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It's Mike Shields. And a Bulldog. So tonight. Like to speak to my shield. Stand here and present some egg heads scientific argument based on fact. I was Reagan. I want to drink Beers you know I love my family rough flagging eagle and a Bulldog who can't change their mind I won't change my mind is I have to. Because on an American too much open the bulldogs I don't change my mind on anything. Regardless of the facts that are set out before me. I'm dogged. And I'll never change. Non WG ER Sports Radio 515. You know where Ryan is dug in one thing Brian Dixon. To recall when Brian is dog underdog in three colon and the area that is because only about it's only the street called one off his name did not. Come across my a draft yet players. Yeah he is named Utley wasn't coming across a lot of draft apps in. I should about more dug in on two Rico and because I did likable lie and what I've read about them is that he's going to be this. Gadget type player that. Could be used in Wimbledon much like Tyreke hill was used last year and I think. Especially now where if you know David Johnson going down in your fantasy leagues or. The bears wide receiver situation with their top two wide receivers going down. Three Cohen's time baby in your fantasy league and with the Chicago Bears. That's a Duggan. Thank you go in there pretty sound. You make a move no he who would you get rid of Hoosier tell me the guy you would get rid of if you were to do this and we I'm on the maturity to use our team okay. After one week I mean I mean it could I could look it could go back I'll walk a little back to the draft them and I don't have. I'm done on my team I played yesterday completely police baton to the Baltimore Adam once. He's a first flight and I did it. A joke just a hunter Henry whose name I didn't know prior to Thursday's draft I picked him he played kind of last night and into. So I would some sort of bomb 24 hour rule light minds to Italy for my I want to talk to my team and Elmo I. No but I'll little quick points and when I wanted saving a might regret running backs Ezekiel Elliott. Leonard for an. Having Coleman. Paul Perkins. You know Paul Perkins right yeah it would you cut any of those guys Ryan should you wanna cut any any of those guys four to recall one. That's Ezekiel only Kyrie repeat those things for me and Elliott Elliott Ornette. Coleman and Perkins Kevin Coleman. I mean if you're got cut any of those guys it's got to be Albert it's about DeSean Jackson. I don't only because I only that time and that's why going to be it's going to be hard to find a guy right you're willing to cut in ten and ether to wreak on user. What about if there were one of the Arizona guys like Williams I do it and I've taken to recount went over any of the airs guys. Boca I'm taking to Ricoh and many Beers on the guys I think with the wide receiver woes now they're gonna find a way to get this guy the alt space because he's. One of through weapons that they have on offense. They also lost their leading tackler today to IR the bears so it sounds like you're gonna be playing from behind a lot as well which bodes well for my man to recall and who is now my man dogged him. All right and is as a dog and sounds like you because I'm definitely not gonna do this if you want to do dispute I know you get your own teams have to run and were I don't. But don't do any research on tight ends like feel free album Albie all yours okay Al Ahmad I can hold reef leaner. Let's air these or less and be sure I got an employee in my play the guy who didn't exist on her rhetoric yeah. Those are my penance non non fuel real strong there. I was on the same thing that's not strong and play a surprising that owner Henry didn't get the ball I tell you about it. Yup I mean I don't blame yourself development and you're setting Watkins yeah. Whose name bid came up in the in the apples to do that. He played fewer snaps for the rams were runaway winners than both Robert Woods and Cooper crop. I'm like much but I'll be did. And I could use him to get there and scored. 4046646. To nine PO. And indeed he could give him. You're Dovonte Adams who don't like. You had him last year to. It was a little doubt there was some loyalty there but again wind oil had been reached port it was there was within reason Dez Bryant. Go to like him I like him that was a disaster so. It was covered Cory Davis who played. Corey Davis via it was in his gaming brightness Kenya DeSean Jackson. Marvin Jones Marvin Jones and what Jones I think ended up with a like a cop maybe block and had nine points Jones. Yeah but they'll talk Peterson Covert Marvin Jones which was a surprise was considered a surprise he didn't cover gold ET. Who is better than Marvin Jones most seem to think and had ten catches. Yeah when I went through my line up what sort of analyzing did I do great things that was the only. Outlaw and I I think. It's cleaner did something yesterday that good projection why they were. The same. Clean errors and Henry Henry were that we're witnessing an image plane was little dots maybe but either way the porch yep okay. Who cares. I care how does your you you momentarily we just keep talking and talking I wanna show and I don't bedecked. You need a guy that you own not accidentally talking about African team I mean. Okay. It's that bad. Your dog and now new dog and I'm not wanting to well there is this there's this guy still living inside of leave it bids have been saying all those things for fifteen years of you know. He doesn't is going away forever yes succumb ought to defeat them. That's look on you know Maine's Gotti much like the Chicago Bears have to feed Toledo and tells a lot like that mojo broke