Tyler Boyd

Photo: Rich Barnes - USA TODAY Sports
August 24, 2018 - 5:18 pm
Derek Kramer @DerekKramerWGR The Buffalo Bills play the Cincinnati Bengals in the team's third preseason game on Sunday. The third preseason game is usually the one that most people will pay attention to as the starters typically play for, at least, one half of the game across the league. However,...
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Photo: Kim Klement - USA TODAY Sports
January 07, 2018 - 10:06 pm
Well that was fun. Not so much the game, which didn’t end well for the Buffalo Bills. I’m more thinking about the days, heck you could maybe talk me into dwelling on the hours and minutes, since Andy Dalton connected with Tyler Boyd last Sunday night right up until this Sunday afternoon in...
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Howard Simon
January 05, 2018 - 7:27 pm
When something really bad happens in Buffalo sports (obviously a rare occurrence), my Twitter feed will always include tweets from fans who feel bad for me and my colleagues at WGR. The tweet usually says something like “I’m glad I don’t have your job tomorrow.” I’ll bet everyone wished they had...
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Photo: Mitch Stringer - USA TODAY Sports
Mike Schopp
January 01, 2018 - 2:05 pm
Kemp to Dubenion, Ferguson to Butler, Kelly to Reed, Dalton to Boyd. The Buffalo Bills' 17-year playoff drought ended moments after an improbable 49-yard touchdown pass on 4th-and-long sank the Baltimore Ravens. Bills fans rejoiced and so did the players. It might be the most excited any team and...
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Photo: Steve Mitchell - USA TODAY Sports
December 31, 2017 - 10:43 pm
What you’re about to read began as a quasi live blog style piece that ended up getting derailed by the mayhem that ended ensuing as the Buffalo Bills game in Miami wound down while the Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens lagged behind by a healthy 10 minutes or so. The late afternoon got off to...
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