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It's Mike show you name any word in less than the second I will tell you how many letters are but I cannot. And not anything mechanically I don't even ought to put a team together for three year old spend a Bulldog. Fool me once. Shame on. Shame on you. People we can't get fooled again non WG. Sports break. All right welcome back the show we have Joseph Marino back on the AT&T hotline with us Joseph from fan rank sports and DT scouting we'll talk about this year's bills next year's draft and more. With Joseph hi Joseph thanks for being on again. You aren't going to put her talk really gets our pleasure. So before we get to the draft which is. More the reason why we called you and we've got. Back to Sunday. Thing about LeSean McCoy and his his status in the league what are your views on him and this bills team. No I think what's so impressive when you think about what Sharma Korean specifically what he was able to do you on Sunday is. There's not a whole lot of Coke can play makers on the buffalo offense and the jets defense that can key in on bullish on the coin they still couldn't stop them and you look. Across what he's been able to do since joining the bills and being really the catalyst behind the NFL's number one rushing offense in each of the last season off to a terrific start this year. Buy it it's it's really remarkable and then you look at the entire scope of of this player and it either player that. You know approaching 101000 yards first career he's been striking distance of 121000 and he hit 121000. You can be right there with Thurman Thomas in the top fifteen of all time so. But I was was appropriate to kind of pace of respect polish on going in the player that he is and the player that he's abandoned in really appreciate. Q how dynamic he is in an offense where he is the offense and it doesn't matter he's still produce. Not only did he accomplish that against a pretty good jets' front. That was the first time really taking a brand new scheme out for Iran I mean. Different blocking scheme new new coordinator. So the guys up front obviously had to do a job you know implementing something new when he was running behind you don't want called on a new deal basically. Yeah terrific point you know last year but the last few years that offense has been very much a gap scheme where. You're reliant on big dudes up front a group does not the way and create space and look pretty big dude you're up front creating space but they're actually doing more zone blocks and an outside zone where they have to. Realign their mobility more to reach players and create those teams throw some acquaint. He's making more decisions than. There are just really speak cuter the versatility and and how you the first key is. And you can eat it with some of the other players that welcomes car equipment and any time we see new coordinators how many new pieces have to come into Q what they do. The matter for which on the court you still producing an inept. It's really remarkable unfortunately that team's success hasn't carried. You know what Sharma quite been able to do so did he doesn't get the national recognition he deserves but he's absolutely one of the top premier playmakers. Offensively in the entire NFL. Might end up being a little scary that they needed to give him 27 touches to beat the jets. They think they're gonna be challenged in games pike teams that I think are probably much under the jets. Yes you know and it's interesting because if there's anything to get can't do it probably played Iran they had a decent run defense last year that got. Walker and Williams up front. And and again it's just that they can keep him around that they still couldn't stop it and I guess you can you can certainly tell her that I think well it was against the jets. In and I think there is something to be set for that we'll find out a whole lot war against this buffalo team against Carolina this week. Joseph Marino where thus well Joseph do you see a reason to think. This bill season will be good enough so that they can and keep it together. Next year and beyond or. Are we going to be doing what we're usually doing next spring calling guys like you to find out who the best quarterbacks are and what we should do there. Well I think that he's gonna get a define itself I'm obviously your girl the next few weeks and there's some positive. Things to look at this buffalo team and they're gonna be sound on you can no matter what I think Sean McDermott coming in. Play Smart football compared to some of the the variation that we saw from Rex Ryan and some. Some from awkward kind of game planning and schemes. That didn't fit his personnel around the world and one into that race shop McDermott took from a fundamental perspective I know that comes pouring. They're they're gonna beat players in the right position doing what they're capable of doing that's going to be an instant improvement now offensively. It's gonna go push on the court and it's interesting. How many targets in the passing game he got the same with Charles clay and kind of limited role to the receiver Lynn. But that's that a lot about this team and and where offensively what it's capable logged in in this Sunday against Carolina. If they're gonna have any chance to move the football it's gonna be because