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WG ER. Sports Radio 515. Brought to you might northwest. Make the switch to northwest and get. All right John Clayton of ESPN on the line which opened the Bulldog here bills and Broncos Sunday John the forecast. 88 and Sony. Well that's amazing. 88 teams signing the night goes later in the at. Not around here compared to the best wild weather all summer here leading up to the start of fall this will make good this will be one of the hottest games the bills have ever hosted. That maybe even played and but it's going to be. The story to tell a lot of it is Sunday. It's so weird. I made in court I mean after seventy days of non rain out here in Seattle. Three the last three days so far is officially arrived in the Seattle area that it was so bad this couple hours ago. My normal ten minute walk over to the Seahawks turn into a three minute drive because they just don't wanna get soaked. By the way it is 91 right now in Denver if you're wondering if you're supposed to be 53. Sunday in Denver. And it's 91 right now. I don't want to pretty much. Yeah I don't want certainly three old guys talking about the weather but John how exactly where are seventy street. Wayne was days in Seattle. It was a record I think that's one thing we knew for sure it didn't rain added it was it was warm it was like seventy of the day's. Where in the seventies and it was incredible and it is after the wettest winter in Seattle history. John the game the bills played in Carolina was very familiar to us through the years where the bills were in the game. They needed really anything from their passing game that they. Didn't get and were talking about a deem the kind of game the three of us thought about many times. Yeah and I think concerning thing it's the slowest start at Tyrod Taylor I preface that I think. We're seeing slow offensive start. Probably one of the worst opposite starts in NFL history offense. You know with the bad offensive lines link wide maybe as many as twenty to 22 bad offensive lines in the lake scoring down five points. Probably about 1213. Chris that is this opposite touchdowns. Sacks are the most it's 77 since 2006. So there's a lot of problems league wide. And you're not seen the Kutztown you'd normally see this early and so it's got to be a concern but now. Actually if you're gonna be Sean McDermott you got to try to find a way to be able to be adding that the job is going. And make people better about Tyrod Taylor because again. You know quarterbacks particularly in buffalo for. Always under scrutiny anytime there's a slow start or stretch it's not good. And it always pressure to produce something. We've talked about this start to the league season. The way you have with how dominant defense is a Bennett song that's been an article that I haven't read yet but I saw that the link to it. And it seems to be. Defense or just getting really good they're just. And we we talk about just different reasons for that in the in the course the week. Do you see this as more than just a fluke he start to the season and assign that. Things are changing in this. No I look at the reflection of we probably should recognize that this was on the way it was going to happen. Because dealt what beat we know that there's a downward spiral for all sensible. That's that's because the spread offenses. Some PowerPoint into the collective bargaining agreement because it is not enough time province of want to get that hitting is necessary to get in big. And so what you have is it slows starting running game is bad at peace and and all that. But I think your also saying you're a trend that it's happening right now on a note the conversation is okay so you got a great player great big player. And so in the old days I treat able with Walter Jones coming out of high school we knew he was going to be a left out. Because now you would take care of athletic ability figuring like what we can just act in college and opt into the light. We can get by an average guys just because. Stand there and played patty cake with the defense of wind so it almost more important college to grab the better athlete. And put them on defense and I think we're seeing that now starting to sneak through with some of these traps because I mean this obviously was the worst offensive line trapped. Probably intend fifteen to twenty years it was bad yet it was a very good defense and draft particularly at quarterback. Last year was exceptional on the defense of lines and so when you start to kind of put these things together he may have a better. That's a deep sense of players coming in the offense elegant receivers aside receivers are fine. Some of the quarterbacks are good but I think you're the trend right now we're the defense is a little bit better than me off that. You mentioned the CBA impact there and the lack of padded practices bill ballots that. Had some comments about that yesterday and compared it to be the golfer and only practicing repressing everything but applauding. How can you expect reporting to get good so how do you expect dolphins of linemen to learn the nuances of of the leverage and how to block it in their given schemes and given