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Thursday, September 21st

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In joy at all. Dream job to. There's an old friend Ryan geeks who gives that he thought that they have a death. It costs each track. Who looked great question. What do you got a question wrong. Then York got to be. Beats the nightcap well I can't ask that they can't get past at send me nice and easy. And the other site easy fight KG odd name is Ryan gates kicked on the present. Got a question who seek the holy Grail. Quite busy at speed velocity on Sunday was brought out. What do you mean we Africa and all Europeans want him. I'm I don't know backed. Kucinich is believed. Well yeah fidelity souvenir king and on WGR. Sports Radio 515. Our rights. Rich version two nights of the nightcap. Right gates. I'll buy and sell tonight and now with you here at EG Sports Radio 550 out our way. A little less until we head over coverage. The B riveting matchup tonight between the lowly rams and San Francisco 49ers apparently many. Tickets still available thousands of tickets still available so if you're listening in San Francisco. It there's a game tonight you did you'd be attending and it's not going to be super. I don't know what the temperature is both sides and you know into the nighttime there. There won't be super hot in the stadium this time. On Sunday though. It might be a little hot around here the bills announcing today. Discounted water which I guess is technically. Five dollars from what I hear is discounted three dollars just so you guys are aware. For that year in ninety degree team coming up on Sunday neighbors Denver Broncos. They're going to be discount in the waters easy. And your pre gaming. Nine analog mixed some some water in there. With a year due to being drinks because that will. It can integrated bad time. What's happened at the stadium San Francisco right now by the way much cooler than here 62 degrees in San Francisco. I write the bills of the Denver Broncos. Coming up this on day. And this looks like another one of these games. I examine this game at the beginning of the season when your book and on bills schedule. I think is something that a lot of fans do. Some fans get really pumped up for for scheduled day. I don't find myself being one of those people but I still look at the schedule. Just to look at the opponents. Wonder calm me. And what kind of match ups there's going to be especially the bye week and it is important to me as well but. I was looking at the schedule this year there were a few games that look that word I thought. You know what this is this the game at the bills could win even if they're not really going to be favorite. Favorite excuse me and that's what this week once to me. At the beginning of the season. And the bills according to you to Vegas line it's a three point underdog right now. But after watching that game on Sunday and do what the bills. Weren't able to do offensively. And then you goal and it's. There was the weather delay in Denver. Which allow for her. You'd you'd watched the entire game because there was the BB weathered a late in late in the game. You were able to you watch Denver's defense and see what they were able to create against. One of the best offensive lines in the league and the fact that you've got Ezekiel Elliott on that team who. As you heard fearless and campaign there's some questions about what kind of shape he's and but he had nine yards on eight carries and that's after a week that was Shawn McCoy are really struggling you know LeSean McCoy. After a week a struggling like you did against Carolina is going to be looking to to make an impact this week mean. Quite frankly. Big bills now that he has to do and I think he knows that he asked do so I still expect. LeSean McCoy. Obviously to be heavily involved. But we're gonna hear from Ruben Brown coming up and a little bit. He joined the John Murphy showed today to talk about the offensive line play and it's something that's been going on around the week it's not just. Something that's going buffalo B we are looking at this season going into the season as as an issue. On the right side obviously Jordan mills is not what you want it over there we are hoping that the undocking is going to be able to come in. Take depositions from him but with the injury according wind and the fact that he has been full time player he's had to. A practice limited basis. We haven't been able to see too much of Dawkins over on the right side because he's back in in relief of corny line he's been working in their in the mix. And court equine. You expect him when he's fully healthy to be the guy and that left side. Board is now fully healthy it appears that the so yay you did again. What I think the intention was at the time of the draft when the doctor was drafted. Was for him to take over the rights idol that didn't happen. And obviously there's there's a lot of film going round of Jordan mills. The one block -- just by an Albert you've got Julius Peppers to bursting right by him. And getting its act and Tyrod Taylor. And this week. That that defense the Carolina is gut. I think the stat is it was. The Panthers. The bills and the ravens are the only three teams in the NFL. Who have not given out more than two touchdowns. Two or more touchdowns and only given up one touchdown. Lots. So well over the best scoring defense is going right now and I. I've been really impressed with the bills defense. In the way they've been playing its super