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Saturday, April 21st

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Do you play here you'll learn how to make your own beer it's time for just threw it. Once you buy now with traditional. Here's your host anyway. Our oyster. Good Saturday morning welcome to Niagara visions just brew it here on ESPN 1520. Jeremy why with diced her the morning how are. Happy Earth Day yeah. Happy Earth Day. This is week seventeen in a row saying hey looks like may be organized so you have so we're on our way that's good. My father now hopefully continuing to be warm this week Kia to back up to categorize it back out the caddy oh. Com for prayers bring in the rides you know and I mean it wasn't happening the past couple and it's small matches indoors but. Yeah I mean you can grew up outside when it's cold and it's the rain it's gonna just mud and via non negative frame right all right so anyway. Happier day and progress all the winners and armored to help with a walk how things alternately. Shake out good good I mean it rough weather for the last state to take out all the Beers judged in time. Army in you know the reception went well so I wasn't able to make it to the reception I was able to make it to judge a little bet. On that always a good crowd in the the judging to me is always really fun and exciting. Yet. And it. Readers turn the page from that to the union off fortieth annual moment competition. The deadline for that is may second yeah and so we have an entry stacking operate now similar process to sign up. You know go on line you know register you compare online numbering your entries marked and unmarked bottles tonight your traditional make sure they end up safely on their way and as we move into the spring and closer to summer. We get to a one of our too big a brewing Holly's. There is national homer day and then there's TT is different in different it's a national homered basics through the spring Holiday Inn in would be quite it's not as popular usually. The most brokerage front you got it because normally. It's like the start of summer so it's kind of you know it's tough for people wanna have their beer ready. You know the casing is here people are not disinterested is brewing but I think this hero be a little bit different are currently well shall be. May be in spring like weather and a on me you'll be summer. And early may we don't know where you guys be run and special he was bash. Some we also however beginning homer in class at 2:11 AM in the morning that you have to sign up for on line. Com and then we'll have our altering demo and tasting starting about 130 in the afternoon we haven't decided what we're gonna do for the altering demo what form all remembering so sometimes will do. You know we've been party guy all we've done. Grew in bad we've done like single infusion batch barge flies parts and he combination we've done terms once. Palm so wool. Decide what equipment we're gonna stacked up one to another over and almost always in the afternoon but that the one thing everybody's always. Four is a taste yeah so bring Beers and will have beer okay will be plenty of beer is it always the first Saturday in May. Just about cancer and thirty day. Yeah and Bergen and no better data home brew the derby day and you can hang out all day the derby rolls off around like 615 or so also you know. Hunkered down inside the rule what drew it up and by the time you know you're gone and either pitching your user who are depending on you know when you start though you watch that are resold and I am horrible meaning Mary Pierce. But when I grew on derby day. You have the derby on in the background they're just giving means to her own an actor and so if it's wonderful this suit their ego these creative names. Analysts who focus on the beer yet are bigger names from the U upper pierce and compared kicker has to more info on that. Probably next week we'll have a better idea of everything you need to know. For national home birdie which coming up on May fifth. Right about now though tax season has passed if you missed the deadline isn't awhile. But tax returns if you got those with talked about Smart ways to up with that money work for you when it comes to. Making your brew process easier or having more control over it quick whichever way you ultimately a while ago. Yeah it's we've talked about a couple things over the past couple we tagging system obviously B plus from boast about there. A sermon stat control or putting the other fermentation chamber are count her float solar beard gone. For months after green's father on the all of these things we've been talking about will definitely help you. Kind of progress. Your brewing local let in if you're looking for something while the make all these things will meet your peer. You know bring if more foreign arm in the case of like the thermostat. Or you know some of the from enters into a little bit better. Com. One thing that I kinda wanna highlight that you can do. With your tax return that would be something that would he forward so save you money in the longer especially if you're all remember is giving your own green. On I have to admit I own my longer email and it's not theory often that I use and coming in their traditions of our green mill there. Arm but there's times when I know wondering about two Beers and rope in so to save quite a bit of money instead and buying my mall ten pounds fifteen pounds at the time. I go ahead and bite the bullet and I'd buy a full sack the grain. That means that we do pressured in store. Our forties we can crush holes actually get that you know offset price plus we compression and Molder won a crush it as the use it at home. And so if you agreeing only go anywhere from mostly sixty dollars. 