SalSports....and Stuff Ep 4 - Pancho Billa

Sal Capaccio
Friday, May 4th
Although he's a life-long native Texan, Ezra Castro grew up a Buffalo Bills fan.  Earlier this year he was diagnosed with stage four cancer.  Known as "Pancho Billa" on social media and to Bills fans everywhere, he continues to fight and root for his football team.  He shares his story of growing up a Bills fan in Texas, sharing his love of football with his family, and being a part of the ultimate draft night experience when former Bills Andre Reed and Fred Jackson called him on stage to announce the team's 3rd round draft pick.  Also included in this podcast are my quick thoughts on what was one of the wildest weekend in Buffalo sports in recent memory, from the Bills trading up to select QB Josh Allen to the Sabres winning the draft lottery and being poised to select defenseman Rasmus Dahlin.

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Hey what's going on everybody welcome back to the sell sports and stuff podcast. Been awhile since I chatted with you that whole season actually we started doing this last July. Had a few guests rolled in August and then try to put on the shelf for awhile and I apologize for that but you know trying to get some good Gasparino at the same time like happens work happens football season happens so now that we're back out of football seasonable and into another one. Here we are again and I've credit tweeted I decided to do some different things here on the podcast. And one of them is do a little more sporty stuff and still have some really interesting guests who have interesting stories to share so. Al-Qaeda do that as legal log I can't promise you he'll have podcast every week. Maybe two a week may be none for a couple of weeks we'll see but whenever ones up election no. And I have some ideas going forward to make this really worth your while to come here and listen. Whenever we have somebody if you haven't missed the first three guests which were during the 2017. Calendar year I really invite you go and listened great feedback on iTunes I appreciate that at the WGR. By fifty dot com website as well on the first episode was. In late July was the inaugural episode. I talked with Jolie Zito who was the intended that the big dumb of a amending Maxine Gelman who party killed four people over 28 hour killing spree New York City. He stabbed three of them ran over and the only kargil was on a train and he actually one of stopping him manuals lost his life. He's actually a bills meaningless down and New York City area and it was an incredible incredible powerful story. Please goalless and that we get a chance that was episode one rip that we episode two. Which was in the car hill. And I say his name Ramo time a Neil car rental car hill I apologizes DJ milk as you know him. And experiencing tragedy and heartbreak that no parent ever should. On the summer 2009. He lost his seven year old son in a car accident on the New York State thruway and you know it's just his story about that and how. His life has evolved and a lot of you know him from bills in sabres games so. Please go listen to that as well I think it's actually pretty inspirational how you know he's kinda on lived his life in honor of his son and what they've done since then. And then not as. No I guess emotional but pretty cool stuff episode three was right Noble's. Now Ryan is a White House correspondent basically for CNN. He is also a big Buffalo Bills and that's why I reached out to him it was really cool. And we talked a lot about what it was like leading up to the election in covering all of that what goes in a coloring politics so. All of that is at the cell sports and stuff podcast. On iTunes WGR by Padilla come and we're here today to. Do another one with the animal did get to that and a little while in a much talked a honcho bill Jim ever poncho Villa from the draft of your bills and you probably do. He is the man who's battling cancer and battling cancer for awhile go through chemo and radiation. He was at the draft in Dallas he was part of the bills inner circle as they call that they brought him up on stage under Reid and Fred Jackson did they brought up on stage to announce the bills pick which was Harrison Phillips. And talk to them about his life in about being in that moment on stage at the draft all that kind of stuff so I'll get to that. It a little while to very interesting conversation recorded that with him so while what you listen to that but in the meantime like is that what kind of also do some different things with this podcast in one of the things is just to kind of it's a little bit on sports here and give via a few takes maybe you don't hear me enough in the morning your drive and an. You get this on Saturdays when I'm on whatever it is maybe you're just want some buffalo sports talk. Let's talk about last weekend what it was like forty. We get we had in buffalo sports can you imagine can you think of a better weekend for the two teams combine at least not I would say. Over the last twenty years it seems like on the Buffalo Bills and sabres maybe that's. Hyperbolic because there's probably been some games I mean I don't know that the sabres win the weekend at the bills beat the patriots in 2011 that might have been a great weekend right a big win something like that but it it was pretty incredible. Winning the lottery for the sabres with Rasmussen Ali and I think we're going with Bally and then I say d'alene I think is d'alene of these Dolly and I don't know either way. Rasmus d'alene we'll get it from him and it's gonna be the guy they're gonna choose and we haven't seen highlights of him. Toppling over in Sweden my gosh I'm sky is incredible this guy this kid he's acuity seventeen years old is gonna be eighteen years old. People are saying he's the best defenseman. To come into the NHL draft in forty years going back to 1973. With Denny Potvin. And that would be what forty. Five years ago and that was the I was born 1973 that's all time and any pot and as you know was an incredible player with a New York Islanders a part of their four. In a row steely cup teams that they had you look back I did some research here. Think about all the defenseman that have not been selected number one in that time counting Denny pot then there are only meant eleven defenseman. In 45 years selected number one overall it looks like this will be the twelfth this year when Saber select restless d'alene and these are names that you know air act flat Erik Johnson of the blues' Chris Phillips of the senators. Brian Gerard of the senators Agile and honesty the Panthers roaming camera like a lightning. Gord clues tackle back to 1982 remember him from some of those sabres playoff years he didn't really have a great career though I don't exactly know what happened was injuries or not. He's one of the guys that play the Houston back at the deeply the use games now that I look. All these guys selected number one rob Rimage had a really good career Rick reed with the capitals and 76 Greg jolly with the capitals and 74 didn't play it's on. And then up pot and of course you look at some of the number two overall basically that the point here is if you're selecting defenseman 12 or three overall. He's gonna be good I can then chances are he's gonna be really get Barry back Dayton Davidge Chris Pronger. Wade Redden was on the Drew Doughty. 