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Might show. And the bulldogs. Home just one day it's guess what day it is. Everybody. It's Mike she'll open the Mike Mike Mike what days of Mike. That and a Bulldog. And guess what day it is. Doc and I know you can hear me it's my shield and a Bulldog and guess what today it's. Tungsten. On WGR. Hall. Sports Radio five. Wednesday for. Excited about that. Brian's probably got a whole season with the heat of friends coming in to mean much really anything to arc. The usual cast character here. No awesome Ryan us right I mean I guess I mean Ryan for a while there before. The before he got into Wednesday Wednesday moves here I think all of them the nightcap it was a solo thing. I think literally just he was just it was just him he'd have to answer the phone during breaks and then we hope the people were still there. Or just go to the coal which is always a real high wire act. So never do that we we always have a group Peter's numbers never gest is sometimes it's if you work itself but there's usually someone doing Pattinson. Someone in there controlling news show Ryan has five interns now. It wants to work late night live the way too many interns have. Everybody wants a piece of that nightcap. And who could blame him did you know that over the last few years in the NFL that blitzing is down. I think guys were called reading that you do yeah. I don't think I knew that but there's a very interesting story today at the ringer. From writer named Danny Kelly titled the NFL's crisis on offense. Is really cool lot of stuff I never thought about it. So you know for years it's then. It's a passing league right so let's simple and often fury are around here I just get that quarterback next year it is really nothing else to it. All the things we talk about running the ball defense blocking team building the last couple days in a whatever The Who cheat code is. You're coroner Roger right and we got a bristle at. When the new guys got your people kind of at different times made the point about how we got we don't we have to poll. Because it's awful. Weather can. You know I don't you envision them not true and stopped. It. Well this article is really interesting I think maybe. You welfare have thought about all this before but I really haven't. So you've got a series of of reasons behind. How are you ahead in week one which could only just be. A one off. Anomaly what happened in week one in the NFL which is. That a lot of teams that are you usually better struggled badly to move the ball at all Seattle Cincinnati teams like that that if generally been pretty good at least an offense really were terrible. And and so and it's a longer list than that. So. Are we seeing. Results of certain. Trends in the sport. That would explain that. The writer at the ringer talks about how we're in college we've known I think I would say I've I've known this I don't study yet but they've known how. It's because of quarterbacks more the college quarterback coming out are playing a different kind of offense is this. I'm sorry is this a brand new piece or just like dated from all week or two ago from today okay this. There was a similar piece at the ringer that Ryan alerted me to all you were on vacation. That made a point about the crisis in evaluating quarterbacks a police failing. Act properly evaluating quarterbacks I'm so I'm looking over there and utterly recognizable littlest wanna make sure there are different things OK just curious look at it. I guess so you have quarterbacks in. More college style offenses throwing the ball constantly on the move more and we fed debates New Year's about certain guys will vat. Shall I translate to the NFL where most quarterbacks be able to succeed in the NFL. And so with that. And this might be a question for salads that early one that I could explain. But with that you have different blocking schemes at the college level you have what the writer calls zone and occupy. Blocking which stems from if I can simplify it to this extent more passing than running. Teachers have a different approach to offensive line. You then have the ensuing issue love having those players those linemen. Be to make a transition. To the NFL they also have to do it I'm not sure how big a point that is they also have to do it. With less practice time than guys used to get. Sure that's right you have practices analyst physical too which you would think would impact on line mental anger exactly. Less practice time and less physical practices. So if I'm an offensive lineman I might be the guy of any I might be the guy I've anybody on the team that really needs. The practice relief needs that. Old school. You know two would day a kind of you know it's probably racking my brain and also lightly but I could probably benefit from that on Sundays. So that's. Dying or dead you also have is the writer points out. High school and college was this is the moral high school player point high school players. And there're couple things that are of that are associated that there are alike. That explained that can you guess why would the great athlete at the high school level the big man. Played defensive tackle. More often than play offensive line. Mean. I'd I don't know that the with the big man's resume talking about skill players cornerbacks athletic players like that out on the line and irritable linemen. The better the linemen you are in high school the more likely it is you you're going to play defense. Some some percentage relative to how was maybe twenty years