accountability is really it's not a concern of mine about all this but in terms of what we're talking about with the players that is a keyword. Here is Jim next hi Jim. I right or an arm that caveat there which are saying. I don't know I agree ought to percent where it which would which we came forward I'm just got on on him I think that it's it's it's. An organization that it's only fluctuations over the years. You know go from fort street reform now for three guys and Andy Geiger its foundation that that you sign away. Trying to you know built in one day. Trying to lay that foundation. On the beat get it on the field but at torque all. In all on if you or other comparable off the field. It cannot plant stored on the by the person. Iranian and I think that it's it's good. I'm at bat foundation now I don't I don't agree it is. Guys on that may be in all. I'm I'm outside you know home candidates and seated to resolve then that note makes organization better makes you know some some himself look bad. Maybe there's that guy that can hold them accountable outside. You know and I like these two guys like that the teamwork. Despite just that I am not an act duty military members and a bomb. I dislike that team work I like what he's building with the guys I like hold each other count on the field so I really like that foundation that you and so look sports. Thank you Jim. I I like kid to really to cut the chase. As I mean I saw a bunch of stuff and I'm not sure really like where I ended up there good to me the bottom line is I like all that stuff to it all really appeals to me. Armed because I I I like that our camaraderie I want the guys to care about one another I want them. Two to do it did to give more because they care about the guy next to them. But that that all sounds really good at reads really well from reading the sports for watching a movie. I think in real life the reality is you need talented players and then you have to make room for them. Whatever their personalities are and you have to make some accommodations and some exceptions I think that's that's that's just what happens to expect. That they are gonna draft. Every guy they draft. Is going to be exactly who they were when they draft and what they can sit in a room and say. What this guy you know this and which passed or. You know the family all the stuff went check check check it's a tall perfect. And then he gets the NFL and gets a couple 100000 dollars in his bank account and like quotes. What if he's really good and you grab them in the second round and eases the important. Can you afford to just say oh well he changed like there's some things about him we don't like now and like where I'm just throw amounts are over. You'd you'd probably give you never going to be good. I mean well you're trying to head off. Those bad choices yes and you're trying to that this is already been said just with different words I think. You're trying to convince take marshaled arias for example you try to commit martial artists that if he makes the wrong choice. The victim. Is his teammate. The guys on the team that are competing in showing up on time and doing the right things. Are you you want you want Daria I think. You want Doris to think about the the players the team. Not just. Whatever might be in his mind instead whatever his motivations are instead. Whether they be about money or just an indifference. Mean I I insurer through the years we've said this a lot about. About the bills that. It's not an every success seeing the successive or you know every year it gets worse and in this in this. Category. That. You know you just the longer they gold loosening the harder it is for somebody to assume the guys on the team morally believe they can win. Because they're not going to an organization that's. Really one in their own lifetimes right so. You draft marshaled Aureus or do you want you want and expect. Amazing talent and also the dedication and the commitment and all those other things too but there would be times. When a player who might eat. Give that extra. If he played for new Englander Green Day. Doesn't playing for buffalo or Jacksonville because she doesn't really the worst case scenario might beat him. I get caught Bible or Jacksonville and that's guard. Our attitude maybe don't have to go to older team right right go to the the thing about it to me is the food air and look those teams are gonna get credit for having great culture anger chemistry. You know why because they win and do they win because they have great culture and chemistry or do they have great culture and character because they weren't. And and why they win because they've got Aaron Rodgers and Tom Marie. And like that that's it like I'm I need I need players like I just don't think ultimately. McDermott's getting a lot of credit really what else can you give him credit for right now he's won one game. He's inheriting a team here that seems to be by choice and I'd say right I agree with Detroit's wholeheartedly starting all over. So. There are probably are going to be a lot of wins there is not a whole want to channel right now not as much talent you need to be a contending team. In the NFL so all we can really do is like his style and what he's doing and appreciated. I don't know what gets you in the end they're gonna need good players and good players. Are gonna trump whether or not the fit exactly into. Blew a hole that the team has carved out for that player in the draft. Of course you can have good players and they do have some that will. You