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These self comply GO. Well cup unsealed so I'll go bungee ills go bungee don't sound good apology go down coupons GO. I'll go Ponzi elves around go to our view on WGR. Yeah. Okay media day at the stadium bills and Panthers on. Sunday sell about your joins us on the AT&T hotline myself. Hi guys. It was long but I did read the transcript of Sean McDermott's press commerce that I think aired live on the station this morning. And and I saw of the bills just revised it I wonder what to amazing her controversial thing there wasn't there to actually can you good. Yeah there was a there's actually a question I asked. Regarding July Jenkins and the answer is just. Hovered at the transcript is hurting answer that's the answer that they roll when I asked if he would play on Sunday. They wrote an answer the kind of alluded to them maybe you can not playing I guess or at that there was two parts that won the first part they wouldn't and then the second part said he would when he actually. Just said he's played in this league. When it said he will play this week that's what that's all so they want it that it clear that up didn't back guys headed for the starting lineup. No I don't good I think this adapt signing that. They can use him in a situation or role. It'll also help on special teams on the richter written and staff value that but no I I don't think he's head of the starting line of Alessio later on a year due to injuries maybe things like that. Right but he's not someone debut was an upgrade over what they've got out there were. Correct that us. Not that they were severely tested on Sunday anyways right mean it was the jets maybe what you set all week how his team gonna score and you watch them play and I think you pretty much and up it. How are they gonna score and he did get a touchdown but well. Right and water. Right in you know I find it curious over the moving me that the reasons that they are left now for quarter acts on the roster I think that's. More testing in the linebackers and to be honest I mean. In a terrible salesman hurry he was practicing today so you can just might well you know linebacker gets guys banged up. But Tom and they get to Greg even if four quarterbacks right now and I I I don't know maybe the only agent signing is really just. I don't think this let me teach just about one week because. You know we the I watched Carolina guys and they will throw their backs in their tight ends a lot that's what can get a lot Christian McCaffery. It's tough to hit a lot of the backfield so he's gonna needs assessment that it four corners you you you can point 41 time. Right I mean yeah I mean I need to play lately I am hit it I mean like you got I mean it's by DP is Ellen in at sixty he's nickel and dime. But I mean like it's kind of interesting that that's with the gold but maybe that's why get a guy. Who can play kind of a hybrid roll it's really good cover guy linebacker maybe that covers up for that it's it's interesting in the you know we'll see work goes. It all on the same lines to your point about how lomb. Beat you didn't think the jets could really threaten them on offense and they didn't. We haven't talked since the game and on Sunday after the game and then Monday and yesterday at different times we made this point. That at least for me. The game wasn't anything that I didn't expect you know what about the bills and nothing about my idea for this year changes from what happened on Sunday. Would you agree with that or was there something about it that. That you think told you something. Not that it's fair I think that's fair. You know it's funny that they they hit the Vegas line. Right on it right which is pretty much so so what they're saying is what what we all should be kept taking away as they did exactly what they're expected to do no more no less. I as I've said it. Cents a game that you guys and not yet. I think the bills dominated the game but they made a couple critical mistakes that cost them points especially the first app it interception in the end zone and they have a missed field goal. Which I think people play should have been converted into ten points total I think that's the only reason you didn't win the game 3112 to be quite honest. But you know you look up and on the stat sheet the bills comedy at them but they have some self inflicted wounds and that's why it didn't reflect on the scoreboard they had no more no less than they should have been expected to end at. I think we're right back to where most people probably expected them to be here once. So about Johnny AT&T hotline with us bills back to work with a practice today getting ready for the Carolina Panthers a road game. Kick off at 1 o'clock. On Sunday afternoon sell predictably I'd say Sean McDermott will bus on Monday heard downplayed. Any going back to Carolina narrative here before could really even pick up any steam. I've not read this transcript Sawyer I'm but I'm assuming if that came up he would have done the same today. The do you think there's any chance that in getting the team ready. He references that this one means a little more to hammer U think he'll wanna still just appear it's it's the next team on the schedule America. I don't think he would do anything for his team to it's anything like that