all back home right was on the phone the whole time you were talking and got off the phone just to say that right. Perfect here is George on WGR look toward the. They appreciate they can call acute care you know talk about their character and the talent on the field. Alluded earlier in Dallas since I just hate the hypocrites that are down here in Dallas which you donors met the team is lawlessness since. You know they preach one thing that we're just what minister doctor to do this that the other. But vehicle sign any criminal off the street just ever work where the other I don't care. But that's why don't follow Dallas sports. At least the raiders owner Al Davis had the had the temerity to say you know later where Edwards certainly don't need your approval or at worst and they don't. We want the best football colors we can buy as a Davis Wallace. All right thanks George undefined us your bills famine. And Saber oh Saber Tuukka. Yeah yeah well also I don't tell you won't say about Syracuse football yeah you're kings got together and just to help handle cling to buy yachts he may be either play a little better. Yeah right we should point deficit but I did not really take much culture into a regret ZQ Rose Bowl. I did not. There was not much. Credence to character issues I've Jamison double teams and I guess who's taken a bit said the take. It just me to spend hours. And is sorry that's been on the rules in my chemistry is probably horrible. You're always learning. In my chase YE drafted eleven teams. And because I used the same football guys draft nominate her app for every draft. I have a few of the same guys on most teams because naturally. The app likes a few guys more than the people out there who are using certain they all everybody liked David Johnson Libya and bell. This thing really like Isaiah crow well. Who did not have a good week one for Cleveland Kaiser look good though. It really like Walpole. Who got fewer snaps in the jets bills game the Matt Forte did almost didn't play the first Catholic right you're young and it really like the third guy that I have on most of my teams with Correll well and pol. You know. Woolsey is Adam Phelan. Of Minnesota often. And that worked needed some snow as far as week one goes that really got had a huge game. And I mentioned before Matthew cholera now in Minnesota formally with a us loves. The UN it seems like he's just. T when I told him this he was excited for me. But he also likes Delmon cook a lot who had a very good game in his debut last night Imus said about the vikings. So we'll see like if next year if I'm sort of going about this the same way I would factor that in. There's an every draft I didn't see by the sixth or seventh round everybody. That was the apps favorite pick right there was a wide receiver. So right are talking about this earlier like if you started your draft with. Antonio Brown Julio Jones or green or evidence or Jordy Nelson like one of those guys. I think that might have happened to you that by the mid rounds you know maybe you're you end up with jordin Howard. Or me. But even those guys are not like. Home runs right there they're adults. And then you get into the middle rounds and where are you were running back. Where you've gone and the wall Paul pull all colonize there Crowe Welles were going that's right crew global. Yeah. What or who pull Perkins eventually you know rob Kelly. I don't Perkins late late and much. Okay use the giants' starting in record now Robert Green I think this is okay. As long as you're all over waivers. This. These first few weeks because the David Johnson injury happened all year but the David Johnson injury the Ryan's guy. Call when the guys like that. You can get them and if that works you'll tone for coming receipt you'll meeting I will. 'cause you know I've said all pollen seven lineups come up at the game and he's not even now there. I scored on the one. I didn't see the replay of that I thought he scored on that play out at the pylon right after the play where they gave him. The someone hamburger that touchdown followed what was out. The thought was out when he hit you've got right to pile on with a ball they call the touchdown. And then they look at didn't realize his phone was out before you at the ball while right next play yeah I couldn't. The pilot definitely came out and I thought it was the ball but I never got another look at its I don't know what what happened I thought he was in on that now. They're really cost too much mean I can't do the jets didn't complain about it. So mean I don't know what will happen maybe maybe from our angle is it looked like he wants the ball in from some other angle was obvious that it wasn't them. It could also. Here's met with us on that. They aren't followed David Johnston casualties here yeah sorry about that. Yeah that's. So about this discussion of the culture sort of with you Bulldog in that I think it would be nice to think that you live in a world where this. Matters or whatever you know but I but I sort of you know. An agnostic on whether there's ever going to be like a good way to quantify and sort of really any methodology to figure that out but. You know my approach to thinking about it tend to go back to McDermott's. Higher you know he always to me this kind of a nondescript. Coaching candidate you know not a guy. Not a real systems starlet didn't invent some hot new 43 defense thing I'm aware you know not a couple of Chip Kelly not a star former player hot. We are candidates that are etc. but it you don't want. He was introduced. To us it seems as if there's main distinguishing quality was this very same network talking about. Which I think it's in you know given that our owner has shown that he has in the