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It's like she opened the bulldogs. Welcome to the hotel hell. Check in time is now a check out time is never it's Mike she hope to. I don't know if you know. And sheets are made of fire. Consumes. Sorry were all booked up a little convention in town Fresno bulldogs. Finally checked out. To touch the manager. You not familiar even though are fans and the owner. Co owner with Satan it's might show a bit. Just so I understand that in your wildest fantasy you are in now. And nor cold running in bed and breakfast with the devil and a Bulldog. And half twenty metro area and go. 80000. Dollars a year on WG ER Sports Radio 550. All right. I am. In need of assistance site I need help. And okay well all I am thinking about this fantasy football. A need help. I've got a guy going we're going opposite directions I've got a guy for you because. I NGE blooming at home. I get home from talking about sports and football all day and Anita starts inundating me. With questions trade ideas Alford and I. Had to tell me the other day and like listen. Like Nancy Opel to. But we used to have conversations. We used to have deep conversations now lead it was authentic all right take you preach rhymes sustain in my house of white. Hugo via web is adorned she's just on wac games really. This is our son second urine fantasy football you can do better. Yeah that's why should hurt by tight. Are you should be relentless are you waiting to tell me that when I walk him. Now often lately that's the first thing I bring up to you hear what they hear it's it's different in mind and then its own here I've got 33 computers up your exports a small and right different three computers so. I'm ready go here goes home he wants on what cool yeah idea on why he's. Listen listen jam to go there we know that about us it's good to get away from sports were on here. Sometimes. Oh Bolick so. 930 last night that the evening is pretty much over in my house 930 kids are asleep. And my wife may or may not stay up another hour. These days I'm disliked. I mean Tuesday Wednesday nights are our waiver nights. I might watch a like a YouTube video with that would projections for the week. And so I I remember. Looking at the turn the TV on look at the shall we have saved it were watching what we haven't started yet but we did start last night the Vietnam War. Ken Burns are now on PBS and have been. I think making the mistake of sort of dipping in and out of and it is a mistake I didn't see the beginning. Last night and the night before our meeting was Monday Tuesday and CME that Monday was light. I remembered it at 830. Thoughts on our. And then last statement saw someone on Twitter reference and like oh. So I'm I'm hoping I'll watch the whole thing at some point and yet no good so we are right I told her let's watch the Vietnam War. She had mentioned that she thought she'd wanna watch them so. She comes downstairs and we start to watch the Vietnam War my leg saying the Vietnam War like I'm Norma Donald. Which we are watching and we want the Vietnam walker because I think there's going to be you go to the and I think it's important it's good interviews and we appeal Vietnam or say what you're doing well I don't. No it's really not even that guy is under its old saying elect Dora McDonald and I don't know why. So we start watching the Vietnam War. And at about fifteen minutes into it and it's it's riveting it's incredible. And about fifteen minutes into it I think I sort of jump up from my seat like oh. Like I've got to go online and then Alter my bid for harder Henry. During the Vietnam War. Room. I got to change slightly understated even though I wouldn't normally aren't. Yes this further incidents I could go to like the emphasis on it does know anything about what your angry and it wasn't signed felt it. Right so we're watching the Vietnam War and I have I remember that I wanna change my big for haunts her and what you wanna my eleven leagues where that is the kind of programming that would make you forget about two and if you look the other at least a little while if that's part of the point where. So I remember that at the change is I wanna change is good for hunter Henry. I mean one league where. Because you have on your primary. Yeah do you wish you complain about he would he didn't it's legal targeting right it would look at. A quarter of all types of the week wasn't did not get a target in that game and every one league work I call them. So I put a bid on nominate I changed a bit a couple of times during the week and I got the last night or watching the Vietnam War. And I remember that I have to Sheen wanted I keep saying I have to I want to change my bid for hunter had re thought there was too high mountain and so. I just sort of remember to do that. Get back into the show we go for another twenty minutes or so and my wife notices that I'm getting really tired. Sources that it's okay if you if we don't wanna watch it we can turn it off will pick it up. Mike thanks yeah. So was a bad