know stay straight yes but when you don't when you have a guy especially if it comes down to quarterback round one next year. Tyrod Taylor is a peach but do I want to have somebody better than that window I wanna got a lot of oil wanna get them there. Then. Eventually you get to the character questions and what will his attitude work for us and who knows maybe there will be. And this might sound like a reach at this point but missing maybe there will be a stolid. In that spot that the bills aren't really ready to commit to what is the quarterback he needs to have. Really be the way you want to be he's the leader he's doing the press conferences he's all those things. So I don't mean as religious sort of conjuring a scenario up. That's a long way from being a reality now. I've said again and again here over the course of the summer but I want this stuff to really matter. But I'm skeptical about how much. That that's really succeed on a somewhat from olive oil that it appeals to me. I just you know I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff it with all due respect it is not surprising to me that. Sore so far both callers on the subject who appreciate it and can really speak to it our military and because that's right order discipline camaraderie family yes that's yeah. Here is done next on WGR done. I know darn good. My whole. Philosophy on this is that. Is accountability can take hold in all of this current players and right now and one lead draft a guy. He is more likely to malls into what we have party created especially as. Kids generally are more influenced by those around them and if look at their teammates they're they're seniors and veterans are all bought into this account to be accountability philosophy. Then I think that there are much more likely. To be accountable themselves. And that's next U lead draft a quarterback of the future. And he buys into the system and he is a true winner. Then it all goes hand and then he is accountable than he has erupted at an art came to just say they expect. Well there is right it's all logical. You just heard her I mean just it just sounds too easy this way up. I I do I I want the public the way the caller lay that out I mean that's that's what you want to have. That is that is the that's what McDermott is hoping to build. It is that you have I've I've sat at home it may be cleaned out who knows which guys. Fit. In the this wasn't our kind of guy they've been made moves that that that did a couple of different profiles at Watkins sign ability durability availability all those kinds of things. Maybe he was a headache to whom we just never knew it. Any other guy that has been moved out a year. All right there's a lot of them because there's only agree with a couple dozen guys that are left here. From blast your soul beat they turned a lot over. And if you do have that foundation. Sure it is possible if I could show up and just he's a jerk and he's going to be a jerk here though. Eventually. Because a lot of these coaches I think you've had good intentions and some of them have been about like this probably not all of them but there are women differences. Eventually eat those new guys. This is that earlier superficial kind of analysis and in every way what the these imaginary players who were not on the team yet listening to. Certain guys who are on the team and still be on the team and who knows. I just wonder if it instead as hard as you try to establish that sort of culture. If you're still the bills on a seventeen re eighteen or nineteen year playoff drought whenever it is that we eat whatever it is we get to hear. And McDermott you know Reese bees respectable in these ways but he's not like a name brand he's not a guy that. Anybody's watched win in his head coach in the league that can get away from you. And I'm not predicting that it will. Just another way of sort of framing this conversation him in two terms of whether or not what they're building really matters I think. It's all fine because there a year where there's really nothing else to do. There's there's nothing else to do with with this team once they started down this path it all makes cents and their trading for draft picks their eyes are on the future. They're trying to keep guys and you know build this kind of team were talking about. There's really nothing else to do this year and you can get away with more to that other Renton this year because you are. Rebuilding. That's what the trees are all about. I think when the team is you know how how long's it take. The day they had a draft being wasn't here for McDermott was. So there's a draft eleven all the one next April are this year goes you know wherever they end up picking the quarterback. Will be a big part of that hope and I think. And then maybe another draft and then your dip I think you're you're expecting your team to be pretty fully formed right. And if he here's here's from five point feel if they get the quarterback pick right. Then they'll give a lot of credit for all this culture character. Family law of hold hands could buy out logo logo and a lot of credit for. And will never really know for sure but. I I think conversely if they blow it on the quarterback if they get it and move it to the guys that make sense. He then don't reached forgot they get a guy that like every probably. That made sense he's the he's the guy you should've picked him. And he just doesn't get it. All of the stuff is not going to be worth a day. Is that true to be critical of it and no one calling and seems inclined to be assisting the the other side of the coin is does it. Really matter that's the other side point nobody wants them to build a team of favorites over on them right to build a team of guys that don't pay attention or anything like that. But is this. The key. Strategy or just something to do to get you the next year's draft. I'm sure that's not how McDermott is thinking about it more the former than latter. 