Intentional Scouting: Episode 4 - Mason Rudolph

Nate Geary
Tuesday, February 6th

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The intentional. Sky out. We may hear listen I'm just the angry young guys that thinks he knows. And from inside the pylon marks trophy you know just another washed up quarterback trying to access talk it. Coming do you live from Kate's mom's basement. Tears intentional scouting. Welcome to everyone to episode four into. National scouting we are here this evening at least. Recording anyways. With a couple of fine gentlemen be of course they fury. And dug her crown as normal a RO OR how aria. Abdul while my friend and we've made it to four out shirts so if you took the under. On three episodes being the horror under I'm sorry but you logs. Bad day for. Eventually I feel that it probably sent to ensure you bubble let the people know that you can find is where courts are. He tree it's if you so choose you root out you know. He's also any. Out oh. Ayalon and reports FL. Is special guest. Of course is in an ultra bright are you probably know and are tired of nations of Lebanon's Western New York on extra Chris. Thanks for joining Marc and I we have we appreciate. Thank you have me you talk about this pretty controversial. Quarterback crack crack who doesn't add up the huge. Com why is a moment in pretty all right wing in the draft community. That's right and that player is of course for episode four Oklahoma State's. Mason Rudolph 65230. Pound three year starter and in those are measurable Ziyi a lot of hockey check out there 63%. Career completion percentage. For Rudolph and a guy that's really elevated tees around and I think. It. Our hearts are with you your general thoughts on real prospect of floor we really incidental. Yeah I mean I think there are some kids at Rudolph does well in the past scheme as a quarterback I think if you watch him on tape is she know what that stands out as his tee ball pocket throws along the boundary. And only you and I talked you know and draw the post route to the release talks out both of us another area where I kind of like Pam is she's a quarterback that is really good sort of is now she's off coverage. Outside. Can be. Rose in those situations and strategic those maturity. Whether it's route comeback routes it can throw those that I'm into them into a he should on those types of throws of those who think that it does really well and are there others get to where you use improvement by. At first West Coast and sort of stand out to me. And Chris Seve he's your top ranked quarterback distress season generally speaking your thoughts on him as a prospect. Yeah I think mark you know at a lot of the point very well com. Just with his overall scheme and meet on I change in the glaring weakness I guess I'll have to start there is in lack of that really big. Iron that we eat from Josh Roseanne and Arnold Lamar Jack even make me feel. Like in a ball all that lie. They are up and then being discussed more and around a hour and guy or in their group here or other guys. Seem to be you know are a lot at this point but I don't what mark at one point. I think it in Asia and may need because he doesn't happen that you aren't. At that point. On a really good I mean I don't think he won that every other row you may and creep into Asian Earl. Mean you know Allred bar there were dying. That I would eat and look the right edit the GO. Quick at what Bayer and he would. Immediately ship or left side of the shield and all the ball and you know from our ash and outgrow. That what you would either reap what you would that you're running the ball girl while book or is whiter where he certainly don't want your group was out of it great all day and age in. He are. Although box that you are at the side and the beard or get an important role in cornerback Eric rose and endara. You know they'd need need some work we're fighting all of net elbit have Rudolph kind of like an old guy in net. I don't know how much re I mean you need with that pre net stop looking into patiently reading coverages. Any certainly you know it didn't. In need of hearing that we love him he's an older or are you kind of wore out that I did think that there are a lot development. From the medical side and at her side. Armed with him than what any of the other quarterback which shouldn't be tried in a redshirt senior. Around the perhaps still. Easier or more in that meet. You don't need or any where I meant or maturation that you really need it more radical I would. And I get. The other or wreck. So Lamar lets us heading to the low down no do little dab. He's a guy for me obviously that's played exclusively in shotgun. Another thing obviously that you have to at least mention he's been throwing against those of us thought Avery knows he's not harm that. Oh believe defense being played in a conference it's not his fault goal against the war against but. And the other thing let you know that sticks out is he's not an overly athletic guy. What have you seen on film over and in. We always thought what tumor is he's one of those guys that it's. And there are four years three years of really you know extend its starting film it's always good purveyors because it. At least leaves less room for error. Guy and you know to that point I think when it with Rudolph you've seen a bit of a developmental track she is tape over the past seasons where you know some of the question marks and had. On him common into this year. Sort of did address those. At what he was able to do over the 2017. Season for me some of the things that I was wondered about was don't beyond. Some of those you know wide open throws that she'd be well you know could he. Know find. Instances would you finances from being able sort of manipulate offenders whether it's second local workers third level. While back to pursue these I think you saw some of that this year you know there's throws he made. One that sticks out to minorities under slant rout against. Are what you really did a great move and he's old defender for could throw so I liked that row there are some ways also in that game where showed patience on route its Muni additionally there's Adonal content to double post where he needed sort of let that incite or stroke. Where the underneath defender. Before it could throw and he just