2008 Victor had been 2009 all its number two overall picks in the number three even if you wanna go to that no overall picture it's gotten Peter Mayer on this list. Brad Stuart scheer chaebol Meester. Cam Barker and look at some he what he and play very much Jack Johnson. Say a lot of interesting names and X Zach Bogosian on this list number three overall away by the Atlanta Thrashers he's now playing for the sabres but. No this kid. Is basically considered a generational type of defenseman and I get so excited when I hear people talk about him because. We have had a guy like that in buffalo I mean obviously Jack Michael coming here but really the you can just point to as the one guy that every single team wanted to. In the draft because in the eichel draft it was Mick Davis you know Michael was. I guess for a better lack of term the consolation prize even though he is he terrific terrific talent. And really amongst I think one of the best players. In the NHL but you get the point I mean this kid rest missed d'alene there's no team in this league. That would not take him number one overall I think regardless of what need you have so go on YouTube check out some of the armed. Highlights of him it's incredible. Some of the people that have come on to be GR in the morning shore afternoon show they talked about his coach teammates. People see them play in some of these international. While leagues in games and things like that some of the things at the same about are pretty incredible and I'm very excited for this and I think all sabres fans should be and obviously I think the organization needs it. Need a shot in the arm after the were season they had last year the attendance and ticket sales in the way that thing is going right now with young people does not want to go to games and yeah. You can basically give away tickets it seems like on the secondary market and you can't actually just give away tickets to a lot of people I've known people who have done that many get to the arena and pretty much chatter that is filled with the opposing teams fans. So hopefully all that stops and hopefully. This is a young man who this team can really build a defensive corps around for many many years he can move the puck up to guys like Jack Michael samurai in hardware really fantastic second half. And this team can go forward and really start. Playing amongst the playoff contenders again and even going beyond that over the next several years forcing. The bills they draft Josh Allen with their first pick number seven overall after trading up from number twelve now some you hate to Josh Allen. And some you are. It while I wouldn't say I probably would love Josh Allen I was never nearly as low on him as so many people even before the draft to be listening enemy GR said many times. I think it's unfair the draft process what happened to Josh Allen because there seems to be this you'll draft are online. Subculture if you will that people just seem to latch onto whatever certain people say and as soon as abuse started saying well he's an accurate. Any can the broadside of a barn and I wouldn't take some. Then everybody seem to jump on that and say what that must be true and go back and watch him and I'm gonna be doing some more stuff on this and I'm to be put together some Mora videos and breakdowns I've done a little bit of that so far YouTube page go find it. Us out of touch you on YouTube. If you don't find that you could see. Where I think he really. Does struggle with the accuracy is when he tries to throw with just his arm and he probably here's my guests at Josh Allen is so powerful his arm. When he was growing up. Didn't have to be really good mechanically he could. Throw balls as hard as he wanted to and fit in in the windows where everyone had against high school and college level defensive backs. We just basically not worry about is mechanics and somebody probably along the way didn't take enough time to try and fix those and say. Pay as you get older and as you get to higher levels you have to do this better that better and I think that. Once he when you see him do the right Mitt have the right mechanics and step the right way and but shoulders were supposed to be he's fine he's just as accurate as anybody actually and he throws the hell out of the football. When he breaks down is when he doesn't do that when he steps flat footed in tries to throw instead of stepping forward. With his arm what is. Upper torso and not using his body and he said that in his introductory press conference in buffalo he somebody's off platform like the way he said that ways off platform with a speed. As when he has the most issue and that's what I've seen as Welch remain Edmonds I don't I didn't think at all the bills had a shot at this kid. What I thought though was that if they didn't take a quarterback if someone wasn't there are twelve that all the guys were gone and they just missed now. That maybe he was a guy that they would target and he would be their twelve when he beat good pick guess what. They get an at sixteen after trading up from 22 that was a really nice trade this team I think to get up there grab this kid on he's gonna be I think a star in this league. He's going to be a force in the middle their defense for many years. It's documented he's only nineteen a that you turned to when he actually now that I do this podcast this week he's twenty years old he's gonna be a young player. Without really really bright future ahead of him cause grape or bloodlines his dad. Played. For the Miami Dolphins Ferrell Edmunds for many years. His brother got drafted in the first round of the steelers' first time that's ever happened to. Brothers go in the same