8030515. Much over the Bulldog back with headlines shortly here on WGR. And. Aren't getting. For packet to its right now for you to go check out the great pumpkin farm on main street in Clarence values prizes twenty bucks general content rules apply. Republicans are opens this weekend. If they'd been on with rides shows and clicked it off the bat. Kid activities and of course it's never gives zillions of pumpkins that your. There is a difficult juxtaposition happening right here it's a good kid rides and color and the Halloween. Probably run into Michael Myers there OK you are well that raw until Michael Myers at the pumpkin farm. We want to make sure we want you to know that you please know that we don't expect that to happen. I suspect you're correct but you could find out for yourself by visiting great pumpkin farm dot com. Available at three Q section there. Today he needed to frequently asked questions. Will there be. I don't know but for the cause it speaks well for any. Seventy caller five Republican you know any one of these places could be a little different. They want you to be scared me being here in there. But also they wanted to call no visits overall going to be safe. This is another I think that's another thing like I got. I can't can I just everything that you used to do when your kids were little that you don't do anymore sort of makes me feel Wilson. But even talking about the great pumpkin farmer announced an Obama media because in my kids are fifteen and thirteen miked. It's not real. You on the it and what eaten seven assists and six okay Iran that and going to anyplace that that the Halloween music might appear. I just yours. And this is in the lobby your son Aaron. Hold my kids back to be right there is for this cabinet next month that's right. Grace I wanted credit for not been to four. Years ago. All right and I'm on my little mobile mole removed bill what are rewards. From I'm over moral. Security the year about dying. Yet you're missing loved them on the days of your yeah being young right. Now there 68. If and you don't feel so we are anymore in six say injured measurement determined to 66. Year old Lewis who's fifteen. 66 and I tell me you're not done middle. Hopefuls are exciting career he's terrible old guys going right it's that hockey career from some of mean the phone things are happening all the interviewing you could act we'll see about that. We'll see we'll be like can you go and things went there knocks tonight. I just can't call money team today and dad call Monica and l.s miles miles to go. All right here's Matt on WGR Loma. Oh hello I thank you so much technical sure. Yet on what we're calling your looks in the conversation about coaching philosophy any coach McDermott and I have to say I I. We keep score and that's what soccer by the way carry on from yesterday. I coached you port knocking it definitely of the you do but while a mall in with the coaches kind of you know idea of creating a culture out. No love brotherhood in candidly I think it would values. In my perspective my personal when you are what I'm all about you're an idiot box on represent our values I'd rather lose we is that he's been win. Any other you know you can what you certainly can now that he's. Yeah it anywhere gonna have to make your decision on point but I'd rather I'd rather looting here there are more more into how when and if that meant those values that I cannot believe in are being represented on the are embodied in the teens actually every Sunday. When Al that would be pole for 'cause I I don't know I mean I I hear you tonight I believe you. What I don't I don't I don't Golden Eagles fans. Actually Eagles fans were what counsels employers and jumping through tables. Our early adult sure I'd rather lose a lot of my guys like go to church and whenever I think they're worried. So a year you'll. But I don't I don't know I don't know. I think you know you mention there the caller mentioned that he's easy youth soccer coach and I would tell you part of the reason why when when I I said I've never really got always to it but. I think most of our experiences in sports if we we like sports may we tried we played we played you know home. Who'd played little blue football we play the league when I've played hockey. And maybe even as our kids got older we got into coaching with that guy in and I did that for awhile Mike it was planned mostly talking. End. We both kinds of things but even likable locker room talk. And if the kids get fired up and you see them caring about one another like that's emotional it's it's did it gets a reaction. It it feels good. And most of us have only experience sports on that level whereas where it's. One it's competitive. And if you're lucky you have some success. And you have these moments where it feels like everyone came together and were family and the boys. All the girls all love each of earth is so great. The whole whatever it is the bus rides but all that stuff we love it or romanticize it. We've never experienced pro sports most of us. We have no idea what that locker room is really like and I think it is a bit naive to