past and cloned. You know to sentimentality I think it's reasonable to think that this is perhaps the main one of the main reasons he would've wanted McDermott in the first place. So I don't know I think that. Remained I think it's reasonable amount for fans to be suspicious. Of this just because you know. It's yet to really produce anything in the way. When. You know and so I think that's kind of my attitude about it here like I'm sort of it and adopting this week and see approach it and I and I do. Think it's reasonable to think you know that if you catch this in the light of being an anti Rex Ryan movie now to some degree of respectability of federal flight. I wonder if the ownership actually appreciate McDermott more unlike the non football level than they do more like some kind of organizational one buffalo community. That's it. Now no I think dumb they definitely went seat being. I think the opposite me think about. What we had here in Marie Byrd was murder it was loose. Mean this is no I mean that that's a polite way. And really it seems was the same. And I don't know open globe. Well enough and have been been told by people who know him like what. You know what sort of guy he is a C leg is really conservative daily record gas but I mean I don't know what he's like if he relates to what this air down a lot. Or he likes having. Com you know maybe you want to vikings running his football team or hockey team but I think he kind of had. And you didn't get a very good results so almost. Regardless of what his values are I would understand him swinging the other way to. Some people who are like. Bought and you know what well yeah and our I want conservative vision of true or whatever it is to get and I need some religion figuratively speaking maybe god literally do. In the form McDermott but figuratively I need to bring in some. I need to bring in some just. People who are going. Live a little cleaner a little straighter. I think I don't know anything more than you do about that I wouldn't contest and you said I I think cooler really doesn't wanna be in the spotlight. And I think there were just so many blunders by both teams so much controversy in internal stuff that he might have just. Reached his end as far as that goes. I don't know if it's a different philosophy you're giving as much as it is. I just can't I can't live like this. You know life and I don't wanna be asked all the time that we're we're we're gonna GM we can't have you press conferences. Cranky I mean who wants a man there were winning either the team was winning so you could you know we usually do it. I see slated at tellem Pratt and the money. Eric would. Stoll worked through all these years and coaches and even owners. He's on our show Mondays during the season we like to have that back for you encore performance on Tuesdays. And won't do that right now. Paul Hamilton was out with a us today Ryan have that on his nightcap shows really go with Paul today catching up on the sabres. Stay tuned for Eric would much over the bulldogs WGR. Buffalo Bills football Monday from the home of the deals WGR. Sports Radio 550. Hello I'm Eric would join Schultz in the. North tower automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. Computer search payroll services Buffalo's payroll service with the buffalo prices. Part of harassment western New York's traffic turned your ticket to justice dot com. Now what's this season Eric Wood on the line that listen to that list of sponsors this is really taken off and hit. I don't know what your you've got a new contract knows you be around I mean whenever it ends I wonder will be stole will still wanna hang out Monday's four. Lyrics they're able to skip all think he we will. Call. What the other sponsored by the NC. An added bonus of our culture were talking. I'm sorry what do a good good good good talk and he Eric blessed to cynic about it you're probably doing are right here Ryan is making faces and in my your lucky not to have to see them. All right so what kind of day did you have yesterday. Yesterday. It exhausted. At one point. A game after chase and an interception in all that in. Along in. Took our only chance. I expect all run on the door and okay. And then pops on each he'd stick or Iran. In the she do over vote YouTube and you replaced all fuel. In the hierarchies that are really efficient game game oh much does a lot of times. Do you find yourself in seasons. More tired. In games early in the season goes and I could go either way for me like leader rod you worn down but maybe you're getting in shape a little bit stale. Yet definitely at two Beers and this happens every year throughout well. Early here. Can't replicate to the quote you get in the game like. We have 78 players yesterday. Including victories that's the area. 75 real place ain't you know worker that you are shall put up or so it does take. You know few games or your baby and I deal game shape. But it's never those kids. Is that virtues like technique or anything slipped blood whose guilt or or are there. Yet when you mix in like what was that problem like a forty yard dash or so you did a misconception blade to try to drive like I don't. Yep yep probably about forty or a usual over a fourteen play drive. Don't. You know so at that point your finger are retire. In and all that you know craziness of the interceptions happened in and and then with the census Bergen now character like catcher let's do this you know we got to put together in a car here. Right at the first drive of the game there might have been the first drive of the game yet thought Erica your play was my favorite play of the day. Because I thought it was Teddy and I'm I'm excited to hear you describe it I'm thinking. You'd