Intentional Scouting: Episode 7 - Kirk Cousins

Nate Geary
Wednesday, February 28th

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The intentional. Sky out. We may hear listen I'm just the angry young guys that thinks he knows. And from inside the pylon marks trophy you know just another washed up quarterback trying to access talk it. Coming do you live from Kate's mom's basement. Tears intentional scouting. Welcome in cheap. Episode numero seven a special episode this week because we are sort of moving the way or you're away from college prospects. It's the route pretty easy to bring new course or how it really to review of mr. I'm well you know the this season I guess it's you it's the offseason which is really I think the most important season. This is the building blocks happens so I felt you know free agency curious and talk about our cousins was an. The thing that you end obviously I think guest has gone it's a more realists are less realistic thing. I'm bill dance but I thought it would be good or not I don't Ferreira who is coming in war done thank you for joining Marc and I this evening you talked about Kirk cousins who are some quotes from this article of yours that's and I'm gonna bring up so while we appreciate you joining. My pleasure out of work and I. They redid Kirk cousins all ears are a little. I figured that you too would probably feed ya the team to bring an end to talk about player in in in Kirk cousins as we talked about so so does what we do you are the first portion of the podcast is your elevator which ended at Oregon. It's really just hey man tell me what about us. Oh. Reboot. Well I think cousins is an example out of steam can elevate should ask Nina to shoot through it or not. And it shouldn't article. What do you don't can't. Or that. Or ninth and on. Drilling rigs Britain's number here. Is it's or left you years. If you consider your honor. The will be the last. When you're talking about cost or are you and accrued in a thirty year. You want to be able you little sir you're. And when I watch presidents I've seen a guy who. Really who deemed. Excellent. Moored and I would be out what are we went and got thirty. On it and you know when we should I. It's an animal like that is true true miracle. And you are street Joseph is grace reopen is great. I went through three annually. Willow. As a receiver on the little guys know. What answer you will embark on that ball gets there you law. Most likely. You're. Incorrect perception. Assistant defense has had read dozens and this. And I. Oh yeah yeah well I. And he's not a guy who you think this has come and now it doesn't matter. A levee. Around. What. Luke should have been war. And it doesn't look. On me that there are no steps are rewritten a degree. You want to run our record year I ordered out there and ordered. I would be really. I was always interested dug in it. And and I think this if you Marti was I was always interested to see Kirk cousins get to the free agency market with the idea that he could end up in Palestinians are in San Francisco and out there isn't to say. This team that it mentioned. Is an interest in what your thoughts mark I quickly. And. Course are thousands sort of your your raw. I mean I think dogs touched on a lot of the issues both positive and negative with cousins I mean I think. The court you're looking at a guy who shorter than that. You know that you've been. 10-Q B fourteen type sheer he's an above average quarterback and for some franchises. And it makes sense to go get an above average quarterback if you feel like that and still be a big improvement of what you currently have right now if that's improvement were awful currently has right now I'm not sure are true years. With dozens what you get and as a guy like that sets when the scheme works and Jim wood what you do from a skills that you're gonna have good results when you look at some of the the success that he's had all this past season a year prior would remember your child McVeigh working with a mess well when they would run half field mirrored past columns it's it's pretty. Quarterback friendly we know can't get covered to go to this idea of rig aside and it's simplifies the restructure or that sort of hopes and from a decision standpoint and it gets his Obama dog racing is he's won't. The process and speed up. First and second reads that's great that you grew when you can have field reads and simplify what you're when asked to go full field you should things dip or in terms of his accuracy and his velocity in I don't know it's sunny and this year and I'm a week ten against Minnesota and there's a third and each situation yes you get two or 38. And it comes out late the ball is. Police Orly and it should have been. And these issues you have to do this you have to get them into the right sort of scheme where you're gonna have since froze it was an open forum here. Did you opt metal cross. Doesn't mean he's a better quarterback quarterback you know I mean. Look at how just emptiness helps Tom Brady. And he's arguably the best quarterback on a quarterback just have to identify what are needs help where and then build the structure offense around that that's sort of where were presences. I think he's sufficiently aggressive quarterback not at a rate challenge windows. Now that my. He's the fact that if the ball is coming outweighed its. Shorter smaller throw wonderment and actually should have bet. But he still aggressive to make those throws I think he's a clinic and now he's aware enough from the it'll there are issues and respond to pressure we seem states. Accuses quarterback. Doug's point you win with. And for some teams that's good enough to get them into our back into the play. So murky sort of stole my thunder for the first segment here. The load down to lose now. Because I was gonna get into doves processing speed. And it really that that's. That's