those receivers create separation because when you look at the Panthers. Front seven it stack it powerfully to move. And that's where the girls probably have an advantage outside so if Tyler Taylor is able to get good receivers involved in complement what it has. A wonderful ball with a good offensive line and what Sharma according you what you saw from Mike Tolbert then they have a chance of good defense. Have a lot riding on offense and you have a chance but. I've yet today I don't know that buffalo has the play makers needed awful the football and really talk about. A playoff team even know from a fundamental perspective this is a much improved team even though maybe the talent not there. Joseph Marino with a us. Fan rank sports. Also in DT scouting can follow Joseph at the Joseph Marino on Twitter okay so. What what's your status here with respect to next year's draft in the quarterbacks in it like how. How mom and are you ranking them at this point is it too early lead to do that what's so what's interesting about it right now. Well it is we've got a group we definitely got a group of quarterbacks a look at this year that. All of whom have. Starter rates at at the next level there's a group of about five guys when I think about this crop where you know you put your guy that they that medical sparked. And and that's exciting now four of those are underclassmen so there is. That piece of this that need to come together and in Tampa Albie available for the for the when he eighteen until draft. But don't do look at buffalo specifically. If they can. Go through this draft and believe in Tyrod Taylor is our quarterback and be able to use those six top 100 picks. On players that don't play quarterback to improve the talent around Eric Taylor. Now that that seems like in an intriguing option but at the same time there's a quarterback that they believe in. They need to pull the trigger for a crime that I'll watch it every day this is a huge huge class on the draft I. You know I'm very much are you called upon that could understand these players and so it's a fluid process I have my preference there that early. But I'm paying very close attention so that you know I'm well as well work that I can. Throughout the coming months. What is the group of both if you got five. For whom are underclassmen I mean Agassi who try to guesses at who they are but one he just tell us who the. Absolutely get into Arnold out of out of USC's Josh Rosen from UCLA. Lamar Jackson out of Louisville Josh Allen from Wyoming and then Mason Rudolph from Oklahoma State those are the guys that we're looking at is and the franchise caliber quarterbacks. Maya Rudolph being the senior their. Your view. Are you someone who it's funny like the the the the college season begins. And Donald has Iraqi outing and Allen has Iraqi outing. And right away. Voters you know bizarre putter works of course so we immediately. The classes in what it was going to be in the soldier it right now. But all the same roads and had a really good days suitable Mark Jackson but Lamar Dixon people wanna change him into a receiver. I don't know I'd I'd like to get your thoughts on all of these guys let's start with Jackson just because there he's been sold prolific he won the Heisman last year. He's got over a thousand yards of offense himself into games so far. What are your thoughts on him at an axle. A local seem so foreign to leak in terms of the growth. That you've demonstrated from last year they a couple of things that I thought about when I looked up on Mark Jackson over the summer and are ready for the season that he was. The kind of a real fame type of guy and you can tell he's both not bad about fifteen pounds of muscle that really. Showed up in his lower half and I think that's needed for him. To continue playing the way he does and then obviously. Making that the next level but the second thing was. Is inaccuracy in the intermediate and deep portion of the field and showing more roads of anticipation. So far so good. I he's really gone welcome through military he's hitting stuff over the middle he's hitting receivers in stride. He's manipulating the pocket like you expected to an extending plays him in a team where a lot of the pieces are different this year so I really like how he's acclimated. It felt in his new peace as he looks like more polished passer. We still have some issues with accuracy outside the numbers are sure is it dips that one yet that that challenges that are deep out even intermediate out the ball not where need to be glad. Everything else is really coming together and I'm really encouraged by the growth we've seen. Are plastered this so far from two games are you got clubs on Saturday. That's a big big test so that's wanna keep an eye on at 8 o'clock what got us so far so goodwill or more on Saturday. Morning. Outcome. UCLA. Josh Rosen UCLA. They got on the type to defer to guys like huge goal on on these subjects although I do watchable little barge accident in my own thoughts. Usually I'll just take what's the consensus and Ari so what do I wanna do. And with rose and after that first game where they were way behind against Texas a and M and came back and won there was certainly the gamut. So I mean how close too darn old Lucy or just what are your thoughts on him generally. Yeah he's right there he's