just noticed that the guy he was tackled by his own teammate and so. You're thinking that that's still alive play didn't hear Wes sole right. Yep for sure so you know pursue in the play in an earlier no chance of catching him. But the one guy you can look pretty I just turned him into the ball carrier. As far as I could open that he would open looks so he knocked him down so I knew that the Dow was down. So I just I was going to go. Did you get him down and watch all these kids know what to counsel more accomplished all that was a all the console all put your talk. Split second decision to promote the sender and all that blood. Yes. I'd make that tackle that they crushed me that they got shut them to Google are allies see don't go to knocked out sparked so. So like it crushed. Violated. And it. But also packaging arms into. Blues records so we got to see like. All the gusto around like Jordan militant views does not. You humiliated me in March almost I come off the bench. You know he put out for defense to come up back lone star whose title. I would imagine this is like another example of why you never give up on a play. Right I mean much if you hear very laid it out it's a fourteen play of the drive. So there's the first two people the regular season and maybe you're already a little wired. It's I'm guessing it sounds like possibly and now all it's going the other way and you know old. I'm not catching a cornerback. With the ball but still you've got to give it got to give the offer so you do I mean what. What goes through your mind that play starts going up appeals are just natural instincts lol I'm running I'm gonna run but what I do you'd never know what can happen. Yep for sure yes such an up front and luckily Tyrod made the all cutbacks. Or ruin was run into groups according to grow up outside you know there was. You know to lose just yelled out let's vote for Obama got out but there was a lot of older does that our. Yeah pursuant play as well. Is that that allow for all let that happen. If you don't do that he may score. And I mean this was a team where that could've made a huge difference in the game you you win by nine like I don't know if that if that's how the first about a momentum guy. But if that's on the first drive of the season goes like you drive usually pretty easily downfield and ends up with a 108 yard pick six. The other way like that's one told us sat. So that's just a great job I bet. We're to talk to this coach. Eric on Mondays after you're on. And I don't know this question will come up but with given how he sounds consistently. I'm thinking that that play he would maybe cried. Over like what that represented the whole soul. And just the effort was right there are so I don't know if you wanna me that's it that's it just complementing you on thinking that this in the film room did the coach like. Love that. Yeah we talked about me didn't put a mile or so it was undercut the talk that happen yeah you know we you know there was a lot of other guys are also compliment on that play. Oh. Good gusher Boca. So what does the win mean to you. It was good and you know we we strive to win all around games truly make it. You know actually. Improve our home field advantage in not that you don't always game for a well. We're talking about at all so that was the duke hospital wanted to though starts he's a little girl came. But division game that's the big game. You know it's there which one about the jets and how. Some experts in their usual bill put. And still you have a tough front seven that's sure if you're on the all of them early effectively epic got a 190 our game. Or ever kind of support you and pretty edgy crowd that in turn it in the game for me trust is not great execution by. I was hurt by the out of its actual play that game starts up play action won't go to. We had to offer little bit about the play all the experts on the who play in part play action one to start a trial that was great. You know it's so simple language I don't like or eight. It would run out. Our play action in just a quick conclusion Tuesday just struggle and not thought about it or was excellent. Airport on the AT&T hotline with us part of Buffalo Bills football Monday here on WGR. So Eric column. How much different. Did you find this scheme that that the blocking. In this offense. From what you've experienced maybe the last couple years with Greg Roman slash d'antoni went. You know corporate although they don't run in the wide and CEO and don't let it. Or other concept global order specialized in the ought to earn it and you know I think we at all or cut blocks from the backside please. That slows defense on the Dow later pat courage. It can play a little bit softer at some point. When your typical wanted to turn attention to children college keeps getting cut out there probably make this decision Wednesday Arnold pumped iron in my legs cut out. And that's that's far all we missed a couple of early and you went up slightly. That that sound like point in the budget you know it's it's kind of an investment. And Ed up front utterly changed and its excellent cut over this short term it was an excellent. Interest Papa are back secret jump in downhill and I'd imagine that's court specialist OPEC questioned to open different than what we've done. In the task in this spot for Thomas also I really liked. My first shrewd dose of full game plan and it how to protect him. Either from yesterday's experience or just from knowing so many players in the league. Maybe Denver guys who ran this this sort of scheme before other teams. What. Was the other guys say about it like what do defense of Lyman say about it is is this the kind of thing the told the line. It like a sportsmanship line a