200 dollars give you one we have in store that we use in the one that I use at home both current document tradition. It will make. Every Daschle will be cheaper because you can start buying your pace small in ball you can better. You know efficiencies with older green if you can keep it hole in the basement and will keep a lot longer so agreement while not the most exciting home brewing purchased. It will save you money. Going forward so if you're looking at a way to kinda if you don't keep the numbering costs are keep the cost per batch down. Buying your base small. In 55 pound sack siege to about half an animal so you're used to paint twenty to thirty dollars and a paint and fifteen dollars. You know stronger cops especially moss on top of that but it will say if you quite a bit and. And I I had a question to follow about the alt a as hurricane system. Would you recommend still building year old Gregory are also buying one. Absolutely all the prices of collaborators have calmed down a little bit. Yet but it's kind of like if you wanna republika tracked a car or something like that yet you go by if Ferrari 45 feet and take over the racetrack. But that's gonna be quite expensive and improbably further you know fund per mile you're better off buying a monster me out of it and like waving it in and it's really kind of the same thing. You come in DOS and we sell them for you know anywhere wrote the obviously I've knocked down before about a thousand dollars gets you into the commercial. And of Calgary Gerson are you ever refrigerator that has a warranty. It has all commercial items from the regulator to taps the faucets are your casket hoses or organ match up. But some theory expensive. Unit as a whole and we do sell them. We can drop ship them if you want or you can come in in reaching him there we can assemble for you compared mop. On and we do get takers at a reports well. But we can't deny that it is by far more financially efficient for you know go by especially at chest freezer because the use so much less energy and that's really what it comes down to ease into the chest freezer. You can save money use your old home refrigerator. Or you can buy a like some type of effort refrigerator or mini fridge with an apartment sized ones hold two kegs. So for the average home for who doesn't. Have this being used night after night like on the patio power or something like that are kind of dried our. Arm to get draught Beers there you don't need Billy the bee stings steal you know food safety certified with the cutting top and all that nice stuff. You need something to stash and quarter your basement and really when it comes down to functionality in that Lake Powell wells might be your being treated. The chest freezer works justice wells one of these commercial during. You know commercial beer for it is. He and it's using about Ferrer who quarter the emerging in you've paid all little keg commercial getting all the commercial tag and stuff. You're looking at under 500 dollars. So for what you could go in get that cheap like you know best buy big box scorer in all. Cheap Calgary it has no name brand parts in it. You can build you're in for about double that you can get the commercial equivalent what do bar usually by again to kind of support drive bargain draft behind their. On but we can't deny that there to be financial savings for our huge to build it yourself. In its not that much in to be quite honest if you but I'd be carried her. Only things that you're saving yourself is drilling the hole and for the tapper the tower privacy only working safe yourself your shall put mall on oppose future. Catching all the clamps year you know hooking up the CO2 cylinder it's not like these things come captain married ago. So you're still doing a bit of work even when you cream is easy enough that I did it. Yeah I mean. I've built as a generator it's been fifteen minutes right MIA in drill hole to the top U mount the tower. You pick up the what's the temperature of things recall I think come controller temperature controller that usually spend five minutes trying to figure out where you think the best spot for probe is on that they'll for the bottom up on and then you spend more time pouring yourself that first appeared tennis during yeah human door open with you all the hoses and display. Yet up. And the size you know and there's one thing to watch for like. Make sure you can fit I would say they're gonna do it. On the chest freezers to Corey kegs can fit in their pretty comfortably out if you build blue collar a little bit higher yeah ancestry the could fit three and it all depends on the street like a little modular want to think that's when it pushed you yet to get as well again because. Think it's like a month on the electricity in wadded super low on that. Arm in a fight heavily towards that rather have an army those because I could potentially keep pierce at different temperatures and so that set of having the one B eight footer you know and in the poll. It seven tags him