first round of the draft. He had another brother who actually. Kind of a funny story. His brother who went to Virginia attack was Bruce Smith sons. Roommate at Virginia Tech so yep Ferrell played against Bruce in those glory years heyday years the bills dolphins rivalry then you had. Carroll's son amber Smith son who were roommates at Virginia Tech together and now pearls other son is going to be playing for the Buffalo Bills select kind of comes full circle paerson Phillips. I think he'll go. Right into the defensive line rotation for the bills people think he's an ex Kyle Williams maybe I think that's pretty high praise I think that's also what. Pretty unfair comparison for him right away but this is a guy that I know of the bills really like. Sean McDermott the wrestling background we know when it does matter I think if you are a guy that plays multiple sports and especially sport like wrestling realignment helps your feet out your base your strength. Download your core. I'm really I think this is a guy that's gonna command and be. Part of this defense but not someone you're gonna be. Getting a ton of snaps from 75% of the staff please don't do that buffalo John McDermott rotates you know his. Defensive line and you're gonna get guys to get thirty to forty snaps a percentage wise and that's about what. He will probably get his rookie year I wrote about this to BGR 550 dot com go check it out. My expectations were all of the bills rookies in the 2018. Class thinking. Our silica Senegal planned here for the Podcastalley wanna. More this thing and things I wanna deal with it got some of that really cool things planned for. My bills coverage for all of you this year so stay tuned to that follow me on Twitter at sell sports that EGR 550 dot com. Well we subscribe to the podcast please do so they take you to my latest interview it is with poncho Villa. Whose real name is as direct Castro he's battling cancer going through chemotherapy radiation he was up onstage at Dallas to announce the bills' third round pick. On the 2018 NFL draft. As her first of all thank you very much for joining me here on the cell sports and stuff podcast is my pleasure to have you. Thank you for having me appreciate it. Where are you right now where do you live in now where you right now. I'm currently live in Dallas Texas have been here about seventeen years originally from El Paso, Texas. And Lou billiard to Dallas to finish school in never been back so paso. To live on base dismal home. So you grew up calmed down there you've you've lived down in that area basically your entire life. My whole life in the text in my whole life born and raised. No relationship to New York buffalo has no effect and actual the built in nineteen. Remember my dad asking me either know or New York is you know and I don't care actual actual bills that's why I wanna follow it. That's funny so so tell me about that how how did you wind up choosing the bills to be your team. So Leno about seven years almost playing you re Obama gonna put me to step in Opel and remember the drive home one day and he could you know he militias start rooting routine sort you can learn the game follow your position. And my debt and huge Dallas Cowboys and the key really was pushing the America's team army. And catching the damn thing. I seat Mexican flag every ache they grew about a hundred I grew up about a hundred yards on the border. Edges of the team had a red white and green. He says no there's no Christine wrote those ripples covers of Tokyo were about to American flag. And he's that I got the patriots got bailed they can't have built into the building got charging logo. And it's a very sure of like that I want I want the book ability that you don't want it public no no way go on the accomplishment though. I'm my chilled the bill because of the local with the patriots logo. And the defense is 1986 from the forward Jim Kelly you know came on board with team. I've been rooting for the incidents. All you can ask. Sure I'm 38 years old comrades remembered it on May 31. I'll be turning 39. Out you know it's called me about that story is no I am a four year old son and you know and our house it's buffalo sports he roots for buffalo sports because he grolier but. Or I'm also a yankees fan so he's a yankees fan but. If he chose to root for another team might you know people say we can't let a group for the Red Sox or whatever and I'm like well that's what he chooses to me that's what he chooses what's called me about your story is. Your dad gave you that freedom as big of a cowboys fan as he was he's like on you pay your own way into which you wanna do. Executive. You know you you got to cheer the team and I'm so glad seeking an opportunity to achieve the team. I will add I on the third son. Forward so my it is first my oldest brother he has pretty much screwed he's cute couple weeks. Third that it second third in Portland beat sort of let it like K whatever you wanna do you know. Should it came that phones support on the can give up on them wondered news. And so my attitude Brothers uncles friends. And I am going to post an assembly. Correcting my dad has the second cricket team now acted as weakening dollar and appreciated. You know my iPad shipped to the build and this is our state port and then he you know huge. It's a second Buffalo Bills and then. And pressure. Well definitely talked about it. That weekend and how everything went free arguing ask you what's it like when the bills play the Broncos or the bills with the cowboys in your house. All mandated a little crazy it is our united. Such a huge rivalry within our family especially back in amazement at Super Bowls the cowboys. Played the bills. I just remember I wouldn't talk to my brother sort of a whole week. They're in the Internet week I mean we are herald separate rooms and their dikes Daniel must am mind you know Jim Kerrigan. You know. Don't ten touchdowns Bruce missed aggregate surely commandment. I chose such if you drive going into days after the bills finished playing. I usually end up with my my brother just to watch a couple of news will root against them. And and he loved it though he loves you know me showing up at the bar within it to cover their way. And rooting against them. And that is the Broncos it's not too bad you know in the same conference. But we do travel to Denver when the book they're visiting there and watched their game and you know it is back and forth you know. Bob no it couldn't get and so and so Pablo blah and it. It's such strong brotherhood. That