encouraging. The lights. You still need to put points on the board and one of the the biggest strengths of the bills the past few years has banned their rushing attack and they don't have things changed at the scheme is absolutely different. And we're going against a team that kind of knows. The scheme that the gonna be running because Rick Dennison was their last year with deaths and I lassie was necessarily. Kind of guy was out of town. From what I hear from a lot of Denver fans. He was a guy that was getting a lot of blame last season. And is the first two games of this season Trevor Simien and a guy that. I really wasn't considering as much from but watching him in these first two games he's looked really got. And Mike McCoy as a quarterback. Bird that the coach the offensive coordinator the bills that are. Going after one term was first hired. He's a guy that's been with quarterbacks. He was go with Peyton Manning that's when he got his stock raised that was Peyton Manning's big. Record breaking touchdown season but the Broncos. And he he's good with cornerbacks. So he has been able to to get more out of Trevor Symbian Trevor Ximian. I heard from Ty Law on this earlier he was on the John Murphy show talking about hello Trevor city it is in an empowered position. He's in a position where the organization. Has lot of faith in him and he's. Shown at moving forward is one quarterback competitions two years in a row when he hasn't been the guy. You would really expect to win those quarterback competitions. Or hope what when those quarterback competition Buick Open here in Denver. The first tropical Paxton lynch. Restaurants Mark Sanchez in Paxton lynch. In ball finds Trevor Ximian coming out of there as the guy in Denver last year. He was pedestrian. He was just a guy is a seventh round draft pick northwestern. General Eaton put up great college stats. Last year you know GE's learning and so far this year I'll watch the first game. Against the chargers now is like Trevor Symbian looks a lot better than expected one and then last week of course it's four touchdowns against the cowboys. So. It's not an offense. That I still. Think the bills can't handle. I think there's there's spots on the line I think the tackle positions for the Broncos are. Two positions at the bills can exploit especially if your balls the first round pick him off tackle. Is that going to be able to play after watching Jerry Hughes and Shaq losses in. In the Arab world eat your game the guys on the bills responsible and last week the way that they performed. I think there's that's a matchup that can be exploited. In the bills' run defense so far as book axle. The Broncos right now the top rushing offense in the league but I think. From what we've seen from the bills rushing defense how disciplined they are under GAAP it's it's. It's gonna they should be able to stop. But on the are side of the ball I think this is even a more talented defense and what they saw. Carolina last week. And Whitney's. Denver players early players are their cornerbacks and there's already issues getting the ball to the receivers. So I look at that and I think you know what the bill's gonna end up relying on the run game again there's going to be a man in the box. And Charles clay is gonna be guy that I think is targeted heavily. Last week I think Jason and I had about thirteen targets. Eater and niner time catches. So while I can see Charles clay being heavily targeted. Something's gotta give with the play of the offensive line. Tyrod Taylor done if he did not have a great game by any means he needs to be quicker with his reads I believe. But the offensive line has had its fair share of issues let's hear from a guy who. He's up for the hall fame. All they've finalist he's on the the Balladur whatever. He's not finalist yeah he's a nominee hall fame nominee Ruben Brown. He joined the John Murphy show earlier today and he he talked about some the office of wind issues and from his perspective what he thinks needs to be fixed and what can help this team moving forward with their offensive line issues. The offensive line I know you'd expect you you talked about the game Sunday without even a couple of gays and days to digest it. What they do room when they get things going up. They may become more downhill I would say I think. A lot of coordinators coaches. Think we may exceed Kuwaiti government practices they think needs to be something other than traditional. Straight ahead and it bounced outside type of running game and I know at the beginning of the year we've heard so. In my book I played him on zones. Four offensive lineman in Europe because of Kodak zone is. Takes a little formed. US or be stronger our we have our across the line. You know double team that blocks down heels type stuff is ideal for them acute started. And then you throw in some zones have been and you get shady toss it outside which equally on the power stuff. I didn't see that Agassi Richey program. You know and that has been since he's gotten here a staple of the offense. A lot of ways it was made some union newsroom play. What do you what do you think happens you know because. Date rich he's been pulling for you know the years that he's been here you know he's been very effective at polling around we've actually had a couple of callers say. We need to see Reggie pulling around but that's not this office you know also win a new coach comes in and he can see that being the be an effective out of me. Going from. I think. Maybe you started with your