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Just Brew It
Saturday, August 12th

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And do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer. It's time for just Bruins. Brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White. Merchandise tour. The morning this is not traditions just threw it Iranians in 1520 Jeremy like for guys are reviewing another beautiful summer Saturday. And football season on the court so woodlands having some good growing season of liberal. Mean there's never a polls show about a growing season but ago. Out of it more kicks up a lot more on the next month there's a nice mail so if I could describe. It two styles of during the AC Mike customers can explode upon and I usually tend to take boat there's the outdoor oversees the guys entering. All summer you and I mean they use epic Turkey Fryer an MP. Cooler and then there's the folks at the group inside in the house in the usually wait to winter when you're excited about the added Heaton house. But there's a nice bailouts and this time a year where you can open up the windows you can bruins' side. The emperor outside the basement starting to get down into an ice temperature. You know we're not talking about the fifties OP in the winter but like east sixties. So it's nice to stand on the backyard and you got good temperatures for your from entrance into the basement so this is kind of a nice kind of collusion and you know work ever birdies per. Last week we talked to a national meat day in how to make media fast need to make in a let today hop growers organ and of that Weinstein harvest before we do that. On the hops on the Top of the Pops crops each week or I'm asking you like. What's the latest with latest house husband working out reviews going to you guys finally opened the package okay smelled. Amazing. And we put them into the car wings are wrecking your on top of use an ounce emote they use an old so it's a truck. In secondary in the quick extra tight. To sit on my desk when they look like they kind of look like a later wore yellow we person your regular top. You know hell yeah in the form of the things we've got a first sample were almost no plan. Bomb and then when we got the actual product and like you said it was you know interest to find out when they opened it up that there's a plan. When he 5% of what you would. It with a regular counts of pop. Arm when we put them into the secondary but the bureau on top. It meet 85 I mean leader of foam. That's wonderful smelling kind of you know looked like pop whip cream what was going on your scene with CO2. Kind of just personal bubble Bobble Newt lesion sites and so as soon as we put into the put it into the car we appear in it at these wonderful Romans released here. On so we should be tapping that it couldn't be trying and at the end of the day. A opening but he wants the kind of commitment try to speaking today we cargo up last night mandala settle for you guys are ago in the first ones to have you had customers give reviews to this point or give if you got a couple customers appears start to finish there will be quicker. I'm lost with having the year ready. Commercial reasonable problem sharp got samples. Over the winter I'm very small. On have a lot of information provided with a and not really packaging. Meant for. We got ours and glad. I'm just lose all but we're still very excited to get it in the play around with that. And now we have you know. It to sell and so we got a beer on tap if you wanna give to try and and give it a try and you name to decry our top idea not even sure nothing like me c'mon. Now item we know do we have a name is that is easiest from bidders win something like that Crimea river. Ted Williams special all mean you know he's. Prior to the frozen not too soon I mean I don't know. Kyle hop vibe to it for summer you can't access it. Crop I've PA so people can now combine tried to think didn't do notice a difference. Icing yeah I'm we've lead to notice a big differences specially because we didn't use a ton opt normally you're going to be like you like this. You're using 56 counts Hopson and we do East Coast style. Are we got away with just a mom with three and amp. Arm and a lot of you know flavor for only using three and after only two ounces crow hop in the interest at five days. It's nice it's very juicy it's fresh. Please commence intricate fast we don't want. Before we get to an event coming up wine shop as well it is also beaten as wine have a season. Wind does have a season we're giving into it for winemaker circuit really mean giving in to it over the past couple months of you know starts in the mid summer with strawberries. In the raspberries and blackberries. Now we kind of start getting into the stone for so qualms peaches stuff like that. Following that is going to be apples and grapes and so will be coming up soon so if you wanna get in the winemaking with you know local if you wanna get in to making peach wines plumb line. Or if you wanna get into making cider. Now with the time starts and we have all the available extra exit welts acuity in early circuit when started before you are it's what's in the backyard. We can take here are either too and while we have all the equipment needed to process whole fruit or just getting started on juice if you wanna do that. Also before we get into the pot and how how when all that so Horace tops I should mention coming up. The nineteenth which is going to be a week from today at noon. And it resurgence if you are brewer there are still spots available if you're drinker they have spots available and if you drink if you judge at the the do hates cancer event. Yep so it's a wonderful man obviously all proceeds. Arm go to benefit but the thing I really like about it it's personal style it's it's just the public favorite you know winner takes all. Who appeared to everybody like the best. So the kind of Pearson winner at these competitions are the exact opposite that win at traditional competition further job sparks sciele how well do they fit. With that's it's what do I like today. Arms why we think that's an interesting competition and always actresses few other numbers are purring to. 25 dollar donation benefits leukemia research. Resurgence