or her health care. You may I don't either and if you could make village near Alito contention yet so gagging system thermostat on a flotilla of the year gone in the from monster you knew for monsters and yes we do so now they they were coming in a six point five and a seven point five. They know we were all kind of hoping for fourteen. Not yet they do have one gallon in the three which is rolling so after doing. One give owners three gallon batches which is actually something I've been talking about a lot trying to do. Mortar the guy PA's but I wanna keep him fresher one roll through for a you know. On doing a lot of one and three on mattress myself. So new for monsters are also we have some new concentrates are we always have carried a couple. Local goods sit can tie in to home marine. You know local honey. Maple sugar. I'm but now we also now a couple of different for concentrates are local so we have costing your farm spokes are Concord and hurt Cherie concentrates. We're really only seeing people using the cherry concentrate Tony Clark creeks with bells and sale appear. In we've seen a lot of people only clearer with the beer a lot of people's buying it to consume it. And so we have that and we have the kind court and so it's been uninteresting to see how people. Com had been playing around with so each one of these is one court in Meeks about six quarts of Jews. On Sosa nice boost her true it's pasteurized product so if you're trying to edit you know Lleyton to a fermentation. Or trying to edit also that your sugar content up the world for highly concentrated. Are ready to break in. The other side steps to make your extract speaks more life altering or if you missed last week shows about the age of by PA's how or when you can't eat them. Understand the time lines that you might have the option. That's on the men find any episode on demand if you. Extract brewers how to pace more like Albany next. An activist and just threw it here on ESPN fifty. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just Pruitt which means. Either you home brew order thinking about it wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need. Now Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military in title on open Monday through Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At and T home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. Welcome back tonight revisions just threw it undisputed fifteen point. Extract to all green in terms of quality taste how to make it more your brewing extract like an all rain rob. Yeah and and I think the third this comes up a lot because a lot of the new person now. Go online Acer looking at blogs they talk about people how bare all green peers have been so much better. Then there are extracts and I think that there's a little bit of a misconception. Here. That extract as a particular flee for yes there's limited availability. Armed but compared to you know to Speights green but there isn't necessarily. A full lever that you contribute only to the extra thinker it's fully pursue you can attribute. Too young and inexperienced. Perverse. So often when people I think say hey my a you know like Bure got a lot better when I did all grain. I think it's also because a lot more tying in focus is being put into the pier and into key element when you first harboring. You really focus a lot on recipes and trying out new ingredients and you're not released. Often sitting or at least I know this was my case trying to work on your consistency. Work on the quality of your product often you don't know what the major flaws are producing our yet. I'm so there. Authoring you through it kind of you know reports have blinders they're you don't know that your peers are a little bit Daria solar a little bit under attenuated Victor happy with the you know any meaning you're moving on to the next rocket that pale element trying to IKEA IP with a different hop we try different east near moving around a lot. Trying to fine to say you know ingredients that are favorites were kind of remembering that. The year favorite. But I think a lot of people at the begin learning these small steps figuring out where they errors are in their beer the are also moving on to all lingering from actually because it's a hobby. They're looking to put more effort into your honestly what in the world but more to. And you end up making better beard back because you've moved on Auburn to appease you became a much better poorer. On and I think that saw something that's over looked and we often see. New birds coming in fueling an obligation to go right. To all you know I mean you think of me the only bright buddy started during when he was doing extra man is your rough. You don't half to. Two. All in. Could appear in and one of the reasons why with thing about this more recently since we get to competition time and in him looking over were friends. Who see an organ meat score sheets from previous recipes and stuff like panel and due to enemy that's cool but butter. Armed. Bigger than the score sheets do not or respond to whether they're doing extract or all necessarily. Arm and so I know a lot of really could extract urged. We're getting score in the thirties every time there's nowhere in their score sheet that anybody's saying oh this is an extract beer. It's not happening you're gonna mean so you can make really good beer and these are people