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Saturday, September 23rd

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Sam in the end. Were there more changes there's management changes their player changes to two were there more changes in May be thought they were going to be. I mean it seem like there's lot of new faces. I mean first BOC to do a lot for a for everybody come to really wise. So I think we'll four guys rule guys who the a lot more on the same page. You know on a mental note guys their lot mark's data coming in. You know lightly it's a lot of fresh faces so. You're making nice for me to come back and and and it would change and it went in on the same page with your teammates and yourself do you feel a lot more positive that he now. Oh for sure his commentary every day I mean that that's something. That's that's UV parked on this you volume of fresh mentality fresh mood every day no matter what happens before. Human and another theory we've we've been talking owners letting. Our play do it do the talking and and you we know we have a lot to prove and you know you stand here Wednesday on the best arm lifetime I'm ready but. New world we're gonna look depleted talking. Oath that he wants to virtue it's honor I don't know if you're gonna end up all the bear wandered teams start but he wants at least start there are you excited about them. Yeah hot you'd think you guys know more than whether anybody that I. In my whole career back and forth. You've not been ready for it lace them and let let my play do you or my opportunities like it would should in this here. Some would say the votes are here you get my legs enemy gets any movement of field buckle up more. And you whatever happens happens. Happier it's on. Are you happier and you know I would say it's happy you I think it's it's just. You a new look. You know there there's a long way to go before the start so joyous and I'm gonna I'm gonna let. My play in and then. You know do the talking for me and then you're trying to earn every opportunity to get him feeling more. Permanently than they don't like to hear many about switching yet. I have I have no idea you you you know as much as I do but feel like a sudden pass I'm ready for every every challenge that's sort out Meehan. You know I'm gonna work work with the best we can. About Jason common goal line. Have you gotten a chance to talk to him much he's gonna be a veteran leadership took the guy for your team. What are your impressions of him getting you know. Yeah I used this fight your first offers back yes from from the whole locker rightly walks and you know he's been here in the locker room locked so. You guys guys looked follow them and guys that follow his work ethic and he and his approach to the game on a daily basis so. You know he's he's another guy like. For for Vietnam and all the young guys and you to cuddle up to him and Paula that. But the good that Abby got a heart commonly Aso. You know you'll see how how often we get that might go to that so we love groups say you know bike helmets on that a tougher because regular. Or August we we managed prop him. Because. I was Muller right hearts idea so actually helped but not one together.