time. Whatever time atlas quarter to eleven. Bedtime for lights out portal of sleet. There's nothing there and no extracurricular activities quarter to eleven lights out. I wake up at 414. Point like I got stung by a bee by the way earlier I was before watching the Vietnam War so. 414 I wake up. If I look that I look at the clock it's 414 in my first thought is I did not change my big for hunter Henry. I forgot to do it. I don't I don't I don't know what to do so I go really don't I while I go to the computer. To see what happened that the waiver. Period like maybe you have until 3 in the morning or 2 in the morning admitted runs it and then the players are are dispersed the bids are it's all figured out. So I know it's too late. And I go and I look and I see that I did not get onto Henry even the late bid 24 dollars. And someone bit a hundred. They did the whole season. Budget on on hunter Henry the out don't think hunter Henry like him. So yeah hundred so I didn't have to worry about what the emphasis on both you and more you're going near that you what you wanted to lower yes right. I have Witten and everything Grumman really wanna be careful not to over spend too early in the season so. I thought I'd really to bring that down but I forgot to do it again never did it got outbid anyway got away. Maybe I'd like an album. And this is happy this is like. This morning I'm outside working and I'm constantly. Utterly laws I'm constantly distracted by. Roster moves into I wanna check. I wanna check the football guys so. I'm showing Ryan you were here the football guys website. I'm showing Ryan how. You can. And Serena and like you you get there at the projection she barely all the running backs their projections for each guy goes in week three. And you would have a whole tab were can be PP are scoring or standard scoring. And then all the leagues I've been also come up on that have as options and I'm showing Ryan see if I pick in this league it's PP ER. The scoring will be different than this other league but it isn't. And I realized I have to go win a mobile stunt I realize I have to go win. And adjust the scoring for all the leaks and who was that you're right one of you said are you really gonna do. Definitions. I didn't know what the hundred that if you know better than to tell me what it's green ones you turned it around Toronto to do even bother witness of so Ryan's progress are you really gonna do that would of course. I can't use this page and not have it be accurate with that the tense. It has to be accurate. So I did that before we started here all the soldier any help with that you'd you. You do. Even I can handle I mean. I'm so close is good because you're really in the football. Those are all within the Republican no I don't goal. I do need. You need replica of a hobby that will would improve your life shortly heard some volunteer work or so look for volunteer work too so that he and come. With this time because it's it's some homes. All little through all consuming you know. It is not a healthy I think to be that focused on one thing that I mean. I. Is as frivolous as fantasy football like this is a lot of energy it is. You know you have a lot to give to society thank you and your your I don't know your community you either do it. You're right you'll agree that who could be if you could be monitored as. It's you know all right I don't know time around what because of this. If you didn't Colin nearly. For meals on wheels are bumping and were busy aren't your full mold I believe crash and never brought the people live food. That would be good for your pretty but it can be delayed due to you to find some some some time for LLC and be balanced ballots yeah. And all our primary video are you enjoying this over I think OK well. But don't usually enjoy like drinking heavily in the more next day you're gonna. I feel bad and you know William like people like Saint Louis also Ali I enjoy that but there are times when even when I'm due wanted to wait this out it. Want him to would you do you have terrain I he had like that is sort of like moment where slick. Mean bad choices. I have heard what it's late that is a huge round attracting just going I think you probably heard seventeen different opinions on Rashard Higgins by now. I don't even know who that is. Reshard Higgins. Is probably the best receiver you could have on your fantasy team from the browns. At this point and should go to they're not throwing the Kenny Britt like they're not using tiny brain should go backwards forward and they lost Terrelle Pryor. Who's not doing much for his new team yet either. And so Rashard Higgins another polling Indianapolis so like not only could be good do you have a guide it's giving a lot of attention from his own team but. The play against have a great opponent. You know a great premium T got an opportunity should be able she gets rikers I make Chris Carson. I've just heard all this for two weeks now about Chris Carson. And I I sort of get caught up and it's so I go looking and oh yeah I should