he's off to a great start nine touchdowns two Q games or twenty yards quit and 60% of his passes. It innkeeper bureaucratic having to build perspective here this is the quarterback probably right now and I think it's the bills. The bat. He's he's really polished you can tell. He has a very good understanding of leading defense there's understanding where the space is going to be. Understanding where the leverage is going to be in and working the football to those areas and accuracy. They're really all levels feel now. He's got a nice frame he's got but I pedigree he just looks really Hewitt. Now he he had some magic on his side and that'll that comeback against Texas thing NM but. You know the what did he call me in the pocket that it was getting crushed over and over and Alec them. You know the shot Watson Egyptian team against Alabama last year where this just kept out there hanging in there and he hit the top growth and then you saw. Last week where he played Hawaii and obviously that electoral opponent to texting them but a lot of the timing and so that we like to see came back in the game itself. Another player this week. He's played against Memphis so we expect good outing. But down from from a stylistic perspective where he fits in really meshes well with. What we've learned so far from Rick Dennison and his system and it I don't know buffaloes and like his personality. But golf from a a great perspective and how he bit. You know I think that's a really good marriage. How much if at all do you pay attention to. The noise that's around him. You open all the quarterbacks in this. Draft and Mary mentioned Jackson admitted there's been some some divided opinion just about him athletically I guess. But Rosen is I guess you know some sort something of the character admit that can be risky for NFL teams how do you approach that. Yeah it's interesting that it is it could be prepared to repeat because every team. Handled it differently we build a talent trumps everything in and Josh Rosen has that when you think about the bills. It kind of a comment separated being add about Colin capita when he was asked about baton if you don't wanna bring distractions into the locker room it makes you think. If Buffalo's the type of team that would. Would you know you hate to say that right Josh Rosenthal because he's such a ballot which you think about it was awful and you look at will we learn from this draft in the types of players have been added. The last four year starters a lot of guys with. We've got really good background and impressive accolades and not necessarily football related. EU ECU tinker just sit tight right that these that the builder going after him. When you have a guy that's kind of settled looping shot Rosen has weather nut of the matter when I think about it marital but they'll think about it and you wonder you wonder thoughtful of the type of team that. The quality bar bothered no let somebody else that goes by too. Joseph but obviously you're knowledgeable about what McDermott has said and what the bills how other bills have talked and represented themselves here. In the in the last few months old lawyer and I've been talking about this for the last couple of days quite a lot so is someone who watches the draft so closely. When you hear that from a team do you think less of them do you think that. There'll there'll be a team that skips over guys. Quite like it this being an example potentially. And that that does or doesn't usually work. Yeah it's not that I pay a lot of attention to really important you know I'm draft analyst in you know not to do my own or but I had the most accurate. Mock draft last year in and part of that is understanding how these queens saint. Understanding how the players bit not a noble can medically and from a personality from what the type of players the teams. Are willing to bring to their locker room it's not a surprise to see the players the Cincinnati. Bring them to her locker room and and what we've learned about the bills and of course the players. They're bringing an end and not bringing in what they said oh yeah I think it's a very important component you know not not just. For a for medical teams understand how other teams they put in analyst Mike like myself don't wanna be well grounded and understand the entire scope of whom are these players that yet well. So do you go think like one or the like I don't you wanna have that sort of synergy. Between the team in the players is our is it in your mind. Is a team shorting itself by a limiting itself generally or not. Yeah now there it is it absolutely is. Coca. Because you know yesterday did we. Monday or Tuesday we said in here and won't points at just what if Josh Rosen is available to the bills and crappy they don't like his attitude what are we gonna do up there and then may be bold are her I said let's just wait the six months. They're worried about that or are. Out there. I want to give your thoughts on the other guys here at least a little bit. But I'm just curious because you'll probably about time you don't have bigger mayfield listed in that group of five. What what's more what's what's holding him back size. What what does he don't like about him. Yeah you are government either have the size and in a lot statistics that. Columns from playing outside of the structure of the