inner thought has NATO's and stronger. Intersection passionate picture look at each other. We're really tight knit of butter teams. And when when they play each other it's its you know back import text messages throughout the week. Notes so and so injured though we can't wait to do this you guys now in. You know we're gonna get here box itself upon of my Brothers Tibet. Really what India. And said Saturday that I wasn't then and our upbringing the sports. Well tell me a little bit about your family to me about mom and dad and growing up in what they did and I just your life growing up in becoming seriously until they're well. Groping Integra and El Paso literally about a hundred yards on the net importer. We had the biggest palace in the neighborhood it was a two story house and my mom was a registered nurse. As just grind out my dad worked Sergio has electric company for thirty years you know middle class family just bringing up or bullies. When you. Had the big house is that because you had more means like where your parents more well off maybe than other people in the neighborhood or just because you needed more rice. No. While decrepit boats. Because the boat you know my mom being I'm Lauren whether they nurse in the big crop but it opened up has so. Working two jobs. In support for a growing boys Canadian art we had to refrigerators into treated at our house. And he actually retreat out of my parents were divorced. My dad was real supportive. When my mom wasn't there my dad was there helping her out at the house. And bing has more food. But yet for boys and now we all grew up. We are raised Mormon. It is fact that what you don't know about financial bailout or raised Mormon. And you know we had a good church upbringing. Certainly a strong family of faith. And to this day I still practice the same. It's a blessing that much of our parents stay that those could everybody needs to have some appropriate to note that one. And then you know the New Year's group by that's four boys as we started the part in the home slowly. And I got a two Brothers sort that most police department. And myself from practically mortician. You're in Dallas. And my younger brother is the veterinarian here in Dallas where she's there are others. I'm the Christian believe my oldest is 45 minute putting side. Forty degree and obese 39. And in 37. It's you know we're we're separated. Each page sort of like two years and then there's three year gap and and namely younger brother two years of hard. That is like the perfect age without grew up together I mean the younger ones you know take ten years old Leo that's about sixteen. We all grew up pretty much you know outside we're back in the eighties and nineties. It took it outside and you start playing football and actually believe it or not I was the only one that played football evolves or less. My oh my two older Brothers are too much of into the heavy metal error you know eighty's and ninety's yeah a long hair type. Lula whatever their audience are choice here what you got to. Please call David Villa in the navy and hand Darren. Van Halen and Cinderella Motley Crue. And Dana I came to its the culture later in the hardcourt heavy metal came in. And of course there I was just following the band because my older Brothers are jamming in their room I doubt they can be on the radio. And so I picked it up to that yeah I was the only one that they'd sports. Through their school years. You know every kind of put your child and soccer and baseball when their priest or tribunal that. They actually carried it on and continued. Playing football I was the only one that deplete my high school year. And then at ten offensive line center. But I loved Eric Wood on the team in doubt the position made my dads say you got your net position in our follow it. And share announced throughout my high school you know the senator today. How long snapper rose Google's snapper and non in Gaza at the front man. In the defense and being what it is linebacker watching this wouldn't do it coming your way over there and out ballots on and so on and on what happens when you spoke to the dirty work. I attractive appeal and it shopped it and it's it's that's about it. I'm so we're pretty sure out at me how what what's what do you when you were in high school like how big were you tight wisely wise. Oh. I was comprised seven and hide like topped off at about two and ID I was pretty he knows. You know as Mexican horse my horse out the wrong way. That we grow the wrong way. Yeah and as a you know smaller lineman Nick Price stagnant means. I was pretty small compared to money. And I made the guard and the tackle on the up and line. But I was so quick that would that that's me with it goes so quick tidbit. You know snapped the ball atop the nose tackle pick up linebackers so we we ran up the one in general holes. I'm straight up the middle name is such great job of it and got to say that arrows. Captain ready set in my high school. And we brought the first district championship or high school spirit a high school. Dad my senior year and that was monumental moment with a high incomes. I'd been around for years and they never won our district championship or when my client would like to. For them you probably knew him you were gonna go on what college football your size you mean mean that many all yeah we. I seven centers out there but you know you can the united any aspirations of matter what. No no I dated I I knew that. Yes there was no way my hikes I said there's no women in the state college football's I knew the last game of the C a block. And actually in the bail outs that area district. Champion of the playoffs and I knew that this could be my last game ever played and sure enough it was. And and I hadn't had aspirations. Inspiration to go play college ball or anything that there's there's more to meet him playing college ball. And that they want changed positions or anything like that so. There's no way and we played. Let them game it has to be called Andrews in Texas. Our smallest guy on the roster on our team roster was their biggest. There's smallest guy. Your biggest Kansas. Right exactly on the team. So I mean we just got we got plastered her in no way you. Are part of guided in part of the puncher. That's funny I know later Texas football can be for sure everything everything's a little bit yeah exactly figure out a bit more intense so so would you do by the way were speaking with faster Castro you know on Twitter and online as. Poncho Villa you remember him