definitely get back. And then I I look all through the different William Simon and then it's like I'll I'll be like okay I'm deftly kicking that guy out but. That means cutting someone. And there sometimes really isn't a good like in our league which so small right there really are good caught options. Usually. Military. I think that's right airman died I guess maybe there would be but I don't I don't I I have looked a little in our league are you able to tight ends and went. These guys really project to be any better in the two clowns I've got so like whatever. It could they be maybe but I'm just just. Don't throw darts drip on your rhetoric I have hunter and pretty yes I do. The that should be good guy and insurers should. He's not a clone only once he was invisible we won and even then even to its tenuous excellent weeks ago to one level in. Didn't want to and didn't play for him we to a volatile west winner instead so that's your thing I'd benched Henry punished him. But seeing what the thing to do it a critical of this guy and not now well it's it's a guessing game some times. Well I doubt Watkins and I'm I'm Blake I want. It's funny they'll sit here and I'll tell you I eat my team. On one hand but it. I don't really hit I just they're been all right to have had some really crappy performances from some guys so far. So I don't think I really hate them because they don't wanna get rid of them. But I am Watkins has done nothing so far. And we'll have at Kevin Payne on at 4 o'clock in maybe he would tell someone like me. To take him out in court in someone from my bench DeSean Jackson perhaps it's somebody that's very doesn't aren't Nia OK not that not tonight about the RE okay. I want to like see that through but I thought that was a good a look. All over the we fun and I've got a former bill are my team and that'll be neat from. And I want that to work real premium I don't wanna just. Throw it away I want at the work right what do you think I guess this is in the window oratory to ask Ryan a like Watkins the night. High I don't like any players typically on on Thursday night's. Especially on the season starts I typically stay away from theirs and I match ups completely. I'll be well received that the game is often thirteen denying rights precisely. That classless act tonight you reason why I stay. Rams and forty niners I mean I'm into it. I'm into it got the fan tool game that I did on Monday to Thursday game for like I don't know ten dollars or someplace. Well let's think for you is what you can go combing for these people and you can pick up almost anyone because you've got so many peaks. We'll let you keep up with so many there's got to be room for Rashard Higgins software are right. You can't give them I'm in five of these teams and maybe the other sixty confined. Not to not to make a streak out of talking about Sammy Watkins in the first segment. But I do like him tonight. And I heard one. Commentary about how several. Receivers on new teams are off to slow starts. Terrelle Pryor is a dollar and that's a much terrain curse but in the jets are like an exception but Watkins as seven catches so far. Indianapolis. Was such an easy game for them to really didn't need to do any thing you do that you do get some passing numbers there though. And then last week was more of a matchup thing but I think you'll have a good game tonight but are you he's going to be in there yeah I'm not if it's not gonna take him to the projections at least at espn.com. Which I don't idea and deeper than that really slow but there are ms. a couple of guys that are just char Jackson's one of them. Who are projected to have lookup pointer from more than one moment believe. Would amend Alec go get something to grapple with something on from. The us so Sammy Watkins point rams and forty niners is the my game and that'll be on WGR after Ryan's show and kickoff is at the thirty. Bills and Broncos on Sunday. And the thing about this game I'm thinking about is that's a much about the game which is about the day. It is how hot it is expected to be. I had season tickets that I used to the bills for one year for two years 2002. We're working on pre game for that one year 2002. To breathe it was really fun season. And there are a lot of our great memories from that year and when ahead right but I told the bills I was all for this. They gave me like they would probably anyone like word you want us. And I said I wanna sit on this onside. Because when it's November. And it's forty note that the sun is out. That's our help I went right what is the songs sidelight on Sunday when it's 86. Sort sitting on the song it's going to be hot I think it's like sitting on books on. I remember being. In the upper deck for that jet game that opener a note to. And I wasn't on the sun side but. Even look for the start of the game up there. I don't think I'd I'd ever sat in the upper deck at a game prior to some it might be the only time other than winter classic that I had said in the upper deck for an event at the stadium. Beyond concert maybe anyway. I just remember looks it was one of those deals where IE you know we can't tell gated whatever I also was working before games than. And it's bears want to run in the game and but I don't remember being really hot until I got in their sat down and like within ten minutes I had sweated through from. Just sitting there not you don't do we anything just sitting watching the game like. This. Is the stuff. 