offense could not that important and you gotta be able to do that that the clocks but I think. Income consistency from the pocket and if you from mayfield now he's a heck of a college football player. Even unification really look football understands what. We said that about. Janet and Allen and could keep rolling in those are two guidance at but I want to lump him in like those types of players but your belt about winning from the pocket and down. You know I wanna see more removed from baker army field in terms of the structure of the play design and understanding how to diagnose covered as quickly and where to go to football and I don't even get outside the pocket and make a highlight. You know throw it down scene that's great that's important but I need to see more than before I start thinking about him in in the same conversation that you got the size. Got you okay so darn old maybe just cliff notes on the on these other opponent a couple of guys Allan Donald and Mason Rudolph Donald for yeah. Arnold. Pressure off where we started eleven games so keep that in mind 75% completion percentage so far on. Four interceptions in there they've been pretty young. Still showing good anticipation. To making you know an adult crows he's got a funky delivery. But there are some work to be done here I'm not sure he's their. The sure fire blue chip number one overall pick right now he's got that. Josh Allen. Are you got the best physical gifts from the collapse. You just need to speed up this processing and make better decisions and he's he continues to make and grows that. That make you you don't scratch your head a little bit so we wanna see consistency with the decision making big game ahead at this Saturday against organ. Really bad for him Melissa another opportunity against. But it's a big time program but he had it as had a tough time in his previous two outings against I guess higher level competition. Yeah it get overlooked in Nebraska last year five interceptions. Yeah I would game he had plenty of turn over wordy prose and no there's not going to be a whole lot of more chances replaying it like at Wyoming and it could to face this parts of type of competition itself. Yeah in early season game this is about as important to get for gosh I don't. Hey one more thing Joseph you really likes to Shawn Watson as our remember going into the draft and here he is starting. Bye week two would mean they looked at did you out right at one point went when they drafted him this time it's a woman go in the knee didn't do that. And now you know during May be typical Texans fashion there sort of just. Changing it click right into the season. What what do you think his chances are here. I just hate I hate it if if if pump the average was on the shorter goalie. Where he's only gonna have a half of football right there you know what are they doing why don't you just build around watts of the big one and keep your nose and wraps. And this is kind of what I figured what happened I thought they walked they've really missed the mark here. You missed the mark they have locked into this season has started given those first team reps. Give him acclimated and let them shine now he's commandeered the plane on Thursday night every Qaeda and they have been injured he's got an ankle. I hate I hate the environment right now even though I think he's got a bright feature at I wish there was. Bill O'Brien would listen to me disarmed. At that. I see the chart going around Twitter all the different quarterbacks. This coaches had in like. Is it for years yet or three year guys starters or anything just constantly in and out also Weiler. With a big contract gone already have enjoyed just the job kind of with a rep of being a quarterback whisper no. Yeah yeah a lot of walking the creek going around about it quarterback was what I did and and no bill O'Brien he's you've got some good things are lately it's it's been a revolving door and look we can't overlook the team made the playoffs last year. Won the division without JJ watt and we've brought out. So there's there's some good years but. Yet there's not a whole lot to say when you look over his last few years quarterbacks with what this you know what really what failed to come to fruition hopefully I'll watch that guy that. Real that thought they missed the mark here live with their decision to play in right now if it was a short release about them to begin work. This O'Brien to the Smart thing that none of these guys the bills fired a thought of and that is only apply to teams in the AFC south at Heathrow and we Indonesians with nine wins and get more credit than you deserve our guests. OK Joseph always a pleasure to talk to you thanks for your time. Actually appreciate it got mean Joseph Marino fan rank sports on Twitter at the Joseph Marino. Houston at Cincinnati tomorrow night Houston to Cincinnati played almost every year. Bills and the chiefs think bills and chiefs you know there out in the same division that always seem to play. And they have a couple of playoff residents say breaking news recently to Cincinnati and Houston so. Cincinnati. Is favored I think it just blinked on and I think they're like a four point favorite a look at it. I mean just. The Thursday night games get ridiculed. Anyway here you get to the second week of the season and how much worse