from the NFL draft. Announcing one of the bills draft picks with Andre reed in projection we'll get that a little while wanna talk about you know after. Know your high school years are going into a man did you go to college. Did you just go read into the workforce can take me through those years leading up to know maybe your your adult life. It's they're so active college Yahoo! Napster a plumber too and just. Note when he went. I did I I like. Paso community college. At some basic courses that would ensure it still wanted to do I wanna. I did actually wanted to go into radio and I was unsure about it. And you know the the partying days are just catching net and yet I knock on my must match and high school I gained weight at about almost three and I'll just bagel blob and apparently decided it did you know I got to do something. I went to a wedding one day and I spoke with a gentleman that was sitting next to me he was a mortician. And and I spoke to enter the call waiting and mystical dance OK everything. I ended up and rolling into mortuary school and it was in Dallas and my but it was already here as a police officer. And I call them out at 3 in the morning and actually Indian or mistreated in this school in each city actually the worst period balance will be one day there. Eric there was a mortuary school. Google recently cancel it and yet been ruling that night and into work later wrote the mortuary school. Moved to Dallas and been practicing much richer. Or the Britannica home for the last sixteen years I was sixteen year anniversary coming up in July. Heck to get I knew I had to get out of all packed so. In order to Phoenix college at some tip of the decree comes Alice. Partying and believe they're not part of it and drink. I don't drink I don't smoke on the drug. But I was just out all the time to not focus on rides and what I want to do it in return to my when he went. Exit Mandel who under the finish and do something new in I need help have excellent comeback. With a degree heat something them. Just never made it back home that staying expand bilingual. And that's what we're very others in war that's huge class. And started working at a funeral home in Irving Texas and than their sixteen years. Mortuary. School being a mortician not necessary the job do you think of dream of when your kid that you seem to have a passion for. All the actors. Its the greatest feeling in the world to do it would have family that where's hammer need. I mean I had seen some of the worst situation. You can probably imagine known in debt has no age. And you can't schedule that and it's. It's just it's probably Telecom into helps samurai and the worst enemy than it hug at the end of the funeral you know broad. It's it's it's an emotional rush it means to get their Hagen and know that very England chime in. They're loved one regret that he's now on the am OK and there are they had directing. Bing network and it's it's astounding careers and I'm back at it believe it or not I'm I'm still working through chemo treatments than. Radiation. Work and I can have a great Boston's. Give me that goes into the it would continue working. It might treatment. Yeah application has been. Well I have I have a girlfriend she's punch ability number one supporter. And believe it or not doubt she is that Dallas. Probably saying no. Oh my god sets you. It out yeah. That's it's OK she's she's as much easier yeah actually the freedom you know that that's what it's got to be right. Oh yeah and and you know I have two kids to have on Chico's and remains Ginobili at the first player. And my daughter noticed the Concord who knew she too you know so we're it intently. We unit together and it's it's that's been such a blessing. But yes he she supports possibility that Max I mean I couldn't attend the weight gains in achieving didn't to blow and I'm my boss says well. Brad knows he's not counsel bill she's ability to retain no there's no questions asked. Negotiation Lasik probably and anyone tell me you ought to do is convert bill Stanton. That they you know I matter as a public fans she's got to stick to her roots and just that are on their letter be accomplished and but she loves going with me to the bill's backers and balance that's going and everybody loves it there and she wears her ears and she she chairs and we score. And he had been great in loving mother I'm loving girlfriend and choose she's been to every chemo treatment with me your production equipment. Kyra that's were better growth in my life. So your kids are how old two is your daughter. Actually Conseco just turned. Six on May first. Just turned six and and my daughters would have usual shall torn between October. And of course they're built and there's no question about it meaning they've been listening to shut content they were about six weeks in the womb. There's sheep on that is pregnant yet made it into the shot on quiet a bit in the world especially when model that we and should not bring that. So underbelly. They were listening to it and they aren't the biggest deals and from there in the future bills mark human rights under lock the doors of the banks. My daughter picking it up now to achieve in that go buffalo in. Popular out on track her every day she dances around the war. The bad. I know I should do much waste. I get catch like what my first time he's an automatic bill that. And that that girl in the second one negotiate an automatic built stand no more kids that today we're done with the. I hear you my son sources say he does he loves the shouts on new loans plane does the sabres goals on so other kids it's so fun yeah in them and that XP or problem. You know there's so in and he they get into it's so cute I wanna. Obviously because of you know your kids being so young this is obviously a tough time you're going through especially for them I'm sure but how about some time when you first found out. That you had cancer and what that was like in you know kinda. Walk us through we know how you told the family and things like. There. So back last year and I was in Atlanta. I was there to the building and I had like a bulging disk issue and my left arm. Going Nam. But weird and of course being. Demand and it income and you know taking the pain I ignored it. Up until when I was in New York there's in nineteen into the bill. Jets game and now that the statue of liberty and Michael left hand went completely non. Mean it was painful those Romney eighteen green. And I almost went to hospital in new York and. Took some medicine that statue