didn't rush in some time she younger quarterbacks. Ari themselves. Speed up across so you know that stood out recite it saw some growth which is a good sign for Rudolph commute but not okay how's he going to adapt to life in the NFL will be two to coach and and will he continue to grow and ours. Chris when you really assess in do you see some of the things that you mentioned the arm strength. As being something that navy takes away your word got so that we sit and wait him and ask would you NEC does matter that other crops are considered or. Or grow or that you are so. Or order. All I would they may be be and damned Arnold I think it into Asia and com and again because. And China adapting data because that is arm strength. It doubled into the patient grows are they're neat are these ball or outward as wide receiver should be on beyond that I will guard the back. And meet certain action that were I'm a blind eye on the net you really an art under a here feel that pressure there were I'm like mark that it looked like he was waiting around on that you are at a warm and all in a wider here. He's buried on the good inside the pocket maneuvering away from pressure doesn't I'm. Pretty up a nice little shouldered debt if there is. It can't structure coming on from his blind herb are rounded out strong and I say. And I don't know if I am to Arnold and sure a lot of heat. On lenders pressure and it all in geek in me you know outstanding in additional role went in and a break out but I. And may rob let that quote unquote structure of the late last alarm I'm that and the burstein a pressure. Lamar Jack and doctors I'm where. When they are grinding you know dressed in the pocket which I think that is a very important trait or were wrecked. Have going in to really develop that reliable I don't think on that route out almost. All way. In my opinion. Already sister older you time or you'll get a Little League is it worked out on the field when I had an idea side and I'm again. It look natural that even when he was the shock and a quick. Drop from there. That you're just. Hit the you know how did drop a manager's move up in the pocket. Look book and would be able to throw the ball down or a month are a nice dirty they. I think I credit and in Asia and are right up there and and actually I. I think are back amend or. All right NFL outlook time. NFL's policy. Mark we'll go back to you my cop. These are my favorite parts because I I lake. Going back in and watching some. Pool life film for the pac twelve in the act and actually malice. And the first guy that's got me for Rudolph was all an end. Maybe unfairly it's because I look at them they're very similar stature bigger 65 plus guys. Immediately it looks like they wears size seventeen you know like it looks like there are risks in their issues are guys are also guys that as Chris has said are are sort of how would you in the all know it doesn't owe. Me. Old heiress and I go back I was in stature but similar college career armed in a longer career starters are peaks or movers. And they absolutely have a place in today's help I read. It. Yeah I mean I can see you got to be where we were talking before and I get. You know from studied have near the end of the season when he was clan. I'll for Arizona for the of 1000 projects some of those things I talked about the intro where he's good at. You don't identify sort of off coverage bail coverage situations and then make it Hyman and he should be used to roads in those situations. You know I saw Blaine Gabbert who had a Sri meanwhile Arizona so. You know on that little one little sense I saw were some similarities there but it would respects Rudolph sort of is NFL outlook I think. You know one of the things is what it considers. It's like big cricket terms of Reggie will reverse Selig announced yeah well. You know he might come in with perhaps the high war out of may be most guys in the class because she's. Each errors like you guys have talked workers are at. You guys at percent I don't think there's a lot but he released from each do from a developmental standpoint we're there might be other guys that. Need to do more in terms of development Josh Howard Archer so with Rudolph USB yeah sure they would he comes in short of a week wandered you know she's working she's in the question becomes how much how much better and EP column. In the NFL but I definitely think like you look at mission Rudolph on tape and she released on the past couple years. I mean I think this could be a guy that has a launch order NFL careers to kick around league in ten years now there will be I think you draft a forum that might not able to say the same thing. Yes sort of the healthy balance he did with any you know a first round or run on cornerbacks Chris. How to count for you in May be. The best situations dramatically. Bad debt as you might down indoors. On my computer and ham and I'm I'm get a currently include the CB article. That I'm gonna do compares in each. Of the players at each additional next month on insider info or right here on international started out here first various. But I in new. But it watching budget aimed at her and I got thinking back you'd get. In that he was. Similar mean might not be that Amy Erick I but a bigger quarterback. While Syria Irian played. You know on the shocked and I'm exclusively. At the B eight. Didn't have a huge arm. Com and head pretty good numbers but not really loud and one when he came in the league. Not having to you know do a lot with. Like mark mentioning. Learn coverage it ought to read that were all on free app and now. I'm pretty. Good deep ball. Com and I've obvious that are more Wi dean moved a little bit better but there were kind. Mean Iraq was keeping the ball I read option. That. And and we didn't didn't look like Lamar India. But I think for him I buy it and if you over are wondering. Our thirty I'll move actually pretty well written McNamee indictment I think he can be our. You know Asian grammar in a gay or art or a yard on a bought it play on looking back deck at Ottawa undervalued. And really the jury and outwit. With him at this point that you know yet such an issue in kind of lower volume year. What in a good bit eaten with Al on you know some of that you know really out of line play up front and Ella here. On and I I think it