brewing. Next Saturday at noon for more information. Buffalo doubt the dude hates cancer dot count. And any us on draft supplies mean it's it's the summer where did the tailgate season I know. You're not a lot of reason started here sorrow yet you know a lot of brain can eggs that was a rule from a couple years back up but. Mean maybe we should Roca real quickly go over how are you pointed out that if you just put beer in 82 liter bottle right it's really easy and you get the scene seal as you would now this is not thinking or be reusing over Opel might feel like I get a better sealed and grow our Chris sometimes are the growers threads are so. Short in the get beat up we'll open yet do so the plastic caps are always the best. Adam harder deeper and harder you got to the financial YouTube crack you know and I mean either Parikh in the bottom cooler right home. Or you just really crank them on their and you go to take them off Boston you know arm then there's the metal seals which I've switched over to a metal caps the problem is there if you doing any good at the medal on the top. The seals don't you. On this note if you negro caps we have all three for a piece of wecht CO. Plastic seal or poly seals. In stock I'm waiting for someone revolutionize the crawler the way that the for monster did for. But deferment turf we do have certainly stainless steel crawlers can actually take in I think it's the one inch MPT through even wasting the steel threaded cap yeah there's standard 64 X growl works but it looked relieved sleek look for tonight's. I'm thinking about picking one up for myself. They hold of the temperature a little bit better to the well actually not worth it where workers are better for chilling down but because theory have a better transfers through the medal when he went through. My wife got me 64 rounds crawler. For the birthday and it's. It's not exactly yet he but it is pubic I think it's some sort of vacuum seal and it's it's deadly about it and traditional grower and we're talking a swept through it in your view of the key premier gold take on the road but. And atop the touts little better to yourself anyway. Anyway it's nice thing about the medal or the classic. The upper right and that's really what they're looking at when you you know look at the you know tailgate scene so. You know no expose glass but it to your pop bottle put in stainless grow work. It will be well worth your time. Are right under our topic reduce your which is harvesting hops it might. Mean we spent a lot of of spring in the February march April talking about planning to plant them. And if you did that great because we're getting to a time where you might start to see. Yes and if you planted early which I did this year on a thing with the earliest ever planted. You'll probably be giving a purpose we did every year for the cops on you know a lot of mixed rain with bright sunny days. And they have done quite well. So. You're starting to see the kind of you know clusters of these green. Combs and these are the flower and they start to hanging down from the plant. Calm especially your first year rise self. Your or you haven't done commercial style trimming to the bar in which I have to admit I have never. I'm not all your cops are necessarily. Going to be ready at once. I'm in is gonna be kind of your job to either you know pick them off all at once you can also pick them off in bunches. Arm commercial pop Farmar obviously have to take them all down once it is a home or you can take them off in little functions. Arm. I would start saying that you should start checking out. Mine. Are not ready some of the established plants like dead parents' house I noticed those are starting to get some ready. Arm but at my house the cap and really develop the loop to slick with the crier hop salute when this really what we're after here. The flowers look wonderful or nice empirical epic planet and even if I was the harvest some. But now they normally harvests and I'm starting to look Evan and a little bit of a different light. And I'm starting to go to him for a couple of days. It actually would have been doing now with the normal little bit early from actually taking the same cup flour over and over again and kind of lifting a skirt. Peeking up inside the house flour and looking at what the loop to. So starting at the base of these pals you're gonna start to get loop plant production and this is the power for the plan. In your gonna see first kind of like Crete dusting that's gonna move on to this kind of almost looks like gold and yellow sugar pretzels once you start to see. Could development post and the yellow color but you know fear Obama pollen were talking about just about every. Fit underneath the title that is an exposed to light is beginning. To show some important. There's a couple of different ways and mean people say you can take it broke through your hand to start fuel it's getting stickier and you know it's ready then. If you are top hat if you handled commercial hops before is Sunnis to pick up these things you're gonna in all when there. So take them off rum in your hand look for that yellow power from a good its net and you all ready. On this is always kind of the balancing act you're trying to catch flower rate before blossoms. Right when it blossoms is gonna open and at its peak and pulling con temp is an open up now what's going to expose settle to the environment which it's trying to do trying to attract blogs trying. He gets up in their unit one Boggs and popping you don't want Duluth and the event loop on. So if you start to see flowers start to open up in the start at the bottom of the cone called slowly worked their way to the top. You know you wanna get he shouldn't have any. You know flower opening up yet. But it think it's gonna hit a surprisingly so. Where there's a real parents that lost in the fall while blowing does it it get armies and I'd just like any out there you gotta like any other plant what it is trying. To put up that pollen usually was flowering plants in general there attracting pollen meters. Was not flowering plants are usually trying to spread their seed just didn't pollen through just aired expert but the cops are flowers they attract bogs you don't want them to get in there