of liberty when a way. Promised my girlfriend so I will go to uncle and get home and we've got home went to doctors and children MRI. In. Within 24 hours I had that would result in my friend position called me back into the options and you know worst news of on November tantrum in getting worse news in my life and you know this could possibly do eat right some caricature I had eight. In match sitting on my vertebrae might see seven and 91 on the vertebrae. And I was like man Matt accords including me a massive tumor removed. He says we don't know what kind of classic can be an infection. We need to send you to a specialist so that he can get it hasn't tested and looked at. And that he did Tommy this possibly could be derived from capture. Announcement strong. Painkillers. Nerves. Their helpers and stuff like that I've got much minutes and going arc. And and it ended up seeing a specialist and he ordered a a pet scans. And the CT scan and came back with been used you know it is. This issues not only in your spine there's ever covered other places in your body where we're trying missing triple. Match. And so I was diagnosed in November we're metastatic. I don't know carcinoma do very pancreatic cancer. And not let boy that's a mouthful. Mr. Hayward and their obvious is that no carcinoma. The Bledsoe our country so and then and obviously it has spread throughout my body they consider it stage work. Got lesions on the never announcement notes and I had surgery. To remove the mask Summers fine on December 13. Because they were really concerned that that match was pushing so much on my nerve in my bone. And it has caused a fracture obviously sentenced buying. And there are concerned is that fractured completely and it could hit. My spinal cord and I can he's just become a quadriplegic can be an instant I can be walking and just correct course someone. It may on the back real bad. It has surgery for that they removed it they obviously got a biopsy that we and there are and the 100%. Completely confirmed. The cancer. The top wind. And those full recovery mode from then on. Until about late January when I started smoked or you can actually morning sooner. They really wanted to own unique and attacked two bones are placed deliberately. He really wanted to bone treat it before you know. Would make it even worse and not let you correctly. And I've done succession this chemo and then ten days of radiation. I have my second session of Shimon on this coming Monday. May seventh and I'll talk to my doctor again averaging about three weeks. On the evidence of that work and all that I'm hoping that you know he's got good results and they they could take a break where he says it's continue out continue or plan B. I'm pretty much at the mercy of him and I trust them got kicked them in front of me so I got to trust what he said. So this is that's pretty much that there's a possibility that this could be you you could completely recovered and cancer free. No I mean what what is the prognosis here. Well you wound on the beyond that doctor Sanders who was this specific type of a cell cancers so there's no remission. It's it's an ongoing. Especially because that's metastasized. It's an ongoing and cancer that console Lincoln it can tomorrow I can do it scanned and it can be all of a sudden in buying. Kidney or it could be in the start make it to bloom has stopped. It's just traveling everywhere and the fact that. It's made its way to my spine. And which. Makes sense to me in the cabinet like I want to talk in my body. But yet there's there's there's no remission obviously there's no cure cancers. It's pretty much going to be you know thank doctors say years you're going to be on some type of news or written lights and you know. Can only give you so many years. Of nick is obviously the key moments in ticks at one your body. Then the second told a doctor you know down those are statistics or numbers you're doing your job on what you have to tell me. And I appreciate it good you know unscrew it one day at a time and Ecko wanted to current and what every time did you argues the Internet for as long as I'm here I'm here in their lives like to the full list than. And it has got to stop me and I I proved it at Dennis subject last week I mean. I literally got implode on Wednesday and had when he under about thirty hours to recoup. Via the draft around one in. Eight direct routes stay hydrated. Com got up and walked around and I didn't just lounge at home on the bad on the couch stayed active while out on chemo you don't bloat slow growing. And I was able to be at at trapped all three days and have a party for my son on Sunday. Earlier that your punch Ito a huge party and so well. All the prayers that are put in insane I mean they are really shining through and that's good example called out cratered. Pretty aware that there. Lot of people probably listening this right now no maybe either having similar story over medium and hopefully. They don't have to go through something like this but if they do they can maybe reflect upon what you're gonna say how did you. Talk to your kids about office. Well. My. I prayed about it you know. Five year old you know. There's a five year old need to be introduced to the work capture that he's diagnosed with it. And I'll be honest I'm Chico's doesn't know that I'm diagnosed with cancer at the moment. I was in my two year old mean she's dirty dragging you know buffalo creek that there's no way to talk to her about it my son knows yeah I had surgery. My neck and you know that nick is still healing. I watched one of the deals games with him in the hospital. And so he came out and he knew I was an obstacle in them is in the document. Tribunal's you know it goes adopters and that you know you know. That one day I'm here to be able to account earned and achieved or that kept me going through you know close. She's bugging me at 6 in the morning you know dad dad dad you know. TV ads and. He gives mixed until it's Iran. But her energy and she she's nonstop. And I don't see that console she's excited and watching cartoons litter and he's in turn in a plane he and balls that pattern. I hope I'm around Qatar when did you know you really kept me going and you know and it. There are six back of my mom being an hour and Hershey cared for others when they were they. It's almost like my daughter under The Who has is doing that for me now. And has to wait on senior night she's came from the renowned comps here at home sick. And it's weird because she has found Mike port I have. And