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And that's. And then. And my children. An old dog. Think that was evident seeds might show up and move anyone's ever offered him. Let's go over some of the symptoms of marijuana use showing. You tell me who this sounds like it's no bull dog slow moving. Inattentive. Dole. Constantly snacking. Shows a lack of motivation. And it's might show Fresno bulldogs. Dunhill. Sports Radio. In the middle of something you regatta. Not a song you could play though you use right. Just jam. So it's an all right I'll just tell you when not in the know pong game. Which was 25 years ago today. Were review by the way San tours main union was so typical back and yeah. Think that was just in my dorm room of the Fisher misses Santorum was. There and she was very rarely bear on Sundays. But she judicial work Friday nights with all the time the older she's great one god rest her soul. It was great fun working with her. Should she cardinal will be and there are not worse you work on this day. When she worked she just ran the drivers when she stood on the back of my handled the delivery out the back of the building and I was on the formula templates. But this Sunday she was there in the diner we watched a lot of that game so San towards warrantless. Nice memory I'd funny guy and I'd like thought of that earlier licked having been there but I forgot about her part of that. Made it's nice to think anyway blood. Generally more tonight a and that the judge what a bottle watch the game along. No punt game 25 years ago today. These two quarterbacks Jim Kelly and Ron Amadon each went over 400 passing yards. Which was worth more than a minute is now mean it was less of a passing there was an and in unconscionable in 1992 but still it. So that was great. The each threw three touchdowns and one interception and I think so I'm looking again. That's right. And so over 400 both guys. And only one pick I wanted to find out if I could play index how many games like that there band. And I I just I don't know how to do it got to try to do the opponent. I think if I had another couple minutes of just looking at and I would be able to get it but I don't know. Anyway so we had we played the clip the of NBC. That game is on YouTube a lot of old bills games are on YouTube or some that are like officially there. A few free each team are officially they're going there's there's an agreement. Between the NFL on YouTube and that is one of the bills games that's like. Officially on YouTube. If you will. And so Ryan was playing its its Dick van Bergen Bob trump be at that game Candlestick Park the baseball diamond is done you know part of the field their bachelor's unmet. Long touchdown run is running through the dirt into the end zone. And I didn't remember in my mind the bills were ahead for most of that game. But they weren't. That touchdown happens the bills are losing 2413. Caring and that's at the very end of the third quarter. Then they get the ball back and Mechel Lars goes in again scores a second touchdown to put them ahead this one from 75 yards to pass from Portland on out of kick return critic it. No so why am. They're down like 143 and their down okay. Eleven a couple of times in this game. It is one of my favorites. It's not saying anything I mean it's one of the greatest teams in bills history I just loves. Betty fan one of yeah Walter Howell the would beat. The best NFC teams on the road in the regular season of course. But that happened a few times and and San Francisco. The Super Bowl that never happened. In those years. Was such a great win it was such a great gained two. Proposals a cool thing for them to win it truly. It's a little surprising to me first famous is that game is. I'm hearing you like your sale of 143. Like I I I guess. You say that game and I don't like oriental pawns. The passing yards sound familiar with each guy over 400 yeah the Mets lawyers play like that's it. The guy I don't. Have meetings because I was network so I was in and out of it you know I mean I was just sitting. Taking the game in I was back and forth for almost the entire thing. But I I don't remember what the score from being down owner anything they just accused. You might inadvertently most games that. Our. You know vast famous. You've got a real good feel for how the game went it creamy William who's more appeal for the game I do anyway. That game I guess I don't divestment never spent time looking looking at the box score. I've not looked at it on YouTube you know so. Then maybe one of these days or something to do. Dwight mentioned a lot that I do that like you sort of pick I mean sometimes you do yeah I mean you know that you know friendly way heretic comes up the wonder how many people do that. I don't know I like watching late seventies mid to late seventies early eighties. On on YouTube that's my favorite that's my favorite period to watch the ninety's. I've seen them too many times I remember them too well so. It's not his interest thing. Plus the broadcasts. Are different to like it's different voices sometimes you know so little bit. More hard core I would say for Mike who believe except Monday Night Football in the seventies. I just I just love it maybe sometime what I should do in. You know I wouldn't ever stop teasing you about it of course please don't. Is some. But actually try it. Yeah it's it's just not I don't know I don't know why this is. Bought it it is there some thing that I ever think to do even though we talk about it. And you might think you're if