numbering for years some of them who have gone all. And in come back to act stripped its because of time space constraints. So what's gonna get down to what's here and what you can do I think the first of all we can talk about. Is don't skip any of your basics sanitize measure everything temperatures times. Kate really good notes. Bomb again this is a lot of times when you brood these things become. More consistent more. Just built into your process. You know sanitizing everything NC lawyers in the ties are always looking stopped drip dry. Pre treating your water. Those kinds of things that if you can do for every beer. Organ meat ball a lot. On another thing is and based malts ants when you steep pay close attention to your temperatures. Ending a little bit of smoltz still have some and sign and it will change in nature of the sugar. Not only four year multi extra expo also for specialty malts as well Richard Neer slowly comes up whoo boy you will it'll that a breakdown. And so then I'm using and he base. I'm in no multi track that I really he often has died static are still has and science in it because the multi extract wouldn't heap as well. With CN times and it. On you you lose a little that a breakdown than of the specialty monster music. You know we talked about this before is silly things to watch out Forrest you start to go in from. You know all extra altering it and you can start using a lot more specialty malts especially crystal ball it's because. He knocked him leave as many. Kind of Heidi you know tax structure behind so when used crystal malts and have the local mini mystery envelope a baseball than their it helps break down some insurers you don't kind of get that intensely you know bitter are more fully on another thing you can really do that I think that I moved to pretty quickly and really helped me. I'm in Bibi is one of the reasons why. A Kenneth baby defend extracts so much is when I started during. I started happy birthday dad I started brewing. On his altering system brokering abstract so I gotta be fifteen yelling cattle at work chiller I did not have the fine. Too often going over to his house his garage you and I mean on populist and our work in them in a broad market appeared to take you know my apartment here. On so I started during and beat all ordering equipment peppering extract pierced when you do a full boil you get less harm policies and heavier war. Our and you get a lot more out of your crops in the other big thing that you're doing is you're treating all of your water before fermentation. So you can do full boil you will need to work shall work on you give Wallace normalization shall be easier to me like appears to hear pierce. Arm in your also gonna get a lot more out of your crops and I think that changes definitely that dynamic from the flavors Uga archer ending last year more alpha and sincere and acting as much. And resin he flavors to. On next thing you can do is give war chiller. If you chill your beer fast. Not only is year you reducing your risk to oxidation of the malts and harmless Asian you know loss you know flavor. From your props odds because they're volatile coming off. On your infection risk goes up. Are you also helped quite regularly more proteins get something called hold exclusive proteins begin to unravel backup program on to reach out to be clear beer as well. So few duo full boil then you can also combine that with the war shall. On your own really gonna reduce some of the dangers of chill hades in all normalization oxidation. I'm particularly. Fertilization oxidation chill Haiti's. Plus we'll say. Ample open you know from now he's character in there. I think that combination flavor is often what people associate. As kind of quote unquote. That you know extra rightfully so by doing this full boil. Giving the war chill or you were gonna reduce sick and risk of giving sleepers Tom significantly. Our next thing you can do and we talked about this I think a lot with the all members and I think when Ernie. Have to answer questions at stores this is probably the most often the voice and giving out now is your re your work. Home when you're working with just here in not a tank of oxygen you can't over do it. Companies in theory easy to kind of fall short you know for most future shooting you know about eight parts per million if not higher. Eight hurt the millions about the limit of what you've seen yet. By using your Indian here because of how little oxygen is in it. So. Go knots. You know if your extra battery of this you know little bit of cold waters to actually in your pocket you have liked to you know hop war. Pour it back in force like crazy on between the market in the pot. Money solution was often too. Dribble the the kind of bureau out of all of wealth all the way down 403 or four feet off at the table off the stove. In into my pocket and they would do that more than once walk away for half an hour let all my work go down in my fermentation pockets and believing into the Indian air. Also hope who down significantly in comeback that would do it again and I would do that twice. So that I knew I was getting every little bit of oxygen knighthood in Tibet beer. On the other sea conditions kind of goes into the seam line to cheer your reading wart for the health of your east also use more east armed. With extra temperature often just giving it kept. You when he mean for. Can in just