the IB port almost instantly related chest. Chemotherapy. And she knows that standard and she's always happy. Actually and it would mean she's always happy mitnick. Equities is that I know this system can work why don't I have line. And it it it took such incentive to feel that connection with her. You know she knows something inside. You know inside of her dad. She just can't grab it because of her age. It. Perhaps I mean she's she's it's little energy the Energizer bunny she did call in or it about it. And my son you know packet that he doesn't know yet and I I just can't can't tell. Secure now I can tell him that C word. That he was in that situation I don't think sort of grasp and understand what's going on in. Totally respect that absolutely. So let's transition to something. A little more positive that's your experience at the draft and you you became. A national star it really. Captured the hearts of a lot of people a lot of emotion I know that some. I was in the mills media room and I have to be honest with you and from my colleagues. I had tears in my eyes and I was watching that it was pretty amazed file what they did end down. It really kind of they they talked about Iran and being talked about you. And John McDermott talked about you when they met with the media they mentioned how much that's the culture they're trying to build any mention you by name punch line and know what it meant to see you up there are so. Know you're very well known here in buffalo now and even if people didn't really know your story hopefully this. Podcast helps ensure that story but how did the bills reach out to you and get used to be a part of their inner circle. Well I'm back in February I got a cult. And Jim and not slow on the doubles backers Nikko. And I was asleep on the dot when he called but when it talks 16 area code numbers and you and I jumped out of it right and over again that is. And back into the game and nobody Betty Ann in Dallas anybody knew what the old bat out of their kick it England test. I think it really broke out and Nicol called me and said. No wait until we we want to offer you know what supposed to be on the inner circle experience where it would stand there on the field. And we want to offer them to use to share with list of the bill's backers. I was like man this is great I mean I've been waiting to ticket sales in our play bad and I mean I I didn't hesitate object. Monica what do you mean need to do and in it while you got three days to get me a list of names. Not like three days a like seeing potentially at a and I said OK well they'll consider it done I mean I Eekhout beyond I'm a non Q what we call I had the whole week and I said. I will be near their turnout reached back Archie with the names and sure got in on the in my vice president makes it granny we you said the new beta oh conference and say hey how can we approached it. And he came up to the game plan and we gave out tickets to those who have been with the bank club the longest who always are contributing helping out with. Don't just make the public access. And then we also wanted to talk about we did meaning lottery as well and good. Main inaudible and we true names and hey you're the lucky winner you can they would put the guy proposed. I completely cut out the best route to take armed but dated. That's when he reached out to me and I got the list to them on time and they did a good job and in staying in touch with me as part of the teams we hear from the government and other details and get back to you and didn't like that. Nothing would ever mentioned about me going on stage at this point ever. That means a Maddon doesn't know it's not gonna happen poncho and on the cocaine that I'm you know inner circles any of you given that this opportunity is going to be out. We we just drove it had a great time. So you had no idea that Fred and Andre would welcome you up on stage. No idea. No idea it was at all what was that moment like when they said that. Can still get to the items include them. It is look I absolutely. Atomic opened it has to be a new word indentured where the emotion I felt. Those in those so room and in just so energized and so. You know. The energy Energizer bunny cry as reflect that kind of emotion. You know he is so pumped up because the build on the clock and true legend on the podium and they're talking about you and they want you to join on the link. Men make this is happening and and are just so it was so much emotion and excitement. I can't tell you I walked to. I got loaded correct god mosh pit carried this state I really can I add I don't remember actually getting to the stage. Remember the final two steps actually locking up and then. The reality of the current year in and of all these people. And numerous. This is such. Huge emotional. Stealing never again I still get chills sixteen and trying to describe it. Considered there's got to be a new word and have a permanent neck portrait of emotion that. I just out and the whole thing anyway happened so quick to calm. Frank knew I was walking back down. You have to look a little nervous. No I have a car yeah actually my heart and yeah I kept crying and again until this so emotion that you got to get Roger Goodell to sided so I've been on the phone let a couple of things sort of get into cells then eight and I overnight is you to have him sign it. Don't call me back. I guess you get cars and the group leaders and Phillips sign. Yet I had I believe and I hit scintilla. Who by the way I eight I cannot put the pig and I didn't realize until about an hour and a half afterwards. We drafted I mean I did I read the name and and there's so much stuff going on that. Public couldn't draft cook you know and they told me the next kinda William sound like oh really like pelicans they know it well region Carter have. But knowing each. He's actually. He reached out to me on Twitter instead it was an amazing experience for him you know to see it and he wished me well on that he'd be praying communion. And hopes to meet meet soon so I I I hope to bottom at the home opener. And you know I come across and some talent and I'm able to act in sign. On the car or the Jersey detractors would be awesome to. But yeah I do have I do have both added I kept Eckart in my hand that it one netbook and want anyone to take from me. And down you do get up to buffalo that their every year I guess for gamer to. Oh. Yes searcher shared this will be my eleventh straight home opener this coming year got really. And I as much of that love going to bow