you're been listening right now you're hearing me say that right now and were gonna go home a little while. And we will just had this conversation. And you think like when you never think of it what would you think of it tonight. Boom. Probably not but I probably there some. Some we walk out that door and like something just would I don't I don't remember self it's mornings for me. I just don't really I'm watching something lives right I'm gonna watch Red Sox on ESPN tonight. So I don't give them other than when they're on national TV now. Soul or the plane the Indians via a ticket because I submit that that can beat Cleveland. Sports channel on money DirecTV. Somebody do that that's what I wanna do tonight in Red Sox Oakland yet my comments over. As Seattle line for me it was gonna be no and and I will want to. In addition to being on Twitter and reading lord knows what about the president and everything else while I'm watching the ball game. Start watching you proved fueled vehicles in the papers from nine to use this too much it's too distracting it's background now. So it's his background so I I don't know I don't ever think to do it. I know there was a point here where. A couple weeks ago you were away. And model I ended up talking about some but he did it at elucidate the cookie Gilchrist was announced to go on the wall of fame. And it struck me listening to Murphy. That afternoon on the way in those that Merv. Is that what were spaced out enough just just enough in age that Merv remembers cookie Gilchrist. And I remember OJ and then then you're after me and then Ryan is terrible kind of does a gap there but. I didn't talk about how how in the world the bills fans if you're wrong and it's what did you grow up with you don't you don't have. You don't have this tethered to great times to great teams and debt today. I left here thinking. Go home and find an old bulls game from the ninety's to put on. Mail bomber fund to combat game a government dvds and on and go to YouTube alike could my TV news it was easier but yeah right it probably would just do that but. And I'm editorial watched him put that on in my house in the legal ones own probably would care but I'm owned the bills used to be that's the bills. A developing I don't want for our. You know didn't think to do. It's one assailant I don't enjoy watching the comeback team because. So so much a two hours of it is a beat down there and I'm Jim Kelly is in and not like it's just a that game I don't call fluke but it's just the the niners the no punt team. Is really what they were right now they're bass I grew and everybody's out there. And is just hot like that game itself the playoffs. You know to combat a combat team men's and on his demons. Comes to the exhibition of it I think the no punt team as a way better watch it. What else re just saying you're talking about oh why why would you be a fan Michael that I. He. Well you know people do it. If I don't know. I don't know that I don't know if I would be without the ninety's teams right I used the hole that's right I ate their why were in the career were and Britain. I mean Pete people you know I I did lay this out when I when I talked about this but I think you'd loosely IE gum. I thought that they hadn't gotten good while I was away. I don't know what that what I I think I can't hold the matter why. I think I get turned around a Sports Radio anyway. Because I mean in New York urban B York area and given new haven Connecticut Sun glistening did like Mike and mad dog in and all that on WFAN so I'm I'm I'm put the fuse is lit. Without the bills getting good like I think I'm still interested in that. But then then getting good while I was away made me as big a fan as I've ever been of even while I was here when I left here in food and ED six. 87. Yen 87. I wasn't like crazy about I mean I was not the fan that I became. The both teams. Head to happen for that to happen I think I think without it yeah I think it wouldn't be nuts to think I'm I'm you know. It's an insurance like my dad or two but. Those teams got me into all of us and it's really that I mean that's a that's a big piece of my life. Still. The the team being good when it's so big that it led to a profession. I knew about that and I don't think I'm I'm very casual about football. In the bills that they don't have Kelly and Thurman and personal those guys have been you re very different relationship with the team which. Again gets me back to someone who's 22 years old like what he ought to cling to. You know would you got to see your what your parents okay. I mean networks. That your parents people around you. You know it's Adam what else just this is just around you I would think that would be good. The biggest reason you do other people are doing around you that's exactly what it is it's I was raised is raises an environment where. This went on Sundays and I watched the bills that. He's bright and but they were they'd already been good so it your family is doing it and they're doing it. In part because they lived through that brightly I mean I wonder how different that is for them and then they're four for you. You know I was raised and it too when they were terrible for most of my childhood. And I become a young adult and I'm in an apartment and off of a would strip in my 1984. And guess what when I'm doing I'm doing stuff but you know just doing well still and other stuff. And go on the football and just talk a big backseat. And without them reel me back in like I don't know I would've ever come back. So that