88 now my phone account today and Sunday the weather channel Grand Island mediate that's up north and rightly nor Orchard Park can be like 89. Crazy. I should look what's the hottest was is at eighty opener hospitals game ever is at the eighty opener. I don't know why it's never something I've thought about because you do to you always I always. More frequently thought about the coldest game on record at the stadium when they have that listed. Are used to have it listed in the media guided missile that I don't know they had hottest they have both via used to have both together and you would see the it's like a it was a list of five games. Up for each list there there was a there's subjecting him on the coldest. List there's a raider game may be on the coldest list hottest of thinking that maybe the nineteen he opener is is up there. But I've got 88. But for this game interstate 88 game that's human have to deal take and run on him in the history of the structure is any dirty way to get a sprinkler set up your tailgate. And dirty way to do that. So low keep it cool at the tailgate. I we did this and somebody got back to me with slip and slide over in the grass slots. Like about the rise up. General I'm brave enough or you're gonna they're gonna need I mean you know the players obviously have those you know those fans with a missed the net I think that the tail gates it would be. Today I'd be a good idea to camp out area stay hydrated get. You don't get a case of bottled water okay bigger drop it to you know people look at throw back the Beers but that's a bad idea when it's going to be dash. I think you're asking for trouble mediating sonic. The Broncos have the offensive coordinator of the bills wanted. Mike McCoy the bills have the Broncos. Former offensive coordinator of the Broncos have the authors of quarter the bills wanted Mike McCoy who had been the chargers coach. How good a win is a win here. Is it good or is it great. I don't think. You're playing a team that's Corvette by Trevor some. I I don't think I can get to great is it better than the Arizona win last year. Well I think I'm hit I think don't wanna say yes simply does Arizona. Was already showing signs of maybe not being great in Denver's off to a two most certainly a book that tribal dominant. A day loyalists in New England with drop below last year in week one Arizona did at home and then what I don't normal week to news. But it was in light. I I I I feel like it's it's a better women that I I guess I would wanna say Denver will have a better year than Arizona that last year. Mets just based on a factor to know. And we know orders on them opium last year so it's hard scientific obviously but sweet says that 83 opener with Miami that's what. That would that might be not eighty. Eighty is. Lucas is making it easy mistake to make. Beatty is. Terrible post down and street 83 and beat Miami was making twelve title thing. That's one not okay thank you do whoever Andrew wrote me that. Well I mean. You're ready it's that you we've got to make fun of the guy who when it's really nice all around here come like old. The Europe complain about the weather 'cause it's too hot equipment. Are often complain about it but it's going to be something to be aware of on Sunday with Annika forecast 88 and Sony for bills and Broncos. All right we have four guests lined up today that Mike your record for us we've. Hardly ever have for our liver have three. So today we have Paul Hamilton coming up in a borrowed eight minutes long talks and sabres with Paul. 4 o'clock Bulldog mentioned Kevin Payne from rural wire fancy football already. I've got seven the questions written down for him. And fight the Hubble space to. 5 o'clock John Clayton 6 o'clock Travis Yost this idea came up yesterday when we checked in with bulldogs day at the gym. Jim Medicare concerns are bounding. And Travis. Seems to know some things about that and also may be will know what's gonna happen with the sabres this year always from the talked to him. So that's today than the night gain as we said after Ryan. Rams forty niners. One tweet from somebody in the Knoll had it that there will be tens of thousands of empty seats in Santa Clara for rams and 49 Ers tonight. Are right we'll take a break and get to Paul here next Mike show and the Bulldog WGR. It's Paul Hamels C. You beat him. Backup he's a pain. Put up just hope his parents Don WG ER Sports Radio 515. All right catching up on the sabres who open their season two weeks from tonight. Mike show in the Bulldog Paul Hamilton and on the AT&T hotline I've. Paul. Mike Harris to solicit clear how you obsess