play if they can actually practice it. Do you anticipate doing the league would have to be I think very careful. About how to perceive their coaches would certainly be of one opinion I would think they'd want. As much padded practices they can. But yet you've got you know concussion issues and just the overall musicality wearing down the players but how much of all of a hill the Diane do you think this might end up being in the CB a minute when it comes up. Well I think it's I think it's a growing issue and. I now it would value for the first time and a rubber arm coComment side. Did what any point of this to divorce Morton said one of the reasons for the best football of the fact that the CPA has made this link younger. And less ready to play football in worries that younger I think that's what he looked up before 2011 with the CPA there was one team that had maybe an average age. Are under 26 were ballots this year it's a web. And you're seeing teams washed out through draft choices faster than ever before. So you know that that I think does play into that so overall I think that the challenge now is for the competition committee and orders to start to figure some things about. And the competition committee standpoint they've got to find a way to get more opposite and you know how this late work. It's defense start gobbling up op then they won't make rule changes help the opposite. Believe make it suggested a psychic that should be more liberal that is going to be the case with pockets of holding and I called up and that we call. At that maybe want option to try to do this this Olympic slowdown that because of pressure. So I think yet to be some creativity. And I think it's now to the concern level of the competition committee. And then the owners and Roger Goodell they may have to go back at the unions say hey can we get some concessions. On allowing more hitting it more time off. Our last time off and of course they're gonna come back at eight etiquette or something net. Which probably means nothing's gonna. Hundred John Clayton of ESPN with us here on WGR Mike show in the Bulldog well the Broncos fit into this point here. The Broncos have had a great defense for two years won the Super Bowl with one of those defenses. And looked like a candidate for regression this year they were great last year but as a team. But some like no teams statistically puts up errant shots once told us this in the off season three years like Denver's head in a row that's that's really rare. And Wade Phillips of laughs new coaching staff so while I'm until ready for that. But it hasn't been evident yet and if the leak if league why defense deserve better than. Know that why wouldn't the Broncos look look great so what do you think happens with Denver. I think right now they're probably get a better state than most people not expect that most people like myself. Put them at the ninth when level because what you wondered can Travers it's gonna have put points on the board I thought their defense was going to be good I thought maybe is going to be a little bit of a drop off. Because you know here's the markets where he retired they let TJ ward go. And that it had a budget changes on the defense of lines that you look at that team I mean they're so good in the secondary. That I think is the key it makes them so good and you're so deep that linebacker they've got a couple linebackers. That arts are still out I chain raised a lot yet I mean I am number two years ago that commitment is like 67 at structures but it is still rush the passer. I got good stout guys on the defense of lying and so. I think they're they're good they're. I think the surprise is that Symbian really came on and had a great step is having a great start and had a great game on Sunday so now what you look at. Three teams in the AFC west. Really look good Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs in the Denver Broncos and all three into an old and all three playing at a very high level. In port San Diego so they're going to be missing field goals to extend their opener and then win. In week two of the just can't. Get out of the way it seemed supporters. They think it was a close game whatever it is something breaks down I mean last year they were four and nine in games decided by eight points or less it's. Now they're Owens do. Well will turn but it hasn't turned yet so here's the bills John have Denver then they go to Atlanta met new stadium. And then have Cincinnati on the road before the bide by is in week six and so what's next thing group a games here like the the bills. Just looking at a guess from my perspective for our perspective. For them to have any chance this year I think I need to win these games up at least one but. You though they'll be an underdog in the first two and we'll see about what that Cincinnati match up looks like by that were what do you see. Them being here over the next few weeks. I mean I think this into any game now looks much easier than anybody anticipated. Because I mean look what happened to Andy Dalton and look what happened to the op Ed. Last year he lost two of his top three receivers. And I can create his Mouhamed Sene new lap two go to Atlanta