old. Well I think that that might follow suit with the point you just made about what college offenses. Are asking linemen to do they it it's less important to have them the great athlete on that side of the ball that position whereas the defender is being asked. To pursue who. May be farther than ever if you're linemen and you've got a short passing game that's around the line of scrimmage you might. Have an opportunity to make more plays around the line of scrimmage but beat them the better athlete is going to be put in the spot where he's best can be utilized. That's my. Yes I well I'm reading and thinking about is more of that defense of line men if they make it get paid. There's more glory and it everything's on TV. That's the culture. Won't you wanna be if you're in high school and a big great athlete. You wanna be. You know some awesome defensive tackle in the NFL the can also. Racked up sacks like a lot of them do now or you wanna be a guard. And you have your position diminished by a bull by the teams themselves in the draft by the media. What would you rather do your point might be right. This this article points out that there's more glory in defensive tackle. And there's more money unit which are you know linked. The B both so more guys want to play defensive tackle with the suits the other points the more football centric points them great. Yeah I mean how. And how much in control. Fifteen or sixteen year old kid is about where is gonna play on a football team that's why I suggested. The coach might say I need to better athlete over here on the side of the ball. But Germany kids don't want want accused of want. All of the tackles make a lot of money. If Playskool mean if you're you're talking about yeah you're talking about the mostly the highest levels of high school football at the top programs and because that's where there be the most talent juror that's where the title during editing via yet and so. Dude goes high school teams play spread offenses do they have quarterbacks who were on the move a lot because. That's. Somehow connected to all the college game as you bald. I I think my guess will be probably yeah I think it's definitely yeah and so with that leveled the you know your point would apply where the high school coach. Watch somebody on defense to disrupt more deep he'd need that more. Then I mean NFL team would probably tell you the need that more than the interior linemen. I think this all sort of plays into within that style of offense. Doesn't ask and this is where the the problem with the learning curve on line and offensive lineman would come in. Is the that sort of offense or a criticism of the quarterback. The court records that do that much because he all he's doing is taking a shotgun snap and throwing it parallel the line of scrimmage to really talented guy. Who zen gonna try to beat everybody. And sugar some blocking involved there but what does the light of the lineman who's you don't give right guard was tipped do wanna play. Not a lot the smell the ball is gone but if blocking the defensive tackle is not that big of a challenge to the balls out there in less than two seconds. And a lot of those offenses so youth in the NFL you got a guy dropped back you gonna stand back there for three seconds. That's a whole different ball game. But the whole the whole goal just to me it's a it's all connected via bright it is all that style of offense. Is. And for some reason the NFL. Whether it's FY misses them on the edge but it doesn't work so you can't just can play that successfully because defenders are too good. Or what is but the other bills never made the real hard transition. We see glimpses of it but not. Ever has it become the predominant often seen in in pro football to think that there's a huge disconnect from. Well what was high school trying to do our schools trying to get kids to college. Right that's that's how successful high school programs are built I'm gonna give you exposure I'm gonna give you a college scholarship. And you're gonna be on your way. So they're gonna try to play what favors the player getting bet that exposure that success to get the couch. Make college gonna play with the best way they can play to win you don't win as many games they can't the college level you get the pros and it's like it's a different sport kind of which is a little weird to me in total there's any other sport that really operates that way baseball I guess has aluminum bats in college and wooden bats but it's still the team the game you know. It's not quite like that. Offense and in college and high school football is not at all what the pros play and that's it's pretty strange now to you what boarded up like this it's really odd to me. Well it's interesting article and Walt would be if if you accept those those points what would be or what could be. The result or or at the results of that. You could end up with a situation. In the pros where you have these incredible athletes at defensive tackle. This is the point of the article thank. You have incredible athletes at defensive tackle that do weighed more then it's off the wrong. Ted Washington is named as an example Apollo defensive tackle what he used to be about beaten. But now you've got ten or twelve names in this article not martial artist is it happens. But guys that can get a big sack your couple years ago yet you keep could qualify he's probably off the radar Aziz had a bad couple years but ease that year. Yeah okay so you have guys that are very good very athletic. Interior defense line at the