because of the food that atmosphere meeting standard is walking Amal movement. You know walking downtown and I love it. I love going to wait gained because I love meeting fans that travel to see that feel that way gained. Don't relate you know you've seen me out there analyzing each other you know it's great when I locker on the sidelines. Know people who know me from radio or TV show my name I love go right over insane high as you and I have before and it's amazing idea I agree with you it's incredible the number of people you meet their bills fans around the country that go to these away he had this from all other cities too. Right exactly and I mean I I've met people from Italy from Ecuador. A huge following in Mexico and the bill market Mexico they travel date. I mean they international travel to these games. I am policy and follow her at this stage these people travel to these games in. I had a meeting that stand from everywhere. I mean you need go to buffalo yet you know you Dexter I've got no my my buddies there and a final and then. You know that the meeting. The people yet to lock the tailgating and stuff which I love doing too. That when you go to these away games is you meeting people from all over the world that have traveled to watched as one game. And you hear their story about Hadi became bills and the way why any trap one didn't let them. It just gets beat is new rushed and I enjoyed doing that took. I try to make it abruptly least twice a year I can but mostly you know their waking and that's what we're fighting for that reason and I only that have been more stadiums to knock out the right to deny my journey and it beat every visiting city. And that simple minds to make every stadium. And I'll be at Indianapolis this year to that looks that's only stadium I haven't been to in this coming year's schedule have you actually done. I went to the old Minnesota. An adult. And so I'm an that's a huge debate between me and my brother goes out what Portland. Well you'd you'd have to go back to Minnesota now you have to go back to its entrances scored Malcolm their new stadium demy. But I have already in the bill say that team you know that the way I'm evening and I birdied been there. I'll save you want and not got on the stadium double I'll go to the new stadium that there are building you know the new corporate state and they're coming around. And I'm not looking like new era field man still traditional football outdoors. In a bleachers their loved defect we step bleachers. You know all these new stadiums or to Christian Easter means they're. Aren't I just it's apple pocket he's got instantly just secret and I. Guess. Well as her lesson on all of hills mafia bills fans Western New York were all pulling for you what I think the entire country is after the draft no he really kept our spirit of what. Just pulling for your fellow human and helping one another is all of bow and you know you your your story you're story just shared here. Is equally incredible what your life and and I hope that people know really take it to heart and pay attention because you have. A true a story to share and have a great family and we're all pulling for him and I know you're gonna be great and I'll come through on this thing totally with a great deal health. Yes appreciate how I had mr. people who just keep crane from me and my family and my children. On. You know that that's. No I mean we've got his goals on me for me you know that. Yeah tell me about that we're a great sign that what can we do there. Yet. Katie video brand of those Becker's president from Houston. She just they are starting to go on the Gordon's little and it's it's blown out. And I sort of Katie and I need leaders that they need and it's that the money any craters. And actually it was still starting at four U that blown up. Yes to the gulf on meet potential power you can kind of under that. And then I mean there's so there's so many people with bank you know obviously built market and when that started this huge train from me. Are directed toward tailgate they they've been involved with the album backers around. The world. Mean I'm talking backers like exit from Ecuador that Dole's record Ecuador would ever. OK now under train from me in and of course the bills organization there isn't so great and our our special guy I don't know however retain the Buffalo Bills and the city of books and what they don't need a veteran Texas. No relationship to New York. You know I mean who would have ever stop right. It's incredibly Adam and by the way here you're here you're get up is amazing it really is I mean. What I can we gonna talk about where you've got all that stuff from and thinking about it. Yeah it just initiative fell off a truck. Both inside of the of the world. It's amazing yeah you heard that. Yeah he looked like a superhero and there you know I have my son look at that he thinks the Iran a marvel movie or something. I'll moderately yet but I chatted I try to make it like that you know until he had in generalize and I just add a little twist to it on pins and logos. But. Yet at such that it and they worked out perfect it DL and I was creating and I'm not adding Nomar hit about twenty minutes to get ready. To Ito in the parking lot to not second drive with that stuff on. Someday in the park not gain ready for about twenty minutes and my arms are not adding no worst that Al Islam is is it this is the final version a bit. Well this utterly I'll follow you on Twitter it's that poncho Villa one that's poncho Villa and the number one we wanna use the hash tag console power. When you want a tweed Adam their help out punch ability his place here. Against cancer Morgan distinct form we're gonna go help go to the uncle fun meet page like you said it's partial power at the eagle fund me page so. Let's do whatever we can't help poncho out and whether your bills fan or not. You know I think we just do whatever we can't help our fellow humans especially with the beautiful thing in the you have thanks for do in this today. You good luck will definitely see each other this football season I promise man. Yes yes sir I promise I'll do everything I tend to be day I guarantee it. This year. Bobby enjoyed all that from as Rick Castro poncho Villa I appreciate him joining me and you for joining me. Here in the sell sports is a podcast please click the subscribe button. At iTunes also voted to be here by fifty dot com you can download and listen break from their you know talk to you next time in the cell sports and stuff but.