about the waiver wire and I think the guy sitting next year doesn't even know we have a waiver wire in. It's the O two bulldogs have it for two weeks in a row at the second at Norman's first norm greener and bull market having but he wanted to when he. My teams on the floor Paul but at the but there are only eat moose allowed in the season party history. So well your monochrome your micro manager Paula pick my team I believe in them and I think they've just had some bad luck so far from Mike you talked about Carson. And then in an old ligament would you drop Adrian Peterson picked him. Probably. I actually could do that in our league minorities it was going yeah I probably would. You know you've. You're gonna have to tell me all the all the bud. Parameters though I think I wanna do that right now Micah if it. Teams are people aren't stories pretty much things I think I think I would I think I would Carson is trending up. But they've moved makes make it tough to you know. Liberally when you get off to a bad start I just watched these gold Jason pomp and bill score assuming or scored one. At Penn State Jack cycle with a pass to Jason pop idol was almost surreal all for really to see those two combining on a play. Yes he actually scored two the other day it was a little common village to where he's off to the side of the net. Fan got a shot that would have gone in but stayed with it got to the back candidates tapped it across the goal line. It both goals would fare fairly similar to something you've seen before out of Jason vomit bill. Just how how war. What what is either guy said or what. Do you think of the two of them playing together are not asking by that like a man assuming they played together on the same line during the season learning thing but. My point is just like it's just wild and have them on the same team. Yeah ideas and you would think calls not gonna be a good match because. Jason common goals not fast and Evander Kane and Jack cycle or two of the fastest skaters in the National Hockey League. But it actually works because Jason common goals Smart he knows where to go he knows how are what make the puck to the work for him and said I haven't escaped. He left the park to the work for Jimenez hasn't hurt them a bill that he's not as fast as those two he gets in there and me gets where it's supposed to be and the wind seems to mesh pretty well and Phil Housley holding true to form is just getting a look at different things today -- ago with a line are Cain. So while he just kind of switch things around a little bit just to see what they looked like. Yeah I mean my thought going in was that maybe there's a spot up for grabs there with article in Kane. Assuming those two would stay together and maybe I shouldn't assume that either. For one of the young guys to grab but we talked about Elam here I think maybe a few weeks ago and he's missing this time here with with a knee injury which is tough for him. And then you might get to like Bailey your Baptiste guys who have scored VA HL have yet to really show that they can do it at this level. And pomp and bill had not been someone I really gave a lot of consideration to ball. So I don't know with all that being said I mean much is that you're similarly themed question would you take the idea upon until starting the season there are some what's. Actually at this point I would because it looks like Brian Hart is gonna wind up it's senator. So with that mine I had common bill you know with Larson and pull Liotta as a as a third line type of thing. But once. Rhino went to senator. It looked well you gotta put somebody in that spot so he got the first opportunity the first look. And to be quite honest with you Bailey Baptiste not look good they are looking like they're gonna go down in the first. Cut to Rochester. Just like Bailey did last year they've neither one even in the prospects challenge Baptiste I just don't know what's been wrong I mean because. Both of them should thrive. In Phil's house league system with their speed. But neither one I mean Bailey's played six periods he's maybe had one decent period of Baptiste and I don't think you look at the three periods and Penn State. They have a look good in camp the guy has looked good as an on every guest. Land. You know he's the guy that that I think it is at least for right now is gone past those two. Paul Hamilton where thus poll what's your report on Brendan coolly to this point. Pretty good I mean he's he's he's had a pretty good camp his game the first game we played in there were some things to like there was some things really not the light. Like when. The Salina drop pass the puck to the other team and they came down on a two on one and aegis. Was not good at all the way he played that. But there was another yeah he had a couple of good opportunities that he set up because of this be going to the net. He really other than the 211 did not hurt them defensively and a lot of people think of him offensively that is the that is not bad. And a lot of it is the speed of getting