same time. League wide. You have offensive lines interior offensive lines that really struggle with that at this is same time you've gut. In your offensive line is is weak and injured defense alliance strong so. Good luck to your often isn't going to be in the bottom line here also have been this is more the article you talked about with Ryan yeah you also have quarterbacks. A lot of the better quarterbacks in the league are getting old. And so the next wave of them is who you have Wilson who's younger. Cabernet is these common goal on already you have guys who. Who have been good have had success and our good movers but you might still have. A league of coaches that want to. Restrict that then we would rather have. Pocket passers and ready be the bills would qualify were watching them have a quarterback who's decent. That that moves but indications seem to be that they want to do away from that and next year. Go with a guy or maybe even this year go with a guy is gonna stand back there is interest. When the MVP when they were able there. And new and moves plenty but he's also like 65 I mean he's he's he's you know apple put Poland and Tyrod Taylor with an amazing arm right that can make the good pocket passer quarterback throws to the the piece that I read Wired News for a trip wires the same author now and I'm sitting here thinking about the guy the that the man's name. Was. Focus more on the failure of the NFL to successfully evaluate college quarterbacks. To to to evaluate whether or not they would be successful at the next level because so many guys get dismissed because of the spread point. The way offenses played in the NF are you mean college. You you hear a lot of low and you know couple guys will be B ring ring the mind for this. Well he says Greg I am not sure he can make the transition to playing the part he's not asked to do very much new in. He is a prime example would be he was absolutely this player. Coming out of college. And I bought a lot of that guy I don't know he's going to be able to do what he needs to do in the NFL. And we've got to still I think a generation. Of tail and evaluated in the NFL or stock. In. In in a certain box as far as what they're looking for and it. Doesn't enable them to seat the attributes that guys who play the spread might have that would disqualify them are analyzing them. Because they're play the spread deck press got an example. We will will he be able to make the transition eat less of global fourth round. If you maybe we're paying the right kind of attention and not analyzing him for the open people didn't. Maybe you're gonna hire picked because of the skill set is intelligence. Is intangibles which everybody wants to talk about when talking about quarterbacks in him but yet he lasted until robbery or pick. Two wanderers on him. Well I just it didn't end the beginning this was blitzes. Are down since 2010 markedly while that beat well it's because defense is don't often need to do. And you hear about we talk about with the great quarterbacks from Brady comes up on the schedules like don't let some. And in teams do or don't they don't know what to do to stop America. But blitzing him has not been effective over the years you have the giants who Biederman Super Bowls. You know deported. Shortly because they could hit them without. Eating together they won they won with four guys rushing I think that's probably twofold. The wall is getting out faster so blitzing is more risky because. You'd send numbers and if if a guy's beating her to the ball under two seconds like Brady often does. What's the point I mean you just can't physically get the you can send eleven guys you're not getting there in time so what's the point of sending six or seven if I'm not gonna get home anyway. And then there's also if I've got this talent up front. That's superior. I probably don't need to do that I can get there in the same amount of time that I would blitzing anyway if I've got a goddess is killing the guy in front of. You know well I don't know what it. Means to the bill's future. I'm not even telling you. That all this is necessarily. Well founded or correct but it's in this article it seems pretty logical to me it seems to explain certain things they're the concession again all fraud is. No one's here to say whether what happened last week in the league will stick. But it is that that the article says. Vats. It could be a sign of things to calm which could be very bad for the NFL if quarterbacks just can't get off one. Think it makes me think of I was thinking about this just in on the week at an Illinois never got around to talking about it but. You know for all this talk of bowel. The culture. And then and you know family and just what they you know the foundation that Sean McDermott is trying to build here. I mean don't Aureus is right in the middle of that. And he is still young enough players. And I has been a good he's a talented enough player. You mean he's he is to me even though he may not be on the list in that article he he is a player that's capable of being on that list and a third overall pick in the prime of his career being paid what he's being paid but it's easy I think to ride that. All they're sick of home they would get rid of them but they could. But. Would that be really smartly used to you you you have to be sure that you're not. Being hasty there because of player that talented. Would be really valuable you'll get it if if if they have to at the end of this year it's more realistic for them financially to divest themselves