I look I think there is a bit of a dole outwardly. Trying to show as much as possible it doesn't matter when inside you know he knows that there's going to be some extra feelings and their. But I don't think any chance he's going to make anything about him at all to his team. This is all about you know winning the next game and there's also guys by the way like Mike Tolbert who came from that organization. Who they have something on the line here he was asked about that and he evens idealists and you know it's not something that John's talking about and they're just kind of go about the business but I think it's recognized. It certainly has to say. The electorate whatever kind of put himself of that position with a team that it's about hammer brand him being or anybody else be. I'm both times though today and on Monday with us McDermott made a point about where Carolina is in its life cycle a Sierra today and were the bills are. And again I don't want to read into that necessarily. But it was almost like you you might say that if you were thinking look these guys are a lot further along that we are ms. almost like that point. So why am I don't know does that mean inning do. Hey caught Mike like I don't. Think it's easy to jump to conclusion that he's saying. While we are rebuilding and we're really not expecting much our roster is as good compared to we'll look where they are they've been it was doable in their lot better than us I. I think it's easy to get there I think what I think what he's trying to say essentially is. They've had the same coach and a lot of the same players for several years now they understand the process of what everything is in the organization. They understand the expectations the interest in the culture if you will of what they're trying to bill we're still feeling that out I don't they get me I don't think he saying anything about the talent. Level now that he's saying anything about their own expectations with a their own locker room in buffalo I think he's saying is. We're still kind of in the process of figuring out where how everything fits together whereas they've kind of been through it already you know they know how things are supposed that together. It. And meals from Sunday there was interest Indio. 60 not necessarily I mean I am. I'm on here oh I guess it's Iran to Carolina and you were watching their game against the 49ers. Met Waldman is a guy that I love to read and he said. Don't freak out about Newton from this game he just looks rusty is that what you saw. Well I did seem rusty but I'm Carolina Panthers I would freak out a little bit. It wasn't just rusty and he was he was bad. I think he just looked that he was Nissen throws all over the place used to high was throwing low he's missing wide open wide receivers and top the fact is. He's doing what he does best which is Ron and that's partly because they don't want him to run and look at. If you take away cam Newton's ability to run you are neutering Cam Newton. That is what he does special that makes him the MVP of the league a couple of years ago. And because he had shoulder surgery and because he missed time in you know they're worried about that particular part of it. They're not gonna expose him necessarily to taking those hits and they're gonna try to keep the pocket on top of already say that they wanted to do that. In the first place to. You know XP and in in in allow him to play a little bit longer so I don't know where this goes if your Carolina he is keeping him in the pocket. Makes him an average quarterback and he was absolutely an average quarterback Sunday and I about a Carolina Panthers ran I would be worried about what I saw on Sunday. I wonder if there are hoping. That you Wilson being hurt last year and trying to sort of did through the year and then when the game's really matter maybe you can argue don't be healthy enough to be at at your full beautiful self you don't mean. Leo I wonder if if they were just sort of pace it and you don't I mean Mike. But let's let's just take it easy for now. We've tried not to let it all out to be San Francisco they might be the same thing about buffalo. But when we get to December. Maybe in the states are a little higher the division is up for grabs whatever then Neil. All bets are off. But here's the problem though if it you're right about that but you know it's if for anybody thinks that yet last week was just he's working out the kinks and get back in. This a problem going back to last season with a hit to Cam Newton. He had his low yet is like its lowest yet nineteen touched out of fourteen interceptions last year. Which was by far a huge drop off from the 35 and any add. The year before he only threw for a 52 point 9% completion rate I mean. This is not something that's new this year at top of it he's coming off the surgery he's coming off the not participating as much in Q&A pre season. I read some stuff from the Charlotte Observer I thought it was a really interesting comment by Ron Rivera he said. He thinks the timing is off because Cam Newton didn't have enough of like fast speed full speed work in can't pre season and he wants his scout team to play faster. Well that's fine but they're on scout team for reason. I mean you're not gonna trot out there at the Baltimore Ravens defense practice against you