think what you experienced with. The JV baseball team at sweet home is what it's like an NFL or pro sports locker room. It's I think it's a different it's a different thing man. All the way well. Be be much in the way. Thank you Matt. Here is another Matt without solo. Oh good thank you have. I'm aware of a different perspective than the previous that. I agreed that accountants under a year themselves but I really believe that if you keep with a count that you're going to be narrowing your self doubt waging much. Get players that you're gonna need to make this team did. I'm a teacher and I hate I can't exactly tell mom and dad hey don't send me back it's at I don't agree with what he had. Well I mean I really believe that like we have a player like Marshall are. Part of the job that he is just figure out a way to get him motivated. And just head unit that part of this scene. At your age yet yet. I mean reaching. Taking players and we keep bringing a new coaching staff. Only take accounts they were they don't bet to either release some we train them but we don't get really great value more. And and we are already got a and I also market a big if if I have a quarterback. And you know Peyton Manning and he got Aaron Ryder. Manning or not we will endure ten because what happened to him in college we would never been able Q. You know because there was. An issue saying yes and happened here this mean we chipped it or not I think they like. That's just that these are great points kinda say you're like that we are not at a point yet where they have turned down. At least well Beebe dated may be McDermott that in the draft a cancer that like you know I'm thinking that. The quarterback thing that's next year's draft like we don't know of at least a famous example of that happening yet. So we quick I don't want us to sound like we are assuming that they wouldn't drafts anybody that's questionable for example. And I thought I know that I I hate that they really didn't get it really do. And that there is preaching. I've worked in general and the one person there or is really not a great individual personal John McEnroe. I mean I bet them all walk when he was they're district that was on the old. Poor. I mean honestly I want that guys quarterback. I'm sorry but I do I want when I went that bad. And it seems not if you have got our our and he wants to be objected saying there is not only. Thank you Matt good points. I'm thinking about Jack cycle right now Mi Jack cycle. It is not somebody whose character is in question he's not somebody that's given us any sort of issue any any any incidents. To really question and our future with him or him in general. Which you disagree would you or figure something while I'm saying that. If okay and the scarlet letter but it's not a crime a right but it's not not okay right there there's been what there's been on on eichel. But. I think of them is somebody that I want I want a sure lost and body into. His competitiveness. Me too. And if there are moments yours is a good a good thing to bring up here. I thought this that if if there are. Situations like that. Where the guy he seems iffy if this is right these seem little carried away with himself. Or if he is sort of taking charge of the situation and you know you've got. Older players who worked constantly. Being heard talking about how important is to you don't get him. The ropes and you've got to know your place and all these things is a young player hockey is just like nauseating Lee about that. Here's a guy who just doesn't seem make maybe. To care about that and I'm gonna choose not to care about it too because the most important thing to me is his game. And I would I've made a decision is a fan to. Ride out whatever. Happens from that bit I would sometimes think of as negative. Because of got a guy that's worth I wanna give him the store you know. I don't need all mighty new young players to start in Rochester necessarily. If there are good that that's not a league is change I want him on my team. And I wanna have the best players. That I can happen also don't want to Sean completely. The notion of learning how to be a pro hockey or football game like that I'm on the other side of the two sides are this is really important. Verses. You know the guys at the big talent you've got to have different rules for that I'm on that side of the site where I'm I'm gonna make that sacrifice. I I would tell you that greens. We we have we should certainly be hoping that it goes right. On his his opinion of the coats lined up with mine so. Late that it validates my feelings. About you know than having a problem in that area. And I'm glad that he 88 you know how that went down if his displeasure was respected. And heated then. Good for him because he's sitting back in doing what you're saying like oh it's not my place and can sit here. Then they just look at a coach and I'm not I'm not going to be any good yet you know like. I I need to get this thing moving. And I think the Coke was a problem and if Michael had. Just done the right thing by by the hockey culture and book and just gone with the flow. I would be like another your employer. So I don't want to. So sure the big dangerous you're empowering young guy and like what the the certain kind of banners up there won't draws more to milk school which. Okay communal effort and we don't Wilson yes but but. Didn't you you don't have been created a monster because you paid attention to what your best players all of your coach. Do you could've just on the right thing. Much over the bulldogs will be right back. Two global blog post game show what time is it. It is 553. Is three minutes past schedule right. 