of dollars in some way. They're born to draft his replacement hot one of these years but they will do that. And that will be another talented player some other position that you're not getting because you lost Ariza just could not get him to get on track. And when they got here one of the biggest jobs McDermott I think cat was. Didn't archery. And it's not I mean I'm not blaming him burden billing so far to do that. But. It's important like it could be a big a big factor and how soon they're good if they don't have to draft. A first round talent to replace martial artist at some point that would be really good for them. Do you feel like the darnedest thing is already over. Yeah but he's not even play that much. In week one and today we'll talk to sell later today Dario spoke a little bit about it said. The usual you know right to scrimp try to do what I can't help team win that kind of stuff yeah. I I think they don't trust them already. Ups and into the vibe I got very much after that disciplinary action in the third pre season game. But for the third pre season game was that if they if they could they warned. Just throw him off the island but they can't financially it's just unrealistic to do that the trying to make the best of it. And that doesn't sound like you know it's it's it doesn't solid it's going well to me. But if all you're trying to do is make the best of it green Barrett because financially you can't afford to get this player off of your team. That was only you've done a good job of fixing that relationship. Well this is a really cool area for me not much Daria legislate these trends in the sport it always is because. Just sort of charge me to think about them when I read about them. Because my my brain is not wired to be open to boot the field moving sort of speak like like it really does. OK this guy is good in the sky is Klesko at a Mets were rat is he gonna change probably not is the whole. Ball game gonna change probably not against don't think like that but you know in hockey. Big slow defenseman used to be important and now there are just dinosaurs. In baseball. You know slick. No hit all field kind of infielders. You know speed guys were more involved and now it's just home runs and walks but it does change. And I'm not like it all that knowledgeable vote. Whether the high school football point in the college football point here really does explain and make sense I think they articles is well written and it's. It's to me it's like OK I got it. But I don't know that firsthand. If it is then you know it a football GI am has to. Be aware that just like we wanted Darcy were gears the first guy that comes to mind we wanna we needed him to. Whether it's about money you're just dial play we saw the sabres and 06 come up and have a different style of play and for a while that were well hopefully I'm until league kind of reverted you know that's just part of the it's part of the job. I didn't think the GM job in sports is a lot easier then you might. Because I've got a computer and I don't even the all my scouts I just know already because of all the data that's out there. Give me two or three guys that are really good at translating it and you know maybe a couple talent guys don't think you need that as much as they used to to say the least and then I'll be all right. But this is an area then you'd have to be really keying on you know to be good added is how was the game change. Write it and if it is boy I've I really want I want our guys to be on top of the army as it pertains to quarterback. Even thinking back again to this author's previous peace at least produce that I was aware of it is the bills are gonna be shopping for quarterbacks I don't want them wrongly. Analyzing guys just because of the office that they you know like for trying to have a vision that allows you see whether his skills can translate. To playing the pro game and don't just out of hand dismissing it always easier read guys I don't always like it is he smarter. That's Wyoming may be right is the rich right easy adaptable. You know is this is the talent there you know my Holmes might qualify as the player. You know I'd. Did you watch the employees just you know he's not doing really anything wrong I'm all well maybe he's really competitive and maybe he is really talented. And maybe you'll learn how to do things that need to be done to play in the NFL. Mean you might be dismissing it wrongly I think a lot of boss from the distance we watched the college guys that might do that read a few articles and all he can't do it. Because you know its he's the he's playing the style offense in college and forget this never trans. The console class. Yeah I didn't want to assume that. Because is. Who knows what he would look like in a different style you don't have you don't have proof of him not succeeding at that you just have him playing in the other. Style the first dial 8030550. For your thoughts these trends blitzing is down is that. What you get to what do you think about. High school kids gravitating toward defense a line overall offensive line more money more glory. College football players playing different techniques. Make sure they. Like I don't feel this way about myself either that most listeners are ready with like you a Smart take on this but I mean real lot of coaches listening you know people with experience that might. Have the right insight here so lines open 8030550. Mike show in the cold all this is WGR. I. More clips from that game leader I hope that's the no fun game that's 25 years ago