know that's that's. That's hard to do it that's hard to simulate what you're gonna see on Sunday so he can watch that all he wants Hampshire he's gonna tell his scout team at the plate faster because we need. To get a better look at offense but that's part of what he pointed out. We're gonna wanna make sure we leave time for what marshaled arias had to say today and won't get to that we'll lower on the Panthers and if you look at that game sell. It had this assessment of Newton. I'm curious what you thought of the rookie running back you were really high on McCaffery. Heading into the draft what did you think of him. They look good not great they gave the ball lot in a lot of touches. And they gave the ball in the all the different ways that I said that he would and you guys know the reason I liked him coming out a lot as I said. He's a four down player he can carry the ball on first and second or third down he touched the ball on third down four is a wide receiver Eddie can return punts and it's exactly what he did. He touched the ball outlook when he gets in space. He's tough to he's tough to handle but he's not overpowering. Or anything like that obviously and I think it is long issue. Can get to your spot in time you should be able to handle him but he is a big part of what they do and I think he's going to be. Continually be a big part of what they do throughout the year and in this week against the bills for sure how surprised would you be if the bills won. I would not be shocked I think it's it be upset and I don't expect them to win but it would not completely surprised after what I saw from Carolina. Against a I'd say pretty Porsche which Cisco team after what I saw from the bills and the way they were able to run the ball stop the run. I think the bills have absolutely legitimate legitimate chance in this current. How about various. Zell who was cure it and curious to some. Blog the way of playing time was allotted. In the game on sun in a McDermott spoke to that today and then you spoke with arias what do you what do you make of all that through you know through one week here. Well case though there's a lot of things at play here in oh. He only had. 59%. Of the snaps he played on Sunday 34 impossible the it was deputy overall. And that's the first that you look at and say limited role now the defense or Sean McDermott was with that so we do with solid offensive lineman. And actually it's backed up it because first of all I went and booked on a. Eight offensive lineman for the bills played on Sunday and they all played double digits that snaps. And only one of them I think it to 70% the rest of them you know had a pretty good share so that's number one. But never too. I went back and looked at last year's opener for the Carolina Panthers against the Denver Broncos the exact same thing happened in fact they had eight guys play. All of them played at least 30% of the snaps and nobody played over 70% of us so this is what he does so when he senses. This is the philosophy we rotate guys. I believe him because it's backed up by the statistics look at the second part of that though is. Marshaled ours is just a normal guy though. He's the highest paid player on the team that he's elite defensive tackles the argument can be made. Which should he not be a guy who's just any regular rotation giving 60% of the snaps and I I understand and I to a point agree with that I think that. He needs to be able to be on the field more and do what he does but. I don't think they trust them eighth. And I think that they're going to make sure that they continue with their philosophy if they had their way martial artist would be making. Sixteen million dollars a year he would be the highest paid player they wouldn't be investing that much into defensive lineman who's gonna be part rotation it just happens to be that way. But this regime had not signed contracts they're not going to be beholden. To that contract and then finally. Marshaled ours was asked about it and it was super interest he's he was asked do you think you know argued disappointed anyway. The beauty be more effective if you used a little differently in the scheme. Any pause that he said. Then he paused again said. That's a good question. And he went on to basically give what I thought was a I guess political team cancer he's not only one piece of the puzzle to go and do the best of my ability. I think that he probably feels that he should be a guy that can edit trait be on the field more. Welcoming if you don't demonstrate you can be trusted and what's gonna do that in the first place at top of the pack that's just with the scheme works O. I don't think anybody's going to make any concessions martial arts are now. Speaking of defense of tackles. Sell a cool article I thought in the ringer today in the ringers at end of its web site. At the ringer I should say at the habitat ring. And eat it lays out some interest thing. Trends about the sport of football and what's happening in the pros week one was a very low scoring week. Teams with usually good offenses like Cincinnati and Seattle. Them and others struggled badly. And the writer's name is Danny Kelly. Just posits that the NFL might be headed for a crisis on offense. And a few things are what's behind it including that at the high school level. Big guys