and they lose Marvin Jones did a great job and Detroit. And effectively Tyler I heard it was a great height and has been hurt most of the last two years sequence that you lost three of the top or weapon. That's not good and then this year they lose in her whitworth to either rams and then Kevin Butler. Got like a Pro Bowl caliber guard he goes to Cleveland and a lot about to walk into linemen and they have two tackles from the 2015. Draft. The first two picks but right now are doing a good job but otherwise curable giving up in the haystack. Andy Dalton's. Being rushed. His completion percentage dropping down and now he's almost on the verge of getting benched. And so you lose four players like that into the years. They don't have anybody there to make that up until that so much easier team and the Marvin Lewis is on the hot seat. Andy Dalton on the hot seat so that's a winnable game I don't think it's gonna be couple against Denver and couple against Atlanta. But again these are very good team. All that personnel plus the coach. You Jack and what is the political play caller got a lot of credit for what they did there and meet the town probably had more to do that the map but still it's another it's another piece of the puzzle. So I know John should we be feeling like we can have a season here. We can never get upcoming release should concede that they they play hard at least you know they got. Good defense because of personnel that may not be as good as it was say two years ago but at least they have a chance to stay in games. And that's the case then you know the quarterback and just get some points on the board then than I got a chance so I wouldn't give up and these. Couple of Seattle we always ask you about Seattle I guess 'cause around their but it's been a very huge things start to their season. What's wrong with Wilson in duke do the Seahawks problems your opinion go beyond just what they are up front. Now I mean that's the main problem crop and sublime because it is so many breakdowns and noted that inconsistency for help but the running back position in May result that would lock. Because seventh round pick Chris Carson who have been great so far I mean he was the best running back in training camp. He was the best running back in the pre season and now he's the starting running back and had 93 yards on twenty carries on Sunday so that's sort of the sort itself out. They Bill Russell Wilson had to scramble around and he'd been pressured on 46 point. 7% of those passing attempts forty and it's every other place is getting pressured so we had to scramble and throw on the run sometimes you'll you'll run into us back to. Just trying to get a look at it from players and that's that's a big problem and so until that's settled down. It's going to be an issue but. It's no different than last year believe it or not is they don't they were 21 point this year and it looked awful offense. It's six more points that scored the first two games last year. Could get a bad home game against Miami and then weeks then they went to the rams a lot 93. So it's something that they always get a slow start but they do start to pick it up in week three and weak fourth. But this week it's going to be tough because now they go to Tennessee. But I have to take on Dick Lebow's aggressive scheme but all that communication problems economist for the offensive lineman because of the split. And probably make one change on the offensive line but although that's gonna help. Who Freel is the favorite to win the NFC right now. Oh right now like say Atlanta. Because the reason I like Atlanta but again ultimately Seattle gonna get back in there in Green Bay is gonna get back in there. But what to what you like about Atlanta is that you can see the improvement. Okay they're not that scored 33 points a game count Shanahan had that thing drilled up. And was doing great but I can't see that we visiting and getting 33 point two gave the so scored high twenties but their defense is better. I think that gave up 45 point four points a game last year. They had three rookies that came on in the middle that two linebackers in the states he looked great now they attacked McKinley at right tackle Brett that the president of the add pressure. Contrary poll as a defensive tackle to dig deep that is gonna give up maybe 45 point let the game has so when you put that altogether with the new stadium. I can't see them winning any less an eleven game. You like the new stadium as as an asset for them. Oh yeah no question I think that the only bad thing has chick always close on Sunday to police and good empty net. But that we have. A whole new concession program for Sunday's which is of course most of their football games because of chick filet and all other he said even in the stadium definitely will not just on Sunday right John what they have they they flip the board. Inside out and just have all different menu items. Yeah I mean that that's that's the weird part is like death spell what you get Arthur Blank a lot of credit because. He realizes he got a new stadium have been paid top dollar to be able to get it. But he wanted to not believe everybody until all the prices on everything