could you have done. At separate lots an angle and Watson make an interest thing but look at all those two teams played and we want her teeth and I never want to see Texans and we spent the summer mocking how many. Primetime games the Texans get in the chiefs though the chiefs were amazing. On prime time week one so maybe that won't be so bad. Maybe not. All will see the best things from the Bengals perspective. It it is all I'm Watson is it is a very good point too late I'll be real curious to see the bills chose not draft him to you know so. Watching him make his first start on you know on primetime game we can all watch we choose to that that'll be cool. I'm curious to see like them and if the Bengals are really on. I'll bet you got a hard slides down like last year was bad. Opening day it was really bad but can make is that they're still old you know there's a offensive talent there on. It's good it's. Even though it looks bad because of the way the teams played it still to me somewhat of an interesting game because of them those factors this week's better the week in here is how many. Who were more games the bills are the angles it's. This hue and cry and I didn't want you and I were on the same side of it's it was meant to grind and seem eager to take. On two and well neither Ryan nor nor I have any conviction about it. There was just something to do yet we just rocks and action you've got a lot of the collection those little empty there we had some of these I don't believe credible even in at least a little worried. Now while I respect that I couldn't sell myself on the other side failed closure would do it. When you talk bills plus 8030550. Paul Hamilton was on yesterday talking sabres in a while this time and I have a thought from something from that I wanna bring up. On them sabres opened training camp. Well at the end of the week. Or report tomorrow how's that for the year. More detail. Headlines next Mike's over the bowl blog WGR. I ask you what this player was last night to remember fifteen Jesse's dad. They were on the counter intuitive to. He's in I'm still right there at the defense today and I got to count on. Howard Ballard or someone making a blog on the outside guy we get jobs. Quicker there for them. Random play by play from an Oakmont yeah graffiti. Bryant here there was not I think what Ryan meant to have played there is Bob from C talking about Howard he wants the next play. I think that's always all told all sit here all day if I need to outta your next life. The next plays the Mets a large touchdown run around. All right I want to hear that. Yeah. Yes that's. Dangerously close to touch back. First San Francisco metsu. The city fumbled punt on the goal line he had broken the plane in the big guy 53 yards for the score. They you know hall gets him at the pie that's alarm leaning forward on. Connery played him out of that that it down a fairly young I'm going to turn around. No replay them know there was replay before. 1992. And then it was brought back after after nine behaviors shall apparently right and the rule that wasn't an idea for that big toe and all of box prompting the jets Seahawks know just give it to game thinking that's 98. Jets Seahawks were Testaverde don't make it at that same year and they make the playoffs now. That's. That's 98 and I think is that many years without replant what. Glorious time is right horses when there are to be alive who do crack at those eight years or whatever it is in NFL history were so good. If we're talking about that play earlier in how surprising was you use your computers and birders say oh trump you surprised that Mets large is pro running you know thick. Welcome what is the what is now what. Stepped. That it could be was opted to 25 years ago today. So occur again about the able to see it from here and I didn't remember it this way but so he. Boy should have been down to one. Too bad they didn't have review their to correct that because there would have to a few things here one would have taken a few minutes. To. It would have deprived bills fans of all fond memory you know for a moment like big piece Mets large running for fifty yards right. At three of course if it had been first and goal the one the bills never order scored their touchdown. So a lot of important thing that sort of wants to rectify lost his famous game it's important to get it right who knows maybe they would have snapped the ball from there and lost about two yards and had a point. Mean anything to happen you are not what I think you're right that's probably what I had to go it would have had to play like in the college game Friday night that's what I know thirty goalposts there own seven right. Whatever goal you're gonna run out and I don't know it would have been a totally different game having a replay and it's really too bad. Now yet afraid if that had been ruled out one there's no way that is the defining play and game now in the combat team the same year. Don Beebe is out of bounds. And that easily gets over term insurer by instant replay but there is no instant replay at all. So. Not Isabel is fantasy sports fan so lots. Still mistakes anyway. What are they try now and all these sports surgical mistakes everybody acknowledges that it's no mystery to secret. They're just different mistakes. That the camera work and of course also