with a lot of talent are more often choosing to play defense. That offense. Because there's more money and it eventually if there's somebody with pro aspirations in May be what's whenever they know what the time about it whether they might have pro talent. I'm more Gloria that then you have. College football offensive schemes how they've evolved and offensive linemen coming to the NFL. Might be more poorly equipped to make the transition plus there's less practice time you might have seen that today the CFL. Band full contact practices. CFL teams are no longer. Ever allowed anymore to have full contact practices. And then you have done all this ended up you've got. Defense of tackles a lot of them in the league who are really good at getting to the quarterback not to stopping the run. So is not taught forever who what do you think about some of those thinking. Well as a lot there let me start with high school point. I don't think anybody I I disagree that people are playing defense of high school level because there's more money involved later first of all if you're that good especially playing both ways and pretty much any school Oca. All right secular and second of all. That the reason why most bigger more athletic players are playing defense and getting you know the light Cheri if they are only playing one way is really because it's cyclical. High schools around the country now are going to area offenses like you said they're going to all these different spread it out. Throw the ball so the response has been over the last ten years of a school football we got to get more athletes on defense I mean you're looking at three by threes and all these these guys. Utility guy who can run guys who can get to the quarterback to disrupt to make that. Not happen you know there's only one ball wiggle around that made you get to the quarterback if you can play center field with a kid who's just an amazing athlete. You are doing. Bomb but pledge that all of a high school coach is to win football games on the field outside of that. It's to develop young men and be leaders and all that kind of stuff it is not to necessarily just get kids to college. And I think I hear that bothers me sometimes that's not that's not the role kids wanna point out of course that you mom and dad want to do that that's not the role the coach the role coaches to be high school football coach. An amateur and they do get to college I it's a great point though about the evolution office obviously something that's not going to be popular a lot of people but I thought about this after Saturday night you guys watched the Ohio State Oklahoma game a little bit. I love Urban Meyer. I think Urban Meyer has not evolved. His offense is exactly what it was when he was it you talk with Alex and you can't run that ought to today's college football anymore. For the reasons I just said. Teams their teams are spreading it out there throwing all over the place that they don't do that they have the same office they did when he was that you talk when he went to Florida with Chris leak when he went to Florida with. Tim Tebow and an IN IC that from a lot of colleges now college college offenses are not evolving to what seemed like the team's going to for all those reasons and. Contact in practice and it's an athletic game and things like that. And now it now you get these guys who are let's say you are playing an air offenses and up temple will what you need unique lighter. Faster offensive lineman you get need to be able to get down the field he'd be on the move and things like that now I get the NFL and now you have the block those really big fast and strong defensive lineman. And that's why. Offenses to mean are having a crisis. All right well put. Any questions for us they'll watch the Yankees today. I did two analysts are likely are all this get this out before I have to Guam shall probable three to win it took almost four hours it did rain. Yeah I mean I don't think they're gonna catch the Red Sox actually keep look at that loss column on its three games and I don't then they'd probably aren't they probably their word they still could. They don't play that that hurts I don't blame them you know between her effort to be all of September and then Toledo that played the rallies at the Mets stadium today. It's the. They are they are probably the favorite especially with the Dodgers losing but there is still no real old prohibitive favorite ever in the baseball playoffs. There there just isn't mean it's just just how the sport is is a lot of luck in it and I would never won a better favorites sometimes they win. Last year the favor one. The Indians what they've done is amazing that winning streak is incredible and their actually. Bit the level of play. If it could be above it it would be that the there are killing teams is 53 today is. A nail biter for that America I know long people all game after game last night was close going to return was OK to nothing I think where it right but yet. 111 and it was like eleven to one early. That they outs and people is pretty amazing. I mean it's the longest baseball winning streak of our lives spokes pretty good. But you know do they have the they don't have to win idol that much self thanks guys thank you sell upon GO the bills in week two. First time on the road week too since 2010. When Trent Edwards. Ran out of bounds I'm or threw the ball about ran out of bounds. Bledsoe threw the ball rebounds and four of the Eagles Edwards ran out of bounds in green in Green Day got caught. That's I believe that's the bills last week to wrote game. And their record in the drought week to four. On the road four and five overall ten and seven. Lost last year the jets at home at night. Week to go week to notebook you will be staffed through the week to maybe someone got an email. So what got a gym membership. Advice anybody for Jim people. They Jim people out there wanna tell bold on how to work never been a gym person new to it today go out today as wind and that changed. 