very low some of the lowest concession prices in the league. Canadian sports so give them some credit for doing that it's just that what you do you want to check polite on Sunday. I guess you do I can see which are saying here in Atlanta is the betting favorite in the NFC and I hate it because they won last year and I expect you know with New England doing that is a problem for this but I expect. You know most teams don't get back especially losers the way the last I don't know where history is gone but right now for a one they are the betting favorite. John what about the NFC east of Dallas has to be shook up somewhat by what happened their running game in Denver you've got the giants who are just. I mean wallets but how many games now seven early games in a world they've scored. 120. Points solely there there they seem like they might be a mass and then you know I've got I've got in the Washington Philadelphia hang out one in one like what we're what we're not. What would you got it probably a third or fourth secede because. You know how it goes in there's there's no division in football that is as competitive at home hole a lot with these winning on the road. I think you go through like the only ones team. In the last like five years or six years that have a winning record in the division at hallmark home. Because you saw Philadelphia went in Washington at Dallas did beat New York Giants and the guys that no offense right now. They're looking terrible with two things working against Dallas the giants and all the into the division is the schedule. All right so now they're playing the AFC west. And you see how could the west is that you can see you know Kansas City beating Philadelphia that's going to be part the fact that it's hard in the NFC east to be able to get better than three in three record in division. So now you're tacking on a lot a lot that they also take on the AFC west that may not be as he let that may not be as bad. But that you'll dallas' case they still don't have a very good defense. And these can take advantage of and then because they put it in first place they're not uncommon games are Atlanta with. Ryan and then they get creamed they would Aaron Rodgers so. That's gonna probably be hot and wind it's gonna be the best and at division but Dallas I think still has the best team and right now the giants have the biggest problem. So I assume you're off to Nashville. Yes it should be fun easy not at the nine degrees or Michael or Mike Malarkey still he's still going. Are they good. You think they're gonna I don't know what app. Capital that we won at apple me because I wasn't sold on the Oakland Raiders defense and the defense went in and help market scenario that. Sixteen points in Nashville that stunned many but what I do see is that they'll they can. They can run the ball they're physical on defense they got one of the better pockets of wind in the lake and at one of the better young quarterback and illiquid market Mario that. Would would you we jumble Iowa's shrimp and it has been in the fridge for eight days of hectic. Eight days I might. Ten days now. Tent yet time is probably you know I wait I wanted to ask your way too far to go would seem food is shellfish and all I took my chances were they John it was not. Perfect things did not go up perfectly. But you know I'm here. But it's what would be able how many days did you weighed on the part of jambalaya. Well I made it on a Saturday afternoon and then I finished dead. On Sunday a the following week after getting home from the bills. Oh. Yeah I made it to work the Monday morning was iffy if I had to be at work. Early like normal people I would have had a problem. But. I don't I don't you know these lies we we can wouldn't miss Buddha threw the mornings so John 11 more thing. So the bills you if you are aware the bills have the longest. Running playoff drought in the big four sports seventeen years. Do you happen to know who second. Yes yes mariners and I thought. They are that's why we can identify. It's like Ike ice feed the baseball team. I guess I thought when the baseball season was starting to play out that the Mariners would they were. Gonna make it because there's just nobody good for that second wild card and they are still not going to make it or let. Now that because everything the back now looks like it's not gonna happen what six game losing streak but. Everything that they were doing pointed to a 500 seat in 81 and 8100. Director who it was pretty much spot. 500 against winning teams. Eight. They scored four point seven runs the game that give up four point 73 so yes Saber metrics would say that it's got its equipment bacteria appear would say. The other 1 o'clock on. Are you looking at those numbers you walk around with so many runs per game her crowning I don't. Euros a Sports Radio at running LSU would you would need to know that. So there for back they've got a very slim chance still chance but not agree it. It's not happening and what there is sitting there I mean the best they're gonna be able to do now it's what. Just set a eighties but AT and yeah and it like Minnesota and what 83 so even though it's about the fact they Minnesota Twins blues