philosophy and try to writers and possibly done you know. But listen that's. What separates the great coaches from the coaches and you can come in obvious answer to our war assessed. Would you change your expectations match and its after the break in this we can't be as old. Blocking team are clintons are so just. Right there when they will run into them right in the zone. Zone plays a really tough you don't. Get fit aids security flat in with no penetration I'm talking. Front side so those running back and at least start soon bit please if someone penetrates it forces and start back. The backside is not prepared for. They're prepared to strip it. And they're not ready pick someone on the front side just penetrated so they have to shorten things that are still on that same prior. Next thing you know everything collapses and they make attack back. You know I'm not an office of climate vote I've talked about that on the air oh win. When you don't get that movement on the front on I had to tackle it does plug everything piano and there was a play where they ran his own to the left and it didn't get pushed on the less out of line. George mills tried to cut on the backside he cut but he ended up cutting right in the hole because eating get any push on the fronts out of line. Pleaded really have much room to cut and you know cut that out anyways only CAD went to cut back to the right. He cut right in the interim build on the ground and try to jump over me got back. Our our our coats make you don't appear and answer you sought through different than when armaments. And I'm only speak about his own R&R for Reagan and president and as the godfather of zone blocking national coaches. And your soon they're any type of penetration. It's most imports that. Also over the years I found it it's a little bit more activities on defense it's because of defense aside. Who likes to go up video. In history straight ahead a post news you know and doing sat besides that. They take the advantage away from office on the cause them off of salon inspector to try to grow and breaks in my. Our post it just stepping in and impersonal wherever he goes and then you know because there's own means. Now that got its lineup went on the attack ordered tightened. You have to keep your head to replace are so good defender art you have to do is mostly you have to make you. That gore round on this. Gently lateral step yet you have a lateral instead of stepping straight again. Which is if you steps straight at the defender in bespoke that you guys they'll only in the potential for penetrations decrease. Now Europe's efforts are ways that. Geometry map a market economy and an energy you you're at a disadvantage. And used in Tom breasts and taught us how to use of space. Ought to that but that comes the usable on. You know sold. The good guys that are being used to papers this. Is going to look good against the jets yeah. Oh yeah. But still it for a 190. Sometimes that stone markers windows defense. The street you know race. Incidents that Germans don't really care it's. Taken it and it's. Because that means there are also spent. They're not step number so now you know we would always love plan like that they would set. Because it's that never took any street you know runner every minute so we just employ our own but if we record against him and we think we're removed from street off mall no cause well versed registry stuff listen when guys on the ground. You know so it's. No Europe who if race. And then you know what your plans to do. You'd go you know active and anyone any confidence in the office because we talked about. The receivers and quarterback needs it's you know an idealized love it takes some time Miller and it's those gave the I've got every night with public time that we have here it is that as well. Ritchie should be you have circuit being government army's. Well at thirteen years can only police so long. And you can only that debt facilities. And I guards aboard those that we brought him there because he's supposedly. And he's going sideways our list com. Compiled resorts tickets that's that's that's was no argument you pick either bucket. Step a bucket meaning your first steps that's packs or you can get some space to move yourself from a defender. Or you take step taken a lateral so I was stat which you know so that weighs its weaker than straight. All right Gary is Ruben Brown with John and Donald. Earlier today to check out the rest of his interview on demand at WGR 550 dot com and on and an audio cue by north watts where people make the difference. And I always law when Ruben Brown is on he just brings a different type of element to. To that show it to bring brings a certain charitable business that are really really enjoyed so I'm always happy to hear from. Remember on National League does a post game show on MSG as well after bills games so you should be checked that out. As well Walt we'll talk about some of his comments coming up and if you've got any comments and really I think one of the things that. Happens when new coaching staffs abroad and obviously is that the changing schemes can and the offense was. Last year. The side of the ball that was most effective. In the when the ball extremely well. Against any team really and had certain games you know against. The 49ers when they ran for 300 yards or whatever it was ridiculous they they had games where they. Meet a lot of headway. As an offense against lesser opponents but. They also had really successful explosive plays. In