part of the article and in what used in the article and I love doing to his serve in snapshots. Representations. Hey this is what I'm talking about so it if you have no chance I get used it's problematic but yet. February if you go back to our future we're back on us what else. Twitter so fool's gold is sort of what you labeled. Kirk cousins as I wanna get into processing speed for your order you went you went through. Wasn't something. They could hold him back if you keep mentioning this team part of and I guess that's how I wanna tightness in his. How old. Specific. Is this player need to be in terms of scheme you ultimately. Get half. Past those processing speed issues or or over com that it be more and eighty. Bring him to eat urban not. In the league in court. Use your examples from the Denver game one positive one negative is that each we looked at her and beat this thing away and emotionless. You bunch Ryan yeah we're playing on. And or linebacker Scott the Washington. Is order it. Read out real good and yards away from annual and how did you. Our year. Our interception. And New York who worked there are nice solid all year where RE. In order usually isn't there cornerback Chris you're hurting your irritant at all or silly or around the all it was election on the job and got in the way. Why did the owner under orders. This was a drag railway operator innocent. Let. Us this sort of reboot it. Call eight. And east lake and its leader and I actually it's a lot of bad war. There's there's a cognitive dissonance over and that's yeah. And yeah well that's all you. Glanced out and went more up upbeat or windows. I mean yeah she's also hesitant. To let it longer. It's an extra to get here where he's actually were usually in the windows. And grow into India and didn't. Mark let's move towards mechanics. When you see this is a player and Doug mentioned in the article to that. Has actually seen a bit of an improvement from his earlier years is our mechanics right and. Much much kinder and use our staff or. If any at a player then at times that tendency to throw his arm and isn't really the kind of guy that can afford to do that at this level I just don't think he has the arm strength to be an arm thrower you see a lot of the same stuff and Sam Arnold. Right now he needs a guy. Was so tired are already getaway route early but if you are reared in Belmont knew those rose more of a especially since so our our those what did you see early in his career this guy and a lot of us are college. Wasn't highly recruited and highly drafted this guy that really has ever so once or joint. This is this season this is the off season now where he's had to be some for toys and some. Are. Great yeah I'm not not a small amount of money here and which interests and if you go back and sort of watch causes refer sort of see playing time in Washington and sort of she's developmental arc of his mechanics in the national football. What I found was when you go back too early to it she was warmer in Charlotte he was forced throw on the move whether designed to boots and we'll lots of things like that was much more rich does carry you in your body is written to quarterback. Rowland who's left and throw and was left we really have to get shall turn when an art to translate that that was when he was much better but it would make sure that said. Lord barbecue and just all over the I mean it wasn't quite as bad as say Sam Arnold and you know we just on talked him but it was not pretty much better now caption development. From them from an import from you mentally to know she's definitely helped them because well if you he has solution should arm strength. To run boast an awful offense mediums and have high power army would want seen pairings or yelled ouch system I think its decision to run where. Not senate teams want to run. You know and he sort of bit that he loses in terms of velocity and or from a mechanical standpoint guard him and it's just gonna make some of the issues we already talked about. Com home to because we only to begin with when you're staring down wrote in the interception to just talked about it in Denver he stared at home -- weight room everybody in ball with his eyes at something he doesn't eat. He's chips integrate itself so every little bit of a lost all of the fact that he's cleaned that unit. Will help them given some of their issues rouge raised earnest. So before we get into where we think he fits best stuff I want your opinion in your thoughts on when you watch him inside the pocket as pocket manager is a guy. Who at times especially last year I thought obviously be in luck situation at the opposite wind for what it was a complete her injuries are you they had guys weren't even on their roster look I knowing that an an going back and watch the film and let's talk about this is a progression so Romania's first yours as starters third. You what do you seen his ability to ER manager got on our utilized. To his strengths whereas I would Aaron Taylor are utilizing. I'll be. I would say yeah okay in the pocket under pressure and that's an X improvement. Isn't the worst mechanical. Laws occurred in the pocket when he was running brew when he couldn't justice it is murder. Oh. Alone when he pressure especially right Adam. We can't completely real well in order and a guy I would start my high school. Tightened things up then yeah. Lastly where they're receiver situation is low or. You know and I want to point that I mentioned article. He has occurred and well you know. Biggest recruitment and are under pressure you. And it's just two years of very hard worker. Our coach a group that Lee oh you're what you know and. So mechanical recruitment has banned. Really good in the pocket or all I can withstand and murder of recruit well. Why you know I think through it you know what these guys are her parents oh. Your. And Matt first couple