I think you know without the ninety's your family's experiences prop could be different could be doesn't have to be but it certainly could be. Member of impacted how much it meant to them and to pass that onto you and all that. I don't know Ryan do you show the bills to your kids. If for probably will probably still be watching at that point if deployment into the car you've been out all their rights watch. Do you drill. And I don't know why excuse my kids and I don't have that option either you Deborah that option watching games with only. My wife has said recently. A couple times I wanna make a point of watching more football with Julius this year mr. Lewis asks about it but he's not allowed to play so. Now we did dumb I did this development on Sunday. From the stadium. I texted. Only was home my wife was at work. So the boys were home and own and homework to do but still around around wanna collaborate purport to golf by customs and you know built bills game is the starting. He said it's already. Which is progress like that is viewed as are usually good ol' terror would be echoed in a poll but he had he had it. For this Sunday for last Sunday's game might family went on the of the rope course at electric bill and holiday valley they did the rope course right. A bit longer loved it it was really hard for them but it a good way. My wife said that my son got scared a couple times but he listened carefully to directions and and responded excellently. And she's like it was a tough tough deal but really cool. So that's what they did when you and Kyra the stadium while. All right Ed to tweak it a little bit had to go to the team. Is still the play index of pro football reference but I went to the team game page. Not able to figure out how to do it from the player game page if you and norm talking about. And so the 49ers. Net passing yards that was under 400. BB sex. So their number was 380 wanted to decided what let me have a game where both teams throw for at least 381. Yards. And what were intercepted only once at the most. Nine games. Going back as far as that allow us. But no punt game is the first earliest of nine and the second earliest of the nine these 2004. So it is what I wanted it to be it is also rare. In this game were you had to as it turns out great. Hall of fame quarterbacks we pretty much knew that then probably but still two great quarterbacks. Putting up 400 yard passing days and official ones. Young and that game is you know it's even bigger than Kelly young is. 46 for 37449. In three. What is that what is that for completion. You know 615. Is more than fifteen yards per completion. 7018 yards per catch for the 49ers that day without Jerry Rice. And rice three for 26 and got hurt now. Leader is Mike sure aren't treated. Six for 15 my back at number ago. At a moment fantasy team and I never thought him Mike short six for 159. John Taylor five for 112 and two. Odessa turner too for eighty and a touchdown. Boss read ten for 144 Mets a large 4113. And two it's like Austin Hooper. From Sunday. Thurmond for for 94 and one receiving. Rushing nineteen for 85 and one more Erica. So only nine such games with that kind of passing quality. Bangs. In terms of yardage and the only the two receptions total. Have you titlist the game's OK if you go to what's the most recent New England vs Cleveland in 2013. 4746. There's a famous Dallas Denver game it's Manning and Romo Christmas we will do little cut out. Cleveland or at it. Tomorrow morning. You don't just lawyer but I don't know Ohio. 2013. December 8 academy order yeah browns. Pictures Tony seven browns 46. Brady. Looking. Look thing that's not a lawyer Brady thirty to 52 for eighteen. Jason Campbell. Twenty to 49 for 443. 913. Touchdowns OPEC's. Jason Campbell and bull what a day journeyman journeyman there. The box. That is wow that stunning. And moiso Manning's on your like three times it's like everybody's uncle my great monopoly. Well that that makes like that that at long stretch where the bills did not have a 300 yard pastor for so long. We all just all the more men but Jason Campbell is just out there. And flows from 400 yards against New England partly. And I had like Harvard law which would double digit both games are just could not find a way to retrieve your pastor. I saw a stat today that the lions has not had a 100 yard rushing game in a long time taking gas would be a long time. A long time would be the middle of the 2015. Seasons that's what I think. Middle of 2013. The lions have not had 100 yard rusher and a game since then. Call coming up on four year. No don't George bell home could not even joined Bellamy and an agreement legendary George Ryan nodded enjoyed bell. A mirror dual already got you got a mere dual look when your rosters in there I do we gonna do about that and I think now. Okay. And now for a little bit are you. What kind of crazy for holiday. Or someone you know in the him like what are you doing about holiday I mean. I'm not crazy about him there's some good receiving options in the league that it's I don't get crazy about receivers must bear. Gonna be catching 100 balls and it's you can find so many receivers are not catch sixty to seventy balls and get 7800 yards girl. That's exactly how I feel like Jermaine curse a little bit and almost nobody addressed drafted Jermaine curse. Because I thought it looked like Sunday. That McConnell won't go to him a lot and so somebody was gonna have that all the jets mr. Kirsch and will tie actually for me in that game with the jets bills. But you're