try to get them before they open. So certainly he's at sure far scientists are opening up but again and give in the air you'll enjoy it rip them open smelled. The personal amazingly fresh can really mean Q1 to use them. Now I actually try to sell for the first time last year. But you don't have to harpist all of your cops now wants. Commercial again farmers to vehicle large amount of people there be enough polls going twenty feet up in the year. Architect the whole thing down at once hand picked them. And then you know put them in barrels bring him back to notes. Is there harvest day you've got where is if Europe of just your backyard you could say. These ones are ready those instill a some ago got kind of like my tomatoes in the backyard there are definitely five red ones and not gonna pick all the tomatoes because they're not. Clearly not already not already. You gotta so I mean what I'm been trying to do in the past couple years is. Spend about an hour picking. A lot in only taking the best looking flock. So go to the top line and within about an hour. I can hit a note fifteen ounces are out a pound of wet hot that's enough to meet a really good pale. So kind of my strategy has been start growing. Collect cops begin to drive them. You know and hopefully everything matches up so that by the time I'm hitting boil my props are going drying I can put them right in to the beat her. Com. I think they did about three low class share target one that immediately went and appear. And then the next time I did one low that use again in the bureau the same day and then I also save six ounces strike. Arm in ice still had Toms who provided some for a altar for a friend's wedding. Com Ian and brings them into me a couple of Beers and what happier at the store. On to your gonna get a lot of hops and creating harvest promptly at the of what was going off the rights and you're gonna get a lot of hops don't feel what you need to harvest some all it is as you see them start ripening. Think the bumper and appear in about pulling them off the lows to try to break up the workload. Otherwise it will be a full day affair. You know. So they'll storage. You're talking about if you get a huge haul here how much he used we'll talk about trying them storing them and William why are you much OK so what to do once you've got to. That's on the way next here and I traditions just brew it here on ESPN fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions to give you advice and as I try to become a more season Braugher and Eric can count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At and T home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. Just threw it Iranians and 1520 Jimmy Floyd. I ask yourself. We're talking about harvesting your props for getting close to that if you if you noticed it's. To start received blossoms. Or you're right. Where you're about to blossom. Which went all right Wendy do that right before blossom as peak loop include content. So all right you made a harvest now audio. Well your first option is meek what happier now even some you know craft beer kind of source or not release of familiar completely with what a one hop and they're famous commercial went up beer that you are Nevada has done one for years there rubber grip. In my hands on solemn and hold on to local breweries have done them. They have never know for distribution in cans and bottles it's got to get to the Auburn you gotta try it on to grow. Yeah so these are kind of exclusive Larry it would seem like in the world beer. 1% of Beers are what pops. Not not even a caddie so. These fears are special because hops and keep when the him their fall which content. Com so you can't really just throw them into a mile back auction was CO2 foresee air route and then. Up and into the freezer can attract bill to his policy we'll start to breakdown over time. Arms of these years are only available during or after. Heart disease in the fresh way cops kind of provide you'd unique and vegetable. If you wanna described that'll were pleasantly. He laughed and he cucumber melon. Or grassy kind of rescue like you would say it white wine new field near sobbing on a lock to release has has kind of you know wolf rash. Green flavor to. Com which again your only gonna get in season. On and it's not gonna last very long once the beer is root. So pure number one of these now it's a tiny. You have a little bit of Matthew and we talked about this last year during harvest time. While cops and the buying we have about 80% water content and you wanna get that well down so pure measuring bye week. Ian you wanted to say with the equivalent of volume would be 21 count right. Armed you're gonna use five ounces of what props to get the same as she would one count strikes he won it would just your recipes according. In this goes from. Battering through flavoring through dry hopping on 51205. Ounces for when you reduce your normal recipe. After that it's pretty much like surfing and the other beer. It's gonna handle that a vote in all vegetable flavor that will die back over time your shooting from it try to drink it fresh. Usually appear like this is slightly sweet still has a good bitter tone to it she still gets all facets. You also have a load of fresh cup. And that's really what are usually will say six to 7%. A little bit bigger you know punch on the hops and you would with a normal like yet. Now if you don't want me away popular. You do have the option of drawing a mountain there's a few methods that. On a number one of these being as simple was. Put him on a screen and having a fan lawyer throw you got a bunch of that's the easiest method we won't call the hospital David duke and view is nothing. And sentenced it's like laundry just put it out and most amount and that the trial Uga. So same thing goes for ops. Now. There's a couple better ways. You can make a homemade boat so usually talk about the class you'd take two cardboard boxes about the Koppel on the bottom of the other. Put a hair dryer in the bottom box. I'm the low with heated setting and you're gonna wanna check on the separate ones while I'll release a 120 degrees is your ceiling here for. How warm you wanna get before you start doing some damage to flee for you know I'll post hot. News one point 1 