and swept by the Yankees and that this in you know ground. Right John enjoy Tennessee we'll talk next week. Twins and angels do you care at all who gets that game probably against the Yankees dirty team you'd like to see in that game all boy I don't. I don't I haven't paid enough attention to. Those teams to give you what I would think is a Boozer of opinion worth hearing. You know what I don't care you know I guess I guess I don't care. I mean I have to want the Yankees can be in the game and you know Sox have been hold onto the three game lead for I don't like a week or ten days now. A yankees can't seem to ever get closer than that really for longer than that now. So you know let's just say believes been at least that for a while so I want I want I don't wanna have to play that game from the Red Sox but I haven't really thought about. Who gives them the biggest potential for trouble in that one game. What used to the yankees' yeah like who's the best pitcher they could face ride yeah. That's what I did that's how I would do it burials. And is faced them. I think maybe him but. Like Tampa is for all I ever wanted a bit Tampa and a decrease archer. But it's for a lot right now yeah. Looks like Red Sox Astros. Be funny and here it is right now all of us the Astros catcher Cleveland beat their two back it would be probably Boston and Houston there in the playoffs closed the season against one. I will be out they play they played us the final series of the year at Fenway if you like an all court game set Houston and a ball really yes all right. I looked good and I got my wins the socks of god. They got they got three with the red here. Then I think maybe they've got the jays and then it's the Astros the reds yeah. Tomorrow ago weekend's series at the reds right. Coming up two weeks less than two weeks away. 8030550. Here we go time for your calls here before our next guest we've got a guest parade today Travis Yost is coming on at six of talk hockey and gym etiquette. Mike's over the bulldogs saw bills Broncos next where after headlines on WGR. Yeah I love the attitude but I didn't know. Yeah I love the attitude but I didn't know him before but his work ethic is great and you know I have no problem with him on the ice no problem off the ice which is great and he's really working hard that you can he can see the eighth game when he's out there and in a lot of those guys that veterans have long batteries and you can tell so that's we've got to work on his insurance but I think he's fit right in he's had a good camp up to this point. Phil Housley on cliff coax sabres prospect. The loan junior. Players still in camp. We send four guys back. That have junior eligibility. Yesterday in the name for a anyway who still around probably gonna play in one of these games on Friday or Saturday. I think otherwise they would have already sent sent him back there the seasons for those teams are beginning. This weekend like Friday Saturday so I've I'm guessing because congress still here that he will get a shot in one of those two games and and probably go back. And start the season game solely. One and one that writes. The London knights. You're getting you know those OHL two nights I insurer Ruble but it will orbit the severe there I could name 5% sum payment made a little more attention these days. I enjoyed your recap of NFL tight end injuries the health insurer. It's now we got enough to have an injury I have to have to Jordan reed has a chest injury and the toe injury that toe injury. Has been around. Tyler expert has a back injury and the knee injury I have a leg injury and a foot injury or a Little League and a foot or are they on the same. Side by side you about yes OK left what happened you I have somebody and then I think I got stung by another BO com I think it'd. When this happened last night. Last night last night who know right and I'll I went outside my wife and I went out getting the pool ready. Incredible weather on I have friends over swim kids wanna swam. So we just I've been out there early in the morning that's what I do with I don't have errands to run I'm I'll be cut if it's nice out Ambac that are just scrubbing and vacuuming would Holler whenever you have time to tend to your eleven fantasy teams if you can compare this pool I mostly listen to fantasy football radio while I'm working Saturday. So I am back there in west I wanted to show her the progress. And I sat down and like just my leg touched against the wake of this chair and I got stung and I'd just the Republican stung by a B at night I don't know but there would still be bees at night. I think assets so what the flatter thing from yesterday for what what the bees don't disappear according to stark. OK hey ball I've never seen one that night. We'll start right. Bates but I mean you would see it if you were sitting somewhere there was like some leading you'd notice. A Dicey flies or mosquitoes buzzing around. In whatever mystery I don't more than what I. I don't know that I've ever seen the arc team to beat no I mean you're sorry lights are natural light whenever yet sure Tsonga something that's waiting yard where your city or whatever it. I just don't know that I've ever