back in getting you stick in the lanes and those types of things. And he doesn't really get muscle law partner or anything like that especially for skinny legs. He just lines though and things and yet. Does it feel at all to you Paul like those two being terrorists the line and then grew Lee is. Housed Lee you're the organization's way of saying. If this guy's gonna make our team. He's gonna make our team playing this role not as someone who's playing on the third pair or is the seventh guy that Mike. Scratch sometimes. Yeah and they wanted to see us today we saw goalie was Stevens and I thought to myself I think I'm looking at a pair could be together Rochester Newton. And boy you in and Bristol Weiner were together today so you know they were they were taking a look at that I think they've wanted to look at it all along especially. We scanned ally. You know missing two days and grow and not playing name games so far not going to play this weekend so today was the day where. The decks got shuffled and medicine is this our goalie with Steve is a thought a case that is time with crystal line they've had a look at they wanted to see it. Now they may wanna see oh you know what these two were together and you know maybe they're going to be a Rochester there. Paul Hamilton with a us the sabres in Toronto tomorrow night then home for Toronto Saturday night as their pre season. Schedule continues regular season opener two weeks from tonight. So the over under on points by the sabres this year. Varying slightly from site society is 87 and a half. Last year 78. The year before 81. What do you think of that number. All right sounds right to me. Right in there they would have to be a little bit better to make the playoffs and that's what I have in my in my with the what they how they've improved on defense. I am I'm thinking. We should be talking about meaningful games at the end of march into April. Whether whether they become meaningful and it and turn into playoff spots I don't know but. Is there to me there's no excuses for that to be out of this thing by January like the men as at Simonyi years. And so I think that's a pretty comfortable number. All of you have a chance to talk to Robert miner so far through camp. I'm wondering Michael what his what his mindset is I know I saw a quote from him. On the day they reported I think it was saying some can be effective I wanted to multi year deal my agent. Pushed me to take just the one year deal alone we're what do you what do you make of what his mindset might be here. Well he and that's some people took that we're actually discussing that today is talking in some people took that as he want did like buffalo one believe. And it's the exact opposite. If he likes buffalo and one that's why he wanted a multi year deal first of all. It gives you some security with your family and at second of all mean you're you're here you're being so. It it's actually the exact opposite of what how some people so that that he does want to be here and he wants to be part of the solution wants to be. The goaltender at the sabres and his body is. You ought until what my career now that I'm not out to prove anything to anybody on this here to do my work. To be in shape get in shape adding to your rate to improve. And get ready to do the things that we need to do to become a winning team and that's that's the way he looks at it. He's doesn't look at that the person for the house where a 2% for the fans are yes approved as something that anybody he felt this save percentage was good last year and he's got his goaltender coach back which makes him happy it makes Chad Johnson happy it makes all mark happy they're all thrilled to have him back. And he's looking at now how to lie improved this year to be better. And you know to make it to try to make a difference for this team to make the playoffs so. Third year here with Weiner in a training camp. The first to your he was very happy and that was in part because of my head injury that that impacted his training. Last year was a big story that he did all this MMA. Work in the offseason and was in in this peak condition has there been another fluctuation in or is he pretty much the same as he was last year common. He looks actually skinnier than me this year and he did say he. Once again went to buffalo amendment worked out every day and are almost every day but did different things this year. It's animate trainer you know to some something different stuff this year with them. But to me actually look skinnier than it did last year so he looks to me and very very good shape and I think he has trouble maintaining it during the season you don't want. Because when your goaltender in your playing them much you can't be running around buffalo anime and you know sit around in the weight room into an all those things I mean you just can't you have to be able manager minutes. And be ready to play. Do you know when am or if they'll name a captain. No I don't know that house we said before camp started and I'd buy and I don't think