today. Bills 49ers at Candlestick Park. Was trying to think earlier where I would rank that game among my favorites in the history of the bills and it could be number one. It's just got a playoff game right now I mean playoff games would have to rank it Miami in 9051 to three. This same for Cisco game all. Was just great you you loved I don't wanna talk cured or want talk like it was all a story talk like under ramp off. Yeah I mean you can just head to love how that team could go on the road. Especially in the NFC. They would go on the road against the NFC. And be whoever you work giants in ninety. Dallas and 931 going 92. New Orleans in 92 of the best teams at Philly. The best teams in the conference. They would go there and freedom. Do listen to the game on the radio. Was it on TV it was on TV and it come across the teleglobe why are recorded at how to get taken that game. You I saw did you catch. Jill Kelly Jim Jim's wife tweeted screen grab of the text exchange amongst the family today that really made me laugh. One of the one of the girls on or which one. Tech was texting you know Jim and Joseph I think Rihanna too that she just as you just found out about this game. That there was an anniversary yeah that was the anniversary this game were the bills niners played a minute appointed him like they asked who do you remember the scheme did Mattingly now. But it certainly did. You well it my favorites here now it was a it was a doozy. The Mets a large touchdown I ask you about the Mets a large touchdown from that game on Sunday. Because all of the Austin Hooper touchdown in the falcons bears game. Where big tight and Austin Hooper told lowered midfield to longer play in the Mets large one was but he slowing midfield. And scores from there so your 88 yard touchdown he's also great after the game talking about it by the way like you sort of black belt and anxiously to really cool. Description of it by Austin Hooper. But Mechel arson that forty niner game I have one of these where he's just running alone field in their almost gonna catch him. They don't write it down ash ago right bread the left on the TV is I remember it and bat that was one of these games we is to bring a TV from home. Or most of my apartment even motive and home and my parents' house they moved back here by then. And bring him into the pizza place imported on a table in the dining Herman whenever we had a chance we'd go out and watch. And so I remember watching that play and and everyone it was just like. We he he can do which he's outdoors so stunning mettler and running in the open field just not. Used to see him pretty much catch the ball seven years don't feel ample balls. Was like what bachelor's did but he was very good as he walks and he was a good player for them but running down the field with the ball in his hands well this is not. It's not normally what would you saw him he he could red zone you know weight short. You know short routes. Settled down in the zone find little hole there and be kind of a safety belt for Kelly but to see a mom like an explosive play it was. Isn't really something. And some women whatever that game comes up that play is the play that I think so because of just how out of the normal ones for that player to make that sort of play them but is bill plays of that game. I I think I might agree with a you know Jerry Rice getting hurt early that Thurman touchdown toward the end matters missed a field goal BI and I looked this up so there were no punts in that game. How many times in the games. I'm sorry how many times in the game did each team go for it on fourth down. So all right no Ponce. If the NFL lasts another forty years I think there will be lots of games with no punts because younger people be running teams in the all understand. Why you should on way less often and Graham bonded. But we're not there yet. That was the first one NFL history with no punts. But how many times that each team go forward on fourth but it definitely doesn't. And outs in the in my memory that teams. Were like watching the game again which your 1992. Football brain nine. That they were taking risks Ernie thing I I think they were so prolific on opposite views did have a lot of fourth down situations I'm. I'm gonna guess. Somebody probably at the end trying to catch you try to get points at the end maybe Solomon say sever Cisco went. Once worked on the each went once in the game and they made it all right. So he's she was one for one on fourth down. I don't know Lou plays entrance there are field goals in the game the again the 49ers missed a field goal BI and to try to tie at Michael for. But Tom though Ponce. Here's Tom on WGR load time. I got those just gonna talk about the Marseille Barry is very calm or people talk about get rid of them get rid of them I edit different train of thought. Economic or color and saying look I wanna do the culture thing right and you not like he didn't look like he was buying it right away. What wouldn't martial artists at this point you get the chance and maybe I'm the coach can switch morale of the YouTube. He'd be the perfect tool that locker room either incoming. Reagents that are on the same way like he was. Where rookies and say look I used to feel like you guys turn it around I can do that the preacher had it not. The luckiest guy next year Gerber probably sort trip that replaced an initial only read about I mean but he would be an ultimate goal preached which are trying to bridge to convert. Well and that's right you you have to believe you can reach a blow but