experienced the beat. At a dog get a B got to hear the a B is different the way it hovers around you when it's flying to sort of keep it warns you yes it's like I'm I'm over here. Obama KE KE. There might have been a little high over whatever. Like. Right may be stuck to the chair or somewhere nearby I don't know but there's like I knew right away like write. A column by big baby. Maybe they'd. Would not be out at night you disturbed at sword came out and said hey we don't. Yet they were I would I mean I mean you're trying to watch the Vietnam war on PBS saw it. And years you're so what are you doing sitting down in the chair this is my time you're not supposed to have been cut her that. This is our time I think if that's what the bees that right so on behalf of the other Beatles then it happened again. Well maybe it's just like I didn't have the same reaction but I got to ago. Sort of a similar kind of pain in my four has stepped on in the year or something then that'll happen this morning. So it wasn't an incident that was directly followed up. These movies were not like boom boom okay there's not a bank regulating speech Tuesday was last night and today. And so people get really messed up by geez I daycare insured I don't yet know Mimi I'd I'd I walked into. It's something this summer at the campus at the beach. And stirred something in like. You know I in fact that we ended up and up the interval pony on Twitter coincidentally elected day or two later asked. How many visas some more. We've added RX 10 it is you know is to force warmer through what we're harmonies and have to be. And like seven yeah I'd I would there was just a bunch of bees and I got stung only ones it was maybe he asked how many how many times did to be stoned to have been swarmed. And I was like dude I got swarmed I got stone. Only once when I was small but I had to get opt. There was you insist you were swarmed there or bees manly or big lots of passes. But of ease and has been used equipment so that was that was not being on EU's. Systems were right that was not one but maybe we had the one staying in it you know I also don't have any sort of horrible reaction in dollars and as a man that kind of hurt and I might put a little while ago mark. Talking to John Clayton a bow. The excellence of NFL defenses in the first two weeks of the season. Here's some proof of it. What does Tyrod Taylor rank. At quarterback at pro football focus overall grade. Through two weeks all his overall grade I think is good I heard this number. Even maybe after the Carolina game he had a good grade. So how bad his overall greed. Bitten Andre it is. The top of a lot out of wood out of the grey eye is overall grade is 87. He whatever means 82 point seven which is seventh in the league. He's the seventh most. High performing some advice performing quarterback in the league so far this. The moment. Sort of make you wonder about pro football focus and just a little. You know I don't know what to do I mean I just feel like I felt for years without being without doing the big work. I thought for years about football numbers that. As much as I love numbers and love the idea of certain ones telling you the deal. I just don't know if we have that in football Scott Barrett who is at pro football focus and has been on the show a few times stalking fantasy football. Mean this point recently and it made sense to me that boy it's also I think maybe common sense. That because of all the other circumstances. That happen on the field. Greeting guys use the pardon. And like that that seems like sort of a basic thought in your players who was the player and the other day that lashed out at pro football focus lions guy I think it was. You know leap that Eric what is done that Dirk what is though that with us. They don't they don't doldrums forced to do on a given play well. That's yeah I mean that's a big and football has that maybe more were more than any other sport is what is supposed to be happening on the plight. But what is the players' responsibility on the play. And there is some level. Of if you give in to watch seeing the all 220. And have experience. With certain formations and how much you can you can you can reasonably guess will appoint were supposed to do perhaps. But I don't know how you go about watching on TV that that's. The number that I had in my head for Tyrod why suspected he had a good grade. As I heard Jeremy and Howard on Monday morning. There was already a grade from pro football focus and would Gerris that was how would you even try to do that without having seen the old 22. Which you can't see on Sunday and Monday acute snap out there. The power you greeting his performance. In this game without having gone through. How. Would you grade the past to see Jones was it. Well good pass. He's pleasantly was behind him or was it just right in the receiver out bomb to receiver like how do you agree that right but that's how I feel. But again I do not want to denigrate the cyclic because I think. Mean this is a worthy. Undertaking. To try to do that but I do I do think you wanna just totally heating in context which is what most people would tell you to always do about statistics. Tiger Tyrod