totally right like I don't wanna go spending on waivers on wide receivers does. But a draft look most of my teams have really good wide receivers on the dress well running backs on week. And receivers and super strong image that's most teams but that's just how it was. Or how what is this year I don't know but. I feel good at running back if you already receiver Mike items have to. Mitch stone went looking on the where we debates. Well who's it being held there only to hear what tight end in the NFL got the higher percentage of targets in week one play. And I want to hit a nine game Olson. You never know with Reid and his injury and he didn't but Kelsey went. Hitting those guys do anything in week one those your top Jimmy Graham. Those top five tight ends it model was good. So clay. Clay actually did have a game Rio four catches right though. Is all that was so you're not alone in that only right what are you were supposed to turn. We will get into the bills again end. The draft of 2018. Lamar Jackson. Is one name that will talk about here with Joseph Marino from finreg sports coming up. Ryan has been nightcap at seven Mike show in the Bulldog WGR should open any word and less than a second to your letters but I can now. And anything technically I don't even on a team together for three girls Bulldog. Fool me once. Shame on. Shame on you. People we can't get fooled again on WG. Sport's great. All right welcome back the show we have Joseph Marino back on the AT&T hotline with us Joseph from fan -- sports and DT scouting we'll talk about this year's bills next year's draft and more. With Joseph hi Joseph thanks for being on again. You aren't going to put her talk really gets our pleasure. So before we get to the draft which is. More the reason why we called you and you've got. Back to Sunday. Thing about LeSean McCoy and his his status in the league what are your views on him and this bills team. No I think what's so impressive when you think about what Sharma Korean specifically what he was able to do one Sunday news. There's not a whole lot of Coke can play makers on the buffalo offense and the jets defense that can key in on bullish on the coin they still couldn't stop them and you look. Across what he's been able to do since joining the bill's been. Being really the catalyst behind the NFL's number one rushing offense in each of the last season off to a terrific start this year. Buy it it's it's really remarkable and then you look at the entire scope of of this player and it's either player that. You know approaching 101000 yards first career he's been striking distance of 121000 and B it's 121000. You can be right there with Thurman Thomas in the top fifteen of all time so. But it would was appropriate to kind of pay some respect go Shawn McCoy in the player that he is and the player that he's Ben and in really appreciate. Q how dynamic he is an offense where he is the offense and it doesn't matter he's still produce. Not only did he accomplish that against a pretty good jets' front. That was the first time really taking a brand new scheme out for Iran I mean. Different blocking scheme new new coordinator. So the guys up front obviously had to do a job you know implementing something new when he was running behind you know what Oakland a new deal basically. Yet perfect point you know last year but the last few years that offense has been very much a gap scheme where. You're relying on big dudes up front to move guys are the wing create space and look pretty big dudes are up front creating space but they're actually doing more zone blocks and an outside zone where they have to. Realign their mobility more to reach players and create those teams pro Osama quaint. He's making more decisions and there are just really speaks cuter the versatility and and how you divert some years. And you can see that with some of the other players that welcomes car equipment and any time you see new coordinators how many new pieces have to come into Q what they do. The matter so much on the court you still producing an inept. It's really remarkable unfortunately that team's success hasn't carried. You know what LeSean McCoy has been able to do so if he doesn't get the national recognition he deserves but he's absolutely one of the top premier playmakers. Offensively in the entire NFL. Might end up being a little scary that they needed to get him 27 touches to beat the jets. They think they're gonna be challenged in games by teams that I think are probably much hundred jets. Yes you know and it's interesting because if there's anything that jet can't do it probably played Iran they had a decent run defense last year that got brokers and Williams up front. And and again it's just that they could keep him around that they still couldn't stop it and I guess you can you can certainly tell her that I think out well it was against the jets. In and I think there is something to be set for that we'll find out a whole lot war against this buffalo team against Carolina this week. Joel Marino where thus well Joseph do you see a reason to think. This bill season will be good enough so that they can and keep it together. Next year and beyond or. Are we going to be doing what we're usually doing next spring calling guys like you to find out who the best quarterbacks are and what we should do there. Well I think that he's gonna get a define itself I'm obviously your girl in the next few weeks and there's some positive. Things to look at this buffalo team and we're gonna be sound on defense no matter what I think