you come back you have to believe. That it's going to work committees not going to be the opposite of what you're hoping. To have happened which is someone who is our go to guy as an example of don't bother loose and all this stuff. Do did doesn't really met you you should be out for yourself what do I got paid it doesn't matter you know he. And in it if that's where he is stock and you've decided. Keep the thing we don't know. It is whether or not the book the boss playing in Baltimore before the pre season game was. Like just the very first thing that he ever did that was. In any way a problem for McDermott intervene. And they went wow organized get activist right now and sent him home because we're not gonna have this or if there was. But in the run up to that stood off. That was that was already building that they sort of okay well I don't want overreact but don't want overreacted on OK that's it. I mean I don't know that they're not making them public so. You know debt. I'm inclined to think that it's it's more. Wouldn't want much more then just he missed a boss to a pre season game that led them to send him home like. Because it just seems really rash what you would. To me be overreacting. If that were the only thing that he's ever done that was nonaligned since you've been here. To do that I think would be. Not trying to see it through because he is a valuable could be a valuable piece of the puzzle for you here. I would wanna check this is this is forced a wanna check my voicemail. To see if I thought maybe anybody that I know. In the bills organization has a you know inside information on this or something like it but I'm not gonna do that and I'll tell you why I'm not gonna do that so I had to charge my phone this morning. And I'm in one room and it's charging in another room and I your thing which is either you got a message. But a text message or. A voicemail. And I. Gold bright to it to see and it's voicemail and like a minute goes by thing. Give up corner of the room and this is happening over and over and getting a phone call from the same number. And so I checked my voicemail got five new messages in like five minutes. I checked my voicemail and it's one of these. The one of these. Roll bowl calls you get is you're supposed to be in court today like this and it's just like a computer talking. It's the same number so I figured out how to block the number from my phones are not my phone isn't ringing anymore. But I'm still getting the voicemails. I noticed that because in like ten minutes I look at us and got ten new master took you so. I'm I'm looking at there is a disorder distracted by it and annoyed. And then I think well I don't like to answer my phone and I don't. Like to check my voicemail so. After having gone in and trying to figure out a way to like block this number and say the mailboxes. On available or something and not figure how to do that little of those I decided let me just let it go. Because eventually the mailbox will be full like when you call Andrew full pony but in his mailbox is always full. Because he doesn't wanna talk to reenter the fifth so. Like that's a great to he's an inspiration but there anyways. So 36 I'm sitting on 36 a finally stopped. At 36 voicemails now eventually gonna have to go in there and clean them out cried but I don't wanna do that just yet in case this computer is still calling right. Make sure maybe waited like 24 hours what do you think was 44 hour yeah I would to Iowa tomorrow I would I would do your phone back up tomorrow to it's because. The I would take another date maybe you'll be okay. How much do you really need voice now hardly at all. And now and say leave them. Means it means that much that is super important they'll call again or they'll tax you and say hey pick up the damned phone this is important. I get out of Iowa I give it. Voice mails from three phone numbers. At this point in what for real I three phone numbers. My parents. Call me voice mails all that they don't tax debate so I'd I'd. That's that's one and that's important the others are looking. Repetitive calls from my kids' schools. People go to city school but once in a charter school the other ones in a regular city public school target different global call saying. Hello parents want to remind you that tonight there is a seminar on diversity bubble bubble bubble and then. That same call comes a second time to get a second watch them then there's the same thing from the other school for different things and that's that the cinema which. Your wife were taxed you do my wife text me everyone else's that no one else calls if. You meet somebody. Or you so you barely know somebody but not well enough for you to have their number. And they call you assuming important as did just happen to me last week. You don't know it's them I'm never taking the call and never and always letting it go to voice mail. And then it's got your work who was working on a business thing for me. And he said Huckabee didn't get back to. Like five days later and said oh well. Did you call me because I don't have your number so which is going to be right you're I would assume that that's a computer bothering me and Ono and I didn't check. So what. Maybe just get everybody's number sooner as you meet them whoever heard it again just in case you ever call me I wanna know who it is. That I can text or something so anyway 36 voicemails probably all from this one machine. Knew it but you're really not able to be in court you're okay. Yeah I'm pretty sure okay that's that's good there's your provided me that I forgot her I'd I got the injury duty thing over the summer at one point. And called I wanted to follow the instructions. Called after 6 PM on Friday as he gets set for Monday morning and I was like in the 600 something and it was like. The numbers one through forty your something out of reportedly okay. What call again Monday so why did. Call again Monday and it said your fine. Call again Tuesday in an article. Poll but I stopped you stopped at a stop calling. Yesterday the oldest is like already a month ago oh I'm sorry I don't care of what you're probably Eileen I'm OK but I I I never adjustment like a number 600 their only on number. 