AM local dry out the year round. On and you can also use your food do you like it which I found it's actually the back to religious cloak that seem to mind it's about a 10015. Degrees. On wanna move around the trees a couple of times. On and it doesn't quite quick within three hours I keep kind of checking Norman north is coming down and down as XP the model of better. But I would say anywhere from our camp to three hours and at the height for a homemade boat might take overnight to six hours. Leaving them out on the table with a fan could take a couple of days and it really depends on if you have some type of the human Haitian house if you have it the humidifier going. That might work out for you. If you don't yet the windows open still. I wouldn't to set amount of tape of him a lot of friends and have at war with them. So if your looking at what you wanted to avoid it like. And keep it under 120 degrees and keep air moving around it and you wanna try to do it as fast as possible. The longer to post oxygen the longer exposed to heat. More flee or should lose he won a trait it is as quick as possible one of the reasons why I like the food the actor Stoner and our camp and it's latent nuclear. Now this is where I think a lot of people we got a lot of questions afterwards about. How to tell when the cops are done. If you have been doing this for awhile usually just tend to judge them by field take some hops in his hand to rub around and they'll go from dean. On sticky and went in tandem washing in your hand all the suddenly kind of start freaking a perk like tissue paper we have crunchy feel trauma so that stickiness. But they start to break par. Arm you can do it by he way which is we try to encourage people to last so if you had a sample there. The city had one ounce sample in your TI greater in your homemade oaks. You can separate it easing top bag. You would want to have that weight 25%. Of what it takes one ounce sample. When that one ounce is anywhere from quarter announced with fifth announce. Your good to go hold all all. And that's gonna beat the sharks are and that's what the professionals even though they do this every day. They stole measure to meet you gotta talk to a commercial paper try to find anyone that doesn't take ran entities when he meet. Just because they're the best and it doesn't mean they take short and I think at home. He definitely wanna take at a price heart. Take a measurement. There's nothing more disappointing than going to your presidency in February to try to compete in all winter I PA and to find out the people but Maltese that he really don't have the flavor that they had before. Because there was tool that humidity in the bag and all you had to do with weight. Another 45 minutes to. It. So that it signed a package because Powell got your put your ops they're dried you are storing yeah and again puma talk about big mistake if he people make kit. Non per renewable backs so there usually labeled as freezer bags. In this is gonna prevent water and oxygen from moving in and out the other bags full rather vegetables. Stop you wanna read through it don't end up. With you know million on the outside those per meal bags a lot of that humidity. You'll select some oxygen in Hanson humidity is while we want to prevent that. Arm so first human trick flush it out with CO2 if you can get the kicking system. Great hook up just you know CO2 line to a court orange coast shove in the back. Pivotal flocks and then try to force out as much here it's you can usually typically is the block back put it between. You know too heavy books in and pushed down really hard and have a friend if somebody's there. You know exit the bag shot. And that's going to be fine you can put that in the freezer for years and they're gonna keep it really really well. Com food sabres should do worked greatly had a couple problems. One it seems to take me kind of two runs to get all beer. And if you're hops. Are very sleek and dusty with loop empower our army attempts to pull up to we're going to be you know food saver trying to make seal. Ian can prevent the bag for me hopefuls to fuse of food taper these wanna go back he went check animal once before you leave them in the freezer for a long haul. On to me Trudy field. But if you do well. In hand. Both you don't have to do perfectly but it if you do it I think to be bested the your ability. These cops will last for years and years and years and freeze. And is often why we talk about especially when you're talking about when spring oh you if you don't think harvest crops this year in implanted they're wonderful ornament well. Arm IE only harvest my homegrown hops about every three. Because after me a couple of Beers and it put away almost pound of leaf. Leave them only can improve with so much Columbus and so much I think once I eat candy you know have a couple Beers through. I start to move out. So calm. Yet don't worry that you have to harvest every year package it well it's gonna last a long long when it comes to. You see you harvest once every three years there's no hole of what happens years two and three RC one years to when three. The pledges exists and I watched them bloom I want soundtrack from grueling two beautiful yellow. And stronger every year basically you got kind of letting the hop. The divide itself. Strength in overtime and then every third year you're gonna get that much more. Option. All right well. If you have props that you could artists. And that meets the criteria of purchase lit up not a suppose it's time to get after. And if you don't know if you pop artists get out there and check out. The probably starting to get ready like you said mine were starting develops and Oakland I know other people who could probably poll. You know a mean. Pound black ops and off their minority. All right very good that's it for us will be back next Saturday as we get closer and closer to you know. Fall. The darker Beers. The difference season the changing of the season the changing of the barriers so we'll be back next week that's who were talking darker next week but you know and sent that's it for us here on just brought on ESPN 1520. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season brewer or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.