Sean McDermott coming in. Play Smart football compared to some of the the variation that we saw from Rex Ryan and some. Some from awkward kind of game planning and schemes. That didn't it is personnel and a bit more than a one income that we. Sean McDermott took from a fundamental perspective I know that sounds boring there they're gonna beat players in the right position doing what they're capable of doing. That's going to be an instant improvement now offensively. It's gonna go push on the court and it's interesting. How many targets in the passing game he got the same with Charles clay and kind of limited role to the receiver Lynn. Think that there's a lot about this team and and where offensively what it's capable of being in this Sunday against Carolina. They're gonna have any chance to move in the football it's going to be because those receivers create separation because when you look at the Panthers. Front seven it stack it's powerfully to move. And that's where the girls probably have an advantage outside so if Tyler Taylor is able to get good receivers involved and complement what it has. A wonderful quality good offensive line and what Sharma according you what you saw from Mike Tolbert then they have a chance of good defense. A variety offense and you have a chance but. I'd Yemen today I don't know that buffalo has the play makers needed our ballclub before or really talk about. Playoff team even know from a fundamental perspective this is a much improved team even though maybe the talent not there. Joseph Marino with a us. Fan rank sports. Also in DT scouting can follow Joseph at the Joseph Marino on Twitter okay so. What what's your status here with respect to next year's draft in the quarterbacks in it like how. How mom and are you ranking them at this point is it too early lead to do that and what's so what's interesting about it right now. Well it is we've got a group we've definitely got a group of quarterbacks a look at this year that. All over him have. Starter rates at at the next level there's a group of about five guys when I think about this crop where you know you put your guy that they that they haven't felt sparked. And and that's exciting now four of those are underclassmen so there is. That piece of this that need to come together and and temporal Albie available for the for the point eighteen until draft. But don't you look at buffalo specifically. If they can. Go through this draft and believe in Tyrod Taylor is our quarterback and be able to use those six topped 100 picks. On and players that don't play quarterback to improve the talent around Eric Taylor. Now that that seems like him in an intriguing option but at the same time there's a quarterback that they believe in. They need to pull the trigger for a crime that I'll watch it every day this is a huge huge class number draft I. You know I'm very much are you called upon it to understand these players and so it took fluid process I have my preference there that early. But I'm paying very close attention so that you know I'm well as well versed that I can throughout the coming months. What is the group of both if you got five. For whom are underclassmen I mean Agassi could try to guesses at who they are but one he just tell us who the. Perhaps we'll get stand Arnold out of out of UFC's Josh Rosen from UCLA. Lamar Jackson out of Louisville Josh Allen from Wyoming and then Mason Rudolph from Oklahoma State those are the guys that we're looking at his as the franchise caliber quarterback. Now Rudolph being the senior their. Yeah our view. Are you lose someone who it's funny like the the the the college season begins. And Donald has Iraqi outing and Allen has Iraqi outing. And right away. Voters you know this is a putter works of course so we immediately after classes in what it was gonna be in the soldier it right now. But all the same roads and had a really good days suitable Mark Jackson but Lamar Dixon people wanna change him into a receiver. I don't know I'd I'd like your thoughts on all of these guys what to start would Jackson just because there he's been sold prolific he won the Heisman last year. He's got over a thousand yards of offense himself in two games so far. What are your thoughts on him at an axle. I lol what does seem so foreign to leak in terms of the growth. But you've demonstrated from last year they a couple of things that I thought about when I looked at Mark Jackson over the summer and are ready for the season that he was. The kind of a real fame type of guy and you can tell he spoke up at about fifteen pounds of muscle that really. Showed up in his lower half and I think that's needed for him. To continue playing the way he does and then obviously. Pegging them at the next level but the second thing was is is backer in the intermediate and deep portion of the field and showing more roads with the anticipation. So far so good. I really. Don't welcome improvement older he's hitting them over the middle he's hitting receivers in stride. He's manipulating the pocket like you expected Q and extending played him in a team where a lot of the pieces are different this year so I really like how he's acclimated. It felt in his new pieces he looks like more polished passer. We still have some issues with accuracy outside the numbers for sure is it dips that one yet. A challenge there do you doubt even intermediate out with the ball not where he'd be glad everything else is really coming together and I'm really encouraged by the growth we've seen. Up from last year this and so far