50 I am flying here and they're never gonna get them. So I just sort of quit calling. Vegas you gotta Wear that again so. We have Joel Marino coming up at four today finreg sports talking about quarterbacks in the draft quarterbacks in last year's draft according to Shawn Watson. Who'll start for Houston tomorrow night week two at Cincinnati is NFL starting debut. John clay king is Thursday's this year yesterday we thought it would be today now expected tomorrow. Sir if that was confusing so John Clayton will be tomorrow today's Joseph Marino and then sell at five media day at the stadium. 8030550. Is our number will pick up whether you get on remains to move we will pick up. Repeat an eagle 30550. Category divorce bill and we'll answer the phone we do not have voicemail. Right. Now now we do not voice we do not have voicemail so that is nuts on the news story about. Much over the bulldogs will be right back on WGR. Yeah. The the it is the. This is tough for me to talk over. We have aid Perry's rise back to give away caller 56449878. Wins six freeze Sunday at the Ralph ice cream coupons and Perry's ice cream scoop. Billy the price 45 dollars general content rules applied. Get ready for football season with Perry's both moguls labor Sunday at the relative brownie blitz. Perry's ice cream you officially scream of the bill's life is able various people who refused. For me to blogger Greg Goldman guys consumers. And Ryan plays like some Allman Brothers and like I got to start talking and we Gregg Allman is singing doing that stall for me to talk over. There's that is emotional for me this liquid by my first favorite. Rock and roll man. Mr. Yes well it my. Mom. Is an ice cream truck driver because. And she recently had to give up the truck. To pay for. The heat. Ironically. So now Obama's warm. Which is great I'm happy about that I don't wanna sound like him not. But we love that truck and pick it all for all that we do a lot of members truck. You would know her that if you ever saw an ice cream truck do seventy in your neighborhood that was mom. Didn't care to really want to. To sell you what you guys pretty shall enjoy listening discrimination is driving the truck she just loves to drive around in that truck and the song. As fast as humanly possible. To haunt. She's you know you would hear this Hong but she is one of those like general leave horns hit it that she have an ice cream truck that was often again. Without a mountain. But had the jingle painted like an Irish cream truck and headed general leave Horne who. And she had one on one us hanging on the back. Under the license plate where those two is dangling there at the Louisville press the press sure he had that got them at Lowe's. She had a so close. And a and a general Lee horror on an ice cream truck very sad to seller. And we do little killed indeed hill who are new material yes. Yes. Baby on board. These pelicans bill sticker that says that she had been delicate bill was on there. Wild and and happy times and us. Here's John on WG Arlo John. Hey. Question your guy is about them ourselves situation we're talking about. More than happy I ate. I agree that I'm kind of at the point where I'm I'm ready to move on to and I won't I won't be upset if they do I totally understand. I wanna know kind of what you guys and divide is. For Kyle. Right now as far as you know coming back or could we get him to come back it all because I just think if there's a chance that we lose bulk of them. After this year at the same time we could be in real. Fine so I kind of wanted to your thoughts on that and you're spot on and if that were to happen analysts say defensive tackle becomes. Now our biggest concern. Let's hope Tyrod plays well enough for them to say hey maybe we keep him around someone also maybe. Apps you guys where were app which is contracts. Do we need to make up the beat big decision on him after this year or could could it be pushed back. You know I think they're politely suggest you listen to like the next 200 shows there. Because it'll probably talking about this in some form almost every day I mean how how that looks any that looks in the middle of week two with a season. Relieved pointless to spend too much time focused on. I would I would tell you just really quickly in my opinion would be eaten off. No no position of need will be greater than their need to get a quarter. But that should supersede any other need. Yes if if they wanted to divest themselves of arias and Kyle Williams reaches the end. Of his career here. That leaves a hole. But there's no way you grafted decent tackle instead of one of these quarterbacks if you have decided to meet quarterback and I'm I'm pretty sure that the. Thank you John. Speaking of the draft. He has now is going to be pointless when it suits many of whom call pointless Joel Marino fan rec sports after this mics open mobile blog WGR.