with Twitter and everything being so clear and easy on your phone and everything else. Is so good that. There are smaller mistakes may be or fewer mistakes may be again just may be but they arm for. I don't more often repeated or not repeated in terms of the mistake just like book that talked about the because they're just so much more of that. Anyway whatever destroy another way of saying that replay doesn't work. Who needs it they do revenue. Now there's a new apple phone new iPhone I saw that you know now new iPhone or are you ready for one. It'll no not I just got the seven last less winter. And that was eagerly by choice I had an accident with my. What are the laws limiting the five us Hannity and I can keep track the file us whatever I have I had I disagree paper I had a ball that was fine. You know to me did everything I needed to do. Demand but I had an accident with a so I had you know once Hoyt I got the seven. And we know what happened to meet today. Is I I always forget this there's. One of the new one of the new features of the summer when it came out is that it no longer took the headphone Jack. It it you see you needed him. Herder. To plug in is that you plug headphones in now through the same place for your charge. And suited confer converted to plug headphones in your phone. I joined a gym today it was going to the gym and realized I didn't have the amber I have one but I left in him at this point one tiny little thing that I forgot. So on and go to the gym first time out on joining a gym and do that. And I'm like article podcast downloaded a moment dude it's. And yet there and I have no way to listen that anything's on stuck listening to the gym music which is like L. And what is what is your music gym music in in this case did you music today was some crazy. Mix. That was what 452. Snippets. Of recycling jock jams. Condensed it was it was just. Like here's 45 seconds a switch mine. Here's 45 seconds of some do you know what some Black Eyed Peas song here's 45 seconds it was just one after the other after the other if they can even afford they think they can't even afford to play the slow parts of songs I don't know I don't know who was sold part or is just. We wanna give everyone something that they lighting him soul here's just this queasy mix genre defying. It was it was it was never slows down meego and it was. And then and then eventually there's some woman next to me singing what I think when have been Tim McGraw out loud with headphones on and obsolete. Into the Jim McNamara Jim guy run in the park now I'm I'm in the gym and like. I really need those headphones. Ryan I don't know if you agree yeah this will be very interest thing. What whole hog and Jim Jim experience yes yes yes I have to be an ongoing dialogues here that I. It's Jim experience shows being this will be very that you. Today it was the first sector and the hers today is the first day listen did you hear the last two minutes. That's the first day he can't work his. Music right he hates the gym music that they get mom and he's got a lady. Singing. Offer her music next storm. These are probably. Fairly common. Jim. Annoyances. I'm not I'm not sure how much bulldogs could be really heavy heavy weight sound C amid heavy weights guy but wait until people start asking you to work in sites with them that's going to be but additional document I'm not ever gonna talk to anyone. That's what people would say that is my goal is everybody and not do with Gordon nobody nobody goes the gym with the same minds up not gonna talk. Bloody well I did I got I went and left the gym I went to the scorer. He's also editor went on during the I'm giving and not going to Canada to get this ten dollar cord and go to the store on gimmick so all good. So tomorrow headphones on the mile walk in there. No we talked to that point I. Yeah headphones on you that it. You're just an anti social stance police don't want to meet the lady with the headphones singing country music you want talked herta taller cut at all. Probably. She was a belt it out it was just sort of like you know that this sort of singing that maybe you don't even know you're doing we need to get Travis Yost. Trevor shields is big guy and gym etiquette now. I don't know a little while I don't know a lot of argument can all all I really knew that there were a lot of signs of her that simply boil it down the equipment or did that but I guy had a towel and rightfully did. I think we should open calls up later to Jim medical because you're starting you've ever you've never had a member and I. But I never did I had one through work at the BAC a long long time going a moderate on want to points you know I never really did it. But now all the today I dated him through tomorrow accountable to do it. Who I kid the running in the park isn't working anymore I'm too out of shape mu something breakdown I need to white. Work and drop some weight and get it together so I'm dumb don't. So I am Monday through Friday implant them being there every day for a that's my point. So yeah there's going to be stuff missile boosts this does bear some watching the told Jim seem. And this is you've paid for this is not a work sure hook up. Stevenson via freely more frequent repeat no idea and I can speak I campaigned for this or not work relationship all right guys. All right Paul blog in the gym. From the no punt game. To the sweaty. Visit to the story. And everything in between we did not get to this point want to make about something Paul said yesterday that can't wait. Seles up at five with a report from the bills much over the Bulldog here eagle three. 