from your games are you got clubs on Saturday. About the big big test for that one to keep an eye on at 8 o'clock let go out so far so good or more on Saturday. Morning. Outcome. UCLA. Josh yeah Rosen UCLA. They got on the type to defer to guys like huge goal on on the subjects although I did watchable little barge accident in my own thoughts. Usually I'll just take what's the consensus and our and so wanna I wanna do. And with rose and after that first game where they were way behind his Texas say amendment came back and won there was certainly the gamut. So I mean how close too darn old is he or just what are your thoughts on him generally. Yeah he's right there he's he's off to a great start nine touchdowns two Q games or twenty yards quitting 60% of his passes. It it was in keeping bureaucratic having to build perspective here this is the quarterback probably right now and I think it's the bills. The bat. He's he's really polishing compel. He has a very good understanding of leading the prince's understanding where the space is going to be. Understanding where the leverage is going to be in and working the football to those areas and accuracy. They're really all levels feel now. He's got a nice frame he's got but I Calgary he just looks really Hewitt. Now he he had some magic on his side and I know that comeback against Texas saying of them but. No validity column in the pocket that it was getting crushed over and over and like them. You know the shot Watson Egyptian team against Alabama last year where this you just got to knock it hanging in there and hit the top gross and then you saw. Last week where he played Hawaii and and obviously that's a lot to report detect them but a lot of the timing and so that we like to see came back in the game and so. Another lawyer this week he's trying to get member so we expect good outing. But down from from a stylistic perspective where he. It's really meshes well with. What we've learned so far from Rick Dennison and his system and you know I don't know buffaloes and like his personality. But now from me a great perspective and how he bit. You know I think that's a really good marriage. How much if at all do you pay attention to. The noise that's around him. You open all the quarterbacks in this. Draft and Harry mentioned Jackson admitted there's been some some divided opinion just about him athletically I guess. But Rosen is I guess you know so it's something of the character or admit that can be risky for NFL teams how do you approach that. Yeah it's interesting I think is it could be prepared dramatically because every team. Handled it differently we build a talent trumps everything in and Josh Rosen had to what you think about the bills. It kind of a comment Debra Medina had about talent capita when he was asked about baton if you wanna bring distractions into the locker room it makes you think. If Buffalo's the type of team that would. Would you know you hate to get it right Josh wrote an off because he's such tell what you think about it was awful and you look at what we learn from this draft in the types of players have been added. The last four year starters a lot of guys with. They're not really good background and impressive accolades and not necessarily football related. Yeah you think there's just sit tight right that these that the builder going after him. When you have a guy that's kind of sense of looping shot throws and as whether you know it doesn't matter when I think about it matters of the bill went about it and you you wonder you wonder thoughtful of the type of team that. Doesn't quality bar bothered you know let somebody else that goes I don't. States are more with Joseph Marino fan rag sport's next must show the Bulldog WGR. Thanks for listening we're talking football in next year's draft with Joseph Marino a fan red sports. Joseph what obviously your knowledgeable about what McDermott is said and what the bills how other bills have talked in represented themselves here. In the in the last few months old blog and I've been talking about this for the last couple of days quite a lot so is someone who. Watches the draft so closely. When you hear that from a team do you think less of them do you think that. There'll there'll be a team that skips over guys. Quite like it this being an example potentially. And that that does or doesn't usually work. Yeah it's a and I pay a lot of attention you really important that Vietnam draft analyst day in you know not to do my own or but I had the most accurate. Mock draft last year in and part of that is understanding how these greens ain't. Understanding how the players bit not a noble schematic Leanne from a personality from what the type of players the teams. Are willing to bring to their locker room it's not a surprise to see the players that Cincinnati bring them to her locker room and and what we've learned about the builder of course the players. They're bringing an end and not bringing in what they said oh yeah I think it's a very important component you know not not just. Or for medical teams understand how other teams stink but you know analyst Mike like myself don't wanna be well grounded and understand the entire scope of whom are these players bit yup well. So do you go think like one or the like I know you wanna have that sort of synergy. Between the team in the players these are is it in your mind. Is a team shorting itself by a limiting itself generally or not. Yeah. It is. It absolutely is. Coca. Because you know yesterday did we. Monday or Tuesday we said in