those games against the raiders and the Steelers. And so far. At least last week against the Panthers. There was none of those explosive plays from Shawn McCoy and I think that's where. This off balance in the Shawn McCoy in the offense of wine. That's what they kind of rely upon out of LeSean McCoy last year the bills had 77 plays. Rushing plays that were fifteen yards or more. Her at ten yards more excuse me. And those are considered explosive offense of running place. And those are the running plays a shot quick to provide because once he gets into that second level of the defense. He can make guy miss and then there's less guys back there in someone's chastened on that Bibi won't catch him. Maybe not. But that's what he relies on in the last week. Because of the the discipline of Carolina defense. Ands. The lack of push upfront from the offensive line he was never able to get that second level. To make a guy in this war. Get into some open space plus you've got up. The linebackers Carolina key queen Davis who are fast and excellence well. That helps a lot to it a 30551888552. Flight fifty the phone numbers here if you opt in on the conversation about rushing game. Speaking about what's going on Rick Dennison the offensive coordinator Tyrod Taylor the wide receivers and comments on that and the Denver defense. They faced good defense last week they're the bill's going to be facing an elegant on this week and also talking about Thursday night football come out. Going to be heading to a pregame coverage at eight kick off at 830 will be able to see former bills' wide receivers. Lots of there's Robert Woods. Monarchies Goodwin and of course there Sammy lock so lots of former bills' receivers going to be on the field tonight. For Thursday night football is the nightcap. There's an I football about a half hour from now on WG. We took the team then nobody brought such as into Carolina. And we golf clothes who won that game so now regroup and get ready for whatever another good defense we are the same mosque is gonna vote totals look at how. They NFL you know you're expecting to just at all there's got there's score forty points for his great defense is you're you're wishful thinking hard job to go out there make plays for ourselves in the position about their wins that's for trying to do. This wide receiver Jordan Matthews and that's courtesy of John's got that spectrum TV. Thanks and for that audio at some interesting things to say yesterday in the locker room about. Being. Now on the same page with Tyrod Taylor man to man vs zone concepts. Things like that. It 30551888. By fifty to 550 are the phone numbers here now to dean beer in the nightcap to man. Hire Ryan armed. Yeah I'd like to make comment on parents and I'll know he's he's got four gators. We just are getting our first look that up and I was really not impressed with him at all. And aren't getting. What bothered me the most since we were going nowhere and app. And humiliated. And and we're not in the second. What we got wiped out the Arab. I mean are you McCorkle waterway. Where we sat out game and Tyrod woods falls to you what one out a lot that there weren't enough. And he needs to monitor Arab world is clearly. Not there are great at bat is much better shots. I'm temporary damage that it jerk eons dot aren't his style of offense at the expense though the airline he got armed the united you probably. It can't get according it some open space. Better than street who are eight men in the box. We are purse wallet over and over. Yeah I mean I was watching that game and I had a lot of seem observations that if they use brought up. Because one doesn't was first brought here and they're talking about the system that he's going to be running in Tyrod Taylor was this excellent fit for this as dom. There was so much talk about. These play action plays and I'm on Sunday that there was barely any play action and even if need run game isn't working with LeSean McCoy. I would still like to see more play action involved is because it's it's a Decourt maneuver ended. Teams Kia and much McQuay is the guy that he and I'm against the Buffalo Bills I would like to see him used. Much more in play action pass that I would definitely see Tyrod out Amare bootlegs. It's it's this. I I don't want to crush him quite yet but. There was there was one thing that. Sean McDermott said this past week and it was involving Tyrod Taylor a kind of bothered me and was hit sticking with Tyrod Taylor is escorted back and it was. When you have a plan you you don't deviate from her or something along those lines and that makes me. A little worried about is in game could type of plan just because. You work all we can create your game plan but that's not working you gotta have adjustments ready to go and if he doesn't have those adjustments right to go he's gonna stick with this plan. Because that's what they've been working on. That makes me worried. Always been a lot over the years I mean just got had named the offensive coordinator sorry I just wanna be. Like some reasonable noticeable changes there are apps are more get our spot there. And aren't some. That's but I don't. Yeah Iberia and thanks for the call the and I'm I'm with DO 100% that's. I think with with Rex rice and that was what we were begging for. Last year to mean sometimes with the offense for the offense is usually having a pretty decent game maybe they weren't getting these. Long drives that we wanted and that was a huge issue last week three and outs the the offense. Just had