little bit or no. No it's just I mean guys understand that or coaches do. You know it's it's not a malicious play or an outlook in any party. We're we're looking for the would have to. Take themselves off ground obsolete. We're looking for them to stop pestering you know they won't. Files were all tried knocked us back. Keep our heads in a terrible. You know now you got something else to think about so also because it's dirty play. I don't go to the plate and the system really like ya know. Talk pile on the usual spring he's always elect this was how the closest to go against. You'd ever according relevant in that there's a certain amount of destruction and it. In the governor's going to clinics but guys are trying to you know Gucci Armani in innocuous act. Interstellar ought to view all boats. So what's arms or otherwise known. And there's there's a lot of different looks with us. Is it Alex Gibbs the line coach who. If not. The instilled it may be quote came close to perfecting uterus known foreign is that is that right Erica and like who is if you know denizens disciple in that way or does that work a different way. I want a 100% sure. I think Alex Gibbs squares Shanahan and all of them yup. And so either brought it to Washington or. My values to. Show. Are there like watch all arms. Looking at all please put something new and you are catalyst you know I don't Ehrlich Michael looked up person honors. Is. It didn't I was an excellent in the sultans and and I've got changed either of our program. But I like watching him off but needed an excellent job out of their office wanted. It is jump their locker area and Austrian into the quarter rushing attack in a book urged me about their virtue effect on the. And Dennis and why is their offensive coordinator for four years. You are in Houston in Houston all right Eric third year now with what Shawn McCoy a running behind you guys. Do you feel like you have. A level of comfort on an immediate knowledge of what what sorts of things he's gonna do or is it still. This is he still just soul creative that it makes it unpredictable. You know. Equitable continuity with the black but it gets more you know economy and those thoughts you know people locked in place in little place block community. You know it's great now on the paper that's who weren't around you. It. You don't he keeps telling those worries it's over you know page based upon us but there and below are new or. Like on the once he arsenal. With a guy like Shea. Blocking because you never know what he's gonna pick something up outside who don't want you decked out in the dark so. You know what your outdoor game in place that change. Eric Wood with a us so mom did you watch New England. I'll lost what. And I didn't perceive like telling. I was more urgency this union smoked early in the net they also want stopped but they're very who loved. You know it's a shame you get accused at all is interplay. No doubt he's got knocked back sort of put. In. The got a scholarship to hit it up but both yup offenses that you pretty well first out. They apparently under assault watch college from it the next potentially put all of. Did you happen to talk about it with players of I would think that that. Dean especially witted being isolated and the schedule that everybody in the league would have said something Korda thought something about it. You know we've been here Eric talking about New England for all these years even long pre dating your. Arrival in buffalo just like there are so when is this going to wet wet when those new England's reign of terror and here. And there are there are these games where you might wonder. If it's a sign of it beyond the Cincinnati game and against also against the chiefs a few years ago. So you know bills fan and with this season in mind surely is hoping in maybe even wondering a little bit if we might have that here but. I'm thinking that players would not exactly want to predict it. Not be very tough predicted last. They were one and soon and they got smoked they responded actual ball. They got a role so. Dogs out they'll be rooted against. Their own one on. You know they seem to get better as the season goes on national operation. Botched tell the players vote. The that's a really tough weather and her cancer and children on prime time game. Foxboro. In Duluth or. And along these same lines a little bit. What about Brady at age forty mean I would think just as a professional football player you might take note of that and not exactly. The same question like predicting his demise are they like that but he's trying to do something it's just. Is rare of course that you'd have a guy at forty who would be the favorite would be the starting quarterback on the pre season favorite. But that's we've got here I mean duke players. Are that are you curious about him playing at that age. I am and in. Opt out of pocket remote cheers and boos on the picture. The game in buffalo Lester got stuck in the tunnel it has. I think it was Needham and Jim Kelly Olympic gymnasts were excellent when you're gonna retire Tom nook elements with the senate. You know you know it's all. Looks he's sent you know sure we can actually just certain slowed down the number enjoying it don't look. You know this because on the media is all but. Do not vote bodies. And but I'll take over the past few yards exploding all searched it so. I wouldn't expect all alternate I'm seeing. They picture ourselves oats. Column has been noted that Alter. Oracle and whatnot lately blood. Either he's a really good order and. And I say this some say this maybe exactly the right way you're a lot younger than him. Eric more or bill senator airport right after this on WGR. I hear more of our conversation with