pulling out that one needs and Roy and using that you might rehydrated clear instructions. But it it's dreary. Few and far between that ex strippers often start looking at doing starters. Looking at re hydrating looking at what their pitch count to beef for a beer. And to be quite honest moles extra cats leave you a little bit short race especially you know in this. With a lot of the kits that we sell the arm or hand some of the ball well hey this he's that kid doesn't policies and by the way. You probably wanna grab three packs why east or to a starter. Arm in for a first Steinberg. Queuing a starter looking year and what you pitch count should be. Can be really intimidating it's hard to over pitch. Just throw in extra package treaties so fusing Friday's. Cough up the extra four barks put another packed east. If you are doing extraction you really wanna be using liquid east each probably should be looking at starters deceive yourself will open up money. But if not use a second package by having forties at the start of fermentation. Those cells are people that's worked less stressed at the end of fermentation. So that you get better tasting. The year so use more aces and cheap little cheap you can do to throw an extra packages to write east. If you're sneaking wanna park its economy one dictates that we sell. Go ahead and open up at the owner you know we can help you find Backstreet tea into a lot of markets appear local property have. Two to three yeast packet in case you don't give appear enough oxygen in case you have some other problems. A key issue of trouble with fermentation control. We give you two threes packets and some effort to appear certainly care and TV went with a clean fermentation. And last of ball control your fermentation. Control the temperature of torture beer go back check and it every twelve hours you know for work when you get home. On and try to do anything you can do to control the temperature and your beer. And if you don't have fermentation chambers can be kinda tough. You're either left from renting it kind of the ambient temperature of your basement living room wherever has the most consistent aperture. But it's really important for mutations appeared you can do everything elsewhere throughout the entire process. And if you don't have a fermentation chamber for not watching your. You know temperatures you who will have problems and everything right advocates to who get fined if the temperature crashes on it will under ten UA. You know I mean if it gets stored. To warm it is come oxidized. So once you brew your beer. While the backbreaking work is over the attention just keep on the beer for the next couple days. On disease usually. Pretty easy you're usually going back to check on it anyways now you know what you should be looking and looking at the temperature looking at the how active the fragmentation as. If you don't party have one of those cheap stick around from commoners on the side of every fermenter. Absolutely he should have won they won't. I'll give you kind of false reads or anything like that there really accurate calm for postal cheap you know liquid crystal displays thermometers on. Two bucks put one and every single from and Turk. If you're gonna brewing in an apartment this is maestro for years. I would fill up money for men to fight he owns water and begin speaking at places and it wasn't necessarily hoping to find it perfect temperature. But I was hoping to find consistent to reliable spot so I kinda OK if I'm over here and 72. From me can Belgian right the only means in this is another reason why I think a lot of my old creaky recipes and all Belgian yeast fort if I found it easier to say 211 on the use the pack at 33. Belgian style oil instead of the USO fight because in the seventy degree range. I know they USO fife is to really. Suit and don't want so it's easier to switch of these 21 that was better suited for the temperatures apartment. Arm but that's kind of basically. Into one I want if you're our emperor in your not doing these kind of like seven steps we've discovered and everything will be here. I bet you're you're Beers taste like stripped. And at that moment I mean that's and so. So it just because you bring extract her demeanor going to be recurring bad beer there's no extra flavor but if you're skipping kind of beat six steps that Peru pick up. You know Nancy Peru and I think it kind of happens to go into picking up one step every time. You grew. Com. Your beer batter and it doesn't have to do necessarily with V ingredients you're using. He when he mean or the type of process here using but the fact that you know really what's important in your watching your beer I'm paying attention you're consistent feature every step process. Wanted. Questions for future shows. Rightists in Niagara dot tradition at gmail.com. And right yep that's about Plaxico you can hit up either one of us on Twitter yup we're pretty active on the air. On the yes on a sunny questions for PM any ideas for show's lowest were always open to ideas. And a couple of the last ones have been kind of customers minutes are very good. That's at Brussels talked in next week here and traditions just threw it on ESPN fifteen point. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're season brewer or just want to get started president at 1236 Sheridan drive tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.