no time is actually last week bites. Being able to make those adjustments in the game and I don't want to object framed shot McDermott is unable to to make adjustments. Because I think he he will learn to to do that but that. Kind of caught me off guard a little bit the way he said if you have a plan you stick with the plan and I hope that doesn't mean. Within games I know the plan was Tyrod Taylor is you're starting quarterback you're gonna stick with that plan. But I hope that doesn't translate into your team wins each week real like okay. Our game plan is this we're gonna attack this defense this way and one that's not working. I wanna see adjustments made on the fly. By this coaching staff weathered Sean McDermott Rick Dennison. Leslie Frazier. You name them I just wanna be able to seal a coaching staff that can be quick on their feet made quick adjustments. And do it effectively. I know it's a lot easier said than done especially from a guy who just sits behind a microphone. And watches and I'll point to gift every once in awhile. But I that's what that's what I'll like to see in last week I thought. They did try to run McCoy a different ways. The Carolina defense was just really keyed in on him and I thought you could of used maybe more play action. Tyrod does have to be more decisive in his throws when he is doing these these timing patterns and he's doing play action things like that with a wide receivers. But I wanna see more play action we heard a lot about wide receiver screens. Being utilized I've seen song to shady. And I think there was one last week that got blown up pretty quick we deceit Jones. Otherwise I haven't seen too much in the screen game either in I was hoping to see more of that. It was probably want Sammy Watkins is around how really open to see more of that. But maybe that'll be something that's involved in the game plan moving forward. That'll be interesting this week it's another really good defense that they're gonna be facing with the Broncos coming into town. And if the offense doesn't get moving against the Broncos. Then all of a sudden. It's it's one into. Andy if you get to a point where it's one and four by the bye week. There's going to be some clamoring who's really loud clamoring. If it's one informed by the bye week and Tyrod Taylor is still struggling mightily in this offense fur -- Peter man to get a look just because. Of the type of quarterback we we think that he can beat. And it's that 123 steps for brawl. I time. Quarterback. So it'll be interstate. Got Casey on the nightcap now Casey was going on man. Barack I would just curious if you were able minded bands bad but I try to accommodate wrote a during the game that are older maybe Beijing yet. While last week for arousal or fifteen yards and I was able to get this during the break. In the completions over fifteen yards he had two completions over fifteen yards and three total throws over fifteen yards. Out of his his 28 attendance heard this is from week one actually Soledad. Three in week one over fifteen yards last week he had three as well some relief. Kind of doubt on the sideline deep shots no completions over fifteen yards last week and last week I think is more concerning about last week. And his performance is Tyrod went seventeen of 25. And you look at that from from a standpoint of okay that's a pretty efficient day from quarterback. But the amount of these completions that were. Behind the line of scrimmage or right at the line of scrimmage 1234567899. Of those are either. Within the art of the line of scrimmage at the line of scrimmage where behind the line of scrimmage which. That's not encouraged because that is not encouraging for for your cornerback when nine out of his eighteen completions. Are right there. I feel let me be another week air. Two or three weeks where you don't look at it like that. I mean they were staying. I think the other people put Peter when he was drafted Eric thank you operating at that yeah. And a lot of people critique I erratic but he's a big game and their bow out take out regular that the acting deputy goes into the game. Are the bell about to remotely that Barack is he hit a broad bound. Better than build an outside pass it had been about what does it give me are afraid you about yeah. Yeah I'm not I'm not quite ready to to give them that I know he was he was billed as kind of the cerebral quarterback he's gonna meet the right reads. My other thing is. A lot of really rush Peter and I was just reading a piece about Jared off. From the rain here ands hall. Essentially he was lucky to go to palladium on games that he did last season against an offensive line. That led up the second most sacks in the league last year. Because you didn't you can create a situation where your quarterback becomes gun shy and he's gonna start seeing linemen at all times even if there isn't pressure. And with this offensive line and the way they're playing right now with or equal and being injured in in Jordan mills being really tough over there on the right side. Peterman is this quarterback that you would hope he can do the quick passing game you know two seconds two and a half seconds balls out. And that could effectively. Slow defense is pass rush down. If that doesn't happen in human skin head all the time. And in Allen the bills are losing games in the quarterback of the future may be in this draft. Decadent and when I look at the schedule. There's two specific instances. Where I think would be if if Peter Mann is going to come in this