bill center error was. You've been in the league a long time and now yourself veteran I'm wondering. How how much it's changed for you like how how much different. Is Monday through Saturday how much different is January. Through who July. Even Mike as far as taking care yourself. You know habits whether that's nutrition. What just just. How much has that evolved over the over the years for you. A little balls and oil. You know this is my knife her to ninety your ear when I first got here deal worked out here you have this O'Connell. So and so wants like. Check in categories include being practiced watched games tuna sandwich or whatever in notes stand in your throat units are AG you are well. You know our guys. You know I actually talked rookies today about teams. In the rookie million us you don't you're not taking every. Little English Channel supporters. Massage acupuncture and on our product nutrition. And all this stuff really had anticipated production you know normally votes. Good old days look like guys' legal worker throughout intricate mural and I like parts pretty much over. You know. Gentle needing more you know I can't carry the bodies so much you know there were. Before the games you don't if you look at our walk of our on a pair of Activision boss over a career coaching or special. Start cooking in considering what I think about what Kirk you're a star world feel like took us age and and that's whatever. Some or opt out there it's unlikely scroll. But these are all lost our attempts with you know. Social media didn't ever think you know shouldn't be watched colts upset last all the trains comic on. It's safe to walk or captured while we are. Storms in the bar and organic throat and everywhere current you don't get meals made specifically for unique shall we can't. It's changed time. It's evolved to the point that yesterday the press box food was Corey it's compact now that that is how much is he evolving that is. I never thought that they would come but yesterday oh what is the salmon pink what is this we distillate going to. Yeah he's had we had an afternoon for receiving game Borough if you are invited to our last night's game at home in that up like. A step dinner that was on the alcohol or not so willing to dole we walked our. I'm items she accused him you know always pops up like. Can we not. While staring at the chase and the like it is it is ceremonial. Post coaching club quote I double. Does it make it hard to keep the weight on when your reading like that or do you have to just report using a lot more. Yeah you ideologue and all I got a under our ability to that church in the morning when I was up or go to the Q a what done. You know ultimately allow much else she feels like. At her own terms of helium follows it are ahead of people. You'll arm. Toward alleviating the argued. Have you cal or I'll. But yes it goes on you don't try and did not put it into what are your thoughts. Inflammation or it he'll jump to an extent. How much do you weigh. All the proper real plot how much do you think he'll weigh in ten years. Assuming you're not consuming your retired by then how much like what what weight do you see yourself living after you retire. Maybe in the forties to execute our current account must. Mean you Barroso will lose weight and about audience feels so. It ought to Augusta. You know I played with these memberships and our girls that are bought one way. She tossed out here lately not yours yeah well and you know he whimper and plays golf and you know those who have a lot of aches and pain which some skeptics wrong that weight so. I did it show us. If you sixty count but. Hopefully you know it's hard for me to keep on weight now oaxley still aren't. The majority in order so. A bigger Ruben Brown for this I did radio shows with Ruben Brown bat him and his playing career he was around 300 pounds. And I see him from time dom dot seem yesterday but last year or so almost every home game. And it always strikes me when I ran into him that I I would guess he probably weighs about two. But keep you drop fifty or sixty pounds of evils we don't wake up. Don't consider what it's like a regular person not a football players do you like to meet Russia because you do the same thing all right as important although I need to do to get now. Almost org. Yeah he doesn't look to be irregular Ruben Brown brother like he's getting your size hey Eric real quick any special all. Thing associated with going to Charlotte for game like is that. A meaningful place for you for any reason personally of course your your coach and GM have recently worked their. Walt all of not really didn't use the talking but today is to use our. Elders. Operations. One update of slate and salon lawyer but flip burger shooter game down there. And at the remarks that are your turn to do the math or maybe rod. Second year as a terrorist or. Forever eager and he'll back down there but. Are due to downed their real world when did you arched. Our he molested at least it immediately and it won't deploy a course in her. Hurt you know the game started and that's how about lasting memory of playing in Carroll didn't seem. I'm excited to get back although they yeah. All sports in salt that is. In our four but what the rockets are now. 2009 that would be. So it's. Rookie year you won there the bills only played there twice that was that in the pre season more recently but in the regular season not since then more good luck and it's nice to talk to you again. Opportunity student faculty. Are deducted for us sounds like a hockey centric break perhaps it stayed tuned. Bryan gates and who knows who else dropped by to we Tuesday's news conference that. Anyway. I'm wondering nightcap and and Americans.