here and it won't points and just what if Josh Rosen is available to the bills and crappy they don't like his attitude what are we gonna go out there right. And then may be Bulldog or I said let's just wait the six months. That worry about that we are. Out there. I want to give your thoughts on the other guys here at least a little bit. But I'm just curious because you'll probably run out of time you don't have bigger mayfield listed in that group of five. What what's more what's what's hold him back side is some board what does he like about him. Yeah you are government either have the size and in a lot statistics that. Columns from playing outside of the structure of the offense could not important that you got to be able to do that that the plot but I think. Seeing some consistency from the pocket as well and if you from mayfield now he's a heck of a college football player. I'm either in either rejection really look football understands what. We've got that about. Janet and Allen and could keep rolling in those are two guys in but I want to lump him in like those types of players but your belt about winning home pot and down. You know I wanna see more removed from baker mayfield in terms of the structure of the play design and understanding how to diagnose covered quickly and where to go to football and our ability to get outside the pocket and make a highlight. You know throw it down scene that's great that's important but I need to see more than before I start thinking about him in in the same conversation that you got the. Doctor okay so darn old maybe just cliff notes on the on these other a couple of guys Allan Donald and Mason Rudolph Donald. First. Arnold. Pressure awkwardly start eleven game so let's keep that in mind armed 75% completion percentage so far own. Four interceptions in they're they've been pretty young. Still showing good anticipation. Of making the article rose he's got a funky delivery. But there are some work to be done here I'm not sure he's been. The sure fire blue chip number one overall pick right now he's got that it. Josh Allen. Are you got the best physical gifts from the collapse. You just need to speed up this processing and make better decisions and he's he continues to make and grows that. That make you you'll scratch your head a little bit so we wanna see consistency with the decision making big game ahead at this Saturday against organ. Two really bad for him Melissa another opportunity against. What is the big time program but he had it as had a tough time in his previous two outings against I guess higher level competition. Yeah it get overlooked in Nebraska last year five interceptions. The Iowa game he had plenty of turn over or he throws them. No there's not going to be a whole lot of more chances replaying it like at Wyoming could could face this type of type of competition itself. Yeah in early season game this is about as important we get for gosh I don't. Hey one more thing Joseph you really likes to Shawn Watson as our remember going into the draft and here he is starting. Bye week to mean they looked at did you out right at one point went when they drafted him just commit to a woman go and they didn't do that. And now you know during May be typical Texans fashion there sort of just. Changing it click right into the season. What what do you think his chances are here. I just hate I hate it if if if pump the average was on the shorter goalie. Where he's only gonna have a half of football right there you know what are they doing why don't you just build around watts of the big one and give him those wraps. Into kind of what I figured would happen I thought they walked they really missed the mark your. You missed the mark they have locked into this you know this started you the most when he wraps. Give him acclimated and let them shine now he's culminated the plane on Thursday night every Qaeda and they have been injured he's got an ankle. I hate I hate the environment right now even though I think he's got a bright future ahead I would that was. Bill O'Brien would elicit in me disarmed. At. I see the chart going around Twitter all the different quarterbacks. This coach is having like. Is it for years yet or three years nice starters anything just constantly in and out also Weiler. With a big contract gone already have enjoyed just the job kind of with a rep of being a quarterback whisper no need. Yeah yeah YLO looking to tweet going around about eight quarterback was booed tonight and into and out. No bill O'Brien he's you've got some good things are lately it's it's been a revolving door and look we can't overlook the team made the playoffs last year. Won the division without JJ watt and what brought out. So there's there's some good years glad. Yet there's not a whole lot to say what you look over his last few years quarterbacks with what the you don't what really what failed to come to fruition hopefully I'll watch that guy but. Real that thought they missed the mark your list with their decision to play in right now if it was this short release about them to begin with. This O'Brien to the Smart thing that none of these guys the bills player to thought of and that is only apply to teams in the AFC south at Heathrow and we Indonesians with nine wins and get more credit than you deserve right yes. OK Joseph always a pleasure to talk to you thanks for your time. Actually appreciate the dot. Much over the Bulldog here dawn for the day Ryan is next with the nightcap stay tuned and see tomorrow what we have John Clayton this is WGR.