season. And it's not going to be just when the bills are mathematically eliminated. There's two. Two places I think that makes sense for it happened. The first it's if the bills are. Still struggling really bad offensively. During the first five weeks obviously bye week you've got two home games coming up after that. Against the box and raiders the the other one is after the Thursday night game against the jets. I did and maybe even I just don't want to Austin and for the Thursday Nike it's against the Thursday night game against the jets might be defense that he did do pretty well against. But the short week and really like that after the giants you get the saints at home. The saints defense looks pretty porous. And you would get ten days so essentially I'm just looking at the periods where there's extended time before game. And that's when I'll be looking to insert Peterman. If it continues to go this way with Tyrod Taylor in the bills' offense the beard staying will be itching to see this week because. It was already starting in pre season. And if it's another week words 125 yards for roles at the line of scrimmage. Charles clay is getting utilized in the first week that's what kind of excited about. And a wide receivers that none of that's coming along it's just gonna get louder and louder and are as we move on. It up real life if you want eat eat eat like fifty to fifty get a break here you're on hold stay there it's your call next segment in the ten. Reagan's forty niners 830 kick off 8 PM pregame right here on WG. All right last call on the nightcap before we hit Thursday night football with the rams and forty niners. Ban is the last call for this evening and was going on man. Are you guys doing out there. Well I'm I'm thinking well I'm I'm I'm talking not know Arnold but I'm talking hurry up offense arm I mean. You know stretch out of the old yet open up your lane so you can maybe get some quick passes out there or also Wear year. We are armed runners you know to. Maybe breaks so then Korea you know also I mean I think they need to do something different you know Adams and you've got a defense. You know don't say people three and out well you gotta keep trying yet that I mean. What they K got it wasn't born overnight so you know what I'm saying I mean they got to try something different I mean that's all I'm saying I mean now I'll. Yeah I got today and I idea I. There's always been a certain thing about the bills' offense and I guess I'll call the pace of it because that's. I think that's more so what you're getting at is sometimes the ol' ball hit a big play or not even a big politely in nice deep on first down ands. You'll see other teams on the hippies nice gains it's it's quick the play comes in quick they get to align quick. And with the bills especially last year I'm not sure. Last game I notice that a little bit. And when Tyrod Taylor was playing with some urgency at the end of the game that's what it really opened all but the Panthers also pulling back and play so it. Take that into consideration. But a little more urgency one year. You're having success. And you're you're actually moving the chains. Be willing to give up their little quicker meek harder for the defense to make substitutions. Nick meets on the guys on the field. That they don't necessarily want on the field and keep coming after. And if you have an unsuccessful plea because you don't wanna just. Leave your defense asked all the time the only good you can take your time go into the line that. I would I would also like to see a little more pace that's something going back since Tyrod Taylor's band here. I want to see Mora is more pace in the offense. It's the line quicker the little more urgent with what you're doing and I'm not sure that's the construct of the offensive coordinators who have been here in his time with Greg Roman. You can be in in now Rick Dennison. Or or it's Tyrod that he has a very I think com. The shield type personality. And tiger urgency isn't something he he necessarily does super one or several well. Excuse me. I got a text here that I think makes them pretty good points to you can always shoots text by 5550. The offense brand new with the receivers with new with few wraps. What the quarterback why are people surprised the lack of continuity figure out and go deep and take some swings to see what this office. Cast offer we haven't hatter Kate yeah. I think this is a point that's worth noting because. You do have a coordinator coming in here and you heard Ruben Brown talk a little bit about it. And his segment with John Murphy that the zone blocking scheme takes time to to really click in to get together. And you're right about having faith and trust receivers and Tyrod he's got Lucy Jones throughout the offseason. But otherwise he did throw with Jordan Matthews at all because. Jordan Matthews injured his first practice here Tyrod goes into custom protocol after that and then Joseph Mathieu shows up for the first game. So there there hasn't been a lot of time between now and I would just say I think they the fans who who get quick. Feet and the trigger with Tyrod in the offense it's just they feel that they know what they've got a Chiron already and they know that they. There's they think they know that he can't do the things that is being asked development in May be Peerman who gives a better option are right I gotta run because we've got. Rams and forty niners coming up next Thursday night football on your home for the NFL in buffalo on the radio least WGR.