8030550. Is our number also Norway and on the discussion with cell there are specially the one about but the trends in the game BBC. This from coaching level. That could be interesting eagle 30550. Is the number Mike's over the bulldogs WGR. They hooked up right now repairs to just go CD trans Siberian orchestra. Saturday December 16 keybank senator 8 PM minimum the prize fifty bucks courtesy of live nation general contest rules apply. 6449878. Caller five. Take some misses an opportunity to win these before it combined they go on sale Friday at an area. I think you wanna say my Saber thing now. This as a thing I'm thinking about with the sabres. So as you know last year never got off the ground from bright. I never even thought it was possible that they would be good by the time the season started in the Michael injury the day before the season hopefully that doesn't happen again prepare. Like it just sort of nodded and pony punctuated know what is not on it. No practice the day before. Don't practice medical Cheryl that it was. I kept getting smoke blown on me accusing you know it's not a full one day no one not a Honda a bad mood. But they're DE a looked a mess and I just had the thought before the season Michael having a lot of people look out. And it was never a good season so we have Paula futures are very good conversation and you're the sabres so they're they're defense going into this season. Is it in no real particular order in the trying to ladies out a certain way Bristol line in McCabe. But goes yen. Georgia's those the guys who were back you have Marco skinned Ella from a wild good player. Solid. In the parliament bill trade. Which really really might deserve being called the skins dollar trade scandal I was probably the bigger reason for doing it are limited vision thing you need to take. Because of the contrary really to get scandal. Maybe I'm I'm really glad he's here to go do I don't mind that he's here but I think of that driving thing behind. So you have Marcus and Della you have victory NT been from the KHL. We've heard a lot about him. And you have Nathan bowyer from Montreal. I feel like I'm gonna go I don't know if it's gonna be pre season games it probably won't be training camp but whenever. I am going to be. Staring these guys down. Like I just wanna know it's what's better than last year is because of these moves and there's a new coach and that's not nothing. But it's it's for re mostly about who the players are. I'm open to the possibility of them being good and that that's something I mean last year it was just never fun. And that was a terrible way to start Jack Michael's your two from me like this is when we're gonna go now we were a lot better rhythm in his first year. And we should be better everybody kind of thought that way you release for awhile. They should improve again. And it did not happen. So because of those new guys and they're all very different from each other are thank yet again Delaware they are in deepen and Beaulieu. Like because of that I just want I. I can't wait to see it I wanna see it I wanna know what the thinking is with pairings. I'm thinking about. Bristol lines horrible. Possession stats and what is second to change. I think the first thing I would do the morning after games is if it's not available the night of is find out what his stats were. Because you need that to get a lot better. You you want you want proof that Bristol line and is not a liability. On the team the definitive proof there's nobody would watch him and assume that he was one. I think bright eyes I stole what wonderfully when you cities allow people because I don't he is I think there's it's it's tangled I almost. I mean I don't know how the numbers were I mean I mean I don't work I don't know how long. Much I trust them as being an indicator specifically. That this player of the circumstances I think he's gonna have an excellent years. I'm just I'm hopeful that the numbers back that up so that we can stop arguing about what he's good or not because I think he's good. It's the bare minimum and that this team needs in that area the bare minimum. Is that their beat no consideration. To the possibility that he is bringing you down right that player can't bring you down. You know I think of the Matthew again Matthew is such an expert on these numbers are translate the but he also. Talked to vials money talk to wrist line and talk to people in Rochester when he was around here. And he. I think has a real handle on that and he defends roast align and anyone reminds us that played last week one day it really deep into it. And comes out that this