550 game time from Hamburg Bruins. We have some in the Rome that I missed. Did you open a beer bottle without an opener like how do you go about that when you're that guy. I do that I. Teeth. He is I I I thought maybe I do I've donated blood I don't have a tried and true. We don't usually find some thing to. Put you know the the lock on the the hotel door that that would latch that blacks locked like now upload upload upload does hold. But the latch that's on the top that we use a chain with no sudden roll it through is what has replaced the chain I think if you. If you leave there and Kobe ice and you want to leave the door open you put that little less during there's a minorities and close about breathing that is a bureau. Okay like I've used that multiple until computers. I have I've tried to in the light or method a million times and I always end up injuring myself somehow trying to do it so I always just do the old table slam method that's conducted at the side of the table I've done that down and smashed bottle and move afoot that haven't I haven't had that experience yet aero. Should there be a bottle wondering here. There's a stack of Koreans in here. I mean should there should there not be his I don't know percent of their BA actually little known fact the Staten Koreans. Doubles book can you do that that's their whole office via then you should be is there're. Should there be long and what do said the same thing about it. Yes. What do said the same thing let's move along in the 55 hours. Game time contest is all there for you find out about a WG Arafat to do dot com. You can register. For this you can win four tickets to see the sabres and penguins play Allman ways sat. On Friday and Saturday and then fourteen it's the bills patriots game met Sunday and into our field. Up and get executive partial or two from each game perceive liberty tab the dates of this on December 1 through the third. Make that we can a game time weekend reds to win now again at WGR by fifty dot com here's rate accelerate. They I eat good. I had a couple points I want to make hopefully I can remember I was out here but the third set no opposite was. You talk about culture at well how they're trying to built this culture of it all ties together. My knee my opinion strictly the if you're on the 00 built partner cultures. Better. If you are on the higher and they treat their attackers. In cultural works. You'll like. I well I hope all your way to do regular. L Alter your light. More that upper Echelon would look or college or she. Or. All the Super Bowl. She those bickering. Like not. I don't think it's bickering I I think he can be different things Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup three times with Patrick Kane on their team you know. Like the position I'm saying is is that if you're in the bottom of the barrel fueled by the real or your ball well all that's all hot. Beck Coulter doesn't necessarily mean better might make you more attractive to players. But a common goal they all all of their culture and everybody. But. I don't think it makes you back unity at Uga L but to get out into work that you. It you that toxic drug and that complete a locked room I think it to the chance it will be. Worse that ought. The the ability think you re mean the ability sure. Anything can do that. But does it happen the New England in Green Bay are the examples of teams with great culture. What are you doing on some credit for that it's always like somebody mentions doing woman in the next guy mentions Aaron Hernandez. Like New England does have they certainly have the winning tradition which makes it easier. You're gonna go there expecting the highest possible standard. You have to do your job business I respect that to a point maybe it's overdone because it's you know the they're perennial champion. But I respect that I get I get that I think McDermott would want to do something very much like what the patriots have sure. I think the Steelers army be a better team to think about us then now they are not the patriots and maybe someone's waiting to tell me. That's an up patriots because levee on bell gets suspended in March previous Bryant gets suspended them and others. That have been on the team that it had had their issues but they've been really good and they have they won Super Bowls. And they have this history. You know I mean they've they've. They are a marquee franchise. And should have a culture you walk in the door respecting because of all the rings and all the winning. But these are. They've got the about the problems you know Roethlisberger to try O'Neal brown last year tonight so controversy are those guys but they're not gonna win this year because of that I doubt it. Give those guys say helping all the look at it I mean. They're gonna need some basic right you know they have never really good day against New England probably. New England gets together like I expect we will but. I just I think you won't think about all leave if the Steelers win. No he's got a great story about how they overcame Libya on bills drug problems from two years are normally KBS Bryant does it feel like while look at that. They came to go. Well. Great chemistry. Sure big super talented guys are probably still justice don't know if they were damaged the got a way to get around the best. Doesn't matter they're there breaks my ex over the bulldogs will be right back.