0550 this is WGR. Got a couple things arledge and Obama real quickly so Wednesday's that needs its hold each hump day. Your opportunity to tweet us. The hash tag hold the hump day at WGR 550. Puts you in the right into 120 file a gift card to Jim's steak out again that is the hash tag hole he'd hump day. Also right now caller 56449878. It is an even tells a four pack of tickets to the great pumpkin farm mainstream Clarence very surprised when he Bucs general contest rules apply eight. Republic farm opens this weekend. Pretend we fund rides shows food kid activities and of course lots and lots pumpkins great pumpkin farm dot com for details. So fall football. Pumpkin farms mute. Trans Siberian orchestra commercials and he. What goes away pool days. Construction on the roads mostly due out next musical right now Niagara Falls boulevard they've been having construction about when I get to work. And the other day. The latest turning green but a woman with a flag were in these people are working their their painting the road between the lines on the road. That's like being in the road like artistically. And only it was that either paint you white lines. An and so community arch approach actually got going under my first. Thought of instinct is just green light but then IC woman up ahead with the flag your back is to meet which is holding the flag out in front of me to stop. So why do never makes eye contact. The whole time I'm I amid an upfront position. The woman with a flag is right in front of me like right not even ten feet. Never looks at me. Don't you want a little bit of eye contact there or joint. Yeah as the flag person don't you want the driver. Two CU. So you know that they see you and you like you have a little bit of maybe there's a wave yeah or maybe there's just do the eye contact I do. Feel like. Who would've thought the lead in the Brooklyn and mentioned it's this time of the year leaving the 716 I NC game writes. I pull out of the back to the harbor sent a ramp underneath that walked wasting there. That our way and I go to make a left out of there. To go around behind the readers less traffic going that way when I go home. There's always a cop there directing traffic x.s people coming off of the train and I often I'm the only person there. And that cop always looks. Yeah that's to me hey Louise and I I want him to know that I see hammer horror and like look I'm I'm good here I'm going to be watching you for when you tell me to grow. Don't worry I'm. Right and you establish that would I contact offer and not try. I wanted to say what do you care about the eye contact from flatly but I I think I reconsidered thinking about my experience with traffic I want the eye contact lately he puts the flag down and I stopped dutifully. We do what explosive runner over course unarmed driver around two I dutifully stopped. Because she's there are holding the confront an annual Euro but never. Is there are contact and how does it then she put the flag down. And walks. The other direction never looks. I thought. I like it I don't like I did not like that what she at least using the flag part of the flag. For the two for the directing. She looked it was goes don't just split there was no directing and I it was just the flight was found okay and I was there and I'm thinking the whole time are you ever gonna look good thing. Don't I deserve that and I know you don't we need that from each other I just that well. I don't know seamless transition went off without any problems which you would say it's sold maybe not but I still would like to. I asked what fled there was someone Sunday that was directing traffic. Out around the stadium that had the flag but hit the flag part rolled up in his hand was just using the stick from like. What do you do when there was watt what you've got these big orange flag yet largest music settling for the snafu just about to begin its quick while you're at it does not orange flag. Is it too late for me there I affairs team settling for a stake of a yes that's right I did not like it from this lady then I mean at least have the is it courtesy. It's more than courtesy. It it's part of the job I think. Look at the driver and they will look at you and you'll acknowledge each other and that's everything. Maybe she said Bedford. A bad experience someone what. She they start their tongue out better when they've when she looked one time you looked at a driver. Issue is holding the flag out and somebody stuck her tong out better or do something else. I don't know because they usually gonna happen. Never go. Mean you are real and no woman in the middle of the world is not usually Gannett alone who could. Ryan joining that's a bad sign sell come into this will be much more interest thing we'll talk about the bills and an article that we were talking about the beginning to show today from the ringer. About how blitzing is down and whether or not the NFL. Is heading for a crisis of offense one writer Danny Kelly from the ringer put that way we'll talk about that was cell next Mike show Bulldog WGR.