you mistress coach speak. He goes I would have any idea why would want his captain because I haven't been on the ice with these guys I haven't seen them in action I haven't seen. How players. React with other players how they interact I wanna see how they lead on the ice don't see how they lead in the locker room. I wanna you know get to know these people and and get their philosophies on leaving about empathy goes I don't have answers to any of those questions so he goes I wouldn't. Have any idea who I might want as captain or. If they're right have a captain it all mean they haven't committed to saying yes we definitely are going to name a captain. It sounds to me like the lead sorority committed to that they're not going to open a second straight year. So I could see. You know display with a three days in May be. Numerous types of people I thought it was interesting in at Penn State jock Georges was not wearing is a which he's worn a recent spent a year. Bogosian eichel and Kane had a Monmouth game. He's been very. Impressed with Bogosian in the leadership he's shown. Boy you as soon as he got traded here at first I heard from was Bogosian. C'mon the buffalo lost surely aware what you need to know where you where to go where to eat where to live. You know those types of things and you know he's he's really quite taken him under his wing and on the same thing with some of the young defensemen and house please notice the mean he's really liked the leadership that devotion has shown. With other players. Paul and to bring got a game on I'm not Tuesday night and I know there were penalties what three of them were the Jews. Roll and lacking for were can't be able to handle the speed. It's overall what did you think of of his his game his first game in North America. It started off pretty well the sabres got off to a thirteen to one shots advantage you was part of it there. He got a one fortunate and I saw a lot of what I saw the world championships where he's constantly moving which is what house he wants in the offensive zone. I think he kept for pucks in along way when. When they were just all over the penguins. And he he really looked good their right as the penalty started the comedy game. Started ago it started get away from him a little bit one was there a guy got between attitude that defenseman and he. You know put the put the clamps on on I think it's just getting used to north American hockey right now it was his first time he's played in North America. I have to guess he was probably nervous. And don't forget to I mean you have to talk with him slowly and you'll understand what you're saying about. At the pace of the game or somebody yell and over on the ice or something like that you might not get it right off the bat. You know if it's not you can't. You know you're going back behind the net Robin Lehner can't slowly go I want you to goal over here you know. You can't do it that way so you know I think they'll be some growing pains a little bit back. I don't think he's gonna have any problems that means passing it's pretty much point on it and you know he had some good moments to. I feel like last year's team only talked that's slowly. To each other like. Pass it to me. Is that three games look also that's how Ryan and I communicate. Feel like any other really slow down and Evan passes would be in the states anyway I was 20 game was pretty fast and Paul well mom are you going up there tomorrow. Yes that's my right they're going view via his new vehicle. Rob has a new ride is a new ride it is in his drive in 1987 rambler whatever these Ivan or let me guess. Whatever robs new ride is is not the most. Economically. Efficient. Vehicle on the road I heard the word rock mentioned a moment ago. You don't like to pick up I don't know what to pick up I don't know for going to open it dump truck. We should be going up to cement mixer at it depends what he's got going. It's probably a pickup truck that he uses for work because you don't rob he's got a he's got all the stuff I don't get a little restaurant he's remodeling kitchens and lawns. Pudding and he. He needs a treaty that truck more than any truck guy on earth I think robot guard stance closed for the winner now maybe. Ask Rick is gonna sell the nose while offered me a couple million and also. The rule. We look forward to catching up with rob. At some point for sure if you are all George Ronald ball below kept up with yelled back next week is tomorrow in real football of those that there aren't. Do I missed the motorcycle you asked me I'm sure. But yeah day. Right I mean. I miss it but I am constantly reminded. Of the reason that I got rid of the almost every day this summer I was going to work from a hockey rink with the goalie you're in the back and the motorcycle would've just been completely impractical. So all these nice days. It just would have been few and far between that it would have actually used it so. Like physically miss and mentally minutes but being on it and feeling that yes. Five. Practically speaking bears no