is still very deploy usage. What what you want to think is because the numbers are a joke to me I mean what to say the least what you wanna think is usage. As. Is to blame for the for the stats if you don't seem to display than you don't but. If the usage is to blame for that coaching is to blame for that and I guess will it also partnerships that were probably beyond. For to some part beyond bottles is control what they only had Sony defenseman you have reported west right and now you have three more on the. Rooms if you had to play someone who was really weak you might be tempted to play that player with a guy that is your biggest force. Yes you know as a unit address high cut hi this guy out there like three and out there and in a different Perry might really bad for me shall receive I can pull this off. I'm sorry I'm coughing your. I. Somebody asked me yesterday. Just dumb we we had a conversation we're talking for about ten minutes Munich. A dad I know what that Ali when ranks last night at practice. And as I was walking always say look you're the sabres and haven't said that her good. But just I just sat it without it I wasn't we were talking about the sabres we've been talking about hockey but not about the sabres. And then just as I was walking away and it just flew out of on an aggregate I think Michael is going to be a monster this year. Clint really really do and I think that will obviously help a lot of he's a ninety point player from him but that is impact poll to say the least. But I I'm I'm I'm walled this coach this is the coaching hire that I wanted I didn't want the coach changed but they hired the coach. That I wanted to. And I eat I'm really. I'm excited about the impact he's gonna have got a guy like crystal line in for example if not all six of these guys who are playing immediately. I'm really excited about. Adorned some bad about house leaks I don't mean to sound bad most of my confidence in him misses you. Like I I mean like I understand it yet he. Got a lot of credit for national and I don't have any reason to think that isn't deserved like you know fine it's sort of it's sort of coaching move it makes sense. Posey played for the sabres pretty famously. And sports teams do that all the time in with or without there. Being any reason to think that will correlated to coaching success mean like we Gretzky or however many good or great players. My got to be great coaches doesn't have to meet that leopard doesn't really matter to me were trying to predict this. You know I'm okay I'm okay I just will see bright Apollo he sounds we'll see what players hear players say a bottom. What kind of ideas he might have yeah we'll see with the with the evidence is doing. Wanna be I mean to do it. I think you can over to the credit. In Nashville because in Yoshi was an excellent player before you go out there Sudan got there. You know in all I'm Suzy before the house he's been there which you'll see for awhile so maybe he helped develop him. Sue that was obviously. Who he is and he showed up there. But I. The way those players played in were asked to play is the key element of that to me. I think that is where the game to meet a feeling I've got a coach whose. Who's open minded to where the game is going like defending. Is. It is attacking defending is is. No not not cross checking people it is just it's big game is different and the housing woes that as a player he certainly. Dogs rightfully get credit for his defense corps plane that way in naturally they were they just they were all the leaks. And I think that's. That's where you should be in today's NHL. And I don't think everyone is there a feeling I I I got at least a little bit of a wake up but I've got a guy. That's gonna try to use these players in that way and I think that. Mean you need players to be capable of and I think Bristol line it is. So I think it's gonna be really good for him. Yeah I'm fine with all that I have no. Argument against any of that reporting more on your goal yeah I guess but I'm final that too. It's it's to meet its old school to think a bow with defenseman and rushing the ice as being dangerous exactly and in because goalies are so good I mean that that those ideas were formed when goalies were. We less good. Right well you know what it can't be putting more on your goal he is if you don't even get caught whatever early that's gonna happen but. The idea is to be attacking him like dominating possession Yahoo!'s senior defenseman to do that right and do you know you're doing to teams what we watched opponents through the sabres which is. Your hand in your hand in your hand you get it out. And like. Great you're just take advantage of the fact that they're better players were on the ice for a long time keeping your face and because you're exhausted you toward the bench now. So if a bomb attacking and I'm doing it sure you're gonna get caught. At times but if if it's if it's working how it should. It it shouldn't be too my beliefs detriment I'm I'm gonna be the better team on the ice and be carrying play and that's the idea here. And I've got enough good players on this team that I shouldn't have been getting clobbered it was the beat very beginning of any problem you should've had wood piles. Last year was like you know look sure I don't have great defenseman but I've got players on this team and why. My always my mother forced him on the ice every night I shouldn't be that. I've got like a white guy right McDonald polls are McCain and employers here. Article sounds beautiful sounds like he wants to take over yet. And and also sounds committed to the franchise's C that deals get that lets you pass that hit. The everybody's saying the right things as associate announce it and then we don't have to think or talk about it anymore let's let's have that. He go 30550. Is our number bill sabres lines open for you. Mike show and the bulldogs this is WGR. It is indeed. 