years off. We all are. My. Or yeah yeah. Yeah there you are just harder now yes. She. It was just quicker he started it. And I. Were a horror. Or were his. Under what were. Quicker. For those who need it yeah. Can't get senator. And possible this matter. And were. Because there was such a long way to go recruit and you'd. So mark I I asked Doug about the inside the pocket game what are your thoughts about the player when he asked to break the pocket when things break down. Is he a player you can count on to make a play for your offense whether it's with these fees or desire is you just sort of guy that that main chains. I mean mechanical consistency when he gets out there are what you need to deliver the ball accurately. Yeah I think that's sort of one of the lake. You know quietly positive things about our our fact that he is a pretty functional athlete quarterback position he can do some things. You know each and employees who does she easy guy that can climb the market at times. When he is able to diagnose pressure quickly and react to it like I said. Quick pressure can sometimes be a problem. But when he's able to seat comedy and get a head of it from a mattress and when cashed it from a he does you good job which is sized optional or fairly while on the move and yet you say that you see sharp run on third war the huge drop alive he's knocking on. You got a break off long runs are pretty and two enough with that aspect and the plan position and I act to game wish to be beneficial to a Cheney's not a minus and that sort of you know has claimed the position. I get through quick and MR integrated for your running boot it's gonna eat her out in the field cutting fuel and happened and cousin who is all year. Who all he's been discussed is. How you are you the full really bring up. Any. And teachers are sugar or brute. This rule if you were lost a. That's an interesting point and let's move in Bethel outlook now. NFL how he. Typically this is there. This is apportioned out where we really look at scheme fit I think we can stick that. But I think now we have a little better idea what this player is a. But your are his best scenario for me like I said it was always about an hour. You know. The door juts out as you know it's interesting considering what the offense in under dot com last year different according this year however. I don't like it I wonder where I had no clue what eight. Eight is daddy knows that's considered what he got out of that office last year now as a team that people were saying we're thinking we're gonna win no game. Last season so it gives Internet jokes and around a little bit but I I just on the grounds or are the most brilliant and I don't. Thirty so I just don't see. Not Barack's edge I just I just not seeing it for the browns so to me. The team that makes the most sense to me anyways is Minnesota and I'm wondering your. We're in and I think rim completely unsettled quarterback situation you judge on equal welcoming your principal leader who understands who first offense understand. May not even an all. Plus we're. Equal understands how to create. An elegantly. You'll ocean. Poorer. Quarterback Jim yeah Lou it shortly benefit out there in Kansas City last year. You know he got Adam fewest on gay and crude offensive line you know Rudolph recruit the reds are functional and yeah. I think it. Bunker. Or bunker and begging. Yeah our end. That's that might still want to just feel like they have they present him the best situation they present in the ability to pay him the sort of money can you be looking for. And it to dust why don't call me. Don't cook beat an estimated most dynamic running backs he had the ability to play where and that's if they decide to release the two running backs did a huge game this season so offensively. They really ought to be the most. The easiest route I would say success. It was a the end of the day ritual aunt Betty is really. Bored or I'm 31 wasn't really. Yeah I mean I think from what talent around him perspective and as well as you know have been before we'll have a hand there as well Ricci what he was able to do in the past years with cars why don't those that you major selling points I mean just equivocal leader cheer the jet in the sense that front. Like you guys I was stunned when they let Morton I fought with what they were able to do with Josh out running sort of a mix of hybrid buried at West Coast. Concert I was reachable for structure. Is. You know my fingers crossed Mark Jackson and their but I digress. I think if you look now. Jesse Jackson has at least at you know you're drag routes and stuff like a year if that route as a receiver got all steals and Andy's got ball skills. Has he has we've seen it runs so many routes on yeah she screams Morton's. Or what job. If you look at each sort of his coaching tree you talk to guidance Grunin Shanahan the site. It's sort of some of the starts to matter who you talked about benefit Kirk cousins. About you know boot off of outside zone who laughter stretch things like that I think they're components with the jet what I should it be and under eat that would. Sort of fit with cousins. Now than the other stuff which is. We're the jets are right now how it's going to be around a that's probably national out of talent league and environment. Which when you look at Minnesota. So I think this is a benefit cousins but I think you know the jets in the money that they have is we're taught what there's rumors that sixty million and he offered that Italy are able. That's tough to walk away from a special scheme at least my trip. I think to Arizona is is another gene that makes sense that with a stellar defense a good running game and I think in. An incoming head coach isn't there another team it's going to be whether or not they decided cannon. I don't know it DNA it's always been Minnesota news. Now those upper left here is still