place deported from. One. We'll with the clothes that hot dog drop in. The mid eighty's I don't know I'm like everybody else whatever your thing is like for me it's the pool. And Labor Day one as well you know this summer was a ways we hardly ever used it. And I guess what is old is going to close and then here we are in the middle of what 1011 perfect days in a row perfect. And just like okay well. Let's get in there. A lot of these days that I have been leaving here for the last vote on our many days. Speaking sure because impact that the college expenses in places it's been so what's sold and I think Friday night I'm gonna grab boards at the crucial just go up there just four. One maybe one last you know we're here on the beach just coming out android. Wanna you know. We'll look at the spread for tonight's game a couple of mixing lines from Sunday and we'll get to fantasy football for Kevin Payne from Aurora wire Mike's over the bulldogs WGR. Thelma heating and cooling wants to pay for your heating bills for a year. Let bill map heating and cooling intercept your heating bills by going to WGR five to tee dot com. And registering for a chance to win. We're not. Why not. Rams or minus three tonight in San Francisco. Have a strong feeling either way. And I would lean the rams were there you what new. Via but it sure. I'll take politics ever is OK plus three. At home that your total is 39 and a half for forty gamble on that too. Her. I'd wonder. I think it would to the bills' game is almost the same line it's the it's the road team by three in the totals forty now so your dean script dearest when he won eighteen. For 21 and half the team and a half. Visitors. Would get those half points to the football. Yeah it is they haven't in the CFL right. They have this man have a ways you can score path points. Cleveland is favored on the road. Last time Cleveland was favored on the road Bryant's slight was quarterback. I don't would have been 2014. It happened today. Operates in 2014. Is that. They would that's man's cells rookie year but he's not as if Brian Hoyer than. Poitier is the starter in man's well. Goes in a when he played the bill's late in the riots man Denzel played at the end of that game in hours or someone else righty thing to someone else I thought Tony thirteen was the Brian Hoyer year. Well he went up the next your employer was their quarterback but he got hurt. Is a member of the bills game Manuel got her later Hoyer got hurt and we became minimally carved up the bills. Which was weird then we'd he's gone by then I think. I think oil is still there and Denzel is there. I don't know if there's another thing to. Put I I'm pretty sure that at that point remains older fourteen well they were favored in Jacksonville like four and a half in October of 2014 and they lost point 46 its last time. They've been favored on the road. The bowl for the important lesson number of times Cleveland has been favored on the road in the last twenty seasons. You have. Sixteen. We have eight games a year. Times warning I'm not sure if world meeting the years of those Tony were Cleveland was not in the league. Would that have been in the last forty years we were at the beginning of that maybe. Anyway Cleveland has been ruled favorites nine times. According to ESPN stats and information in forty years the second. Fewest is Houston and Detroit tied at 26. And you have Oakland and Chicago and Chicago at thirty. So the bills have been favored on the road more than thirty times. In the last forty years that that includes a couple of pretty good teams at the beginning of that in the late nineties. It's probably all so long. Of age playing the jets every year may be a factor there early that you don't would you be fevered that. Sometimes not always for last year they probably were maybe not with Tyrod out remember but the jets were. But three and twelve going in America and last year Miami. Some of these games but. It's rare for Cleveland and Cleveland has covered seven of those nine times including that loss in Jacksonville. But there about a one point favorite Sunday at Indianapolis. And what happens with Indianapolis. If we lose here even if they don't but if they lose here there at Seattle necks on the night. Andrew Luck almost definitely won't be ready for that game he's not even practicing yet. And yet they could be. They can go a long time without winning a game and if you were to be ready at a certain point. Within that. Do you bother. Particularly Indy if you don't run the table and at that point of view if you get alto or five point six. When you do if he's not a 100% you'd have reason to be really careful with him it's probably what it would be. And in their they could be done before. That day even comes that'll be it saying it would be really annoying around here if Indianapolis is back in the running for the number one pick. With a lot they've had getting block and before that Peyton Manning. Fantasy football after the update with Kevin Payne all of laurel wire ready much over the bulldogs WGR.