Taylor the what's broken down on what I've just seen on Twitter big time throw percentage zero. I turn it over worthy throw percentage zero. And it's all right sure that's right even the perception that he threw was not really turnover referral. Now right in with what I was after raising wasn't perfect but it was not thrown right to a defender time to throw three point 04 that's not a percentage that might be seconds and 31. Mean. Now hold. Really is that ball pocket or is that all until Tyrod Taylor takes off. Right right role and actually throws the ball right if he takes off of the snapped when he throws there's no way he's got 3.4 seconds in the pocket. It throws the ball or leaves right like because he'll leave the pocket. Both for its time sometimes for you want him to. And he could stand in there this number would be different. I I think it doesn't matter whether or not he leaves the pocket. If you scrambles he throws the ball and it takes seven seconds. That's added to the population but maybe you're right I don't ought to do it by means in terms of time to throw sounds like okay how good is your pass protection that's with that reads like. And if he doesn't hang in there because not just because all bad I mean he's a good runner. Right so you've got and you've got an upside to being like that that he provides. But that would affect. A depends on you do it you know in fact I would like this kind of ranking. We'll come back after a timeout then Travis Yost at six much over the bulldogs WGR. And I were just past 5:15. PM. Opportunity to remind you about. So could the high fifteen game time our delicious American pale oil from Hamburg growing. Available wherever fine Beers are so old that includes the new recently opened whole foods. On Sheridan drive out here in Amherst. Yet this visual to weed out this picture from. The new display at the new store really nice and up the course lots of other places too old Brooke you're consumers locations. Prominently displayed and in the middle of beer section a Grand Island tops assault that onerous all right and wegmans has done likewise have a couple of their locations. So your check it out solutions. Are really happy that amber growing. Worked on this with with the radio station and it's a good beard has been very well received from all indications so far. I think it's a good summer beer. To the humid it in a certain sense it's good for hot day all right and we have those because that's we do right. Get them while you can all right. Femi tell your sorry but you wanna be drinking and October fest. Where it's 88 no usually not a big upbeat start to get not a big stout guy in the summer that you wait the it is a transition that comes when the weather changes and it will get there 55 yards a game time speaking to game time. Is a contest that you can learn more about at WGR by fifty dot com we're trying to do is register to win the ultimate 55 hours of game time. Which could see you win. For tickets to see the sabres and the penguins play a home and home. On Friday and Saturday. And then four tickets to the bills and patriots play on Sunday. At the stadium. Plus you get executive car service to and from each game courtesy of liberty cab. The dates December 1 through third. Make that a game time weekend and register to win now again WGR five to two dot com for details on the Missouri today at the gym today. Today at the gym I was kind of scale waiting for Travis but wait for Trevor you know these phone the phone when he was. The TV. This today did you did you record is it was me. That was me doing curls. A phone formally he seemed to whites. I'm gonna find them find another location well I'll let you find a phone to talk with. No hey it it didn't happen until I was just about done. Soul. But it's it's consistent whose firebomb the place of going in late pierce comes from the actor I'm reading and sure enough. 200 dialed the phone sort of talk to them what I I was wrapping up anyways I get out of there I did notice. But I hadn't really been all around this gym and has its massive place pretty its biggest got. Everything that I mean I need them I'm not some work out media. But. There are the same kinds of Blake's that I'm on that this woman is right next to me on. On the other side of the gym. And I think tomorrow launched in Europe no I did notice that today they use some different equipment today I'd I'd like branched out to some different things and I think tomorrow I'm gonna do now one. Justice who want to do what she comes over that. You really weird. But I bet I think maybe you can say I came here to get away from the right what do you what do you do. We don't get into a mirror came over here just as it did not wanna listen to your conversations just Clinton helped us that would be released. Now today at the gym today at the gem. Maybe you'll get an update an IV. I mean the most menacing today at the gym. Open I've ever heard on the radio. Travis Yost I think he knows about this and we'll get his thoughts on the sabres season currently more that than the other. But you never know that'll be after sports much over the bulldogs rams forty niners the Thursday night game live on WGR 830. Stay tuned.