would be up and down. Just because of what he weighed in Oklahoma State and I'll read a lot of deep shot but. I think because of where I believe he had mentally I mean AYOR. And and many a good ball out quickly would be I am I mean not like what are and doesn't feature any deep shot in the field. And I think B a he seemingly knows where to go a ball on that really. I bet I Obama ran on. Would be better for him because. Dumping like debris area about it word you'd be stretched yield a lot. Because that could arm strength and make panel that they're lacking a little bit I don't know that would be the ultimate back. Situation remember certainly an opera that he a lot of sharp on that he's used to that idea of ending or in our technique and calm of the kind in there are cutting it and like nearing that and that. The keys are in shock and so. I don't know the exact. Team that I would be Herbert or am but I I actually do think. Despite what you've played in panel on eight and up and that. More tying bay and more you know or not oh well I would actually be a really. Our guys let's put our Sean McDermott and operating being glasses on now let's focus this in. Who built its bills fell gains. It's are you Chris Mason Rudolph fitting into what the tools are looking to do offensively knowing. You're a defensive coach likely gonna wanna build a team that runs the ball well he's good defense and doesn't order has according to lose your football games but I think we all know that this is an opposite desperately need to our answer is basis can he beat I immediately guy. That sort of not only played the players. Yeah I think he can be arm I don't know how great it you would be. In what it seems like data on you and that morbid. Traditional understand where I'm in a stretcher on the right and who dat. Because of of like what can you leave it a lot of the Arctic are they don't have a lot of that are under senator. And intricate here the first round. That today a lot of their and a pushed it right away I do you lead in that our rent. Breakaway it would and I'll work and all and down from. There were there water. Actually in on it off a lot of boo leg off shot Don and Mike Gundy system or not like me are never on Iran or he does and you don't know how that all work. Armed but I do is. On the big play ability and has down field throwing a little pocket or that are mentioning earlier. It would build Needham and what they didn't get Eric Taylor over the net you didn't think wide receivers certainly acquitted that'd well and when you think about it this. This is not a quarterback prospect coming into league are up 151617. Inner action our final heat in he had Berry low. In action number you only had or action 120. Mr. on the ball a lot so they what you want about yet there are all our guys and why don't. What if someone like they army killed you know being getting being good at playing the big well. Or you can really meet and Rudolph either you would not. This gunslinger who were here it also built wanna and a you know have that similar tire dealer or the ball. Let's get a little more our side just quit you know reading in your field and hitting the big clay I meet her what me. Mar. Which of those goggles up when he got. Yeah I mean I grew a lot of what Chris said there I mean I think you had the dose of sort of the bill is what they'd like to run right now and sort of how they structure the office of past years it would change and adjustment. Root out sort of commented that it sort of get full work on the technique out of things like that are critical to the ball that's how huge ruptured and you're like Chris mention your there worsened halfway apples and boots out of John out of crystal formations so no I I do. You know it's a message which Reynolds that he could get there it is immediately wimpy I do the best sort of fit forehand from where he rejects India as a quarterback or at least it would be the cleanest transition points and I think. For Rudolph is ideal sort of offered as maybe some instructions in the Pittsburgh where you've got the deep shots coming from TomTom and the tightest team and their office. But there's a lot like West Coast almost erased off. Type stuff in there is wobbly throw bashing throwing Chrysler's you've got this on the routes and time times or offers like that probably is best suited for Rudolph. Pretty in Dennison yeah it would probably take c.'s Richard truly get them to where you need to. Our solid is anything else that we can add here that admit it now nobody's that I haven't brought up Christie got anything. Probably just the fact that I that. And it is. Bin eight and the actor Rodney getting up at. Our number one are the type of Darryl and rose and and be all Al which you may be evident earlier. In the Arctic cat. That I'm a big believer in two going through EJ Manuel all ahead. A lot of our debt. That I'll view I like. In mid totally different way I'm not only one but I think that there are a lot of clout there. Believe in that that. All cited the quarterback but more about. It year able to you know build your arm rain or get more mobile. Ot be like yeah and paired you with someone like eight EJ Manuel that. Seemingly had by the traditional and oh I'd because the guy and an arm strength what was not in a raid didn't really know we're oh well all I heard book or that I do think that those Spain for the quarterback addition. Are so hard learned. Again about competition in the world in the an outlet that I would rather eight. Are content and that yen. You know you every inning and the mental side but it I don't have you arm and certainly we eat a lot of guys don't have. The critical rate at about what urban soul many. I'll be John Skelton. Well I mean you know a built right now and now that look the art didn't have yet he couldn't read it and couldn't make a decision. And I don't know Andy that it really and her I like that. About. More than any where Arnold you have a lot. To learn where it is delivery. You're making roads in similar. Certainly a little more power are rude. You don't have as much. In terms of the man that I want to get the. Our fellas that's gonna wrap this up for a time here mark we will be Cheney and soon Chris we appreciate job now this is an episode of intentional scouting. The real soon they listen you all and that.