oh so this martian I was look at the bill's point new rules for gains. I think maybe as the beginning in the off season started I really thought this would be. I'm an idea that feels explore everything that branded PR about when each team in the door and Alyssa. Finding a franchise the most important thing to this franchise. In when I looked it beat out to the guy who. Drafted a guy obviously he wasn't. There and Newton which you know. You've been with the bills that's needed and there are guys and I just let guys know that exceeds the bills won a game last in the year. I moved down outside of the number one. And it is losing the area to. I am I I've I've gotten over. Your personal. Closer. At least we don't do that you know at least we got to debacle we haven't had us focused I start to view I'm your thought out at this point knowing that it's. Not super likely. What are your thoughts are connection probably my. Yeah I mean I think if you buffalo and your team that almost suggesting the playoffs you're pretty close. You don't go to and get an and to let us make some sense for you because you know that at least in years one year's student but. He's gonna wouldn't beasts. Don't give you something boards that I Josh Rosen or some of these other guys talk because there's not going to be as big developments occur you'd get a established quarterback that might have some room to grow what if it is a solid base in order work so just. The thought conceptually that's going after Kirk cousins and does make it's now. Is he board of the kind of money talk here for him up when. You sit XY one its way to you you've got some M oracle and get what is now it's perhaps not sure. To being competitive early and in trouble one of the past due which is a cost control hold short of rookie quarterback. You've got the web to actually get that or one might all year. So relieved to death sort of cost benefit analysis I'm not sure that it really aged that much sense I think if you're a war that if you look at sort of gables coach and he knows dramatically. Yeah he's sort of from the patriots are Perkins at school what could actually work with cousins by. There are some question marks that were not sure that she actually doesn't actually sense of value and cost my prohibit you from doing. And got any. It's so crazy to think about Abby consider how long expenses the Eagles had a legitimate thrower of the football and you gotta go back and find guys that played well for a year or two but they were never natural robbers they would you. The Belmont of those correction like that was the thing it's about. Are there player tees so considering how good well at least. The beginning of the options we thought how does this special free are and yet a lot of guys might get so or three starts are treated as he saw it and things are all about how would say. If Google's side that he was where Ian bounced in and whether or not think it seemed like the bills would be Smart considering it seemed that has had some little success of its and finally. Yeah. That's your question the question. So much better what cousins at the bills last year. He had an and order guy who. Well it's too really you'll serve him as much as they listened to Kyra Phillips is a. An order of the year. Church eluded we have. Rebecca here. You. Didn't want him there as bill earlier about. It and we still in our political. On or how much or are you wouldn't you know. Because we don't really think we're arrogant and last year. I political. He drew the need. One bigger. Realized that I was in. Growing up. Pursue what he knows who Hillary is the problems. You know we're not. Looking your usual. But how it works this year 2000. Who were ripped cousins. With that theme there. Court meters long and in in lieu. It's you against the like you're going to fit my system is where it seemed you out by. If birds she asked I'm I'm being is how much better this guy and I. Program and news immediate burden a little more creative with our. I think when. From a scheme standpoint and really from a numbers standpoint that's where I started to make the argument for myself. We Kirk cousins is a bed you putting in any 3504000. Yard passer. In this fills offense in and speaking on background I'm thinking. Man what an upgrade I would eat for this offense. At times I think also they are and what you said is how much this offense really was out of restraint and I remembered Jerry white and I we had a pre show little. You know sounded a more. And the first sweet season. We owe to each other. This just is a marriage in terms of offense in the Koran that is just built a failing its. Their building so that it doesn't work and it was that's where I think most. I think was ready to cutting Watkins Marshall heirs. Were about meat and I was. Well yeah but our ads that are trying it looks like. Yousef atop the and I just don't know why. Don't let. Us to lose a guy in the scene look. You're gonna do it my way or else out when procurement and that's been in that calculus want to. I used in coaching staff. General you're I think you're better than what it showed. I don't her cousin is good. Scheerer. So we're right where today. It's an interest in point Doug Farrar Bleacher Report tell people where they can find your Twitter and where they can find work. Are we scored it for our war you recruit a lot of local. And her heart and my brother. And older plays on bleacher or. Hey that's a good warning because I try to tell people to the following I'm sorry. But you're gonna get at least. At least 40% politics and that's you know that's that's just what it is trying to keep you know it's engaging diet it's an engaging. 2008. Our gentlemen while I appreciate Doug you job all of us are we got more power to do we got more free agents to discuss what do that is one episode eight for now even the angels aren't. Of course and in your bucket. Yeah.