550 time for game time. We're break. But. Some and senior aide to us it's chilling effects would force that upon arrival. That you'll homestead really contest beginning game time for him. You sounded like you were going to the prairie right there like we the homestead hit it I you take your going by horseback. Through to the homestead. I mean what what are you doing tonight are you chopping wood. What what is your way I'm churning and churning water and wind and everything I could begin Wednesday his effort churning butter and enjoying fighting to. Just like our founding fathers that's the tradition and think. Ultimate 55 hours to get in time weekend could see you win four tickets to see the sabres play the penguins. In a home and away. And then for tickets the bills patriots game that Sunday of the hockey games are Friday Saturday and you'd have tickets. For the patriots bills game on Sunday what's a good record in those games. Two and one. No. The patriots I don't hold this is we don't really have to win one would be would you take to a 10. Yeah sure the it becomes sweep in the penguins all went home at least you Lee's winning one sure. For the football you'd probably rather win the football games and are one of our opponents were a record either inevitable or feel welcome to take 11 and one. No government medal to any rate. It's for another time. Did you WG I our budget he dot com and register your chance to win these recruits tickets all these games plus executive cursor over to him from each game. Courtesy of liberty cap number one of these games is in Pittsburgh. Make December 1 for the third game time weekend and register to win now. By the way five to game time from Hamburg brewing. Hamburg is celebrating its fourth anniversary this Saturday. It goes from noon to 1020. Beers on tap including 550 game time. And they have a special anniversary beer but they're releasing bad day. Strictly hip and invisible touch playing live more information Hamburg brewing dot com slash anniversary. Guess what I'm doing Saturday and Sunday morning separately. Golf but really that's. And we're talking eighty and sunny both days and into golf tournaments tournaments. Hundreds on Saturday and Sundays. This weekend I had these two tournaments both the beaver island. These are scrambles things yes now that's just weird to have that I weekend for the well are on weekdays they're smaller OK you know OK to smaller groups always nacho. You know the good whenever the sabres tournament saver certainly was today. But I. And while I hurt apple that. Yup our hockey the hockey team owns I was having a tournament on October 2 of Breyer would. And I didn't I didn't get a foursome so like I Germany's got a book about who. Can force. I couldn't go like preview of golf tournament I can compete for the Monday often football season to complete all of you guys I'm sorry I mean you're overly nice it's. But he can do exist after his show right anything he can make all those days this summer a low of 2000. You know oh my god has not been I mean when he. Although all glued all the you know any nice days and my state but if you get a nice feel like you're talking about Saturday Sunday and its its you know its boom already mid September. And it's going to be that nice if it Monday October 2 is really nice I'm really regret that I am not playing golf with all these real people because like it's like sixty and Sony. All that's a great day it's regrettable last great days maybe. Well maybe the bills will be alana. The day before and I'll be glad to be glad you're here and if you know you don't want to lose 33 in right to be eighty and sunny. That golf German and you're in here with me talk and that. You know well it cuts if that happened mobile users go through the archives and dig up a bunch of stuff from me from other Monday is over the years and that but trying to just. What did we have been asked how or why we haven't gone out to zero but I'll go golf would germ and you can sit here Mike Brown just press a button to be. And. Of course the sound. Even when you are what are you don't have the show right now I just don't himself into the system why do they dropped a record of one probably. If a quarterback UC I. If anybody has any as suggestions service call in with what bulldogs should say Casey wants. I'm we might wanna take a day off after a game and just play Tate and I'll make that work. All this talk to a recording. And people who. People hope the couple then they go pull blog lines of things he's probably said fifty times over the last. Seventeen years and a week. And our. And our lives goods. Michael. Her face state soon find out if this Bulldog you hear Israel. 8030550. To reach us here on WGR.